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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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mark: "with all due respect" to donald trump, there is a new hat in town. on our show tonight, donny exclamation point, the donald and detroit. another week to kick off with another new national poll showing donald trump well behind hillary clinton. clinton leads 46-34% in a new monmouth university survey, the latest aftershock and even team trump, one of the worst stretches of his campaign to ate.
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it's also why there was an economic speech today in the go to low-cal for economic speeches in motor city u.s.a. dug an address hosted by the fabled detroit economic club, he framed the ideas that his -- , quote c opponent has --it's a lead weight on the american economy. donald trump: the city of detroit is where our story begins. every policy that has failed our city and so many others is a policy supported by hillary clinton. she is the candidate of the past. ours is the campaign of the future. american workers have paid taxes their whole lives and they should not be taxed again at death. it's just plain wrong and most people agree with that. we're reducing new taxes from 5% to 15%.
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i am going to cut regulations massively. a trump administration will end this war on the american worker and unleash an energy revolution that will bring vast new wealth to our country. we will make america grow again. mark: so among trump small government proposals include a temporary moratorium on financial regulations, lowering the business tax rate from 35 to 15%, the a simplification of the personal income tax code going from seven brackets to three and an appeal of the so-called debt or estate tax. truth also argued against environmental regulations. donny, was trump's speech today good policy or good politics for what we currently stand? donny: frame the economy in the election. i worked on the clinton campaigns doing ads in 1992. the economy, stupid. a situation like 1992 when the economy is completelytanking or
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in 2000 when it's tanking, it is economy stupid. in this case, there are very blurry mixed signals. on the one hand g.d.p. numbers 1%, jobs numbers, great jobs numbers and a 4.9% unemployment rate. 57% of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction. 54% say they're optimistic about the future. with both candidates, it's easy to spin the economy difficult ways. as far as what trump did today, i actually think he played into hillary's hand. you take the estate tax for rich people, the 35 down to 15, which he will spin is going to create more jobs and hillary can say, look, he is in bed with big business. that's all he cares about and even as we get into some of the other exemptions, such as the child care thing, it actually benefits upper middle class people. and the big one to me, all he has been talking about is hillary and wall street in bed together. what does he is a, i'm going to put a moratorium on any regulations and implied is financial regulations. if i'm hillary and talk about trumponomics, i think she is an
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easy position to defend the direction we are going in and defend a lot of things she is doing. mark: no question, he opened a lot of doors. republicans have been opening the doors for democrats since president reagan and democrats don't always win that fight. it takes an articulate democrat to win them. she has not been the best rguer. he sounded in some ways -- we'll talk about how he is not an orthodox republican, he sounds like an orthodox republican and he needs that. he needs a higher percentage of the republican party to support him and he also presented himself as a guy with some sense of the unified republican vision of the economy. plenty of holes in it, plenty of the democrats to shoot at, more than he has in this campaign since the general election started at least, he said here is a coherent set of ideas that he hopes republicans and others can get onboard with. donny: the election are we more fearful about the temperment of trump and change or the status quo? i think the economy will be a
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wash here. each one of them are equal in the polls. mark: he needs to be ahead on the economy. it has to be a strong issue for him. her record, she has moved largely to the left in this campaign. there is an opening. i don't think he seized it today. he has to do a lot more on this issue but better than he has done on the economy. donny: donald trump's economic speech today didn't always toe the republican line. the g.o.p. nominee proposed that family should be able to deduct child care from their taxes and he continues to pull hillary clinton to the left on infrastructure spending, policy on trade and closing loop hoels on wall street. the clinton campaign put out a prebuttal press release, it could cause recession and claim more american jobs. secretary clinton: we'll give super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy, just like him and the guys who wrote the speech, right? he wants to basically just
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repackage trickle-down economics. i got to tell you, people, this is going to be a very important next three months. we got work to do and don't be fooled. there is no other donald trump. what you see is what you get. donny: mark, how vulnerable is she on the economy and how much is him moving some of the issues to the left does she start to get flagged in? mark: the child care thing might sound good, the clinton campaign says it benefits ealthier people. she is vulnerable on the economy. some people at least don't like the way things are going and he has got a more populist change oriented stance on the economy. even though a lot of things he is arguing before is just as much status quo as what she is for and they're tired republican ideas and she has tired democratic ideas, she is vulnerable to someone who says i have a sense of what working class people need.
