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  Bloomberg Markets European Close  Bloomberg  September 15, 2016 11:48am-12:00pm EDT

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the economy. dewey wants to start listening to mr. trump now? all right, let's listen to his economic speech at the economic club of new york. donald trump: i don't know where to begin, that is a good feeling. we are, cnn just came out, we are leading nationwide with cnn. i're leading in ohio and think it just came out we are leading in north carolina, florida, and we're having a lot of fun on the campaign. it is wanted to say that, when people of fun don't of the teleprompter working but that is ok. [laughter] lucky about some notes. i want to outline a plan for american economic revival. it is a bold and ambitious looking plan to massively
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increase jobs wages income and opportunities. the great people of our country, i plan will embrace the that people floors under a minimum government burden, and will tap into the incredible unrealized potential of our workers and their dreams. now, 92 million americans are on the sideline outside of the workforce. they are not a part of our economy. it is a silent nation of jobless americans. look no further than -- i mean no further -- all your use look at flint, where i spent a lot of time. the city of flint. place.disaster has taken the jobs have been stripped from the community. its infrastructure has totally
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collapsed. in 1970 there were more than 80,000 people in flint working for general motors. today it is less than $8,000. -- 8000en people people. little.making very people are trying to go down to asat $8,000 mark, ford h announced just yesterday their moving a small car production facilities to mexico. about this talking along while vista may be that as are doing so well in ohio and michigan and lots of other places where cars and parts are involved. is moving at ford small car division is a disgrace. it is disgraceful that our
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politicians allow them to get away with it. [applause] trump: it really is. it is to be that cars were made in flint, and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. mexico andre made in you can't drink the water in flint. [applause] donald trump: we're going to turn this around. my economic plan rejects the keepism that our jobs will leaving. and that our economy can never grow as it did once before. boy, did it used to grow. the pessimism that
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says our standard of living can no longer rise, and that all there is left to divide -- frankly, we're looking at an economy now of no growth in redistribution of wealth. that is not going to work. everything that is broken today can be fixed. every failure can be turned into a truly great success. just look at the way i just melded into the teleprompter that just went on. [laughter] donald trump: who else could've pulled that off, ok? [applause] stopd trump: jobs can leaving our country and they will just absolutely start pouring in. it can happen.
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failing schools can become flourishing schools. crumbling roads and bridges can become gleaming new infrastructure. inner cities can experience a flood of new jobs and investment. way tocrime can give save and prosperous communities. all of these things and so much more are possible. to accomplish them, we must replace the present policy of -- it is taken so many jobs are never communities, and so much wealth out of our country. we must replace it with a new policy of americanism. [applause] america first, remember that. [applause] under thisp: american system every policy decision we make must pass a simple test -- does it create
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more jobs and better wages for americans? it is a test. if we lower our taxes removed destructive -- he struck the regulations and we have to do that, unleash the vast treasure negotiaten energy and trade deals that put america first and there is no limit to the number of jobs we can create and the amount of prosperity we .an unleash america will truly be the greatest place in the world to and create new jobs new technologies and entire new industries. instead -- thank you. [applause] donald trump: instead of driving jobs in love the way america will become the world's great magnet for innovation and job creation. my opponent's plan rejects this optimism. she also -- offers only more taxes and her tax increases are
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unbelievable. spending,ating, more and more wealth redistribution. future of slow growth, declining incomes, and dwindling prosperity. the only people who get rich are thellary clinton donors and the special interests. they're bad for our country. and hillary clinton's america we have surrendered our status as the world to create economy. we have surrendered or middle-class to the winds -- countries.reign we take care of them better than ourselves. not one single idea she has got will create one that american dollar of new
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american wealth for our workers. the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. paychecksill produce and they will they will be great paychecks for millions of people. now unemployed or underemployed in the course of this campaign i have traveled all across the country and have met the most amazing people. every day i've seen the goodness and character of our country and brave citizens proudly fighting through hard times and difficult circumstances. i have been all over this country. we have unbelievable people. they need leadership. country,arts of our the hard times never seen to end. i visited cities and towns in upstate new york where half of the jobs that left and moved to
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mexico, and other countries. the businesses are gone, they have been taken away like taking candy from a baby. politicians have abandoned these places all over the country and the people who live there are just there. hope, they have heaped scorn and the state on these wonderful americans. my opponent described tens of millions of american citizens as just last week. so how can hillary clinton seek to lead this country when she considers its citizens tremendous numbers of them, beyond redemption? the hard working people she calls deplorable are the most admirable people i know. [applause]
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donald trump: they are cops, and soldiers, teachers, and firefighters, young and old, moms and dads, blacks and white, latinos, and above everything else they are americans. families, andr their country, and they want a better future. these are the forgotten men and women of our country. have been forgotten. don't who work hard but have a voice. i am running to be their voice. [applause] and to fight and bring
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prosperity to every part of this country. to many of our leaders have forgotten that it is their duty to protect the jobs, wages and well-being of american workers before any consideration for anything. we have to do that. i am not running to be the president of the world. i'm running to be the president of the united states of america. scarlet: you're watching bloomberg television. trump is speaking at the gamma club of new york. let's listen in. donald trump: every last american job and every american company, which a lot of american companies in this room, let me tell you, we are going to be fighting for you because you are bringing the jobs. that paved theon west, dug up the panama canal, and won world wars and put a man on the moon. it's time sister thinking big once again. that's why it's time to
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establish a national goal of reaching 4% of economic growth. and my great economists don't want me to say this, but i think we can do better than that. now they are upset. they will be very upset. i think we can do substantially better than that. working with my economic team, ut