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tv   Bloomberg Markets  Bloomberg  November 13, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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from bloomberg world headquarters here in new york, good afternoon. i'm betty liu. here is what we are watching at this hour. stocks are headed to their first weekly drop since september. european stocks posted their biggest weekly loss since august. european growth concerns and the fed decision loomed large. chicago drivers will soon be funding the retirements of teachers in canada. north of thelans border are spending $2.8 billion to acquire an eight mile traffic clogged road. and china makes its largest acquisition ever. chemical company is pursuing western companies. an hour away from the close of trade on this
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friday. an end to the trading week as well. at the markets desk, julie hyman has the latest. not look like it is going to be a good end to the week if you are able or long in the market. we saw selling not just happen, but excedrin -- accelerate. stocks are closing low, worse than estimated retail numbers and wholesale inflation unexpectedly contracted. take a look at the terminal. materials is the only group that is red. if you look at the individual stocks that are the biggest drags on the major averages today, it's actually mostly tack because of the waiting in the indices. you have apple selling. cisco down after earnings came in below average.
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facebook and amazon, although these two are falling from records that they reached earlier in the week, just to give some context and perspective. we talked a lot about retail today and consumer discretionary. the declines we are seeing there are very sharp. company results missed estimates. also, nordstrom falling and gamestop falling after a downgrade related to its sales trends. we are seeing a list selling in retail. some of that money had been flowing into amazon, but that seems to have come to a halt. betty: commodities are weighing down the averages as well. julie: we are seeing energy stocks down. we are seeing big declines for commodities. oil is set for its worst week since march. copper is weaker today. we had a report from the
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international energy agency regarding global stockpiles, and that report surprised many. it'sally, as we know, already an over supplied market. betty: it is. thank you so much, julie hyman, at the markets desk. the let's get a check on news. mark crumpton has more from the news desk. mark: a turkish official says authorities have detained a man they suspect is linked to , the islamiczi militant known as jihadi john. they strongly believe he was detained in istanbul. say they believe mohammed emwazi, who beheaded several western hostages, was killed in a drone strike today in syria. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has kicked off meetings in vienna, austria, ahead of a new round of diplomatic talks on the crisis in syria. he was meeting with the foreign
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ministers from turkey and saudi arabia as well as a special envoy for syria. all of this comes before saturday's meeting which will include senior officials from 19 nations. for the first time in almost a decade, the u.s. supreme court will rule on abortion rights. the justices will hear arguments on whether the state of texas is violating the constitution with a law that may close three quarters of the states clinics. the decision should come by late june. that's performance before the u.s. presidential election. it was a crowd fit for a rock star, complete with an introduction by david cameron. india's prime minister addressed a huge gathering of london's following aium meeting with queen elizabeth at buckingham palace. not everyone has been excited about the prime minister's visit. protesters say he has failed to
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stop growing religious intolerance and violence in india. more on these and other breaking stories 24 hours a day at the new from the bloomberg first word desk, i'm mark crumpton. betty: thank you, mark crumpton. we turned back to the fed and monetary policy. while the latest futures show the odds of a rate increase in december hovering around 66%, the fed appears to be readying everybody for a december rate hike. listen to what the vice-chairman's dad at a conference concerning -- vice-chairman said at a conference concerning monetary policy. >> it may be appropriate to raise the target rate for the -- target range for the federal funds rate at our december meeting. while the outcome will depend on the committee's assessment of realized and expected that has been made toward meeting our goals of
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maximum employment and price stability. betty: joining us now is portfolio manager toni kroos enzi. last time, you said it was more than a 50% chance. tony: the odds were high in the marketplace. betty: now are they even higher? tony: they are close to 70%. if you take extraordinarily weak , you coulding data change the fed's mind. the jobs report for october was more than the average. betty: it blew everybody's estimates. tony: the average would be in the zone of 100-150. monthly labor force growth is 70,000 people per month.
