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tv   Bloomberg Markets Americas  Bloomberg  January 22, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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promise to deal with immigration later. so far, democrats have opposed any measure that does not include protection for young undocumented immigrants facing deportation. west virginia democrat joe manchin tells reporters he believes the shutdown could be resolved today. secretary of state rex tillerson visited the u.s. embassy in london. in that with ambassador woody johnson but was forced to cancel a planned meeting because of the u.s. government shutdown. president trump rigorously canceled plans to formally open the facility because he was unhappy with the buildings cost and new location. in israel, as vice president pence begins his speech, several lawmakers will cost -- were tossed out for heckling him. the main arab parties said it would boycott the president -- the vice president cost speech. knesset restricted them --
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direct assess to the vice president for most lawmakers. francis says he realizes it was "a slap in the face" to victims he never intended. he defended a chilean bishop accused by victims of covering up for the country's most notorious pedophile priest. during an airborne press conference as he returned home from south america, the pontiff said, "i'm convinced he is innocent." global news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. this is bloomberg. vonnie: it's noon in new york, 5:00 p.m. in london. shery: welcome to bloomberg markets.
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vonnie: from bloomberg world headquarters in new york, here are top stories. we are following this hour. shut down, day three. mitch mcconnell calling for a temporary spending bill with a promise to deal with daca and immigration later. so far, no democrats willing to budge. we await the senate scheduled vote this hour. stocks are edging higher to a certain extent as i investors shrug off -- the dollar continues to weaken and --asuries netflix's fourth-quarter earnings. the stock is higher right now. else is going
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on with stocks. abigail: we are looking at gains for the major averages. record highs for the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. the dow has been flipping between gains and losses, now flipping higher. this is pretty remarkable considering the government shutdown is on day number three. perhaps we're seeing optimism about the senate vote around this time for a short-term spending plan. perhaps thinking that will move through and we will not have to go to an all out shutdown but it's not entirely risk on. we do have the 10 year yield down. it's first down day that tells us haven bonds are higher. the fourth time this has happened this year. from an asset class picture, not entirely risk on. yields falling have a decent influence on the sector composition. the imap in the bloomberg. on bottom, industrials and materials. industrials wait on for six day in a row.
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we will be talking about energy in a moment. telecom utilities and real estate among winning sectors. high dividend yielding stocks look more attractive when yields fall. relative to energy, an intraday chart of oil. a significant spike higher coming off of those highs. now.out 1% oil higher by 6/10 of 1%. it is not entirely clear what is behind that spike but it is said that russia and opec are going to extend the production curves until the end of this year. perhaps that's a piece of this bullish venture. helping the energy sector. health was also higher up fractionally but outperforming in a big way. up 2.6% atech index a ties level since september of 2015. huge winners on deal action.
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center field is buying the company for $11.6 million. we also have juno therapeutics sharply higher has celgene is buying the company. this for its blood cancer treatments. lift.s giving a left -- a lots of strength for the biotech sector. shery: the senate is expected to begin voting on a funding bill very soon. this after months of lawmakers kicking the can on a spending bill. now passing the buck on the shutdown. >> at 12:00 we will vote to end the filibuster and advance a bipartisan bill that would put this mess behind us. shery: joining us, kevin cirilli on capitol hill and tim o'brien, joining us in new york. we are now hearing from key senate democrats saying that this stopgap bill could be passed in this vote.
