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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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you're watching qvc. up next, the donald j trump collection. eaks?ere are the st he said, where is the state company? if you want one, we will charge you about $50 a steak. ♪
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>> he said, trumpet magazine is out. this is called the jewel of palm beach. i have had it for many years. the magazine is great. if anybody wants one, take one. you see the wine, because he mentioned trump vodka. it is the largest winery on the east coast. we make as good as wine as you can get anywhere in the world. teaks, the wine,ks and all of that. i want to thank my friend paul o'neill. that is a big deal. ♪
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john: the sun is shining, cocktails flowing, candidates debating. it is spring break 2016. we are here on the campus of miami-dade college. polls on tuesday. tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate once again in the wake of bernie sanders victory in michigan last night. a hastily convened press conference late last night, even sanders himself seemed a little taken aback by the outcome. in an interview to date with msnbc, he was riding high up on his horse. virtually every national poll, and almost all of the statewide polls, that have bernie sanders against the donald trump, we do better, and in some cases, much better than hillary clinton does against donald trump.
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just coming from michigan. john: that is bernie sanders. he sounded pretty good after his michigan victory. how on earth did sanders pull this off? message isconomic going to find as good of a reaction there as anything. nafta, thelike clinton view of trade, even with hillary clinton's shift, and the combination of his effort, advertising, and support from people who think trade is bad for u.s. jobs allowed him to take a huge comeback win. john: i want to put up some graphics to show what demographic breakdown of the boat was. take a look at the first breakdown between white and black voters, how they each did with whites and blacks. sanders beat clinton, 66% to 42% with white voters.
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sanders gets 28% of the black vote in michigan, way more than he has gotten with african-americans in the country so far. you look at white women and black women, clinton is dominating with black women. with a white women, which it should be at the heart of hillary clinton's constituency, if he gets a healthy amount of african-americans and white women, that is a potent, nation. -- potent combination. much higher percentage of the african-american vote, and played on the economic theme, which cuts across demographics and suggests that win, if he can keep it up, is not a fluke. the clintons came in late to stop him, but when the clintons say he won because he targeted the state, i'm not sure that is
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an effective pieces been. john: the sanders campaign is saying clinton is a regional candidate. she can win in the south, but she can't win outside the self. a -- as of state is right now, there is no clear representation of it. win inven with that big the will bring state, hillary clinton's margin of victory in mississippi gave her the biggest delegate haul. he still has a lot of ground to make up. next tuesday, five states voting on march 15. as of now, polling suggests that clinton has a big lead and all of them, including here in 62% to 32% over bernie sanders. a few more coming down the road,
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where is sanders likely to win, if he can win next to keep his momentum going? that sanders think is trying to run the same playbook as michigan and ohio. the other states, not so much. not as competitive. the interesting thing is you look further down the calendar, you look at what happens on march 22, a couple of caucuses, .rizona primary march 25, three caucuses. ,pril 5, a wyoming caucus sanders is competitive and all those. favorableretty calendar heading into the rest of this month in april. without winner take all, it is hard for him to catch up. if he does decently and gets that favorable ground and can get some more victories, if he can win states after next
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tuesday, she will have to stop saying that he has to get out of the race. hewon that state because targeted there, or it's all white, or the issues were good for him. on toight did not put him the path of competitiveness, but it kept him alive. john: he's got the money. the question is, why are you sticking around? are you sticking around to be the spoiler? he's looking down the calendar and say i can have a whole bunch of wins that would justify me going on. mark: it could flip superdelegates. some people who are for her now. and there is the looming investigations. john: there are all of those things. tonight's debate is sponsored by univision. time that the eighth
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clinton and sanders have faced off on a debate stage. when they met last weekend in flint, both candidates were sharply elbowing each other and in some cases whacking each other upside the head. how do you think that will affect the tone and tenor of tonight? mark: i would like to see if she goes back to talking about the republicans. two, i want to see if her confidence is at all shaken. on his side, i'm watching to see -- that taken aback by he can't interrupt her or confrontational, or whether he thinks that is ridiculous and can be aggressive. also, what issues he emphasizes. trade is seen as a more positive thing here. what does he emphasize? florida isnk that given up for them. he will stay on the trade
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message. she was playing the auto industry card and it did not seem to work for her. i can understand that at all. have a thanks that they a way to getes traction with her. therehe's here because are a lot of delegates here. back,ght, when we come what donald trump was selling at that remarkable press conference in florida last night after this. ♪
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>> i'm going to do this in about two seconds. republican turnout, yankees, south carolina, new hampshire, paul ryan, democrats, new york, new jersey, chris christie, mara lago, the winery, trumpet magazine, trump university, trump airlines, survival, charlottesville, virginia, lindsey graham, megyn kelly, little marco, love championships, donald trump, merry christmas. the speed version of donald trump talking about a lot of different things, a lot of nouns in florida last night during his press conference in the city of jupiter. it really did feel like the event was taking place on another planet. trump covered a lot of ground to promote his business products.
