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tv   Bloomberg Daybreak Asia  Bloomberg  January 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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anchor: 2017 is up and running. japan returned to trade after an extended new year's celebration. the asia-pacific set to extend the gains. u.s. manufacturing is forging ahead. donald trump uses his pick. jpmorgan falls out with indonesia. business ties are cut after the
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bank issued a downgrade. ofs is the second hour "daybreak asia." i am shery ahn in hong kong. anchor: it is just after 7:00 p.m. in new york. japan finally coming back online for 2017. we already had our first day of trade and it looks good for the bulls. you now have the nikkei 225 open higher. it looks like this would be the first time that the japanese market are opening higher. it is a big deal and may set the tone for japan. >> it does. it is up for tens of 1%. of course, -- up .4%. do withe, a lot has to the trump reflation trade. a lot of people have said that
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as we see a trump postelection rally, japan would be the biggest gainer. trading up start almost 1% and continue to rally. let us take a look at the markets with david ingles. david will have the details of how things are shaping up. david: first off, i can say, they don't look very excited in tokyo, given the fact that in 2016, they just managed to an higher f the year, which it that yearly streak to 2016. the japanese have a very interesting way of expressing, i guess, happiness and excitement. 1.1%, a bit of patch up, obviously. yesterday, futures were .ndicating 1.1% on the nikkei asx 200. speaking of the bowls, let me get you a line chart of the asx
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200. that is 20%. it fell into a bear market right about this time last year early february during this rally is 20%, which takes of all the way there, which i guess is why we are looking at stocks in australia really hitting their head on the ceiling at the moment. equity markets look good. we are waiting for toshiba to get underway. in japan. what is it doing there? it should be lower. it news out of the us thought he newspaper that the ftse suspecting they may have padded by ¥14 million. up 10%. has of thatg back at the moment, but as you compare that to two weeks ago before christmas, yeah. just depressing to be looking at the chart. some other things. moment theere at the dollar is still a strong dollar story. a 14 year high yesterday.
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if you look at the dollar index. we are flat across the majors at the moment. dollar-yen, pound dollar. euro-dollar fell to as much as low aboutsession nine hours ago. low about nine hours ago. a quick check on the bond markets. 10 year yields low about nine hours ago. a quick check on the bond markets. 10 year yields, across the board. i mean, u.s. 10 year, 2.54% yesterday or north of 2.5 percent so we fell to 2.44 and we are adding one basis point. australia very quickly, 2.78. gilts yielding at this. the jgb starting up the year at six basis points. betty: all right, that is how we are shaping up so far. incoming president donald trump is claiming another job victory after four dropped plans to mexico.heir plant in
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su keenan is tracking this story. getting his wish here. su: it certainly seems that way. a 1.6 billion dollar plan in mexico and it is going to get money in a flat rock, michigan plant. we saw the peso weakened on concern that trump is curtailing investments in mexico. also its biggest auto parts dealer. is the ceo of ford announced it will higher 700 workers in 2018 in flat rock, michigan, and invest 700 million in the u.s.plan while canceling plans. one union members that it brought tears to his eyes and the ceo said it has nothing to do with pressure from the president-elect, but with shifting consumer tastes. >> we would make the same decision. the main reason for canceling the plans is our next generation focus is built in that plant and what we have seen is a ma aed decline for small the
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close in north america. we don't need that capacity. do withoes not have to trump. many supporters see it differently that it is the biggest victory in his campaign to get automakers to keep jobs in the u.s.. earlier on tuesday, trump tweeted out a threat to gm saying general motors is sending mexican made models to the u.s.. he said "make it in the usa or pay a big border tax." so trump is on the mission. trump is also being credited with a giant boom in the jet industry. su: he is seen as a symbol of conspicuous consumption and that bodes well for many luxury products. if you look at the campaign video, his personal boeing 757, a private jet if there ever was one, with an iconic campaign image, extreme wealth, and he is
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not only seen as an advocate for the private jet industry, but he is replacing someone in the white house who, in contrast, if barackl president obama, has symbols of inequality. a downturn in the prat purchases since the recession. many debt makers expectina resurgence in sales. one dealer says his phone is ringing off the hook. there has been a resurgence in auto craft or aircraft prices. upwardbeen on a huge flight since the election. they are all up. dynamics, bombard ea, between 12% and 22%. there has been a shift away from the obama anti-business jet red rack -- jet rhetoric. there is a demand for private jets. anchor: conspicuous consumption. thank you so much.
