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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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♪ john: welcome boys and girls and political children of all ages to the best of "all do respect." hillary enjoys what looks to be a sizable convention bump. donald trump had a rougher week. controversies ranging from his battle with a gold star family to his refusal to back prominent republicans running for reelection. a new batch of national and state polls suggest that new cycle after betty cycle finally caught up to the republican nominee. a new national survey once again shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by double digits. this one is from -- it shows clinton leading trump up 15
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points, 48%-33%. up in that poll by 10 points. clinton and the fox poll no longer trails on compete trace on who is more honest and trustworthy. the trend is not just national, but in four new key state polls that says trump has mentioned as key to his victory vision. donald trump: we have a lot of states in play. they will degrade in michigan. they will be great in pennsylvania. in new hampshire on leading by a lot. and i'm going to win in florida. john: how is trump actually doing those things? one has wanted up by six points in florida. wbor has her up by 17 in new
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hampshire. a poll by frank brandon marshall says 11 points in pennsylvania. in michigan, clinton is beating trump by 10 points according to a detroit news survey. michigan is not a must win state for trump, but this could foreshadow some real problems for trump in the midwest, the rust belt and other states with large suburban populations. only 65% of strong republicans in michigan are supporting the party's nominee. that is most prominent in the servers around detroit. libertarian candidate gary johnson is pulling 16% of all republican votes, more than double what is getting statewide. this comes almost entirely from trump defections and driven largely by white republican men. similar thing happening in
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western michigan as well. mark, we like to say the polls are always snapshots. and these are really bad polls for donald trump. how that are the? mark: polls are just a snapshot. this is a snapshot of a severed arm. the arm is off. they will have to put the arm back on. the only good news for trump in these is that it's a wake-up call for him to change his ways. he loves polls, talks about them all the time. you can't be in denial now. you can then ounce one or two is being off, but this is a body of polling data that is derivative of the direct result of his poor performance. and the successful democratic convention we have august to fix it. >> there was a big lesson here. you will get a bump coming out of your convention. in combination, on the opposite side craters in light of historically horrible ways at the same time your opponent is rising. i think the problem for trump is these numbers can now. log in for a long time he might not be able to move these numbers and it appreciable way until the first of 82 months away, more than a month away. these are bad, and they are not just bad. the national number shows his
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score is lower than we thought, but state polls and the attributes were trump had a lead on clinton. she has closed the gap are overtaken and a lot of them and i would be freaking out if i was the trunk campaign. mark: and they have money now. do you really want to spend money on august advertising to try to fix her poll numbers in august? john: while everyone is watching the limits? probably not. mark: it has given the never trumpers a big i told you so moment to say this guy is bad news for the whole party. you can't assume he will give polling numbers good anytime soon. john: and it's freaking everyone out. mark: last 24 hours of broad reports of republican discord, including to congressman who are the latest to distance themselves and their parties standardbearer. adam kinzinger told cnn after last week he doesn't think he can support trump november.
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mike coffman is not running a tv ad vowing if he wins reelection he will stand up to trump if he is president. trump's team is fighting back. paul manafort was on cbs this morning and he tried for the second day in a row to move his campaign, for the perception of the campaign back on track. >> we are comfortable about where we are. well we are not comfortable with is the narrative that the media seems to be taking, which is building a story line that the democrats are controlling the race. of whole numbers were expected. in two weeks we think they'll even out if we are on message. he will support paul ryan, he does support paul ryan. he says he will work with paul ryan. there is no issue about that. he did take a position in the primary.