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it's more the atmospherics than the proposals. by adding some things against republican orthodoxy he is at least doing something that suggests change. i ask all of the clinton people, tell me an area, one position she has that is against democratic party orthodoxy like her husband had, like george bush had, like barack obama had. they can't name one. donny: all because she got pulled to the left, a guy named bernie sanders. mark: you win in the center. donny: you win by laying as low as you can and you don't want the guy with the nuclear code. i say it's not going to matter. it's a referendum on his temperment. mark: nothing to do with better ideas on the economy? donny: we can get 10 economists to argue both. the simple election, bill clinton had a simple message. i tax people who make over $200,000 a year and universal health care. it was simple to weigh these things. go to the average person,
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companies, the tax rate goes from 35 to 15, you're the average joe, i don't know if they can disseminate what that means. my point is there is blurry enough news in general, you can pick them apart on both sides, it comes back to the temperment issue. mark: the populist stuff, he gives them a chance to move ahead on the economy. he gives them a chance. the tone and substance of what trump said today was the latest signal that he is clearly tried to mend relations with his party leaders and quell doubts and anxieties on the part of different parties' donors. he aligned himself with the house republican on their tax plan just days after he finally came around to endorsing paul ryan, the speaker of the house and ryan's primary which is tomorrow. in an interview with the "washington post," the speaker still expressed some concerns this year, though he was
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unwilling to frame his policy agenda as a way to detach congressional candidates from their presidential nominee. he seemed to avoid escalating his feud with trump. trump has been on script for 72 hours. how is the unity project which his campaign does care about going? donny: interesting on script. doesn't he look so uncomfortable on script. he wants to rip up that script. it's not where he excels. look, they are necessary bedfellows. we can talk, at some point they bail out the down ticket, you want a check and balance on the congress and the senate against this democratic president, 80% of all toss-up senate elections in the last 12 years have gone to the presidential winner. so these senators across the board, congressional issues are different, they're going to make, it's moving that direction as you said, typical republican platforms as far as the economy, a little bit of a bridge towards ryan issues,
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it's fine. we all know at any moment it can blow. mark: i think in the end, if he is doing poorly after the first debate, you may see more separation. today was a big step. weeks ago as paul ryan started unveiling all of these policy proposals, this is ideal for trump. he has no policy proposals, he barely has a team. he has one now. why not adopt the house republican proposals, run a nity ticket. stand in harness on policy which is what ryan cares about. did it today on taxes. i wouldn't be surprised if he does it on some of the other issues like regulation, even like penal reform and welfare reform where trump i think can be perfectly willing to accommodate himself to what ryan wants. donny: when he put his hypothetical supreme court nominees out there. on the granular stuff he'll do the meat and potatoes republican stuff, we have seen it all right. mark: coming up, the anti-clinton versus anti-trump book publishing war and later, two republican strategists appear here together for the first time on television. you won't want to miss
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that. we'll explain why it matters to your traffic and weather right after this. ♪
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mark: you have been watching fox news lately or listening to talk radio, you may have picked up on some repeating themes when it comes to coverage of trump and clinton. one is that the polling showing trump behind can't possibly be right. another is that the media is generally biased against trump and final, a reminder that trump continues to draw very big crowds. here is what all that sounds and looks like. >> here is the left wing media doing the bidding of hillary, sort of like an extension of
