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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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mark: i'm mark halperin. john: and i'm john heilemann. with all due respect to ohio, it's all about florida right now. i am here on the beautiful coast of west palm beach, florida. mark, our friend is having a john kasich town hall. he wants a rock, paper, scissors rematch. the sunshine and buckeye states are two of the five states avoiding on -- voting on
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tuesday, which could be the difference between donald trump locking up the nomination and the battle for delegates going all the way to the summer. marco rubio and john kasich are facings ingle illumination contest -- facing single in theiron contests own states. marco rubio spoke about how voters in ohio should be thinking strategically about the best way to stop the donald. mr. rubio: nearly, john kasich has a better chance of winning ohio than i do. if a voter in ohio concludes that voting for john casey gives us a better chance of stopping donald trump there, i anticipate that is what they will do. mark: given -- returniven a chance to the favor, john kasich campaign did not go for the hug. meanwhile, donald trump is going
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hard after john kasich in this new web video. [video clip] >> after john kasich helped the lehman brothers destroy the world economy, he decided to run for governor. he has been an absentee everywhere butng ohio. he increased the budget more than any other governor in the u.s. we don't need him in ohio, and we certainly don't need him in washington. john kasich, another all talk, no action politician. , my friend, my question is whether one or both of these last establishment candidates will survive another superduper tuesday? mark: this is clearly a tale of difference between k-6 and rubio -- john kasich and marco.
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let me tell you where i am. i am at a plant that is a john kasich success story, according to his office. it's a gm plant that got shuddered. andinese company came in hired 700 employees. they are expected to add a couple hundred thousand year. the ohio economy is in fact pretty good. if you talk to people in john kasich-land and john kasich, they will say we are winning ohio. we have never lost. we are going to win. talk to the rubio people, and he will say i am going to win. to getdoesn't take much them to say well, we will see if we are going to win. the rubio people are trying to win, but both sides agree it's binary. win and stay alive, lose and stay home. mark: that kind of -- john: that kind of explains the
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difference in their attitudes. rubio has the attitude where he is basically saying i know i don't have a chance in ohio. my strategy is to have a bunch stay alive to keep trump from getting the majority of delegates. kasich also john strategy, but he wants rubio out of the race. he believes he can take on trump in a one-on-one race or a three on one race with ted cruz. i think you are right. rubio's in trouble. it's not impossible he could win, but he is in trouble. john kasich is a very popular governor. approval rating is close to 70% and he won reelection with close to 60%. but we have seen some polling lately that suggests that trump is in a statistical tie with him. kasich will say team
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will be delighted if they win and rubio loses. debateght's republican in florida was unrecognizable to those of us who may have been expecting another insult invested donald trump pile on. a front runner doing his best to look like a front runner. everybody else on that stage unwilling to attempt a sustained teflon don.nst the rubio has mostly backed off his trump targeting tough talk. ted cruz has backed down it is campaign in florida. he will lay low. trump has a commanding lead in the polling. who seems to be trying to rattle trump's cage is tim miller, a former bush spokesperson who is now part of an anti-trump super pac. miller of the
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trump -- miller versus trump clip. >> you did a great job with bush. you did a great job representing brush. mark: so, john, tim miller is up and trump's grill, but is anybody else involved in a stop trump movement or trying to actually stop trump? john: we should start calling quixoteer don't ge miller because he is tilting at a pretty big windmill. a lot of groups are spending money to try to stop trump in
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florida. in terms of voices, real people in the party calling for trump to be defeated, that noise, which started a little bit last week, has suddenly gone quiet again. it is going to take a concerted effort. tim miller told us he agrees it's going to take a candidate. it's going to take marco rubio john kasich, or ted cruz to stop trumpchoing whatever stop arguments are out there, and right now, none of them are focused on that in his single-minded way. rubio and k-6 are trying to win their state. -- john kasich are just trying to win their states. where is paul ryan? where is mitch mcconnell? where are the leaders of the republican establishment if donald trump is such a menace? i would like to hear from them
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if they really believe that. this morning, trump announced the endorsement of his former campaign rival, dr. ben carson. that would be the same ben andon he mocked shamelessly mercilessly on stage, called pathological, and sort of compared to a child molester. that allrson called par for the course and urged the party to unite behind trump if he became the nominee. ben carson: i have come to know donald trump over the past few years. he is actually a very intelligent man who cares deeply about america. we buried the hatchet. that was political stuff. that happens in american politics. himve found in talking with that there is a lot more alignment philosophically and spiritually than i ever thought there was. one of the real factors for me
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is what will happen if we allow the medical operative -- the political operatives to succeed in their endeavor to stop donald trump. i think it would fracture the party irreparably. john: mark, my question for you -- and i have so much to say about that, but my question for you is what is the significance of the carson endorsement? he is a man of spirituality and faith is huge. carson still has a following who might listen to him and go with drum. has a hugeon facebook following. that's big. finally, it shows the trump campaign is underrated as a political force. sayy lewis and mike glasser he understands politics.
