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tv   With All Due Respect  BLOOMBERG  June 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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mark: i'm mark halperin. john: and i'm john hailemann. mr. trump, thanks for your time and thanks for being a huge fan of our show. mr. trump: tremendous show. john: you yourself have the show. you are finally running for president. mr. trump: i have never done this. it has not been that easy. mark: in some areas, you do better than bobby jindal. john: on the show, the monopoly man. supporters turned out with their
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own signs at the economist tower. it looked like an event at the megamall. a nice megamall with escalators and people hanging off the balconies into the atrium and security guards keeping the throng and check. trump is the only candidate who announced in his home and in his office which is the sky rise next to tiffany's flagship store. the donald arrived from on high, descending from an escalator filled with angels. we waited and we waited and we waited. and then the words we all wanted to hear finally. mr. trump: ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again.
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mark: trump draws a lot of haters. he has hired staff. he is a billionaire. how did he do today? john: he is a rorschach test with a funky hairdo. people who hate donald trump and there are many, do not take him seriously. i thought everything that was garish and ridiculous about him was fully on display. he was going to give a short speech. he did that. he ended the speech, the music came on and then he decided to stay on. mark: we had the addendum. john: he did freeform, totally incoherent craziness for another 25 or 30 minutes. unconventional? people who love him, love it. mark: is he anywhere close to
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becoming the nominee or the president? i think not. if he starts opening his check he is much richer at least by his claims than many people thought creative he gets on the debate stage or runs negative ads he could be part of this debate and people who think he could get in, some are unhappy. they may be underestimating him. john: many people are skeptical of how much he says he is worth. even if it is one third of it is billions. he could spend a lot of it. we are going to talk later. he was quite critical of jeb bush and others. he is likely to get on the debate stage. he could be a factor, but not the nominee. mark: next segment. john: jeb "exclamation point" bush.
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it was his first town hall as a candidate. some regard the state as a must win. he spoke of many things including what mitt romney might call the e-2. executive experience. gov. bush: i didn't hide behind the legislative body. i didn't file an amendment and call that success. i actually did things as governor and i think now it is time to stop talking about things. we got a lot of people that are really talking, much better than me. i wish i could speak as well as some of the people i see on tv. it is time for someone to be president to fix a few big things so that this nation takes off. i believe we can do that. [applause] john: he did an interview which will air tonight. he took a number of shots at hillary clinton. how solid does jeb look as the new hampshire town hall
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candidate? mark: this is why i think people who are not bullish on his chances are wrong. he is a great town hall candidate and a great cultural fit and underrated as a cultural candidate. in iowa they also expect town halls. he will answer every question and he showed at in his town hall as an official candidate. john: i have always agreed that he is underrated. he is not a great speech giver but he is good in this forum. the question is when he starts getting asked questions, that he does not like answering, how well he does, the substance of a problem than style. mark: voters, this is the case where the politician can say new hampshire voters will hear an answer and they will be done asking because they will move onto other things. jeb bush, the format plays to his strength and his demeanor.
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when they say new hampshire, iowa picks corn and new hampshire picks presidents. the cultural fit will play very well. john: new hampshire has not been a great state for the bushes. mark: the perrenial millenial is going on jimmy fallon. he is promoted on what kids call "the twitter." >> nick is the first person i see. i am dressed like this because my shirt and t-shirt was totally drenched with sweat. i am a little sloppy here. nick, thanks for welcoming me one more time. good to see you. nick always wears the yankee hat in new hampshire. >> what can i say? >> that shows a lot of courage.
