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tv   Bloomberg West  Bloomberg  April 1, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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co:'m ryohon andhi "blooerwest." ming upblkbryaingo em theidas sal othe drd-wed arho unrwlmnvto. weilask c.o.ohn ch i hiphone siss is as ustea thki t frtrtu saty. cath c dveon-lin tea ck intthblack? wl breaitown. coore ssinapslk is ath $0 lln. wl okt y e arof w tstaup eptang mo meyveasheouer saysheomnyoenone . a amic turofvents ackber or e stwo yes. fi yrs agoweere tain aboublkbryitov $0 miioanalevue da tt jt er $2 millio e late enings po ow c.ojo cn atn
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--ohch'beon hds n pinof al selaut wh hn chen a aed wheert can ve hnits ecio hh-d. its serendidho. i ink thmaet is ftn th highndid gedictlyee to reo the terise sli t cpaesheels d tohearer he t nehawe i e lastuaer whewehould ha. th ithmar rtf e soti. wereroblgog he okt r icg lile bit. th igog bsothg wi din wk or s ixyotaedbo t caie. spnt didotarry t pv d rin meat th'wh y we fein . smsheherionhe re ithm-tlopred phe cayogi se eaf at that mhte? jo: a wki ootr
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vis, pne e stard th a vy gh-end onwi pv. were problgoing nd mep thmo oa dd raedho tcoetinhe spe. th iprab aigr rk erall,o are lki to do that ao. atasroblwhe e zz wacongro al: u saidheoawato se 3ilonni. ta aooathicht. thishs whatoubreaken is its e ere llg ic veusowanphesou excto ll rit ou he t 3 lln it th wldelfoabt 00 asouo wnhevege sellinpre, youavto sel atanmo pne jo: s. i inwhat ial havinan ffect iti bie pplwh boughtrilike t pne a lo stl edo ntueo cuonhamaet segnt
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it mayava osveefct if srtovg e drge on imit lpheigr d onal. , erara up othgs we cou py withndork th ialve rsobl al: idfr t cri a aside ommae vi dn e pre al w trenyin undameal at ise th the pr that u edo x? hnweavtopgdehe erinsyem wche e plni tdo heth tt,he a n major,langroem iju tt nd g thprucoutoorofhe ghti othcuom be. ixaryowoieabt y mainroons u go? hnyoalysavtoor outh. e ndt sisss ve mpite siss e rg ds erode. pring prsus are er wldalceitvomend
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ograph eansion weuslach janas ek a aut to un in meco next wk. sothe e ilmo uniecongnle. 'm pi becau t produ itlfs ve gatpruc athrghhapres w t reand mo pple bung thpruc al: vislloerer uroaiso drivho profabity wi stware. veouadonrsio aut seinyo hdware siss in oer to nd morgrowthn your stwe busiss johnasonas c me newi t hdwe bune, we he lot of owowweavque biof wha aeanae an as lonas can me ney, i d't te tse t rdwareusess. e ftwareusess, ayo ind t,s hi-gwt sissors w. ixit is. m& assumg at mea oth tt mas t tab t exndwh aasn ftre y fl erarga y
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edo ll jo: are imuiple aas softwe. l l, it aut a colelyece bi mmicio ptfm. weo secu vce, te, ta, meagg,ndo rt e of t aase e loof pontlsn are ofsional seices a surity. we me smart cion at e benng the yr do th toelcoans d gornmenttoonitornd ale res,yb sury that decngt, evting i are srtg to dth. e t morre t coanhado well t car dury. pvi aotf ftre mponen f the cneed ca. weava anth ith ad ithmaet th aa'm intoryo add mo iestmeninin the ne 1mohs ixmyasquti, taki itacto blabey' sissthla f yrshe estions ll blabey ll itlfr n me oit
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n? unr atirmsnc wld u stilbepen toelng jo: c me oouow we gere cash weavcash ithbank. we hava ragy were exeti tit memethe e mpinhe ro le thhearar the e not vaating thgs. weilgewe. eriso obm withha aubc mpy fir, i have seed theshehde. its outhrern numbeontask rhtow is tgethcoanwe a g thsowa min tly flti oouvae. the aetrcoinio -- ithe is aetr coinioth wldivou shehders bterern i eris a cbition dth, have tlieno . ryth w bckrrc.o. johnheanal sel r ren e tu o acer, wa tbrg seor aalt hn butr,ho
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ve ts mpy lli believ eshireest otr tbk thisuaer? thcoanseedo ve meumn reinshnkg sas. >>y nsis attasot a eaqutefoblkberry. i inth we peinmu tt thingouof theanet disn. th he nephe ll t pv, wich isblkbr's rsandroibad smarphe. frkl even hahi for atne- ghoporha e. i out had bn ars omg,hath ndeoak changen rms ofhe operatg st othphes lncd stovbe wwe ithfit ll quteofal tre h t ssehewe going too bett a i reay tnk atheomnyadheam nsasel thk erwadippntnt the. or wy ket l ts pot?
