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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 13, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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so many of them are going to make it. i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game! >> firms are going to go out of business and they're nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm kramcramer. welcome to "mad money." call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. we've got a hated market for certain. and while i deathly like the slight-down days like today because they consolidate the big gains you've had lately, yeah, the s&p, the dow just dropped a little. the dow's only down 39 points. the s&p declined. the nasdaq edged up. but i've got to admit the
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confusion by the day tells you plenty about why so many people don't believe in the recent rally. the confusion is a direct result of the tremendous mixed signals out there. mixed signals, they're frankly, i've got to tell you, pretty unfathomable. i want to talkbout them because they explain better than anything else. we've been rallying on the hope that things will get better. and believe me, if they don't get better soon, we will not be able to sustain this advance forever. i'm not calling for a pullback of epic proportions. i'm simply warning you that something good has to happen to justify these prices, and it needs to happen sooner rather than later. think about it. sure, we've had positive jobless claim numbers for the last few weeks. i like that. last night we got some economic growth numbers, or at least economic numbers from greece, and they showed the greek economy only contracted at a 6.2% rate. state of the mind is 7% rate, people are anticipating. hey, better than expected is better than expected, do not
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look through it. and we know we have decent earnings. most reports we have from the quarter, they exceeded expectations. but the reason why this rally stays stealthy has to do with the fact that some of the more traditional indicators are looking not just bad, frankly horrendo horrendous. this is what people talk about. here's what they say. first, they all talk about copper. copper's been abysmal. it wasn't able to break through the ceiling. this is jjc if you want to follow it. remember, you need it to build things. while we keep hearing that housing's firming up here, there's been no serious impact and more importantly, 40% of the world's copper demand comes from china. and this decline would indicate that chinese demand is falling off a cliff. the big copper buyer has been running like crazy. it's been one of the hottest stocks of late. although finally it got clocked 83 cents. aluminum. another tremendous kwan dri. quandary. no one knows what to do. look, alcoa, the stock, it broke
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out of the fine down trend. very clear. let's look at the charts. wow! but aluminum, the commodity, it keeps going lower. not higher. china doesn't seem to be buying or smelting so much, it doesn't know where to put the stuff which brings me to the third negative. china itself. last week's rally was based in part as i told you endlessly on the rumor that china would cut interest rates last night! it didn't happen. we got nothing. we got the spice girls. i was flabbergasted. one eye on the closing olympic ceremonies, the other on my pc waiting to see the big chinese plan or mick jagger and the stones. nothing on both cases. aberrant? i don't know about moves like jagger, but we have indices like the baltic freight index which measures actual cargo shipping rates and free-fall. i'm not going to free-fall. i can't believe it. i'm not giving a hyperbole here. it literally is down almost every day. as weak as freight is, the suez
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max oil tanker rates, the kind of ships that nordic american tankers run, you can rent for a couple thousand dollars a day one of those huge ships at sea with all that oil. these losing a fortune when they leave the dock with these boats. at these prices, it's cheaper to go on one of these tankers than to go on a seven-day cruise with carnival, and you get a lot more leg room. we thought we were getting a rally in natural gas. come on, it was starting to have some mojo. it was the best performing commodity of the last few months. it got smacked down today. it was repulsed. it was unbelievable. it was a beatdown of epic proportions. horrendous decline. these are bad. these are bad numbers. and we've had them all in the last, like, you know, 90 hours. but the truth is, they have nothing to do with what we really focus on on "mad money," stocks. nothing. when i talk to people in these industries and they're totally perplexed about the spot
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markets, quite frankly, they're astonished at the disparity between the actual raw commodities and share prices. they can't believe the extreme drops. the only exception being a negative one, the enormous run in corn and soy prices. sowing more confusion. food prices are going higher and being recommended by goldman sachs today right. and these weak commodity and spot data are being confirmed. bob pisani talked about today, the inability of these economic stocks, something has happened if this rally -- if this rally's going to go further, that's got to change. so what's going on here? what's behind the weak fundament fundamental commodity shipping numbers? can you believe that? five straight up in the united states. all right, here's the deal. first remember, we're investing in companies. we're not commodities traders. second, we want to see the profits of these companies go higher, not necessarily revenues which is a wildly overrated in the media metric. the media, oh, but the revenues.