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when the jobs rate has fallen as much as it has, the fed doesn't want to move too fast. next year, a pro-dex -- it predicts the jobless rate will fall and stay there. it's not want to fall back anymore because then that could bring about inflation at some point. today's report was not the best inflation gauge. betty: by all indications. tony: the intent is to keep things even killed. numbers,ok at the euro right? gdp numbers overnight. they looked terrible. tony: not too bad. betty: hardly any growth. tony: about 1.5 percent. betty: but look at the commodities. are we ignoring warnings overseas? tony: the fed has been
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enormously successful in conveying the idea that as we approach normalization, the rise will because his and gradual. that is what janet yellen said in her speech that she once the markets to focus on. many will complain and argue that there shouldn't be one. at the argument you are really making is that rates should stay low, which they will, because it will still be just a 1% rate. fisher --ve ice vice-chairman fisher -- we just vice chair fisher speak. the policy rates will stay low to address the issues you worry about. we are going to go from when is the fed going to hike and then once they do to by how much?
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tony: it's kind of easy. there's a summary of economic projection the fed provides quarterly. press conferences for janet yellen every quarter. that's four times a year. to five withd up the conditions you mentioned. to go slower is not likely. you mentioned the calmness with which the bond market has been absorbing jobs data. when you make of that? tony: there will be a gradual to monetary policy. there are worries about china, global markets, etc. that has commenced markets that it will be gradual. looking at a contract three years out, it's confusing to the average person. the contract says the bank rate
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will be low. the libor rate is close to where the fed's policy rate is. it has 80 basis points this year. over two points in two years. the markets of pulled back -- have pulled back what they thought might be the amount of rate hike. i suggested earlier that's what janet yellen wants us to focus on. she has succeeded. betty: but it's called her in the bond market than the equity market. tony: that depends on what you call calm. this is garden-variety at this point. levels are still relatively high , especially if you want to compare to two years ago. but here's my point. it's not a matter of liquidity. it's a matter of growth and earnings. betty: good to see you.
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thank you so much. pimco's market strategist and portfolio manager. much more ahead in the next 20 minutes of bloomberg markets. the controversy of value business practices is hitting canada hard. we go live to toronto as canadian funds take a massive hit with a selloff. has rejected a hostile takeover bid. is this the end of the story or is there another chapter? will doubling margin requirements in china help the country a void another $5 trillion route in stocks? ♪
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betty: good afternoon. it's time for the bloomberg business flash, a look at some of the biggest business stories in the news right now. with banksis working to put together $21.5 billion in short-term bridge financing. it's designed to show that vw has enough liquidity to weather the crisis that has plagued the automaker. according to people with knowledge of the matter, oak
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tree is considering an ipo for advanced. foods. value the company as ash as to $.5 million -- $2.5 million. after their largest ever semiannual auction, sotheby's is looking to cut costs by bargaining with employees. always get more business news at canada is getting a piece of the windy city. canada extension has agreed to by chicago's toll road for 2.8 billion dollars. what exactly is behind the deal? joining us from toronto is bloomberg tv canada anchor pamela ritchey. why does canada want a piece of
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chicago? >> it's a great deal, as often these things are. originally, the spanish consortium bought this toll road in 2005. it was valued at $1.8 billion at the time. it was the first privatization of a u.s. toll road at the time. now we see a billion dollars more two years later. the canada pension fund, ontario teacher fund and ontario are going three ways on this, each of them contributing 512 million dollars to the deal. as you can imagine, canadian pension funds are looking for overseas, long-term investments, often in much higher currencies, hence deals in the u.s. and elsewhere, so they can get better returns on that. i don't know if you have driven it, but as a bit of a refresher,
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the skyway connects downtown chicago with the southeastern suburbs. the deal still needs approval, is the priceion tag. betty: i probably have but wasn't even aware of it. also buying into valiance, right? pamela: specifically the teachers pensions fund. a littlefrom filings while ago that they had, through the third quarter of this year, then adding two positions. $17.2 billion was spent bulking up stocks through the third quarter. they bought a little over 96,000 shares valued, at the time -- toward the end of september -- at $178 apiece. now that is trading at 175 dollars, as you know. teacher is toed
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say do you still own this stock? teachers said they did not want to comment, so we don't know if they still own the stock but we do know that they bulked up on it in the third quarter just when everything was about to go south. if you look at third-quarter numbers for ontario teachers, they had 100 $54 billion under management. this only accounted for 1.5 percent of their overall holdings. think you so much. a reminder that bloomberg tv canada launches on monday. ,taying with pharmaceuticals mylan failed in its bid for hurray ago today. it was a rare outcome in what is errigo today.
