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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  April 13, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> marco antonio rubio. will he make his marco or end up like starko? has he jumped at the sharko? get ready, goal. -- get ready go.
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rubio said he wants to make america better. just how does he plan to do it. >> we must change the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them. [applause] marco rubio: that is why tonight for inspired by the promise of our future, i announced my candidacy for the president of the united states. >> all lowercase logo how did he do. >> unfortunate is it evokes memories of the ill-fated state other union response, he did good. he did well. a very good speaker.
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it was not his best speech. he was not at the top of his game. he is a better speaker than a lot of people. he stuck to the biography and do not lay out much policy. kind of a reformed conservative. we'll talk about that more and told his story. solid b+. >> it was a better speech than written. he started off nervous bring it is more than good enough to continue the momentum as a guy who is having the best 2015 on the republican candidates. scott walker has taken a fuse steps back. >> ted cruz did as well or better. so you have a couple guys who can play on the big stage. he did well. it is a good -- not a misstep. there is no big gap or mistake
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or disappointment. i really want to see what happens before we measure this. the start of a great rollout. if not, it could be forgotten. >> he could give this speech at the convention or give it as inaugural address or in lots of different venues. and it will continue. >> we can only assume that at the celebration tonight involves a whole lot of mixed adult beverages. that is the reference. marco rubio: i live in the exceptional country where the son of a bartender and made it can have the same privilege as another person. he used to tell me, he used to tell us -- [speaking spanish] in this country -- [applause]
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marco rubio: it means in this country you will achieve all of the things you never covered. >> i love the biography, huge part of marco rubio's appeal. a big part of the speech tonight. how far can that carry him? >> he needs to do more to burn it in. he talked about his parents a lot. to make it tangible to more americans and well known and compelling as barack obama's story, he has more to do. as he tells the story and he will tonight, it is powerful. part of the failure of some republican candidates is to not link it to ideas and biography at marco is last in the field right now. >> david axelrod was keeper of narrative, the narrative of barack obama who is so central to his.
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rubio understands and filled with emotion and as one of the things that's so met the candidates a lack. a sense of the trauma that comes from the human element of where they have come from. i do not think you can ride it back to the nomination or presidency alone but essential. >> he talks about and writes in his book about his family situation. his aspirations for middle class economics tax reform and educational opportunities. that is a powerful thing to do. the author leading candidates jeb bush, scott walker, they have a harder time. junk case it is able to take his own biography and related to the american experience. is powerful and he showed that. >> groupon to say that hillary campaign wants to party but the rubio campaign is different. marco rubio: our leaders put us
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at a disadvantage by taxing like it was 1999. a leader from yesterday -- [boos] marco rubio: she promised to take us back to yesterday. yesterday is over. [applause] and we are never going back. >> their rubio is going after hillary clinton. some say the same critique may work as well against jeb bush, a verbal sleight of hand that barack obama used to make a broad generational argument against hillary clinton and john mccain. my question to you is this an effective he's of rhetoric?
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-- piece of rhetoric? >> core or immigration, the biggest -- against jeb bush is generational. it is not exclusive to marco rubio. he is the youngest. ted cruz go make an argument rand paul can too. rubio does not have a monopoly. >> one of the most powerful moments was when he said there are people who said i shall wait my turn but now is my time. this will be the room crucible for him, can he convinced republicans it is time to turn to a new generation? someone younger. and i think he did it in a way that was not self-conscious or mean-spirited but straightforward and emotional. >> the problem is that he has been the senate for so little time and he looks so young.
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that is part of the issue. it seems unfair but the questions for republicans to imagine him at a dangerous time in the world is going to be a reach. that's is a big challenge for him to get them to fill with enough grommet top -- for him to get them to see you with enough gravitas. >> we put a marco rubio and hillary clinton under the watch. ♪
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>> if american dreams but common possible, we would become another country. if they succeed this 21st century will also be an american century. [applause] >> sometimes on this program more can talked for far too long.
