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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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mark: i'm mark john: and i'm john. "with all due respect when you say this election is enough. mark: on our menu tonight, some juicy f.b.i. updates. buffet of other news. john: a free range cut of the sights and sounds of this busy day on the campaign trail. >> what's up fayetteville?
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>> i'm happy to be at the home of the steelers. >> in four days we are going to win the great state of new hampshire. >> four days left. four days left. and the stakes -- the stakes could not be higher. >> we going to build a stronger, fairer, better america or we going to fear each other and the future? >> hillary clinton is the candidate of yesterday. we, you, you, we, are the movement of the future. >> understand the stakes here. my name's not on the ballot, but everything we've worked for is on the ballot. [cheers and applause] >> justice is on the ballot. [applause] >> equality is on the ballot. [applause] >> jobs are on the ballot. [applause] >> criminal justice reforms on the ballot. [applause]
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>> democracy is on the ballot. i need you to vote. >> the snapshot of public polling out today for the most part. yesterday it was good news. today's batch has a little bit more favorable news for hillary clinton. the latest tracking poll has clinton up by three points. 49% to 46%. that is still within the survey's margin of era. clinton's lead is one point yesterday and two points higher than the day before that. most of the state polls look positive for the democratic nominee. roanoke college has her up by seven points. and there is another poll from georgia that in the second day in a row shows clinton within striking distance in that red state. on trump's highlight list, third new hampshire poll in two days from the university of
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massachusetts shows a tied race in the granite state. and trump still leads in iowa by three points, a state his team has felt confident for some time. john: as we go into the weekend, the final weekend before election day, where does the stand? mark: structurally in terms of the public data, hillary clinton is ahead and we can see many paths for her to get to 270 and very few for donald trump. i was at trump tower doing the shooting, i never seen a group of people this loose. maybe it's an act and they say e'll probable -- probably win. clinton people say we are going to win and they seem a little tight. maybe because they are the front runner and lead has gone away. even the data from yesterday and
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today's data, mixed about each state, still advantage clinton. structurally it's overwhelming still. john: the trump campaign says it's going to win. regardless of what they actually believe, so what else are they going to say they have to keep their candidate confident and who knows he might fire someone. and you don't want to undercut your candidate if there is any chance of winning. the clinton campaign has suffered through bad publicity and coming off maybe the last big surprise, the comey letter. they had a tough time and been trying to gauge how much damage that and the fallout from that has done. the polls have started to stabilize but still going to be nervous because in the end, the psychology in brooklyn is different. they spend all their time with democrats hotel them, if you lose to donald trump, it means the end of the world.
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mark: here's what we are back to, michigan, wisconsin, colorado, it's the path to 270 that is most likely for trump. if he can win ohio and iowa, he has to win the other big three, north carolina and florida. got to win nevada. then win new hampshire and now new hampshire and maine they are plausible. john: the clinton campaign did a conference call and look at the early vote numbers in florida and north carolina and they say we are on track to win those states and if they win either one of them, no trump presidency. mark: the big five for a reason. that is the current state of the race and look at the end game. four new cycles left until america picks its next president, hillary clinton and donald trump are going to land
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in as many states as they can. there will be a few states added, but here is what we know. and going to florida, colorado. trump makes a stop? iowa and wisconsin and on monday, double date in philadelphia and trump in new hampshire and north carolina. expect more states to be added. the v.p. side, both are campaigning. biden, bernie sanders, bill clinton and the obamas and tim kaine and mike pence. sarah kids, rudy and palin. john taking their moves in their totality, what does it tell you about the state of the race? john: i know we have been going
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back and forth on nevada, nevada. they are trying to screw with you. it's nevada. but they are messing with you. it's not fair. guys stop doing that to mark. the trump campaign is going around and they know they have to figure out a way to widen out the map somehow. so he will have a broader travel schedule. the clinton campaign is hammering away at some of the states. that they know if they win one of them, she will spend a lot of time in florida and north carolina and a lot in pennsylvania because that's the one they feel was thought of as the blue state that trump might be able to add that if they win that one and one of these other ones, it shuts down the race. they are laser focused on a few states. and the trump campaign is looking for a wild card. mark: if trump wins pennsylvania, they will other
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states. to me, the two states i'm most interested in are north carolina and new hampshire. new hampshire's got the kind of voters that trump hasn't been doing well with, upscale suburban voters and north carolina, same thing. if trump can win in those two states somehow and the polling suggests he could, although the democrats say north carolina is solid, we are looking at a different map. john: there are the big five dynamics and what else is interesting as you think about the movement. the fact that hillary clinton, she done now with the west. won't be in colorado or nevada because they believe that those states -- forget the polling forget the polling they believe those states are still locked down. she can live on the east coast which makes her life easier in terms of covering ground. mark: there has been a lot of talk about the candidates' health and both older candidates.
