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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  April 15, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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mark: i am mark helprin john: and i am john heilemann. with all do respect to hillary clinton, there is an easier way to do it. mark: happy national cheat on your taxes day. republicans take it --and lindsey graham fills in the blanks. we have an acronym in the news business.
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today, out in iowa, hillary clinton did a lot of that. not breaking news. nodding. look at her go. mark? she is nodding up a storm. when she was not doing that, wench you is actually speaking did she say anything that matters? mark: this is not doctored video. this is real-life nods. almost a minutes worth in a small event. she distanced herself from the obama of economy, more than she has. and from the affordable care act, saying it needs to be changed. the devil is going to be in the details. she is going to have a problem sustaining, how do you distance herself from the obama economy? john: she did say, to be fair, she said the affordable care act was a and a compass meant.
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-- was in a compass meant. there should be fixes. 's she came out in's -- she came out of support of immigration reform. but not much happened today. mark: it foreshadows by the time she needs to be talking about the economy, are people going to perceive it is going well or not. the conventional wisdom was, things are getting better. the last jobs report makes it more likely for her to distance herself. she is already talking about challenges to the economy? john: i think that is right. her basic framework, the economy is not good enough we
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need to deal with income equality that is fine. the biggest challenge is not rhetorical. what is she going to propose? mark: the other challenge is, she and her husband think maybe she has not been so great above president. two years ago, she was asked whether she used a private e-mail account. the message went straight to the spam folder. they gave a belated response. today, the spokesperson echoed the mood demonstrating verbal yoga which can only be described as clinton scandal counterattack greatest hits. >> i expect we are going to see
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these types of attacks. remember, this was a leak by a congressional staffer. this was several years old. the timing, it just came out the first eight she is campaigning. kristen mentioned this in her piece. it was not a secret she had this e-mail address. this is trying to go back to benghazi. trying to knock her off her game. i find it interesting the republicans try to make it about hillary. she is focused on making it about people and ideas in the future. mark: karen is a veteran spokesperson. almost everything was one of these classic counterattacks.
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you see the playbook. will the elements of the clinton playbook work? john: there was a moment that i, listening to her, thought that i just walked out of a scene of jerry maguire and i was in like 1996. i think they are very good. there's a reason they go back to those again and again and it is because they have worked. there is no political family that has been in more trouble and yet it is a new age. when there are genuine substantive problems to confront, people are maybe tired of that in the resume from the 90's may not work for her. mark: if you're a citizen of america, a republican or a journalist, take a photo of that thing, because you will hear those things over and over again. attacking the opponents,
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questioning their motives, saying they are old stories, questioning the timing of something, say it is an old story, discredited charges. my favorite is, don't stop thinking about tomorrow. bill clinton said, they want this election to be about my yesterday's, i want it to be about your tomorrow's. you can basically say that anything that happened in the past doesn't matter as long as america has problems. karen finney is an old clinton hand and new clinton hands can watch this video and see how they do it in clinton land. i think we're in a different era now, not just because of social media, but because hillary clinton is not the political performer her husband is.
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john: the white house is trying to get this iran nuclear deal done. we asked, will a deal with iran make the world safer? 70% of democrats said they were optimistic with only 24% saying they were pessimistic. on the republican side, the opposite. the second question, should the u.s. support israel even when they diverge from america? two thirds of republicans say yes and two thirds of democrats say no. mark, my question is, we know there is a polarized america, is this just a typical thing or is there something deeper and more significant going on in these numbers? mark: i think it is deeper and more significant. first of all, the size of the splits. massive difference. but it is the nature of the questions. the republicans basically saying they side with the prime
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minister of israel over our own president is amazing to me. the nuclear program should not be a matter of partisanship it should be a matter of substance. the fact that republicans are already against the deal doesn't surprise me on one level, but it does represent something we would have seen in the past in american history. john: what we've seen in america is that democratic administrations have been paired up with likud. they have been out of lockstep for this term. but also benjamin netanyahu has made an attempt to make this a partisan issue and i am surprised that it has filtered down so much into the general populace. i am really surprised. mark: i asked rick perry in interview a few weeks ago when he was an obama man or a bibi
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man and he said bibi. for a presidential candidate that doesn't surprise me, but it is remarkable that so many republicans say they are more for someone from a foreign country than their own president. john: the old days of politics stopping at the water's edge has not been the case for some time but the split is quite shocking. fyi, it is tax day. republicans say they hate this day but secretly they love it because it lets them blast off anti-tax statements and tweets galore. mark: today includes once from scott walker, ted cruz, and rick perry, and none of them much like the current federal tax code. is the issue of taxes a winning issue for republicans in 2016? john: it really depends on which
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republican becomes the nominee and what their tax plans are. there will be a big debate about tax reform in the republican party. we don't know what their tax plan will be. marco rubio's tax plan will not be rand paul's tax plan. if there is a tax plan at the republicans can get behind that looks family-friendly, that isn't just a big tax cut, that is a different calculus that the old school, we will cut rates on the rich. mark: everybody wants simpler, fairer, flatter. it is easier within the republican nomination fight to do that but they have yet to talk about deductions. in the general election, if you are for a flat tax against hillary clinton, you will be creamed. john: marco rubio doesn't want
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to cut rates and other reform conservatives want to keep the top rates high stop mark: it to come out for a flat tax without making it revenue neutral or progressive you will get killed. in a presidential campaign, it is very hard. look at what happened to steve forbes in 1996. bob dole had an ad, the real tours did an ad attacking steve forbes. it is playing with fire when a lot of americans would still like to see the rich pay more and a more progressive tax code. john: coming up, we play mad libs with the funniest of all the united states senators from south carolina, lindsey graham. ♪
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mark: joining us now from capitol hill is someone who once interrupted the top of this program. we wanted to give it another chance. lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina. we will read a sentence and you will fill in with a word or short phrase. let's put 60 seconds on the clock. if the iranian nuclear deal currently on the table is completed, the world can expect blank. senator graham: chaos. mark: if the deal falls apart, the u.s. and it's allies should do blank. when lindsey graham heard about chris christie's pitch yesterday he thought that here's a governor was being blank.
