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tv   Bloomberg Business Week  Bloomberg  August 3, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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♪ welcome to bloomberg businessweek. we're inside bloomberg headquarters in new york. plus bloomberg's exclusive interview with underestimating a lopez.
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global internet and going with their own independent version. how about talking less and doing it already.
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i'm their let you in on a little secret. it now is bad time to buy a new iphone. three new models coming out in september and they will be called the iphone 11 series. it's not that hard to time your tech purchases so you don't end up with that bananas or pay too much just before a big price drop. thumb, frederick for the super bowl. new iphones will be out this fall. at least one of them will have three cameras off the back including one with a wide angle lens. samsung already has verified you phone out. it's a pretty safe bet that the newer high-end iphone will work with 5g also. some reports say a 5g iphone is still a year away. either way, apple always seems to trail samsung in the
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innovation department and it doesn't look like that will be changing this year. speaking of long waits, a buzz is growing that a long rumored that but pro is coming out this year also. it's supposed to have a newer design. a kid who looks to be a teenager was trying to get a from police officer so he hid in a place. where i imagine most people would want to hide. at the whole thing was captured on a nest cam. somehow without tipping it over. and no time, you see a police officer come into the frame, passing right by the trash cans and he is obviously looking for the boy. he doesn't realize he was thrown off the set some speak.
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according to the homeowner who it was offerdeo, not because it was an hour after he left the trash can. you can probably attack on assault charges by the way he smelled. next i will speak with the man who decided to leverage the power of science to make his dream a reality. here on komando.
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andrew is off this week. pinch-hitting we have mike. mike: russ is wondering if his
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roommates are watching him over the wi-fi? by using aen talk vpn. how difficult is it for someone to see exactly what you are doing on wi-fi or even -- when you are on wi-fi, everybody is sharing the same connection. it's free and you can put it on my computer my tablet whatever it is. i can see every single thing that you are doing in real time area. since you on the house, what you
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want to do is set up a separate network for your roommate. on most routers now day, they allow you to have a primary network and a guest network. you are going to be on the primary network and you are going to set up a guest network because what happens of the guest network is it allows you to separate the what you see versus what they see. you will be able to see everything and he will only be to see what you are doing at that point. if he is on the guest network. you have to know how to get into your rotor -- router. just google your make and model of your router. at theend up manufacturers website in the support area. type in your model number and say how do i set up a guest network and you're there. you will need the routers password. if you don't know the routers , there is a website
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that will give you the default router password. make sure that you change the password from the default password and also set up the guest network which is a great idea not just for roommates but for anybody who may just be dropping by, visitors, you name it. set up that guest network for your security and your privacy. thank you so much for your call. school year i want you to kiss expensive ink cartridges goodbye. everyone is constantly having to print. homeworkare printing and study guides, you need a reliable printer that will run out of ink in the middle of a written session. igo's why i use the epson tank printer. it prints thousands of pages.
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it changes the way people print. it has easy to fill and tanks so you will make fewer trips to the store which means less frustration. printer, added to your shopping list. it you can fill and chill. for a limited time until september 30, get free overnight shipping. use the code on your screen when you checkout. it's valid within the 48 states. when you have kids in the house with technology, you're always trying to figure out things you can do with them. i was playing the video game need for speed with my son. saids to my left and i watch out the cops are there. then i said that was a bad parenting moment. when i ran across the steric -- story about sterling, he 3-d printed something amazing. my son looked at it and said that's a cool dad.
