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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 16, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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john: with all due respect to rudy giuliani, you're not the world's best headline writer, but you're not the worst. rump: did you see the headline? hillary clinton admits she's a liar? giuliani: did you see the headline? hillary clinton admits she's a liar?
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>> welcome to the best of with all due respect. we begin the week with the aftermath of last week's second presidential debate, but the dominant story would be reports of sexual assault allegations against the presidential nominee donald trump, and that's where we begin. yesterday morning more than one forwardmen have come with reports describing accounts that are similar to each other and mirror the acts trump boasted about in that video. twonew york times quoted women. a first-person account by people magazine reported claims that trump did the same to her in 2005. swifts response has been and venomous. his campaign lashed out to the new york times, threatening to sue the lady. trump looked visibly enraged while addressing
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the allegations in west palm beach florida. these lies come from past stories and pass claims that have already been discredited. the media outlets did not even attempt to confirm the most basic facts, because even a simple investigation would have were nothingese more than false smears. writer fromas a people magazine, who wrote a story on milani myself -- milani and myself. the story was beautiful, it was lovely. but last night we hear that a new claim that i made inappropriate advances during the interview to this , and i ask a very simple
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question, why wasn't it part of the story that appeared 20 or 12 years ago? why didn't they make it part of the story? biggest starshe on television with the apprentice, and it would have been one of the biggest stories of the year. doing thet, she's story on milani, who is pregnant at the time. melania, who is pregnant at the time. you take a look, look at her, look at her words, you tell me what you think, i don't think so. i don't think so. but it is amazing doing a story,
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a love story on how great we are together. we are stronger today than we ever were before. it's a love story. a love story on our one year. would have added that and it would have been the headline. who would have done that if you are doing this and you are one of the top shows on television? these people are horrible people, they are horrible liars. and interestingly it happens to appeared 26 days before our very important election. isn't that amazing? this invented account has already been the bunk by eyewitnesses who were there. they were there. the very witness identified by the author says the story is
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totally false. it's got glass walls. can you believe this? why wasn't it in the story? biggest story of the year. outhe trump campaign sent -- they seem to ridicule the people magazine reporter for her looks. trump has threatened to counter allegations by bringing up third on bill clinton's sexual past and hillary clinton's complicity in it, a strategy championed i trump campaign manager steve bennett. meanwhile on the non-scandal politics shows killer leading donald trump by a wide margin in pennsylvania. those polls have obviously been
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overshadowed by the crisis raining down on donald trump's campaign. so how do you think on the basis of this past week four hours the trump campaign is handling this crazy moment? mark: we will come back to the polls in greater detail. those who said that maybe donald trump will not collapse in the wake of access hollywood, there's some evidence that they are right. if those ohio north carolina polls are right, it is too easy as the new york times and others -- he still has a very narrow path. he still behind. but the polls suggest there is more going on than a downward project three for trump. donald trump's playbook right now is a lot like the clinton playbook from the 90's, when they were trying to discredit women who are making accusations against bill clinton. raise questions about their stories, raise questions about the timing.
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wanting to keep things the way they are, and that is why they are bringing up these false stories. that is right out of the clinton playbook. there are two differences that are fundamental. donald trump is doing a lot of this himself, and that is a danger. and he is doing it in an angry way. you can search long and hard. find cases where bill clinton personally attacked his accusers. those are big differences that are potentially big problems for donald trump. john: it has never been the case, although bill clinton has been accused by various people, i will stress bill clinton is not running in this campaign. but he has been accused by various women. just the number of back's asians all coming in, a giant wave, all of them as i said earlier remarkably consistent, the stories they tell. and remarkably consistent, what trump hosted out in the hollywood tape. given those realities it seems to me the burden of truth is not
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on these women. donaldden of proof is on trump. and now all he is saying is the ridiculous, the stories are lies. he's going to have to do better than just yelling liar, liar. this is not a strategy to get past it. mark: he has promised rebuttal evidence, we will wait for that. every accuser deserves a chance to be heard. and the strength of these accounts for the most part is they have contemporaneous people they were cooperating with at the time. if the democratic nominee for president had six or seven media organizations all on one night coming forward, people would say that a suspicious, three weeks before the election it is all coming forward. the bell rang. the reason why i think these women were coming fortis because they were jumping on it, not
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wanting to be last. it, donald face trump invited these women to come forward when they came out on the bait stage and they denied -- and denied ever doing this. most lot of these women, of them if not all of them have interesting and being the public policy -- eating in the public spotlight. he provoked this. inexplicable that we would see the stores a few days later when these women saw him on stage sunday night and then came forward. coming up we discuss our latest bloomberg politics battleground state poll and what it says for the latest race to the white house.