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this is physically a tough period. hats off to them. john: she is going to live on eastern time. mark: tension between the f.b.i. and hillary clinton's campaign has been put in front and center. w a report by "the guardian" there is widespread dislike for hillary clinton and suggested that colleagues supporting the republican nominee were responsible for the leaks that have come out of the f.b.i. in recent days. apparently they are not just talking to the press. two days before the letter sent to congress, rudy went on fox news and made this prediction. >> you are going to hear about it in the next few days. some pretty big surprise. >> i heard you say that this morning. what do you mean? >> that was two days before
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comey's letter and today rudy was back on fox news and he was asked what he knew and when he knew it? >> i don't want to put them in a compromising position but i have close personal friends that were in the f.b.i. i heard a former f.b.i. agents telling me that there is a revolution going on inside the f.b.i. and now at a boiling point. >> you had a general idea something was coming. >> i had expected, honestly, i thought it was going to be three, four weeks ago. >> they called on the inspector general to investigate the f.b.i. leaks. peaking of fox, brett bare apologized saying there was a likely indictment looming in the f.b.i. probe on hillary clinton. john: as this saga continues,
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what impact do you think the f.b.i. business will have on the final days of this race? mark: people are speculating. she is going to have repair her relationship with the f.b.i. with comey. a lot of f.b.i. never liked the clintons. the trump people are right about one thing. the news flow is still filled with stuff at a minimum to energize the right about wikileaks and comey, et cetera. at a minimum, it gives republicans still all the way through tuesday because there is nothing bigger in the media to talk about. john: we said last friday and both agreed it was inappropriate for comey to issue this letter and inappropriate to hold that big media event back in july when he decided not to indict hillary clinton. what has happened in the last week the f.b.i. the stories about leaks and the stories about trump and rudy
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apparently got tipped off by a former agent or current one, this is destroying the credit built. to have the f.b.i. in the middle of a politics election where many americans has their thumb on the scale this close to an election day is a huge ongoing problem for this agency. and comey -- he is responsible for certain things and let his agency get out of control that is damaging to a really important american institution. mark: and to the election. p next, take a spin for some headlines and what they might mean for the presidential race when we come back. ♪
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mark: remember last month, october, when it felt like every friday gave us you can't make this up kind of october surprise. hollywood video, wikileak emails and last week's letter to congress. it's november now, which means for whatever reason, we have been spared the pre-weekend mega whip lash but there were smaller stories that could impact the final few days of the race. let's start with a verdict in the bridgegate trial, two former officials for governor christie were found guilty related to that george washington bridge lane closure. testimony suggested at the trial that critey knew about the move which was considered political
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retribution. today the governor put out a statement saying the allegations from the trial were not true. he had no knowledge. christie added, i will set the record straight in the coming days regarding the lies told by the media and in the courtroom. as of yesterday, christie was supposed to be stumping this weekend for trump in pennsylvania and new hampshire. this afternoon, chairman of the podesta told reporters, rather than chris crossing the country and talking about cleaning up the swamp, he, trump might drain his own swamp and ask mr. christie to resign as head of his transition. will the verdicts play a role here in the last days of the presidential campaign? john: he has not done very much as a surrogate for trump. when he is out, he is one of the
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most effective trump has. to go to the more core thing, the bridgegate thing and talking about undermining the f.b.i.'s credibility, christie is damaged goods. he with won't be able to put this to rest. if trump wins, the guy who is running the transition has inflicted damage to r on his credibility let alone the attorney general in the united states in a trump administration. mark: has more implications. john: down the line. mark: he said he has been off the trail. this is something people have been watching all year. i think in the end, impacts in new jersey, not a big deal for governor crist tee or donald trump right now. john: most of the impact has been felt. mark: final labor department jobs report. u.s. economy hadded 161,000 new