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sterling, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you 3-d printed a lamborghini. >> that is correct. you can see it behind me here. andere going to build a car we wanted to use technology and the way we figured out to do 3-d printinguse had come so far especially for home 3-d printers. we decided to 3-d print the body and the items they go on the car. it >> how long does it take you so far? it is been about a year and a half so far. isn't soar and a half seta real lamborghini would you back about $300,000? >> a real one would be $600,000 area >> how much to supplies
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cost you? >> we have a $20,000 budget and we will come close to that. >> what kind of materials are you using? >> we are using polylactic acid for the body. soften at 55o degrees centigrade so it would not do well out in the sun so we have encapsulated it in carbon fiber. that will give us the rigidity and strength that we need for the body not to fall off the car. kim: which would definitely be a bad thing. so what happened? you guys are just talking around the kitchen table and somebody said hey dad, let's 3-d print a lamborghini. like you and your son, we were playing a videogame. we would always get into the lamborghini and finally my son said to me do you think we could
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build one? been a big fan of supercars. he didn't have to twist my arm too much. kim: what are you going to do about the engine? >> the engine is out of a corvette. it is linked to a porsche transaxle area they make a kit to do that. kim: what is your background? >> i am a laser physicist. classically trained to build and design lasers. older,any here in colorado, the chief scientific officer and i do basically research on new laser systems to the university system as well as national laboratories. kim: so you're a pretty smart guy. >> know i'm just passionate.
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like whatu don't you're doing you're not passionate about it. did i see the car is 75% complete? >> yes. kim: wendy you estimate it will be done? >> we always say it's never done. start taking it around to the local schools to show the steam project, we are hoping to do that in early spring area kim: i love supercars also. wagon,m not driving my i'm driving my f12 berlin at a. where are the kids? they are waiting in the garage. let's bring them in. have a seat. kim: look how cute he is.
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>> these are my helpers. kim: do they help you every single time? >> no of course not. they have other things they like to do as well. they have about a 10 or 20 minute attention span for the project. kim: that's pretty good i commend you for that. they have been in various things. xander has done some welding on the car. my daughter has helped gluing the panels together and also putting the carbon fiber encapsulation on area that she has learned a lot about chemistry, physics, engineering. both of them are doing very well in that area. me ask the kids, are
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you the best dad ever? >> yes. >> definitely. i think you are one cool dad and please keep us posted on the progress of the car. projectsn see, stem don't necessarily just me books and robotics. could build a car with your son or daughter. and how incredible would that be? i have a special guest to play brand-new or not true. this will be so much fun. we will see if my friend can win here on komando.
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how would you like to listen to my show on your amazon alexa? laura is one of the biggest radio show hosts in history. her very popular show can be heard every day on sirius radio. atyou can get her podcast
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dr. she has a huge social media following. she's on instagram and facebook. it is truly an honor to have her with us today for brand-new or not true. deals withaura personal family relationship issues, we have three tech products of her hourly -- ally but one is real. it the other two i just made them up. thank you for joining us today for brand new are not true. it is such a pleasure and honor to have you. you are so sweet. worriedleep last night that i was going to get this wrong. before we do this, you speak with so many people every day. you have helped so many millions over the years. when it comes to technology relationships, what is the biggest thing that tech has done
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in your opinion to improve our lives? nothing to do with relationships. i think it has been tremendously destructive to relationships because people get focused in their own little world of social media. kids don't even know how to relate. you watch families at dinner and they're all looking at their own phones. this has been an unbelievable disaster. mentionedust something interesting because that is a solution to one of our problems that we have right now for brand-new are not true. with that, let's start the game. america's favorite radio game show sensation. we have three products. only one of them is actually a real product of the other two i made up. the first product is something you just mentioned. it's called you time.