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her press office trying to say, eeoh, donald trump, an intervention is needed. >> you look at media biasand you look at the republican versus the democratic conventions, the networks gave the republican convention 12 times more negative coverage than the democratic convention, coincidence? >> the mainstream liberal media refusing to acknowledge the large massive crowds that donald trump draws to his rallies and the relatively modest crowds that hillary clinton draws. these are crowds you typically don't see until october and you're seeing them here now at the beginning of august. >> to see his rallies and they're big and he is slipping in the polls, i'm not so sure how accurate these polls are. >> it's no secret donald trump has been flipping in the polls this past week, are the media making too much of that? is the press going too far in saying in august donald trump is in real trouble? >> absolutely. mark: so, donny, they're talking more about polls and media bias and crowd sizethan they are about trump's message, very similar to the
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2012 campaign for mitt romney and his supporters. is this kind of stuff preaching to the faithful, is it helpful or hurtful? donny: it's preaching to their audience which loves conspiracy theories. they're in a business. we're all in a business here. they're talking to their audience. what they're saying is so ignorant and stupid, stupid for the candidate and stupid actually factually. believe it or not, statistically there are more negative mentions of hillary clinton starting last year versus donald trump in all the media. number one. mark: what statistic is that? donny: tomorrow's show, i'll bring you that document. maybe there were more negative mentions at the republican convention because it was horrible depressing, it was a lynch mob. mark: the general idea a good idea? donny: you paint him as a loser already. you're basically saying you're already giving excuses, all right teeing it up that he is losing. it's good tv for their audience, bad politics. mark: they're wasting time not talking about his message.
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yes it revs up the base a little bit. i think it is so diluted and so unscientific and so unrigorous, so off the point of needing a comeback. trump needs a comeback. he needs a comeback. if he is going to win, he needs o come back. they're out there saying the polls are wrong because his crowds are bigger? by the way, fox's own poll which they barely mentioned since the day it came out has him 10 behind. donny: a poll which is representative of hundreds of millions of americans versus 10,000 people are coming out, the polls must be wrong, that is ignorance. one has nothing to do with the other. mark: romney thought he was going to win and it's death to hem. it is like a parallel universe in which trump is going to win and the real universe happens. donny: if you think about if you're fox and you're talking to the audience, what else do you say at this point? mark: message.
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donny: up until today what was there to talk about. the top three nonfiction boats, -- books, best sellers,see to my point, all about hillary clinton, not one of them is positive. the number of anti-trump books that have cracked the top 20 in the past few weeks, mark, is zero, interesting. mark, when it comes to publishing industry, why is this counterintuitive in certain ways, why are clinton bashing books out there versus zero trump? mark: there are some coming that may catch on. number one, conservatives buy more books, they dominate the best seller lists generally. two, we have a democrat in the white house. still to have three anti-clinton books atop the best seller list, incredible disparity. donny: the main one is conservatives buy more books like they listen to more talk radio. he is a private citizen. the mostly litigious person in the united states. i think any publisher is afraid -- it's different to write about hillary clinton in public office. mark: i'm surprised there isn't a comedy book. that they could get sued
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for. i'm talking like a quotes, you know, trump quotes, whatever. donny: that's not the kind of book that sells. mark: why do conservatives buy more books, they're alienated by the liberal media? don't your liberal friends read books? donny: they read tweets. mark: there is so much media about hillary that is not books. in the old days, they might turn to books. now there is plenty of liberal and conservative stuff. donny: other than the litigious thing. mark: when we come back, we're going to break down more of donald trump's econ speech that he gave in detroit today after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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mark: breaking news, a lot of hate on twitter. as donald trump set out to today to prove he could look more presidential one of the most interesting things about hiseconomic speech some detroit is not just what he said, what he didn't say especially when he was frequently interrupted by hecklers. we counted at least 13 nstances, take a look. donald trump: all very well planned out. i will say the bernie sanders people had far more energy and spirit, i will say that.