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it was a rare outcome. you just got off the phone with the ceo? legacy is very delighted, in his words, with how the vote one. he never wanted the deal to go forward. they have consistently said throughout the takeover process that they wanted to do deals of their own. he said don't rule out transformative deals. they are still in the market for large-scale m&a. they are doing a share buyback now. they can reserve the right to not do it. they are leaving the option open to potentially do something pretty major. betty: mylan themselves, have they said anything? think they are in retrenchment mode. at this point, they said they were looking at other options. at one point, they said we don't have to have perrigo.
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was trying to signal hey, we have our eyes out, we know what cinemark it. we are doing -- we know what in the market. we are doing transactions all the time. im sure they have plans up their sleeve, and i think we will probably know sooner rather than later. betty: does this change anything in the m&a landscape? hostile deals are tough to get done. this would've been the largest of its kind and an unexpected outcome if it did work out. the question for health care now is how much are the issues andcting the debt market the ability of some of these companies to get the debt they might need to do some of the larger deals? that's what we need to see play
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out over the next couple of weeks. , stocks are ahead falling, heading for their first weekly loss in six weeks. the nasdaq on pace for its biggest weekly loss since august. we will check on how this is impacting the options are good. -- options market. ♪
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betty: welcome back. it's time for a look in the options market. joining me for today's option and analysis is scott bauer a, a senior options instructor at trading advantage. thanks for joining us. your trade this week is interesting because it's about retail. as you know, retail has really been hammered today and this
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week. you are looking at a different segment of retail. home depot came out with earnings on tuesday morning. -- is out with earnings on tuesday morning. what is your outlook for what we are going to hear? space now retail is pre-contrarian. but we are looking for a positive outlook for the rest of the year. this number has got to be good. they have really raised their web presence. their online sales have picked up dramatically along with big ticket items. that number is going to add to the top line. in addition, may have had theive repurchase deals in last year. shares are going to be more in demand. all that being said, and the fact that we are trading down technically, and around the 50 day moving average, that all
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points, to me, to a set up on the upside. again, stocks have been hammered. they have been, old -- have been home old if they have missed any sort of number. meled if they have missed any sort of number. julie: so what exactly is the trade you're looking at here? scott: i am looking at the upside. i am looking to buy december. im going out to december options, 125 call, sell the 130 call. i can do this right here for about a dollar right now actually. my upside, i can make all the way up to four dollars on this. this spread can go out to five dollars. i know what my max risk is. regardless of what happens on this number, i can only lose a dollar. again, i wanted to buy myself a little extra time in case we don't get the real good guidance
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, the blowout to the upside. i wanted that extra time. if it's anything negative, these stocks have been pummeled, but i really look for a nice report from them. julie: before i let you go, i ask you about the fantasy draft bad you are wearing today. making a political statement there? scott: i always have it on. we will see what happens there. i am not going on record about was happening today, but i am a supporter. so much, scott. great to talk to you as always. we will be right back with more bloomberg markets. ♪
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the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ♪ live from midtown manhattan, you are watching "bloomberg market day" and we will start with a check on the headlines.