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in the days of social media, it comes with a special challenge of screen time. it couples are having romantic dinners out but each one has their phone out and they are more interested in taking a picture of their drink in talking to each other and having a conversation. that is why this product you time was invented. with the app, you can specify when your partner is unable to use his or her phone. he sent a text to the phone and activate it and bingo the phone is turned off. when you are done spending time with that person you can then a text and it turns the phone back on. with no more screen time, there is me time and you time. then you can go see a movie in peace. 100% somebody else has control over your cell phone? >> that's correct. the next one is called wing man. it's an apt for joining the mile
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high club. think of it as tender at 40,000 feet. designed to get lucky when you're flying or meet people when you travel. that you create a profile and the your picture. your first name, your age, occupation, your flight number and your airline. he specify whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. the app shows you a list of travelers on the same flight you can potentially say start a conversation with. you just have to make sure that you para before you have to put your phone in airplane mode. the motto is make your trip worth remembering. >> ok, next one. >> the marriage meter. the marriage meter uses a specific computerized algorithm that shows you how things are going on in your marriage. nois designed so there are
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more questions about who is doing more around the house in caring for the kids are dealing with issues. using the marriage meter app, each person checks off the things they have done and they get points. example, 10 points for emptying the dishwasher. 20 points for bringing home flowers. 100 points for a great night of intimacy. at the end of each, the points are tallied up and the results are shown on a graph. if the results are up, the app offers counseling sessions with real doctors to help the message -- marriage. you either do or you don't. there are your three products. man, and the wing marriage meter. but on your thinking cap, dr. laura. i don't think anybody would sign up to give anybody control over their own phone.
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i think you made that up. >> that's true. >> number three, the marriage meter. irrelevant to the interdependence and warmth and support of miss and the fact that everyone has different tasks in the house area i never put gas in my car. i would lose all of those once area than getting some anonymous shrink who gets paid by the microsecond no i think that's no. in this society, i think getting someone on an airplane is something that would sell in israel. that's my final answer. it wing man is it. >> let's ask the judges. yes! you one. you guessed it the mile high club.
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>> how many guests on the segment get it right? >> it's probably 20%. >> i'm the stratosphere. [laughter] hey! i'm bill slowsky jr., i live on my own now! i've got xfinity, because i like to live life in the fast lane. unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass.
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you can follow her on instagram and facebook at dr. laura program. pampers has a new smart paper that will connect to wi-fi and send you push notifications about what might be in the diaper. that's next here on komando. the preceding was an independently produced program. the views respect -- expressed do not reflect those of bloomberg lp, its affiliates or its employees. ♪
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kim: science fiction no more. tower will soon have the very first flying cars skype or. is on the roof of the 60 story building. it has been under construction for quite some time along with 600 condos. this is something you really have to see. there is a promotional video that combined cgi with real people to show what the sky port is expected to look like once it's up and running. you have a condo residents sitting in his chair when mr. good-looking get a notification that his gorgeous guest is arriving by a flying drone car. in the is up to the roof all glass waiting area as she arrives area with a beautiful sunset in the background. a little cliche but it is slick. it's still a ways off but the jetsons don't seem so far fetched anymore.
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job,cycle helmets have one to protect a writer if something happens. this doesn't mean they can't get the ai upgraded. even motorcycle helmets are getting be smart tech refresh. this one by an australian startup, uses wi-fi and bluetooth to connect to your phone. a chin mounted camera that records up to five hours. speakers and noise canceling headphones for a phone call. one popular piece of technology that you see in cars these days is the heads-up display that projects speed, navigation, and other things. you won't get that in this smoke -- smart motorcycle helmet because of the risk of distraction. instead there is a strip of lights that is a visible along the bottom of the visor that will flash or change color based on the notification. batteryets rechargeable is supposed to get five hours on
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a single charge. they are expected to cost more than $1100. this idea is a really good one area think about the best cocktail you have ever had. maybe it was even perfect. how do you perfect the perfect cocktail? first, brewers and robotic bartenders are new. this company thinks we deserve smarter than what is already out there. this robotic talk to machine says you can choose from 2000 drinks while also being able to customize your own. then there is the built-in bluetooth which allows complete control over the machine and over three devices connected at the same time. to worry about wasting any ingredients ever again. let's put this into perspective. if you want a dumb machine that
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would suck cocktails like a curate your looking at a few hundred bucks. you will take it bigger hit if you what this machine. it will set you back $1500 because ai powered robotic bartenders don't come cheap. robotic bartender better be able to hold a conversation and give a little advice so i guess i will hold out for 3.0 area finally, pampers wants to make parents lives easier by turning your baby's diaper smart. sensorsmart net be with the track eating and sleeping habits, the temperature and humidity of the room and monitoring the condition of the diaper to find when it's time for a change. those notifications are sent to the parents smartphones via the app. that is a push notification you won't see mixed in with facebook reminders and news updates. now it's time to change the babies that were. it was developed by procter & gamble along with google's
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sister company. there go the privacy red flags. both companies say the personal data will be for parents alone while other data will be used for product improvement. in addition to the sensors, it also comes with a high death wi-fi camera. the price has not been advanced yet. will speak with steve. a passionate photographer whose vision was bigger than technology. i will explain what that means next.