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he is not taking a position in many primaries. that is not the news. the news is that working together to elect a republican congress and a republican president and i think you will see that. john: paul ryan, speaker of the house in a radio interview in green bay, despite trump's refusal to endorse him stood by the nominee. paul ryan: the only endorsement i want are those of my own employers in the first congressional district. that is really what my focus is. i said at that time and ever since then if i see a situation where our conservative principles are being distorted, i will center for those
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conservative principles. none of these are ever a blank check. that goes for any situation in any kind of race. john: that's a little honest the ryan will be supportive. in virginia beach, trump's number one defender, mike pence, who broke with him, sided with trump saying the ryan thing was based on his friendship. another new cycle has come and gone. where do you think stand between trump and the republican party? john: i will say something maybe controversial in the context of this discussion given how horrible many of the last few days for trump are, you could say it was not a terrible day. the polling numbers i think are going to hit like a ton of bricks from republicans who, at the interest discussion, were already freaking out. now the are seeing maybe the signs at the bottom is falling out. i don't think any will listen the paul manafort and say i think we will be back on message soon. trump to be bottoming out in the low 30's, that's a bad day for trump it will not do anything to help him stitch the party back together. mark: a lot of republicans look
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at the fox news mantra that the polls are all crooked. look at the crowds. look out that hillary clinton is. they are donors helping trump who are quietly not helping trump, working on some of them getting on this program. there are politicians who were now strategizing with their staffs to say how to get untangled from trump. mike coffman will be the only want to do this. and mike pence patching things up. trump will show more discipline. let's talk later about how much that means. right now nothing matters with the party as much as the polls. the polls are poison. john: they are about self-interest. i would say please, republicans, do not talk about crooked polls and how the polls -- remember 2012? you said all that stuff then. you were disastrously wrong. when we come back, you don't want to miss our interview with two trumpers, including the national spokesperson katrina pearson on the show.
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that is next. ♪
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♪ >> joining us now to talk about donald trump's weekend is campaign national spokesperson katrina pearson live from dallas. and morse epstein, welcome to you both. katrina, thank you for joining us. we want to do on the show for a long time. how do you feel about the totality of what donald trump has said? as a person? katrina: i feel that this is something i've been expecting,
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just being on the grassroots side of the republican party for a long time. this election was going to be rough and tough and i fully expected the democrats to do it they do best, that is to politicize everything. >> if i could just ask you to focus on what i asked you. how do you feel about mr. trump -- katrina: that is how i feel. >> you commented on the media, not about what he said. katrina: every time i go in a tv show it is to correct the record or to explain something a journalist with the democrats are taken out of context. if you're asking me how i feel, i feel donald trump is not your typical politician and does what he always does. he defends himself an attack. the media and the democrats are not used to a republican who has a backbone that is going to fight back. mark: i appreciate all your saying. i left one more time, how do you feel about as a person about mr. trump said about the khan's?
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katrina:. he has been defending himself like he always has mark: what you feel? morris: i was fine with what he said. let's start with this. i myself, the trump campaign, katrina and mr. trump have the other was respect for captain khan, for his parents, for their loss, for their sacrifice. mark: would it be better if you decide that in the initial comments? boris: he is someone who is attacked by mr. khan. it was a bipartisan speech. he was at the dnc. it was a partisan affair. he spoke in a partisan way. it was an attacking speech. donald trump reacted to the speech. some of the comments directed to george stephanopoulos, i am time of what he said. john: veterans, republican veterans, democratic veterans have come out and said this guy
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paid ultimate price defending his country. his parents have the right to say what they want. you say what to those veterans of both parties who are deeply and profoundly offended by what mr. trump said? boris: they, like mr. trump, have the right to their opinion. i happen to disagree. i think goldstar parents do deserve upmost respect, absolute respect. but do they get to say whatever they want? john: you are saying it's wrong to be offended? boris: who says that? john: the veterans group. boris: mr. trump has the right to be offended by thing said about him. taking the comments -- mark: one of mr. trump's close confidant is roger stone. he has accused mr. khan of being part of a radical muslim group tied to the egyptian muslim brotherhood. he now tweeted he is correct in the record saying that is not true, the association with the
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saudi jihadi and a 9/11 funder. do you want to associate yourself with those accusations of roger stone or do you have a responsive at? katrina: you'll have to ask roger stone. he is not a part of the campaign and i don't represent him. you will take that up with mr. stone. mark: you have no comment on somebody doing that, even from the context -- katrina: i don't know what roger stone is talking about so you will have to talk to him about that. i can't sit here and try to tell you something i know nothing about. although i do appreciate the efforts to try to tie him to the campaign. i say again, roger stone is not a part of the campaign and you will need to talk to him. john: do you consider the matter with the khans to be over and done with? katrina: i do, absolutely.