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politics poll. not so great news for donald trump. we zeroed in on key counties around philadelphia. clinton leads a massive 28 points, 59 to 31. that is much better than barack obama did against mitt romney. democratic pollster and strategist in our washington dc bureau. why do we look at those counties. what is your main take away? those counties were to big to take a dive. going to areas are tilt more democratic than the state as a whole. rural areas are going to tilt more republican. , itsuburbs in every state sort of depends on the state, in pennsylvania you have these colonies that are so populated that a truly can be the
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difference in how the state goes. we decided to take a look at those, and it gives quite a stark picture of just how down in a ditch trump happens to be right now. john: you look at hillary clinton's lead in those four not just better than how barack obama did, but way better. results andthose projected them on a lot of suburbs and a lot of battleground states, is that not basically game over for donald trump? guest: if you are the rnc, this is the scenario that should keep you up at night. you know what you are also seeing? you can project that onto the suburbs and the research triangle in north carolina. you can project that around what you are seeing in northern
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virginia, where you have these once reliably red states that are growing better and more college educated voters. they are slipping away from the republican party. trump campaign pulling out of virginia and north carolina moving toward democrat. it is time to hit the padding button at the rnc. mark: if you look at the pennsylvania poll and our poll, anything you can say about donald trump standing today with women as compared to a month ago? these four counties, 67% are backing hillary clinton, so the best donald trump could 2-1 loss there. 76 percent of women in those counties are unfavorable toward donald trump. lot toe really is a begin to do to fight back. we ask a question about that
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access hollywood deal that people have been talking about nonstop. people are bothered by it. it is not something that appears to be going away. while we were in the field for five days, we didn't see concern about it grow. normal variation from day-to-day. since we finished the pulling on tuesday night, this continues to be a big part of the conversation. when in issue like that has legs like that, we can expect the people who are already bothered bothered even more. john: cornell, the flipside on the pulling news, pennsylvania is screwed there. pulling outat the of north carolina, where it is still relatively close, and in ohio where trump is ahead. it would seem to me if i were the trump campaign, and i had the week they have had, i would say that is two the good pulls out of three for us. how do you respond? pollll: the north carolina
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is interesting because it has clinton as a tossup. northain if you look at carolina, where you had the pulling's certainly moving in the wrong direction, and you are looking at what some people are saying is actually happening in arizona, it is problematic long-term. ohio is a tossup area i would thee ohio looks a lot like electoral of the pass -- of the past than the electoral of the future. emergingok at the electorate, look at what is happening -- electorate, it looks like what is happening in north carolina and it looks like what is happening in virginia. john:, two circuits from opposite sides of the aisle on
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how they see the race playing out in the next few weeks.