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i only have like a half second for the solvent to take place so the robots are really good. kim: one of the robots i saw had a conveyor belt with ice cubes. was holding a glass pouring coffee with the ice cubes. it came down into a white platform.
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how long does it takeou to put that together? >> were pretty proud of that one. that was pretty much a day of getting all the time and write. planning the whole shout out. the adding of the background of the top landed on was really a nice touch to finish off that shot where it was just pouring coffee than milk than ice. it was also landing perfectly on a white surface. it was definitely a challenge. where did you find robotics to use? >> the internet is a great place. >> a lot of people use cgi but
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that's the reason why i released a lot of my behind the scenes so people could know this is being done i some crazy man for real such as myself area when i went to do that shot, i learned that there is no way a human to physically move the camera is fast and accurately as i needed so i looked around and found there is actually about two companies in the whole world that make robots specifically for moving cameras at high speeds. >> how much does that rig cost? >> the big one that we put the camera on most of the time is behind me. $150,000.t not including the camera. that's just the robot. >> tell us about the lights. >> another challenge we had was the lighting that we need when we are shooting superhigh speed which is slow-motion when you play it back. we need a lot of light because i don't know people use cameras if they know about shutter speed
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but we are shooting at one 2000 of a second. that is a lot of light. we hated what was available which are these 20,000 watt ights so we making our own leds. so we could do that and not get in the way of the robot. systemt this whole power to make our own lights and power them to be flicker free. >> who are some of your clients? >> i work a lot with coffee clients like dunkin' donuts and starbucks. pepsi or jack daniels. in the past, also food clients like craft or heinz and stuff like that. lots of major brands. where do you think it's 20 go next? >> i am so excited.
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we are trying to get the robots to be smarter. traditionally, they are dumb robots. sometimes we say go really fast that way and they hit a wall. we're working a lot on trying to work on robotic vision where the robot can see what it's doing it gets a lot smarter than we can say hey instead of me telling them where to go, i want you to get that one thing and move it to a certain spot. >> i am curious, you are very technical. this is so cool because i get to ask you these questions. is powering the robot? what software are you using to power the robot? are using robots software called flare. it is really very feature full
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and not so nice and easy to look at if you were just a regular person there's a lot of numbers and stuff. we also use software called dragon frame to move the motors and stuff like that. >> that is so awesome. when you start talking about a future and robots moving around and ai, do you think that you will ever be replaced? >> no i don't think so. [laughter] is that before anything else, before technology or robots, i am a storyteller. i think that is something a lot of people get confused by. they see the technical stuff they don't realize i am only using it because i want to tell a story. i think creativity is the hard thing to teach a robot. >> or artificial intelligence. you can only go so far. thank you so much for joining us
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and sharing your talents and your success with us. you started off as a photographer and now you are like a photographer on steroids. >> and you so much it was a pleasure to be here area to >> you can learn more about steve and follow him on his to graham. just go to the address on your screen. if you have something cool about technology that you know, share it with me. digitalp, it's my security tip. all of the information that will simplify your life and give you and your loved ones the information you need to live your best digital lifestyle ever. here on komando.
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kim: when you look into streaming it gets so confusing. this one wants $10 per month, this one wants $15 per month. when you add it all up your like i think my cable bill was actually cheaper. even if you have cable, you still want some kind of streaming gadget.
