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tv   Bloomberg Markets European Open  Bloomberg  March 19, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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vonnie: there are 30 minutes left in the trading day in europe. from london and new york this is "the european close" on "bloomberg markets." seeing a nice bounce today. the euro stoxx 50 is up. up 33%,40 in paris is the dax in germany pushing through. in the united states, the s&p 500 is up .6%. chipmakers have a good day. micro devices with an opportunity for gaining in google, which kicks off today. that stock up 6% in the s&p 500. there is a halo effect. nvidia having its investor day today and it is the second-best stockser which makes the show nice gains of 1.4% for the group. , whicher stock is for
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succeeded in reeves seller rating its suv deliveries. it is up 3.25%. guy: just starting to get some breaking new. michel, the brexit negotiator has started laying out some of the commentary he is delivering right now. he is saying of brexit extension must be useful. you can find this on live go on your bloomberg. michelle barnier is saying the u.k. government must decide what to do next. he is speaking right now. he's delivering these comments in brussels. the brexit delay must increase of a deal. the brexit policy decision could be revised in the coming days. eu leaders will consider what is best for the eu. he is saying the brexit delay request is for the eu leaders.
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we're expected the letter for theresa may to come out this evening. everyone should finalize their preparations for no deal brexit. we are facing genuine uncertainty. that is not michel barnier speaking right now. that is the breaking news over the last few minutes. this is critical news for the brexit process. we have seen the euro-dollar moving on the back of this news that he is been delivering. earlier on today, chancellor angela merkel sat down with bloomberg's editor in chief at the global solutions summit in berlin. angela merkel it is prepared to give theresa may a new deal at that summit later this week. we will very carefully followed events, follow with the british government is going to say with regard to what was
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stated yesterday, i cannot say anything on how the situation will present itself on thursday. >> you have to presume she will ask you for an extension. do you have any prejudice on your side? would you like cap a short extension so it doesn't affect the european elections or would july like to give them a year to sort out the problem? want, i ambsolutely very interested in having a good relationship with britain even after they have left the european union. it is in the german interest in the interest of the 27th members as a whole. i take theresa may seriously when she says britain stays in europe but will leave the european union. we have common interests because of our geopolitical situation. britain has always been a been committeds
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to the principle of multilateralism. we have" operation and internal security on defense but also internal security. that is why we made provisions for the citizens to have as clear a legal situation as possible in the event of no deal which will be the second-best situation we are working on until the very last hour of the 29th of march i will fight for an orderly brexit, and orderly leaving of the european union. we have a few days and i must -- itam not in a position depends on what the situation is. the less each and everyone is speculating in public the easier it is.
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guy: that was angela merkel speaking to bloomberg's editor in chief in berlin a little earlier today. that is the view coming out of berlin right now. we have just had the commentary coming through from michelle barnier, the chief brexit negotiator laying out where the the chaost now after of the last few days in london and now the likely letter waning its way toward brussels -- winging its way toward brussels. let's speak to our reporter, maria tadeo. what is he saying? criteria just gave the that the eu will use to grant this extension, which by the way we have heard from many officials today, it is not guaranteed. it is not a given. if you look at what michelle barnier just said, it is a test.
