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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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[laughter] john heilemann >> i'm. >> and i'm mark halperin. you are watching "with all due respect to her coach and on the show, money, jobs, and a pipeline. the member of al qaeda in yemen said the group directed the paris attacks because of " blasphemy against muslim sanctities." paris and france are very much on edge, so let's bring in bloomberg's caroline conan at the scene of what was today a serious face off against one of the accused allegedly attacked
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is from the incident. caroline has been covering the story from the beginning. where did these -- where do things stand this evening? >> has been a stressful day for this very small town less than 10 miles from the charles de gaulle airport northeast of paris. the city has never seen anything like this. all day, they were barricaded inside their homes. the children were can find inside schools -- confined inside schools. they were evacuated by buses throughout the day, but of course, they were taken out of the city not directly home, so parents were very worried. tonight at 5:00 p.m., we started hearing gunshots and explosions. that's when the police moved in on these two brothers and killed them, and then one hostage was read. -- free. >> what do we expect --
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obviously, it's late there, but what do we expect in terms of the country reacting to the event as well as the search for the one accused person, the female, who still apparently has not been caught? >> that's the concern for all the police forces working on the case. the 26-year-old who is the girlfriend of the gun man who shot 4 hostages in a kosher jewish supermarket. that is obviously the main concern, to find her. we believe that she attended a suspected jihadist training camp in central france and that she has traveled to that training camp with one of the suspects. obviously the police force
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across france is looking for her . the war on terrorism -- the interior minister has said we have to continue, all those who represent a risk for the country. >> has been mixed reporting all day on weather the incidence today are linked and weather they are part of the same -- really part of the same incident. what is the current status of the reporting on that question? >> yes, it is very concerning so i do not to speculate too much, but what we know from police sources is that they knew each other since at least 2010. they spent time together in jail with cherif, the younger brother who was killed tonight new the airport. at least one of the brothers.
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of course, there are mixed reports throughout the day. this channel said that they actually received a phone call from amedy coulibaly himself around 3:00 p.m. earlier, who told the channel that they were synchronized for the operation that he was taking care of a policeman, and the brothers were taking care of the charlie hedbo tragedy. >> thanks very much. lots of angles to the story now, but french intelligence is getting a lot of scrutiny. police are saying they were
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tracking these brothers, should they not have been on them? shouldn't they have known that this newspaper needed to be protected? how weak a leak is france in the war on terror, not just in europe but around the world? >> pretty weak link. this is redolent of the intelligence failures that led up to 9/11. there have been a lot of parallels between the incidents. you have a moment here -- i mean, i think there are many week. this is not the only week link. >> "the new york times" says there are not enough people suspected in the country to build a large apparatus, but too many for the small apparatus involved. just a mismatch. the rest of europe needs to look at rance and germany particularly, to countries that have large populations and parties now that are inflaming things rather than bringing people together. >> germany needs to look at france because germany may have a bigger problem on its hands and is not aware as even france was a couple of month ago. big news today in the republican
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presidential race. mitt romney told donors today in new york that he is considering waging another presidential run. at the same time, our colleagues have a story out that jeb bush's allies have set a fundraising goal for the first three months of the year -- a whopping $100 million. finally, in chris christie world, abc news says the new jersey governor was questioned by federal prosecutors about the bridgegate candle, and he has come out and had that he will pay his own way when he flies to that alice cowboys -- that dallas cowboys/green bay packers playoff game sunday. the question this raises -- is this possible we could see a jed b/christie/romney three-way? >> easier romney has doubts about bush for a variety of reasons. not really clear to me what they are. >> used to be the thought was if
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he got in, that mitt romney was out. >> some people have expressed doubts about bush possibility to win. >> he knows chris christie's vulnerabilities in some of the weaknesses that are there. >> we talked about how romney -- romney would wait to see what happened if bush did not pan out. we talked about how his aggressive activities -- obviously, he does. another thing he reportedly said in the meeting with the rich people in new york was he does want to be friends. >> he has been feeling vindicated ever since the day he lost. he thought he should have one. >> i don't know that this has happened, but i bet you this has happened. i that jeb bush's people have called romney's bunglers and word got back to him, and he realized that waiting for the spring or all -- cannot wait. if he wants to do it, he has to
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right now fight for his people and keep jed bush from running away with this thing. that $100 million figure -- it is intimidating. >> mike huckabee has caused panic among the more conservative wing. jeb bush -- there is a limited number -- it's not a limited number of the big donor world. jed bush goes out and gets a quarter of them 30% of them 40% of them in the first quarter. that makes it almost impossible for christie or romney to compete if bush is that dominant. we do not know if he is yet, but those guys -- it just has to like it i are in the. romney cannot wait until june. not possible. >> the good news on the economy just keeps on coming. another quarter million jobs
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created in december making 2014 the jobsiest year since 2009. unemployment the lowest since june 2008. the jobs report has the white house happier than chris christie in a jerry jones sky box, and justifiably so. republicans are in a political pickle. watching republican reaction to what seems like a booming economy, do you think they are handling it well, poorly or somewhere in between? >> poorly. the economy is getting better because republicans got one of the midterms. i was a skeptic in the third quarter. the fourth quarter, i was impressed with the fourth quarter. low gas prices, interest rates still low, very good fundamentals in place. republicans need a message. the good news is they now have their hand force. they have to be able to talk about an affirmative agenda. >> let's just cause on the mitch mcconnell thing.