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jobs ng october the past month. that is decent growth but fewer than the month before. the unemployment rate fell to 4.9%. first time that the unemployment rate has been under 5. the campaign in pittsburgh, hillary clinton said it depicts an economy ready to take off. trump dubbed the news proof of and obama linton disaster. john: there is plenty of data that hillary clinton and president obama about things improving. these are not mega numbers but they are solid. trump likes to go around saying he is unpopular, but his rating is the third highest. this gives democrats a way to stay the course. you may not like the direction of the country, stay the course,
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things are not going backwards. this is the simplest thing in the world, when the unemployment rate is going down and milestone and first time it has been below 5%. that's good news for the in part. she's going to say, hey, look, obama might be moving slow and bigger problems but in the end, we are making slow and steady progress and adding new jobs and it's reflective in president obama's approval rating. mark: had the numbers been really bad, would have been very good for the republican party. john: 100%. mark: it's in the positive. update. wikileaks here is an inbox from john podesta and an aide pushed back
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against conflict of interests rules saying it would cause problems for the former president. communications director appeared appeared to call comey a bad choice. wikileaks was one of five potential hacks that the "new york times" wrote that the american public might have to worry about. the others he said is interfering with voter rolls and reporting to media, tinkering with voting machines and internet disruption that would keep the public in the dark. so, john, based on the previous hacks and potential future hacks, where does those stand? not a huge friday surprise, but where do they stand? john: all the things on that list are basically background noise on this point. the last 72 hours, you have to have a big thing to really break through. none of those things qualify.
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the foundation stuff could be a problem if she becomes president. this hacking thing -- i went down and talked to singer and i'm suggesting what might happen. this may turn out to be like y2k. i'm feeling a little apprehension. mark: i'm hoping that our federal government is all over this. coming up, we have a window in trump's latest visit to wisconsin. ♪
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mark: spent time out on the campaign trail that included a tuesday evening rally in
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wisconsin. the republican nominee making a last-minute appeal there to the voters. covered the event produced in cooperation with bloomberg politics, "the circus." ere's a bit of that. >> as a political analyst willie nelson said, on the road again. in ion we are on the road wisconsin and trump has to figure out a way to build a coalition and get republicans to come home and win enough independents and blue-collar emocrats to win a state. [chanting]
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>> there are large numbers who feel compeled to come out and emotions and this is a state that republicans are putting pressure on. you have trump coming here which means they think they can win it or running out of options to try and get 270 electoral votes. >> give a warm welcome to the next president of the united states of america, donald trump! >> thank you very much. great people. great folks. thank you everybody. we are the bright future and i see we, we, we. i'm only a messenger. i'm only a messenger but you have to say i'm doing a pretty good job as a messenger.
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[cheers and applause] >> she is the candidate of yesterday. we are the movement of the future. we are. we are. [cheers and applause] >> we are just -- listen to this , one week, one week. do you believe it? [crowd chanting] >> thank you. i will not disappoint you, that i promise. god bless you, everybody. thank you. thank you. >> this event represents all that's going right with the trump campaign right now. trump was confident, sentiment all and has these lines out. this is the general election candidate. he could still lose and still lose badly, but if he keeps this up, he is going to put a lot of pressure on hillary clinton.