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su keenan joining us from new york. let us get the first word news with courtney collins. courtney, president-elect has signaled a tougher line on china? head ofmed a lawyer as the u.s. trade representative office. o tradeeputy representative. saying theys that undermine american jobs. for brexit have taken a turn with the unexpected resignation of london's ambassador to the european union. ivan rogers has quit 11 months early and only weeks before the government is due to trigger article 50 and launch formal negotiations. he was expected to oversee the first talks but has been under pressure, saying it could take a decade for the u.k. to hammer out a trade deal with europe. apple is unlikely to receive any
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more concessions from india to start making iphones in the country after it was said to have discounts on import and + duties. a government official says the regulations cannot be eased just for one country. india has already relaxed room for requiring at least 30% of components to be sourced locally before a tech company can open a single brand outlet. china has issued a red alert for smog in provinces across the north and east, triggering the closure of factories, schools, and construction sites, a huge swath of the country has been blanketed in choking smog since new year, with conditions not expect it to improve before later today at the earliest. air pollution in northern china remains many times above international safety levels. ura y,myth, 24 powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 100 20 countries. i'm courtney collins. this is bloomberg. courtney, thank you.
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indonesia has hit back on j.p. businessase, a cutting partnership in retaliation for the bank issuing a downgrade. rosalind chin is following this for us. give us the background. rosalind: j.p. morgan chase downgraded indonesian up by one, not by two, two underway. it was a technical response of donald trump's win. by opportunities in indonesia later. the foreign finance ministers at the report was neither accurate or credible purity finance ministry says it will stop using jpmorgan as a primary dealer and underwriter of sovereign bonds. the terminal will show the breakdown of indonesian bonds. you can see, last year, j.p. morgan basically tied at number six, with $850 million of issuance. there are banks which have handled more, city and deutsche bank among those.
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andainly did -- citi deutsche bank among those. certainly j.p. morgan in the top 10. previously, it would go to other banks. the finance minister saying banks should take responsibility for reports that influence fundamentals and psychology. >> what about a response from j.p. morgan? haveind: yes, they responded, saying business in indonesia continues to operate as normal, and saying impacts on clients is minimal and we continue to work with the ministry of finance to resolve the matter. j.p. morgan chase was part of a syndicate in june. they fell 3 billion euros of ones, which is three point billion u.s. dollars, but according to bloomberg data more recently, there has been another two issuances. one in yen and one in u.s. dollars and j.p. morgan chase was not listed as a member for
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those two, so perhaps it already has an impact. trump, the, after emerging markets were out of favor pretty quick. we saw them dumping indonesian assets and in the last quarter, foreign investors sold $2.8 billion in indonesian stocks and funds which drove it lower. you can see that currency there jumping up, so it is a pity for banks to issue independent advice and information to clients when the client will be the ones issuing the information against and away. it is a difficult time for them to tread. it certainly is. we will continue to look at what the fallout is. thank you, rosalind chin. much more ahead. sink or swim.