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♪ slappening in th e political world? i did not write that joe, so i apologize for saying it. he loves that joke. who can fix it? can one man fix-it? matt: really not. you know that family you look at that is so perfect and is perfectly dressed and never yell let each other, that is what the republicans look like right now. we are not exactly putting our best foot forward right now, but it is honest. it is what happens in political parties in moments like this. i think it is going to be
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choppy. john: it has never happened before. you never had a nominee waging war on his party from the precipice, from the heights of the in the party's nominee. attacking some of the most esteemed figures. in what world is that politically helpful to donald trump and the rest of the party? don't think it is helpful. i think it would be better if we talked about -- donald trump is connecting with voters on issues goode economy, lack of paying jobs, what is our strategy against radical islamic terror and he has the right approach on taking on washington. issues i back on the think we have a fighting shot here. john: you are a trump supporter, right? what explains to you that this is the -- what explains what is
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going on in his mind that makes him think this is the right thing to do? either for himself for himself or the rest of the party? matt: we all know he is running as the republican nominee, but he is an independent guy as well. he is really occupying both those lanes. and when republic towns -- when the republicans took out against him, i think it upset him. back likee come senator deb fischer from nebraska and the republican nominee from colorado. they realized when they bolted from trump, what did that mean? what are they going to do? vote for hillary? i think they need each other. that is what i want the party to get back to. balloted those down candidates to help in that state. get back to can
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attacking hillary clinton and winning this race. john: you are a compelling, persuasive, articulate presence. so we thought we needed to balance you out with something aswith somebody who is just compelling and persuasive. governor, let me ask you this question, how much of a problem do you think it is a lit -- it is politically for the clinton campaign that these wikileaks e-mails have been dropped? there is a lot of chatter, but how do you -- but how big of a threat do think this is to her? what we have seen, there isn't much there. it certainly doesn't seem from what has been released. is whythe bigger concern is wikileaks dripping this out so slowly?
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if wikileaks is supposed to be -- supposed to be the entity that releases to the public, why the slow drip? is some speculation that wikileaks is acting on behalf of russia through trump, i'm not going to go there. the wall street journal has reported that in fact the russians are likely to be the source of the leak through wikileaks. the bottom line is the drip drip drip is from this perspective. hillary clinton is talking about childcare tax credit. she wants to have people understand the policies. talking about climate change.
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alix: there are a lot in those e-mails that confirm a lot of missions about the clinton campaign. clinton is very much a politician, the idea that she has a private facing position. this is confirmation for people who believed the clinton foundation is somewhat corrupt or is not playing by the same rules, that hillary clinton is not playing by the same rules as we hope other politicians do. do you think they need to address that head on? gov. granholm: i think they have been addressing these suspicions at not see him throughout the campaign. nauseumcions ad
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throughout the campaign. to be better for parents that she is doubling the child care tax credit? for millennials that we have a president who believes climate change is real and is caused by humans and is going to create jobs in the clean energy sector so people can have them here? she has a super robust plan to do that. this is my particular passion and i'm so excited that there was the opportunity to speak about that yesterday. things, which i know is very beneficial to the other side, because they can keep holding it up, but the irony about it is you see this newsweek, from a reporter whose e-mail appeared , and wasikileaks batch in fact minute related. so the e-mail that comes out was not in fact accurate.
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so you can't even validate that these are true e-mails, and he gets back to the point about what is russia doing interfering in our election? john: you have the floor to defend donald trump, respond, attack. take a little time. a greate governor does job advocating for her candidate. but really the candidate is her own worst enemy. -- what wed the past learned over the past couple of days was in the transcript of those speeches. those transcripts and died her for being the politician you just described her to be, i have to have a public position which is different from my private position. my private position is very corporate friendly, wall street friendly. m,se refugees, we can't that we have no idea who is coming here. then she talks about trade and the fact she is a free trader. this is insane.
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this woman has flip-flopped from being a progressive and a centrist. she can't decide which lane to occupy, so she occupies both lanes. she's a progressive when she has to take on bernie sanders. i don't know which other clinton is going to show up for the general election. but i think we need to start talking about policy instead of calling us all haters. she needs to stop the name-calling. alex: unfortunately we have to leave it there. mark: not one, not two, but reminds talking about where this presidential contest is heading next. ♪
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washington, d c, we have the american values president, gary bauer, and a current donald trump supporter. from boston, jeb bush's former strategist and in los angeles we are joined by a democratic strategist and senior adviser to al gore's presidential campaign. gentlemen, what an incredible trio you are. you guys can't see us here. your line of biologically in and on weight i will ask gary bauer -- where is the race right now?