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where are we in negotiations? . >> lawmakers and the senate are going to vote on this short gap funding measure. the key number to watch is 60. that is why republicans have centrist work with democrats to get enough onboard to reopen the government. senator joe manchin, a centrist democrat from west virginia, saying to reporters moments ago he is optimistic. he said this comment leaving a meeting with -- a bipartisan meeting that they could reopen the government. i spoke to a senior aide to democratic senator chris coons who tells me that optimism is shared by his boss. number is 60. markets have not moved much on the partial government shutdown. if you are an investor outside of washington, you want to pay attention to how much political capital this administration is extending in terms of how to reopen the government. i spoke with chairman jeb
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hensarling who said the issue of immigration ought to not be tied into this type of funding bill. it will be interesting to see what type of guarantee mitch mcconnell gives his democratic colleagues. vonnie: chuck schumer said you will hear from us shortly. chris coons of delaware also saying that. it sounds a good deal was done and they got past the sticking point which sounds like it might be something to do with immigration. let's bring in tim o'brien. some who would have had reason to fold? tim: i think both sides have reasons to fold. i think what they have to be worried about, tarred with the -- kevin is closer to that than i am.
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they have to find some common ground on immigration. the discussion has been divisive in part because stephen miller from the trump white house, a hardliner on immigration, has been involved with it. it is left the bad taste on the mouth of moderate republicans. shery: very interesting that you mention stephen miller. as soon as there was more concrete reason to expect a shutdown the republicans came out and started calling it the schumer shut down. is it because of these negotiations with stephen miller and divergence within the trump white house. how much blame will go to the gop and president trump himself? tim: that is yet to be seen. democrats called it the trunk shut down. it would have been a useful role in the middle of all of this for the president of the united states to be a broker between both sides and to play the role
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he said he came to washington to play, to be a dealmaker. what we unfortunately saw last week is that he simply added to confusion. added to different sides digging in further because he was not informed enough about the issues at hand. i don't the keys really dedicated to getting a solution done. vonnie: through all of this his base has remained loyal through all of the ups and downs. does he lose any base support because the government shuts down? tim: probably his base is happy that the government is shutdown. one of the anomalies in the united states. i think voters who hate the government or see the government getting in the way often don't know the role of government plays in their lives. trunk got elected by people who wanted him to simply ripped the face off of congress. vonnie: i suppose the question is how pivotal will his base be in the midterms? tim: is his base enough to get him over the top in the midterms? i don't think his base cares
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about all the issues we care about or some broader viewers or voters care about. i don't know that they are going anywhere. his base is not just post industrial working class white voters. shery: back on friday when the gop voted on the bill, they could not get the 51 votes they needed from the gop themselves. what is the vote count looking like for today? kevin: i was speaking with this aide who said this is on a member to member level. that all these conversations are being held as folks are walking to the floor of the senate. it's anybody's guess in terms of the handicapped to talk about the chances of this actually passing. the markets have not blinked on this. i made the point about talking to several sources about the political capital president trump is using to reopen the government. about a week away from his second state of the union address where he will lay out his vision for the new year. i would note that the president cost davos plans are in
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jeopardy. i can tell you anecdotally speaking that the federal government is a top employer in the dmc area. while people are not being paid and will not be paid until the government reopens as a problem, particularly in a swing state like virginia, northern virginia being where many of these people live. i asked to someone in the elevator how are you doing today and he told me i always like coming to work when we are not being paid on time. i think it is that feeling, as it starts to grip washington, that frustration might not move the markets, but it will certainly impact voters. vonnie: tim wrote a great piece entitled shutdown, proof of a promise trump cap. what are aspects of this whole drama are faithful to the trump way of doing things? tim: he said he would run the federal government like he's
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business and he has. strong personality at the top of the food chain, which is what the trump organization is, a boutique business that follows is own whims. he never managed a big bureaucracy that had to get complex decisions made and complex solutions arrived at. great deald he was a which we touched on but in both hauntinghis past is him as president. he is not built a strong team. he does not focus on details. he cares more about his image than he does legislative results. all of that has coalesced in this moment and made him a weak player in this. shery: we are expecting senator schumer to speak anytime now. kevin, what will give for these negotiations to move forward? we are not hearing from more democrats that they are ok with funding the border wall. kevin: it really comes down to what majority leader mcconnell is telling these democrats.