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about his enemies. in other words, a trump classic. a decisive win further public in front runner last night, along with the victory in hawaii. taken altogether, the mentum and messaging from last night, what did mr. trump achieved? a lot theccomplished on the comedic element of the press conference. he won three of four states convincingly. he shut down the narrative that he was losing out to two. he got delegates and set him self up to maybe into the race. olive branches, talking in measured ways. he said marco rubio and i have a pretty good relationship. he also said marco rubio should get out of the way. there was a lot that went back to the confidence, putting aside the comedy element, a big night on every level. mark: he said i want republicans
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to control congress. if donald trump wraps this up next week and he is the nominee, what he needs to do is unite the republican party as quickly as possible. he needs more chris christie's and fewer mitt romney's. , atrump can unify the party huge development for him. that kind of rhetoric will help. john: he can defeat the anti-trump forces by winning at the ballot box. he can shut them up and shut them down, but if mitch mcconnell and paul ryan decide he is so bed for down ballot republicans that they need to him, thatgainst is bad for donald trump it they can be wrote his chances for winning if they undercut him in that way. mark: it will be fascinating. reporters say to them, who you are supporting, and they say they still don't know or the guy
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who is now on a glide path. if he can get that done and they skillful way, not alienate supporters by taking the establishment endorse it, but having the party unified coming huge. john: he has to make it easy for them to come to him. mark: he did that last night. five more republican states voting on tuesday, what is the most plausible scenario, mark, for the donald trump movement, what is left of it, to stop donald trump? every day our inboxes are filled with different e-mails, something he said, trump university. they still don't have a unified frame. they need a way to prove the contributions will lead to hurting trump. it obviouslyat starts with john kasich winning ohio, marco rubio or ted cruz in
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florida, and they have to keep his delegate levels down. they have to make a plausible that he is not on a glide path to majority. john: it is possible to keep the stop trump movement going if john kasich wins ohio and someone else wins one of the other states. somehow marco rubio pulling off an incredible lazarus thing in florida would be of really big deal and mess up trumps plans. the one message i agree with is the amount of money that is spent on trump advertising is meaningless if there is not a message that resonates. candidates picking it up and driving it. where is the polling that is in forming this advertising? it is like ad firms gone wild
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with no pulling a research underneath it. it's a problem. only a candidate or candidates can stop donald trump. which leads me to the most movement,stop trump potentially john kasich in marco rubio losing their states and ted cruz getting him one-on-one. if you look at public polling, ted cruz beats donald trump head to head, and may be that would not happen when it came to reality, but there is not one poll i have seen that shows donald trump beats ted cruz head-to-head. the: you look down calendar, there are a few places you can imagine ted cruz winning, but then wisconsin, new york, connecticut, delaware, maryland, rhode island, those places are not ted cruz country. mark: you saw that carly fiorina endorsed ted cruz.