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threeeds to comply with -- the deal will go through and ensure that we are in a situation that is better than the current impasse we are seeing. which is theaid, highlight, that any extension should be tagged to something new in the deal. you can look at this as a way of mr. barnier say prime minister may will have to drop from of the red lines. what is clear is her deal has encountered many difficulties to go through the u.k. parliament and the eu will tell you there are very few items left to put on the table that conflict more than 100 votes in her favor. i would say that is the highlight in my view. vonnie: we are getting headlines from theresa may's spokesman talking to reporters in london. he says may once to find a way
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for parliament to pass the brexit deal. it will not be possible by march 29, but that the public once the u.k. to get on with brexit and leave with the deal. it sounds like brussels is putting it up to london. granting anpoint in extension of you don't know what comes next, and there's no clear picture on what comes next. theresa may's old deal is not going to pass parliament without substantial changes but europe cannot print substantial changes. we are in a still make. maria: completely. summitwill tell you this is not about concessions. we made those already. the summit is about the way forward that gets us to a deal. that may not mean we stick to the prime minister deal if it is clear it will not pass. if you look at what the eu has said, and this is no secret, if she is not able to get the deal through the finish line, then maybe she needs to look through
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andprocess party compromise reject the opposition and make sure the red lines go pink. the single market, the customs union, plenty she can find the way in the eyes of the eu. she is only moving away from the let red lines. right now she is not willing to do that. that situation might change. everyone is keeping a close eye on the letter because they want to get a clear picture on the sense of the extension. what is the purpose of it? guy: it is interesting talking about no deal preparations are more important than ever. is there any talk in brussels that not all of the countries ofl sign up to an extension the article 50 process. this needs to be unanimous, everybody needs to be on board. is everybody on board?
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maria: that could happen. there is a veto every country has. come thursday someone could say i do not want to grant this extension. what i do here is this is unlikely because brussels does not want to be blamed for a no deal. no one would want to precipitate a no deal scenario. let's not forget this has really significant economic repercussions for everyone in the eu. it is unlikely a country will say we do not agree with it and we will block it. -- the head of the european council has been across europe this entire week and they would want to get to thursday. what we've been told to expect is this will be a long discussion and very heated because there are countries that will tell you we need to get a clear sense of purpose from the prime minister, which is not
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grant any deal or any extension detrimental to the eu. this extension can also clash with the european parliamentary elections. this is the big thing for brussels. they run a big risk if they keep a eurosceptic u.k. for two more years. by the end of this we are back to square one. i was just don't ask about the elections. we are now the ludicrous situation where the u.k. will have to elect someone to the european union. it is beyond the point of no return. you,: the eu will tell specialists across the spectrum will tell you that if the u.k. -- if they are still member states of the eu they will have to run in those elections. it comes with strings attached for the eu. you look at a eurosceptic u.k. on its way out, still having a say on the next president, maybe
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having to pay into the 2021 budget and still very much at the table. , but a difficult situation what i hear many times in brussels is they do not want his election to be hijacked by brexit. they do not want to turn this into another in and out question. they wanted this to be about europe and the future of the union. right now it does look like this will be a brexit election, in many ways almost a roundabout pivot. guy: we will leave it there. maria tadeo joining us from brussels. michel barnier currently updating reporters on how the eu sees things progressing from here. vonnie: let's check in on the bloomberg first word news. here is mark crumpton. mark: investigators looking into the deadly shooting in the dutch city of utrecht are sharpening their focus on a possible extremist motive.