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mr. trump responded after the speech. it was mr. khan who did the tv shows and mr. trump responded again. mr. trump made clear he had nothing to do with the death of mr. khan's son who is definitely a war hero. it's disconcerting on why this attack was even lodged at mr. trump, considering mr. trump had nothing to do with the iraq war. hillary clinton voted for it and she didn't support the troop surge, and then wanted to go to afghanistan. and the failures in libya. donald trump had nothing to do with that man's son. mark: when you think is going on with mr. trump's comments about the debate schedule? boris: if you look at the schedule, two debates are scheduled. i don't know if you are fans were not. it is worrying that some folks
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may not be watching the debates. we want as many people as possible to watch the debates. you saw what happened at the democratic primary with the e-mails. they tried to put the debates on christmas eve, new year's day. something to that effect. we want to make sure the same thing doesn't happen in the presidential debate. john: do you think he is fully committed to doing three debates that have become the standard for the presidential candidates? boris: that is what i understand. that is what i understand and i think the issue here really is about the dates of the debates in the ether they maximize the amount of viewership, and minimize as the democrats did in their primary with hillary hurting bernie sanders in that way. >> is not i the ballgame, national holiday, not monday october with there is nothing that doesn't conflict with this.
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what you guys propose to do about the problem? boris: the negotiations are ongoing. they just only to have them on nfl football days. tuesdays and wednesdays, i understand there are playoffs, which are not historically as widely viewed as sunday night and monday night games. >> i know you're long minute critic of the press are being liberally biased. the thing hillary clinton is getting easier coverts and mr. trump. what is your clearest example of that? katrina: i do think hillary clinton has got some passes. we do hear occasionally when she goes on television and lies again about the e-mail scandal in benghazi, but we don't see with mrs. clinton one sentence pulled completely out of context in a headline created around that to this day i have nothing anyone in the media correct the record with regard to esther trump's immigration ban on muslims. the media has proposed his ban was for all muslims, including u.s. citizens which was not the case. it was always in contact with immigration and always in the
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context of being temporary until he can figure out who the individuals were coming into this country. that is just an example. mark: initially it wasn't clear, but now it seems to have shifted to being a policy having to do with countries rather than all muslims. and yet the candidate himself is never enunciated that in a policy. is that unambiguously the policy of the campaign? not a ban on muslims but a ban on people from countries were there seems to be problems? and why does the candidate sent that way? katrina: it was a refined message considering. if you go to the website and look at her his policy, you will find that. he does talk about the
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clarification because the media is not reporting the correct policy position for mr. trump. >> what was the reason of the change to go from a ban on muslims, a temporary ban to immigration from certain countries? katrina: the media never reported it as an immigration policy. the media continued to report it as a flat out ban on all muslims. >> eventually it was reported there was a temporary ban on all muslims immigrating to the country. it was then switched apparently to a ban on people from certain countries. what was the reason that's the rationale for the change? katrina: it's a matter of national security. again, the original ban was temporary until we can figure out what has gone on. since then fbi director, he said we cannot vet these individuals are certain areas. cia has confirmed. mr. trump one of the clarify it
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will be from those nations were potential terrorists could come into the country. >> katrina pearson, great to have you on the program finally. katrina: great to be here. >> boris, thank you for coming in. we will be back with dueling strategies from both sides of the aisle. ♪
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♪ >> joining us from washington, d.c. is cofounder of purple strategies, steve mcmahon. and a republican strategist for marco rubio's campaign works at firehouse strategies, alex, you first. how bad is this trump conversation with the khans. what can he do to fix it? alex: it is bad but it's also in the moment no we have 99 days to go. i don't a lot of people will recover this moment three months from now.
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i think it's endemic of a larger message. they don't need to be talking about this, russia, or how gdp numbers given a friday were awful. how the state that matter, ohio and pennsylvania, unemployment is not where it should be. they need to be talking about the economy and trump is talking about anything but the economy. as a republican strategist and wants to see republicans do well, when he the top of the ticket talking about the economy and messages the work for us. what he has been talking about is not working. >> steve, i bet you will not agree as well beyond voters minds?