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republicans have pushed for the notion that the issue of daca, the issue of immigration, on to be separate from this continuing resolution. at the real deadline is march 1 and that it has nothing to do with this type of measure. democrats feel they have leverage because of the business community trying to get lawmakers to address the issue of immigration. whatever you believed in terms of that. but in terms of the promises majority leader mcconnell make the democrats, that will significantly impact whether or not they are able to get anything done. should the president be able to get that type of additional portng for bolstering security, what will he have to concede? on the flipside of that, the is likely going to continue to hammer home this point of the wall. that will completely deteriorate
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talks with getting democratic support. vonnie: will it all come down to dollars? so many figures bandied to $18 billion. chuck schumer said he had put the wall on the table but it was the $1.2 billion that was the real figure. --l that be what it ends up what ends up being the thing that loosens the ties for democrats so they can vote for this continuing resolution? how much money they're going to allocate for that remains to be seen. what was said at that meeting between president trump and minority leader chuck schumer? what types of things did they talk about? how is the operation of the democratic party working now? what is running through the minds of centrist democrats? ,f you are senator joe manchin you are thinking about that midterm reelection fight. thinking about what that state
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of west virginia wants to see. it probably is not what bernie sanders wants to see. we are just around the corner from these midterm elections. in order for the republicans to get enough democrats on board, they got to focus in on centrist democrats. vonnie: it feels like it's been a trade-off. children's health insurance for immigration. threats are going out, you want to cut off relief to the dreamers as well. is it fair to pick one issue against another saying you have to wait on that one but we are fine with going ahead? tim: life is not fair and i think the floor of the congress is a place where you see that in action. -- they the democrats are thinking ahead to the midterms and they want to settle trump with this. i think it is interesting how silent the president has been since friday. he has not taken to twitter. he has not been having his aides
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throw flame balls. i think he feels chastened. that will not last long but at least momentarily. shery: his demands right now are ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery program. he wants funding for the border wall. how consistent have his demands been since candid and trump and president trump? tim: i actually think that is consistent on those issues where he was as candidate trump. this certainly were stephen miller is and it is where john kelly is. i think the three of them are pretty lockstep on this. the wildcard here is the second gets out that miller and kelly are guiding that policy and driving it home is the second trump will turn his back on it. he does not like being perceived as someone someone else is handling. shery: the same sort of dynamic we saw with steve bannon. tim: ryan zinke he.
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it is happening all over his administration. is meant here is what in these negotiations, both republicans and democrats don't believe they can take him at his word. chuck it is like negotiating with jell-o and that is not what a good deal maker does. vonnie: let's talk about the gop for a second. is there any kind of immigration strategy coming from the gop? tim: lindsey graham believes the gop has to find a constructive solution. he is not in lockstep. vonnie: the minority leader chuck schumer is taking the podium in the senate floor. >> today we enter the third day of the trump shut down. the first ever real shut down to controlsn one party the entire legislative process. the republican party controls the house, the senate, the presidency, and yet they were unable to keep the government open for the american people. leader mcconnell knows it takes
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60 votes to win passage of a spending bill, yet he moved forward with a last-minute extension that he knew lack the votes. both democrats and republicans voted against the bill. the reason the republican majority had such difficulty finding consensus is they could never get a firm grip on what the president of their party wanted to do. days, you never know who to deal with when it comes to the republicans. the republican leaders told me to work out a deal with the white house. the white house said work it out with republican leaders on the hill. separately, president trump turned away from not one, but two bipartisan compromises. each would have averted this shutdown. each would have led to a deal on the budget and health care and
