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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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john: with all due respect to scott walker, that hold back down thing? not so much. scott walker of wisconsin, the antiunion crusader is dropping out of the presidential race. >> today i believe i'm being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field. john: scott walker, front runner in
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iowa, now out of the race, what happened to him? mark: you ride to the polls, polls, you raise more money, you publicize how much money you raise, you get to the debates, you rise in the polls. he did the opposite. worsening poll numbers, worsening fundraising, and horrible candidate performance. not just in the debates but on the stump. mark: i believe a friend of ours, mississippi former governor, likes to say the good get better and the bad gets worse. there is no doubt it has been bad for scott walker for a while. once you are in that downward spiral it is hard to get out of it. we think of politics as political athleticism, are you able to play in the major league and you think back on 2008 when people thought mitt romney on paper was going to be the nominee. did not have the skills.
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tim polenti looked like a potential nominee. did not have the skills in 2012. scott walker is in that same mold. great on paper, not great actually out there. just didn't have what it took to play at a big league level. mark: he did poorly in the first debate and had to do better in the second. and he did not. day to day scott walker getting inconstent answers, not showing growth as a candidate. he could try to power through here. the reality is, what really got him out with the imperative to not get around is fundraising. having trouble to get other people to donate to walker. he was having trouble convincing his current fundraisers he needed to shake of his team. the ship had sunk some -- had sunk so much. it was difficult to recruit anybody to come in. mark: they saw the polls going down and couldn't use a strategy to deter that.
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the move they decided to make he could have either play the establishment or played the antiestablishment game. when they decided they were going for the antiestablishment route, that put him in donald trump's crosshairs. no candidate has suffered more than scott walker at the hands of donald trump. mark: the final thing i will say is he has not only fallen to 10th place in iowa, he doesn't have traction in any other states. walker getting out of the race should leave room for others. going forward, what is the impact on the other candidates of the race now? john: there were not that many people who were walker supporters anymore. the bottom line is he was still -- having a potential iowa caucus winner out of the race -- is good for the other iowa caucus winners. people like ted cruz and mike
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huckabee. anybody who stood a chance of winning in iowa now has a potential rival who is out of their way. mark: a lot of walker supporters bristled when i lumped him him with the established candidates get even know he was running for -- further to the right i still believed in the end in iowa his past success was with a lot of establishment votes. that vote is totally up for grabs if marco rubio doesn't improve there, if chris christie doesn't improve. i think it helps jeb bush. it leads the vote wide open for an establishment figure, bush is competing there. let's see if anyone can go in and get some of that phot. most of the attention is not on the establishment side, it is on the evangelical side and antiestablishment side. john: who knows what made up
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walker's dwindling group of supporters out there. some of them were attracted to him for his antiestablishment tough on immigration stance, some of the things they put forward, some things on the northeast corner of the state. might have been establishment voters of the kind you were talking about. there's no doubt that if there is any electoral impact whatsoever of walker getting out, they do it in that one state and one state only. you can count supporters outside of iowa. on one hand. >> he does have some major league bundlers who were supporting him. members of the ricketts family, a few others. particularly in wisconsin, those people are up for grabs and you can bet the others are try to lock up their financial support. even jeb bush, who could stand to gain more money off of
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walker's carcass. john: coming up, donald trump's campaign manager on walker dropping out and much more. first, the other news, that carson muslim thing. after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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john: while scott walker was dropping out a couple of other things were percolating. ben carson, still not apologizing for saying this weekend that a muslim should not be president. here is the original sound bite from carson on sunday's meet the press. ben: i would not advocate putting a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. mark: some of his supporters and staffers are fuzzing up the issue but he is not apologizing.
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how big of a problem is this for ben carson? john: a big problem and a big problem. the vaguest critique anybody can launch against ben carson is he is not qualified to be president because he doesn't know enough about the office, he doesn't have really sound policy and political views. this shows a stunning ignorance in the constitution of the united states where there is a famous clause that says there will be no religious test for the presidency and what ben carson is saying pretty explicitly is that muslimism is inconsistent with holding the office of the presidency, which is in direct contradiction with the constitution. i think that opens the door to the larger critique of him not being as someone who is up to the task of unifying the oval office.