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what is on the horizon. betty: could equities and bonds run out of steam this year? we discussee ouook with jpmorgan. this is bloomberg. ♪
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anchor: this is "daybreak asia." i'm shery ahn in hong kong. tesla is lower in extended trading after a fourth-quarter delivery fell short of estimates. it sold about 22,000 200 vehicles through december, totaling just over 76,000 for the whole year. tesla had been aiming for at least 80,000. it has been trying to maintain sudan.f the model china's third biggest search engine is planning a u.s. ipo of $5 billion to change
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baidu in the mobile market. to ceo says the company aims offer about 10% of its shares later this year. baidu had about 45% of mobile the thirduiries in quarter of 2016. ma --ba backed shen the latest smartphonin north america and europe. the sports dual cameras, if i 5.5 inch screen. it is broadening its horizon. it was established as a sub brand to compete with low-cost rivals in china. 5x.xpands with the poised tooss asia are rise after economic data view of confidence in the u.s. economy. our next guest is bullish on
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equities. let us bring in north at simmons, vice president of ethics sales jpmorgan. she joins us. great to have you with us. the markets at the open are rising again for a second aid. the nikkei, first day of trading soaring the most in almost a month. do you see this momentum continuing through the rest of the year? we have seen the japanese yen fluctuate a bit recently. i would say probably the start of the year might not last that long. january will be a difficult month for equities overall, potentially writing themselves through the end of the year. we are quite cautious ahead of the inauguration of president-elect trump and i think the market, investors are nervous about some of the policies, some of the risks that might be added, so on one side of the spectrum, you have the
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tax changes, potential tax adjustment. and also looking at infrastructure spending, we have not had enough detail on that just yet, so people are starting to be more skeptical about what may come, so for that reason, we are more cautious on equities in the very near term, just given the moves we did have in q4, which were quite extreme, and even the first few days of this year may start on a better foot. we do feel overall, it could be a difficult january, as we have seen in the last three years as well. anchor: theronsensus on where tl reserve is headed. of course, the upgrade to the feds in two years to give the u.s. dollar a significant boost, a second wind, if you will. did you buy into that, and where do you see that headed? laura: yes, we think the u.s. dollar can continue to strengthen a little bit more into the end of the year. particularly against currencies like the euro, where there is
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still more room and you have political potential, volatility, to come in europe certainly. moreis for us a bit idiosyncratic amongst the different ethics payers, where -- fx pairs. last year, it was a broader dollar move against all of the currency, basically. people are becoming more selective, but certainly, commodity currencies are part of that second link to some extent, and perhaps, they were treated a little bit too unfairly in december. we might need more strength come through that. overall, we are a little bit more confident on the commodity sector at the moment, particularly for, i guess, when you look at base metals, where supply discipline has started to seep in for some of those countries now. of thehink, in terms producers, going forward, they are in a much better position. so is a bit of an unknown, for that reason, it is being more selective about where you
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want to be a long u.s. dollars for the next few months. with the fed hiking and an extra added in in december, that has treasury forecasts being revised higher, so we are now looking for u.s. to finish the first half of the year around 260 and 285 by year end. anchor: given everything you said about the commodity space, where you stand on australia, because that is a key theme for them. laura: that's right, and i think we saw some underperformance last year in that part of the market, and banks as well had also been underperformers. i think there is probably still some room for the upside there, and certainly our strategists feeling more confident in the commodity side, as i mentioned. the move to high-yield generally has been better for banking stocks globally as we know. maybe once we get to the first month of volatilitaround the
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inauguration, there is still a lot of uncertainty, so i want to emphasize that. even though we write ourselves back to the second half of the ear or even the end of the first half, to one could still be quite volatile. at the moment, we are looking at 5800 on all the stops, but it could be a bumpy road between now and then. aussie stocks, but it could be a bumpy road between now and then. anch: is there any sense at all or any reason why we might doubt the dot plot or the dart chart and what that tells us about rates? laura: certainly, we have disappointed by the dots before. they has always been a concept of, should we be relying on that? are they really an effective medications will for the fed itself? tool for theive
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fed itself? move that af the lot of markets have been waiting for for some time, so they felt with the right amount of fiscal policy and the fed heading in the right direction and accordingly, the data looking better, particularly some of the inflation numbers this week, people are starting to your more confident about that view, so i would say that right now, there is probably more confidence in the dots then there has been previously, but certainly, we think there is a risk you may only get to moves this year -- andmoves this year, june december, but people already talking about the risk of a marked height as well, if the data continues -- march hike as well. anchor: thank you so much. laura fitzsimmons, the vice president of forex sales and jpmorgan. of next, stemming the tide. china takes action on outflows as the pboc continues injecting
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money into the system. that is next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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anchor: ms. is "-- this is "daybreak asia." i'm betty liu in new york. shery: i'm shery ahn and hong kong. china correspondent tom mackenzie has the details. tom, what do we know about these capital injections? pboc plugging the gaps as capital continues to flow out of financial systems. we have a terminal chart that shows exactly what is going on. we are talking about the median term lending facility and that morelance increased by than $100 billion in the months of december alone. that is the biggest jump since we start to get details about this facility back in december 2014, and it really is continuing.
