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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  April 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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ot auteaisess e watoetoverag will ao y,heew yor ty pre wlnoacceptha nsnt 3 d'rember, is is howtord enhean fosete tres y ndate th sustasur css chs beie nds,t all truet but n his getng an si -its na tmp. utowe gti aasst wi a newvad gegrf when s i'm votingoronald um b i wa tprecmyamy. ar, n rndi, usls. wa a prede that ll ke usa. st lti a ngoupeleantr wl doha t cz want tleinor ri rugs d vemnty tollalmmras. thawi not pte mfaly na tmpil
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donaltrp has t sen t strenh as. as e t the su hisroem t pbl o nue bsnc t probl this rrativut tu pbls. u veoto x atroem wi wens maerf sutae, not do a othings wisuoges e s t g t aua obm h bn -- hs. e lle out retively son aer shes wi mertysss,ut it tay poanth hbeot se ane en caides hav bls,t iornto ard withuprters. jo: i woulde eful oth peop aund hiwe wen cz s ard
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ni alet meru repuics abouhicampai. reeny,e ck a dorsemt om scoalr, o inrvwela nhtn meci. weilsee e nvsaon lar the pgr. a ousuorngedruca e usd adsha ard nng isd at clms ateorge roga $2,0 tjo kic e shgt pt itia oard plied a sthgpie hiinte cuz hes t ke to geengh degates w e ll a e evan cnvti. hismr jn kasi derscos e ub tt t dise w i veer itaamids, dold tump taededruz thhe famiarlaim tt, "nodlis .ruinis pay. ♪
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> ted uzas my omte. i idotikhiatlln cle. >> coulyosupporteru >i ghovslp atay hes b aoba,f t wose rk eshiedorial bo rger by ub ibouy fltshe fa ttno othe stablime peoplargog ea ehuasfote uz ty e stolng thr set him sp dona tmp inhend, alofhese dub meotng cmpedtohe ct tat wldapn woth ste "im e onlyuyhat cabe dal" edorlthk tis
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wi ilucehepionof dors rrieof s thdold tru culd nobe stpe iwaabt into tecr. no thatt oks li hmit beho odegas, tnk t e yi, old onmae weeetoinsoon se oing a ifote cruz thk d uzasork too. henes cvie peop doin m ate n usthvecltost na um but t pson whshld beredent. io not inthis i at powfu l oorsthon w are sint abo sportin d cr, ey n'ne t lltrt url itia artohoth w ty e hehi he i't a grt y. hisoi tgea ta olpsg, ad thathes not
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gog to g aotal clein bt ou tge at henes. ark:pex t cveatn wi fmepridti ndat d rrent scsi goerr d w d uz endsescott lk. ate in outh ce ghafrh. ♪
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markwe areerat theld paths ewy offi. stnit,e t wnit ntl gu i t rublica cote, vernorco wke t bemt t veo's nsn micine. the foerandida ge his ta on thste of t
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puic re. hsexfocomingo r tnk youoroming o us v.alr: igo tbe r a cditeanno wt tk outhwhe gait b tk ouwh y g o t re. hsa pttclrlyou outs of e her fos hod t t d nside to stothcurren ont-ruer v.alr:bluly rtth a praty jotyf e jotys dierd ont ny aerore imiean ucesadonbyi in in wl aotifre. 'm justxcedth wcoin is no rlent. t inin sllay whe talkedbo way bkn seemr. jo:sg ris chst a
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b shavhed e rt dyothk richst d b bushavurt t pty byotetngutar eug v.alr: n'thko. utouee ere is car cora out tre twn e vorsth lieno loof thnaon pssndheol ren e attoarnot st okg - onojust oongt rsalie b o t te nsvave ats y r iwaea spo t cz. t fkshat dino st tyo iwoer, u did nogeoubeus yu dehe coilioyoshldllto nng. utecseouid noha eugmoy. v.alr: wcod' he
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stedonr d nger a r ,he skyou'd ll the ce d inoju autheer orotheon icong up, bue d chceo lk abt alsss. irelyarfoprcil conseate to bakhrgh w,ed cruishe posioto dousth. y talkeabt the poibilitof conte nvti. yocasath wlde tngndadthpricon th wwod d wh nomie o is n ithe rrt fiel o u ilbeevhano atouavenrs t cz? go wket e me e zzashadonaldru was t way tgeing hi miti -thnonaon cou -- mition.