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no. hey, profits, very cool. profits produce higher dividends. that's what investors want. dividends are for our superior from the payments you get from owning bonds. and earnings growth is the best predictor of higher dividends. third, we cannot underrate the power of housing. as jeremy siegle told scott wapner on "the fast money halftime report," 25% to 30% of our economy is directly related to housing. it's been driving retail, banks, mortgage demand. it can even drive packaged goods as housing is a function of new households being formed. i think that number is reversing. i think people are having more kids again. or at least getting out of the inlaws' house. on any given day, we have sideshows that distract us from this prize of a rally. today as you'll hear later in the show, we have a republican vice presidential candidate. it has nothing to do with the price of stocks. we have endless distractions at our stocks, nokia. walking past, jim, what do you
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think of nokia? enough. next guy, research in motion? yahoo!? i get asked about these constantly. what do you think of nokia? what do you think of nokia? sometimes i think these losers overwhelm the positive stocks like google and apple which seems they're finally leaving these miserable ranges behind. i'm going to give you the bottom line. ch commodity prices, freight rates, they are all smoke screens, obscuring earnings and dividends that are propelling stocks higher. sure, people are still leaving in droves. we're not investing much at all as these light volumes show. they are falling prey to the confusion of macro data. they're ignoring the prize of profits that's been the best predictor of higher prices. it's a shame. look, i don't want both smoke screen to fool you. ladies and gentlemen, this rally, it remains very for real. let's go to mark in my home state of pennsylvania.
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mark. >> caller: b-b-boo-yah! how you doing, cramer? >> nice stuttering boo-yah. >> caller: i understand he has some great experience with the like. i'm trying to figure out if ingersoll rand needs to go. i look at them more as an international company or needing to push more internationally. i'm just trying to find out if not. >> when we took a hard look at this, mark, we took a hard look at it. when it was announced he was taking that stock, we recommended the stock. i think it's certainly had a very big run. at this point it's going to have to deliver some things. i'm not a buyer of ingerso ingersoll-rand. let's go to al. >> caller: jim, this is al down in boca raton. the reason, i'm a longtime holder of cisco foods.
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they're yielding like 3.6%. what's your take on it? >> i thought this was a breakout quarter for them. i think they're managing revenues to make more money. in other words, it wasn't done with a blowout sales number. i've always liked this company p and i was so gratified to see them deliver because they have been suffering. they have missed the mark repeatedly. this seemed to be the quarter that they get it together. i think the stock goes higher. okay. downbeat commodity prices and freight rates are fogging up the whole picture here. companies are making big amounts of money. don't fall prey to the smoke screen. the companies that are making the most money are going to make you the most money. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, booster shot? tonight, a double dose of biotech companies changing the face of medicine. first up, regeneron has found success treating rare disorders, and the stock has responded by more than doubling this year.
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stick around for jim's exclusive with the ceo. then, before drugs ever get to the market, biotechs turn to this company to make sure they're safe and effective. cramer is putting its stock to the test when he talks with its ceo just ahead. and later, ride the rally? the market might feel like a roller coaster, but shares of theme park operators have been seeing steady returns. don't jump in line just yet. cramer's deciding which ones could ride higher and which ones aren't worth waiting in line for. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet him. #madtweets. send them an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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we have all seen countless reminders of things that can go wrong when you own a stock. sometimes you will run into a stock that's caught fire.
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a company where so many things are going right that it restores your faith in the idea of investing. a company like regeneron pharmaceuticals. a $135 stock usually recommended when it was less than $5. after interviewing the ceo back in 2005 during the show's first months. after many years of languishing with no profits and no major products on the market everything fell into place with the result that the stock has been roaring like an unstoppable force of nature for two years. now the spec is giving you a whopping 2696% gain. if it was in your portfolio, even only one part of a smaller speculative basket you made out like a bandit. last november they got approval for a drug that treats age-related macular degeneration. no one believed in the drug even
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as the data was positive. they keep posting hugely better than expected results. knocked it out of the park. on top of everything else less than two weeks ago the fda approved a colorectal cancer drug that they have been working on. since then the stock is down. plus the company has amazing stuff including a game-changing cholesterol drug. you could have gotten in on the action. you didn't have to be a super genius. they're too negative actually. or spend time on research. back when the spike stocked more than 13% in a day the ceo told us it was just the beginning. you might have thought you missed it since it was already up huge. since then the stock rallied another 80%. let's check back in with the cofounder and ceo of regeneron pharmaceuticals. welcome back.