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john: is he as hip and cool as marco rubio, or does jeb look like he is trying too hard? >> anytime anyone mocks the yankees. hip and cool? no. john: i think they always look ridiculous when they try. he looks like he was relatively comfortable. he did not look like he was trying too hard in that video. i think it works ok for him. mark: the bush campaign along with rand paul and a few others have high hopes to do a lot of behind the scenes videos. they do not worry about the lighting. he did not brush his hair. they're hoping that when people see him in that way he will enter. son of a president, did not wear a tie or jacket when he announced yesterday. he is comfortable in the settings and except for the fact
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that you never know what will happen with the press, that is unedited except edited. john: hip and cool will still get into play when he gets out there with fallon. it is a house of cards is in the cardinals of st. louis. the fbi is investigating whether that hallowed baseball team hacked the houston astros computer system to steal players' personnel information. if it turns out to be true, this would be the first corporate espionage case in which a pro sports team hacked another team's network. mark: and got caught. john: that's true. here is my question. we were consumed with deflategate a few months ago. on a scale of bad, evil, malign, which is those is worse? what tom brady did or this? mark: if it was done by management as opposed to some low-level or rogue employee,
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worse than tom brady. as a low-level rogue, tom brady is worse. john: i pounded tom brady and the patriots. i'm going to pound the cardinals even worse. this is a fowl franchise. pun intended. they are horrible people involved in that team. i do not like the red birds. it is a great franchise. they are great. but somehow this is revealing the hidden depth of how dastardly the cardinals are. and also potentially illegal. someone could go to jail for this. mark: we will be covering this for the duration. the most amazing things that donald trump said today. and the amazing things that judd apatow will say to us. ♪
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john: we are taking another look at donald trump making that grand, magisterial entrance. mark: the notion of arriving at an event on an escalator is kind of absurd. john: absurd, surreal. not something normal people do. mark: we're going to think about trump as a magnet for attention. the guy gets coverage no matter what he does, if he was on an escalator or not. he always gets attention and is a polarizing figure. john: nobody is not fascinated or appalled by the donald. whether they like him or hate him, they still pay attention to him. that has been the core of how he has become such a big figure. mark: elites do not like him but a lot of the masses do. john: elites do not take him seriously. mark: let's take a look at his announcement speech. john: let's think about him as a
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presidential candidate and let's start, as he attacks some of his now official rivals like jeb bush. mr. trump: it took bush five days to answer the question on iraq. he did not know. i looked at rubio. he was unable to answer the question. is iraq a good thing or bad thing? he did not know. he could not answer the question. how are these people going to lead us? bush is in favor of common core. i do not see how he can get the nomination. he is weak on immigration. he is in favor of common core. how the hell can you vote for this guy? you can't do it. john: if you are jeb bush, how worried are you at all? mark: worried because he could spend millions on negative ads. he is constantly courted which is why it when the haters dismiss them he is courted. he has meetings with these guys. i would be worried but anyone
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who trump thinks he can get attention by attacking. if he does get paid media, ooh. john: if jeb was any good he could turn this to his advantage. mark: if he does it through paid media, i would be worried by the pure volume of the ads especially if he decided to go on tv soon. john: we know donald trump has a lot of money. how much will he spend? mark: we'll see. one of the things that happened that got a lot of notice is he is playing up his personal wealth big-time. mr. trump: i am proud. i have done a an amazing job. over eight billion dollars. i am not doing that to brag because i am -- i do not have to.
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i am doing that to say that that is the kind of thinking our country needs. we need that thinking. we have the opposite thinking. we have losers. we have losers. mark: is there an advantage of saying i am so rich, a political advantage or not? john: he wants to be known as the symbol of wealth. i'm not bragging here but i'm very, very rich, but i am not bragging. mark: arnold schwarzenegger won people over by talking about how successful he was. his base supporters like to hear it although i will say in that room and look like the cutaways, people looked a little unclear about what he was doing it. john: it is so much at odds with his other populist overtone. this is very trumpy.
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mr. trump: they just built a hotel in syria. are you running, are you not running? could we have your support? obama will be out playing golf. he might be on one of my courses. i would invite him. we need a leader that wrote "the art of the deal." i will tell you a couple stories about trade. we get bergdahl, they get terrorists. i own a chunk of the bank of amercia building that i got from china in a war. i am really rich. do you really think that these people are interested in yemen? ford will come back, they will all come back. but, mr. trump, you're not a nice person. i am. i promise i will never be in a bicycle race. then i can tell you.
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here's the thing. john: it was more stream of consciousness than what we represented. mark: he went off script. john: after the break, in this studio, judd apatow, boom. we will be right back. ♪
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john: we like movies and books and jokes. he is good on twitter. judd apatow: great to be here. john: you are here on a big newsday. donald trump announces for president. john: you helped president obama with his jokes for the correspondents dinner and one of those was about mr. trump. president obama: you mr. trump recognized the real problem was
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a lack of leadership and you did not blame lil' john or meatloaf. you fired gary busey. these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. john: was that an easy target? how did you come up with the idea? judd apatow: john lovett, we see if we can come up with anything and trump is a worthy target. he only runs for president to promote "celebrity apprentice." i am a fan. i like the show and i like using what it takes to keep it on the air but i do not think he needs to run for president. mark: you bring a sense of skepticism. judd apatow: he is running for "keep me famous."
