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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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with all due respect donald trump: are you bored with winning yet? trump: winning. winning. soon the country is going to start winning, winning. ♪ mark: we are never bored with donald j trump. talking presidential candidates will debate tomorrow night. donald trump is the man to beat. last night in nevada trump 145% of the caucus vote and rubio was
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second with 24%. trump one in every demographic except for young voters. trump's virginia beach victory lap took the form of a q&a with the pat robertson. trump: bernie is over. hillary is going to be protected from the e-mail scandal. it will be discussed often. roberts,ok at justice senator cruz is the one who wanted him. so senator cruz gave us obamacare. we started off with 17 names for the vice presidency. we are down to five. i want to get lots of great legislation. .or years and years
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lamentedmp also washington's partisan fight. trump, how donald big and historical terms or his three straight wins? as he might say. i can't think of any presidential candidate who has won the three big ones like this and is not gone on to win the nomination. i don't think it's over yet but mitt romney won three and a half out of five. your ford won a lot in the beginning that he started to lose that he still won the nomination. trump is a very strong if not prohibitive front-runner. is one in three different regions of the country with three different kinds of electorates. not narrowly but big. full welle knowing that he was the dominating
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force. he held up his lead in all three places. hunt: you have to say that his negatives remain as high as hillary's. that floor is impressive right now. if jeb bush or marco rubio or one of the other candidates had a record of achievement like this, people would be saying the race is over. they would be talking about the running mate in the cabinet and all that. is not over. runner-up marco rubio went on the today program this morning. only one whois the can now stop donald trump. it would be nice if some the other guys got out. the great majority of republicans don't want donald trump to the our nominee. when he came down to me and
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donald trump idea by almost eight points. as long as there for people running and dividing up the non-trump vote you will get results like what you saw last night. faced racewe can get narrowed down the easier it is going to be to stop donald trump. if there is a path for marco rubio what is it? al hunt: it is not a very wide path. it would be nice if he can win one of the contests on march 1. he certainly has to finish a strong second in a number of places. he asked to come out ahead of ted cruz in the delegate count that day. as not that far behind donald trump. then it is winner take all two weeks later. florida. if he loses florida go home. his path starts with ted
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in texas.g and te if that happens there will be a lot of pressure on ted cruz to get out of the race. then ohio and florida vote. if rubio can somehow win his state and john kasich loses ohio that could win of the field. if he is the only one who wins his home state he can survive. if you look at the public polling of the three he is in the worst shape in his home state. people in the establishment to say he is the most likely are wrong because it starts with winning your home state. hunt: i think would be bad for a ted cruz dropped out. more of his vote would go to trump than to rubio. in third place was ted cruz. he had a press conference in houston.
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ted cruz compared the race with a circus. cruz: we can't be fooled by pt barnum. [applause] clowns and thee acrobats in the dancing bears is passed. [applause] now is the time for texans to stand together. ted cruz talked about how happy he was back to be in texas. in a new poll crews and trump are basically tied. shows ted cruz at 29% and
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trump at 28%. what is ted cruz's path to victory? al hunt: i think it is a little bit different although they want to both stay in for a while if you want to be trump. here's the ted cruz path. it is even harder to rubio's. he has to win texas but he can't win it by 29 to 28. he needs to win big. he's got a win a bunch of those delegates. if you get more than 50% in any congressional district you get all the delegates. then he has to be competitive in the south. he has to finish at least a strong second and maybe be trump and one or two places.