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mark: i don't see anyone becoming the nominee without substantial support. i also think the republican party responding to this, you have some candidates not respond at all. some have repudiated what carson has said. the party wants to be seen as pluralistic and welcoming and tolerant. >> there is nothing good about the party having this discussion. in the related discussion, whether barack obama is a muslim or not a muslim, all of this act to the the republican party that has to grow, has to be bigger, has to be more inclusive. they don't want to have this conversation, it is no good for them. and yet they are having it right now. mark: this turns the press against carson. he needs some press support to do well. john: donald trump is still in first place.
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creeping up is carly fiorina. earlier this month carly fiorina was at 3%. look at this change. in a new poll out this weekend, she is up to 15%, ahead of carson now. trump lost eight percentage points between those two polls. they are both outsiders with business credentials. on the today show, trump tried to dismiss the newest threat from this run -- from his front-runner status. >> when people learn what she did, she lost to barbara boxer in a landslide. she was leading that race. it was a race that should have been won by the republicans and she got absolutely decimated. >> why is she surging now? >> she has a good line of pitter patter. if you listen to her speaking she says the same thing over and over and over.
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she says the same thing over and over. a lot of the people didn't hear it in the debate. it is almost robotic. john: how big a threat does carly fiorina pose to donald trump? >> let's see how much money she can raise. looking at the field, not just her poll standing but how she matches up with donald trump, and she appears to be unafraid of him. i think she poses almost as big a threat as anybody else. or as much as anybody else. john: he has a strong argument to make. and others who want to criticize her tenure on hp, they have strong cases to make. barbara boxer made that case against the senate race to no doubt carly fiorina is the non-populist, non-native of
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business experience. that gives her an inroad with a certain establishment voter that even donald trump does not have. mark: the boxer thing was a general election in california. we are talking about a republican nomination with a much different electorate. there certainly going to be a lot of press scrutiny but let's see how she does within the context of the republican party running on her record. talk about the democrats for a minute. hillary clinton is now backing -- basking in some good reviews from her performance at the new hampshire state party convention over the weekend on her first sunday show appearance since 2001 on face the nation. the headline helping her out today she kicks off a health care plan rollout this week, is in the new cnn poll on the democratic side, where she has widened her lead over bernie sanders. without joe biden in the race, the margin is even bigger. is hillary clinton now getting
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her mojo back? john: i'm not sure about mojo, and i'm not sure whether she could qualify for that term in the classic austin power sense. there's no doubt she is in a better place this week and she was a couple of weeks ago. the fact is, the penny finally dropped out that campaign. they knew they had to get her to a different place. she is in a different place. i don't think her problems have gone away by any stretch of the imagination. but she is handling them a little bit better, measurably better, but only a little bit better than she was at the worst of it two weeks ago. mark: for sunday show appearance since 2011. there is no doubt she has had some good new cycles. that is better than just talking about her e-mails over and over again. i think the strategy of having her answer the e-mail questions over and over will work for a while until her congressional
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appearance on this stuff. when she has good news cycles, it is easy to see how it is. she has such a big hole in the nomination. on the other hand i think the race is frozen just a bit. until joe biden makes a decision. john: i'm going to have to see her put together a string of good new cycles. more than three or four days. that needs to go on three or four weeks or even three or four months before i feel though she on track. again you had to be happier with where she is today than you were two weeks ago or a month ago. donald trump's campaign manager is next after this. ♪
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>> our guest is donald trump's campaign manager. cory, thank you for joining the show. we have breaking news with scott walker's decision to drop out of
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this race. what does this mean for your campaign for mr. donald trump? >> people continue to listen to someone who is a noncareer politician. most polls indicate people want an outsider, someone without a lot of elected experience. this is another indication that the government is broken. john: he has not called scott walker on the phone. he told reporters he is planning to give him a call. how much of a threat that he see scott walker over the course of the campaign and how has that changed? corey: i think many people thought he was going to be the clear frontrunner in the state of iowa. his campaign did not perform as well in iowa as i'm sure he hoped it would be. at the onset, he was a person who
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was someone we thought we need to watch. we saw the governor walker's message was not resonating and his numbers declined accordingly. mark: do you think trump statements toward scott walker played a role in scott walker having to drop out of the race. corey: mr. trump is someone who doesn't get attacked. when he gets attacked he counter punches. what happened was, mr. trump was waiting for mr. walker to attack him and then mr. trump started to remind people of the bad fiscal climate that the state of wisconsin is in. i think the people in the state of ohio weren't as familiar with that as the way mr. trump could have mentioned that here. john: have do you think his departure has affected the race? corey: it is the indication that career politicians have run on a record trying to say they have been successful in politics. it's not what the american people want right now. john: how does it affect the race though?