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if you do well in the debate, you keep riding the wave. if you do badly, you have the endorsement in your back pocket to change the narrative. it's a very smart group and they have more endorsements sitting in the back pocket of donald trump. you are a, sophisticated analyst and there's nothing you said just now that i disagree with. i am us doubled in. one -- a simpleton. a major governor, chris christie, a major senator, jeff sessions, and a major sleepwalker, ben carson. they have all endorsed him. the other thing i will say is you have other people in this middle group, people like mitt romney unalterably opposed to trump. carson, along with chris
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christie, is starting to build this notion that whatever problems you have with him, whatever difficulties, whatever problems, it's ok to endorse him. if he wins all five states, four or five, i expect next week will be filled with endorsements for donald trump. back, that hecome said-she said that everybody in media and politics is talking about. ♪
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john: yesterday on the show we talked about a reporter named michel fields and her claim that donald trump's campaign manager grabbed her arm and nearly forced her to the ground after a
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trump press conference on tuesday. today, this complicated, confusing story took a new turn. breitbart published a story manng she misidentified the . this afternoon, another video emerged showing a different angle of the same moment and it seems to show him reaching toward the reporter. breitbart has also reported that a criminald complaint alleging misdemeanor battery charges. to trump campaign continues deny the accusations. last night, trump spoke to katie couric about the alleged incident. is asking for an apology. you must have a good relationship with that company. have you apologized? mr. trump: you don't apologize
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if you are not wrong. arm.e has bruises on her mr. trump: tell me how they got there. i have secret service agents all over. i have cameras all over. nobody saw it happen. nobody complained. i know this guy and he's a fantastic got a. if it comes to light that something did happen, will you apologize? >> if it comes to light that nothing happened, will you apologize? >> i won't apologize, but i will report that nothing happened, certainly. john: here to try to sort out the competing narratives is nbc's katie, who is in palm beach. oppresses fascinated about this. but is this a distraction for the trump campaign or do they not care? definitely a distraction. they wanted to come out today
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talking about the endorsement of ben carson. instead, the narrative is around the continued violence at his rallies and continued disruptions at his rallies. a gentleman yesterday sucker punched a guy at a rally in north carolina and got arrested for it. this alleged incident between this breitbart reporter and trump's campaign manager does not seem to be going away. now there are a lot of folks scouring the internet and trying to find video of that. each one show something along the lines of corey reaching toward michelle, although there himo smoking gun that shows definitively grabbing her. but for the campaign, instead of talking about ben carson, they are talking about corey and this incident. will it matter to trump supporters? i don't think so. i don't think trump supporters
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are swayed by any of the controversies that surround him or his campaign. the ones that like donald trump have liked donald trump for a for --nd are unwavering in their support. i was speaking to a reporter i have been talking to some last october or november -- a voter i have been talking to since last october or november who says he really likes donald trump and nothing has swayed him. fields andn michelle donald trump saying he hates islam, he says he is now starting to regret voting for donald trump in south carolina's primary. i want to ask you a more general question about your experience covering the trump campaign. you have been doing it since the beginning. at any point did you feel threatened, intimidated, afraid at any trump rallies, not just in terms of the rallies themselves, but in terms of how
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you were treated by the trump campaign? treated byhow i am the trump campaign. i will say the rallies have gotten tense at times and they have gotten a little unnerving at times. i think that has been widely reported in the press generally says that. i have had a lot of pleasant experiences with trump supporters who are lovely people, and i have had negative experiences. it can be unnerving when donald trump whips up the crowd against the press. it doesn't happen at every rally. some are worse than others. ofre have been a number occasions when it has felt a little uncomfortable. essentially,ured, by the fact that there are secret service there. it is definitely not a comfortable working environment when thousands of people are yelling at you and you are penned in the center of an arena. is a campaign