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we have more from the news desk. mark: u.s. officials say they are reasonably certain that the extremist jihadi john was killed in an airstrike. he is a british citizen seen in numerous videos showing the beheadings of numerous hostages. him say that killing long - a gap any as -islamic state. >> we are fairly certain that we have killed jihadi john, it will be sometime before we know for sure. if confirmed, it would be a queue for western allies in the fight against islamic militants and in particular homegrown extremism. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in vienna for a meeting that could be a make or break for international peace efforts in syria. the united states, russia, saudi arabia and iran who have not
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agreed on much less far, will try this weekend to decide which fighting forces our common enemies and which can be included in a transition government. failure could leave peace efforts in tatters. the national transportation safety board says it could help an examination of engines in the crash of a jet airliner in egypt last month. an official says the agency is also helping with software to read out the voice recordings. earlier, egypt said it was farming out the effort to analyze the final seven seconds of the voice recorder, includes the last second noise. and moscow says they are banning egypt national carrier from flying to russia, that will take effect on saturday. a utah judge has reversed his decision to take a baby away from lesbian foster parents and place it with a homosexual --
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heterosexual couple, this came after backlash. order to had signed in allow the baby to stay with the two women. utah officials and the couple filed challenges demand in that the judge rescinded the order. you can get more on these stories 24 hours a day at back to you. betty: stocks are on their way to the first weekly drop since september and the nasdaq is taking it the worst, suffering its fifth straight day of decline. abigail doolittle is live with a more on the biggest laggards. we will take a look at the best performer and worst performer. it is important to point out that we're trading on lows, five days down in a row. looking at one of the worst
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performers, fossil. shares were up 42% this week after they missed revenue estimates and is in the fourth-quarter estimates could fall 16%. the company said it that wearable technology could be part of it and also we are looking at slower foot traffic from nordstrom and macy's. aaron murphy said that expectations going into the quarter were negative, but results were worse. underperformed ratings and it took the price target to $34 and it just before the close, these shares are on pace for the worst week since 1995. we will have a look at a best up after thelan's, hostile bid for perrigo failed. they said that only 40% of the stocks were tendered, less than
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a 50% that were required. and the ceo spoke with a bloomberg in tel aviv, saying, he was very confident that shareholders would reject the bid. this week, performer but they are on pace for its worst week since 2008. betty: thank you so much. now chinese stocks overseas ending the week on a rough know, shares closing down and credit growth in china, the commodities taking a bite out of equities. that is the nasdaq, excuse me. china is dragging down, the biggest weekly drop since september. in fact, the emerging markets dropped below the average, for the first time since may. meanwhile, china is trying to curb leverage on the stock market by doubling margin requirements, they will be raised to 100% from 50% starting
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november 23. , hopingme rose rapidly to prevent a repeat of the $5 trillion rout earlier this year. now take a look at major stories involving chinese businesses, first, they continue to look to the west for acquisitions. the latest target, a swiss pesticide maker. a company and china has offered $42 billion for it, and chinese tycoons are looking at a foreign takeover, up 100a5 percent from last year. -- not taking the bait after spurring a previous offer. earlier, bloomberg spoke with eric kerch field. >> they made an offer, which we see more as a starting point for talks. negotiations are ongoing and we expect to have more clarity in
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the coming weeks. , earliers interesting this year, it was rejected. is there a price of that could be the right one? >> the difference between what monsanto offered, that was a mix of stock and shares, whereas this new one is all caps, that could be appealing to shareholders. not doing wellas since then. >> what kind of hurdles is this going to go through? >> that is a key question, obviously there will be asitrust questions as well political issues as we all know, when chinese companies do big acquisitions abroad, a lot of issues get raised, especially in the u.s., we have seen some get blocked. while there is less overlap that we saw with monsanto, there could be political backlash. >> the chief executives, from when the talks, or when the
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rejection took place, does that doesn'the dynamic, that does that make it more likely a deal will happen, or less likely? >> >> the fair thing to say in andnew designated ceo chairman are under a lot of pressure, the shareholders do not like what the stock is doing and if know they need to do something. and now we have seen in the u.s., everyone is speaking to everybody about deals, so there are a lot of dominoes and china coming out of the blue, that makes it more exciting. that was in london. we will stay on more news from china, consumers are hungry for fried chicken, kfc. there is an estimate of 5% jump in the sales last month and the sales are searching on this news -- surging on this news, less than a month after it was
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announced that there would be a china operation from yum. we are joined by craig for more. what happened in china? >> this is good news. of theira huge piece business, close to half of their profits. so, it is a china story and last night they put it out that sales bumpup 5%, coming on a 6% in september. so investors saying maybe they are getting past the service -- pass the scandal. betty: was it across the board? business the biggest for them, almost 5000 in china. so they have been there since 1987. -- for pizza hut. so the 5% gain is more towards kfc and that is what people are watching, the company that was involved in the scandal, so this