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we have a guy prodding us to move along. we imagine our guest get this a lot. thank you for joining us from the big easy. mary, i know. mary: you guys feel compelled to listen and i do not. i feel your pain. >> there are other differences but when i get into it. i know you watched marco rubio and you are not committed no far. tell us what you think about marco's launch? mary: i am committed to the principle. it is a great launch. he has a machine and the money and the motivation but the message and the medium is the message. he is a very charismatic medium and mark said this a speech that can be given at the convention. however, not just conservatives and republicans but at country is watching it now. it is insiders politicians and
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that platform. people want policies principles, performance. he has got to that. he have to add it to this charismatic story. >> why at this time in the party's history why would return to someone younger with a less military experience? mary: since we are all of age here mark, politics present certain opportunities for polemic justice for when i'm watching rubio and walker and all of them, i am put in mind of 1992. looking at george h.w. bush's life. a generational switch. says what mrs. clinton's problem will be. just last year's calendar. if you look at midterm federal elections, over half of the house which republican control
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are of the new vintage. the new senators all of the new names are under 45. our party is as the democratic party was in 1992. >> let me ask about -- you have employed it, friends of the bush , you're not committed to a candidate. i am curious about what you think about this marco rubio/jeb bush clash. they were close for a period of a time. jeb was a mentor. a lot of people thought mark goal would not run it j iseb -- would not run if jeb puts himself in. what is going on? mary: i am a loyal bushie. this field is top-notch.
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we have not seen a field since 1980. i am not trying to make the reagan comparison. we will have policies. we will not have a clown show. going to the point of marco rubio having the motivation, the democrats inc. -- think mrs. clinton is so inevitable and invincible and we do not think that in the way the democrats figured out in 1992 that president bush was not indivisible. even though we started the year with a 91% approval rating. if not now when? >> if hillary clinton is the nominee, will she be easy to beat or hard in the general election? mary: i am saying it as a citizen and a mother and having age on me, for the reasons i said, just last year's calendar. -- she is last year's calendar.
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she has the separate herself and offer something different or be -- >> and are saying she would be easy to beat? mary: i pray she is the nominee. it means she has a very weak primary field. >> say the words -- mary: hillary clinton will be more than easy to the and it will release us from our pitiful cycle of running against something and being able to run on something we have which is principles and policies. >> put aside your partisanship and your opposition to her think about it as a political strategist. how do you think her rollout has gone over the course of the last 24 hours from video through tweeting to the road trip to iowa? professional assessment?
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mary: keeping in mind i am 60 plus. i would say her strategy is driven by the imperative of she is not a charismatic character. i'm not being a partisan and i am not anti-hillary clinton. but when you are running -- when you are the inevitable front runner and you had to do such a soft launch ss of the real thing. it says that the obvious which she is not that strong. she is not that good. they think they can make up with some sort of social media modern internet technology that obama was a whiz at the i am not sure that is with her grandmother message. >> the three most likely republican nominees are? mary: jeb, rand, rubio cruz and
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walker. there is 5. that's why we will balance the budget. the curiosity factor, the all other thing mrs. clinton doesn't have, curiosity. first rubio, walker, people know jeb. philosophically pure people are looking at cruz and rand. this will be so much fun for you. you will have 15 books. >> the things democrats are looking for is -- some of them they are counting of historic nature of her candidacy the potential of her being the first female president. do you put any stock in that? mary: being the first only works the first time. we have already done that. we want confidence and record and go to the future. we want the first competent
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president in a long time. >> give us the first 2 words you think of when you hear it. mary: breathless at the matalin home. [laughter] >> that was fantastic. thank you. after the break, though phone call from hillary clinton. and lisa goes head to head. ♪
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mark: we have two guests tonight, lisa caputo, for first lady hillary clinton, and patty solis doyle. ladies, thank you for joining us. lisa, we will start with you. how do you think the launch went?