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growing pressures as a result of these outflows and of course, the youan. it also highlights the contortions of the pboc having to get itself into now as it is on the one hand seeking to maintain funding like this to continue to support the financial system, but on the other hand, tries to tackle these risks we have heard so much about, tied to these high levels of corporate debt. it is trying to move to a more strongerolicy in the economic picture. anchor: we know beijing is taking this on foreign exchange transaction. what impact is that going to have, what impact is that having? tom: that's right, so we have seen more capital controls put in place. the latest research is kicking in on january 1.
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what it means for chinese citizens is there is an extra level, burden, bureaucratic burden they have to go through if they want to convert their currency into foreign currency. they each get 50,000 u.s. dollar quota. now, they have to sign a pledge promising not to use that money to buy property insurance products or securities overseas. they also have to detail exactly what they are going to be spending that money on, whether it is overseas business travels or education and university costs for example. this is another layer the security and educators are hoping will continue to question marks in theon minds of citizens. there is also another hit interestingly from the cows casino stocks. they are concerned their customers will be unable to spend as much on the blackjack tables as they had previously as a result of some of these
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controls. anchor: thank you so much, tom mackenzie. we will be taking a look at the effect on those controls. , gearings donald trump up for a fight with china. we will look at his pick for trade representative. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. singapore,is 8:30 in a beautiful, sunny, and clear day. we see if they continue the momentum have seen in asia with equities turning all in the green. we are half an hour from the open. i'm shery ahn in hong kong. in newi'm betty liu york. you are watching "daybreak asia." first word news with courtney collins. courtney: president-elect donald trump climbing another jobs victory with ford scrapping plans for a car plant in mexico. the company pulled the plug on project, saying it will spend some of the $1.6 billion saved on jobs in michigan.
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fears trump will persuade companies to cut investment in mexico. indonesia says it has terminated all business partnerships with jpmorgan aft the bank downgraded its equity market. the finance ministry will stop using the bank as a primary dealer and as an underwriter of its sovereign bonds, but jpmorgan says other business in the country will continue as normal, and equities were downaded to underweight in november in response to donald trump's election win. taking actions is next week after staff rejected a -- payfor three c offer. they threaten widespread disruption to flight. they were due to strike over christmas but suspended their action after a conciliation talks. of union accuses be a forcing recently hired staff to live on poverty pay. global news, 24 hours a day, powered by more than 120
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countries. i'm courtney collins. this is bloomberg. anchor: courtney, thank you. first aid training for japan with the -- trading for japan with the nikkei soaring and expending the regional benchmark higher. asian markets shaping up so far this morning. david, what are you seeing? david: we like to describe it as financials doing the heavy lifting because that is the best way to describe it right now. 1.4%, session high. australia andets, the kospi have been flat for the session. japan and new zealand carrying the index higher for the second straight day. just a few things. when you look at the life chart chart, the aussie session entered a bull market. you look at the amount of stocks in this index actually hitting
7:33 pm
52-week highs. that is also as far as the brand as the rally is concerned, pushing towards extremes. the nikkei 225, next stop looks to be the speak we hit right before new year. few below 20,000 here, so a points away. hang seng index, i will watch this very close in on. we are pushing back about 22,000. the reason it comes up is because we are having a little bit of a liquidity issue in hong kong. obviously, the renminbi is under pressure against the dollar. when you look at the nh pushing pushing, the cost of funding -- when you look at cnh pushing the cost of funding. upis is what you look a for various reason. overnight 17%,