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people race, as many think, is this race basically over? >> no. it ain't over till it's over. weather sports or politics, you get up every morning and i is if you can win. tos important for the ticket approach the rest of the campaign exactly that way. you go on and make your points, there's a tremendous amount of vulnerabilities for hillary clinton. is that a goodng bit of the industrial basef this country has been devastated and people who have been voting democrat for years feel their party has abandoned them, those are new evil for the republican party, if it has enough of a brain to accept them great we need to keep making the case for those people and clinton corruption and what that would mean for four more years in washington, d.c..
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, is the race over? >> i thought it was over on labor day. in any event, if you look at pennsylvania, the latest polls .how him losing a state by 12% i don't see what he's going to do to recover. he stuck it about 39 or 40% rate . >> bob saying the race is over. tie-breaker.he
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is the race over? dave: i'll be the tiebreaker. the race is over. time of death was about 10:00 the night of the first debate. it's been downhill ever since and you know, you can't bring one or two people into the front door of the party while you're pushing 20 or 30 out the back. so i think it's over and it's been long over and we're on the slide to see what happens in the next 30 days. mark: i want to ask you -- go ahead, gary. i will start with gary but want you to address this. you all have supported candidates who have done bad things in their personal lives, every one of you have. gary, you're supporting a candidate now who on friday was revealed to have done something that horrifies a lot of people, disgusts a lot of people. what would donald trump have to do for you to withdraw your support if it wasn't that tape? gary: look, i don't even think in those terms with all due respect. everybody -- i know this might be news to some folks, but
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everybody that has ever run for any office in america and every voter that has voted for them, theologically, according to my beliefs as a christian, are sinners. they've all done things, said things, looked at things, violated various commandments, etc. it's policy that matters. and the fact of the matter is that donald trump has the right positions on growing the economy, shrinking government, lower taxes, pro-life, defending religious liberty, and hillary clinton is engaged in a cover-up of her corruption and an apologist for her husband. mark: gary, why don't you forgive that? if you personally and theologically -- gary: it's not for me to forgive. i don't oppose them because of their activities, i oppose them because they're wrong philosophically. mark: many supporters of donald
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trump have been critical of president clinton, for instance, for his personal failings. why are you less forgiving personally and theologically for that. gary i don't speak for every theological voter. mark: i'm trying to understand. gary: in an election the differences should be on policy between the candidates. it's night and day. by the way, al gore was down in florida campaigning for hillary clinton today. i seem to remember that al gore was publicly accused of being a sexual assaulter by multiple massagers in multiple cities and she campaign with him in florida today. mark: would you forgive him for that and say he's a sinner and you forgive him? gary: i'm pointing out the hypocrisy of the left acting like a 10-year-old tape is somehow horrifying when the left
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in this country has been associated with radical social policies. mark: bob, let me ask you to critique gary's answers. bob: i think it's absurd and entirely unfair to bring up that charge against al gore, which was never substantiated. what donald trump did, what he said, has come out of his own mouth. gary: what he said, bob. bob: i didn't interrupt you, gary, don't interrupt me. gary, don't interrupt. you can't win the argument by interrupting. look, what donald trump said 10 or 11 years ago when he was, by the way, a 59-year-old man, not some college kid, was outrageous. john: how would you evaluate how speaker ryan handled the last 48 hours? dave: he's in a difficult situation. it's lose-lose. what are you doing at this point? the strategy they needed was a few months ago that mike kaufmann in colorado used which is don't give hillary clinton a blank check.