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manager we cover every day and there is a colleague. im trying to get at the question of who is telling the truth. if itlet me just ask you, wasn't corey, assuming someone did physically intervene here, who is the third man? any idea who might have done this if it wasn't corey lewandowski? campaign is pointing potentially to one of the secret service agents. breitbart pointed to him earlier, saying that someone from the washington post might have confused corey lewandowski with a sigrid service agent who is also a white male with short brown hair -- secret service whitewho is also a malware short brown hair. that could be it. a quite male with short-- white male with
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brown hair. that could be at. i didn't see it. im not entirely sure what happened. until there is definitive proof that he put his hand on her or did not put his hand on her, or that somebody else put his and on her, i think we have to wait come upwhat the police with when they are finished with their investigation. john: i'm going to ask you another broad question about how these rallies are playing out. someone got cold cocked at a trump rally a couple of days ago. there is a perception among some of the press at the rallies themselves have gotten increasingly violent. let me get your sense of whether that is true. has the situation been getting worse for protesters? katie: it has gotten increasingly tense over the past it has had moments
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throughout the campaign, but certainly, in the last month or more tense.otten protesters are interrupting and trying to disrupt the rallies. donald trump says in the old days we could have taken care of them quicker. who knows exactly what that ?eans he's even talked about punch a protester. we certainly feel we are on the verge of a violent incident inside these rallies. new orleans in particular about a week ago, that was a really tense one when there were a number of black lives protesters who were standing there with her arms up and a number of reporters were screaming at them -- their arms up and a number of
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donald trump supporters screaming at them at the top of their lungs. john: i say this in a non-perfunctory way. stay safe out there. mark: marco rubio after this. ♪
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john: there is a marco rubio press conference in west palm beach. our next guest was there with me covering rubio. i have a couple of basic questions for you. what did you think of that press conference? it was a little unusual. it. was a little stunned by i thought he looked shaken. i thought he looked defeated. i thought he looked like jeb bush did in south carolina and
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he was getting the same type of questions. what happens after tuesday when your campaign is over? are you going to run for governor? are you going to be able to run for governor? he was frustrated and a little beaten down. he says he is looking forward, but it's hard to see past tuesday. john: people were saying check there might be jobs out there for you after tuesday. he had a hard time answering. >> he did. not the marco rubio i have been following for a decade. he is quick, he is glib. ahn: do you think they have plan and a path to win the primary on tuesday? >> i think they did a week ago, and that was too out trump trump. and now he is apologizing for it
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and almost blaming his family. my children were embarrassed by this. i can't do it anymore. i don't see another answer for it at this point. he spent six years in washington, he and his staff, violently protecting his favorable ratings. he blew all of that with this trump that and now seems to be .rying to pull it back together john: you have covered florida for a long time. you have covered jeb and rubio. does a jeb endorsement matter before tuesday? >> what would matter is if and when he endorses ted cruz. remember, two weeks ago we were talking about all toll saying i would rather have trump than ted cruz -- bob dole saying i would donald trump
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than ted cruz. expect a jeb bush endorsement before the primary on tuesday? >> not before, and here's why. he's not going to endorse trump, and trump is probably going to win. jeb bush has never been one to get out in front on endorsements. that's the story of the republican establishment writ large. jeb bush could help shape the primary, but will not. ♪
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>> every day, i play a complex woman who fights for justice. >> who gives a voice to the voiceless. >> but the real world, the real world has hillary clinton. a bona fide, roll up her sleeves, fight for what straight, won't back down ismpion -- fight for what right, won't back down champion. >> i'm the features actresses from the hit shows. the ad will be running in florida and in ohio. i am in ohio at a john kasich event. bernie sanders is going on the airwaves with some ads of his and in some of the states voting on march 15.
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, i satre time program down with bernie sanders' wife jane and talked about what is like to run a campaign that some in the media have decided it is over. >> have noted some frustration -- i have noted some frustration. am and thehere i question is always when are you getting out of the race, we are not getting out. when he is committed to something he never gives up. so we just go. know anything can happen. john: even going from dead to life.