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good to see you. >> great to be here. >> have a seat. >> thank you. >> i think we have seen time and again people, i think, under estimating the company. i'm seeing it with the numbers. people first pegged you as a no-drug company. then a company with a me too drug. now they are saying you are just this one drug. you've got a substantial pipeline and you're profitable. it's highly unlikely this is all that there is. >> well, first of all, it's great to be here. >> thank you. >> with appreciate you having us back. first time we were here we were a $5 stock. nobody wanted to talk to us. we appreciate that you wanted to see us. >> thank you. >> we're happy to come back. time has passed, things have clearly gotten better but things haven't changed that much for us. when my partner in business. george is the chief scientific officer.
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when he and i opened the labs in 1989, more than two decades ago we had one strategy. let's see if we can't make a difference in the health of patients. that's all we cared about. everything else really didn't matter. everything else would follow from that. >> right. colorectal, that's an astounding number of people die every year from this. where are you with the drug? i'm sure if there is anything the fda gets behind it. >> the drug was approved about a week ago or so. it's a drug in partnership with sanofi. it's the only drug approved for the treatment of people who have already failed other chemotherapy and first lines such as what they call the oxali type of chemotherapy. it's a new choice but not a cure for the disease. we want to do more. >> there is a lot more. europe coming up, right? where are we in europe? >> you're right about eylea not being done.
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it is approved only in the united states for age-related macular degeneration. september 23 we hear about what's known as retinal vein occlusion. we have yet to hear because we haven't submitted for diabetic macular edema which is another market area. we haven't started outside the united states with our partner. we expect to launch outside the united states in the fourth quarter and hope to grow markets around the world. >> some analysts are starting to pull a piper jaffray fellow thinking the competition is coming. some say the easier patients have been found and now they will take the drug less and it's no longer just an easy share take. what do you say to those people?
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>> well, first of all, when the year started and it's only eight months ago when the year started. people thought we'd sell a hundred million. then a few hundred million. then 500 million. when we announced second quarter results this year we expect to sell between 700 and 750 million of eylea which makes it one of the best launches in the history of the biopharmaceutical industry. we have only about 14% of market share in the united states in one indication. >> you have to tell people why do people switch from lucentis, a big company, to your drug. what makes a patient prefer you over the other? >> these drugs are drugs that unfortunately have to be given by direct injection in the eye. it sounds worse than it is. >> that's probably bad. >> the truth of the matter is our drug has the advantage that in the label, the fda label says you can give our drug half as
11:20 pm
often as lucentis for the same clinical effect. >> say i might have to be stuck twice in a period with lucentis. >> every month. >> every other month with you. somehow i would rather be stuck only once every other month. maybe it's a competitive advantage. >> it is an important advantage. i think we'll find out more about it in a couple of weeks. american society of retinal specialists are getting together. a lot of abstracts talk about why people are switching and the results of the switches. >> you have done a remarkable job. i was always in shock that the analysts didn't understand why if you can only be injected once rather than twice you wouldn't take all the market share. a $2 billion drug, i think. that's the president and ceo of regeneron. under $5. this one is not done. after the break i'll try to make you more money.