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mark: so, donny, we already talked about the fact that you believe more strongly than i do that he is not good on prepared text. he has to do it. he showed some restraint there. overall how do you think he did in terms of performance today? donny: it's not him. as a guy, i know him personally. as a guy that speaks like he does, when i have to give a written speech, i'm just not comfortable. mark: he is getting better. donny: he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. the thing that got him here is the trump and the guy going back at the hecklers. that will not work in the general election. having said, that you can't neuter the guy out there. if i was advising him, i like one of the comments about sanders, have some fun with it. don't say take him out and beat him up. just to stand there, that's not him.
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you can address the hecklers and have some fun with it, just don't be dark about it. mark: the three things you have seen it in person which he doesn't show enough, he could have shown it today more and in general, gracious, funny, and knowing. the hecklers give you a perfect opportunity to do all three things. donny: and play the victim card nd have fun with it. when he did speak, trump hammered away at a message we expect calling himself the change candidate and casting hillary clinton as a tired politician of the past. donald trump: the other party has reached backwards into the past to choose a nominee from yesterday who offers only the rhetoric of yesterday and the policies of yesterday. there will be no change under hillary clinton, only four more years of weakness and president obama. we are going to look boldly into the future.
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we will build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, sea ports and airports. we are reliant on people that rig this system in the past. we can't fix it if we're going to rely on those people again. only by changing to new leadership and new solutions will we get new and great results. onny: mark, we have seen elections on hope and change. an easy one. not as easy when you got the president coming out with a 52% approval rating. the ambiguity of how good or bad things are. mark: no doubt that the recent statistics obama's approval rating and some of the economic statistics make the argument, we need change if it's risky change a lot tougher. it's compounded by the fact that the clinton folks main message is trump is risky, he is no good. he can't be president. he has a tall order. he has to find a way to convince people i think that he
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is ready to bring about change that they will be happy about. that's hard right now. donny: you know better than anyone, the election is decided by suburban married women who are risk averse and hillary will pound that. mark: a lot don't like her, though. trump talked a lot about the economy under the obama administration framing democratic policies as a reason for all of the country's urrent woes. donald trump: the obama clinton agenda of tax, spend, and regulate has created a silent nation of jobless americans. this is a city controlled by democratic politicians at every level and unless we change policies, we will not change results. home ownership is at its lowest rate in 51 years, nearly 12 million people have been added to the food stamp and these people are growing and it's growing so rapidly.
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since president obama took office. the obama clinton administration has blocked and destroyed millions of jobs through their anti-energy regulations. hillary clinton's plan will require small business to pay as much as three times more in taxes than what i'm proposing. we can't let her win because that will be a disaster for detroit and everybody else. mark: even though things are better for some people, trump can't win the election if he can't convince people that the obama clinton policy threat, there is no backing up for that, right? donny: you watch him, it's interesting. i give him he is solid, you don't connect with him the same way when he is acting like a politician which he has to do now. that's why he is cornered. mark: is there middle ground? donny: no, at the end of the day when you're getting up and talking politics and tax rates and jobs, you sound like a politician. the difference is his eyes. he doesn't have that fire.
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he is not -- so that's why -- it's a tough position because i even was tuning him out a little bit. to me automatically lean in and lean out with hillary. i'm doing the hillary leanout. mark: stuff is boring, by the debates, he can figure out how to have an amalgamation of the two things, talk enough specifics but talking about them like himself. donny: hillary will get so granular and turn to him every step of the way and ask him deep policy questions, not just the top line stuff. ironically, the debates play to hillary. mark: up next, we talk to a republican strategist, the mike murphy about donald trump and more right after this. ♪ . .
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mark: welcome back. with us now from los angeles, a
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from lost joins us angeles. mike, thanks for coming in. a lot of national polls are showing trump way down. is your instinct that the freeze is in or will things titan backup? mike: i think it is somewhere in the middle. he has so many structural problems outside of his core constituency. aexpect the race will tighten little. i do not expect him to get a lead that is meaningful for any sustainable time. donny: if you are running the hillary campaign, you are going to continue to pray because you know he is not going to stay this way. what would be your best strategy? what would be your best strategy if you were going against him?