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disaster aid and things like opioids and veterans and pensions. and on immigration. of my recent offer to the president was a generous one. i put his signature campaign issue on the table in exchange for daca. and still, he turned away. president trump cost unwillingness to compromise caused the shutdown and brought us to this moment. the facts are well-known. now, i wish to update the senate on where things stand after this weekend. since our meeting in the oval office on friday, the president and i have not spoken in the white house refused to engage in negotiations over the weekend. the great dealmaking president sat on the sidelines. despite, and because of this frustration, i've been having
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conversations with the republican leader over the weekend about a path forward. after several discussions, offers, counteroffers, the republican leader and i have come to an arrangement. we will vote today to reopen the government to continue negotiating a global agreement, with the commitment that if an agreement is not reached by february 8 the senate will immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with daca. the process will be neutral and fair to all sides. we expect a bipartisan bill on daca will receive fair consideration and an upward down vote on the floor. it is a shame, mr. president, that the american people, and the senate have had to endure stridency, toing, secure a guarantee that we will
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move to address this urgent issue. something the majority could have avoided entirely. a concern the president could have obviated if you were only willing to take yes for an answer. while this procedure will not satisfy everyone on both, it is a way forward. i am confident that we can get the 60 votes in the senate for a daca bill. now, there is a real pathway to get a bill on the floor and through the senate. it is a good solution, and i will vote for it. i'm incredibly grateful for the bipartisan group that has come together in recent days to renew the immigration debate with a sense of urgency. i believe that this group has the potential to return the
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senate to the kind of place it should be on the issue of immigration. a place for bipartisanship. a place for action. a place for achievement. the bipartisan group, and a very fine way, filled the glaring absence of the president in these talks. leader tohe majority fulfill his commitment to the senate, to me and the bipartisan group, and by by this agreement -- and abide by this agreement. if he does not, and i expect he will, he will have breached the trust of not only democratic senators, but members of his own party as well. through these complicated and lengthy negotiations, democrats have always sought to be reasonable. to act in good faith and get something real done.
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despite of our best despite all of our entreaties, the president wasannounced and it -- obstinate. the senate has muddled along for too long, content to delay action on our most pressing challenges until the very last moment. that ends today. the republican majority has 17 days to prevent the dreamers from being deported. mr. president, we have a way to address the state of the dreamers. starting right now, instead of waiting until march, with the minority and the moderate middle and powered to bring a bill to the floor, instead of being held by the most strident anti-immigration voices in the republican caucus.
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week on our side of the aisle, will continue to fight as strongly as we can for the dreamers in the weeks ahead. i say to all americans, urge your senators to vote yes on the bipartisan compromise when it comes forward. right, tweet, e-mail, phone, visit, do everything you can so we can finally pass this bill. in a few hours, the government will reopen. .e have a lot to do the issue of the dreamers demands resolution. a budget must be written. health care has to be addressed. relief provided to disaster stricken parts of our country. childcare,pioids, all have to be taken care of. the trump shut down will soon end but the work must go on.
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and it will. thank you and i yield the floor. vonnie: that was senate minority leader chuck schumer speaking to the floor of the senate. shery: they have 17 days from now to identify -- to agree on the fate of dreamers. there is a real pathway for the daca bill in the senate. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is speaking on the floor. >> over the issue of illegal is something the american people did not understand. and would not have understood in the future. so i'm glad we have gotten past that and we have a chance to get back to work. therefore, mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be waived.
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>> without objection. the clerk will report the motion. the undersigned senators in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate hereby move to bring to a close debate on the motion to concur with a further amendment in the house amendment to the senate amendment to hr 195 signed by 17 senators. >> by unanimous consent, the quorum call has been waived. the question is, is it the sense of the senate that debate on the motion to concur in the house amendment to the senate amendment to hr 195 with a further amendment shall be brought to a close? vonnie: in a few moments we will get a senate vote on this spending bill that could extend the government funding measures for 17 days. let's get kevin cirilli on capitol hill.