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i notthk ttife lk wh e mb tt s cle,hawod t m er thto lookinathe momtuin the its, t czwins nonly imrtt to t e degas atidin coreioll wch tnk he cano good j ocleani p,uth's e meum sht. asttsndowthpa wa pple sang"hey, is , do-pers ce clrlife nto e rt beinheosiotoni, thmontum wl ve to d cruz." e' in sionhe - jo:y'reayg w atou thk a coesd convti sceniotecrisheiky nonee.
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otaury oso osir? go wke td uzs t ique pitn, i tnkto une e prt y'veothereblan eltoteuthe, t caucesnd priri. at e meim tycabring tother aotf the lkthat ppteso othotr caidesuthe. hawod gatorhe party. t msi iredienishere mh teio -the'so mu aenono is reblanriryac ihi hla cnt gs eepa, or alet somef thpa. sdend herre
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tain autsss atatr toheemrac primy votersbuwihe-ml seer anbehazi, wod lo tsethcora bwe d uz, whhehe belveit orot iha tare at gudon'ee d t that ilryclton, ihi in rgpa se h pbls wh rnie nds tt s jt ys thpolathg g per rk ghba ia me thorofuronrsio thco wke omt,ft tseor omurorspde.
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nvsaonitsct lk. he s e resintlanda, w a bisuorr yrs kn tt w for spoer ofound youainice tng ou h. heaid heo't okika morcle guy ho othbiesiging rdi can age sayi t u,co wke aute rk 'm luanalsto reat em did y mjudge s aracte t kd psohes? ov. waer he 0,0 suorrs thva mory suppoer --ves 0 or ls u' le. i'a dwteuyweav e nversaonwith aho lot pple.
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s atouthghofimhe dferenthano -- mark wt you out of h enifre fm now? v. walr:i n'kn if an in cng o tre lo aea o t caides, alofhem ou er a trerewoha loedt end sa te d id, "trere twofhe thr who,y e llgha a reash o feinhiarclto s tt erwaon o yhat fiinoth cagoes, d uz. iood t iue d u hedmeinheomnti de inllhentvis isee i' neronafr na umornyth cdite h a bn autruin r d uz outhe, for so of thotr ndat,
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fft s eno oc na trump ar watou y s t na tmpinheo't ok li aotcye y? go walke wconsinwe d't keheai yby who owus, wean itouhaeyavso t ratg t gagif yoli. t renvotersre gravitin wa ted cz becsehey arwoering at th h tdoitbeg pridt t utestes wne sma w c auay le, d ats atak t uzifre. youavbeen aear in e o-feovenbo i e atannaonly abortn dt whwod pisd. rod lilering bi hand the nio thatheoman w h the
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oronhod pisd. wn you st to thtolity dyothk guilyroifanhat vors shod lieve atn thbas wt h sd? et the iil vors makth decisn. fr , yte siatn nvvesboio iis rrleragedyotfor th born cldnd theom invoed ourea goes t everydy involv. the uwharprlife hi n'about asgning am b fli b outhsiatn d yi fd yso oiit ho a tngpeleavto lo a he a aotf op ith atth ce ep authe ise. e'reoi tlo athings li ted cz. a lking awhe thei an td uz come
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plann penoo y c y h bn ckndor, buth ia yho hasee steofces meerf thunedtesene,o's a esentialandate, d has be csisten e veroifleer t sw da iyolisteno e y e doldru tksbo this visl hisoteay prli. t emcrenikanctf clical cstlation licacaulio cdieprli ndat tonswer ur quti, wen hr d uz ta authess, he soonth ueran t asbouth isong bereettingn e puicffe, etr t atoratnalel. tt the st thingha will rone, hiis theor
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inpl do wl in t public pmary, t is e ndf inth wl lp torue t ger econ haabt11and 12ofhe ectattootfomend fobackba. th iabt su ayoca inofpotill oarfomendba a e meim wt rehe ce ou o dendcehasa y kw what w value hosty,oi tou tng d ttg in de. haishe t cz s e upr nd you llever dbthere t uzom fm t su hna t yi tme you, buthe caide you e suorngows et tskeabt ate in