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mike: he is a creature of the daily news cycle. he watches himself on tv and the reacts. i would have surrogates all over . they are doing a fairly good job of hurting him on the readiness to be commander in chief. the other pillar is the economic manager. his speech shows that disconnect. he was doing the japan shtick that point out of vogue in michigan in the 1970's. the auto industry is integrated throughout north america preview can tell the audience knows it because the trade stuff fell flat. thisld try to not put moment on hillary. she has so many weaknesses. they want to keep it a referendum on trump. mark: i have to ask our form letter question that we ask everyone who comes on the show. who are you voting for in this election? mike: i am not going to vote for trump.
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i can't. i love my country. i may vote for a business guy who took over the republican nomination, wendell wilkie. i may write in jeb bush. mark: any chance you vote hillary? mike: if it came to just my vote and i had to decide, i would will be vote for hillary and jump in a lake. mark: do you hope trump wins or not? mike: no. i think it would be horrible for a -- for the country. he is a demagogue and a neo-racist. i hope he loses. mark: what do you think the percent chance is that trump wins this? mike: i think about 10%. donny: i am always the dumbest guy in the room, but it seems so simple to me. i am scared. that is a simple one. where,e has dug a hole to win, he needs minority voters or college-educated women to change what they think about him.
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he is a machine built to have the opposite effect. mark: over the weekend, one of the things that caught everyone's i was george p bush said he was going to vote for trump. the bush family normally puts family above everything. does that surprise you? mike: george is a good guy and a republican officeholder in the largest republican state. he feels a certain responsibility to support the party. most of the bushes i know will not pull the lever for donald trump. donny: you were working with jeb. if it was a do over, what would have, could have, or is there anything you would have done differently? mike: we made an argument for reformed conservatism that was much more positive and uplifting . half the primary voters wanted a grievance candidacy and they found it in trump. without jeb fundamentally
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changing what he was four, it was not a year that we were selling. in the big picture, we need a different appetite in the primary votes. mark: let me ask you about one thing, the issue at the time. people want you to spend the tens of millions you had in the bank early on. looking back, might that have worked? the rubioproblem was campaign and the christie campaign, everyone agreed that we should have taken on trump for their benefit. if i had a time machine, i might have convened a meeting with the other super pacs and said, ok, , christie. you guys each put in $2 million and i will put in $6 million and match all of you to go after trump the problem is, our job to consolidate the regular republicans. if you were for trump, you were never going to be for jeb bush.
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if my thing was to go clobber trump early to elect ted cruz or something, the nominee was not the job. nobody other than jeb bush or lindsey graham really took on trump early. marco was in hiding. he still is. take crews was for him until he was against him. i make no apologies for how we handled trump. i wish all the candidates would have agreed to beat up trump and i would have been part of it. donny: a lot of republicans are very sad and miss the republican party. are they going to get it back unless there is a clinton landslide? if trump comes even close, how do you get it back on track? mike: if trump loses, there will be a stain on the party and it will be incumbent on us to erase it. we have a lot of great governors and state representatives and senators. we get another bite at the apple because we have a big franchise. trump learn a lesson from
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that this grievance campaign is the opposite of how we are going to win and change the country? mcmullen, guy, evan got in the race today as an independent. what is the best case scenario for that candidacy? mike: i am waiting to see if he gets the david french endorsement. mark: that would be key. as french goes, so goes french. mike: i think voters will spill into different places from the republican category. some will go to the libertarians. some may go to this guy. all of this will diminish trump but i do not think it will hurt her very much. mark: what will be the variables, besides fund-raising, that will determine whether this guy makes an impact? mike: whether he can get any earned media or free media, whether the news machine decides to cover the guy. he will not have the resources to get the amount of votes.