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is good news. betty: what is going on at pizza hut? they have a big drop. >> they have not been able to get that business going, not quite as popular in china obviously as it is here, the pizza. they have not figured that out. it is not have the same effect as a kfc, that is the one to watch. betty: does it seem like it will be a sustained turnaround? >> hard to say, what they did yesterday was they looked at the forecast, moving it from flat to 4% growth, so people will watch closely to see of september and october, is that will continue through november and december. betty: have they gotten over the supply issues? >> i do not think you can say that definitively at this point. i stopped got crushed when they reported earnings. betty: down a percent. good months,d two another to go for the quarter. we will know at the beginning of next year whether or not the
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scandal is behind them. betty: thank you so much. brands.on yum and stocks are on the way to their worst week. the dow is almost 180 points down, all the averages down by 1%, we will have more. ♪
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♪ betty: good afternoon, welcome back to "bloomberg market day" and it is time for the boot desk for the business flash, a look at business stories in the news right now. we heard from fed bank of
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cleveland today, she said that a strength in the u.s. economy is ready for higher industry. redictedict did -- p 3.25% for the rest of the year and says there should be a gradual path of tightening. recallingll soup is 355,000 cans of spaghettios, original, because of a choking hazard. a piece of the can's lining was found in camp, they say that the plastic is food grade, not harmful to you if you swallow it. and her she wants to keep the on short andist its week monday say that the bars are now being made with flavor from real vanilla instead of artificial flavors. the new chocolate started shipping a few weeks ago. banished ano
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additive replacing it with cocoa butter. making chocolate healthier for you. as healthy as they can bp ready can get business news at now transforming manhattan, the west side, and related companies , oxford properties selling a stake in hudson yards. this is the project site. earlier i spoke to -- exclusively. >> we are recapitalizing the building, some original investors -- betty: oxford? >> know they will stay. other investors role read -- will recapitalize and we are going to sell a 40% stake in the building. betty: he says they plan to have a deal in january and completed by june, when the skyscraper should already be complete. bcg is a consulting group
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there in new york. to the market, the s&p 500 valuation hattie worried in august, they are back. they are trading at above average levels and a potential hike in interest rates is not helping. could this proved to be a headwind if people go back. it is a topic we will be discussing in the next hour and a joining us is joe weisenthal. so valuations are rearing their ugly heads again? joe: the member the conversation the summer, talking about the ratios and is it expensive and obviously that talk went away when the market fell out of bed with that. now it is back. it will be something new. and it is pointed out, that for a long time, those in the eurozone -- and over the last few years, they have gotten,
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emerged,a gap that has clearly more expensive. when you combine that with the fact that the u.s. is probably going to mark on a tightening p/e might go on another cycle, what is the case for u.s. equities? betty: way too pricey. joe: on the other hand, the data today was not that good. there is an ongoing political problem. there are all kinds of problems in europe and a reason why investors might want to stay away. betty: and the reason where there could be a discount. joe: right, there could be a discount. they certainly look cheaper. betty: do we blame tech shares, is that the reason why we have high valuations? joe: yes, and health care, if you look, a lot of them have collapsed. generally, we have been talking
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about it for a while, that across the board, they have gotten expensive. people always say, you cannot time the market with these things, because it is expensive, cannot go higher. a lot of money has been lost. using, this cannot go any higher. then it does. but -- betty: at the same time, there are people who say, it is not a highly valued, that they are fairly valued. joe: absolutely, so there is a counter argument, you look at margins, you look at the stands of the fed, it may be be beginning a tightening cycle, it is expected to be loose for a long time. we are a way away from a session -- a recession, so none of this is a smoking gun. it is pointed out the global investors are very highly thated to u.s. stocks, so could be a headwind. betty: good to see you. joe weisenthal, "what'd you the next coming up in
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few minutes. and you will have the author of the rise of the machine to talk about robot and the labor force, are they taking away your jobs? much more ahead, the close of the market is ahead. here is a look at how markets are doing for the week. --y are going to have their they will be snapping the sixth week winning streak. ♪
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, markets aree back closing for the week at the top of the hour and it has been a rough week for anybody who is long on the market. i will get a check on where stocks are trading with julie hyman. julie: this is the lowest of the session, we have had an acceleration into the close, all major averages down more than
3:51 pm
1%. and that does mean that we have snapped a six-week waiting streak for the s&p 500. if you look at the week and the losses we have seen, down about 3.5%. what is going on? take a look at the bloomberg terminal, i am looking at the groups in the s&p 500, energy is the worst performing, down 6%, followed by consumer discretionary and technology, the weakest performers. seen utilities do well. when yields are falling, utilities do better. and individual movers, a lot of names, fossil, gamestop, macy's, those we have talked about. on the top, we have had some deals. you can see mylan rising on the release that the deal is not being done.