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come out of super tuesday delegate wise about even with trump. he could use his vaunted targeting operation. more sophisticated than some of the others. where can he win delegates. not statewide but district by district. he has invested a lot in the south. he needs to come out of super tuesday where people are no longer saying he is a dead man walking. be saying heds to is the strongest non-trump candidate. and a person is john kasich. he did not compete for a nevada. he was in gulfport mississippi today dispelling the fiction that he is getting out of the contest. john kasich: i'm staying in because i believe i'm going to accumulate enough delegates to win. [applause]
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we're going to come down here and we are going to perform well enough to continue. we are going to have some strong performances next tuesday. at some point we head north to aaces like michigan illinois little state called ohio. casing also sent out a stream of the memos and tweets today about marco rubio saying he did not meet the expectations in nevada. putting money behind the florida senator now would be a bad investment. hunt: you have to tiptoe on this path. he has to do well in a few southern places. he has to look to new england. he is to score an upset over trump in massachusetts or
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vermont. that could be very important for john kasich. he wants in the sense that he is still alive going into michigan a week later. he goes head-to-head with trump. then he gets in a position to win and it is winner take all in ohio week later. the john kasich to be around for a while. a little more establishment in media credibility. he is left out of the story. he needs to change the narrative. better ins with doing the south than people think. vermontering up massachusetts. must win michigan. must win ohio. if you're going to bet on one of these guys winning their own state you would bet on casing. the quinnipiac poll shows he is strongest in ohio. he has to start making about electability argument. is there anyone else in the racer out of it who could end up
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as the republican nominee? al hunt: ben carson is a no. stretch for anybody else. only if you have a deadlocked convention. that is unlikely. if you hold trump down to 40%. that would be one heck of a convention of happens. i can't wait to cover it. given trump's success in the number of delegates he is likely to rack up he will get over 40% of the delegates. that is the magic number. if there's any chance that the establishment has to say it is not going to be trump even though he has a plurality you have to hold them under 40%. that would require more people staying in the race. i don't think you can stop trump if it is a one-on-one race. if you clear the field maybe it works but maybe by the time you clear the field trump has run away with it.
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think the establishment has been wrong throughout. mark: talk about this provocative point why it is good for rubio crew stays in. al hunt: the ted cruz vote is more likely to go to trump than to rubio. you can't let them pick up more delegates in alabama and georgia and louisiana and kansas and some of those other states. up next, we dig deep into the great establishment quandary of 2016 over donald j trump. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: some are getting dizzy and some are coming around to actually sentence. there is a real shot at donald trump becoming their nominee. they did they do best. they went on television. appears that mr. trump has the wind beneath his wings. i think he will probably be be our nominee. american public is upset with the establishment. and they have spoken. it is a pretty loud and clear message. a want something different.
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they have chosen mr. trump. we need to support the guy that the people support. is out there telling everybody he's just met pet medicine l. mad atanu washington. donald trump is doing well. we have to wait and see. >> we are in great shape to win in november. there is some intrigue going on in our party as well. that's what primaries are. mitt romney went on fox news and said there is no question that donald trump the clearest path to become the nominee. trump received his first congressional endorsement today. congressman chris collins. tuesday sweeps on super
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what does the establishment do next? : drink heavily. now is a are doing rationalization. maybe he will be that bad. it'll bring in some democrats. we can deal with him because he really doesn't believe in a whole lot. other numbers of the establishment saying wait a minute their issues that are really important to us like trade at he is totally changed our agenda on trade. it is half hopeful and half pressure five. if he does become the de facto nominee it will leave time for people trying to get on the ballot. a conservative who says trump is it too liberal. a more chamber of commerce type of business type may be retired senator of governor. you then have three candidates
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of the right in the race. that would ensure that hillary clinton became the president. probably ensure that even bernie sanders would become president. the establishment is still in denial. coming to terms with how to deal with him. some of them are saying maybe this will be too bad. for the purist that was the types that won't be the dominant view. hunt: they are worried. they don't trust donald trump. they don't think he is a real republican. they do worry about some of these issues that he has raised. deportation. they are helpless to do a thing it.t you think trump will reach out to the establishment he locks at this nomination? do some of thel
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pc will feel its on his terms. they will have to come to him. we will see how smart politician he is. a lot of behind the scenes. up next, we will talk about a former float us and future of flotus and the future of scotus. after these messages. ♪
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mark: for fans of hillary clinton i have some good news and bad news. news is that harry reid endorsed clinton. the bad news is that a federal judge has said that the top aides may have to testify on the use of that private e-mail
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server. he said a deadline for this spring that could complicate clinton's life big-time. with trump appearing to be cruising to his nomination, will this rattle democratic elites? al hunt: you bet. the bad news is a lot more important here than the good news. this is a festering sore that won't go away. why talk to people who seem to have a lot of expertise on this they say it is highly unlikely that there will be action against her that doesn't mean that action could be taken against her aides. but it just gives going. she has a trust problem to begin with. democrats were feeling pretty good couple of days ago they think trump is a weak general election candidate. but now they are rattles. mark: it operates on two levels.