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mark: a lot of political bold-faced names, i covered bill clinton and rudy and you were out with evan mcmullen. there was so much resistance among the establishment, has that changed and the party is rallying behind him? mark: scott walker who had not appeared with trump but did. you can see the whole episode of the circus" at 8:00 p.m. the republican party is with us right after the break. ♪
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♪ us now is the rnc
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communications director chief strategist, sean spicer. we have taken a look at all the data, everything you know right now about the race trade is donald trump now the favorite, or still the underdog? i think everything we are seeing both nationally and in the states is trending his way. that's a great place to be. going into the last four days, i would rather have the wind at our back and all the momentum with us or not. so, florida, ohio, iowa, north carolina, i think we start to kickoff. michigan is dead even. i think you look at right below the surface there, and what that would be, third, is virginia, is in the mix. new hampshire and maine too. that is sort of the story of this. keeps expanding and a
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lot more of these states are within the margin of error. there is not one that's not trending in our direction. when you look at where the democrats are spending their time and money, they are seeing the same data we are. they are doubling down in a lot of these places because i think they've started to see this map takes that. pulled out.they colorado they pulled out, margin of error. she can, dead even. new hampshire, dead even. these guys got really cocky, pulled out. states that obama aried -- carried twice. trump has had messages that have ranged from soaring really and his typical negative attacks on hillary clinton great what will we see from him in the last 72 hours?
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will he spend most of his time still trying to keep hillary clinton out? i think it is a majority positive. he will talk about the opportunity to change washington and change that he brings and opportunities to make america great again. >> you and the chairman priebus have come under criticism from republicans who say you should not have been so supportive trump. donald any regrets on your part or the chairman's part about the role you played in helping donald trump since back in the spring? sean: zero. it's not our decision. donald trump got more votes than any republican seeking this office before. anyone's job in washington to second-guess that. that's the reality of this. he was the choice of millions of republican voters, and that's our job.
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that is fundamentally the job of the republican national committee. to make sure they win. second-guess the voters, not say washington knows that her. we did that and we have the best ground game and data operation that either party has seen, and i will put us to over the top november 8. >> you guys are getting some criticism for seeming to have been filled in or tipped off about director comey's letter last friday. tell us what you can tell us about the campaign. i'm fully aware that anyone had any knowledge of that. at least from my perspective and the rnc perspective, i had no idea it was coming. all of the focus on the fbi and none of thisy, would be happening if hillary clinton had not done what she did. she held a secret server, it was accessed by anthony weiner. coverups for her repeated
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lies straight nothing would have happened if it wasn't for hillary clinton's actions over and over doing the things she did to mislead the american people and cover things up. >> if we have more time, we would spend more time on this issue. thank you for doing this show. let's bring in a democratic vice strategist, bill burton. it's great to see you. as you look at the interchange, with rudy giuliani protecting the -- predicting the comey you look at the interchange, with rudyletter, then going on n and seeming to suggest he's talking to a lot of agents attempt him off about the fact that letter was forthcoming, what do you make of that and how problematic it is? those issues are already baked into the equation. if you love hillary clinton, you don't think it's a big deal.
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if you like donald trump, you don't care that he got tipped off. none of this is going to move the needle at all. standpoint, rudy giuliani probably has a problem over the fbi agents that are leaking him information have a problem that will be dealt with in few course. from a political standpoint, i don't think this moves one voter when way or the other. >> if hillary clinton wins, do you think she will have a problem with the director? it seems like it would be pretty awkward to be in the room -- for theirst first meeting. he clearly stumbled his way through this. he has not acquitted himself well in the political sense, to be able to navigate that. >> should she call for him to submit his resignation if he wins? bill: i'm not going to
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second-guess what hillary clinton wants to do. i certainly don't think he has the confidence of the american people anymore, considering how he acted. >> should president obama call for his resignation? bill: i don't know what president obamapeople have very little confidence in his ability to navigate politics. whether or not he should lose his job, that's for others to decide. >> i hear democrats on every side of this issue. some democrats looking at the early vote numbers and saying, this is performing really well, it gives us a lot of confidence about places like florida, north carolina. other democrats freaking out about the fact that she seems to not be performing well enough. when you look at it, where are you? the think if you look at aggregate all numbers, the early voting data, it suggests that certain states are out of reach for donald trump at this point.
