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tv   Taking Stock With Pimm Fox  Bloomberg  May 2, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> this is "taking stock" for may 2, 2014. have you ever thought las vegas is the gaming b world? at thee with steve wynn global conference. he discussed the cow's explosive growth. >> what is happened is the
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opportunity is so terrific that makes other things look less than terrific. yes, it is true that we are primary a chinese company. that is probably going to look even more so as our third hotel is being completed in the next 18 months. there will come a point where the ratio of domestic to chinese earnings is greater than it is now. >> you were the first. you got the stands. caesars is building in south korea. you have a new project that could cost you north of $3 billion. do you worry you are going to saturate the the chinese market? >> in the last 3-4 years, our hotel have been steadily increasing in earnings in spite of the fact that the amount of casinos has nearly doubled. our competitors have built beautiful new, very expensive and well thought-out project. yet we are still growing.
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the market has been expanding at a rate that has allowed the market to add supply because demand has exceeded it. everybody is experiencing growth year-over-year in spite of the fact that the amount of enterprise has increased. >> is the government easier to work with than they are here? >> the government is more predictable in china than it is in the united states. the government in nevada is very easy to work with because we are the industry and the town. gaming, tourism is everything in the state of nevada. the political environment is extremely friendly and understanding of that industry. the federal government in the united states is much more unpredictable and unfriendly to business than the government in china is to business and china. ironically, as ironic as that
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may be, as counterintuitive as it may be. it is true. you can ask any american businessman that is in both places. >> my thanks to stephanie ruhle and steve wynn. let's move from casinos and gaming to art and entertainment. the movie director jj abrams rewarded star wars fans may name the cast of the "star wars" movie. relatively fresh faces are going to join original members of the franchise, including harrison ford and mark hamill. the film is due out for release in december of 2015. star wars was the inspiration behind dale may's exhibition called "lego wars." dale may joins me now. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
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>> i hope you are a fan. >> i am. yes. "star wars" was the first movie i saw as a child. >> the first. >> the first i remember seeing. >> the first movie that makes a big impression is "star wars." did you play with lego? >> i did. my father was a builder. lego, lincoln logs. i was all over that. >> you are connecting these things in this photo exhibit. tell us about this. >> that came nearly from a camera test i was doing with a macro lens. i needed a small object to photograph. i picked up a key chain and approach and how i would any of my celebrity portraits. >> you have a "star wars" storm trooper keychain.
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ok, just checking. you start photographing that. >> the image spoke to me. the figure came to live. i started playing around with it like toys again. i thought, what if there was a little man in here? i did a series of x-ray storm troopers and darth vader. from there, the creativity kept flowing. >> what has been the reaction so far? the fans of "star wars," the fans of lego. then fans of your work. >> it has been amazing. i never would have imagined this kind of reaction. when you do something that personal, i love the work. to see other people having this kind of reaction is great. >> you are a commercial photographer. in addition to doing the stuff
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you love, you love to do commercial stuff. that feeds you. >> when i was doing lego wars i was having a dry spell creatively for my personal work. nothing was clicking. one thing i tell my interns, you have to keep shooting. always keep working. the creative process will inspire the best ideas. this is evident in my series. >> share your background. i know you went to parsons school of design. you are from the jets fourth area around philadelphia. how does that influence you? >> i grew up in a family of the arts and music. my grandfather was a big-band drummer. when i was five years old my grandfather gave me his drum
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set. i've been playing music my whole life. >> has that led to photographing bands? >> it definitely has. for a long part of my life i was doing music and photographing musicians. i photographed my idols. gene simmons. jared leto and his band. it has been an amazing journey. >> how can people appreciate these photographs? where do they go? how can they collect them? >> "lego wars" is represented by the samuel owen gallery exclusively. the owner of the gallery is my best friend. i owe him a lot. he was the first person to look at this and say you need to do more of this.