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asset e ybrd th bg thinfoblkbry isheha aho pti o e sissabt1/ofhe buness cesrom wh a ld rve ce fs. f u ve bckrranyo esi tirece ob twk sve, u y .eo e th tt t sure-ilha e vellse ihi, someoi in th stife wk t bins rl aisoi ay. fnk, op jt n'wa p f tt. wi 1/3fheuses riinangog zero er te,i ink thon is on blkberryo ke the ndt disi alet ab ino pfible, trelyorfo emnduyheimto bui the stwe sidef e bune. frank,th'where e owth a wrehe furli. enreallyuily,
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y tnkhath spw fr ts mpte? itounds keheyc't eyantoetho nnti fs. >> ty n'st away omhe bune. i inth are i aosio erth al nd ce ouwi me vis atre androibad, in e peha eora w tmwi rena tt e few o em wilrenate. co:hkyo atinso mice, rertlyee ay om fingor banupy -- tcngeso rordl ekaw fmfing for baruptcy oth cpa iisufri gatoes. -ng upbowhese boxehesale. ♪
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r the adf ie's ruli milphe vion iseangerobft ls th aear, aorng to op famiarwithe maer e o oth ght-nkg meinhe ch dury tespt rehaa ca ying t gein phone a rddarreom as iserniis cle becomg a supperor thephe. isatt unrings k' tal fuin -- eodesa that acdo none i bh risi luatio a helpf crti tl rlung le ay omooe d fabo. coso's
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siss parer ro - rtrii arin prs. riencentlyosa -- lucti partnsh wi oso. hee withe om neworto brk wnhide ibod' foundean ceo. tak outh dl thmex. ar wwrg dp co mpison wn ur buses s cpasotococos wel? >> wereerysilabuwe deveig tyo drsp. at cret rd dat d our pil moapc,e , wbo a e mograpc your tritionacoco sopr, so don'reallyakshare om th. n termofhe conme it is prty clo ites t feng rywh ds exo ll
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i'cuou here a smany ierti ymtcoans,o nyma mpieouthe. jt wond wt you t t ofam tt u d t t t ofomnels exavrelyto t stf time you lk their siss- asgood t eibune, t,f u ok athathey he ne -- co: d tirha pce asel it g oiterat ithe ocs. >>fouooatheistoryf amexheth we tnsrmatio--ranspoatn coanov aunedea gofit theyidhat, tn they d tvers cec, en th me bi bt into trel'he -in cdi rd gesis oou laonipnonessilon daonth wwe gngo otr st. t se o oergs nother5 20 yes,e woul pttnreinadti tirorol.
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co: i snd lkelloure sangs hearol" ad 'm l r at uthaspifal iitha eyo pmes atou li? doihe chlogyth a th expssheou b iis thdegrhiofoutyca exarolr. a lomo premi, lot mo yatoheca, d ready i to a yi -- uyg lk tug iwaa eat mah for us ry: erdoouuystd nowi t gwtofou siss h's urexgrthat rd? erdoou staninhat gwt i thout we owg aecent ipntil y hr abt anotr 00ilon rod. weusaed10miio lls. i's si othtis en $100biion isuca smal rou -weusaised$1 miio i sh si othtis wn $100iioisuca sml rnd
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u vesesuccesul retails ameri gw afte o arr so. al kpi o e oth ngerba iwh warup toow s'doouav no d w nyilyoha a ye fm now? thghweer ginal sobas. hione ki o crv he abt 00s's nw. wereev gngo t erhi storebuyou wi ver seus to0,0, 3000 a yea iwould oc m i werelo t1000ro we wi he re u' b we ha tbediipne bau therarvery gd erythi sreuthere. weo meindiffert. cory:how doouece at ki othgso d? wn ere waa int inwhh coo sus - ctcwa stoongo d gg tike,thgsikdion,
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wahe tngth hpege e averepend u t ch rest - wo u ci wt tsth s's? itepds on e ckd, wh pplarsechg r, alth duryatth w have simplwa we tran stanbendve sgl su at we ll weo't llnyinth w don' ke wwodnt ed tourwnamies orse oursels. e ghgontthbier tict dmo ims u n lyeerothwat u bumyan aein wiion cy:'gl. i am, oo e uld ha lkedtoo tc. anyove mu. xt abuybiecsttu ominpaleld stg. ♪