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every single day that has gone by, i've gotten more confident. i've also gotten more and more nauseous about the prospect of donald trump potentially becoming president. i think the numbers and logic suggests that hillary clinton will be just fine on tuesday night and the race will get called early in the night. >> if nothing else -- else, make sure you pack in some pepto-bismol. my interview with george lopez is next. you are watching us in washington, d.c., on the radio radio on 99.1 fm. ♪
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>> george lopez is one of
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america's most famous hispanics. it does not shy away from politics. you might have thought lopez would have been interviewed frequently about the presidential race this year. when i ran into lopez recently at a playoff game and asked him whether he had been asked much about this election, he said very few journalists had asked him to talk about it at all. that situationy stat and george and i sat down to talk yesterday in los angeles. he started by telling me it wasn't just the media who failed to seek them out in 2016. eorge: in 2008, barack obama personally reached out and called me and asked me where i was politically, what my motives were. he said, if you don't mind, i would appreciate it if you would help me secure a latino base and
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the latino vote. i haven't heard from the clinton campaign. my social media platform is high. iople respect my opinion when am political. some people don't agree with it, particularly this election. it's definitely a voice that isn't as loud as it was. >> i will read a few things here that don trump is either said or done. this to me is the campaign and trump's relationship. starting off by saying their criminals and rapists. between the taco bowl on cinco de mayo, he said george gonzalez curio could not do his job.
5:42 pm
quote, jeb bush has to like illegals because of his wife. the last debate he talked about bad hombres. hearing all of that and watching donald trump's rise -- what did you think as all of that played out? orge: from the elevator ride down to the -- criminals and rapists -- i'm sure some of them are good people, i'm sure. i'm not in favor of open borders and i'm not in and ethnicmonizing group. it has been all of that. have theght, we don't voice that comes out and says, this can't be done, this isn't right. nobody risks, even politicians wouldn't risk their base for us.
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so if we don't risk our own i don'tn ourselves, think that every -- economically we have a lot of power, but cohesively we are lagging way behind. if it doesn't show up in this election because of every in you just read, then we really have big problems. >> if you think about all those things that trump has said or --e, for a lot of people they think he's a racist. his donald trump a racist, or no? george: no. i think he's a guy who has had a life of privilege. if you look at the way he has talked about women, african-americans, people who are gay, and especially latinos -- when you are at the top of trump tower, everything looks small to you. "racist," is thrown around with everything.
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even when you adopt pets at the pound, the black ones are the last ones to go. it can't be in pets too. i just think that there is -- that guy who has been given everything that doesn't know what it's like to work for , it's not even taking liberty with the language. it's just the way he talks. >> one of the reasons why you are such an exemplar of your community is that you are close to it still. you are not living in bel air, right? you are close to the community and your family. trump says mexicans and hispanics love him. all the hispanics you know, is there a lot of love for donald trump? george: i'm going to say we don't love him. there are latinos that are for trump. there is one guy that is latino
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for trump. i saw one that said "woman for trump." there is this one woman. -- i'vesay that we never seen a political candidate disrespected more than donald trump. means and that those unflattering pictures turn into votes. >> you can find a lot of them on your instagram account. you were a big supporter of barack obama. hillary clinton, you are a vote for her? george: i am. >> with enthusiasm? george: no. the immigration problem is probably late at the feet of barack obama. in 2008 we campaigned and i based on helping them
5:46 pm
create a pathway to citizenship. in based on helping '12 he mentd didn't do anything. we wouldeef with him, be the deciding factor, may be in 12. not that we were expecting to benefit from it, but this whole -- i'm sure some of them are great people. wall, going to build that chance, and all of that, he's responsible for it. >> he, barack obama? george: absolutely. and he has deported a lot of people. he's probably the president that has deported the most of our people. criminals, yes. and people who are here working honestly, there has to be a way for them to get on the path to stay. >> i want to ask you about hillary again. do you feel regretful that you supported obama? george: i made my choice. i didn't know what was going to happen. the clinton campaign didn't
5:47 pm