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we heard from chuck schumer, talking about a real pathway for dr. bill in this -- for the daca bill in the senate. are they just taking the offer given by the gop? kevin: it looks like they are. the pressure mounting on chuck schumer to get to some type of deal as they inch closer toward the 2018 midterm election. you heard it from the senate minority leader on the floor speech, start the clock, 17 days until the daca deadline and they are in all intents and purposes digging in on that. the question comes for the republican party, how divisive isn't going to get. -- is it going to get? with a listen to stephen miller? someone closely aligned with steve bannon. or, will they listen to more moderates in the room on the daca?of with a listen to the business community which has made its case on the issue of daca, impacting those 800,000
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americans. the so-called dreamers. you are starting to hear some cracks and frustration the republicans have with negotiators from the administration. most notably, stephen miller. senator lindsey graham, a republican from south carolina essentially put the political target on steven miller's back and said as long as he is negotiating on immigration, the longer these types of talks are going to stall. vonnie: what changed? it does not sound like anything changed on the part of mitch mcconnell. he always said he was going to address daca and immigration if the continuing resolution was signed. the democrats given? kevin: the democrats did give in . in terms of the democratic base you'll hear a lot of progresses were frustrated that daca was not addressed. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sang for all intents and purposes aaron teen or at
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least convincing enough democrats to say they will address immigration at head of that march 1 deadline. you heard that from chuck schumer, who said he is confident the emerging minority party, as well as centrist republicans, moderate republicans, will be able to work together to get some type of resolution on immigration. we have all seen this play out before not just with this congress or this president. inking years back over the issue of immigration has not been .ettled for some time president trump can say he was able to get a victory in terms of bolstering security for the so-called wall along the us-mexico border. and that he won. he can also likely go to davos and the government is open for the second state of the union address. now, you have a public showing where they feel the majority leader mcconnell has guaranteed an issue of daca will be
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resolved by march 1. shery: we are hearing the senate vote has been delayed for a few minutes as we hear from senator dick durbin on the floor. let's bring in our chief content officer from what is happening in congress. so, this is a very public's -- public showing as kevin mentioned. it seems democrats argue into so, this is a very gmpthe and their offer right now, how much have they heard -- her to the optics for the gop as chuck schumer continues to say the white house was nowhere to be seen and president trump was nowhere to be seen this weekend? think there is probably going to be a large degree of trust building that is going to have to go on over the next three weeks. both sides, republicans and democrats, sought to place blame on each other and the president. i think they will have to repair those damaged relationships before they move forward. democrats won a
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victory here in their view of getting a guaranteed vote up and down on the dreamers act. what is not clear is what will happen on the house. the senate has shown it has been able to pass immigration legislation but not so in the house. >> the dream is -- the permits for the dreamers to set -- to stay, they say, we take something on february 8, is that enough of a win for democrats? >> it won't be unless they get a law passed. in that regard, you look for the house majority leader ryan, what he decides to do is critical .ere as you know, the freedom caucus is a strong block in the house against anything of amnesty.
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if he refuses to bring a vote to the floor of the house, there is no bill. >> for this immigration bill to come through in the next 17 days, what will we need to give, because we are now hearing from more democrats because we might ,e ok with funding for the wall the ending visa migration, the visa lottery, what will it come down to? >> the narrative that donald trump had agreed and then reneged on the agreement after advisers like stephen miller told him that was no deal. they will probably have a comprehensive bill that will give donald trump some funding for the wall. that is what they have to -- have to do and they have to do
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it quickly. donald trump will probably go off and it will be up to the people on the hill to make that deal without knowing really if donald trump will sign it. vonnie: i was going to say this phase isassuming this out as we think it will in the next hour or so -- how will the reception be? >> i'm sorry? how will his reception be? vonnie: yes. >> it will be what world leaders know. he is an unpredictable guy. the america first theme will be front and center. will he be somewhat conciliatory on what that means for some very important issues like trade. if he is pounding the desk in saying he is going to throw out all forms of global cooperation, i do not think he will be greeted well.