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that for episode will air on sunday. casey hunter joins me from elsewhere in ohio. thanks for coming on the show. let me start by asking you how it feels. bernie sanders was in north carolina, one of the other five states voting on tuesday. did that event feel like a candidate who is dead or all but dead? >> pretty far from it i would say. north carolina is a place where the clinton campaign wants to make it look like sanders is competing hard. they are feeling confident about where they stand and it is possible there efforts with african american voters are showing her head. the energy on the ground at the
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rally today was more suggestive a place where he has pulled out a win. there were a couple thousand people inside an auditorium. the campaign does not often under book there venues. something to keep an eye on. they are making a serious play for it. he is here in toilet -- toledo where he is hitting that trade message over and over. some pretty compelling messaging on that although the crowd is smaller. john: the campaign looked at this day as more of a day to win delegates. north carolina, florida, missouri, illinois, and ohio. is the campaign thinking that rather this be a day of survival that they can pick up states that can get some wins on
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thursday? >> there is a sense to meet their expectations it would be better for them to have at least one if not more wins on the board. the state they feel best about is missouri. he will be attending a significant chunk of his weekend in missouri. they have a sense it is more places.e of these other ohio and illinois in particular , ohio hastheir enclosed primary. they are making something of an interesting play in chicago trying to 2 -- tired hillary clinton to rahm emanuel who has had all kinds of problems in that community. the overall strategy seems to be a shift whereas before they felt they needed to put the winds up and now they feel they can focus
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more on delegates or even that they need to focus on delegates to push against the clinton strategy. i think narrative will run against them if they do not manage to win one of these states on tuesday. john: the five states are strong clinton states. they are big states. they are states where the electorate is different. why are they want bullish on the state after next tuesday than they are in the five voting on tuesday? >> if you look at the calendar ofs past, there are a lot places that are strongest for them and there are big delegate rises in places where they might be able to do well. clinton campaign folks there's little bit of fear of a long stretch where mibtel fear -- tougher for her to put a win. they have this caucus-focused
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strategy which is a delegate focused strategy. they do want to stem the bleeding on the delegate side. they are looking at places like has laidn state for he pretty well. they feel against she has a southern fire while he has a western firewall. they can continue to build or sustain some level of momentum. it looks better for them in the long run. as jane sanders said to you there is no sign that they are .oing to be dropping out the rhetoric from the clintons that seems to try to push them out gets under the skin of the candidate in a way that makes it more likely he will hang on and tried to demand everything he can of them even if he does not end up with the delegates he needs to win the nomination. mark: i saw him yesterday and he
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was still a grumpy mood. as he and a grumpy mood or less grumpy mood now? >> a think less so. the mood shifted after what happened in nevada and south carolina. there was much more of the sense that it was a slog, things have changed, the candidate less willing to engage on the trail. root -- graph in responding to any question including the premise you might me, nextsaying excuse question. he was energized by the michigan when. they are still in the middle of this difficult time and there is an element of keeping her head down and i do not think they lost that frustration about the increasing sensor pushing for him to get out of this race when they feel like they prove deficit in michigan.
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you. thank coming up, and emotional farewell for former first lady nancy reagan after these words.
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x we gather here today to say goodbye to nancy davis reagan, a beautiful, smart, and gracious woman, a woman who captured the heart of a man who loved his craft, his country, and his countrymen. >> as her own health declined she was adamant and vocal with reuniting with my father on the other side after her passing. i am hoping for god's peace of wish.hat she got her
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>> she knew how to protect her husband and her president but also her own place. to stand her ground and once it had been resolved, to move on. god bless nancy. reagan, first lady, and the unlikely friend of a reporter. ♪ mark: all were speaking in simi valley, california at the ronald reagan presidential library where the former first lady was laid to rest. here to check about her legacy is al hunt. thank you for joining us. give me a sense watching that you firstat struck about it? >> the complexities of nancy reagan but jim baker captured
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what an astute person she was. there would not have been a president reagan without nancy reagan. jim baker would not have been chief of staff had it not been for nancy reagan's influence. that set the tone for the first administration and the second administration, she was a driving force with george schultz in getting reagan to establish a relationship with soviet union. she loved her ronnie and she had terrific political instincts. that jim the things baker said in his eulogy is she was reagan's most important advisor. did you think of that was true, where was her influence most profound over the way her husband ran his administration? influence not try to
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or get involved in details. as far as the tone and the tenor, the people that she liked her husband to surround himself with. jim baker and nancy forced an incredibly close relationship with mike deaver, her longtime friend. the second administration, my wife did a long documentary on nancy reagan which was fascinating and was able to report that she had scores of phone calls with george schultz as they were19 87 trying to maneuver around the hardline national security which they dumped. that was to influence her husband on dealings with the soviet union. the sand the start arms control treaty. that piece that judy did what's -- which was come from entry
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nancy did not like. she said it made her look more influential and that made ronnie look less. mark: don reagan wrote about her in negative ways in the tell-all book and that contributed to some of the negative perception that people had. wereu think those issues related to have tough she was, she was very tough lady. al: she was not a good mother. davis was moving. she was devoted to ronald reagan wayanything that got in the was a distraction. she had lavish tastes that were embarrassing for the white house. she was not perfect. where she was underrated, when
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firstr about influential ladies, we hear about eleanor roosevelt and hillary clinton, mark: we that league talk sometimes about president and thinking about their post presidencies and how they are after they leave office. exemplaryshe was an post first lady. also in terms of building up that library and center in simi valley. also the issues she cared about. stem cell research, all summer's research, even gun control. she was bothered by the right word drift of the republican party. she thought it had gone beyond ronald reagan's revolution. i will tell you one quick story. she and my wife knew each other. judy was out there at the funeral and she called judy in september 2008 after the republican convention and i was with my wife and she picked up
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the phone and the first thing nancy said is why did john pick that woman as his running mate? she still had keen political theght as she did think party was drifting too far right. she would have been mortified by this campaign in 2016 on the folk inside. you having hadl one dinner with her she was -- had incredible appetite for political gossip. storiesed to know the about john edwards and real unter. -- rielle h always a pleasure. coming up. path to the's nomination and the delegate count that will get him there. if you are watching as in washington, d.c. you can always listen on bloomberg radio 99.1 fm. we will be right back.
