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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 8, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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what i'm just going to love being now i'm in a san francisco giants cap. -- i'm just going to love seeing al hunt in a san francisco giants had. steve scully is gives us whiplash. some political ads. sarah silverman talks about her -- >> you will go from mount rushmore but you will stay for the four-way senate free-for-all. and scott interesting this afternoon.
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we will explain to you this breaking news which we broke. democrats think they can hold the senate seat. it is a seat that republicans are looking to take. the democrats will spend $1 million to hold this seat which would revolutionize the battlegrounds. >> this is one of the seas that the democrats considered safe. here is the situation in south dakota. you have the former governor who has been in the lead for quite a while. larry pressler, the former republican senator from south to cut it but has endorsed president obama previously. he has been running as an independent. -- the former republican senator from south dakota that has endorsed president obama
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previously. the others are kind of scrapping around. all of a sudden, pressler is on the rise and that has opened the door suddenly for this news we have reported. >> what democrats are reporting the thing when you pass the football, two things can happen. democrats feel like if pressler wins or we lend wins, wheeling will caucus with the democrats. republicans are saying, no problem, this is a republican seat. it currently has a democratic senator. a million dollars in three weeks, democrats could never have won the scene with a long-term plan but they think that three weeks, lightning strike, $1 million, they have a chance to hold the seat, that would change the battle field. we were both talking about the math with four people in the
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race. either wheeling or pressler could win this. >> although the movement is with pressler. if pressler rising, there bunch of voters who don't think that they want to vote for democrat but are uncomfortable with rounds. the wildcard is how we. that kind has been between 1% and eight or 9% in the polls. >> this is a very smart move with democrats. this could change the whole thing. now, we present a tale of two ads. in new hampshire, scott brown is being attacked on women's rights. in north carolina, kay hagan is being attacked for being weak on isil. today each candidate had an ad
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that would be identical. here side-by-side are scott brown on women's rights and kay hagan line foreign policy. >> i want you to know the facts. >> i am kay hagan, speaker tillis should be ashamed for saying that i would let our soldiers die in vain. >> i am pro-choice, i support continued funding for planned parenthood, and i believe that women should have access to contraception. >> i have been clear and decisive, supporting airstrikes and aggressive tactics to eradicate them. >> editor shaheen -- senator shaheen has resorted to scare tactics. the people of new hampshire deserve better. i am scott brown and i approve this message. >> i will stand up to anyone when it comes to protecting our military and speaker tillis
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knows that. >> i love the diana music, it is identical. -- the p&l piano music, it is identical. >> if it is not a republican playbook, it is a political consultants playbook. >> you start by saying, how dare my opponent do this. only an angry way. then the long defense and the piano music is meant to soften it up. then, the more indignation. both of these candidates would not be doing it if they these issues were harmless. karl rove and other strategist say you to respond. both of them are pushing back talking about their positive agenda. people might say, oh, there are
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more negative ads in this cycle than there's ever been. no, they are pretty much all negative ads. that is about as well as i have seen kay hagan perform on camera. >> the soft tone of righteous indignation. i am outraged, i am disgusted. you know better than that, my goodness. i think both of those ads are good. >> we made a bet that president obama would never utter the the phrase that his policies are on the ballot. republicans will say it anyway. there was some big senate debates, listen to be senate candidate talking about president obama. cory gardner and ed gillespie, all invoking barack obama. >> on the ballot in just a few
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weeks will be the president's policies. mark udall has voted for the president's policies 99% of the time. but senator hagan went to washington -- click senator hagan went to washington and is voted with the president 96% of the time. >> under the obama wonder policy. >> we have got a dialogue going on who wrote a piece saying the president is not welcome very many places. republicans welcome him rhetorically. this seems to be their main line of attack. >> on the specific policies voters are with the democrats. on president obama personally there is a lot of disillusionment. it is a little weird to me that so much focuses on travel. the president he goes the other day to evansville, illinois. that becomes a national story
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immediately. it goes on the air. >> the fact is, yes everything he said is covered. if he went into north carolina, it would be wall-to-wall coverage. this kay hagan appear with him? does udall appear with him? that is the reason why travel is a problem. we talked about obama in 2006 when he was a sender. in rural missouri, florida. -- we talked about obama in 2006 when he was a senator. >> josh and other white house officials have said, where will he go? the clock is ticking. so far he has not gone and appeared with a single candidate. >> he is spending a lot of time in california. you can imagine him going to wisconsin.