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but we will have to wait and see. donald trump is an unpredictable guy. he might want to look very presidential. we will have to wait and see. >> we are now seeing the senate vote on the spending bill, lengthening the government the next 17 days. tell us about the procedures that come next. >> the magic number right now, what you are watching unfold on the senate floor, is 60. once they get to 60, they will have a revote and it will be a majority measure. they have to vote to have a vote. it is very washington. you have to go to the majority vote, and then republicans have to vote for that and republicans come to the house for what will easily be revote it on for the government open. the takeaway if watching this is stephen miller's diminished role
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, his ability to negotiate with lawmakers on capitol hill. 17 days until the march 1 deadline, the stephen miller takeaway, someone who is a to send ther it most conservative senator on the issue of immigration before he candidaterk for donald trump and of course jeff sessions ultimately becoming the attorney general. steve bannon out, stephen miller diminished, and now they created an opening. i was just communicating with a senior aid to a democratic progressive who is livid at this type of deal. according to this source, democrats, there is no way to tell the majority leader mcconnell will hold his end of the bargain heading into the march 1 deadline on daca. also among democrats. we also don't know about
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a funding for the border wall. when it goes back to the house, do you anticipate in advance of all this happening that paul ryan in mitch mcconnell got together and decided that they back each other? or are we going to start the whole process again once it goes back to the house? >> this bill will go back to the house and get approved and signed. donald trump asked to sign that bill, don't forget. and he has to do it before he leaves. i do think mitch mcconnell and paul ryan have pretty much been lockstep through the whole process, whether they have agreed on hard numbers is still unclear. do not forget they are looking to get some democratic help here so they will have to be careful in negotiations. >> do we know if president trump is going for certain?
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even if the government shutdown ants -- e lockstep through the e process, whether they have agreed on hardnds, how will hise be diminished given the chaos he has seen domestically question mark -- domestically? >> i do not think trump views what is happening here as diminishing at all. look thatly does not way in tweets. i do noti do not think that wilr him from going. since it is toward the end of -- week, he is able to sign, democrats agree to this? were they fearful of the image of the democratic party? i think there was pulling over the weekend that suggested a majority of americans, while
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supporting of the daca fix, were not supporting of the government shutdown to do so. i think the democrats made a clinical calculation they have taken this as far as they politically could and they withd with the commitment the majority leader to get that vote. >> what is the leverage democrats have? we have seen measures passing. this is a fourth one. how different will this be to the previous times when they were trying to get a deal on immigration? the markets one is have adjusted to what a shutdown actually means. telling me earlier this morning that essentially, perhaps that is not even the right term anymore. a partial government shutdown. governmento employees and they disagree. point, to answer your
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question directly, what democrats feel that they have, look at what the business community has pushed. we are months away from the 2018 midterm elections. realre starting to see a frustration on behalf of democratic leadership from the base of the democratic party that perhaps just like we saw in the last cycle, a frustration with the base as well as a public in, i think that will perhaps equal liberalize -- >> a great word. >> yes. that could happen on the left. starting toe really push to take back control of the house and they feel that is in their sites. is -- according to what i was that isating with, if
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the feeling amongst the base of the democratic party, it has implications not just for chuck schumer''s future in the long term but also for the midterm elections. vonnie: we don't know how the voting will go but do you imagine it will be a handful of ,enators on the democratic side or will more fall on their sword ? >> all they need is nine senators. chuck schumer said he will vote for the bill. i suspect a number of democratic senators will go along with that. although it will be easy to vote know if they know that a have been nine in place, so it is politically advantageous for even though it is a meaningless vote. you may see a handful to vote no, but rest assured there will be enough democrats to get through.