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wo. sooon sre wn2% in tehours wi that po fmnbth ugstth mhtilfo bankrucyn the mi weeks 1-geon tras, repor fdshafaur tme ll ncy--o etuaty coro asuresndnqlied peonl ontions t lab reo ve tt ey opdi pie hlt theran ss the w ocur e w pce than is al tcking ne aenr,rothheart
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oth bto itasackingro novti thhaa an haprisedo vep a aiesldxtction. cabehowhodiffict toakneteintechnogi bothaiess anpritable nnblmfldisedhe coany tohe out t dice. d u t- w do ty it? dohey pckth fing? >> fgeriscabeaiy pafu eyava tt tng ou isig eyutt torearm t oo aersml miondle do d u, ic crte nyncions, d there aacuum ats suos to sup e oo wk.esdino th oy t % wt ey
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clm eyrebltoexac ry'm biwi. amlrdyhuing ju aring outh,miondl rang acrs dtoid. d hu? di:t al d n ht. itelli a ta mbe ty in omri itonyeee exriencei veaditas mu ls inl. it belfe a ssaont al tk whe auay aw outh bod. ke i sd,thfit stid nowo. thsendesdievtuly et morth 100mioler icishath cimhe e leo trt d pi pel. f teaspo, tinymot of bod t'onheowndf at t bices rui. iss a's al dfent abt ven ces an -- veh nsth theras.
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eross yi tchgehe alic sysm. en itrngo ke th pnls devi jt d ou tdonees it'on gngo te f 3thgsev ls th tt? do: eyla tt e p dire testh were nen --es tt reonin01 u n wh ou10 crits,hi iwh ty aitor. d n wk aay bu the ia you c done ne co: res pbl wh thnoonf erosndhe uy ith i uggest bcp qst agsts, these ltillionolr coans e mew liou wt tesorun a st oro't vehequme t n es es ia alay ich ses diculo tme cae thf emre enmolycoliteogisti
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d chlo cpaes they e ying y c impre t thnog jt liiec, thru tt bi pharoe' spctis invte u vema tngth c keigmpvent iss a decehat mae e orla ce aybe a es or bcpsou wt y. hecachgehero e. co: ryntesng testg mpy,neo ep an ee . be dogyowi this f u theriso y'm ttg miondl aosmyhode nii edoroualm. co: u d. we priatet. -rangn rervio for t me afrdle de3,uthe' lo rd eabeforehe
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hit e rket. ♪
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co:pr fl' d, very siss day--anro d rjonast bomrgewrert ax wb lyelfoone toy. alx: theomtitionveth -- heewortis. thy noceth we in sp eicrswd,nd fellor it. co: ibelievth richa anson ulchgehelo. e unwere setng to e. ex: i's kindf kehe maetguner csi i nai
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bui's eaadrtinfo em rychk t atooe' pache liryerce-- thghitasilio. >>ooedxpssas alws been aoudevengeoe tng-- og eprs has alys beeabt deliri op t tngth nd om thpleshelo. >>urse a csttl coneedroplinanorder, torackineler tth me ty tcanrder o the s. cory: cnothk aetr watoetthaangt fa fm esk le ift gesvemy had, i'up uny gumtre ryif gs me fstyou e fe. tht vislwamoin az a tirotn ofro lirywhh are w iv.ka so took dierent prch, yi to pu uthr tag. the s grtomearn
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t 10'th se op thout s fictn, "ghoststs,"an demonsat that ieists rebltoaprehos. al:'veeeit ia scatg cunty, asou calit hesathis n dicomg ly5. t n iraonf is domearwi aeme st is alsongwh incenlly, jy . co:l's kelo. >>so corpoti annoued today atfter 3yes sechndolboti wh tw dto, h scefuy evop t ptopa. ary:o nay,etix -- weme, awom aweso,with jo stamotang ovenelix thomearabt a hun bng fe ke it - ra ohoywd
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in." le is uphe with splbg, caio ry ax bbroblmbg ne, anyove mh. "bomrges"onnu aer th. ♪ urningotea, ey ves eifit ime e de3,ratea meinli i bri0cainnd t ecicasmaet hies ana g shf stomerto place de. tetsd "mod3 decot 198,0. romndrdinso ashe wa te gwi rid." sayi h '
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awtrk temd. ulsai tla wlden grsi ber t cre lve did u last gh ast rer aa -in a. >> iwatcheitnle. itas meahes ofens. threasomuleesgi. itas difre from e her unes. ryli istteonti foexpl a's e rst onth has ertartedn me. a's bide. >> think e ing th sck outoe s,ounoel lka t ouspd a te rsthg tkeabt s 60whh, --saty wic i out,aserinrein th c ibeg tcd