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>> announcer: coming up, ride the rally? the market might feel like a roller coaster, but shares of theme park operators have been seeing steady returns. don't jump in line just yet. cramer is deciding which ones could ride higher and which aren't worth waiting in line for. later, put to the test. before drugs ever get to the market, biotechs turn to this company to make sure they are safe and effective. cramer is grabbing his lab coat to examine the stock when he talks to the ceo ahead. all coming up on "mad money." ♪
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♪ we're always hunting for the next bull market here on "mad money." how do you track down a bull? is it like hunting deer, duck or moose? i would say hunting for the bull market is like going after the most dangerous game of all -- man. creepiness aside, i'm trying to make an important point. finding a new bull market is all about detective work. keep your eyes open. look for clues and piece them together. soon you have a terrific investment idea. that's how i know right now we
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have a red hot bull market in theme parks. a terrific space with domestic security and a lot of upside. the theme park story has been sort of a stealth bull market although it's really hidden in plain sight. a purloined letter, edgar allen poe type deal. it jumps out at you. tonight i'm going to tell you the best way to play the theme park bull market. before that i will show you how to spot it yourself. i always like to say, give a man a fish he eats for a day. teach a man to fish and he'll save a fortune on seafood at whole foods for life. the most obvious clue came from disney. last tuesday disney reported a fabulous quarter after they fired on all cylinders. the parks and resorts business which accounts for 29% of their overall sales was en fuego.
11:26 pm
management noted that the domestic parks in particular like disneyworld and disneyland were in terrific shape. per capita spending up 8%. after disney reported, i thought back to something that happened the week before. comcast's parent company, the ugust k reported back on a 1. comcast theme park division was a tiny piece of the pie, accounting for 6% of the business but they own universal theme parks in hollywood and orlando. an amazing harry potter franchise you have to see to believe. they talked about consistent performance in orlando and strong attendance growth in hollywood. we have two major players here. disney and comcast, both giving the theme park business a huge thumbs up in the last couple of weeks. these are telltale signs we might be in the presence of a genuine bull market. as much as i like disney, my charitable trust owns it,
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comcast barely has any theme park exposure at all. in other words these are just clues pointing you in the right direction. not the stocks you buy to take advantage of the bull market in theme parks. how do you play it? you have two options. first it's cedar fair, symbol fun. then six flags, six. both companies are pure plays with notoriously b.i.g. dividends and domestic security. six flags is the largest regional theme park operator on earth with 19 parks across north america. cedar fair isn't far behind with 11 amusement parks, five hotels. i recommended it a year ago as the stealth dividend play. the company told us that as it paid down debt it would boost the dividend. that's exactly what happened. since then fun has given you a 98% gain. stock yields 5%. management said they will keep raising the payout. possibly to the point next year it could be anywhere from 6.3% to 7.9%.
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now i'm getting behind six and fun because i believe the fundamentals are improving rapidly and dramatically. thanks in part to a robust consumer, cheaper gas prices and the desire for a value vacation. these are not just dividend plays. i think they are stocks that could go a good deal higher courtesy of the theme park bull market. cedar fair reported a fabulous quarter last thursday. some people saw flies on it. i didn't see that. 25 cent earnings beat. much higher than expected revenues. 25.7% year over year. these are stellar numbers that persisted in spite of bad weather in july. six flags gives you 4.2% which seems tiny compared to cedar fair but is pretty enormous compared to treasury bonds. we had the ceos on and i was looking at them as dividend plays. six flags had a huge earnings on the 24th. six flags had terrific deferred
11:29 pm
revenue numbers up 22%. most of them represent season passes and are therefore a good proxy for future season pass sales, earnings, 12% year over year. in park sales up 12%. the quarter was so strong we had to talk to jim reed anderson and he was very bullish about the company's prospects. i agree. both cedar fair and six flags are building out new rides and attractions. something every single theme park operator has pointed to as a major driver of new business. you want that repeat customer. if you have new rides people say, let's go there again. put it together. two weeks ago comcast, little theme park business tells us things are going swimmingly. tuesday, disney noted that the larger theme park business including domestic parks, terrific shape. swing back to the gigantic beat from six flags in july. you have all the clues you need to spot the theme park bull
11:30 pm
market and grab it by the horns. if the stock comes down, bring it in. bottom line, keep an eye out for the signs of the next bull market. it might be hidden in plain sight like the raging bull market in theme parks where the best pure plays are cedar fair and six flags. domestic security, huge dividends, spectacular quarters. what's not to like? let's go to kyle in california. hi, kyle. >> caller: big, big boo-yah to you, jim, from sunny sacramento, california! >> i used to live there. what's up? >> caller: with wwe posting fantastic earnings and having a juicy dividend, what do you think about them in the future as a good equity? >> no, no. this one has been a huge disappointment. it has hurt a lot of people. everyone's telling me this will be the breakout quarter. i don't like it. i need some growth. i need revenue growth, earnings, please. chris in new york, please. chris. >> jim, thanks for taking my call.