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>> was easier for congress to negotiate now that president trump be away for a few days? >> somewhat argue you should stay there for more than a couple of days. yes. forink it will be easier congress to negotiate a bill. they ultimately will have to get that thelution president will sign. as democrats leadership have suggested, it is hard to pin him down on what he will and will not approve of. that will be the challenge. how will the president's been this? he surely will. >> he will probably say they held firm to not negotiate on the context of the spending bill, which was his argument and the republican leadership argument all along. to that extent, yes, he can say he prevented the democrats from turning this into a legalized
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immigration process. he will declare victory, i'm sure. >> five democrats from states that went to president trump in 2016 voted to fund the spending bill on friday. how united are democrats when it comes to immigration and getting reelected? >> it is a great point. when you start looking at the so muchple of months, of whether or not democrats are going to be able to make significant gains, you talk to strategist, they understand that this democratic party is not just one body. they are very much the -- competing factions. they were -- they will be on full display for votes like this. you talk to senator joe manchin,
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these folks were really at the key negotiating tables with republicans in crafting this type of deal. -- they are very different democrats than senator sanders and senator warren. as we inch closer to the midterm elections, you will notice that these types of states, such as west virginia, a key battleground state, the politics of west virginia is very different than the politics of massachusetts. why you are seeing a real political reality of sorts amongst them for how they will vote. republicans do not have a supermajority. that was very evident. onpassed as i -- passed health care now the issue of government funding bill. attract key democratic support and that is them come toseen the forefront. we have not seen democrats
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fighting with each other. we have not seen any dissenting democrats yet anyway. no one has come out to say that they disagree with his action. it is his own solo debate. it had been tied in with children's health insurance and anything else but now we're talking about border wall and daca. is it going to be we will give you money for the border wall and then the dreamers can stay? >> that is what they would like to do. in perpetuity. the easier it will be to negotiate and garner support. 70% of americans want a path to citizenship for dreamers and
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want them not to be deported. be a lot of political pressure on congress to get this done. they would like a clean bill if they could manage it. >> we continue to see a , getting gridlock things done, it takes time and gets pushed until the last minute. on sunday, president trump saying on twitter that if the shutdown continues, republicans should consider the nuclear option in the senate. one of the chances we can do away with the filibuster? >> there is no chance whatsoever that will happen. mitch mcconnell was quick to say the senate leadership is not interested in changing roles. -- rules. this can bite you on both sides. a majoritys got into situation, it would be the republicans screaming against that kind of change in the
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rules. mitch mcconnell's very much entrenched in the senate and he will stick to it. assuming this wrapped up , but it couldn't impact morel? >> i don't think it does. the markets basically shrugged this incident off. it just plays into the entire optics and it simply does not work. he campaigned on being an unconventional president and getting things done. a shutdown does not look good
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for anybody. this goes through, the shutdown will be over but from what we have seen, how is shutdown thisthe monday as compared to what happened in 2013? we are hearing most parts would still be open. trump said they would not weaponize the shutdown. they actually did a pretty making suret -- job some of the most visible signs of the shutdown were not there. keeping the parks open is one of them. government workers knocking paid is a great thing. agencies keep options open. some agencies are withheld agens open. , but this time around, it has managed to be as little visible as possible here is certainly less than -- less than 2013.
12:48 pm
vonnie: why did he stay? chuck schumer said at the floor that he did not speak with the president over the weekend. he got not seem like involved in negotiations or went golfing as he normally does? >> a blistering comment from chuck schumer on the senate houseabout the white involvement or lack thereof for negotiations. politically, the office would have been devastating for him. as vice president, mike pence is on the international trip in the middle east. those take a long time to plan. would have been devastating for him. as vice president, mike pence is i want to continue on with the procedure of what we're seeing now. ,e have reached that threshold having a vote in the senate.
12:49 pm
some democratic senators are criticizing at least subtly what they feel is not a strong negotiation on behalf of chuck schumer. harris, a 2020 presidential candidate out telling reporters, i don't believe he made any commitment whatsoever, regarding mitch mcconnell. and i think it would be full hearty to believe that he made a commitment. the skepticism amongst democrats to leader mcconnell starting to boil over and that will be a key issue for democrats as they start to make comments about this. this will have implications for some time. a swim we look at the trump administration and the evolution when it comes to the administration, it is not only
12:50 pm
about funding the border wall but about ending chain migration and visa lottery's. is this a pathway toward reducing legal immigration in the united states? >> i think the administration has pretty much said so. there is a mindset that immigration is not as the way it has been implemented, been beneficial to the u.s. say thats and others immigration has been actually beneficial to the united states in creating jobs, entrepreneurial entities that hire people, but the philosophy, philosophy,miller that immigration is a bad thing, permeates the white house. , do stick and kevin around. we are keeping and i on the
12:51 pm
senate floor as senators had to vote on funding until february 8. this is bloomberg. ♪
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
where are lead in this procedural vote? to deathors head >> what you are now is lawmakers casting their vote. chuck schumer saying they have a deal that has been made. i'm talking to democratic .anagers interesting to know which have voted against this.