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daltrp. y'reei rerd, and adrably,o'realng abo thcaide u ppt,ut its poantotodold trp shoulbeafe fr ur heawh tmp hod't u ailtoay - able s y? g. lk:ay iwi b ffeninew rkr somewhe se, bui ow the pelef scsi kn tt op d't wa t ear o u' ain a w u' ain tm, wt -- th wt hr o u e fo th iabt o ams pers a wiscoine. th ipa othreonhy tecr o iowa--onn iowa ots e et smartth don'need seby tellg atro wh mef e el. th c dth tmsve hnwod u ppt na
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umisheominee- the mee wl to y at wl't ns thd-rtornydyls swr at o tt e nmie, aft e tuesy n for d uzis tecr. itmas it aotasier r to dth. 'a n m wrdnd hav t and tt ga. i'gog wk aesto masu tt d uzinno lyer b tt ats e tuinot th iog bonofhe kemontofur t econheig w. ma: ank yo hn: h tnktoovno lker. thwe'lle righba. - r an tgornwalker . thw'lle gh ba.
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eati f ainflr x,o? t if y jt pute finiintouche . ming's portan at te ator f y.h's y u canscduli enatat nig,or othweekenifh'wh. beusyoha eug wry abo.
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i d t e atomg.r othweekenifh'wh. beusyoha eug n't dealitdisrupon gebeerntne coast bune.ele esons abt ether
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dold tru ibeg ead falyy e puic pty thereas beea osed-dr unity ssn with rpuic rtleerinasngn. acorngoheewortimes, thrnc chrm, rein iebus,ay o te ce r aetr laonip anta autheelat ngng pocs- anin ocs. oh itrp cos e noneh bune does e rn havtoet donbere the nntn? ohpethprleishe pris wt h ionrk bis alsteay t e mie beforeheonventn. in a snao wherheomehow ge or12,he is a t toalabt. abt e yt whh the lite prosss plinout ste--state
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se thathe presis firo m,y s stdas,ndherncn t aksu tt na tmp cannotlaibly cimhat he habeenunir tat, frtunghear n fon noveer rk teyeetoige t whisoi tcoroth ogm. ifru h t mostelant's, do hha aay oroethnone contl ? nin, erg as th th a gng to ke rt ataseediraedf esotetheomatn. whisorriedbo raisi ne mimu tmpou b fed out gud t. john:the e llthings the veusbalyeg srto gu o.
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we e ed to escoenon intoll sagmagei thnonee ju tincoro t cveio thnaon ptys just octn. udnly, warin a snao whe e puic niol comieewhh cis mo ctr othpres h a hu amoun overheos vol me ithwhe elti cle rk predte a pt e a tmp hnhiweek'blza o ouinhelis r e doldru cpanould ke it easr orlk e ws th hhaida shgt offed , paulendfued au mnart oweldosi tmps potionedigow--o u thk trumisosiod gh w? e wabendn
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furg t o e lete e,nd a l othem a arty ruls. e s thees, ovwhmi mory erhe nes to fhto get e degas atilbeoy t m. seernpeen wl findhaif he tso irbaotitilbe diict r um een h mes inita stro uralit tdo it. eigueioishe ith bar? jn: this ath eme o e pricbity i sony advi erybody wahi t sw gba a lok such ebg'pie abt how sal the omatn d e ris thgsoi o thwhe ocs cload so mhmyer a 'reot tainabt soh rona suaon. now lells
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eryngwill, does ste veomarneyzti lehat nodyunrsnd weren eagwhe esblishmtoesreot gog bsuectoheil of t pple. f aa ro prality ey wilnobe abltoteal e miti. ty sto wt e te y atbyta. lte iis wrd coisn. a c plmafo ce inow andlacatch ? 've fli othbas u's evabit h disns, its tough in for narto men d .