11:31 pm
the company is activision blizzard who reported better than expected second quarter results. they have war craft expansion coming out next month and the new call in november which is expected to be the biggest entertainment launch of all time. also bringing call of duty to china next year for free. last thing is the upcoming game -- spending -- >> yeah. >> caller: titan. >> no game in that one. that's another one of the stocks that's just like -- [ beeping ] we like growth and they don't have it. doreen in arizona. >> caller: big boo-yah from queen of copper. >> good to have you on the show. >> caller: thank you. i'm interested in gaylord entertainment. i have been watching it for a friend of a friend. over the past year that thing has gone up 100% and then they
11:32 pm
decided they were going to sell off a bunch of their hotels and keep the grand ole opry and turn into a reit which i thought was interesting. then they said they were going to buy back stocks but then that becomes some sort of secondary offering. i don't know what's going on. do you have any idea? what do you think of the stock? >> i don't know what's going on there either. i used to recommend the stock constantly. it's been a long time. you just gave me some soul searching there. i obviously am not up on the company. it's been red hot. let's do work on this. in this roller coaster market we have to keep always looking for clues. that's what we do, even in the hairpin turns. first we got disney, then comcast, then the six and then the fun. i think it's thrilling. let's just say six and fun, they're okay for me. stay with cramer.
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>> announcer: coming up, are you ready to get charged up? cramer cranks up the voltage and goes electric on a new hyperactive lightning round. later, put to the test. before drugs ever get to the market, biotechs turn to this company to make sure they are safe and effective. cramer is grabbing his lab coat to examine the stock when he talks to the ceo just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." >> announcer: build your future. >> happy boo-yah to you. thank you for the money and what it translates to. in my case a college education for my son. >> boo-yah. thanks a lot for your passion for stocks. "mad money" does work for the small investor like me. >> "mad money" you're making me money for college. jim, boo-yah. i love you! >> how many other shows have kids calling in saying boo-yah? >> "mad money" with jim cramer. weeknights on cnbc. [ engine idling ]
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. [ bell ringing ] >> it is time.
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it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i tell you whether to buy or sell. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." i want to start with patrick in wisconsin. paul ryan's home state. >> caller: yes, sir, thank you. i understand wendy's is switching management around. do you see any upward movement? >> i think wendy's is cheap. i don't get it. they have had another good month. they're a buy here. there is 30 cents downside, maybe 70 cents upside. that's a risk-reward i like. eric in delaware. >> caller: yes? >> you're up. >> caller: donnelly & sons. buy or sell? >> you know what? this used to be one of the great growth companies of all time. i don't see growth. when i see no growth i'm consistent. leonard in virginia. leonard? >> caller: what's up, big jim? >> not much.
11:38 pm
how about you, partner? >> caller: big boo-yah to you. >> done. >> caller: listen. i have a question about sprint. should i hold or let it go? >> do not let sprint go. it has had a magnificent run. it would be reasonable to pull back to 450. if that happens, you buy more. it should never have been at two. the only reason is there were concerns about bankruptcy. they are off the table. the bonds are looking good. sprint goes higher. john in oregon, please. john. >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i'm following residential home building. it looks to me like they are on a tear. is it too late to buy into lennar? >> buy half here and half on a pullback. i have looked at the housing stocks. when they pull back they pull back so viciously. you need half now, half later.
11:39 pm
eric in virginia. >> caller: hey, jim. a big cap city boo-yah. how you doing? >> great. how about uh you? >> caller: i'm good. my question is about rovi corporation. >> no. no. they fail to deliver. [ sell, sell, sell ] ftd, fail to deliver. we are not messing with them. jim in north carolina. >> caller: a big new investor boo-yah from north carolina. how you doing? >> we're ready for you. >> caller: all right, man. i have been reading your book "getting back to even." i love the way you explain stuff. >> thank you. >> caller: my company is nxp semiconductors. i just wanted your feel on the company. what do you think? >> i don't know how it is doing now. i have to come back. why? this is an area, like skyworks solutions where they go hot and cold. i can't say, hey, it's fine. i thought nvidia would be higher. it's not going up. let me check on nxpi.
