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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 11, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> vladimir putin, the bachelor. mitt romney, the comeback -- maybe? it is veterans day. the dark reality of returning from war continues to haunt even the bravest soldiers. veterans day, above all, is the time to honor heroes. with president obama on the other side of the planet, vice president biden led the nation
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today at arlington national cemetery. >> you are the most trusted among us and the most tested of all americans. you are not only the heart and soul, but you are the very spine of this nation. the 9/11 generation took on a responsibility that extended far beyond base or battlefields. they were prepared to follow osama bin laden into the gates of hell -- and they did. >> on this veterans day, how is america treating our veterans? >> it is not a pretty picture. we have seen the scandals at the v.a. it looks like the obama administration finally has a handle on that.
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rob mcdonald said yesterday that there is a huge restructuring. the suicide rate is still too high. too many americans don't really care that much. >> a small percentage of families are directly affected. i am more optimistic in the sense that people recognize there is a problem. the v.a. scandal was a bit galvanizing. i'm hoping this could be an area of bipartisan work because washington has to fix it. it has to come from congress. not just spending money, but spending it smartly. >> the only way we are going to get there as if we have a draft again. here are three things that happened to obama and vladimir putin today. the two leaders planted some trees.
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they spoke with each other briefly about iran, syria, and ukraine. vladimir putin was spotted lending his coat. he was confronted by tony abbott, who demanded an apology. barack obama did not have a great day either. he turned down the limo service that other world leaders use. he arrived in his american caravan. he was spotted chewing gum almost certainly nicorette. some chinese considered these acts disrespectful. president obama was perfectly capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. i guess that is funny in retrospect. who had the worst day?
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>> vladimir putin could not give a fig about what people say about him. the biggest problem for the president on this trip, the chinese are not respecting him very much. social media, even before the trip, laid out the president's political defeats in a way that was not positive. in general, the president is not being treated like the leader of the free world. >> it is a big problem for both. the relationship between russia and the u.s. is still pretty bad. some discussion about an iranian nuclear deal. the relationship is bad. nothing has happened to make it look like it will get any better any better anytime soon. >> i do not understand chinese culture well enough to understand why they are upset that vladimir putin was offering
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his jacket. president obama is living astride two different worlds. he is physically in china. at the same time, he is taking care of business at home, taking a controversial position in favor of net neutrality. arguing that there should be no gatekeepers to internet access in the united states. here is president obama explaining his position. the fcc is an independent agency. this decision is theirs alone. >> many republicans happen quick to criticize his position. ted cruz called it obamacare for the internet. who is on the right side of public opinion?
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who was on the right side of free enterprise? >> the president is right in both instances. this is a battle between -- you have the telcos and the cable companies on one side and entrepreneurs on the other. you have the entrepreneurial companies, there should be no toll roads, no gatekeepers. the president is in the right place. >> you can argue a lot of these positions either way. some of these private companies would be constrained in what they could do if the president
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got his way, if the commission rules that way. there is no doubt that most of the people who oppose the president do not appreciate the proconsumer positions he has taken. i agree with you. the president has the better of this one. >> i asked fred wilson about mitch mcconnell. if we do not get net neutrality, the internet will be over. that means this is an open and shut case. george w. bush has quite a resume these days. published biographer as of today. we could not help but notice it sounded a little bit like he was performing an open mic night at
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the comedy cellar. >> people get tired of a president after six years. [laughter] here's the thing that fascinates me about him. he is all worldly, phi beta kappa, that part of the gene pool got diluted. he disciplined me. this is from your father. a guy gets arrested for stealing a can of peaches. he and his wife go before the judge. how many peaches in the can? six. i will sentence you to six years
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in prison. and the wife stands up and says, and he stole a can of peas. >> don't you miss that guy? >> one of the first times i met the guy, he took me to a premier to see the sequel to an austin powers movie. he laughed throughout the whole thing. at the end, he turned to me, and said, i didn't think it was that good. >> he can laugh at himself sometimes. we take you backstage at the monumental veterans concert in washington. ♪
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>> today on the national mall the site of tonight's big concert, we spent some time talking to veterans. ♪ >> veterans day means to me, just as a thank you to other people. thank you to those who served. >> i use it to say thank you to other veterans. i do not look for others to say thank you to me because it is something i volunteered to do. i am proud of my service. it is for me to recognize people. >> veterans day, i appreciate the thank you's, but i feel like i have not heard it yet. >> a warm felt thank you to our minute women who have served to protect our country and protect our borders. >> it is about people who
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sacrifice their lives for us and the country. >> a great occasion for the country to honor the veterans. especially those serving now. >> i do not know that i have an opinion. our country has to do what it has to do. i keep the troops that do go in my thoughts. >> one of those things, do we want to bring the fight here or fight it there? i don't know. either way, we are doing good in the world. ♪ >> metallica, bruce springsteen. >> rihanna. >> metallica.
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>> tonight's concert airs for free on hbo at 7:00. bruce springsteen is part of it, bryan cranston, meryl streep and bob woodruff. a little while ago, as jack black did a sound check, i chatted with my former colleague. he has been a tireless advocate for veterans' causes. we talked about how america is treating its veterans in this time of war. >> we have a long way to go.