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mark: we tried to get him on today, but he refused. is it smart to announce and then not go out with a big public event? mike: no. i think you have to wear a neon suit and get on any television so -- show that you can. maybe they have a strategy to roll out. watchingope he is because we would love to have him on tomorrow. stay with us. we will have a lot more to talk about with mike. we will bring on a special guest to join mike. you will not want to miss it. if you are watching us in washington, d.c., you can now listen to us on the radio. we will be right back. ♪
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>> there was famous mythology talked for over 20 years about , and, murphy, and stephen here they are, brought together by one thing, the force that can bring together all walls. the specter of donald trump as president of the united states. i am not out riding a tandem basic -- bicycle yet, but it is good to put the feud behind us. republicanwas strategist mike murphy talking about his longtime feud with his fellow republican strategists, who had as guests today on his podcast. it is available on itunes. they have been bitter rivals until recently but have come together to face a new obstacle, donald trump. mike is with us from los angeles and for the first time in tv history, he is joined by his new
8:41 pm
, who gordon stephens worked on many presidential campaigns, including mitt romney's in 2012. stewart, what did you and mike see the same regarding trump? stewart: i think it proves the .ge-old maxim we have both worked for candidates across the spectrum of the religion party -- the republican party and tizzy donald trump as someone who is completely out of the mainstream from how we like to define politics. specifically, the republican party. dreams,n your wildest could you had ever imagined us being here and beyond the fact that people are bored with the status quo, what happened? is it that republicans took
8:42 pm
their eye off the ball and started to not get that the world is a populous world, whether you are coming at it from the left or the right? what happened here? stuart: i think you hit the nail on the head. the inability to imagine what might happen if trump could win i think helped trump when -- win. i am the guy that wrote he would drop out before iowa. i was as wrong more than anybody could it is like world war i. you cannot imagine this is going to happen and the next thing you know, you are two years in the zone. i think the party, there is a school of thought that trump is the perfect candidate. he is fulfilling all of these cockamamie fantasies. if you yell at the media loud enough, you will beat the media. just -- theren
8:43 pm
are what i call the tribes of the amazon out there. just yell loud enough and they will come to the riverbank. it is almost like you had to test drive this to see that it was just completely nuts. mark: what do you think of what brother stevens is saying? mike: i totally agree. half of the primary voters had a lost weekend bender and they have woken up next to this godzilla and it is a disaster. he hit the cord of -- chord of resentment politics. now we are paying the price. we have had our disagreements, but we both feel strongly about this so we started chatting on the phone and he very graciously did the podcast. we have a similar diagnosis and we agree a lot about what we have to do to clean up the mess after this election. donny: has something else happened here that, from here on
8:44 pm
in, we have been spoiled at home ? that we are going to want, demand, embrace any politician who is not a cheater? george clooney is going to run. part of it is it has been so fun to watch because he is not a politician. he is an entertainer. whether it is clooney or oprah -- is everythis election open for business beyond politicians? stuart: i think clooney has about 75 iq points above trump. much more sensible, grounded, saint - sane. i don't think so. i think you will find this is a rejection of that and go back to the idea that governing is serious business. if a candidate did come along that had the best of both and actually was an
8:45 pm
intelligent, literate, considerate person, i think the way to spoil the populace, that is going to be the contender from here on in. mike: i worked for arnold schwarzenegger and he was famous. he worked a lot to have viable policy plans and surround himself with great advisors because he took the governing side of things are easily. i think he was the more pop-culture in politics. more, what, in the movie freeware we call titles. i think they will develop a filter where maybe a kardashian is not such a good idea, but someone who has done their homework, like clooney on the left, could be a good candidate. i think trump's mistakes will raise the bar a little while pop-culture is here to stay. i keep being confused and surprised by the fact that you have some republicans, consultants, and officeholders
8:46 pm
who say never trump and some who are lining up, talking about george p bush. do you expect more people, as we get closer to november, to say, i just cannot be for trump or not? i think that will probably happen. i have tried to be uncritical of people who disagree with me about donald trump. in part because donald trump is so critical of everyone who does disagree. it is important to allow for differences. i know a lot of well-intentioned, good people who support donald trump and think he would be a good president. but with the them, latest poll, trump is winning 5% of the white vote. romney won it by 29%. there is some reason to believe that romney lost.