3:52 pm
and notable, oil today and in this week. if you take a look at prices, down 2.2% today. and that means that this week for oil has been the worst we have seen since mid-march. down nearly 8% on the week. and more signs that supply is ample. we already know, but even more ample than some people realized. betty: thank you. at the market desk, the winning streak is going up in smoke. is there any silver lining? it could have been the s&p 500 consumer discretionary index, it was leading the pack yesterday with a value 29 point times earnings. but they are wary of going forward. risk ine is significant the chairs as inflation rises. dave wilson explains. you have a chart of the s&p 500, what is going on?
3:53 pm
>> julie just mentioned how this week, the consumer discretionary was the second worst performer. that is a real contrast to what we have seen throughout the market. it has been a best performer, has risen fivefold and them better than s&p 500, that is what the chart shows. now, what happens in terms of wages? a lot of companies, retailers, they have two higher a lot of people to be both a run the business. if wages go up, that becomes a real concern. and then there is an issue of what happens with energy markets, because you have so many people talking about how lower gasoline prices will simulate -- stimulate spending, but where is it? and where will it be? energy is already down, it does
3:54 pm
not look like you will see a , like youcrude oil have seen it in the past year. and where is the stimulus for these companies? betty: what about the interest rate hikes scenario? >> that is part of the mix. said, it is not about one rate increase, it is about what happens after that. that is where the real potential is for the shift in the market. with consumer discretionary stock, if you get you moving to another area, you can understand how well they might be left behind. betty: what about just, we saw home depot, they have pulled out of their ipo for now, what does that tell you? >> has been a tough market this year, keep in mind, that companies going public in the primary market, then shares start trending -- sharing in the secondary market. it has been difficult for companies to go public this
3:55 pm
year, because we've not had gains in stocks that we had over the course of the bull market. and over the last several weeks, it has gotten tougher. betty: and on a final note, on retail, there is a great story out if you look, amazon is listing all the other retailers appear -- up here. >> this is what it comes down to, a day like today shows it, even though amazon shares are down, if you look across the year, the s&p 500 retailers are climbing and that gain is driven by amazon, because it has become so amazon he and you might say -- amazonian in the retail industry. betty: so it makes it look like the sector is great, but it really isn't. >> if you look at individual companies, amazon is the exception, not the rule. betty: and what is it, three quarters? a disproportionate
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number, that is the thing about the index, you need to look and say, what does it really mean and how is the guerrilla doing relative to everybody else/ the issue is with the everybody else and a day like today really spotlights that. betty: dave wilson, thank you so much. this is our chart guy. that is it for "bloomberg market day", "what'd you miss?" is next. here is one last look at how stocks are trading, on pace for the worst week since august. ♪
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♪ >> moments away from the closing bell. ♪
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[bell] alix: u.s. stocks had the worst week since august, s&p 500 falling below their average. joe: the question is, "what'd you miss?" hittingtail woes, it is retailers. what it means for the shopping season. joe: and a bright spot in mexico, emerging markets may be getting clobbered, but there is promise in our southern neighbor. scarlet: and the rise of the robot, will it take over so many jobs and how will we find work if they do? scarlet: we begin with the market, the s&p and dow closing at three week lows. you could argue that the drop in equities is reflecting a disappointing retail sales today, and we had disappointing chinese growth numbers in an oversupply of oil, but these are the same


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