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alex: one thing the trunk campaign is good at is extending up that story into three or four or five days. we have 99 days left. every day you lose is a big opportunity. alex is right. this is a campaign that seems to have no message, no discipline, and a candidate that doesn't know the ukrainians -- the russians are in crimea and so many other things. it's not a good day to be a trump supporter. john: we've been very hard on trump for all the obvious reasons over this khan thing. if this goes on for days and days and the khans he doing interviews, it will look like democrats are trying to milk this controversy, or there is a risk of that. how does the clinton campaign avoid making it look like it is overly politicizing something that shouldn't be politicized and donald trump caused this by politicizing it himself. is there a risk for themselves, the democrats? alex: i don't see any evidence of the clinton campaign is --
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you have the khans going out there in saint donald trump to get his facts straight. he should chill out. the trump campaign manager donald trump himself are continuing to attack. they are walking themselves into this hole and complaining they are in the hole they are in. i don't see any for dissipation from the clinton campaign. you are right if that were true or evident, it could be a problem. right now is the trump campaign manager itself. mark: it'salso between the primary election in the general election. steve: it started last thursday and it would hillary clinton took the nomination. in the primary election, i think trump can bulldoze through these controversies because there is not enough opposition to sustain the spotlight on this, on any particular incident.
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now we are in the general election you do see the dnc and the clinton campaign and the senate candidates coming under pressure to comment on this from reporters, their opposition, democratic operatives, people like yourselves. that is the difference now. john: if i could, i think alex is right. there was one more element that seems to be present that wasn't during the campaign. it is easy for donald trump and it's only 20 or 25 reporters covering his campaign to bamboozle through them. you have everyone in the world, every reporter and journals in the world paying attention to this. you can't bully every reporter in the world. he's finding that out. john: we are all hearing trumps a controversial things, now this. we all say maybe this won't be the thing that kills him. as we get closer to election day and more of the available voters focus on this, is there a chance something like this, whether it's this or something that follows, will it be a moment were suddenly it really is the thing that finally does him in? alex: he is right around 40% in every single poll and he has been for months.
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the good news for him is that that 40% i don't think is likely to go. he said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and a 40% is not going anywhere. 40% is not going to be hillary clinton when you look at the electoral map. how does he go to the 45% he needs, at least it is going to be competitive and win in november. the statements taken off messagt least if he is going to be competitive in november. i think he should want as many debates as he wants. mark: should hillary clinton the green party and libertarian on the same stage or one-on-one with trump? standard here for others to meet. but i think they deserve to be on stage. thehey don't, they should
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one-on-one. that is what hillary clinton should want and she will be great at it. juste mistake he made was get the debate on the night of the iowa caucuses. john: gene sperling talks about the complicated issue for the democratic nominee, tpp. ♪
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john: joining us now is jean stirling -- gene sperling. about theng to talk campaign momentarily and the outsourcing push that the campaign is putting out right now. i want to talk to you about president obama yesterday who made a full throated argument
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for why tpp is in america's interest. are you in disagreement with the president on this issue? gene: it's hard when you are the child and mom and dad disagree. president obama, everything he does, he is directed towards helping workers and that is what he believes. but on this issue, i think hillary clinton is in the right place, which is that we have to put our full focus, as a party progresses, on uniting behind clear job creating measures, like infrastructure, investment and many fractures, like ensuring that we don't have a tax code that encourages outsourcing and in versions. inversions. tpp in she was to put the rearview mirror and refocusing. they disagree. i think trade is always a very
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difficult issue. but as we say, i'm with her. mark: the secretary clinton think globalization is good for american workers? gene: i think that what she thinks is that one of the great challenges of our time is to ensure that globalization and technology are being shaped by our policies in a way that strengthens the middle class, as opposed to hollow out the middle class. i think she feels that we have obama i think she feels came into office wanting to deal with those issues, but had to save the country from a possible great depression. she has the ability now to come in with a single focus. technology,zation, automation, these are realities, but are not having the top of inequality,eating hurting middle-class wages that they have and that is why she is going to have a comprehensive plan on infrastructure, higher education,
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those who want skills in coding credentials. that is why she will have a cover hence of strategy. if you talk to her, you would think that this single focus with -- focus we have to have is strengthens have to the middle class as opposed to hollow void -- halloween it out. hollowing it out. i could describe to you what bill clinton thought about the new economy and about 10 or 15 seconds come up putting people first would be the words out of my mouth. what is her theory of the case on the global economy and where we are right now?