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months, thate is really going to hit the banks. that comes out two hours into the session in hong kong. ready? >> what specific stock movers are worth meioning, dad? takata,e are following and toshiba as well. third straight day we are seeing up,es of the airbag maker 7.5%, 18%, they were trading near 500, 600 here. it comes in the report from the wall street journal that they are nearing a deal to put the airbag scandal behind them. the company so far has led to comment. we are not the source of that report, nothing has been finalized, obviously, the market is trying to get ahead of it. toshiba has reversed its losses and some of the old producers are still rising in australia. gold near $11.60 an ounce. anchor: with the setup of how the markets are trading so far, u.s. manufacturing shrugging off
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the stronger dollar, posting heavy gains in december. factory prices surge. we have been talking about it these last few hours. betty: kathleen hays is with us. manufacturing is up, not just in the u.s., but also in china, the u.k.. have sales,s., we where does it come from? is it continued optimism over the election surprise? all kinds for thes are helping end of the year. kathleen: did it really make that much difference when we asked the 300 plus purchasing -- 300 -- -- -- -- -- plus purchasing managers? it is an interesting question. one thing we know is that u.s. hitfacturing days but it -- its highest. jump into blender with me if you would and let us take a look at 861.
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what you see is the bluegrass. orders. what does that tell you if companies are having to pay higher prices for their inputs? is that more demand? bloombergntelligence as probably not yet because so far, it looks like energy and oil. it looks just like a commodity driven thing and also a strong dollar should help hold down inflation. anchor: what does this mean for the fed? we get minutes from the december 14 meeting, just hours from now. where does that put the fed? kathleen: they are looking for three rate hikes in 2017. that was the big news in december compared with september. people want to know how strong is the consensus for those hikes? will we get hints from that for the meeting? can we tell how quickly or
7:37 pm
slowly they are going to move. let us trump in the bloomberg and look at inflation. there is a lot of potential difference between the more hawkish members of the fomc, the more dovish. you can see the turquoise line has gotten a lot higher, pulling back a little bit the last month. down.urt pce similarly could that allow inflation to pick up? willdubs be -- doves be signaling? >> will we get some hands-on the u.s. jobs data on friday? kathleen: we did get a mild rise 52the employment gauge, from and change. a little bit stronger, but manufacturing is the smallest part of u.s. jobs. services make a bit 80% of the jobs. of the jobs. it is so important the fed
7:38 pm
talked about uncertainty. janet yellen did at the press conference after the meeting. what will we see in the meeting? how much trumput optimism could translate into hiring? these are the things we're looking for in the minutes. the manufacturing numbers certainly set us up for a look at the economy and what the fed was saying when they were voting in december 14. anchor: kathleen hays, thank you so much for that. they u.s. president-elect looks like he is following through on his pledge to take a tougher stance with beijing by picking a china critic as his top trade representative. stephen engle joins us to tell us more on that. tell us about this new character, robert lighthizer. >> it goes in line with what donald trump has pledged to do on the trade front with china. that is, perhaps, impose tariffs on as much as 40% on chinese imports to the united states and
7:39 pm
name china a currency manipulator on day one. stephen: if you look at the other picks, wilbur ross, he also named his newly formed white house national trade council, peter navarro, a big china credit. you have three people here who see u.s. industry first in a global trade perspective. we have now robert lighthizer, the former dety u.s. trade representative in the ronald reagan years in the 1980's. he is alawy focused on international trade litigation. he was the former national treasurer for the goal campaign campaign inole 1996. he says he has extensive experience striking agreements that protects some of the most important sectors of the u.s. economy and has repeatedly fought any private sector to prevent bad deals from hurting americans. it looks as though, with this appointment, is another individual who will take a tough line on the trade front with china. anchor: seems that way, so it
7:40 pm