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you will see people go to ted cruz. ted cruz has a chance to consolidate the party behind him. it may be a longshot, but it is the most likely. reporting today that marco rubio and his team are holding conversations internally about whether he should get out of this race before florida votes on tuesday. anything that there is to those reports. stop donors and strategist from speculating. according to a new poll, donald trump leads in florida with 45%. marco rubio way back at 22%, down six points from last month. ted cruz at 18%. a marco rubio, if, this is big if, if marco rubio decides he can't go on and does not want to face getting bludgeoned and his home state in drops out ?efore tuesday, what then
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mark: unless marco rubio has a spurt here and does well in the debate tomorrow night, puts on television advertising and comes back, i believe that if he got out, ted cruz would have a better chance of stopping donald trump one-on-one with john kasich not being a factor. i think ted cruz has a better chance of stopping donald trump in the state than marco rubio does. i imagine the marco rubio vote goes to john kasich. i can imagine that as hobbled as he is -- mark: if marco rubio got out tomorrow, ted cruz would have a couple of days to try to take donald trump out. this is a close primary, republicans only, conservative, older electorate, and i believe ted cruz has a chance. all i'm saying is i think ted
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cruz has a better chance to get to a number that could be donald trump than marco rubio does now. john: how many republicans are sitting around thinking, i wish jeb bush was still in the race. i bet there's a lot of establishment republicans in florida thinking, boy, we would have been better off with the jeb bush. mark: up next, sunshine state florida andks about the gop. we will be right back. ♪
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now, patty.g us
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thank you for joining us. a lot of news today around joe ush, what he might or might not be doing. would you know about that? trumpseemed like donald was the only one who didn't call and say i want to champ. no one expected a comb by your moment between donald trump and jeb bush. john: these are taking place when? >> tomorrow before the debate. i think they are individual meetings, one after the other. mark: kind of like the "the bachelor". bush's endorsement mean a lot or affect the outcome of the primary? >> so many people have voted in
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florida already. we haven't had a chance to ask them. thatot sure it would be much news if he endorsed marco rubio. ted cruze to endorse or john kasich, the headlines would be bigger. john: could you explain to a viewer who does not live in florida that marco rubio seems to be in the position he is in the state. we understand donald trump's popular here because he is popular everywhere. what has happened to marco rubio's standing in the state. >> he divided the support with the jeb bush early on and no one was able to consolidate florida. jeb bush cut out late and no one knew how marco rubio was going to do. long-standingthis legacy that he has. said we voted for him in 2010 for senate and we felt he let us down, that he
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didn't push the tea party platform, so they don't feel any love towards him. , and a lotampshire of states, you have chamber of commerce type republicans saying this is a disaster that donald trump would win our state. it is a closed primary, but there are also moderate and centrist republicans, what about how those people feel about their choices and the prospect of donald trump being the winner? >> a lot of people in miami are still marco rubio fans. they feel he is a more moderate voice. they are not familiar with john kasich. he has not campaigned here at all. he is not even on the radio. i have spoken the john kasich fans, but they plan to vote for marco rubio because they don't think john kasich has a shot. mark: does donald trump have a following? bushllahassee was jeb country, and now it's mostly marco rubio country. if marcot would happen
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rubio were to get out of this race? is it a sense that ted cruz could be a viable florida candidate facing off against donald trump? >> i still think that would go to donald trump. i have no indication that marco rubio is going to get out. ted cruz is making a late play in the state. there is a chance he could consolidate people, but florida like celebrities, and donald trump is one. everyone knows his name. courses, hotels, condos, some that did not do so well. they know him here. mark: do you like his water and steaks? in the end, if donald trump wins this primary and becomes the republican nominee, what is your sense of how he would do in a general election? his style is somewhat like rick scott, but republicans have not done well here in general
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elections. is donald trump a strong general election candidate? >> i'm not sure he could win. we have learnt not to make too many predictions. the rick scott parallel is interesting, because rick scott has never won in the general election because he knows it is a tough time, and the support from the governor would help the party's candidate, but in a year like this? john: patricia, patty, either one, thank you for coming. up next, hillary clinton's miami moment. we talk to her national director in just a minute. --you're washing hands watching us in washington dc -- ♪
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we are bringing in hillary clinton's national political director. complete this sentence -- hillary clinton lost the michigan primary because " blank". a close race, always going to be a close race. mark: i will ask you again. >> i don't have an answer for you. we are still digesting information. amanda: we have to get out there and invest and be there and make sure we are talking about jobs knower, making sure people exactly where we are on manufacturing jobs. we came into that on friday to give a pro-jobs message. maybe we could have done it a few days earlier. mark: is it possible that there is some skepticism, at least in that state, regarding who is a bigger opponent of international trade deals, bernie sanders versus hillary clinton, given
5:31 pm