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the 37-year-old turkish suspect was released from jail this month and faces a rape trial in july. prosecutors say a note found in a suspected getaway car this just -- suggest a possible terror motive. three people were killed and seven others were wounded. gave released documents more insight into the fbi investigation of michael cohen. was show michael cohen being investigated for nearly a year before federal agents raided his home and office last april. he has pleaded guilty to tax evasion and making hush money payments to women who alleged they had affairs with donald trump. michael cohen will start serving a three-year prison sentence in may. a fire at a petrochemical storage facility in houston is burning for a third day, covering the city in a plume of black smoke. people more than 20 miles away have been able to smell the fumes but officials say there are no immediate health concerns. the tanks on fire store liquids
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used to make gasoline. officials say the fire will burn for two more days. pope francis says he will not accept the resignation of the french cardinal who was convicted of failing to report a known predator priest to police. the vatican says instead the pope asks the priest to do what is best for the archdiocese. the cardinal has asked his deputy to assume responsibility while he is gone. global news 24 hours a day, on air and @tictoc on twitter, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. i am mark crumpton. this is bloomberg. vonnie? vonnie: president trump is now in a meeting with the president of brazil. they have a long-standing
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relationship. president trump says they will discuss trade and venezuela. the s&p 500 breaking through 2850 for the first time since october. the rally now up .66%. the other indices up by that much. the bestlian riel performer against the dollar of the emerging-market currencies. this is bloomberg. ♪
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guy: from london, i'm guy johnson. vonnie: from new york, i'm vonnie quinn. this is the european close on bloomberg markets. let's check the markets. here's abigail doolittle. abigail: we have a risk on in the u.s.. s&p 500 up .6%, crossing the 2050 level. the 2800 resistance level blown through. the s&p 500 up its highs level since october. much of that fourth quarter decline -- not quite in all-time high. stocks outperforming. transports not so much, down .5%. the russell 2000 and mercy and earlier decline. the stocks are trading higher ahead of the fed decision tomorrow. this would seem to be a leading indicator if we take a look at a longer-term chart in the terminal we would see arranged similar to the s&p 500. a beautiful rally and then stuck in this range for the stocks
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between 1200 and 1400. each time one of these upswings is reversed it produces a move back to -- a move back down. the question is whether this upswing could produce a move back down. the stocks trying to push above 1400 but momentum is stalling. where we do not have mixed messages, on the day lots of strengths for those chips including amd. shares up 6%. morgan stanley saying amd has an significant opportunity with google gaming and nvidia higher. macron higher despite the fact that analysts are bearish. morgan stanley bearish a few days ago. we do have city cautious. chip investors looking past that. .8%, nowil, earlier up down .2%. choppy action for oil. it will be interesting to see
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how that plays out as a part of the wrist asset -- the risk asset. guy: let's turn to the brazilian market and what is happening in the brazilian story. brazil's president at the white house right now meeting with president trump. we are getting headlines coming through. let me give you an idea on the flavor of what is being said. the brazilian president saying he and trump have a great deal of shared values, he and trump have much to offer each other. these are the largest economies in the western hemisphere. the president of united states think great honor to receive braziland -- to receive and trade between these countries will increase substantially. all options are on the table regarding venezuela. the brazilian government still has connections with the venezuelan military. joining us from rio de janeiro is bloomberg's reporter on the subject. walter, this is the president's
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first bilateral trip abroad. interesting it is to the white house. what does he expect to get out of this? walter: he and trump are signing a few agreements. there is one that allows the use of a rocket launch base in brazil. another one allowing u.s. companies to invest in nuclear power plants here. requirementsrapped -- visa requirements for americans traveling to brazil and in return brazil is asking for the support of the u.s. this meeting is more about the optics than the substance. --sonaro is trying to soak trying to showcase his foreign-policy to the world. to free therusade country from the dirty ideology of the left and he wants brazil
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to be a strong ally of the united states under president trump. vonnie: is president trump saying he is inclined to make resilient non-nato ally and he supports brazil's efforts to join the oecd. he also says all options are on the table regarding venezuela. could you see them coming together to do something about venezuela? what is the plan there? military has as clear position about venezuela, which is they support president trump's and other countries efforts to get maduro out of the country, to get maduro out of power. they do not support and intervention -- a military intervention. they want this to be done through diplomatic channels. in terms of what this means for the president of the united states's relationship with brazil, the president took a great deal of interest in the election that is just taken
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place which put mr. paulson aro onaro in -- mr. bols place. it is interesting bolsonaro has modeled himself -- can you describe how the relationship is seen in brazil? walter: some people like to call also narrow the trump -- bolsonaro the trump of latin america. investors are looking at this with regarding brazil's foreign-policy, and especially that policy that is sponsored by brazil's foreign ministry. about the mostrn of that policy.
