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tv   Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  September 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ >> this is charlie rose. with out theegin great republican leaders have announced they will not vote on cap graham repeal bill. a adjustments as trouble time in the from administration. the president has come under criticism for attacking nfl players. sizeresident as long as hillary clinton use of a private
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enough server during her post as secretary of state. costa. us, robert he is a political analyst for nbc news and msnbc. both of themo have here. what does the future hold? >> the trump presidency has become an error of disappointment for voters. they look at this agenda for health care, but on tax reform which means stalled in the see all of these promises made for nearly a decade not going anywhere in washington. president trump has been able to avoid a lot of the blame and fallout. it was embarrassing come almost simulating day for mitch
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mcconnell after a month of trying to get something to the senate floor that could pass. yet again, he proved he does not have a ability to get the necessary votes. charlie: what is the problem with getting the votes? >> it is not real. it was more of a notion to read it was passed by lindsey graham who wanted to prove to a lot of folks in the trump white house that he was somebody who could criticize the president and could also work with him. the republican donor base in the voting base have been fed this years,over the past six essentially that repealing party's central organizing tennis, so they feel like they have to push this and the truth of the matter is obamacare in general,
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particularly the expansion of medicaid, it's very popular in these red states like alaska. you can't pass a bill that repeals of benefit that people like. this is obama's revenge. -- it mayat all the not be popular now, but watch how popular it will be when the republicans will try to repeal it. torlie: so it will go voters without the replacement correct?are, is that >> we will have to see. it is only september 2017. tax reform is in a thing on the agenda he said is more doable. emotionallyhas been charged for republicans and democrats. tax reform, mcconnell and president trump believe at least
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comes to cutting tax rates, forget about deductions and the texas. aspects of at least, the party can come together to have a majority of votes. charlie and where does it stand now? >> it stands now that's bigger reince and mcconnell have agreed to an outline working with the treasury secretary and others. corporate taxes would be lower in you see various cuts for middle class income. not necessarily a tough for those with the highest rates. the drill disagreement at the white house. they keep telling the president, go down even lower. republicans cringe at this. they say they wish they resident
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would unite behind the race -- rates they have come up with. >> they have to work these things up before they can reform tax? charlie >> this is a tumultuous time. runoff is a that is looking turbulent for the income it. you have health care going nowhere inside the senate. all of this voter anger, that taxs over the prospect of reform. how to get text before if you have all of this drummer consuming the republican party? that is the question. charlie: if the president's andidate loses in alabama the nomination, is the president said about that? has he deflected what he expects my baby result? >> i think the answer is both
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her and my reporting showed when he went down to support luther strange in alabama, he was complaining on the right in that energystrange was low which he anz jeb bush in 2016. he is trying to stop self this some of the heavily flaming mitch mcconnell from all the usual republican suspects for saddling and with the wrong candidate. threebannon is out there -- reenergizing himself. this is a delicious or steve -- to be on the outside reminding donald trump who his voters are. >> i still don't understand the
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relationship between steve bannon and donald trump. it is easier to understand the relationship between the parents and the two guys. it's very much encouraged of convenience back when the got together towards the end. haveber, these two guys known each other in a close way for no more than a year. really, when gannon thing toss of a white house, he was in exile. notpresident said i have known steve bannon for the a -- the things he has raw anger. what brandon is trying to do is refuel his revolution some a at the expense of donald trump.
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charlie: what you think of this dynamic? >> glendale this. a strange relationship in part about convenience. he president, as much as wants to work with some of the insiders, like to consider himself an outsider. men and has the stability with chunks to convince him that his instincts are right and trump appreciate that. going ins relationship a traditional route. relationshipe would unravel them enough this time. ben and kris mind will be seen as a winner someone who is reliable. for president was not driven by
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, then an influence could continue to sway outside of the white house. charlie: we now have the presence remarks -- president's remarks about the nfl kneel down for it is this for his base or is it more to it? this comes from a person grizzlies players should listen to their owners and a political calculation. very useful for the president to lie down to alabama. i startedin alabama my career and covered the university of alabama gains in
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tuscaloosa. andball unites that state it binds a lot of wound rate trump has a visceral understanding what his base is. look at colin kaepernick and think of someone who is violating what they view as a time-honored code. he is definitely doing that from a tactical perspective. they flat out told people he thinks this is quite well with his base. more importantly, from what is going on in the russian investigation which is heating up very quickly. charlie: is it getting closer and closer to the white house?