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>> are you going to do more? the lego movie has grossed $400 million. then you have the star wars movie coming out a year from this december. >> sunday, may the fourth be with you, i actually made a new piece that will go live on the website that day. >> this sunday. we will look for it. may the fourth be with you. dale may, check it out. coming up, marcus samuelson will talk about his amazing journey from a tragedy in ethiopia to being one of the world's top chefs. he even cooks for the president. coming up, the kentucky derby. that is this saturday. we will speak to the president of a bourbon distiller to find out how to make the perfect
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derby drink. ♪ >> my next guests offers an
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experience they consider priceless. a chance to mingle with some of your favorite celebrities. joining me now, the president and founder of karlitz and company. they are part of our "right place, right time" segment. i want to start with you. you are focused on business and lifestyle. how you are able to understand what entertainment is and how to turn into something more than a one-time event. festivals, entertainment spectaculars. tell us about your background. >> i started my event marketing agency 25 years ago. prior to that, i created an
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entertainment marketing practice at a pr firm. traditional forms of entertainment with concert tours, sponsorships, those type of promotions. i was looking the right place. i said there is something that was becoming entertainment. they were no celebrity chefs. the best chefs were called cooks. they were happy to be called cooks back them. >> still are by the way. >> go ahead. do you like being called a cook or a chef? >> absolutely. when i started cooking, the only way was to start learning everything about french cooking. i went to france. to see what our industry has merged into, entertainment and cooking only one, i could never imagine that. it has never been more exciting
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to be a chef. all the different people that care about our industry, and thanks to people like herb that merge the two together. >> he is the real deal. there are tons of great chefs who really can cook in the kitchen. maybe they're not as good on television. he worked in three-star michelin restaurants. he has a personality. he is entertaining. that is how chefs became entertainers. >> he has this amazing back story. it is not like everybody leaves ethiopia at a young age. you end up being adopted by a
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couple in sweden. >> i was very lucky. the worst thing that could have happened to me became life-changing for me. i had a chance to grow up in sweden and pursue my dream of becoming a chef. also, moving to america. to be able to tell that story through my book, but to work in new york, which is so accepted of immigrants such as me. i came to the country with $300. it was not a lot of fun. it says a lot about new york of the high acceptance of foreigners and immigrants. >> did you get to go to the state dinner that marcus cooked for the president? were you there? >> [inaudible]
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they have become brands. they are taste makers. they are setting lifestyle trends. marcus has endorsement deals. he is a great example of using celebrity in a good way. look how he has transformed harlem. >> how do you translate your background in food and wine and marketing? >> one meal at a time. one great bottle of one at a time. >> how do you translate that into the relationship with marcus? a lot of people can say i have a plan for you. i can be your agent. we can get you a book deal. we will have you all over. >> i've heard every story print absolutely. >> you have to cut through that. what is it? how do you connect? >> it is no flash in the pan. 25 years.
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what is considered entertainment is evolving. producing things people want to be around. we rely, who is coming to this stuff? today there are thousands of people that want to be part of it. i would be the first to say without julia childs, without bobby, without the integration of the food network, we wouldn't be here. tv has done a great part of bringing it be on the foodies. tv and online experience have merged. the regular person today can connect with chefs in different way. >> they love food and they are accessible.
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they are more user-friendly. i can re-create marcus' recipe at home. i'm inspired by marcus. i aspire to be that chef cooking at home for a dinner party. >> do you let him get a table at the red rooster? >> every now and again. >> you are more than one restaurant. what which you like to do next? >> for me, it is about changing dining and making food affordable and accessible. including urban america. it can be done through food festivals, through farmers markets. as a chef, i'm lucky enough to communicate with people every month, i want to give them confidence in something they can
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relate to. not just people with a lot of money. but the everyday person. on the happiest when the bus driver, the schoolteacher is in red rooster with a celebrity or politician or musician. that is a more democratic experience. i'm happy when i work towards that. >> we're happy you could spend time with his pre-thank you very much. marcus samuelson, the chef and cook at red rooster. my thanks to herb karlitz. thank you for being here. you bring these kinds of talents to a much wider audience. coming up tomorrow, the 140th running of the kentucky derby. the famous jockey stand outside the 21 club in manhattan. we will tell you their history. find out how to make the perfect mint julep.
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that's next. ♪ >> it is kentucky derby eve.
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140th running taking place tomorrow at the historic churchill downs racecourse in louisville, kentucky. if you can't get there, consider a new york restaurant that has 32 jockey statues outside. they have a story to tell. the general manager of the 21 club is going to tell us. what is the kentucky derby without a mint julep? it is like a race without a horse.
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let's start off talking about those jockeys that lined the walkway outside of 21. where did that come from? >> 21 was built in 1929. it was the destination place for one of the biggest breeders and racers of the country. it started with one a steady patron. >> he brings in one of the jockeys and says you guys should have this? >> we had a dessert named after him. it was a token of appreciation. he donated a jockey. he was one of the first that went when you walk into the right. >> not only did he give you the jockey, but all your other patrons decided i want in on this. >> correct. we have the vanderbilt family soon after.
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all the notables. they just started bringing in the jockeys. >> lets get to the details. joe is interested. he wants to serve some mint juleps first. where they made? >> in wisconsin. they are known for the horse industry. >> do you have a favorite? >> secretariat. >> still has the record. you are not going to run the kentucky derby tomorrow but you're going to be celebrating. >> i am going to be celebrating. this is a really big weekend. today is the kentucky oaks race when the phillies race. tomorrow is the 140th derby.
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churchill downs gets 150,000 plus people for the derby. that's a lot of mint juleps. the way i like to make it, a little sugar. it is traditional to put in a metal cup. the proper way to hold it at the bottom to the top so you don't transfer heat and spoil the experience. >> if only george washington knew about this. was this george washington's bourbon? >> according to historical works. he visited. >> my thanks. joe magliocco and teddy suric.
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