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tv   Bloomberg Markets Asia  Bloomberg  October 4, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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disappointment. what is going on in the here and now? the case as we go to hong kong. >> as he highlighted, we did get a retail sales mess out of australia. dropping about 4/10 of 1%. an 11 week low on tuesday. the latest sales data reinforcing caution on the economy. elsewhere, check out what is going on with the qe dollar citing 2/10 of a percent. that should worry that we did get a better surplus. we did have the finance minister
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taking the wind out of those sales. down by a 10thy, of a percent. cpi came in better at 3.4% rate that is the fastest inflation rate in five months. estrada, focus on gaining ground by 2/10 of 1%. socks up about 9/10 of 1%. mind, we have retailers under pressure and the latest trade data that came in better than expected. although come other was a drop
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in gold shipments. the one of them on the board. elsewhere in the region, keep an eye -- which has jumped to a record after said it would increase prices for some of all it drinks for the first time in a decade. >> let's get over to singapore and find out what is going on. a tiny u.s. labor market will lift wages and inflation even though the process could take longer than expected. fisher is due to depart next week.
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he said it often takes longer than expected to achieve. believe we will have higher inflation. there are basic mechanisms and unemployment is declining all the time. wages will start going up at some stage. rex tillerson insists he never considered resigning. commitment is stronger than ever and he has never thought of quitting. -- and refer to the president as a morons. he says he did not use the word more on. >> google has unveiled a second generation of its own devices as it plans deeper into the hardware market google
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introduced two new versions of , premium smartphone laptop and its home speaker. global news powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. >> vladimir putin says russia is extending the oil curves deal. the comments are the strongest signal yet that moscow is increasing energy -- will lift increasing energy prices. he says the decision will be made on the reality of the situation. know yetying we don't and the question is being asked
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when we will send it. once we decide to extend or not to extend, that is when we will stand -- decide on the timeframe. occurred prices falling below for the first time. trading with the -- at this point, right? >> exactly. is still worried about u.s. production. the latest data shows u.s. exports rose to a record 1.90 been barrels a day last week which is extraordinary.
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physically, the production given the market -- another thing that is extraordinary, in just two weeks, u.s. oil exports have wiped out nine-month worst of opec cut. production will produce global energy production. furtheris the coronation for those cuts? >> we've had on the record comments, basically saying the outlook looks a lot better. also, we've had people tell us that opec has been discussing and of course we have proven.
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they're willing to work with opec again to review whether they should extend the cuts. if so, it should be extended until the end of 2018. >> thank you for that. commodities, saying that it is unchanged in rising to near all-time highs shipments at 75 million tons. , adding to the pressure. what are some of the other data points that have painted a positive picture? >> first of all, australia miners have been building up production in getting these shipments out.
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they believe demand in china is going to continue to grow for the future. result is ittive is very good for the miners. beneficiaries are in meals --re the steel steel mills are making money. major are the beneficiaries of this uptick? global steelink mills would be. supply and local production. they are doing pretty well. also, the miners in australia
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are benefiting. they believe they can make money at these prices. they still have good margins of these prices. what does the outlook look like for prices? >> it is very hard to find onone out there bullish prices at the moment. you're also looking to china during the winter. they are imposing pollution which may mean less steel production. overall, it is hard to be bullish on the price.
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the world economy is recovering so there is still some optimism out there. up, hot property. we will assess the trends of chinese investment.
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♪ [indiscernible] chairman irene lee says it is a more diversified industry after recent sales.
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>> it is deftly causing some there was a bit of a bottomless pit. acquisitionse of have already bit. then, the next wave is the support infrastructure. the next wave will continue to ase but may not be as big or strong. >> now is a time when developed others are cash-rich. it is a time to cause and assess the situation or be aggressive? >> i think it is the time to be
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low bit more cautious. >> why's that? >> rent has increased come up the has increased. of the curve aware . -- we can be overly optimistic that rent 10 increase. -- people are listening to your comments. -- >> i the diverse man
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think actions speak louder than words. there is a place for hong kong. a place for breaks and mortar. -- bricks and mortar. what is the biggest risk? >> hong kong not recognizing our own importance and our own contribution. forever rely on service
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industry. we need to diversify. what are we worried about? why can't we just embrace that? time not only for leisure and retail businesses. -- >> it means just living abroad. wheat andbout golden how busy is at this time of year >> --
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>> i would say this is a coming a very difficult trend. we notice that the sba is the heightened the market and the reason why, and a lot of chinese disposable,llion for the 50 million of them could be traveling. one of the noticeable ones is thailand and the other one is malaysia. >> it is not easy to buy
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property in thailand and keep it. it is not common another markets south china sea will have looking at the lincoln homes because it is policy. -- indonesia, 50%. >> indonesians, i think a lot of infrastructure, especially in , i would not say i would not say her read, but they work there. when they work there, they bring in the families as well. they see it is behind market
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price so there's a lot of room for capital growth. been onelia has country. they get a lot of boards about buying up in lifting up house prices. we visited the findrsity of sydney, we they're not really chinese people. a lot of locals looking into the policies, australia if you have negative games you actually benefit. others, -- h properties is really high. 35% growth in terms of the
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property price. see chinese is helping boost the construction in terms of the market biltmore properties. thanation is going faster the building constructions so that is something we see. helping to barrels more properties can actually praying balance for the enterprise. >> what has been the effect of these capital controls? see one of the notable shift. is that people use more money to buy
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into overseas. financial times has another -- this year, close to 4 million. that is something we see the , kind oftrol regularity market little bit. >> even some of the developers, to helpr financing chinese buyer to buy. >> the cause of the financing
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would be higher. we have one hot shine developer in the market that has been offering prices that like a person in financing for projects and if you use local, it is like 4%. the lower people are trying to look for low-cost ways. >> thank you for that. -- starts the series with the billionaire cofounder of airbnb. >> it started with the is young
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person liking computer games, but then i really wanted to modify the games and so this again a hobby. i've posted my work on the internet. no one semi-money until at the -- no one semi-and he money until at the age of 14 i got a phone call. until thesemi-money age of 14 and when i got a phone call . -- no one sent me any money until the age of 14 when i got a phone call.
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♪ >> a look at the business headlines. amid a plant in japan for the first time in history. around stop making cars -- and combine operations shrinking demand, it tries to cut expenditure. more --aint dropping
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dropping. edison bc says that could change as the pain is extended to local chinese markets. the biggest mutual fund managers need to cash in on the countries infrastructure. channelr is aiming to more than $100 billion on infrastructure from private investors. >> a look at the oil markets
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tended below $50 a barrel. who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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