reach out. i don't know if i would he as enthusiastic for her, as much as i'm enthusiastic for people to get out of both. i'm more concerned about raising the voter turnout than voting f or hillary clinton. you are like a lot of americans who will vote for hillary clinton mostly because it's a vote against trump. george: right. >> on the you are like a lot of americans who will two tickets,e one candidate, tim kaine. he's constantly speaking spanish. what do you think about that? george: you could not order to fully with that spanish. you would have to order by numbers. >> ok. george lopez speaking his heart. george: i'm trying to tell the truth. you are about as much like the average american is donald trump is, and you have a pretty
5:48 pm
good life right now. the way you are looking at this election is the way a lot of americans are, which is really not liking donald trump, kind of holding your nose for hillary clinton, and just kind of praying that maybe we get to -- through this whole thing. george: i would say if it was a party, i might hang around because there might be a fight towards the end. ♪ whole thing. george:
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emily: -- >> thank you for joining us. what are you wondering about this weekend? to know what's going
5:51 pm
to happen in pennsylvania, was going to happen in florida. those are two states that donald trump is really targeting right now. when you look at the electoral we know he has to sleep the romney states, pick up all the necessary battlegrounds, and get potentially a blue state. looking at new hampshire, which has 8 -- as of last week he was behind by 8 the romney states, pick up all the necessary battlegrounds, and p's a tight race. that is one of those states you really need. a congressional district in maine will play a big role potentially. >> the clinton campaign is kicking off tomorrow night, they are doing katy perry in philadelphia, right? they're ending her campaign in pennsylvania again monday night with the obama's. fools golda has been for republicans for a long time. are they worried if that is going on? >> with interesting about pennsylvania is there's no early voting. the clinton campaign has been oka singh on the states with early voting, sending surrogates there. states for early voting.
5:52 pm
pennsylvania is always key in that final stretch. there is this mirage for republicans. trump is appealing to a certain part of the electorate there, and that is split into 2 states. melania was there in the philadelphia suburbs yesterday. it's a three-point race. i still think it is a stretch. >> for republicans. >> it's one of those places you can't take for granted, especially when everyone is voting on election day. >> if you look at pennsylvania, ,olorado, wisconsin, michigan if any, they are most likely to win? >> michigan is interesting to me because hillary clinton went to detroit this week. that kind of signals that she is focused in on getting -- michigan has been a surprise. donald trump has an appeal
5:53 pm
there. the race is not as there as it is in some of these others but if you are looking at those states you mentioned, that could potentially be the next best bet, and just because clinton is kind of worried about that potential. >> the demography there, michigan is kind of like ohio. >> it has more diverse areas, i would say. i was in ohio last week too in the cleveland area. favoredseen the polls donald trump in recent days but clinton is there tonight, with jay-z, of course, potentially beyonce, trying to drive up young people, african-american voters there. i came back to soon. >> what are we doing here? do you think most worries the clinton campaign as we head into the final weekend? >> because this race is narrowing, because trump has some potential paths -- last
5:54 pm
week it was really, really difficult to see how he could pull this off. now there are some options for him. i still think the fundamentals of this race favor clinton. the electoral college favors clinton at this point. looking at states like new hampshire closing in, florida is still close, although they are seeing potential in the early voting. at this point, given what we're seeing in the polls, and given that we have seen a pretty tumultuous new cycle with the news last week and both sides really driving the negative message home against the other, going to show us how close this is. >> thank you very much. enjoy the weekend. john and i will be right back. ♪
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and i will both be
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on the road this weekend with prospective candidates flying around. what are you most looking forward to this weekend? >> nothing between campaign trails -- napping between campaign trails. react,ng how the crowds and some of the crowds this weekend will be the faithful, but some will still be independents. >> head to coming up on "bloomberg technology," steve ballmer. until monday, for mark and me, sayonara. ♪
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mark: you are watching "bloomberg technology." one new york city police sergeant is dead, another wounded after a shootout with a robbery suspect in the bronx. authorities say the gunman was
6:00 pm
also killed. he reportedly fired on officers who stopped his car following a brief pursuit. and the new york city police are investigating the possibility of an al qaeda attack on the eve of the election. officials say they are reviewing information that mentioned new york, texas, and virginia as potential targets. new york police say the information that has been received is not specific. new jersey governor chris christie released this statement saying he had no role in authorizing lane realignments on the george washington bridge that resulted in the convictions of two of his former aides. themderal jury friday found thesed of creating chaos on bridge over several days in september of 2013. the move was meant to punish the democratic mayor of fort lee, who earlier refused to endorse chris christie.


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