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it is beyond ludicrous, given the way the economy works. there may be businesses that are happy about publicans taking control of congress, but the way the investment cycle works in the pipeline, for a year -- >> one thing public and still can talk about -- they can still talk about low wage growth, but this is looking like a strong economy, and they have to figure out how to deal with it better than they have. at a community college in knoxville, tennessee today, there was a substitute teacher. his name -- professor barack obama. he wants community college students to get their first two years free as long as they keep up a 2.5 gpa. this proposal would have real money and some state money based on a tennessee program. president wants to take it nationwide. that idea substantively? that idea politically? >> that idea substantively and politically. -- good idea substantively and politically. in tennessee, with a put this thing out, 80%, 90% of 12th
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graders are applying for it. it is popular. it encourage kids to go to college. >> it's a great aspiration but given the state of the federal economy and the budget, why can it not just the left to the state? tennessee did it. >> it is also a good idea politically because, again, as you point out, they will have a new chairman of the incoming for public and association. >> i do not understand why the president is picking another fight with congress. >> should it be a fight? it's a good idea. >> republicans want it. the media seems to want it. president obama not so much. the house passed a bill despite the president's veto threat to approve the pipeline after race the court in nebraska dismissed a lawsuit dealing with the pipeline. given the house vote given the
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court decision, where does the balance of power stand in this political fight now? >> i just think it's changed very much. we talked about this earlier in the week and i think the president is is dedicated now at this point as he will be to this thing. the nebraska thing was not the only excuse the white house is using. >> it was a pretty big one. >> it was hard of it. the state department is a big part of it, too. i just do not think it has changed very much. >> in the end, the president is going to have to figure out what he wants to do in the merit. most public comment have been negative, but what does he actually want to do? and he should do it faster. even democrats have criticized him for going too slow. he should solve this now and get the country to move on. >> come up with the big energy package. were going to take a short break, and then our inside man, hans nichols, is going to give us an inside report from france. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> joining us now from paris right outside the charlie hebdo offices is hans nichols. a lot of people say these horrors of these past three days have been a wake-up call or france. do you think that is true? >> that does not quite strike me as accurate. there have been so many other warning signals, so many other indications that something like this could go horribly wrong right out here, of course, we did have a dozen journalists massacred in the middle of it -- the morning, and another for hostages killed this evening, but it seems like there have been 90 of indications all along the way that something like this could have happened, so wake-up call does not strike me quite as accurate. >> some people are critical of the french, saying they are not good at making people from other
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countries feel welcome, that the political culture right now is so tense, so divisive the people who come from other countries are treated as outsiders, and that could be leading to some of the tensions and violence we are seeing. >> that does not strike me as a new argument. it strikes me as an old argument, a holdover from france's colonial legacy. it has never necessarily been about hospitality, although that may be part of the problem. the larger issue is in a gratian. this is a conversation happening all across europe. howdy you absorb people and fully integrate them into your culture? it's a massive discussion in germany. same in france, belgium. we've seen a government collapse in sweden because of it. no one quite has the right answer to it. all everyone is saying is that you need to do more, but there's not a whole lot jan that is and what you actually need to do to fully integrate these people into your society -- there's not a whole lot beyond that.