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on the other hand they like the reforms the economic minister is presenting, especially the reform of the pension system in brazil. they are particularly optimistic the government will succeed in it will beeform and a step toward unlocking investing and boost the economy in the country. vonnie: walter, thank you. we will have more coverage of the brazilian president's visit to the white house just ahead. this is bloomberg. ♪
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vonnie: checking u.s. markets. we have seen a bounce today and that continues with all indices up .6%. chipmakers doing well for investors, particularly amd,
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, and google gaming it's getting it started a which should help the chipmakers, particularly amd. we also have ford higher, managing to get suvs out faster. not many stocks lower, fox being one, down 3%. well on thisoing size -- this side of the atlantic. it is not just sca. the cac the cap all -- all trading up. the european closes next. this is bloomberg. ♪ want more from your entertainment experience?
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and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. guy: 30 seconds until the end of regular trading in europe. the dax outperforming today. the car sector solid.
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a number of reasons behind that. germany looks to be the main beneficiary. let me say numbers. 7329 for the ftse 100. the market has been to some extent affected by what has been going on with the pound. it is interesting to see how resistant it has been to that correlation. the dax trading nicely. 11,970. the cac 40 lagging a little bit. the president of the united states has been meeting with the present of brazil. let's take a listen. pres. trump: we will look at that strongly, whether it is nato or something having to do with alliance, we have an alliance with brazil better than we've ever had before.
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>> brazil is working to offer the united states access to a rocket launch site in brazil. americans will be able to go to brazil without a visa. what would you like president also in aro -- president bolsonaro to give as a result of the -- pres. trump: we are working on visas in a much easier fashion. we have many things brazil would like and we are working on those things. one of the big elements of trade is brazil makes great product and we make great product. our trade has been never as good as it should be in the past. in some cases it should be far
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more. i think our trade with brazil will go substantially up in both directions. that is one of the things brazil would like to see. >> [speaking foreign language] >> what you want to see happen in venezuela? pres. trump: we do not want to say exactly.
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we will talking about different things. all options are on the table and it is the same what is happening in venezuela. the death and the destruction and the hunger. hard to believe one of the wealthiest countries is now one of the poorest and most impoverished countries. we'll be talking about that at great length. [speaking foreign language] >> is brazil involved in military action in venezuela and are you supporting results oecd? to join the pres. trump: i am supporting
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their efforts. all options are on the table. every option is on the table with respect to venezuela. >> would you like to see brazil involved? pres. trump: we've not discussed it. we will discuss it today. [speaking foreign language] >> why you are talking john mccain months after he is dead. i'm very unhappy that he did not repeal and replace obamacare. he campaigned on repealing and replace for years and we got to a vote and he said thumbs down. our country would've saved $1 trillion.
12:35 pm
he told us hours before that he was going to repeal and replace and then for some reason, i think i understand the reason, he ended up going thumbs up. had we known that, i think we would've gotten the vote because we could have gotten somebody else. i think that is disgraceful. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. thank you for a much, everybody. thank you very much. thank you. [reporters shouting] vonnie: you just heard president donald trump's comments on the late senator john mccain. we will leave those there.