seems trump is taking a reaganesque approach to foreign trade. we know that reagan took that approach with japan. are we seeing some of the same trades here with china? stephen: you could probably make that correlation given the fact heizer was in the reagan administration. automobiles was a big one and he protected harley davidson against japanese imports. you can see this is going to be the task trump is going to take with china. tack trump is going to take with china. >> the u.s. president has more power on migration, on trade, on foreign policy, on security, and on those areas, the trump administration might become increasingly dangerous for the u.s. and the world economy. we are: that he says
7:41 pm
talking about the 1980's and since i still have the same hairstyle since the 1980's, i have an old school to cheat on the truck positions,cap -- trump positions. he has three more to fill out. council of economic head, agriculture, and veterans affairs. anchor: some have their shopping list, you have your cabinet list. good going, dedicated to your job. stephen engle, think he much. shipping companies struggle with decreased rates. we will bring in our asian industry reporter. quite a lot of insulation among the administrators. of -- of the key factors that has undermined asian shipping companies for a long time is the top three that make up the list in the shipping industry has been europeans and the market gap between the
7:42 pm
asians and the top three has been very wide, so consolidating in a very challenging environment helps because they are going to be consolidating, have a much bigger market shares to pretty much have a better position in competing against the big three in the container shipping industry, so it is going to help them bring up some of their competitiveness and help them keep some of the market share and, you know, putting them in a better position to compete against them. we have seen a lot of restructuring over the last year in the industry. we are talking about korean, japanese, singaporean shipbuilders. how far along is the industry on the road to recovery? things that is positive is that asian companies have also been participating in this restructuring, which for a very long time have been
7:43 pm
resisting, i would say, because government has always had a policy of keeping their shipping lines in-house. to beasn't seemed changing because of how challenging the environment is now. it has been over the last few years. i have seen a lot of people still anticipating more restructuring to go on in the industry this year. kyunghee: two st of better compete. we still have a lot of capacity in the market. that is one of the reasons why the market -- the container shipping industry has been in the weakness for a very long time. it is because of the capacity, so we'll see how that goes. parkohn he -- joining us. we will look at the bigger picture and how china is affecting its bottom line. a ceo joins us next. this is bloomberg.
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anchor: this is " daybreak asia. " shery: a quick check of the business flash headlines. it did not bring much joy for retailers in hong kong. in november.5% from a year earlier. the 24th straight month of decline. the deeper than expected fall is blamed on tourists for big ticket items. fell after because medical but he said it will cut 350 jobs. shares jumped 2.5%. the latest cuts come after revlon bought a rival in september. largestwo of india's technology services companies warning employees. the ceo told staff to innovate to survive while the chairman said jill politics is a risk to
7:47 pm
the global industry. is a risk tos global indtry. twereot enough to revive growth in box office sales which flowed last year to the weakest pace since 2008, but imax is seeing opportunities after signing a 150th deal last summer. let us discuss the outlook for the movie industry. richard, great to see you again. guest: nice to see you, betty. betty: china is your biggest market, right? guest: it will be, soon. in terms of number of screens, china just past north america. noted, box office sales did slow last year. enough, chinese consumers are becoming more and more picky. richard: i'm not sure of your
7:48 pm
premise. china box office is up a little bit, around 3% last year. about 8% was lost in the renminbi to dollar exchange rate and another five or 6% was lost in ticket prices and then the rest was more picky. y -- but it pick did not have to do with the business side. picking movies was like picking stocks. good luck. you look at a movie that went out that starred chris pratt and jennifer lawrence and it did not work in the united states. maybe as matures, it becomes more of a real film consumer market, more discriminate in. discriminating. as you look into 17, the film slate looks really good, especially for us. we are in the blockbuster business. this year, there is a lot of
7:49 pm