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>> you know what america was like in the days after 9/11. there was a hugely unifying moment for the united states. talk about the atmosphere on the ground and weather this is a similar unifying moment or france. >> no, it has already been a splintering moment. one of the remarkable things about the last 48, 72 hours is the velocity with which this political discussion here has already split along partisan lines. less than 24 hours after the murder they were talking about having a national referendum to read eight the death penalty. there is a back-and-forth on wether or not she was going to be invited to participate in the unity march. she eventually was not participated for. you have the spectacle of francois hollande while a village where he police operation was going on, having him talk outside government offices almost directly rebutting those comets,
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back-and-forth so, no there is not unity. that is probably the chief difference between america post-9/11 and rants after this and even during the attack and immediate response to it. >> as you suggested this is a pan-european problem. european leaders coming to paris this week in. some of that will be error mobile, but is there any movement afoot to try to address these problems in a pan-european way rather than just country by country? >> no. i mean getting europe to be on one page on say, monetary policy or a lot of different rules is very different. having full on pan-european way on how you become european simply is not going to happen. even in germany where they may be doing a slightly better job in absorbing their immigrants, there is a roundly mocked proposal a couple of weeks ago from a southern politician down
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in bavaria saying everyone needs to speak german and not only in public places but also at home. you would have policing at home on what sort of language -- that is not feasible. even if it was feasible and popular and bavaria or in pockets of bavaria, you cannot compare bavaria to belgium. it would be too difficult to harmonize in any sort of -- if you are talking about the 28 members of the euro or the 19 that use the euro currency, that is used to impossible. >> do you see anything that makes you optimistic than? >> yes, the spirit of paris. it is still paris. you can still walk through the cafes. there is music in the air. in new york after 9/11, you could still under mentally deal new york -- you could still fundamentally feel new york, the energy. paris is the same way. the romance is in the air. that will not go away, and it will take much more to snuff out than the horrified act that
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happened behind me and at the shopping mall in the eastern part of paris earlier today. >> thank you very much. when we come back, a preview of hollywood ignite coming up sunday from sharon waxman, editor-in-chief of "the wrap." ♪
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quest the lights, the cameras, the endless jokes about the sony controversy -- were talking about the golden globes. they are this sunday, and we are going to set the table with you now and ask about what will happen. were going to ask sharon waxman editor-in-chief of "the wrap" to walk us through. it's not like the academy awards we got best picture drama, -- where you got just best picture. we got best picture drama and comedy. to me, it's a one-movie race. "boyhood," wright?
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no movie can touch it. >> really? i think you are right, but i will not say is a foregone can asian. do not forget the golden globes are voted on by, like, 80 people. one-vote can make the difference. all it takes is one vote to swoon over any red mane and "theory of everything," but you are right, it is a front runner for sure. >> you don't think there's any chance "selma" could win? >> i don't feel like it has the momentum to win golden globes. >> "bird man" for comedy/musical -- is there any real competition for it? >> know, and let me tell you why. the golden globes voters, who are a group of foreign relents writers -- freelance writers and journalists and erstwhile journalist, they want to be seen
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as credible. it's very important to them, so they like to pick films that have consensus and have the stamp of the artistic community and they want to pick something that is kind of war would looking. "birdman" is kind of wacky and smart. >> we're going to pick up the pace here. we don't have the whole three hours that tina fey has. actor in a drama. who you like? >> eddie red mane as stephen hawking. pretty sure about that one. >> actress in a drama. we're hoping you will say julianne moore. >> i'm glad she is your favorite actress because she is probably going to win. she plays a woman with alzheimer's. >> actor in a, -- comedy? michael keaton, write? >> yes, probably. >> i look over to that acceptance speech.
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>> that will be fun. got to say, i love great line in "grand budapest hotel" -- ray fine -- ralph fiennes. >> held that actors in a comedy/musical? >> amy adams is probably going to take it for "big eyes" who plays the painter of the big eyes paintings. she has done a lot of good work in recent years. >> what's the over/under on number of sony jokes? >> tina fey's -- amy poehler have said all these jokes are open season on these jokes including bill cosby jokes. i would look at the spread there. >> more cosby or more sony? >> am going to go with cosby. >> tv series picks for drama and comedy.
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>> "house of cards," drama tv. >> for sure. and comedy? >> i think that's going to be a tougher one to know. what do you guys like for comedy? >> well we love jeffrey tempora, so we are looking for "transparent." -- we love jeffrey tambor. we got to go. >> i'll look for you on the red carpet. ♪
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>> remembered to tuned and monday for our extensive golden globes after action report including first of its kind red carpet coverage for ryan seacrest and joan rivers -- that's mark halperin and john heilemann.
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no, we're not kidding. >> we are live 24/seven on including coverage of the 24th to extend presidential race, but also the golden globes. a little bit of everything. -- including coverage of the 2016 presidential race. ♪
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♪ >> i am pimm fox, and "taking stock" for january 9, 2015. suspects in two terror attacks in paris were killed in police raids today. this concludes a week in which 17 people, including four hostages, were killed by terrorists. president francois hollande of france says his country must be united during this time. >> i want to call you all to be vigilant, to remain united and mobilized. vigilance is something the state must demonstrate. >> president obama reiterated that the united


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