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first of all, if you were part of the apple ecosystem, this is the one for you. it is knee-deep in apple. aside from that, it has netflix, youtube, amazon prime video, if you do buy the apple tv -- i want to make sure you get the if you'reeration area not in the apple system, it's probably not for you. let's move on to roku. popular brand of streaming players. it has apps for everything area sling tv, amazon prime, youtube, netflix. you might want to skip it. the interface is just not the best. but it's $99. the amazon fire tv cube is our next pick.
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voice want to expand your control smart home, you'll be pleased to know that it has itlt in alexa functions area can get cluttered and feel hard to find things. next on the list is the crown passed altra. it doesn't come with its own remote. your smart phone does it. at this one is $65. there are other options out there. if you want to know about that ,ne and the links that you need
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go to the kim komando show website the links are right there on the homepage. value youru per -- privacy. social media is tracking everything we do on long -- online. that's why you need to know about the command of community. i designed from the ground up with you in mind. make friends, join groups, start your own group. maybe even start your own blog. i won't track you or cellular data. i know you will find this hard to believe but you won't be seeing any advertising. the community is advertisement free. for less than four dollars per month, you know your data is safe. you also get to watch my tv show or listen to my radio show on your schedule. komando community is everything that you need to save time when no one else cares about your privacy. join today and support my efforts to put big tech in its
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place area go to get him right now. smart and boston dynamics, they have had those robotic dogs for years area what about real dogs? you should make a real dog a robotic dog. this is fascinating. your phone vibrates so you pick it up without thinking. maybe you are assigned a specific vibration patterns that you know who's calling. that is kind of the whole idea behind a new dog best developed by university in israel. the vest has motors that vibrate along the back and sides of the dog at varying levels. to learn the ability through haptic feedback based on patterns or intensity. think of all the situations where vocal or hand cues just would not be effective because vision or noise problems.
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communicate toan these dogs wearing a robotic best year remote control. that can help dogs with vision or hearing issues. you can also help people with disabilities communicate with these dogs. think about how these dogs can be used in the field. dogs are amazing creatures. they are so supersmart. wouldn't it be great if you could have a dog that was doing rescue and missions like this or you could direct the dog in various areas. that's big stuff. time now for our diy security tip of the week area every week with the one of these together for you. this week it's all about vpn. how you can use the internet safely and securely and not worry about hackers stealing or credentials. i have been talking about vpns for many years. in this tip, we are going to talk about express vpn but also
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your other options to come with your operating system. first let's talk about vpns and how they work. it's a layer of protection between your vice -- device and the internet. it encrypts your data after it leaves your device and travels to whatever website you are visiting. most importantly, when you're at home or work using public wi-fi, you need a vpn because it gives you the extra layer of security. what do you look for in a vpn? you want to browse anonymously. unblock websites especially when you are traveling. you want to hide your ip address. you also want one that is not have data caps. acrosst to use it multiple devices regardless of your operating system. it should have no data harvesting. 24 hour chat help line. it should be very fast area the older ones were so slow. not anymore. it has to be super easy to setup and use.
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when you have all of these different features that you want macintoshwindows and do have some built-in vpn. they are ok but they're not as good as express vpn. i'm going to walk you through how to set up a vpn on your windows machine and your mac machine area you can also watch a little video about it and we teach you have said that one of. for all the links that you need, look no further than the homepage of time you are fed up and you what to leave a negative review online, you better think twice or it could cost you. i will explain here on komando. ♪
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kim: have you ever posted a negative review online? people are getting sued so you'd better be careful. stood a reviewan and now she is fighting a lawsuit. submitted a review on tripadvisor about a theme park. a man in denver was sued after he left and unsatisfactory review for a flooring job that was botched. againsttes have laws
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these lawsuits and now the ftc is getting involved. if you're inclined to leave a negative review, have hard-core facts to back up your claim. you may think it's anonymous it's usually easy to figure out who their reviewer is. don't slander or defame anyone. leave your emotions out of it. keep your digital know-how going by finding a local radio station that broadcasts my show along with the eye white tips from me to your gmail address. thank you so much for watching. ♪
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the preceding was an independently produced program. views expressed do not reflect those of bloomberg lp, its affiliates, or its employees.
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