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it is a lot better than it was. after i was hit, it was a disaster. they did not know what was going on. a lot of makeup to go. it has taken a long time. everybody in the country honors veterans. go to any sporting event, it is the most emotional thing. what are the barriers to making sure veterans have what they need? >> we had to change the system within the v.a.. you cannot turn it away from the iceberg very easily, it is so big. it is starting to happen. people are not forced to go. there is not a draft. they are better fighters because they are trained much better. such a smaller number.
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a lot of dignity we have given to the veterans and you can see this as an example. i do not know if this would have happened back in 1975. companies in the business world, the political world, companies have been incredibly happy with the veterans they have hired. these are people so well disciplined and so well-trained. it has been successful that way. >> corporate america is engaged. washington is somewhat engaged. the public is very engaged. what are the signs you are looking for? >> such a big separation between our civilian world and the military world. i think we need a lot more of that relationship solidified. it has just been out there for
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so long. in the beginning, thinking about trying to get the physical recovery when they come back. with our foundation, we are concentrating on employment. none of these guys want any pity. they want to go back to normal and get a job and be back to their old selves. >> how much has your miraculous recovery help you in terms of your mindset? >> it is a big part, no question about it. so many friends who have gone through the same thing. my improvement is stunning. talk to me eight years ago, i could not even come up with a
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vocabulary this big. now my vocabulary is half as big as yours is. >> your recovery is an inspiration and the work you do is a great thing. enjoy tonight. >> we'll be back in a minute with some big news. all we ask is that you follow the red brick road. ♪
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>> pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. the washington post made more than 80 phone calls last week to republican candidates a triumphed in the midterms. the second story also in the washington post is that ted
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devine has signed on to work for a vermont senator. bob, nice to see you. >> glad to join you. he was very active in these midterms, the kind of activity you would expect -- >> mitt romney was very active in these midterms, the kind activity you would expect from someone that would be running for president. flex a try to call mitt romney to get a sense of where he was on election night and what he was up to. he was at ron kaufman's house and watching the returns and he had a whole list. he was acting like a candidate making 80 calls to all the candidates he endorsed. and his staff was keeping microsoft excel documents about who won and who lost, and at the same time keeping track of hillary clinton.
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this is a machine guy who is keeping track of everything even though he's not running. >> we know he is a big data analytics guy. two thirds of romney's candidates won, while only one third of hillary clinton's candidates one. how etc. the romney people about -- how excited are the romney people about that? >> they are using it to the argument that he should jump in him and to make the case for donors. he is not trying to run right now, but if jeb doesn't run, he could get in. >> he made 76 endorsements in these midterms, which is a really large number. at this point, is mitt romney the most viable endorsement a candidate can have -- a valuable endorsement a candidate can have in the midterms? >> he is. you have a former nominee, and because of the documentary on netflix and the way he has recuperated since 2012, he brings you political capital with a variety in the party.
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>> him mention the fact that -- >> is jeb bush decided to run, mitt romney would likely decide not to run. do you think that holds true for chris christie? or would that hold the door open for him? >> i don't think chris christie really affects his decision. privately, there is a lot of concern about chris christie first up can he recover from bridge gate? >> i know you know mitt romney really well. we sense a reluctance there. if bush runs, he's deftly not going to run. do you think he wants bush to run and doesn't wanted to be an option for him? or is there some partisan that hopes bush doesn't run and that he can put himself in the fray and you save your? >> romney is not actively encouraging bush to get in.
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romney would be fine if he runs. what i keep hearing from those who've known him for decades is that he's bored by the idea of retirement and that he wants to be on the trail as much as possible. this is a guy who wants to be in the arena. i'd him think he's angling to run, but he wants to be in the position for some kind of draft. they think maybe it could happen again. >> you talked to dad divine into bernie sanders. cad devine says he will work for bernie sanders if he decides to run. how did that marriage come about? >> sanders and tad devine go back decades. he was helping him the senate race in the 2000. this is a close relationship. they are friends as well as sanders being a client for divine. and he's what a lot of independent campaigns before. he is not a perfect candidate on television, but in the past,
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devine has been able to package sanders that has resonated with progressives. he thinks he could do it again. no one knows about these private talks they've been having. >> without bernie sanders was great on our show. he is a great candidate. -- >> we thought bernie sanders was a great on our show. he is a great candidate. ted devine is a realist about these think, knows how to count votes, r votes in particular. -- electoral votes in particular. what does he think about sanders in a democratic primary? >> he talked about how sanders the past has been one of the best candidates he's ever worked with in terms of small dollar donations. how do you build a national organization of really capitalizes on sanders ability to make news, to perhaps -- go after clinton, to sound more progressive than her?
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you may have a splash in new hampshire and iowa, but how do you have something for the long-haul? how do you build that now? >> as he think that sanders is a more viable -- >> does he think sanders is a more viable candidate than martin o'malley? >> i think so. one of the things i kept hearing from divine is that is the convergence of issues. with the popularity of elizabeth warren and with hillary clinton not being perfect with all of those on the left, he thinks sanders can step in that space and really build something. even though his personality is not totally inclined to that kind of run, he thinks he can capture the energy. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> to all our veterans, we salute you for your service. ♪
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>> hello, i'm pimm fox, and this is i'm taking stock of this tuesday, november 11, 2014. it is finally here, for its f1 50. it has a new aluminum body. chief executive mark field spoke from the factory floor and said ford is giving customers what they want. >> they want more telling, and this vehicle is best in class. when you go back 20 years, the number one and met need -- unmet need is better fuel economy. >> facebook says it's messenger app has have a billion monthly users.


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