blockbusters coming up so you have guardians of the galaxy, fast and the furious eight. you have beauty and the beast, which will be fantastic from disney. you have "transformers," the next "star wars," episode eight, which looks terrific. betty: how do you think rove one is going to do for imax -- "rog one" is going to do for imax? richard: very well. we have something like 11% of the box office in the united states. i think it will index well in china. how the movie goes in china will be interesting to see. as you know, the last star wars did not do as well as the u.s. because people in china were not as aware of the property. has done anue one" exceptional job. they have invested a lot in on a relative
7:50 pm
basis, you know, it will do well, but i think the real question is overtime, as episode eight, episode nine, and disney keeps educating people. i have a great deal of confidence in disney's ability and how it will do overtime. betty: do you get concerns that you have record growth in china, the a lot of the sort of low hanging fruit, so to speak, where the novelty and, you know, as the fans of your experience have already been taken and it will be harder to get new people into your theaters? richard: i don't think so, betty, and part of the reason is a lot of the films at the end of the year this year, "dr. strange," "fantastic beasts," did really well from an indexing point of view. earlier, indexing was down. something was going on, but the movies that have worked, so for "dr. strange," we did 14% of the
7:51 pm
chinese talks office and 2% of the screens in imax, so i don't think that is the case. betty: what about more deals between you and other chinese companies? withrd: we are in business 31 exhibitors in china. we certainly have a wide -- we are in a joint venture with tcl for imax at home. g, whoe cnc, lira gon owns a small part of it. we have an awful lot of relationships. sidee phil thieme -- film we are in business with many. there will be more, but we will be in a good position. we also just launched a china film fun. there are other chinese companies in it as well. we launched venture capital
7:52 pm
funds, part of which is in china and we have other partners in there. we are ubiquitous in the entertainment space. betty: richard, stepping away from china, if you take a look at this chart on the bloomberg, you can see that imax's revenue from asia, on an annual basis surpassed that of the u.s.. richard: japan has been very strong for us, and one reason, our brand has gotten recognition as we have grown our theater base. we are up to 25 or 30 theaters in japan so we had a record year in 2016. malaysia is a very good market for us, and singapore, we are adding theaters. taiwan, the philippines, korea, it have about 20 theaters. isis a robust market that growing nily. i should add one thing. india historically has been a little bit slow because real estate development has been slow
7:53 pm
and there has been issues about consumer uptake, but we see signs recently, a lot of things in discussion, so i think in 2017, we may get more progress in india than we had before. many newny -- betty: deals in india than. joining us from new york. we'll see what company could be southeast asia's go to destination. this is bloomberg. ♪
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anchor: this is ", daybreak asia" and betty liu in new york. shery: i'm shery ahn in hong kong. 2017 may prove a little more kind for companies in malaysia. the country was the top ipo destination in southeast asia, but then lost at the lower -- its allure. sophie, many things turning positive for malaysia, including commodity prices there. sophie: majors anticipating a sawund after we fundraising for listings slumping to a 16 year low. there was a volatile ring it. let us take a look at -- volatile riggit.
7:56 pm
in 2016, the country hosted $305 a far cry. deals, i they trailed other regional exchanges such as singapore which hosted $7.5 billion of ipo's and thailand which clocked -- range arey's top ipo predicting some $2 billion of listings in 2017. this as market conditions are improving. it hoveringt ringg below the mark. anchor: what are we going to be looking out for in malaysia? sophie: we have a cure is our brand said to be returning to the malaysian stock market. they are looking to raise potentially 500 million dollars and other possible ipo's to watch out for include eco-world
7:57 pm
international and the second biggest producer. there is the possibility of companies that delay sales to reconsider their options. it petrochemical business for more than $500 billion. when it comes to investor interest, jpmorgan says it will be supported by the abundant domestic liquidity. we have the likes of the two biggest pension funds armed with 180 and billion dollars in assets. it for us, with plenty more to come. "bloomberg markets: asia" is up next. shery: this is bloomberg. ♪
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singapore.. in i rishaad salamat. this is bloomberg markets: asia. rishaad: takata is the big winner as japan returns from the break. a settlement is near. equities entering a bull market.


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