11:40 pm
let me speak to georgeann in rhode island. >> caller: hi, jim. how are you? >> real good. how about you? >> caller: all right. i want to ask you about bank of america. i had it from 2008. do you think it will ever come back again? >> yeah. but, you know, it's not my favorite. it's got big legal exposure. doesn't have the earnings momentum i want. it's fine. it will come back. let's go to bart in florida, please. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i have long admired your show, your advice and books. >> thank you. >> caller: i want to ask your opinion on opco health systems. >> i have to tell you, it has not acted well. >> caller: i know. >> it reminds me of -- look, dr. frost should come back on the show. he's a remarkable man. he made a lot of money for people. this one has not worked out. i'd love dr. frost to come back. otherwise -- don't buy.
11:41 pm
that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. take the privileged investing tools of wall street and make them simple, intuitive, and available to all. distill all that data. make information instinctual, visual. introducing trade architect, td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. take control of your portfolio today. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account.
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what's the most secure way to play the drug business? big pharma and biotech companies are in a constant state of war on two fronts. on one side they are competing against each other. they need to innovate and develop new drugs better than the competition. every year drug companies lose patent protection on old drugs. they need to convince the fda to approve new ones to replace them. so you can pick a side. nothing wrong with that. by definition it's a high risk proposition. or you can stay neutral like switzerland and bet on the arms dealers who win no matter what the outcome. when it comes to nonstop conflict in pharma the arms dealers are companies like charles river labs, which provides drug companies and academic institutions everything they need to discover new drugs including the rats and mice the
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drugs are tested on. the tools allow clients to save money and time. they can take more than a decade to develop and get fda approval. the company reported a solid quarter last tuesday. charles river is one of the most effective buybacks out there. i think this is a compelling story which is why we are talking to james foster, chairman and ceo to find out more about the company and its prospects. welcome to "mad money." >> nice to be here. >> i didn't know about the transformation of the company. i knew sales slowed in 2008. i wasn't aware you have constantly been buying back stock and now sales are accelerating. did you see the big buyback? you must have seen there would be a sales explosion down the road again. >> well, we saw that the drug companies had drugs rolling out patent and they would have to fundamentally change the way
11:46 pm
they operated and we were going to be able to help them change the value proposition, reduce infrastructure and help hopefully accelerate the process as we help them make go and no-go decisions earlier on in the drug development process. >> i was out with an executive recently who said, listen, you can't get into the drug business anymore. the reason is it costs too much from start to finish. you're able to determine maybe something is not worth a go far earlier and less money wasted? >> it takes time. years ago if you had eight hypertensive drugs you'd develop all eight. now you decide which of the eight to keep and eliminate seven. we help them with the process. so they refined the process and they are working with a drug that has the highest probability of making it to market. i think it is a very smart thing for the drug companies to do.
11:47 pm
and we are a very good symbiotic partner with with them to undertake that approach. >> you have gotten involved with preclinical services. with a larger partner, is the goal to just partner with a couple big drug companies or do you have the scale to handle everybody? >> our goal will be to get a majority of the large drug companies to outsource a majority of the preclinical work to us. we want to sta with them when they do their late stage discovery work or drug efficacy work, the first time the drug goes to animals when it looks like it will work. if it does, continue with us in regulated trials. of course that data is filed with the fda. we think it is a very good model. >> "nature" magazine had an article today. prosthetic retina helps restore sight in mice. is this the kind of thing you would measure, whether it restores sight? >> yes.
