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tv   Bloomberg Markets Balance of Power  Bloomberg  July 16, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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defending his election from what he perceives to be an attack on its legitimacy. i think it's important to note ultimately there were no do thio note that there were no deals that came out of this parent that they did have a first meeting and they pledged to have others, there does not seem to be any concrete steps to come out of this meeting that can be acted upon. to have u.s. offer prosecutors come to russia with a reciprocal agreement is a nonstarter. that is not going to happen. marty, let me bring in kevin cirilli who was in the press conference. talk to me about the body language. a lot of the questions, there was a laugh in the room when a vladimir putinif
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had personal information on donald trump. putin said he did not even know donald trump was in russia at the time. kevin: it was classic vladimir putin. during the answer, president trump tried to get the answer of president bruton with the throw away -- the answer of president putin with a throwaway line involving the world cup. president clinton -- president putin offering a delayed response back. the laughter was muffled. it was not a thing that dominated the room. there was a key moment in which the reporter asked president he wanted candidate donald trump to win the election and putin saying directly, yes i did and then changing to another question. vladimirof policy,
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putin saying president trump reiterated the u.s. position that the u.s. does not recognize the annexation of crimea to russia. beyond that, in terms of cybersecurity, president bruton suggestingt putin they would be open to an international framework between the united states and russia. the fallout here will be dominated by president trump's comments regarding his previous democratic challenger hillary clinton regarding the intelligence community. and donaldutin, trump saying he has no reason to not believe president putin with regards to what the u.s. intelligence community says is indisputable evidence that russia meddled in the 2016 election. , both sidesarlie
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try to talk down expectations of the summit but were you underwhelmed by what we heard today? charlie: i was hoping for something, some news about nuclear disarmament or something. it felt a little bit like a laundry list of things aimed for domestic audiences for both. what did strike me was president trump's complete inability to say one negative thing he held russia responsible for. blamed previous administrations and then went into the collusion thing. he cannot say one thing. he cannot talk about ukraine, crimea. francine: is that because we know they did not prepare for the summit? this is why we were told not to expect much. charlie: this is what happens when we do not prepare things. uncertainty and no outcome.
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that somethingis is actually signed and we can say this is a good first step, that would be brilliant. i do not expect it. francine: how does this play back home when you have the president of russia in the middle of the robert mueller probe saying he wanted president it waso win, even because he saw the hope that relationships would start between the u.s. and russia, how will that be received back home by the republicans in congress? marty: as has been the case above -- among republicans, it is going to be awkward silence. among the democratic opposition it will be severe criticism. presidenti heard vladimir putin say is that there was going to be a high-level group of businessmen to explore economic relationships. i wonder how that is going to be
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possible given the level of sanctions that have been imposed on russia by the trump administration and the previous administration. the practical parts of the good feeling, the devil is in the details. i do not see how any of this actually gets done in months or even years. a gapne: kevin, is there between what the administration's stance on russia is and what president trump leaves on russia and who did we hear speaking? u.s. foreign-policy or president trump on a personal level? said atresident trump this press conference he has no reason not to believe president putin when he says to him they did not meddle in the election. that said, the widespread intelligence believe and widespread republican belief is
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that they did have an interference. the president also seemingly offering praise to vladimir putin for extending the offer to work with the u.s. based upon what president putin says our are 1999 ies -- treaties. that made public by rob rosenstein. using this to reiterate what he is set on social media, that he believes that investigation is a witchhunt and has deserved the u.s. and russia relations. we heard from the u.s. intelligence committee over last year that they believe president vladimir putin want to donald trump to win. we heard from president vladimir putin at this press conference and he said that was true. marty, we also know a
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lot of nato allies and foreign leaders will have followed this press conference as we have on bloomberg tv. how will they receive the news? it feels like they cannot be alarmed because there was no deal. this was one of the main concerns going into the summit. marty: i think that in the major capitals of europe there is a sigh of relief. to be any not seem substantive agreement on issues like crimea or iran sanctions. like they did pull law for first meeting and a dialogue has begun and european leaders may think that is a good thing. i think for the moment there is a sigh of relief throughout europe that there is no concrete agreement on anything. i am looking at the market reactions -- very muted. they spent a little bit of time
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talking about the north stream two and about operations with opec. is this where the presidents can stand united? charlie: it was interesting that up the ideabring that the u.s. and russia together will guide the market. they are of course also competitors. me.oes not surprise it will be interesting to see whether or not this will be a side door for trump to demand sanctions relief. we need to cooperate on energy and therefore we need money and so on. francine: in this new world order, i was president trump and the u.s. need -- how does president trump and the u.s. need russia? is it to deal with north korea or gas in europe? charlie: the u.s. does not need it. europe and russia can deal with their own gas and energy issues.