her mixed history and his pretty consistent history. amanda: i think she made that point in the debate, wait a second, there are trade deals i have voted against. cafta. and now guess tpp. -- and now tpp. i think that is an important aspect as we going to the next stage. john: let me ask you two demographic questions that stood out in the exit polls. how do you lose white women to bernie sanders if your hillary clinton? to talki think we have to them about how many jobs we will create. i think, in general, that is a midwest message. we will talk more about that. i think it is important that we are talking about jobs and what her jobs plan is. when you compare the two, there is a difference. does think through
5:32 pm
innovation and the foundation of our economy. in south carolina, she won the african-american vote and has won much of it throughout the south. last night, bernie sanders won one third of the black vote in michigan. amanda: we have to make everyone -- 50 make sure everyone knows a primary is happening. in 2008, michigan played a different role. we have to make sure we are talking about get out to vote but also the importance of jobs in any community. will we saw in michigan is how disappointed people are about the manufacturing industry. they really need a president who is going to bring those jobs back. going back to mark's first question, you weren't in the state enough and there was something a failure of messaging? amanda: no, i think we have to
5:33 pm
talk more about her jobs plan. we did that on friday, and i think you will start to see more of that. i think it is important we have the plan out there and keep pushing on that. mark: did senator sanders' victory and all the money he had and the upcoming states, do you assume this will be a competitive contest of the spring? amanda: yes. mark: and maybe through the convention? amanda: yes. mark: donald trump could win his nomination fight on wednesday. you think if he wins all five, their race continues to the convention? amanda: i do. mark: he wins all five, including the two winner state -- two winner take all states, you think they stay in the race? amanda: i think is the case extend the race, crews stay in the race -- you see kasich stay in the race, cruz stay in the
5:34 pm
race. shakei will bet you a that he wins all the races they get out. amanda: cruz? -- he won his home state. as senator standards running -- as senator sanders running as good or a better campaign as you? amanda: when you look at what our coalition looks like and how we're bringing the democratic party together, we going to continue to expand on that in different demographics, including the young boat -- the young vote. when you look at the coalition of the democratic party and size that up against what is going on on the republican side, i think your path to victory is making sure we have a big attendance -- a bigger tent. to twon michigan, i went sanders invented the course of a week that had more than 10,000
5:35 pm
people. that is more people been disease in a week, almost two weeks. what accounts for -- even as the media is telling democratic voters that the delegate lead is insurmountable, why does bernie sanders continue to inspire that passion well hillary clinton does not based on crop size? -- on crowd size? amanda: we're going to make sure we are going to some of the same places, like universities and colleges, where there are a lot of people. message outng our there. it is important that we are talking about what is she going to do to make sure people have good paying jobs. digitally, younger voters, we have to talk about not just jobs but college affordability. mark: has bernie sanders historically been a friend and ally to the u.s. auto industry? amanda: i think there is a truth. i worked for the senator for michigan for a long time. there is a truth that, at that
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moment, when you had to take a hard look to save the auto industry, he wasn't there at the key moment. renteria, thank you very much. up next, our reporter roulette. after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ john: here with us now in miami are two great journalists. our hillary clinton reporter
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jennifer epstein and rick john. last night, i think many people were surprised about the outcome in michigan. how surprised was the clinton campaign and how surprised was ?he sanders campaign clinton campaign thought it was going to be tight but they were pretty confident even at 8:00 p.m. last night that she was going to win it would be narrow. they were pointing to some of their own cautionary stuff the past couple of weeks saying michigan could be tight. i think people really didn't believe it and it was only actually seeing those results when the race was finally called after midnight that it finally clicked for everybody that she had lost. sanders has come down here and ended up doing a press conference in front of a .rown wall it was the last thing like a
5:40 pm
victory party. talk about what that was like. grexit was very hastily put -- >> it was very hastily put together. they thought it would be close, but maybe there is a chance they could do well, but not to the point they could be prepared. i think bernie sanders was ready to just go to sleep and call it a night. he did a statement and an uncharacteristically didn't ask -- didn't take questions. i think he has been a little bit annoyed, from what i can tell from afar, of all the questions of when he is dropping out of the race. can he go back to asking questions and not be asked that after winning one state? arit: i think yesterday, at that point, he does know that he had won. i think he didn't want to answer questions and say he did well in and find out he lost by one or two points. hehink that going forward,
5:41 pm
doesn't like questions about, if you lose the state, it is over. he gets very annoyed. like, "can you ask me a real question?" he is more open to taking questions about which states they think they can do well in. this will give them a new lease on life, basically. >> that is totally true. i wish that my candidate to questions when she was winning or tying or whatever. i think that the clinton team is now being very cautious about some of the contests we have next week. i think they are confident about florida. it is a close democratic primary. they are worried about ohio, illinois, missouri. these are places that are similar to michigan that it may be tighter. even though the public poll say 20 points or whatever, it may not happen. mark: does this mean that hillary clinton is worried about losing her home state?