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since the meeting is with the brazilian president, they are going to be having a bilateral meeting. there will be a press conference at 1:45 eastern. we heard president trump saying he was inclined to make brazil a non-nato ally, in other words given all the benefits of being in nato but not have it be in nato and still be an ally of the u.s.. he said trade with brazil will increase substantially and that all options are on the table regarding venezuela. let's bring in jordan rochester, g10 foreign-exchange strategist. the brazilian reality is reacting well to the meeting between the president and the u.s. president. what kind of trade deal might we be talking about? : brazil is one of the stories of the year with the election results and the reform in brazil. it is people's favorite real money space. in terms of the story it is
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clear that when you have good news between the u.s. and brazil it will keep the markets. investors making new highs, hard to argue against any of it. quite a big lie in the sale for the brazilian market. it has been on such a tear for such a long time. can i talk about what is happening with the other story and that is the brexit development. we saw michelle barnier telling the u.k. you have to come up with something to bring to us to justify why there needs to be an extension. do you have a plan? how will we find out what that plan is? jordan: the plan was the deal to go through. it was her deal or no deal. and i've ruled out no deal and it was still going to be the deal. it is now deal or no brexit. the problem is you have these hard-line right of center yorkie -- therethe tory party
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is no changing their mind. that number is around 23. 23 on the letter and you get about seven more add-on. you need to have 23 to 30 labour mp's agreed to the deal. yesterday when the speaker of the house made the decision that the vote cannot come back to parliament unless there has been sufficient changes, it did not change anything -- i do not see the vote coming back to parliament. it seems clear to get this over the line for a plan, the eu are saying something that seems conditional. from the noises, we have to remember there are 27 countries in the u.k. -- in the eu and each has a foreign affairs council, they're semi-different eu sources. we have seen a table of all the different statements from countries. a great variety of what they are saying. the one message that seems to be loud and clear, the u.k. needs
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to tell them what they want, and we missed the opportunity last week with boats. we saw that vote fail. --t of the lease and why part of the reason why it is the government said they would bring the parliament indicative vote. we have seen the deal is not being brought to the house. next week we could see the information from this thursday's eu summit that the u.k. can be granted an extension but needs to make clear what it wants. guy: what happens next week? we come through the summit, next week theresa may is expected to be sent to the house, i will allow you to figure out what there is a majority for. we get to next week, what is there majority for? jordan: third differently majorities against -- majorities against no deal, majorities in favor of extending. lars question is one of majority in favor of -- customs union is the closest to it. the good thing about this idea
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of indicative vote is it could be done in the same process as the conservative leadership election. mp's get their candidates and each tuesday and thursday they whittle it down and you drop off the lowest member of the package time you vote. it could be the case you have five brexit options or three by the government and the bottom falls out on the first round and you have another round of votes. then by 2003 with the house of lords reform we found no majority in favor of anything. with nove an extension majority in parliament and no clarity as to where we are going, that is a negative for the pound. scenario where election protocol might coming in. to get an election you have to have a manifesto. to have a manifesto which says the current deal won't work, so i think the scenario where you get to election, the prime minister resigns, for example,
12:41 pm
gives a chance for a new leader to take hold of the conservative party and then you have an election a few months later. along election with no clarity -- there opportunity or would you stay away from the trade? jordan: i've been long sterling for quite some time. i have to admit it feels a lot more two and risks in short term. when people start to agree of me is when i should start to take profit because it has always been this range, this frustrating brexit range. everyone gets excited and then suddenly a political headline hits the screen and offsets the momentum and we go back into that range. we have started to break above those numbers i'm talking about when it comes to the range. still historically cheap. theared to last year or so, pound is much stronger than what was good in the long-term we are still trading at crisis levels. real money with the long-term horizon can be long sterling.