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for people in europe, it can feel like the u.s. is pushing in to something that is not any of their business, except issues like north stream where there is a clear security policy. francine: what did we learn about this robert mueller probe? the two president saying it prove theresible to was collusion but they did not address interference. trump president reiterating what he said on social media, raising the issue of the democratic national committee server, raising the issue of the hearings that dominated inside the beltway gossip last week. he also raised the issue of the emails of former secretary of state hillary clinton, the democratic party nominee in the 2016 presidential election
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cycle, raising the issue of her email. the second point i would make is more broadly about how this president doubled down and said that this investigation -- he anticipated it to go on for some time. that is the first time we have heard this president say any kind of concrete timetable on how long this will go on. there now seems to be an acceptance that this is something the administration will have to deal with well into the midterms and belonged -- and beyond as it heads into a reelection campaign. the president has said he has every intention to lawn -- to run in 2020. he also said he believes this is been a hindrance on u.s./russia relations. he said russia and the u.s. control more than 90% of the world's nuclear energy and as a result he feels this has been detrimental. both president trump and
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president vladimir putin saying the military operations of the country is get along better than the politicians. with regards to the energy policies, president vladimir putin and president trump drawing the line in their disagreement, particularly with north stream 2. trump said he offered his comments to president vladimir putin as a competitor, and he had every intention of competing against russia in the energy sector. let me bring in our moscow bureau chief. she joins us from moscow. what you make of the fact that halfway through the q&a, vladimir putin said he wanted president trump to win the election? >> thought that was a quite interesting comment just to come out and put it on the table. he wanted trump to win because
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he is thinking normalization of relations. administration had been critical and put sanctions in place over the annexation of theea and criticized russian involvement in syria and we now have conversation about -- with trump indicating that he is not that concerned about crimea. he has more critical of the obama administration over crimea. this ukraine issue happened over the own -- on the obama team's watch, rather than criticizing vladimir putin for the moves in ukraine. it is an interesting moment. alsoine: president trump saying that vladimir putin has offered to help on the investigation of russian meddling in the election is an incredible offer. put that in context for us. is it a real offer of help? often do you ask the
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people you are investigating to help you investigate? this is an offer russia has put on the table before. if you take a look at the mh-17 investigation, the airline shot down over ukraine, russia has offered to help investigate. that offer has not been taken up. what you make of how the leaders will get along? they were a formidable duo in talking about interference in the election. are these leaders going to get along in a way where we will have a deal the next time they meet? notlie: if there was collusion before, it seemed like there was collusion now in terms of the answers. they were so well correlated. granted, they were written statements. certainly you got the sense they were on the same page. marty, let me come to you. we are just getting the former
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director of the cia commenting on the press conference. what does it mean for the robert mueller investigation? what does it mean for the fbi? saidis a president who has he is not sure he believes his own intelligence and he may believe the russian one. what will his relationship be like from tomorrow? marty: i must say that even though donald trump tries to offhandedly give support to his intelligence community, he threw them under the bus today. , the uniteduntry states in terms of the robert mueller probe versus donald trump's view of the world got more divided. equated vladimir putin's assessment of meddling in the election with the moral equivalency of his own intelligence community and that is going to split that division even more than it has been. decided he is
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going to double down on his attacks on the mueller probe and ultimately the united states will have to make a decision. it will be the voters in a few short months. francine: kevin, or you struck by the contrast in president trump as he talked about his nato allies in which he described the eu as those and -- way presidente trump in this conference talked about vladimir putin? kevin: when you talk to administration officials and talk about what their strategy try to put forth a situation where president trump is being competitive to nato allies in terms of how they raise money for nato. the president has advocated that nato countries pay their 2%, at one point he suggested 4% of their military forces per gdp in nato, raising that issue but