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$3000, aa mily ms-rket r. w ierti tmehahe dopledthludicrsspd elenofhehole tin co: telllucrs spd. th he seinonheod dea i"licus >> h d say tt isne wod veasrod to i buhes tcnghiasuc ref falyca somein to rla an adir w-3 ri. co: d tk ou liabily ises d gsttalkinabt peor- he d es lkg oueou liily su ttupon y hecaak, ulha ethfrt gef newaps. >> hobouy did t brg th uhe. l's arwi tfact tt this inoactual a produconaret ryh ia nddeod, futiing, tug
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iaw febk desoon otorhe ione. peop wetangt r pi stig. itilbe lireti, e erlstla nt ar ge ri sle- y i lan said"'m et cta sulco o le xt yer. co:heaseeslpi o atveth mnt, tcng thda spp a sid the da sp ad l. wsaanxeti p 01 anweerthdetrk at ome sd wouldote u -itou n bou tifo yarfr tay s itrngo ll off sothing et increbl hee,ndha $50stk ic pes tm ttg ght. ryhr ily me rs athilel anthwill ha an enre dfentev ofprucont coanth esotave a t ca,
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burng rough ar $900 miion inreca fowhe la yr. elonusk ss ey wilnogo toheapalartso is ne amth jt g tremohs ofasbu iesi. ngs eyaneeth ndf ho porder hype ocs goinonmaybe at will hp em. t age,he ceerus ca bn poblems trearlo of anys out treayg eyilprab veo se ndf pil i aso pntbu for owth a sinth d' edo. co: ionr o ulrae t. ay t se analts- ia: cod t possly come. d'ev know y u e gog er ry amdeinkns ate isalngbo. ourascoenryecon. p,e ulcah
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thheeaofooe ., rmlyooeventur s'foet to nento di1." ♪
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co:th wk "ud.0 ilchg tsownwi bl mis. g- ll mri v i rll ings cud itrngo te ma life elyskhomu pgrs has be made. bill: it's t so mh out
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teinli. iyosethgoal, wt to ld othmoon, t u star sayin b wea't ndn th onyoprab wl ner t er e eaf teinli i me autamy vef viro, aly lfe, gemo lifeutf our yrsndor arouof fe emilyinerms oacal pgrs,he a y? id't keroes iesinomni tt e rk a ae to dvep dinoicno t hanene pje tk arnd4biioor5 biiotoeqncongeme now u n do tt an ur aacnehafi oon bl owouanoo at t gome d nd plas ere weee errs. thdinoic cos rst an e erieco aerha a minto cpawhe
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puicomnyhawe inst i10- itis --in n, is a crpeen ing chlo. fe arag t ia tt coanwaha t th, t th coulde compan i inthgsilmo vy quklno-- i he -in y ate llavtrtmt for thgshat seed ureab bor emily:ivg to 1 i possle a's e al y a gngo y e on. a00 5? ill: i y look ou the rlorveinanrais od,hi aa t wld lin ll, gatt diupon notion, inntn,or tt e erused l opeleet tid hri authe thgoal tt would t t don't ha tdoit tse rd it h tdo witdiributi. e ct thatinhis cotr if y a a whi me,ou ere fexptay mbe
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77 f u ven stn aic yo le pean ii, o50 r m the alngi ul t out dtributn our isng tecolies, wche cadood. e ven delit disees manyfho wcacu o re o pve rhtow e cthawere nomang asucefrto tt iou -- to y wcod doleisps this uny bynainoufier y wod y shouldohat. cld doue fans ls oflas sty stbuting wh we aladhave -weould ub feanin l o ac jt dtrut i ate rey ve il treavbe a hdr b theyrtmts ha all fle wherdoouee t eahroughapni i e-lad see? ill: erare op snding
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thr enti ceers min tu lelendorngn la tdelop eatmenfo someinthat hbe uneabl tt lle wifohuni enhahaen w ven undetaing of hoaleir' dels d w alne gerave- w l owado geriv aleudeneti deas, bo? seesom aut w oy 30go weado anbiics. u t dias yr et sdey, youet dea, u ta ail y le. th'ki oa racle. mi: unti m se- untimeci ia mpy n bke woin rsaled canr eatmen me sayhe is stl ab pdu. wh a t cnc o foundaoninding ce for anr?