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senator graham: late to the party. mark: after announcing he was running for president this week, marco rubio should be most concerned about blnk. senator graham: too talented. john: hillary clinton's campaign launch video would have been better if she blank senator graham: had realized the masters is a big deal. [laughter] mark: lindsey graham is different from the other potential 2016 candidates because he always blank. senator graham: too honest. mark: the biggest misunderstanding about lindsey graham is blank. senator graham: that i am not john mccain's actual son.
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john: when lindsey graham goes to chipotle he orders blank. senator graham: chick-fil-a. john: after hearing that justin bieber got thrown out of coachella, lindsey graham said to himself blank. senator graham: you have hit bottom. john: when lindsey graham is asked to predict the next president of the united states lindsey graham predicts -- senator graham: not hillary. mark: we asked people all the time, would hillary be easy to beat if she was a democrat nominee or tough to beat? senator graham: i think she would be tough to beat but beatable. mark: why beatable?
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senator graham: because she is tied to a failed presidency and it is hard when you're running for a third term for the party to maintain the white house. three terms is particularly hard when the president you are trying to replace is not a popular president. mark: when you look at what she is alleged to have done regarding handling of her personal e-mail, what is the single part of that that most concerns you? senator graham: why you created this system to begin with. was it really convenience or something else? here is where she is most exposed. if you can find one e-mail sent from her private account to a private account of a state department employee that talks about business, then she is in trouble. john: i think they have
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acknowledged there is such a thing, why would that be such a problem? senator graham: she said she sent from her private e-mail account to people in the state department for their business account. i am saying, did she said an e-mail on her private account to someone else's private account about business because that would undercut the narrative that everything on the private server was just personal stuff. mark: i think they may have acknowledged that occasionally she did that. senator graham: no, they said that they erased all the e-mails because they were personal in nature. everything that was business they saved. john: i want to go back to your answers about republican candidates. you said that chris christie yesterday by making this big speech on social security reform was late to the party. senator graham: i've been working on this, i worked with bush to reform social security i worked with rand paul in mike leigh.
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the second thing i talk about on the stump is keeping the war over there and the retirement of 80 million baby boomers. i will say this, i am glad you are talking about it. everyone running for president in the united states should be talking about how we save medicare and social security from being wiped out by the retirement of the baby boomers. john: about marco rubio, you said too talented. senator graham: i think marco is a great giver in a speech and an incredibly smart fellow. he has to prove he is ready to be commander-in-chief. john: if lindsey graham were in the room with vladimir putin alone, lindsey graham would say what?
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senator graham: you have to knock this off. this is unacceptable. when you are doing in ukraine will not stand. you always give your adversaries a backdoor to kind of reset, but just elect the president of russia know that the days of running amok are over. if you want a good relationship you can have one, but you will pay a price as long as you stay in the ukraine and when it comes to putting a missile defense system in poland, it is going back. when it comes to putting back in the czech republic, it is going back. nato will get stronger in your backyard and it is a direct result of the way you are behaving. if you want a better russia, you need to behave better because what you're doing will not be accepted by me or our allies anymore. john: you should probably offer a couple of coffee as well. mark: you are not an announced
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presidential candidate yet, but if you do run what would be your campaign slogan? senator graham: security through strength. mark: we will see you with some other candidates in new hampshire this weekend. thank you so much for playing the home edition of lindsey graham lib. after the break, we will reflect on hillary clinton's big two days in iowa. ♪
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mark: we all use some four letter words in our everyday lives.
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today, the media was obsessed with the word iowa. >> it has been a busy week in the news. but if you live in iowa you have had a very different week than the rest of us. a special visitor hillary rodham clinton jumped into the pool and caused a lot of waves. pimm: it all started as the noblest missions do in a sacred place. hillary clinton announcing she was driving to iowa in a van. >> about 14 hours of wonderful. pimm: the big question, what route would she take? >> a supply chain management company and industry leader of fresh fruits and vegetables. pimm: iowa was ready for a familiar face.
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>> the question here is, where's the beef? pimm: she eased into things, starting small. >> iowans know what campaigning is about here. pimm: this is not your typical backdrop. of course, it was not only the locals that turned out. >> a lot of these tv crews traveled thousands of miles to be here today in monticello, iowa. pimm: and when she showed up they were happy to see her . >> giving new meaning to the phrase presidential race. >> we will see her very soon. pimm: it's only the beginning for hillary rodham clinton's sojourn.
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john: our perennial thanks to the fantastic mr. fox. ♪
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mark: there are those who suspect that the only reason we care about the iowa caucuses is because he give us a reason to go to smitty's and those people are correct. we want to send big congratulations to the folks at smitty's restaurant and their pork tenderloin which is the best pork tenderloin in all of des moines. they made it into the new york times today as one of the best sandwiches in america. john: your friend jonathan martin wrote that piece. one of the most reliable things is that when you or i get to des moines, we immediately go directly from the airport to smitty's. if it is open or if it is not. mark: you can go both coming
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away from the airport and going back to the airport. extra pickles. john: up next is taking stock. sayonara. ♪
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pimm: hello, i'm pimm fox and this is what i am "taking stock" of. netflix exceeded projections missing earnings estimate for this quarter and the next. etsy is said to be making its public debut. nearly 17 million shares are said to be sold at $16 each. successful billionaire stanley druckenmiller is trying to figure out when the federal reserve will raise rates.


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