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also trying to suggest he has made nato stronger. he is trying to walk this type political tightrope. whether he has is up to his critics and supporters to decide. this press conference will be discussed and dissected the next several months ahead of the november elections. as president vladimir putin said , the ball is in president trump's court with regard to the world cup. francine: we are looking at the impact this could have on the midterm elections. anne-marie is in front of the presidential palace. how will angela merkel have interpreted this press conference? annmarie: she will be talking about russia. that was the first question from russian media. they asked about the north stream 2 pipeline following
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donald trumps bashing of angela merkel and germany at that nato summit in brussels. he kept saying how could germany do this deal with russia and still not meet their 2% defense spending budget, linking the two together. president trump said he would like to have gas trade with is 20% morelng expensive from the united states that it is russian gas. that is a hard sell in terms of european dollars for the european union. francine: thank you to our team on the ground, our substantial team. bloomberg team special on the helsinki summit. annmarie, marty, torrey, kevin cirilli, and charlie pasternak from the
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finnish institute for international affairs. the balance of power is up next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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is a special edition of bloomberg markets balance of power. i am shery ahn in new york. this meeting lasting much longer than the planned 90 minutes, going on for more than does go hours, what were the big takeaways? president vladimir putin telling reporters that he did in fact want candidate donald trump to become president. president trump also taking the opportunity to slam what he believes is an unfair investigation into the 2016 presidential election. drawingthese leaders
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clear lines about where they stand on a host of different policy agreements, most notably energy. president vladimir putin saying president trump did not offer any concessions in regards to wronghe u.s. feels is a annexation of crimea to russia. the big takeaway will be just how president trump slammed the u.s. intelligent report regarding the meddling into the 2016 election. he said he believes both sides are to blame for the deteriorating relationship between the u.s. and russia. that has john swift rebuke -- that has drawn swift rebuke from prominent lawmakers, including senator ben sasse, who says that is flat out wrong. shery: again calling that investigation a witchhunt. we'll bring in congressman john garamendi from california and a
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member of the armed services committee. he is with us from washington. thank you so much for your time. give us your reaction from what you've heard from president trump and president vladimir putin. rep. garamendi: i am not surprised. i am disgusted. cannot believe the president of the united states was unwilling to stand up to vladimir putin to protect the american democracy. when asked a question about the investigation, he punted. not punted. he handed everything over to putin and said the problem is here in the united states. the not stand up with the intelligence agencies and the fbi. the leader of american intelligence said friday that russia continues to a hack into our electoral system and critical infrastructure and this president has done nothing. total dereliction of the oath of office to protect america. you say he is in total
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dereliction of the oath of office. where does it go from here, particularly so close to the midterms? what do you make of president pu tin's offer that he would work with u.s. authorities citing a 1999 resolution and president trump's suggestion he believes that is a positive offer? trumparamendi: president will do everything he can to disassemble, to lie, to push the issue off in another direction. the fact is that the intelligence agencies of the united states and the fbi and robert mueller have indicted 25 into thefor hacking private property of the democratic national committee, of the democratic congressional committee and of the chairman of the hillary clinton campaign. that is theft.
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that is conspiracy to break american law and then to use that information in a offense against hillary clinton. i can understand why the president is concerned that the legitimacy of his election is in doubt. that is not the question. the question is how is this president going to protect -- kevin: do you think the legitimacy of the election is in doubt? rep. garamendi: i do not think that is a question we can answer. we do know that the russians from thesitive data and thes of the dnc, hillary clinton campaign. we know they use that information to try to influence the campaign. their spot campaign was deeply involved in corrupted americans into believing the
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charges that were being put out by the russian trolls was accurate. shery: congressman, in this summit we have not seen anything substantial when it comes to deals, nothing on crimea or the iran nuclear deal. how much relieved as it give you that there was nothing substantial out of it? rep. garamendi: no relief at all. the president needs to push back. he needs to put on his big boy pants and act as though he is the president of the united states, not some tool of vladimir putin. it is time for him to stand up to america and honor his oath of office where he pledged to protect america's democracy, our constitution, our democratic processes. he did push back with regard to the north stream pipeline. that is a small issue compared to all the other things vladimir putin has done, not just in our elections but in elections across europe.