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pten wcoba, oi he ucah onve me. werelsonhead a blmberg rad. wwi brit ck ♪
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♪ hnitaseea azwe pits. a cs mpgnanerha enrresteonattery chge a daltrp i e dd oth azdete abt oron tta aboutllf thismece whito amo,
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's egilrt boil, u ve a n pce thpaioaninnsy r beieanrs andhaitig anorhi re? ph:wionn a staha haa sty ogsse tism nto adhaqute esrd, d loofis vontrs snoayo w wi ty volueefor hiar inn,hemanoev ve fohe amo rl tipath binuprts r lly, shhanocoin tm at she cabehetaarear fothaus standfo treas tngn 08 ca tu' -"ni my
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ishathsa tnge e senger ph: wdoavfeenbuie baerouthe ki pne cas r m. th dothatoo ator r r d eyreot coind h. th is a obm. : at is aut theta th is a alnge fohiary inn? gr:it is ve whiteta, whh n gd r r. sheosit by pntn 28. is is ste thatas rich hiorof likg ogresse democrs. ihanoalysot for ogssive moats. helionle t atanhano annound rur uililarvetoday. dthey tnkhey hactll a an twi ?
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crg: ty ow theame is inimal eynothpshogynd want tkeits osas poib. but,hedo notxpt towi conveel on th public se,ond um s enn d t t ste anisotertoy,ut congn moow he wl here tharah li - ese thinth is aerimrtt atfo m? des he lie thiscldlo e p twn m d d cr? cplhwa here ysgo andaythat ihean win in sconsi hcasl wnheovent totohim. ilheol a a swi d uzita pntea tr's re oosio to ump onalad. fodoldrump tco in ulnobenoh.
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edru emtoe trngtoomclr thor aesgemo tn stot doldru. sse athave d cruzas bn lkg abou e su tt the ecra e spdi t oise st coesngs e n-um ndate? atr,othe foer he w n perfoinatil tirentol. ththing oudonaldru i wrimes iovtan byed cuzberellhi azstf ppedere. cra:the azlol uf lkad, inafr lk. atasnlemdd h kd uerrfmi re jn:homuch ds e walk doemt tt? ai d'thk ia delbak.
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fotrp, he ulbe in tt ap hila teer r ekha en bett. i thinthwalkerndsement wod t veeea siifan e ve thepeer of bo fntunrsosg re wt es tateagog to neyo? il: 'a g owwn bni ihean t contue has ge hilly scare w rk te cruhatoige t me watoar t menm foaranwi stes th sm toe favorf um n york,enylvani n jerse jo: ithryyowod tnk th cld okt e atan sa ", heres e repe ta riothesblhmt. ishis a opruod?
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aig: d'thk i rftl rlibl ond um f o rsoor notherhabeenwe i wcoin u ata le w rk d iinucbeerha. th he the e inth c o,hi ia no. thy ve l oti tthw stf h a oane. jo: yu veeerein meatn e sthompso-- onheasngnpo anunceme. lkbo t tandhayo initea. oy ce nc1968 h sconsinogood f t enalomee 19 -ga ht 98 aipa oth ihang
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teda othcand. tyof tseiurnts ha kck dn veeeon thr steg. iis b ectat hh turnou ste. hamoras e ecra, a iis mbe n qtes csangs s ag it hs vod bh rts esblhmt fronruers, thgh in isase th cld be rnng ait e on rnn. jo:adoldru bbeen inew rk ai s. jo: hla cnt? crg: i d't know pl:hea jt indoldru nn bbeenewor h aotf ppt l e sat jn: tnkou d agree th cinn me lnab anru ineyo. ma: ohyeah.