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>> it helps consolidate that support in iowa. he didn't have much of a base in new hampshire. you will see those individuals who are supporting scott walker. john: let's talk about carly fiorina. your boss was on the today show this morning and he said ms. fiorina had a good life of pitter patter. you look at her and it is robotic. can you flesh out those criticisms and explain what he means by that? corey: she gives the same stump speech wherever she goes. her first phone call will be to benjamin netanyahu. that is fine. what you really want to do is take the opportunity to take a look at her record as chief executive officer. both with compaq and hewlett-packard.
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there have been a number of criticisms levied during her at that time. hp continued to lay off people. that is not a record of success. john: mr. trump has gotten into trouble about making that gone into trouble by making one comment that appeared sexist -- got into trouble by making one comment that appeared sexist. does he not worry that a good line of pitter patter sounds condescending and that may be opening him up to some criticism? corey: you are looking at the political correctness people are tired of. she's made fun of mr. trump's hair, nobody is calling for carly fiorina to apologize. for making fun of his hair. she has made disparaging statements about barbara boxer's hair. you can't have it both ways. if you want to be in the arena everything is fair game. people treated her the way she should be treated. she should be treated as an
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equal. i think that is what you will expect moving forward. mark: trump's first in the polls and he has been first in almost every state poll for weeks now. a lot of people say the way he is going to come down as he is going to fall to second and you and mr. trump won't be a look to handle that. do you expect to stay first the whole way? corey: i think running wire to wire is a very difficult project. obviously we are pleased to be in first lace. if you look at the poll today, he actually increased his lead two points from before the debate. carly fiorina is behind him on that. mark: do you expect to stay first the whole way? corey: it is hard to say. the electorate is a finicky thing, make sure we have the right ideas and right messaging. what you will see as mr. trumps tax plan on how individuals -- will be paying less taxes than they are paying right now. that will continue to keep us in
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first place. >> will he collapse if he falls out of first or will he find his way back? >> i think mr. trump has a proven record of being a success, whether it is real estate, reality television, we are in this for the long haul. i think you can expect us to be in cleveland by july. >> you have these two candidates in second and third place. which of those two is a greater threat? corey: i don't look at it that way. john: you have to consider one of the two of them a stronger candidate. >> jeb bush has $125 million in a super pac. john: you consider jeb bush a bigger threat to donald trump that either carly fiorina or ben carson? corey: i think he is the
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ability to continue. he has 100% name id. he is the person whose money makes a big difference. mark: tell us the single way, mr. trump is most misunderstood by his detractors. corey: he is not a detail oriented person. it is exactly the opposite of that. when you have the opportunity to talk to him one-on-one or in a small environment, he is detailed oriented. he did a lengthy interview on the radio where he discussed significant foreign-policy matters. i think you will see more and more of that. john: we know this question -- someone suggested barack obama was a muslim. mr. trump got some criticism for not rebutting that questioner. he came back and said someone
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say that has already happened. that seems to me flirting with some things that have gotten trump in trouble in the past. his stance on the birth certificate question, etc. why does he persist in trying to raise these doubts about president obama when he knows they are just going to create a huge storm of controversy. corey: i think you have to remember how that question came to be, he is being criticized for not cutting someone off halfway through, taking the microphone away as john mccain did. it's the first time in his career he's been criticized for not saying stuff. john: i think if he said sorry, you're wrong, he's not a muslim would have sufficed. >> let people make their own statement and then answer the question that was asked, which was an answer about training camps.
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john: he raised the suggestion we have a muslim in the white house. would you believe that? corey: he said some people have alluded to that. that is a point of discussion for significant period of time. he said some people have said that. john: your view is that he has conviction that barack obama is a christian. >> he has said it is not his position to question barack obama's faith. that's for barack obama to determine and not to question mr. trump's faith. no one came to his defense last night when they called him a communist or a terrorist or a hypocrite. the president didn't say, let's stop this right now because it's not right. it's a double standard. john: there's no doubt donald trump is capable of defending himself. corey lewandowski. thank you very much. we'll be right back. ♪
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