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more legal action and embarrassing revelations. level and the inability that she has to get over this question of whether she tells the truth and whether she is trustworthy. elites have basically made their peace with her. is like some of bill clinton's scandals. they are willing to ride his horse and cast their lot with hillary clinton knowing full well that there could be a case on the e-mail stuff and they will just have to deal with it. how hunt: they have no choice. there is no other option. they are worried. you have all these federal judges and cases that have not been consolidated. there are awell,
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lot of independent people here. the judge was nominated by hillary clinton's husband to the bench. there wildcards in this. there's nothing clinton can do to control what they do. senate republicans kelly i out of new hampshire and rob of colorado said they will not even meet with whoever obama nominates to the supreme court. they ignored an invitation from the white house to just talk to them about a possible supreme court nominee. imagine what president obama will think of all this. president obama: the constitution says that i nominate candidates for the supreme court when there's a vacancy. the senate exercises its constitutional role of the advice and consent. i'm going to do my job. the washington post says
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that brian sandoval the republican governor of nevada a former judge is being vetted to possibly feel that slot. can the republican leader mitch mcconnell hold the line on his early stated position that there will be no hearings for whoever the president nominates? hunt: he probably has to. there we know justice confirmed before the november election. i don't care who obama nominates. byng sandoval is too cute half. nominate someone who is clearly qualified. it is a political loser for the republicans. has anyt sure mcconnell other choice. the sense of fairness of americans. tonight and give this person a hearing. to not even give this person a hearing. i think it is possible that if you pick sandoval that
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they would have to have a hearing. he is a somewhat moderate centrists conservative on some issues, hispanic, popular figure in a swing state. some people would break ranks and he was the nominee. i do wonder how liberal and progressive groups would feel about the president nominating afterican to the seat they got reelected. al hunt: especially for the swing vote on the court. right-wing base would not be very happy with even sandoval. this is something that they really care deeply about. i do wonder if it was a trial balloon. potential nominees get floated even though the president has no intention of nominating that person. to kind of royal the waters a bit.
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it would be a fascinating pick. some people think sandoval would like to go back on the federal bench. i can't think of another thing that would put as much pressure on mcconnell. it would put a lot of pressure on them. having dug in the way he has it would be hard to change that. he met with harry reid. i would be surprised if obama offered it. coming up john podhoretz after this.s ♪
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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. mark: qualities that are essential to be considered a conservative. he writes for the new york post
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and he is really funny and prolific on twitter. podhoretz. is it possible that of donald trump were president he would be a good or great president? john: no it is not possible. a man of his extraordinarily flawed character and lack of principles and scruples and support for vladimir putin, one of the worst people on earth. set of foreign policy convictions that lead to protectionism and trade wars and to all sorts of horrible things i can even imagine. he would be a disaster. mark: mitt romney floated today on fox the notion that we should see his tax return. there is a potential bombshell in there. is that line of attack something
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you think could slow trump down or stop them. john: yes to give him credit. it is hilarious. it is one of the best trolls of the year. months who spends getting attacked by harry reid for not releasing his tax returns. he turns the tables on trump. there is some merit to the charge. worth $10to be billion. we would learn the truth of that . what sort of money he lost. what he gives to charity which i believe to be negligible based on what one can tell from his public record. it could pop also to the loans in his own narrative about himself and his wild success. mark: if you are invited on a
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conference call with the other candidates and they say we will do whatever you say to stop donald trump? john: they have to disrupt the trajectory. that is the story of the next three weeks. disrupted its not is a straight line to the nomination for trump. the polls suggest that. in k-6 homeg even state of ohio. home state of ohio. you have to knock him on his heels. you have to attack him the way he attacks you. i think it is fine to go after them on policy but largely what he will do if you do that is he will call you on later say there's something wrong with you. how much youion yo sweater how you need a facelift. anything that he can do to go ad
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hominem to go away from his own liabilities. if they don't do something to make it look like he loses loses.w night, that he not that he does pretty well but not so much. then the trajectory is not disrupted. what you think of the practice of ted cruz and marco giving victory speeches? john: it is fine as a matter of spin. it is worse for rubio. t works for rubio.
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it doesn't work as well for ted cruz. he is not as good of a communicator. their 12 primaries coming up on tuesday. nobody will be able to claim victory if trump wins 12 or 11. you will not be in a position to say, i am the guy. that is why it is a dramatic moment tomorrow night. over the next six days. you can't just let him dominate the news. you have to do something to change it. hopkins of given one or two answers. either he is not going to be the nominee or i will support whoever they nominate. if trump sweeps on super tuesday it looks like he is going to be the nominee, should they continue to give those answers? are they explore the prospect of voting for someone else? i think something organic is going to happen.