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they've known for a long time the direction this campaign was headed and gary bauer can twist himself into whatever kind of pretzel he wants to. the truth is we'll have to come up with a new definition of hypocrisy to talk about how the religious right is supporting a guy like donald trump even after what's come out. by the way, we haven't seen the last of it. there's plenty more. i would say run for your lives. what i can't -- i understand what donald trump is doing right now. i understand, you know, the situation, the campaign. what i can't understand is anybody defending him. he's go to napalm the whole village, and to try to win a battle that's lost already. the problem is, you know, nobody survives in the village when it's all over. i think we've got to get as far away from this thing as we possibly can as republicans and start to define what the party is, you know, on november 9. that will probably be the most important day of this election because it will be over and we can start to assign what the --
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gary: others felt betrayed by the republican party. dave: the truth is we can't win an election this way. we've never seen a candidate implode like this 28 days out from an election. at least not in modern time . mark: gary, i'm going to discuss a couple questions but please don't talk over the other guests, it's not helpful to our viewers. gary: i watched too much of the kaine debate. mark: i understand. a few minutes ago you were talking about how it should be about policy and then you launched the attack on al gore. i am trying to figure out whether you want to talk about policy or the alleged personal indiscretions of a former vice president who has done one campaign event in this campaign so far. which is it, policy or personality? what do you want to talk about? gary: i'm trying to figure out if the left is serious about sexual assault. john: i don't want to hear about the left, gary. you said you want to talk about policy and literally the next words out of your mouth is al
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gore masseuses. what do you want to talk about, policies? gary: you want me to answer your questions or are you going to filibuster your own show? john: it is my show. gary: i'm trying to figure out whether these issues of personal conduct actually matter or not to the left. that's the only thing they're raising about donald trump. they're afraid to fight on the issues of open borders, trade deals that gut our economy, of appeasement of iran. go down the list. if the campaign were about those issues, hillary clinton wouldn't see the light of day. so all the left has with their republican friends is to try to smear the republican candidate. and by the way, i can't ever imagine harry reid or nancy pelosi bailing out on a democrat presidential candidate. in fact, they didn't say a word when hillary clinton spent the
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last three years of obstructing justice and destroying evidence that was central to an investigation of her mishandling of classified information. john: bob, there's lots to work with there. i'm going to let you pick and choose what you'd like to respond to there. again, gary, if you'd just let bob speak, please. bob: these are completely baseless attacks on hillary clinton. she said using a private server was a mistake and she won't make excuses. there's no evidence anybody got ahold of any confidential information because of that. the f.b.i. director who is a republican said there's no basis to move forward here. that's number one. number two, the recipe that gary is offering for the republican party to go forward is a recipe that would doom that party for a long time. if you look at the polling data, it is absolutely clear that americans are far closer by a good majority to hillary clinton's positions on immigration reform than they are to donald trump's.
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if the republican party is going to go out there and say we want to take away a woman's right to choose and want to restrict the rights of women, we don't respect women or believe in equal pay or we're taking away lbgt rights and their religious freedom is a euphemism for that, that republican party will lose with the rising american electorate, not only this year but years and years to come. finally, i just have to say al gore is one of the most honorable people i've ever met. those allegations are entirely unsubstantiated and gary is just throwing mud to try to make a case for somebody for whom you cannot make a case. it was donald trump who smeared himself. no one else smeared him. mark: let's finish with some metrics here and start with dave and bob and gary. tell me who is going to win and what percentage of the overall popular vote they're going to get. dave? dave: hillary clinton will win overall percentage of the popular vote, going to be around
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47%, 48% and electorally it will be, you know, over 100 electoral votes, although i'll say that there is a possibility donald trump could win a state or two, that governor romney did not win. there will be that many states or more he'll lose that governor romney did win. mark: bob, i know you think hillary will win, what percentage of the popular vote will she get? bob: i think dave is right, 46%, 37%, 48% of the vote. i think she's headed right now around 343, 345 electoral votes. mark: gary, tougher for you because your guy is currently behind. what number does he need to get, will he get to win? gary: i'm not even going down that process. i'm not a political probnosticator, but i do believe if hillary clinton wins it will be a failed policy because it will be the same policies of the last eight years that devastated our economy and weakened us abroad.
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john: with us momentarily, libertarian vice-presidential nominee bill weld. you'll not want to miss that.
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john: to my right former governor of massachusetts and now the libertarian candidate for vice president. bill weld joins us. i have to start by asking you, what are your thoughts as an intelligent, educated, and civil man on the events of the past 24 hours of presidential politics? bill: i'm somewhat stirred by the last two days because i think gary johnson and i, governor johnson and i can do a service to the united states and maybe a service to the republican party by putting ourselves forward as a fiscally responsible and free trade promoting ticket, which neither of the other two tickets is. and that would help the country by giving voters an alternative.