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guy: jordan rochester staying with us on the european close. we probably need to talk about the fed tomorrow. vonnie: first we need to get the first word news. here is mark crumpton. u.s. supreme court has strengthened the government's power to detain people facing deportation because of crimes they committed. justice is signed with the trump administration and a clash with implications for so long sanctuary cities. the case focused on noncitizen legal residents who served a criminal sentence get released and are later arrested by federal immigration agents. the european union leaders want to give british prime minister theresa may one more chance. bloomberg has learned they plan to offer the u.k. an additional brexit extension at this week's summit. that would give her another opportunity to get parliament to approve her divorce plan. chief eu negotiator michel
12:43 pm
barnier told reporters any extension to brexit date must serve a clear purpose, otherwise it just prolongs the uncertainty. angela merkel says it is not only the government that needs to act on climate change. she spoke exclusively with bloomberg editor in chief in berlin. >> both sides of industry shoulder responsibility, not only politicians. the more responsible they act, the less laws we need to adopt. , americans have been twice as likely to sweat through record-breaking heat rather than shiver through record-setting cold. that is according to the associated press, which analyzed data from weather stations throughout the lower 48 states. since 1999, the ratio has been two warm record sets or broken for every cold one. the ap shared the data with
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several scientists who all said the findings were an indication of global warming. global news 24 hours a day, on air and @tictoc on twitter, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. i am mark crumpton. this is bloomberg. back to you in london. guy: let's check for european stocks have settled. we are through the auction process. a dip during the auction process. a largely positive day. the ftse 100 giving back a little bit of the ground we had earlier on. dax solidd -- session. well, merger talk potentially starting to erupt between those. if you're leaving work and getting in the car were driving home, you can carry on the coverage of what is happening in these markets on dab digital radio in the london area and
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locally on your bloomberg device. you will find the cable show at the top of the hour. we carry on the conversation live on dab digital radio. this is bloomberg. ♪
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vonnie: a bloomberg exclusive. some u.s. officials are saying china is walking back trade offers. officials telling bloomberg news they see china walking back trade offers. said to be looking for details on this revised offer and it relates to intellectual property. the u.s. and china are still debating data services and pharma issues. some u.s. officials are saying the china moves are normal. the big headline is some u.s.
12:48 pm
officials are saying china is walking back trade awful. let's bring in ceremony -- trade offers. let's bring in sarah mcgregor. how expected is this? wrinkle does throw a into the talks between the u.s. and china. we are hearing china has come back to the u.s. and it seems to be backpedaling on commitments u.s. andde great the china are at a stake in negotiations were the promises and pledges and things they are working toward are written down on paper. there is an understanding in the absence of a trade deal being signed of where they are headed. china now backpedaling on some of its promises over ip, which is at the core of u.s. concerns. it will not be taken lightly by the u.s.. it could definitely delay talks further. ay: why are we getting different message from the robert lighthizer team? i was reading the story on the bloomberg saying a person close to ambassador lighthizer denied
12:49 pm
that chinese officials have backed away from previous pledges. are we getting the administration on the same page? negotiation, no side is going to show their hand. there is going to be resistance and they will play out their strategy. thate hearing a caveat this is part of the back-and-forth of negotiations. one side might appear to be very much into a certain demand and then they take that off the table a little bit to gain leverage. there is a little bit of a show that takes place here. as we do know, china is walking back some things it had promised over data protection and pharmaceuticals and a host of other issues. that is going to be alarming for the u.s., who is kind get a deal within weeks. we have donald trump trying to boost his chances of reelection, and a trade deal with china
12:50 pm
would be a great thing to tout. vonnie: we are seeing a major market reaction. the australian dollar has dropped substantially versus u.s. dollar, and caterpillar has erased all of its gains and is now negative. the major indices are raising their gains. still little higher but the dow is just fractionally higher. is it a blip? is it more than that? the slowing of negotiations on the part of china more than a tactic? sarah: in the recent weeks the trump administration has tried to paint a picture of progress, of at least moving the ball forward. they've not talked about a breakdown. i think this changes that narrative and shows that behind the scenes there are tough issues and china is coming back hard on what the u.s. sees are poor demand, things it says it has to get done -- changes to china's intellectual property practices, forced technology transfers, and this might not be
12:51 pm