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you are seeing these outlier congressmen endorsing trump today. states you will see people trying to get on his good side. in a hail mary situation in which he actually wins the me asency which strikes being extremely unlikely but of course i thought it would be unlikely that he would be in the position he is in now. be in favor with him. you would see other public officials trying to make their peace with him. i don't know whether there is a hail mary play other than something like mitt romney who is very famous and wealthy who could write a 100 million dollar checks to get himself in the game late. even if one could, there is no reason to think that the story line of trump getting increasingly acceptable to the republican electorate would be interrupted. do yourself a favor follow
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this man on twitter. it will fill up your day in a pleasant way. john: thank you mark. former congress and tom davis speaking for multitudes. in washington you can listen to us on the radio. 99.1 fm. we will be right back. ♪
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al hunt: joining us now is former congressman tom davis of virginia is 11th congressional district. a bg on his sweater for
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establishment and expertise. you think on from hasn't wrapped up? tom davis: he doesn't have it wrapped up but he is on his way. march 1 looks very good for him. arch 15th starts the winner take all. if he is not stopped by then it will be very difficult to stop them. this is all front ended for the deep red states. you don't get some of the states like california and new york and new jersey until later in the cycle. it is front ended for the more conservative elements of the party. if you can stay in long enough you may have some shot at him. the way he is rolling right now. march 1 and march 15 he could wrap it up. better foruld it be a couple of them to get out and just have one person take a moment? tom davis? i don't think so.
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if casey gets out then rubio doesn't win ohio. trump would win ohio. here's the problem. when you with a friend in the ward you don't have to grow the bay area just have to outrun your friend. everybody is ignoring the bear their try to outrun the other guys. 96% of these ads have been against the more establishment candidates and ted cruz, not against donald trump. trump has put himself in a very strong position. rubio has played nice with them. john kasich says he is not going negative. tom davis: at this point it certainly hasn't worked. yet you go right up against them. they were all under the illusion the trump would fall on his own. he is untested, he would say
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something crazy. that is not happen. you go right at his record. he has been all over the place. go for the jugular. as bankruptcies and every thing else. it is a long litany of things. you have got to go right after it. he will still have people clinging to him saying that the establishment is going after our guide. been very well vetted. in a general election every deal that he is ever had, everybody he has put out of a job when he closes a casino, you can put them on television. they get it to romney and they will do it to trump. they will learn about eminent domain. you better learn it now. hunt: if he does win the nomination can he make peace with the establishment? tom: absolutely.
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you have two parties. yet the supreme court online. you have the supreme court on the line. will rallyicans behind trump. he is very flexible in doing the things he needs to get done. is trumpeting favorite in virginia? tom: he is doing well in the western part of the state. john kasich has some strong pockets of support in northern virginia and tidewater. rubio has got some areas. ted cruz has the party establishment that is pro-life , socialervative conservatives. it is a hodgepodge. it is proportional voting. donald trump may or may not win it but he could walk off with the mother lode.
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in a general election it would be tough. my old area in northern virginia is 30% of the vote. trump's comments on muslims and non-hispanics, prince william county is now majority minority. is chock-full of immigrants. he's got to overcome that. a significant asian population. is it doable? you never know. he is a rock star when he comes into town. northern virginia is pretty's sophisticated voters. trump appeals to more than on college-educated. is noncollege educated. he is running against hillary clinton and she has her own set of from arms. it is a long way to go. a race to the bottom.
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you will see more negative ads that you have ever seen. hillary generationally has a problem with the sanders people. do you motivate the obama people ? is trump enough to motivate them question mark trump has brought a whole new group of people into the electorate would not participated before. al hunt: if you establishment make peace they will do it on his terms. other issues that would worry? tom: the trade issue is an issue that really worries the establishment. that is one of his signature issues at this point. i think he wants to be president. he is a businessman. he knows how to negotiate. you close behind and then you negotiate afterwards to some extent. hunt: who would you recommend as his running mate? tom: rubio would be a good choice because he is hispanic and he's from florida. he has to carry ohio and florida
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and ruby are good people. but is not nominated yet. john kasich and marco rubio would be strong running mates for him. if they would take it. al hunt: thank you so much tom. we will talk to ted cruz and about ted cruz and john kasich with two reporters who know them well. after this. ♪
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couple of states
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the donald trump is not guaranteed to win. those would be texas the home state of ted cruz and ohio the home state of john kasich. joining us to reporters who cover the states. abby livingston. and darrel rowland of the columbus dispatch. thank you both for joining us. the candidates we are talking about have been left out of the mix by some people. a lot of journalists leave governor kasich out of the mix to see have to do more to fight his way back into the conversation. general: i think he needs to do more. there's a certain frustration in the john kasich campaign.