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gene: the theory of the cases that we need to focus all of our tax trade, manufacturing and skill policies on the bottom line of whether they are creating good high wage jobs in the united states. we can't assume, just because something much bigger for the profit bottom line of a company or individual, it's necessarily what is best for middle-class workers and people striving to be in the middle class. that is the lens she is going to put all of her policies through. or nott good for gdp just good for productivity of one company. are are the things that good for creating the strong middle-class jobs, strengthening the middle class, and providing greater security in a changing economy? ? and that includes things like health care, pensions, paid family leave, things critical to whether a family feels they are raising their children with dignity and security. mark: the secretary clinton think the united states can have more manufacturing jobs are moved to more of a service economy? gene: she believes that we can
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and should have more manufacturing jobs. she has a make it in america plan. in the understanding is that manufacturing is like research and development 10 it has benefits to the economy. but what we have to do is have a modern manufacturing plan that recognizes the strength. it is not just in the big manufacturing factories, but in the supply chain. what we saw in saving the automobile company, not just saving the big companies, but saving all the small businesses and suppliers. of strength.a web it makes people want to stay in the united states, not leave. it makes more people want to come and locate in the united states because of the benefits, the connections to suppliers. and what you will hear a lot from her is making the tax code more patriotic. right now, there is a lot of advantage in international tax after -- tax arbitrage. you want a tax code to benefit benefitingare
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hard-hit communities with a timed test the kind of things that are creating good paying jobs in united states. that will not be a side point. that will be her single focus. john: gene sperling speaking with extraordinary and unusual brevity and concision here on with all due respect. we love having you on. , johnwhen we come back dickerson tells us some of his favorite historical campaign story that talks about his new book launched this week. ♪
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john dickerson, author of a new book out today called "the whistle stop, my favorite stories from presidential campaign history."
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fantastic read. what is the most relevant story in the book to understanding what is happening in 2016? john: you have to go to wallace in 1968 because he tapped into anger with regular blue-collar workers and the elite. it got really to the crux of it, that they make all these decisions that you pay for and we are not going to stand for it anymore. i feel like that is a very similar sentiment. then you get the idea that wallace was basically -- the voters always said that he speaks his mind. there was the sense that wallace said things that other people weren't. but there are lots of them in here. mark: you get into one of the most enduring mysteries. leader,ng the union snow on his fierce -- on his face or tears out of his eyes? john: tears but not they burbling massive that it was
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talked about. it's snowing. he's got a doily of stone his hair. he starts talking about his wife. that is the key. the canuck letter, the accusation that he used to slur an event. but what really gets them undone is he is talking about his wife which makes fun of her. he sacrificed -- she sacrificed a lot for him to run. that account took off and that was it in terms of basically everybody thinking he was in tears. john: you are right about goldwater in this book. some people hope and some people fear that trump will be goldwater for the republican party. john: goldwater was an ideological movement in a way that trump isn't. 19 republican governors trying to stop goldwater and they still couldn't do it. i think nixon's line at the end of it is what he tells me canyon
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-- tells the canon. if there is an ax movement, you want to be with acts -- if there is an x movement, you want to be with x. mark: another great story about jfk. as a catholic going into west virginia. is trying to build up his credentials by winning in these primaries. finally, it is written off as a religious thing. west virginia come only 5% of the state's catholic. he runs from it at first and then he realizes that isn't working. so he runs television ads and talks about it all the time and grabbed the issue by the throat and took it on head on, went on foot -- went on to win west
11:47 am
virginia. they didn't like me because i was a catholic and i still won. the issue was dead. it wasn't quite dead, but it allowed him to pretend it was that for the purposes of the democratic convention. john: one of the great photo ops ever, mike dukakis in the tank. why was he in that tank? because the bush campaign had been about a systematic effort to tear him down, going point by point by point. he was a patriotic. he was too weak. he was far less, a card-carrying member of the aclu. he gave a big speech on national security that day that was thoughtful and habits of good ideas. and the picture was supposed to match with that. they were going to take the photo up without the helmet on in the tank, standing in ther e. that when the tank was moving, he had to wear the helmet.