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keep in mind this president is playing directly into the vladimir putin playbook. it is as though he is there to be the functionary of the vladimir putin playbook, which is to weaken europe and the european union and destroy nato. all of those things the president of the united states is doing directly what vladimir putin wants to accomplish. shery: we cannot's weight -- we cannot wait to see the direction from europe great john garamendi from california, thank you for your time. coming up, more reaction onrush of from former senator joe lieberman. this is bloomberg. ♪
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kevin: this is "bloomberg markets: balance of power." shery: let's now turn to the republican reaction to president
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trump's meeting with vladimir putin. congressman dana rohrabacher sits on the foreign affairs committee and has long encouraged improved relations with russia. he joins us from irvine. we heard president trump not ,efuting russians involvement not denouncing russia's involvement in the 2016 election, saying both sides both were believable. should he have stuck with the intelligence community, the united states intelligence community when there is ample evidence russia has been meddling with elections? rep. rohrabacher: first let us understand that as the president tried to point out, we are both .ations that have our interests the united states has its interests and so does russia. the push toward conflict we have seen toward the idea that russia is trying to watch out for its
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natural -- nationalnatural -- n, the same as united states, and how to that play in this issue. or the russians involved in meddling with our last election? and they foundre it in their interests to metal and our elections. the point is we meddle in their elections. we meddle all over the world at a much higher rate than what moscow does. maybe it is all wrong, but we helped overthrow the government of ukraine, a democratically elected government, we helped overthrow that. that is what precipitated all of this military action. we should make an agreement and i think the president has taken the first step -- step away from this unrelenting hostility and try to find areas of operation to promote peace rather than conflict. --ry: it seems your waiting
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you are conflating russia's actions to u.s. actions and does that mean you're justifying what russia has done? rep. rohrabacher: i think it is wrong for one country to go into another country and meddle in their letter oral process -- in their electoral process. we do it aggressively and at a much higher process than russia does. none of us should do that. instead, we should try to find ways of working with russia in the areas that are of mutual interest to both of our countries. we cannot blame vladimir putin for watching out for the interest of russia when we helped overthrow the government of ukraine. in terms of crimea, that should be left up to the people of crimea to vote on. i do not agree with vladimir putin on the idea that they had their election and gave a referendum to the people of crimea. i do not agree with that. we needed internationally supervised election in ukraine
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to try to say what to the people of ukraine -- of crimea want and the russian election there was not internationally verified so it makes no difference. kevin: congressman, there are several top u.s. officials who would point to your assessment as incorrect. the cia, the intelligence community. rep. rohrabacher: do not tell me -- give me where you disagree with me. do not say we have these experts who say you are wrong. argue your case, do not try to bring me down. argue the case. this is the type of nonsense that we have heard over and over again. kevin: would you let me get the question out? rep. rohrabacher: you prefaced your question with an attack on me. respectfully, i prefaced
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my question with facts that have been released over the past year. rep. rohrabacher: give me the specific. kevin: would you let me ask my question? rep. rohrabacher: you are the one playing politics. are you disagreeing with the findings of the are you dish the findings of the intelligence community. it has said that russia tried to advocate for a specific candidate to win the election? rep. rohrabacher: they meddled in our election. what they did not do was what you and others have been trying to claim, as well as several of the intelligence committees trying to hint at, that there was collusion between russia and president trump. kevin: nowhere in my question
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was the work collusion. rep. rohrabacher: are you going to let me finish my question. the fact is we have had this distortion of the public saying meddling is the same as collusion. what we saw today will put that to bed. the american people should understand there has been no , like ourf collusion intelligence agencies suggested. there has been no collusion, there has been meddling. i am telling you meddling in other people's elections happens all over the world with almost every power including the united states. shery: whether or not there was collusion, the results will come out of the russia investigation. not as point, is it problem when the president of united states does not back his own intelligence community and not hold a foreign power accountable even if the u.s. has done the same thing?
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rep. rohrabacher: what is coming out of this investigation, and as we saw the attempt by the democrats to try to disrupt even the hearing we were having to try to get to the center of all of this stuff, the fact is that the fbi and the cia and other people were involved for political reasons to try to disrupt this new administration. they have their political motives in attacking donald trump. we saw that in this hearing we had the other day where they stretched everything in order to try to prevent questions that were going to lead to that conclusion -- the right conclusion. they were disrupting that hearing. let me ask one last thing. --uld the american people the american people should ask , why if mueller and
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these other guys are so pure, why did they bring up something like this and the indictment right after our president is going to meet with vladimir putin. that is so arrogant and so political and an attempt to undermine this president's right to be president that it should be obvious to the american people. i did not hear anyone asked about that. shery: do you think the american people will be thinking about russia when they cast their ballots in november? will this affect your constituents in orange county? rep. rohrabacher: i think the american people want there to not be unrelenting hostility leading to conflict which is what we have seen on the other side. what president trump is talking about, let's find those areas where we can work together. let's find areas of cooperation that will permit us to build a better relationship and solve some of the conflicts like in syria or trying to defeat radical islam.