12:54 pm
job in 2020,l sanders, harris, all voting against the deal. suggesting they don't trust sending -- senator -- senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. when he says they will have a , a growing divide amongst democrats could set the for an election cycle beyond that. .> is clear they have a deal what is it exactly? what happens with the dreamers? >> there is nothing for the dreamers. what we really -- what it really boils down to i think will be chuck schumer trusting mitch mcconnell at his word.
12:55 pm
he has said so on the floor of the senate. if for some reason it considers to be a commitment, it allows those groups of senators that kevin mentioned to vote no and look like they have actually saved the day. democrats andhe the gaming for -- gaining for shutting down the government for three daysif and taking the offr mitch mcconnell is taking them? >> i am not making the argument but chuck schumer would say they have got a commitment even it is not ironclad, that there will be an up-and-down vote on the dreamers. that is what they say to test a game but they are not taking responsibility for shutdown.
12:56 pm
>> first in the senate and not -- and then in the house. is that with the issue was? can senate has the votes to advance the funding bill and it is only a matter of time until is locked in.ote 1 the issue of the march deadline, you are hearing frustration amongst the democratic base. we saw how democratic leaders have voted and potential leaders have voted on this. on the issue of where republicans stand on this, he is on daca, there is a clear divide on the issue of immigration. more conservative members and people who are aligned with stephen miller really took ahead. you heard senator lindsey graham chief policy adviser stephen miller, saying as long as he is negotiating, no deal
12:57 pm
really could be made. he had closely aligned himself with steve balance -- steve bannon taking a political hit throughout the site and where they goes -- go from here to be seen. the president will have an opportunity to lay out a case for the deal he would like to see during his daily -- state of the union address. democrats with regards to leadership in the fight for the goal of the democratic party very much starting to emerge. hearing there now senate has advanced a funding bill that would end the government shutdown. that would extend funding until february 8. after three days of the government being shut down. you were talking about stephen miller and the white house and these negotiations continuing on immigration. given that president will probably be -- how does this proceed from here?
12:58 pm
nick -- congressional leaders taking it to the white house with other white house staff, how we involve our other staff and what is to come on the immigration bill. divide among clear senior administration officials on the issue of immigration. from a policy standpoint -- we always talk every day and roll our eyes at these stories. on the issue of the personalities and the issue of immigration, stephen miller is odds with the centrists and moderates that have a lot of clout in the senate. as well as senators lindsay and communicatew they that. as the president looks to have a messaging forward, he will be
12:59 pm
able to say they have funding to secure the border and something to be used for the wall here it at the end of the day, he will have to address these obama era policies for twentysomethings and thirtysomethings, on the issue of daca. shouldiness community we always note has ingested itself into the debate. --hink you will hear a lot >> what -- has the president taken any specific action to limit his role going forward? there is nothing we can specifically say except his absence in the negotiations this have led toed to progress. if we get a daca agreement between the house in the senate,
1:00 pm
a key moment will be whether or not donald trump signed the bill. he will have people whispering in his era that this is not what he should be signing. those of the more centrist and advisors,rts of his saying we should resolve the issue and move on. i think they will reach a and itise in congress, will be fascinating to see whether he will sign it. the salon of whether or not he will sign it depends on whether or not he will get funding for the border wall. that,from the size of what to expect it to look like? there seems to be an agreement for the border. >> donald trump himself said it would not be a physical wall when there are natural barriers


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