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>> if marco, the governor, if ted had more votes than me in the form of delegates i think position as to that opposed to solving the atificial number that was random number, whoever gets the most delegates should win. that is what i think. >> that was donald trump at the debate talking about the 237 targets he needs. as part of -- part of our by the number segment we have been using our trustee american-made abacus to see how likely the
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front runner is to achieving his goal. and why it is coming down to two states. donald trump has racked up victories in most of the republican contests. peoplere having millions -- of people,. mark: tally up his rival and the front runner is technically losing the delegate race. there is only one magic number. 1237. if trump can click that many delegates he is the nominee. if he does not chaos at the convention in cleveland. this tuesday may decide it all. five states up for grabs but two of the matter the most, rubio and ohio. it's of them must win for their native son. there also huge were donald trump. ensures thees it contested convention. he would need 70% of the remaining delegates to reach the finish line.
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remain -- have to when every remaining winner take all contest and get two thirds of the remaining delegates and proportional states. any crowded field that is pretty much mission impossible. he wins florida and ohio it is basically a coronation. all he has to do is sit -- sick or 53%. others could win half of the remaining delegates and all trump would have to do is pick up arizona, delaware, and new jersey. game over. what if trump wins florida but loses ohio? >> we just keep going and going and going. john: that was a clarifying piece of how important florida and ohio are. what do you think that tells you, what do you deduce from those numbers about what the right strategy is for the stop
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trump movement, do they want to continue with a fractured field or do they want to end up in a one-on-one situation with ted cruz versus donald trump or maybe a john kasich versus donald trump one-on-one down the line. just arrivedsich and karen casey is speaking at the rally. you will be hearing them in the ground because they got underway. i know a lot of smart people and when you ask them for different scenarios some people think the best way to stop trump is to have crews get him one-on-one. it ishinks is -- inevitable rubio will lose and some come nation of basic and cruz can slow down. i think people are underestimating cruz's ability to win in a one-on-one and stop
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trump below majority. the big variable is just how much does trump have to get, what percentage under 50 does he have to get to be a lock for the nomination. i hear people across the board as low as 40 and highest 48. the easycan see scenarios. florida youohio and will get to a conveyor -- contested convention. if he wins both he is likely to be the republican nominee and quite likely to get to 1237. what is interesting is the tweener scenarios. what is striking is that it shows you that if that scenario quite at, that is likely scenario. it will be hard for trump to get to 1237 so a lot rides on the man behind you and ohio.
5:53 pm
if he can pull it off we might be headed for a contested convention in cleveland. if he can put basic away he can get the nomination. mark: we will be coming back to that and we will be back after just the whom one not day but the whole week.
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week?who won the john: bernie sanders. be difficult but he revived himself with the win. dead in thet from eyes of the media to very much alive. west."up on "bloomberg a special weekend edition saturday and sunday. monday, sayona ♪
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a checkt's begin with of the first word news. a state from an official says the number of refugees it except
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including syrians. assistant secretary of state victoria nuland says the u.s. will "continue to be a welcoming place for refugees echoed no word on how many the u.s. plans to take in. newly obtained files have references to men who carried out the paris attacks. analysts say the files could provide clues into islamic state global recruiting networks. nato's north american council approved the nomination of u.s. army general [indiscernible] he is in charge of forces in korea and will succeed philip breedlove this june. angela merkel faces a big test sunday after her campaign focused on her open borders policy, three german states will hold elections. even if her first and democrats lose all three votes chancellor merkel is n e


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