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my constituents want us to work with russia where we can and the american people want us to work where we can, rather than this unrelenting hostility toward putting russia and the united states in conflict. shery: thank you so much for your insights today and your views and for being so candid with us. congressman dana rohrabacher of the california, member of the house foreign affairs committee. let's check in on the bloomberg first word news with mark crumpton. mark: president says his one-on-one meeting in helsinki with vladimir putin was a very good start. both men met for more than does go hours with only translators in the room. speaking at a joint news conference, the president and -- presidentin putin admitted he wanted the president to win in 2016 and denied he interfered in the u.s. election. mentioned therump
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issue of the so-called interference with russia in the american elections. i have to reiterate things i said several times. the russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal american affairs, including the election process. president trump says relations between the u.s. and russia has never been worse. yet it both nations need to find ways to cooperate in pursuit of shared interest. hundreds of people marched in helsinki to protest the summit. signs,rators carried including those in support of gay rights, families, and feminist. one sign read a woman's place is in the resistance. iran says that if president trump wants to negotiate after playing u.s. out of the 2015 nuclear deal, he will have to make the call. president trump says that with the u.s. increasing sanctions on
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iran they will have to call me and say let's make a deal and we will make a deal. other nations in the deal are negotiating with iran to try to make it work without washington. obama president barack says kenya is making progress in getting the government and the opposition to work together. he is on his first visit to africa since leaving office. he praised the canyon resident and the opposite -- he praised president and the opposite leader for cooperating following the disputed election. obama said kenya needs to do more to face challenges like corruption. global news 24 hours a day, on air and @tictoc on twitter, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. i am mark crumpton. this is bloomberg. shery: coming up next, more reaction on russia from former senator joe lieberman. did president trump miss opportunities to hold russia accountable? this is bloomberg.
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kevin: this is "bloomberg markets: balance of power." i am kevin cirilli. shery: and i'm shery anh in new york. we are back with joe lieberman. we want to continue discussing president trump's summit. senator, thank you for coming in. we have already seen reaction from congressman. we know the reaction from the democrats was expected. we are also getting reaction from republicans like senator lindsey graham saying this was a missed opportunity by the president to hold russia accountable for 2016 meddling. what is your response?
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senator lieberman: i agree with my good friend lindsey graham. it was not only a missed opportunity. coming after the contentious meetings that president trump had with our allies in nato, particularly directing criticism at one of our great allies in germany, angela merkel and prime minister may of the united kingdom, which is our closest ally in the world, to see this press conference was not only a missed opportunity but i thought the president's performance today wastoday was disappointint profoundly troubling. we know that the russians did in america'sle elections in 2016. they tried to determine who would be the next president of the united states. it is fundamental to our democracy that the people of the united states choose their only heirs. -- their own leaders.
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will you make america great again f a foreign power can determine the winner in our elections? me, i am saying is not just it is based on the conclusion of my former republican colleague in the senate from indiana, today the director of national intelligence in america, put there by president trump who said the intelligence is clear -- the russians tried to determine who would be the next president of the united states. that is outrageous. i'm in the room where this press conference was held. we will leave after i asked you this question and i will leave it to shery anh to conclude week as we are breaking down the room, but i do want to ask whether or not you thought of any energy policy -- you heard the president talk about the nord stream 2.
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is there anything you saw that ofe you confidence or a sigh relief in terms of policy moving forward between u.s. and russia relations? senator lieberman: maybe a little hope. i am not one who says president trump should not meet with president vladimir putin. during the cold war american presidents met with leaders of the former soviet union. the question is what you do and say at the meeting. maybe there is hope of energy cooperation but i hoped that president trump was as big risk in opposing that pipeline deal withen russia and germany the russians as he was with our allies in germany. we do not know what happened at the meeting about syria, in which a lot of lives are on the line. shery: on that point, doesn't president trump have a point when it comes to being more critical of its allies?
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germany, he said, was captive to russia, but also when it comes to the g7 and so forth a lot of the points he is making, a lot of americans say it is justified. senator lieberman: some of the points i agree with. and other americans have been calling on our allies in nato to increase their defense budgets. they are only spend over $300 billion a year on defense, which is a support to us. i agree there was a danger that russia was using its energy westerns to influence european countries, including germany. it is not bad that he brought that up with angela merkel, i thought it was done in a harsh way, but she can handle it. thisto contrast that with bro-fest between trump and putin
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in helsinki, it does not ring true. the europeans are our allies, putin is still our enemy. shery: president trump is calling the european union a foe when it comes to trade. even though you say angela merkel can handle it, what are the chances this could do damage to western alliances? senator lieberman: it could do real damage, but we depend on each other too much. the european union buys exports from the united states that create almost 3 million jobs in the united states where we need them. we need them militarily as well but we spent over $600 billion a year on defense. nato countries spent $300 billion. that increases our spending by 50%. should they spend more? sure they should, and the president was right to bring that up.