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things of kind of gone as they predicted. he finished second place in new hampshire. crucial that he has to win his share of delegates. the primary on march 1. otherwise he risks becoming irrelevant. i don't know how you may go through all the states and say a mugporters give me after iowa. newbies going to give him a mug after a dozen states. abby there is no question that senator cruz has not done as well as he would've liked so far. does he seem to be rattled off his game? saw thishink we earlier this week. his campaign fired someone. they are turning to their home state.
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he is a native son. he has to run of the delegate count here in texas. donald trump has got a headwind of momentum. we don't know how well ted cruz is going to do here. mark: back in ohio we've seen mixed poll results. one poll had trump leaving. what is your sense of how he will do in ohio? could he lose the state to trump? darrell: quinnipiac was out yesterday and trump was ahead. he could easily make up. john kasich could easily take it. stay at home to defend his home turf that will keep them away from other states that day. illinois and missouri. where he counted on doing well. he could never turn that corner.
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abby, here in texas we talked about how governor abbott came out today percent your cruise. rick perry for him. abby: we don't see it now. statewide matters but also this is broken down by congressional district. that weeks tell me ago ted cruz was doing great. in second andame marco rubio was third. they are closely watching it. though he is seeing any movement were donald trump has moved ahead but they are certainly looking for that. he has got wired. and that thes donors are drifting from jeb bush to marco rubio. abby: you have a sense of
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what the campaign believes in south carolina what went wrong? abby: the county i was watching more than any other was greenville. ted cruz went there more than any other city except to des moines iowa. donald trump and beat him there. i just think that the evangelicals went with donald trump. it wasn't by much but it was enough to really keep ted cruz from doing well there. as opposed elsewhere. john kasich said yesterday it is not perhaps his purpose to be president. do you get the sense that he wants this more now than he did when he first got in? is he still exhibiting ambivalence? darrell: i saw his remarks
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yesterday. very in artful. i kind of knew what he meant. i know some of these women who came out of the kitchen's to support him. this is then about he has achieved throughout the town hall process. he has got really comfortable with his own skin. we don't see him making these wild remarks that has characterized his political career. he said today in gulfport mississippi if it is not made and trump is the nominee. he points to national polls. abby, it ted cruz has one thing going for him what would it be? abby: we need to remember his 2012 campaign. he was the underdog, he was underfunded.
5:53 pm
he knows the state very well. it comes down to donald trump's momentum and whether he can take it away from ted cruz. thanks to you both. we will be right back with who won the day. ♪
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al hunt: i wanted to say something like jim gilmore. as has been the case with many days it was donald trump. those two congressional endorsements are good for him. he had another strong conversational performance and nobody came back today and was able to break his momentum.
5:56 pm
if you are bloomberg politics right now you can read our deep dive into donald trump and his business partners overseas. coming up is bloomberg west. until tomorrow thanks to al hunt in washington. we will be back with full coverage of the debate here in houston. jeb bush not on the stage. different dynamic. an exciting night and a lot of pressure on the other candidates to finally step up and take on donald trump in a way that they have not done so yet as the clock ticks toward next week's voting. thank you for watching. sayonara. ♪
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>> the washington post reports that nobody governor brian
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sandoval is being vetted for the supreme court vacancy. he is 52. he was nevada's first hispanic governor and a former federal judge. picked up two congressional endorsements from representatives chris collins of new york and duncan hunter of california. texas governor greg abbott threw his support behind senator ted cruz. senate minority leader harry reid endorsed hillary clinton. renewed aobama 20-year-old state of emergency against cuba. what he softened to some language used to justify those powers. obama plans a trip to cuba next month. and brazilian health workers are joining forces to determine if the zika virus is causing babies to be born with a birth defect. teams went to work in northeastern brazil where the virus has hit the hardest. they are trying to persuade mothers of infants


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