5:42 pm
jennifer: wichita state? -- which home state? john: i think she was born in illinois. jennifer: she lost it in 2008 to another person. mark: i will ask you about money. your candidate keeps raising money on the web. is she going to fundraisers these days? jennifer: for the past week or two, she hasn't been going to fundraisers. she did a big party about a week ago in new york with elton john and katy perry. danger, ifhey in this thing is protracted, of her not having anywhere near the same amount of money as bernie sanders? jennifer: it is possible, but her burn rate has been way lower than his the past few months. they are still spending a trend is not the money. she is getting better though, they say. they are saying that she is drawing more grassroots donors
5:43 pm
and that she is getting more and these smaller contributions, but that average has gone down a bit and that she is now over 900,000 contributors. that is still way behind sanders with however million. arit: even since last night, they had sent out a fundraising e-mail saying they already had 100,000 donations just in michigan. their best fundraising night was when they won new hampshire. the next one was the last day of february, when they won $3 million to $6 million in one day. i think the money is going to keep flowing in. do you think look at march 15 that there are some ominous states that they are probably not going to do well? what do you think their view is of what they have to accomplish next tuesday to not lose this
5:44 pm
momentum they got from winning the surprise victory last night? i think they need to do well in missouri, ohio and illinois. when michigan proved is that even when the mission -- even when the media says there is no hope, the poll say there is no hope, that he can still pull through. even if he doesn't do well on march 15, washington, later in april with wisconsin, they think those states look good for them. jennifer: just to be a little bit of a devil's advocate, if we go back to the delicate piece of 2-to-1 in is leading florida. most delegate rich, 200 delegates next week. turn this lead of 200 plus delegates into 300 plus delegates. themestern states, none of will be a blowout for sanders. what he needs is to have a really huge win in a big state
5:45 pm
and that is unlikely to happen. mark: we can never say it enough, the delegate math is in her favor and it will be hard for him and lessee brings back the superdelegates. -- unless he gets some superdelegates. the state ofhink relations between the two of them are? is the real tension, real animosity, or did they just need a moment and once one of them wins, they will go back to being, as she said the other night, allies? jennifer: i think she is someone she wants to be allies with anyone she can be. i think she is a little frustrated at this moment in time. i think it is more with what is going on. she sees what is happening on the republican side. she sees that she is such a qualified candidate or the democratic nomination and she still can't close it.
5:46 pm
i think that some of the finger-pointing and the be quiet kind of things, those there may be getting under your skin a little bit. mark: we have got to go. john: also occasionally condescending on stage. mark: you are both fantastic. up next, the key states of this union. our political ad wizard joins us live. ♪
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now we want to talk about the tv ad wars. to do that, ken goldstein, our colleague from bloomberg politics and political analyst of ads. what is on the air now, candidates and groups, super pacs etc. in the five states that are voting on tuesday? a quick rusheeing here in this week between the march 8 and march 15 primaries. it will be about $10 million which will air in florida over the next week. less than that in ohio, about $6 million. about $4 million in illinois. hardly anything in north carolina. about $1.5 billion in missouri. florida is usually a big tv ad place but we really haven't seen that much yet. mark: what accounts for that?