11:48 am
the helmetent with on and it made it look like somebody wasn't comfortable in his own skin, somebody that was doing something just for the show. there was a big man who'd fight in the campaign. as you remember, the cover of newsweek magazine, the wind factor with george w. bush, both candidates were trying to prove that they were men who could handle the arts. you. john dickerson, thank it's a wonderful book. it is called "will. is called whistle still ahead, some strong polling clintoncame out of the campaign this week. the digits when we come back. ♪
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the polls urban coming in first and furious this week, most of them telling the same story. hillary clinton is getting a solid bounce coming out of the philadelphia convention. today, there was a survey from nbc news, leading 50% of 42%. we are going to take a deeper dive into these numbers with our chief pollster who joins us now from des moines.
11:53 am
it seems pretty clear that clinton has gotten some edge out of her convention. let's talk about independence first. >> there are is one thing you want the convention to do for you, not just solidify your base. in new people,ng to convince those that might have been straddling the fence to come on board and join the party. we've got to cnn polls to look at. one that was conducted before the democratic convention and one after. it gives us a really good confidence that we are looking at real change. the poll that cnn published in july showed trump leading by 15 points. published after the democratic convention had hillary clinton up by seven points. independents either were loosely affiliated with trump or had not chosen a
11:54 am
candidate, what they saw at the convention for now appears to have made them decide for them, to join the hillary clinton can. john: let's talk about -- hillary clinton camp. john: let's talk about gender. thing isof the other the convention needs to do is shore up your base. and women who tend to vote democratic and you've got the woman card, shall we say, that hillary clinton wanted to play up at the convention. she is up 10 points with women. she has now a strong majority, 57%, saying that they are supporting hillary clinton. she is also up with men by six points. now she did not hold those men over from trump. he stayed steady. interestingly enough. at 50 percent. so those undecided or looking at it from party who decided they have seen what they needed for now say that hillary clinton is their candidate. and after the
11:55 am
conventions, clinton had an advantage with nonwhite voters, as democrats do. has that changed at all to account for her increase? ann: it has changed indeed and in her favor. is up 14 points with the nonwhite voter. that brings her to 80%. that is a stratospheric number, which must mean, by the complementary role, that donald trump's number is really, really lagging. he now gets 12% of the nonwhite vote. that is down several percentage points for him. the electorate that is the fastest-growing parent it is one that the republicans talked about after 2012 where they really needed to focus. donald trump is moving in the wrong direction with that group. bounces,the history of how often are they enduring and how often do they settle back down? so different from
11:56 am
convention to convention, candidate to candidate. i've been spending a lot of time thinking about newton's laws of physics. one is, for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. so you expect a bounce, by the less, will bring you back into some sort of name place where it is attled, where he homeostasis point. but i think, what you've got to take a look at now -- i'm giving it physics lecture now -- is what happens with the campaigns next to you have august, where he tends to not be an active campaign month and really things rev up after labor day. you have to think that the clinton campaign, with the resources that it has, may think it can win this thing in august, given that they have the resources, given that trump is having kind of daily difficulties. find especially curious what the in up mark: face for watching this
11:57 am
addition of the best of with all due respect to if you are watching this program in washington, d.c., you can now listen to us on the radio. we will see you monday. until then, sayonara. ♪
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♪ >> from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." charlie: we begin this evening with a zika virus story. the government issued a warning for pregnant women to stay clear of a miami, florida neighborhood. the mosquitoes carrying the virus have infected at least 15 florida residents. meanwhile, federal funding for zika is in danger of running out this month. joining us from washington, till they want the most important thing for us to know and understand, right now, about where we are in the zika crisis.


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