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some house races. not in any of these senate races, no doubt about that. >> we are moving to a 2016 question where one of the big questions for the republican party is how do conservatives feel about jeb bush? we put that question to the republican congressman from louisiana and the new house republican whip. what is a whip? basically it is kevin spacey's character in "house of cards" without all of the homicide. we asked him his opinion on common core and if he would support it. >> you will have disagreements with them. ronald reagan said if you are with me over 80% of the time you are a friend and an ally. i am encouraging good people to run right now. >> is there one of those things
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that is disqualifying for jeb bush? >> there are a lot of good people running for this race. >> is it all good with you that we put on the internet, tommy's release all good with jeb bush? >> if you look at where we are we are in a really good spot. >> if you are jeb bush or one of his advisers, what is the temperature you take on the conservative movements view on those issues? >> well, it would have been strange for congressman scott alise to come out and express his opposition to a nominee. they might have been more vocal about the notion. those are really problematic for me. he could do any of that, there was no throat clearing.
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i thought it was pretty good. >> our full interview with congressman scalise and the hispanic vote can be found right now. >> very intriguing. sarah silverman is out with a video in which she decides to get a sex change operation. the joke being if women become men, they will make more money. there is nothing in this video that makes us uncomfortable. we edited out all of the language that could be objectionable for a pg rated cable show. >> oh hi. women will be cheated out of 11,000 dollars every year. >> that is about a four minute video. we salvaged what we could. >> it is bawdy.
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>> she is talking about equal pay for equal work. over the lifetime women lose $500,000 relative to men. she refers to it as a $500,000 tax on her vagina. >> you can see the whole thing on our website. >> she does these things which are very popular. up next, we have more baseball and more politics. first, we will quiz module radix on foreign policy. -- we will quiz martha on foreign policy.
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♪ >> martha raddatz of abc news as interviewed some in the most powerful people in the world. we will be airing -- she will be airing her twisted interview with general dempsey
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on abc news. the report that kobani is likely to fall into isis control. can you talk about the significance? >> the significance is that if kobani falls. it is right there on the border with turkey. you will basically lose all of northern syria to isis. you have turkey not doing much about it. the reports are that you can see the bombing over the border, you can see what is going on but those turkish tanks are not moving. they are just sitting there. they would obviously do something if isis went over the border. general dempsey said that isis is not stupid enough to do that. you have all of the towns falling in that northern border area. you have refugees flooding over
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the border. general dempsey was not sure about what would happen if they really did overrun the town. there were terrible terrible reports of slaughter. one intelligence officer said there would need slaughter within 24-48 hours. general dempsey was not sure about that, he said there might not be even 5000 people in that town. it is hard to target now. when i talked to general dempsey, he said they are having a hard time finding target in that area because of what isis has done is really adapted. a blend into the population more, they don't really have an infrastructure. they have bombed out the training camps already. >> the pentagon comfortable with the mission of the commander-in-chief has given them?