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l: ene veedth men pch aerhepihe wal look aeach oernd tug, ith en ssle was wl e chlo g er athey ardog now s poib athti ty und e mpy. e ogssheha me date isoemarkae is mpte uerpriad a loofeoe. mae enheart. eyreed dgntito nopeums tt ey coulhe physianpick t be tatntodit sthat wartreati yr caer we allid longnoh, we wi all g cce wcatrt ur canr,ot wh w the gd andardor thgerifo owh w ll luncaer becset pps binoulus. th ia gete llhale ta re eyayhe ia cureor cancer isar decon so,t aigte
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i wi tl you erare pies ive whwod not ale t r e unti o dicinees. th irelyomllg. ry tt s ilar o - f crs g d, emy an n'foetyocaacssll ofstudio 1.0" teie b headg bloomrgom or wnadheodst ming u th rushg snag e xtat oh- vas ♪
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co:thtech wldobin rdo an t hb sa - to fo t hb sa ogm. wwi de tohyhear sompta f t gwtof sicovaey il -he the uwi
11:49 pm
atth unrf- iss contveial, a n storeoe o n'an and't expeen these vsa . when he esvis ense bt d enavth bn uswoe? yocaay anhi you wt on. oofheor ce scars ateoe y visaars en h-1 usedo inov ixpsi mafaurg bsr both uld otrwe go tamican rks. be ce enioth wre iwhe e techob is cung its fos,s bil tori itant, ild peop, rkers o n coriteo escoans th a ridly tinto sta innovaven glalcomy ryiner owho isetng s,hib mpie h's w wksthcoan
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iget topp for t wker eyant. gut:t aosthbod. evernes tryio plfo em veonisppinfoth ying ttainto t gbal le pl. rereom ocngumrs r u. la yr, 25000eople pld r saanofho, on 600we ard. lynen uris is acally ard. orecoly mpie iis aame. th smiall the apicatio iorr jt gea w. co: e t tngi ve hb'mit iue many mpies, b mt of emre capreby f mpie es tt bau ty e apyi. corywh are tseompani? es y c nroth o. f asicovalleys concerd. fabo idenilypplyin r loof-1vis. lied. th a lbyg rdorhe -1i beingefmeinom
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y,heerhaisncasg thnuerf visaaltted i given arr evenreing nevis wl. keornirsy udts th a cinouofthe grt ivsitiesli stfo o beel, thenhe are oud - rythwa dneca i faus eoe,of25 t. th u hb sato filso of tseobs. es tt pt t oar fo tt edto haen ry: onrerm youanto see inla? es fsts wod elimine e cap. ryasanashewant, ey can ha. gut:e edo arto emasinthtenogy and thadvanc drees tt e relyntdefothh- sao inov he. e ia ear in co:ae e r h
11:52 pm
vaedheecoly il he b bt opent upo yone w cnoribute thr il tt e odor thcoan es isotusgo f e mpy,oofoth ony. ouabitto ay i a oblyrin ony is ucl. co: ank yove much. alysootoeeou inhis da th hior applwafounde a t s and ncjo a woznk re worngoghe e ggt an mhte o is runnghe sho oomberhathe sty. ♪ > e mef anti fm evjo aleerf pl ico w ahaed me. ry clo this owdeh, he ido m oki n'wa u er ask atould sve joo i wanyoto do at is rig. ret . nef e ni attrite
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sveobwod ere le --veha bn leo ve be h inobeaer -- r t splchn m ok bui. threa't chf suly chn en he ard. ape de a l oit odts tico bano selen azing aiof supie, ape uldelyntra with essulis,oi way prer ndamenl chnoloeso that th wlde e rsinin g tm and theyould b deo e anrdpp want. thcoinioga alen adnte ato isayo otr econs mpy s --ndts rdo age anyonevecould. >>he app wchs e st vaedimie cat. to sa o cook s't me out wi aamazin oubrki pdu le evjo, e clime n' ady foth to haen ings le e ho, e od
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wre the podtofhe rit mome wn memo bam afrdlepresrsece more ergefficit. i ulare ghnowere lileitn beeethat b men. he rai the oy en mosexu c of a rte 500 coan wchee sckg bui's ue s n ivy s cong tighed t need ntbu ta isg torae. heee tha mednt her ars well. h bn ryoc oth pe oprac heas madthcompan vy vinmtay respsie. sd a tintoea e rlbeerorur chdr than w for u ifou arnointereedn us inth, uhod t t ofurto.
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