11:48 pm
you know, if we had animal models, the animal models available to do that, we could set up assays for the client to help with the process, sure. increasingly, lab animal models will be -- provide better information to the drug industry as to whether the drugs will work or not in man, particularly as the models get more sophisticated. >> okay, now one of your specialties is oncology. i have to believe that this is one where we have seen a lot of oncology drugs fail because someone dies or gets hurt. is your goal to try to figure out whether it's so toxic at the beginning that it's not even worth pursuing? >> that's part of it. our goal is to tell them whether it's toxic at the beginning or not effective. then of course it's a long process with a lot of nuances which we can help through to the point where they get it to the clinic. but having a company like charles river that will test
11:49 pm
probably thousands of oncological drugs with dozens of clients really helps our clients who can't possibly get that knowledge base by themselves. >> right. one other thing in your presentation meeting with management, page 29, you use social media like facebook? >> yes. well, we have begun to use social media in terms of enhancing our recruitment capabilities, in terms of marketing capabilities and we've got a third of our employees are gen-y. it's been appropriate and very positive and powerful for us so far. >> excellent. well, the buyback alone made me say, why have i not been focused on this? people are catching this now. you guys are about to have -- tell me if i'm wrong. but 2013, 2015 will be a reacceleration for the business.
11:50 pm
>> i think the next three years will be a nice growth time for us. at least mid single digit. we'll get high single digits, get operating margins around 20%. and continue to drive our free cash flows and our return on invested capital. we remain committed to doing a great job for the shareholders, enhancing shareholder value. >> from now on i will put you right up there with auto zone and wyndham. thank you for coming on the show, sir. >> thanks, jim. >> you know i'm not a big believer in buybacks. most of them don't do anything. look at the share count here. i'm blown away. these guys keep buying. now you will get the acceleration. "mad money" is back after the break. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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we have to factor mitt romney's selection of paul ryan into the debate about stocks and not just politics? frankly, no. it's not something that matters to the market. paul ryan stands for a balanced budget by means including medicare curtailment. that could endear people worried about the united states turning into spain, italy or greece. i don't think it means much at all to everyday americans who care about economics only when it comes to putting food on the table.
11:54 pm
ryan's medicare issues seem too ethereal for most to follow. besides the words from the john nance garner the vice presidency isn't worth a bucket of warm spit. this is about the theoretical nature of the budget deficit and the people don't seem to care about the skyrocketing deficit or how to rein it in. what uh i find disturbing about not just romney-ryan or the rom-ryan express but also obama-biden is the lack of focus on growth to reduce the deficit. perhaps we can cut our way there and the romney-ryan administration will cut spending while keeping capital gains taxes low. that doesn't change with this pick. we can raise taxes on some individuals to solve a small part of the deficit. not much more than that. what we really need is healthy economic growth. something that would also solve
11:55 pm
the employment crisis. we don't have it. even worse, i don't see meaningful suggestions under either candidate's plan to change that. for example, we had howard ham here from clr who advises romney on energy issues. he made it clear romney doesn't favor the natural gas act from boone pickens to increase the use of plentiful natural gas to give us energy security and cleaner skies, surface fuel, nat gas. that kind of national plan could create hundreds of thousands of jobs. build new gas stations for compressed natural gas, cause more drilling to meet increased demand for service vehicles. pickens made it clear the nat gas act pays for itself but announced to the government choosing an industry to support. something romney said he won't let happen. in order to avoid the solar fiasco going under the obama administration. nor does either candidate embrace the idea of refinancing debt by taking advantage of the ultra low bond rates to issue long term treasuries for which
11:56 pm
there remains private sector demand. that way we would see short-term breathing room to focus on the longer term fiscal concerns ryan has tried hard to address. both campaigns are ignoring solutions for now like bigger tax revenues from growth initiatives like the natural gas act or a treasury plan to capitalize on low interest rates. as controversial as the selection of paul ryan might be politically, i will call it a nonevent for the portfolio. it changes nothing about the outlook and earnings of stocks which control how much money you will make by investing in terrific american companies. stick with cramer. okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card.
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something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do.
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you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. >> two teams going in two different directions. there's google. i think google is headed perhaps to its high of the year. why? because it's making the right acquisitions, making the right job cuts and it has fabulous earnings momentum. then there's groupon. what can i say about groupon? will it stop at the six level? as i always say to my friend david faber on "squawk on the street" it's still too early after tonight's quarter to buy groupon. where she stops, nobody knows.


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