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it is. time i'm talking to people , they are on edge about bob mueller. the phrases they use is very serious at this point. it seems like almost everyone has a lawyer at the higher ranks of the white house. people expect to the subpoenas by mueller, to talk to the grand jury and they see this investigation unfolding on russian collusion, but the obstruction of justice. that element has been people .lose to trump alarmed have you involved with the different prices inside the white house you may be for such as the obstruction for that is are on
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edge about the
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tonight, part two of our conversation with hillary rodham clinton. she talks about her new book called what happened. we continue with her about the
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2016 election. how do you think we stand in the world today? : it was verynton unfortunate turns away from what american presidents have historically said at the u.n. and i think it sends mixed messages to a lot of world leaders are personally, i think that vladimir putin and kim jong-un are delighted with donald trump. i think they have played him. i think putin has kept him out of serious, kept him out of ukraine. basically, kept him off balance. charlie: north korea, would you be doing? sec. clinton: i would have a
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diplomatic -- of i don't think he is calling the shots. i think there being called from the defense department. respect you must have for general matters? sec. clinton: i have a great deal of respect or general mattis. diplomatske to see telling whether they are in the , heading toight now beijing, heading to sulk, heading to tokyo, and not leaving three doing everything possible. first, we do want to defend our allies. we will place missile defense systems. we will do everything necessary.
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we have missile-defense systems and south korea are it -- south korea. -- we have missile-defense systems in south korea. sec. clinton: well, they are just being installed. -- a diplomatic effort to determine whether or not there is any whatful path for resolving is now a very threatening situation. --rlie: how would you be sec. clinton: i would be surprised, but there is no reporting. charlie: you're asking china to do it. sec. clinton: china has the most leverage. charlie: they have supporters
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have united nations. have, buton: they they have to do more to communicate directly to kim jong-un and his ruling authority that they are serious. they have joined us on sanctions for, but these sanctions need to really bite. i think this might be one of the potential points of leverage. one of our strongest arguments was to say two countries that were reluctant to have international sanctions because they got oil and gas from iran. arms'm you on a nuclear race in the middle east? you want israel to take this in their own hands? thetions, forcing iran to negotiating table is a far better option. north korea has sent two missiles over japan. japan is going to have to respond and under its current leadership, it is talking about
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rearming. south korea does not want that. china does that. some of the feelings from world war ii are still pretty raw, budgeting -- japan cannot sit there and be a sitting duck for missiles coming over its territory so my argument would did noty -- any kind of a process to china would be come the status quo is a lot better than having a fully armed, maybe nuclear armed japan. something trump talked about during the campaign. charlie: too much criticism. sec. clinton: if you have japan , it isg a nuclear power a proliferation that knows no boundaries. i would like to see it operating -- charlie: you say to the north koreans that japan will not take
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this much longer. sec. clinton: that is what secretary kissinger said. charlie: he knows a little bit -- the key is china. sec. clinton: i think there are passed that need to be taken. i understand the ultimate argument that, of course, if they go after our allies in the u.s. territories or heaven for bid, are on our own country we .ould have to retaliate but that is not the first thing you say any certainly don't make korean policy in its wheat -- a tweet. it is one thing to sell people standing on a stage -- insult people on a stage. it is another thing to insult someone who thrives on those
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insults. knowing a little bit that i know about how kim jong-un feeds on this, he is really playing trump just like putin is playing trump. i think they have gotten some much more out of their exchanges with trump and weigh trump has on the one hand with putin, given him is like check and on kim jong-un wrote these insults. charlie: he is flattered by fitschen. he's easily angered. response foral clues a more intelligent than reasoned approach. sec. clinton: he is impulsive, he strikes back. he has to dominate at all costs. he has to be the person that is delivering the last worst insult