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jo: pilndrg, tha y. sthfouebeusweav reig he wcoin afr ts. ♪
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♪ rkoing u n tta morebo wiscoinwisconn yk, big lwkecotyopisfr nsgoamit n trp rert. y he enalngbo this
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lwe, ty sem dismbuledy e en o isee odohe sea rm tmpomtee ve umses kwlgeha isas b wk r e . --tohep. anoed a tt yb w st aou wk. tnkhearremaing confidt out thrprpes, anwh iavspeno caai aiss,hesa readlyth ty ve al eecd w scsi th tnkt moref mu n atfotecruz, d ey wodcoiderwainaw wh ha t deges th oftepot out athis ianpeprar a ith stheasonwe or b dog ll aon inpeen. th are cfint andemn coidt.
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ty e owdgand th ts waa rtullyad we f the umcaai. chr,alabt e prraanwhthis ia etty g eng wionn? t mt poant thg'm gog to g o of thwais at yocasebende na rgaonhaporas. erpridt nceinher hacohe, d erar into be 0 ople. f we cldust swg ound a lileitth i$4apce grsrtsea efrt hewille fm e rrt veorhe foeroverno ey areoi the fm hn kach fomedru fm e peonhos t mi here whisond um he is sndg rapan.
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3 ohfo rioalsh stwh ae iluti i e ing toe sees.- ' iis cncfokacho ta aangef e rkha e taishmenhabeen doing,oascing. i lk tsobo aut ive lla longme opate o hs ennvve aotf mpgn eeondredo t cgrsial diris. a t fksn e esblhmt rethr al kp emroetngo
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12. rdlme thi w i ra pali hrellayon toorw? irentee, erod ok te ris chst thinas sign dald trp ki opreca re pridti dear. athis mont wh his hang a ffult tmeyo inyomit nto back tohat, bk chrishrtie. std,ehaseedal w more ovative. ky:itak you wde itcodbehasah liis a aserern anhr riie "he lk overe." 's changthcoerti. thewe suppod aeaat mo t- reves eaie ra, d ise
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cod jt ttg r ck inheix i anosure tth w a toh lly ecaai whh s loofallad mos tirlees et me k u this aitn to h o you a ing toewahi kican ew hnher po ow th lsu iwionn. dyohave aenfhath si a cws camig a inngs ey okeyond iscons a nyo? ty owha nnlvias ug furainisbvus a ver g thin
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its relyntesng ffenthg. en op w pblly sy eyreor johashha to mth ty y fewell t r d uz- ryel teoredru ut it m hesays tt osofs o e inhi ou ts tiru ou el respoibity. fl iimraveo t sobo o n trulchlenge thidea oinitabily r doldru." thn,hen th tth nvti,th s ty ul fhtg for hnasich,ho they bie will a roer ide.eltion n his ishease ofla t ayn e meo atheit ge tthcoenonift ntte ty llooat the he-to-he a it malo likee the sonst caide bt lly
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clto haisinofhelarit no eha g ailngudnc ren scsi gotm goingo the nt of thclic uvee. willeeholyanju a lileit hi you bh,e wille gh ck
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♪ ♪ mquti f y iwh n e ek? czuno ihi t
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wo f s wifes inife d t toond trp,hoad sinof onrsio-trg ntveie thweere , the tt for d uz. ndsalyour 26 mi uonlobe wt, coy johon we'relso onloberg twi spiaweenedio "wh l e spt. inforti.f --h's loof infmaon. hn we lo lon olid mk: yora ♪
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♪ >>brlit ea per b hydai mors ♪ naat: e ntporyrt rlis vibntnd boongs ner fo. 's a stenturyhemenon, a ob iusy i o rit. "bllntde" okathe arstatheea oth, ti wh e poweto toshchallee,nd surpri. ts ogm,eworbad albasa. ♪


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