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who are the people who donate money to the trump campaign or is it all his money? john: they will come to you for his super pac. john: president obama is pretty good. judd apatow: he is so funny it is scary. when he was running for president, i saw him at townhall and he said something so cutting and funny, i thought he is almost too funny to win this election. he cannot reveal that he has those gifts. john: the other was stephen colbert and you write about that. watching stephen colbert over the years, what can you learn from how he deals with confronting the powerful right in front of them, making fun of them?
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judd apatow: he said he just really liked his speech and he was excited to do his speech and right before hand, someone said, do you want to talk to the president and the president was going over his notes for his jokes and his speech and he said i do not want to talk to him. i have to be attacking his ideas. i cannot humanize them and make him another guy working on a funny speech. mark: jon stewart is leaving the stage. there has in a lot of commentary. how will things be different in our political media landscape in the context of a presidential campaign and no jon stewart? judd apatow: i wish we could say that jon stewart changed things. i think socially, jon stewart changed a lot. a lot of the reason we have a generation of kids who think that prejudice is ridiculous, it has affected a lot of the reason why gay marriage passed quicker because it is a whole generation of people that have been taught by people like jon stewart and "south park" that a lot of these
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behaviors are just ridiculous. in terms of people getting elected -- you could not have been funnier about george bush and george bush won twice. he eviscerated him and it did not seem to have an effect. mark: you have been outspoken about money and politics being a bad thing. does that apply to money from liberals in politics? judd apatow: it is ridiculous that anyone thinks that rich people care about other people. [laughter] when the koch brothers give a million dollars, it is not out of a great concern for the masses. everyone is forced into this game. mark: that applies as much to hollywood liberals? judd apatow: i think the difference is that hollywood liberals would be able to change the system and i do not think conservatives would do it. john: you built a comedy empire.
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judd apatow: i should buy some politicians with this empire of mine. john: you have been behind the camera. as a producer, director, as a writer. you are back on stage. you are doing standup, you were just at the beacon. has that been freaky to get back up in front of people and perform and judge material in real-time? judd apatow: i like it because when you are directing you work on a project for two or three years and one day you find out if you succeeded or failed. with standup, you have fun every night or it goes badly you do it again the next night. it is nice to have that component to my career. there is something that is pleasure and not terror of failure. mark: do an imitation of steve martin. judd apatow: i can only do steve martin in annie hall. john: for 10 years of my -- are
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there others? judd apatow: we all talked like that for the 1970's and 1980's. mark: how about the rambling guy? judd apatow: i used to do -- we would drive to south carolina and listen to him for 14 straight hours. mark: what is the essence of why he is so funny? judd apatow: when i was a kid i did not know. i didn't know he was making fun of showbusiness or the absurdity. he brings me -- mark: there is something about him that is funny. [laughter] judd apatow: you see, it's funny. john: you have amy schumer's movie coming out in a couple of weeks.
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judd apatow: "trainwreck." amy schumer, she is an important voice right now. she is very political. she is like a george carlin type voice. we need more strong female voices and comedians. she has written a funny, personal, raucously hilarious movie and it team out great. we are excited. and lebron james is in it, and we all want to see more lebron james comedy. he is really funny in the movie. john: a famously hilarious genre. mark: the new book called "sick in the head" available at finer bookshops. thanks for coming in. judd apatow: thank you. mark: we will be right back. ♪
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mark: we are on twice a day. at 5:00 and at 8:00. same bat time, same bat channel. sayonara. ♪
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emily: dick costolo says he won't get in the way. what that means for the search for twitter's next leader. ♪ emily: i am emily chang. welcome to a special edition of "bloomberg west." we are live in san francisco. investors bet on yahoo!. ceo marissa mayer says her plan to spin off the company's ali baba stake is going according to plan. we will hear from the most innovative entrepreneurs at the bloomberg technology conference.


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