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it might even help the republican party by giving the republican voters a place to go on the presidential ballot and then they could stay and vote for the down ballot republicans. john: that was a odd answer, getting out the vote for the libertarian ticket. i'll ask you something more humanlike. have you seen anything like this? it feels like this whole campaign had a lot of unprecedented moments and crazy stuff but seems particularly dirty and everyone feels, like i talked to, feels like they need to take a shower right now. bill: i'm not believing what mr. trump says about how i didn't really do all those things i said i did because i just don't believe it. and i spent a lot of time in the courtroom and seen witnesses and circumstantial evidence and you know, there's one, two, three, there's 11 and sound like donald doing it, that is. so i don't believe it. so he's staking everything on what appears to be a lie, but it's not the first time. you know. john: you're firmly in the he's lying, he's obviously guilty camp.
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bill: he's obviously lying, yeah. to know the guy is to know that he loves women, he loves hitting on women. so why he would deny -- i'll tell you why he's going to deny it. he's trying to make this issue "the new york times" and not him. he spent an hour and a half talking about "the new york times." so joe the ragman can say oh, this is about "the new york times." i don't like "the new york times." they're way up there in new york. so i'm going to be with donald. so he's just trying to associate himself with the opposite of "the new york times." mark: governor, i want to ask you about a complicated debate that's not being had by the country because there's all this stuff going on that involves national security and espionage and first amendment and privacy. should news organizations be reporting on these documents which are allegedly, according to wikileaks, john podesta's emails, they haven't been
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authenticated so should the news organizations be reporting on them or not? john: he's not hearing mark but i'll ask the question. mark is asking the question about wikileaks. the question is given that we in a brave new world of leaks, a lot of news organizations are trying to figure out whether they should be reporting on purloined material, things broken in by a computer and things taken out of the clinton campaign and personally and the d.n.c. files. how do you answer the question? bill: the fourth estate is not the government. i think they can report it and say we don't know whether this is authentic or not and give the campaign in question a chance to deny it. i don't see not using the stuff. it's important stuff. i think the stuff that snowden did on n.s.a. was important, and this wikileaks stuff is the goldman sachs speeches i think for wikileaks was important to have them out there that mrs. clinton did.
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john: of all the things you've seen reported from inside the clinton campaign, which of them do you think rise to the level of genuine importance? bill: i think not turning over the huma abedin email and it didn't come from the clinton side and why not? lawyers brushed them and that was an ouch. maybe it's good to have a private and public opinion, maybe that's an ouch. maybe the people who really understand what regulations would be best in the financial sector are those who work in the financial sector. those are ouches. those are three -- the first one is a substantial ouch. the second two are p.r. ouches. but you want to know something, nobody's going to jay. she's not going to jail. she's not going close to jail. john: let's try mark again and see it you can hear him. mark: what does the weld-johnson ticket have planned between the remaining balance to election day? bill: well, in view of recent events, it does occur to us that we could be a place for republican voters to come who
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just feel now that they cannot vote for mr. trump. so we're emphasizing that we're an experienced ticket. you know, we were two-term republican governors. we not only had two terms of experience but we, by definition, worked across the isle because we had democratic states and we were a place they could go. it's not going to be a hard sale you have to do it, it's just hey, would you consider us? and obviously that's going to go down best in red states where there are more republican voters. and that may be a little bit of a shift from, you know, i had a lot of blue states on my calendar until recently and i'm beginning to rethink that a little bit. mark: tell us about your campaign activities that are pending, not your message but do you plan to do mostly tv interviews, a lot of retail campaigning, rallies, how do you plan to close it out? bill: rallies, retail, out west, as much new york and d.c. we can do, maybe l.a. for national media as well.