5:49 pm
is it that people don't have money or they would rather save money for further down the road? ken: i think that fact is scaring broadcasters and the people who sell advertising. is this something more profound, where there is a change to spending money on other sorts of campaign expenditures? is this something that is being caused by donald trump sucking up all the oxygen, and people don't believe that television advertising is moving numbers? there has been a lot of talk about all this money that is going to be spent against donald trump over the upcoming week in florida. it is going to be about seven. -- about $7 million or $8 million, and trump will spend about $2 million on his own behalf. ist sounds like a lot, that one third of the amount that was -- on justst e wmur in new hampshire.
5:50 pm
i want to ask you specifically about that 62nd ad that trump released a couple nights ago. going after marco rubio for being a corrupt politician. skeptical atere marco rubio is going to put money behind that an area as a real ad? ken: that aired 255 times yesterday at a cost of about $500,000. truck had another 30 -- trump , butnother 30 second ad that actually delivered more impressions. john: just cast a wide net historically and kind of talk about what is on the air now and how this compares to pass cycles when we are dealing with these big multistate days. ken: it is just much, much
5:51 pm
lower. afteris barely anything march 15 as we go into these other primaries. tell.ising is often a we can debate about whether it is having an impact on the race or not. in michigan, sanders ended up airing more ads than clinton. he spent $4 million, clinton spent $3 million. but seeing where the money is going to go -- again, we can argue about whether it has an impact -- but it will tell you which sides think which states are winnable and which sides have money. it suggests right now that not a whole lot of republican candidates have much money. and other the democratic side, they're waiting to see what happens on tuesday. ken, less than 30 seconds to go. if some group came in now with substantially more advertising against from either in the
5:52 pm
states on tuesday -- against trump either on states on tuesday or beyond, is there any indication it would have an impact? ken: there is no way to know. my sense is when advertising really works is when it is really -- is when it is reinforced by the candidate and reinforced by what people are saying in the media. the antitrust advertisers can spend money. they are not spending a time of money. they haven't hit that perfect storm wave for all the different messages get out at the same time. mark: a big problem for those who wish to stop donald j trump. ken goldstein, thank you very much. we will be right back with who won the day. ♪
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♪ rubio: some of things that have to do with personal stuff, that is, at the end of the day, stuff that i'm not entirely proud of. my kids are embarrassed about it, and if i had to do it again, i would. but now the other charges. when it comes to the fact that he is portraying himself as something he is not. the stakes aren't a fake $36,000 agreed at trump university, the stakes are the greatest country on earth. that was marco rubio speaking at a town hall being moderated by chuck todd today, speaking about personal attacks is made on donald trump. that will be tonight on msnbc. this is the challenge for marco rubio. first avoiding attacks, then
5:56 pm
going all in common now being contrite. -- going all in, now being contrite. john: he has so many challenges right now and no good choices. mark: who won the day? john: it is less than 24 hours since bernie sanders won michigan. i believe he has had a pretty good day today. he is still basking in the glow from last night. mark: ted cruz one-a-day, i will tell you why tomorrow. watch tonight for all our coverage of the big democratic debate here plus my report card coming up on "bloomberg west." john and i will be back here in miami tomorrow night for debate on the republican side.
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mark:ou are watching -- former salomon brothers ceo known as the king of wall street has died.
6:00 pm
he transforms salomon brothers into the dominant force in the treasury securities market. -- john gutfnd ruend was 86 years old. senator sanders and hillary clinton will debate tonight. on the republican side, a debate in miami tomorrow. just days before ohio's primary, there is a dispute about whether teenagers can vote. ohio law allows 17-year-old who turned 18 before the fall election can vote, but not on ballot issues or political party central committee candidates. bernie sanders is suing ohio's secretary of state over the limitations. the u.s. is sending three b-2 stealth bombers on a training mission to the asia-pacific region. the planes are capable of firing nuclear and conventional weapons. north korea threatened


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