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because that is a form of domination and manipulation and it has worked for him. you know him from this city. he has gotten away with so many things because he took a position that you do that to me, i will do even more to you. if i don't pay your full bill, you'll the lucky to get half the bill and if you sue me, i will never pay you again. charlie: he's president of the united states and you're the only person who stood in the way of that. you will have to live with that. sec. clinton: i will. while and pace for loves the adulation of his crowd, his base. we saw that in alabama. he's going to keep doing the rallies and he lets loose and begins his return to attacking
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people who are not like him. you support him, but who are american and charlie: someone who has been horribly executive branch as first lady come -- statelady, secretary of ,- i assume part of the guilt regret you must feel is knowing what could be done with the presidency. sec. clinton: that is very true. charlie: in terms of making this country better. i agreenton: completely. i said a lot of the criticism i got because i do think policy matters. i'm worried sick about the republicans to do this phony
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health care bill every i'm worried that the children's hospital of them may not get reauthorized. it matters, charlie. i see the lives of more affected by these policies so yes i care a lot about it. more than that, i think the job is supposed to really humble you. that is what i think. i remember sitting in the oval office today's after 9/11 with george w. bush. bravado -- he was humbled. i looked into his eyes. i knew the shock and pain -- the with barack obama and situation room making really difficult decisions including after whether he would go after
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laden.f bin we have to operate in an environment in which we know we will not know everything in that humbles you. now, we have a president who seems to not care and does not know what he doesn't know. his -- hiss based on highs and most favored response is that you out of the crowd that consist of people who support him, who buy into him, who love him. who can see no wrong in anything that he does and i think it is a dangerous time. think histhat i presidency poses a clear and present danger. charlie: meaning what? sec. clinton: to continue to provide this country and race, it's become a religion, gender is really doing damage. you can see it already in some and\we areback
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seeing, whether it is silicon valley fighting over women in tech foreseeing the bowling going on in school yards and what parents have to tell the kids after the here something the president said. all of a sudden, it is divided and conquered on every front. go after those black athletes who are exercising their constitutional rights because he thinks your base will like it. charlie: he counted as insulting the flag. thatclinton: yes, i find troubling. there's a danger to our social fabric. going into the campaign, i do own have to do a lot of work with people who did not support a come as a a lot of life about
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me, who were on the other side but i thought that's what you should expect the president to do. in thinking about all these things, what is the most important thing you learned about yourself? sec. clinton: i think the leadership i was offering was not necessarily in lines with making would have been me the candidate a lot of people could support. yes, i carried baggage. it had been gige network to my manage -- i carried baggage that had been to my advantage in prior campaigns. -- in the world that people now and have it and i did not do a can of job in trying to figure out how to communicate effectively to people who were
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by theved -- affected insults in the attacks. i did not do a good enough job. by as hei'm struck thought of a victory speech, one of the things you wanted to do was reach out to them. know we now have a president who will -- i will need to know who -- yunnan president who will work for you. sec. clinton: i had planned to travel the country and meet with people who had certain revisions -- grievances. certain haters that anyone with a the
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--t in the i had a really good set of ideas. i worked hard so i would not just the melvin slogans. had to: he also knew you convince that was truly who you were. sec. clinton: absolutely. there was no evidence to the contrary are the optics were not what i would have preferred, but the reality has not changed. charlie: what you do now? sec. clinton: i'm going to .ontinue my book tour i'm going to stay active and houston is because i care too much about this country and am committed to doing everything i can to help elect democrats because that the only language
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him and his death trump and his -- i think lose there are things we can do to change the political environment , to have a decent conversation across party and other dividing lines. i will stay active in the. charlie: thank you for coming. sec. clinton: thank you very charlie. "arlie: the book is called, what happened." praise for a number of things wrong -- rawness. what did we do before phones?
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