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but my main point is vladimir putin is not our friend. if the message from this meeting between presidents vladimir putin and president is that we are now friends, this is the man that suppresses his own people, he does not believe in democracy, he invaded crimea, he and hepeople in england is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in syria. this is a menace and we have to treat them that way even as we talked to him. shery: the implications for american values when it comes to dealing with these allies and rivals. senator lieberman: we are always better when we stick to our values and today's press conference to not look like american values. shery: thank you so much for your time. joe lieberman, former senator from connecticut and current chairman of united against nuclear iran. we are seeing u.s. stocks back back -- bounce back.
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flat, but recouping some of the losses we saw earlier. the s&p 500 is also essentially flat. we know it has dropped from a five-month high. the nasdaq is down .1%. live from new york and helsinki, this is bloomberg. ♪
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shery: this is "bloomberg markets: balance of power." i'm shery ahn in new york. deputy us is former assistant of defense for russia, ukraine, and eurasia, michael carpenter. michael, great to have you back. give us your reaction to the summit. michael: we do not know much about the summit but the press conference was an amazing piece of work by the presidents, particularly by president trump who essentially parroted vladimir putin's talking points,
12:53 pm
the conclusions of his own intelligence community after just having learned on friday through the robert mueller indictment in detail how russia's military intelligence service launched a cyber attack against our country, and yet he questioned it publicly on the podium and throughout all kinds of conspiracy theories one would expect to be hearing from the russians. unprecedented and borderline unprecedented and borderline treasonous to be taking this position. it is hard to articulate this without sounding hyperbolic. this is something we've never seen before. shery: last time i spoke with you was after a russians poisoning of a former spy on you case oil. soil.then we -- on u.k. since then we have had this summit, the world cup, leaders have locked to a russia. how did we get here? waiting russia has been
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westerng a war on countries since its invasion of ukraine. the international community is shocked to find russia was behind the downing of mh-17 and shocked to find that russian military intelligence was behind the poisoning of u.k. citizens with a nerve agent, and then they go back to business as usual. we have the president of france traveling to russia for a conference, other business dignitaries traveling to russia for the world cup. president trump suggesting russia should be back in the g8. russia waging war against the west and the west not responding as it should. it is pretending you can go back to business as usual as trump did in this news conference and , andrate with russia aggressive power, shelling civilians as we speak in ukraine and syria. this is not going to work. shery: whose fault is that that
12:55 pm
the west is not responding? we cannot blame entirely on president trump. michael: correct. failure ofollective western leadership to a dressed real threat to democratic institutions, both the military threat in certain cases, as in ukraine, but more often a covert threat of subversive tactics and what we call active measures in the intelligence community designed to undermine and weaken our democratic countries. unless we take this seriously and begin to stand up to it, we will not get anywhere. too many countries think that if they throw vladimir putin a lifeline and offer him some sort of concessions that maybe he will stop. he has not done that since his invasion of georgia in 2008. unfortunately we have seen this aggression repeating itself time and again and western leaders unable to have the wherewithal to confront it and impose
12:56 pm
serious costs on russia, which is ultimately what it takes. shery: michael, thank you so much for your views. that was former deputy very -- deputy assistant secretary of defense michael carpenter. mayor up, los angeles will talk about running in the nation's second-largest city and whether he is running for president in 2020. if you missed out on any of the charts we show you to our programming, g tv is your function. live from new york, this is bloomberg. ♪ phones have made our lives effortless.
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1:00 pm
was a wrong move. the comments came at a joint news conference with president trump. we also mentioned our concern about the withdraw of the united states from the jcpoa. our u.s. counterparts are aware of our position. let me remind you that thanks to the iranian nuclear deal, iran submitted to the control to effectively ensure the peaceful nature of the iranian nuclear program. mark: president trump with the u.s. from the accord in may. he said the u.s. and russia must find ways to cooperate in pursuit of shared interests and he added you would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics. minister metyrian with his counterpa


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