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>> i think that they are comfortable with the air campaign. i was out on an aircraft carrier a couple of weeks ago and boy those missions were nonstop. a lot of those fighter jets are coming back with their mom still attached, going again to general dempsey's comments about they just don't have the targets. do they wish they had ground controllers, those guys on the ground who can say, this is where you should hit. a lot of people could do that but they also know the political realities that they don't want boots on the ground. they will tell you they can do it in other ways but really to have ground control there would really improve the ability to find more targets and more accurately target from those airplanes. >> the state department spokesperson was asked if she could name one tangible area
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that since the bombing had begun, that we could show appreciable progress and she had a hard time doing that. can you name an area where tangible hard races were portable? >> i think when you say tangible progress i inc. you can say yes, things have been disrupted. i think you can say, yes, they have disrupted the enemy. they might have disrupted some plans. they might have pushed isis back from areas in baghdad. they were nervous that baghdad might fall. so, right now, they are not as nervous about that even though i think they're getting closer to the area. ok, so they disrupted that but isis has clearly moved to other areas. you have to move troops to other areas. they haven't taken back any of those cities.
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they haven't taken back falluja. falluja fell last january. >> just about a minute you have. turkey is in the headlines. how do you explain to americans how a nato ally needs to be controlled to help protect its own borders by the u.s.? >> i cannot explain that one and i know that is a huge frustration. i could tell with general dempsey that that is a huge frustration that they are not doing anything. they are just not worried about isis coming in and getting them, i guess. until that happens, they will not do anything. they are pushing the turks anyway they can to try to do something, to try to him be more involved. " kind of arguments is the government making? >> well, they're making arguments that you have to
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protect this border. you've got to help us in this fight. you've got to go in and not worry so much about assad but the immediate threat. the same kind of discussions the u.s. government has. what is more serious, the threat of leaving aside in or the threat to the united states? >> martha martha raddatz, we appreciate it. martha's exclusive interview can be seen this weekend. >> coming up, al hunt wallowing in misery over the fate of his nationals and the bet he lost to me.
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>> joining us now from washington, al hunt. a man who is wise and kind and
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is about to suffer humiliation. as you anticipated the national season, did you imagine that they would be eliminated on a wild pitch? >> no, i didn't. i would imagine that the angels would be swept. i did not imagine that clayton kershaw would blow to games. they sure punished us last night. >> i was all prepared to wear a washington nationals sweatshirt for week. instead, i get the pleasure of watching you. there you go, baby. now you know, you have to wear that through christmas. >> i cheated because i had my washington nationals style. >> even at the risk of clashing you will hate your heads. -- hedge your bets.
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>> the cardinals and giants, they play better baseball. they are smart. they have got great smarting pictures great catchers. i think it is a great series. the orioles are underdogs. if i do pick, i would say the cardinals and orioles. >> are democrats wise to spend a million dollars there, do you think they have a chance? >> i think they have a chance. it is a three way race. i heard from lor -- she has got a shot in this race. harry reid hates rick weiland the democratic candidate. i think the democrats will watch this very carefully. i don't think that wi-lan and
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press there can be a dirty percent. -- can't be at 30%. >> actually four candidates. what is the minimum number that you can get through with? >> i would guess it would be 37 or 38. and that is assuming the conservative gets 4% or 5%. at some point, somebody has to be the alternative to rounds. if he doesn't, he is in trouble. >> is president obama more radioactive or is this par for the course? >> well, it is pretty par for the course. he compounds this with some statements that don't help democrats. mark warner voted with him 98 for this sent -- 98% of the
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time. those same ads were running in 2008. it shows what the president's popularity is in the six years. this guy is in bad shape, as you noted earlier. >> the president said his policies were on the ballot most democrat candidates were upset. why did he do that? >> well, he shouldn't have. for this guy who was so eloquent, sometimes he can be incredibly reckless with his rhetoric. if he had said, minimum wages on the ballot, pay equity is on the ballot, i think that he would have been fine. >> al hunt of the san francisco giants, we will be right back.
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>> we are only on the air half
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an hour a day but we are on the 24 hours a day. >> "taking stock" is next, see you tomorrow.
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>> hello i am pimm fox, and this is what i am taking stock of on this wednesday, october 8, 2014. the first american patient has died. he contracted ebola in his native liberia. u.s. stocks rallied. the s&p 500 posting its biggest gain of the year jumping nearly 2%. not joining in the rally were the shares of jcpenney. they cut their


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