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but, you know, getting out there, showing the flag in the west and to some extent in the east and then trying to raise our name recognition so the fact that governor johnson doesn't have the high negatives of the other two candidates could pay dividends, if we get his name recognition to 70 and his poll position would probably go to 25 because he doesn't have 60% negatives. if we're at 25 -- i've said this before. but if ear bat 25 points any time in the month of october, we're dangerous because we have momentum. john: i'll ask you for a one-word answer, yes or no, ask you what to do about aleppo, would you have had an answer, yes or no? bill: yeah, i would have had an answer but now i'm so pessimistic i've almost given up and i think putin will have his way because he's willing to bomb anything. john: more of the best with "all due respect" after these words from our response majors.
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alex: we have jim rutenberg in the house. good to see you. so here's my question. hey-o. i read the teleprompter. here's what i'm going to discuss, jim. we've been talking about wikileaks and through the show there's been consternation whether or not the leaked material that hasn't been vetted through normal channel is safe for discussion, especially given wikileaks track record. as a media guru, what's your thinking? jim: the material is out there and we have to use it, right? it doesn't matter where it comes from if it's true. that said, it's uncomfortable if it's a foreign government hacking into these emails and unearthing them and that's a huge story. it's like an incredible propaganda story on the russian's behalf but what do you do? you ignore this stuff? john: let me ask you a cross question, what's the press' view at this moment about the burglared material.
3:55 pm
what if someone broke in and put it out. what do they say about it? jim: we've increasingly been using it when it's in the public interest. it started with the sony hack. the sony hack was stolen emails and we ended up going there and i think there was squeamishness but it's the wikileaks era. so you know, people expect this will be out and we're going to use it. that said i'm not saying it's comfortable. alex: doesn't it inevitably have a chilling effect and won't campaigns and all political operatives stop using e maims as correspondence, and that's gone after this? jim: they may but don't know how they'll communicate. someone will figure something else out and they'll tap into the phones. john: are you not on signal? jim: i'm get on it right away. alex: a deep tease for later. john: you said if it's true and in the public interest, the
3:56 pm
inclination is to publish, right? but again, there's some question, the eichenwald story says there's been manipulation of the documents. do you think right now going on in newsrooms and broadcast operations a higher degree of scrutiny being given to these things than normally would be given, just to say is this really what they wrote, is this language that is sounds like who this person is? how do we verify the emails are the actual emails. and we have someone saying they impugned the catholic church. i don't recognize these emails. she's saying i don't recognize the emails. what's a news organization to come in that situation? jim: with any story you have to verify it and nail it. what would be unhelpful and i get it to where it's not pleasant and maybe it's not fair to the clinton campaign but if they play games about what is valid and what isn't and we learn this email is legitimate, then we've broken the trust and hopefully they're being honest about what is fabricated. i get it where they feel like
3:57 pm
why do very to help the russians undermine our campaign? i do tet it and don't have a good answer. it's happening and we have to deal with it. alex: how does that standard apply to a hot mike moment? jim: same deal. corporate siblings of nbc had to deal with that and they obviously concluded after cautious lawyering that they could use the hot mike. alex: or "the washington post" who was the first to release it. jim: that made it easier. "the washington post" had a much easier decision because it wasn't "the washington post's" hot mike and to them that was public interest. now everybody is talking about let's get these "apprentice" tapes and go through them to find more hot mike moments which is a wikileaks mentality. why are they asking, why can't we search it, how will you search thousands of issues of tape and we'll find it if it gets to that. john: thanks for watching this edition of "with all due respect." stream our show live on twitter at 5:00 p.m. eastern by going to the moment section on twitter and clicking on our program.
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follow our handle at the politics. if you're watching us from washington, d.c., listen to us as 99.1 f.m. see you soon. sayonara. ♪
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carol: welcome to "bloomberg businessweek." david: i david gura. we would talk about the billionaire chairman of univision in the path he is charting to take that hispanic media company public. carol: working to put hillary clinton in the white house. david: what secret groups of bankers and lawyers on wall street talk about. carroll: and why they are not supposed to talk about it. david: all that ahead on " bloomberg businessweek." ♪


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