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lisa: i think it went well and as well as expected. i think she was incredibly relaxed and it came through in the video to me as very poignant, how relaxed and comfortable she was. and her idea of the road trip just cracked me up, because i can totally hear her saying, let's take a road trip and no one on the staff really understanding what that meant. i did have a call this afternoon and oma aberdeen was on the call from the road. it was a lot of fun and they were making their way and having a good time. everybody is very comfortable, and everybody is rolling up their sleeves. there is a lot of humbleness which i think is also terrific. and everyone is in this together, which is a great start. john: where did she call from, do you know? lisa: i don't know, i think she may have called from the van itself.
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mark: how do you think it is going? patty: i think it's going great. i loved the video. i thought it was hopeful and fun and about the future and relatable and all those great things. the idea of the road trip and not telling anybody about it and stopping at gas stations i'm talking to folks, i just love it. john: patti, you know she's an optimistic person about the future and you know that she is also a worrier occasionally and is known to fret. if there is anything she is worried about, what is it? patti: running out of gas, maybe. actually, no, she's probably worried about getting to iowa on time for her first event. lisa: i think that probably right, but don't you think she is worried about charlotte, to?
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i think she is wondering about what is going on with the granddaughter. she always finds time to worry about those things in the heat of it, but i think you are right she will be worried about getting there on time. patti: i don't know if worried is the right word for charlotte. it's more like, what is she doing? what is chelsea doing? what did she do today? i don't know if it is worried more than, you know, i want to be there. mark: do she about how it is being covered? or not caring about it? patti: i don't think she is watching it because she's in a van. i think she's probably asking others to tell her how it's going as opposed to reading get. i think she's really focused on going to iowa, talking to voters and really -- no offense to you guys, but i don't know she much cares what you are saying at this point. john: wow.
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lisa: what is interesting about this, and patti knows it all too well, she was with her in the senate race for a good part of it and played such a pivotal role, but you are seeing a lot of what was so successful for hillary clinton in 2000 now at the beginning of this race. which was, yes, she's very substantive and has a lot of policy ideas, but she's not going out there front and center with them. rather, she wants to have a conversation with voters and hear what is on their minds, hear what their struggles are, hear with their ideas are for potential solutions to their issues and formulate as she does. i really do fundamentally believe she will try to earn every single vote in a hard-fought way. nothing will be taken for granted, don't you think, patti? john: you lived through 2008 and
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the idea that she would have ever gotten into a car and said, i want to go to iowa. iowa was not a state that she loved in the way she loved other states and she suffered there. what do you think is happening for her psychologically going back to that state given what happened to cycles ago? patti: we were definitely out organized in iowa, but she did get a lot of the traditional caucus-goers, and i think she had a lot of respect for the way iowans really like to kick the tires. i think she was back there saying, ok, i know what to do now, and she's going to do it. and she is really going to spend time with the voters. if she could have gotten into a van and driven around, she would have. but our campaign back then was well, we've got all this press that needs to cover you. and i think this time around she's just like, i don't care. i'm going to do it my way and
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it's refreshing. lisa: i think that is so right. i think it's different this time and she has learned from the lessons of 2008. she has digested a lot of it and analyzed it and she's going at this the way she wants to go at it. and it's now like she has to prove herself in terms of her capabilities. people think she is capable based on her experience. now, she's just going to go be the candidate she wants to be. long ago, the raging cajun used to say she's a thoroughbred and let her run. that is spot on. we saw the cover in the video. the road trip, let's stop it to the lake, let's stop at -- let's stop atchipotle, and let's stop at the gas station. it's just so different this time
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i think it is so different. it is really real. we will be back after this.
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>> tomorrow we are only on for
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half an hour. the wife of rand paul will be live on our sets. >> thank you for watching. a big day in politics. the third of final time today that we say to you sayonara. ♪
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