a slamdunk for the u.s.. it might not be something they can agreed to in the next few weeksjordan:. do we see -- guy: we see any changes in the timeline surrounding a trump xi meeting. sarah: the latest we have heard is that end of april is the earliest possible date. the chinese president does not want to come to the u.s. or want to have a signing ceremony with trump without a deal finalized. he does not want to risk trump in a showmanship act walking out if they have not agreed to every detail of the deal. i think what we have learned today and what this story shows is they are still far apart on the issues, and to think they can get a deal in the next few weeks when there is backtracking going on now seems pie in the sky. vonnie: our thanks to sarah mcgregor for bringing us details surrounding this bloomberg scoop about china, said to be china
12:52 pm
walking back trade ledges. guy: still with us is jordan rochester. thoughts on this. jordan: chinese trade deals are the sort of thing that keeps the market point. we have had a view there will be some sort of a deal, at least delaying tariffs increasing. this story that is coming out does not suggest things have gone to a standstill. it does suggest there are tensions and it is why we have not seen anything come to a head. if i think about what is driving markets, it is the trade side of things. the main thing that matters is the fed, where growth is going, where interest rates are going and also valuations. the trade wars have always been at the lower end of the market worries because the market is always thought at some point there will be a deal. it is to show -- it is an interesting story. it is probably been leaked to get progress and stopped them
12:53 pm
walking back the pledges. will it backfire? i'm not sure. guy: let's talk a little bit about the fed. you have a very dovish expectation of what the fed is going to deliver tomorrow. the dollar can go down. you wonder, to keep that move going, the fed is going to have to be dovish. i would've thought a lot of dovishness is already priced in. guy: your 11 or third --jordan: you have 11 or 13 basis points already priced in. the market is already dovish on the bed. dovish end of the fed. we think they will revise the implying by two hikes no hikes this year and just one next year. this is already the end of cycle, we have seen the end of fed hikes.
12:54 pm
there are still a few out there looking for one hike this year to remain in the dots. it will be a dovish fed. the fed versus market pricing, not economist expectation does have to be quite dovish tomorrow to validate that 13 basis points for the next year. some of what it means for the dollar, it means the dollar will weaken if we have a dovish fed tomorrow. we have been in the range for so long, volatility is low. it is hard to get anyone excited about being long euro-dollar. i think kerry will outperform if you have a dovish fed tomorrow. high interest carry strategies will do better. vonnie: you have a new favorite trade or recent favorite trade you would like to share with us? jordan: the nickname on the desk is mr. brexit, how i spend my time is focused on eurosterling. i've been short eurosterling for quite some time.
12:55 pm
we talked about the long sterling trade. at some point, the chinese and thiswe have seen more benign outlook on the fed should start to see dollar weakness come through. the timing has been painful. we will all see dollar weakness in the second half of this year. that is when chinese stimulus will start to be through the euro and that should send it higher. we do have to get past the main european elections before that becomes a strong trade. vonnie: mr. brexit, we were counting down the days and today our brexit bulletin shows tbd -- to be determined. what is your best guess on when brexit is solved one way or the other? jordan: constantly people say what will you do after brexit. brexit seems to never end. we have only discussed the withdrawal, not the future relationship. even if theresa may's deal gives her for the line, we are still
12:56 pm
talking about a negotiation that has to be had on the future relationship. short-term, thursday night we have the eu summit dinner, that is when we will find out the european demand from theresa may and we will have the reaction on friday morning about that eu summit. next week we will have votes in parliament put forward by the government and we see the article 50 extension. it is all about how long it is and how does theresa may react? was he resignation? guy: jordan rochester, thank you very much indeed. bloombergpicks up on radio in the london area. continuing coverage on bloomberg television. this is bloomberg. ♪
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mark: i'm mark crumpton with bloomberg first word news. president trump says he is very inclined to make brazil and official u.s. ally. demand the remarks during an oval office meeting with visiting president jair
1:00 pm
bolsonaro today. the decision to grant brazil status as a major non-nato ally would divide the country differential access to american military equipment and technology. brazil would become the 18th nation to receive the designation. he was backed forces fighting islamic state in syria say they have captured a group of suspects involved in a january bombing that killed four americans in northern syria. they were killed in a suicide blast in january. the announcement came hours after the syrian democratic forces said it captured and islamic state encampment where militants surrendered. eight workers rushed to rescue victims clinging to trees and trapped on rooftops against rapidly rising waters today after a cyclone unleashed devastating flood this week in mozambique, zimbabwe, and malawi. more than 268 people are dead, hundreds missing, and thousands more at risk. >>


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