8:47 pm
we are headed in the wrong direction. we need to be expanding instead of shrinking. mark: you both worked with mitt romney. if he were the nominee, where would this race be? stuart: he would be ahead and winning. mark: are you guys going to work together for anything or is this a one-off? mike: stay tuned for our musical. we are talking broadway right now. stuart: it is going to be huge. mark: thank you very much. you can catch mike's podcast on itunes. when we come back, a look at the new candidate after this. ♪
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quest for years, when i have lived in washington, between foreign assignments or working in congress, i liked to visit the national monuments late at night. i do it because late at night, no one is around. quiet.uite -- it is edison with the long-lasting lightbulb and bell with the telephone, ford with the model t , the wright brothers with the airplane. para scope and meerkat, airbnb and taz rett. the washing machine, the television, the integrated circuits, the personal computer. america gets to know him. a short look at the man who could be our next president. who is he? that is evan mcmullen. until recently, the chief policy director for -- he is now running as an independent for president of the united states. he put out a campaign logo, aarted a website, and put out
8:51 pm
statement. he has not done tv yet. he did pay a visit to the offices of the national review. our next guest was there. tuttle is aian fellow at the national review institute. you were in the room with how many other people? >> about a dozen. mark: you had never met him. does he come across as a president? >> no one comes across as a president until they are in the office. he is an individual with an impressive resume and i think it is important to note that there is some virtue in providing and that, atl alternative least on the first impression, he certainly seems to fulfill that criteria. mark: was he there to solicit
8:52 pm
your editorial support? >> i am sure he was there to introduce himself and make sure he knows it is a more sympathetic audience that he would receive at, say, the rnc right now. i am sure he will let this play out for a little bit to see what kind of impression he makes with a wider audience. donny: terms of the two other independent entities combined, they are about 12%. you have got to get her and media. you have got to get in the ministry of something happens, a terrorist attack or jobs numbers coming out, you want to be in the mix so people go to you. i think the polls matter most of all and fundraising. that is going to be a big factor. trump does not want other candidates. did he talk to you about fundraising?
8:53 pm
>> no concrete numbers, but he did say there are serious donors and whose names people would know but not that he was willing to share on the record. he put out a statement today that is on his website. it is kind of a standard boilerplate set of positions, a lot like mitt romney or paul ryan. what issues do you think you might talk about to break through against trump and clinton? >> i think he will focus primarily on national security. these two candidates who is , he spent more than a decade in the cia, running covert operations overseas. he has a strong background in that. it is obvious that he knows more about it than trump. there is no evidence that he has endangered national security like the democratic candidate. donny: we were both surprised that he made this big announcement today. we have not seen him anywhere
8:54 pm
today. not what one would traditionally do when they launch a candidacy. obviously, some of his support staff were in the room and they are being overwhelmed with media requests and trying to fulfill as many of those as possible. they said to be looking for his face and voice in the next couple of days. a sense ofe show humor? >> yes, he did. he is quiet, articulate. it is not clear -- we were not -- able to delve into it with the time we had, whether he understands the nitty-gritty details about policy. he can talk about these issues at a fairly precise level. it will be difficult for him to mentally. -- temperamentally. ian tuttle, thank you for coming in. ♪
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mark: if you could ask evan mcmullin a question, but would you ask him? donny: why are you doing this? not about him. it is about do you or do you not want donald trump. bloomberg is your one stop for all you need to know about the donald trump economics speech. emily up on "super west," chang sits down with the ridesharing company halo. thanks for watching. sayonara. ♪
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it is tuesday, the ninth of august. this is "trending business" with me, rishaad salamat. ♪ taking you to tokyo and sydney in the next 60 minutes. we are looking at asian stocks. all 10 industry groups posting gains. brent crude trading above $25. the cartel says they spent the market to stabilize by years end. hong kong property stocks are the hottest they have


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