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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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wow. [ dramatic music plays ] [ elevator bell dings ] how you doing? trump: tough to let go of somebody that raised that much money and did an unbelievable job, other than she's naive. if you want to know the reason why i'm not sitting on that side in this season, you just found it. [ laughs ] [ music continues ] [ heroic music plays ]
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captions by vitac -- closed caption funding provided by mark burnett productions, inc. bret: i chose a team. i took a big chance on omarosa. she is an absolute manipulative villain, and -- and she got into brande's head. but you know what? i'd be back here again in a second. if i get asked to come back tomorrow, i'm gonna come back and fight again.
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>> i'm jim cramer. and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere -- "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. sure, the market's high, duh. we can stipulate that today with the dow gaining 42 points, s&p rising .11%, nasdaq backslid .05%. we have broken through to dramatically higher levels. no denying it. i can poke holes galore in the bull case. make the bull into swiss cheese. think of it. think of the moving violations here.
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first, this rally's happened way too fast. almost in a straight line. the radar gun shows conclusively they went to 14,300 in less than five months. that's go daddy speed without the shades. second, we have ran a whole series of red lights. we ran through the red light of higher payroll taxes, income taxes for the rich, the red light of the sequester which was supposed to change our lives forever. another european recession, higher gasoline prices and finally the red light of the fed staying dovish when the short sellers and the underinvested folks want the fed to slam on the brakes in order to drive down stocks so they can look better. that's a lot of red lights to run without getting busted, and i don't care how many get out of jail free pba cards you got in your wallet. we've made endless illegal u turns.
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toll brothers reports a miserable quarter, gets hammered. but it's now working its way back. hewlett-packard reports one more weak quarter. and the darn thing's up 47%! best buy continues to drift, the founder withdraws his attempt to buy the company and you've got a 58% gain! only apple -- >> boo! >> and jc penney -- >> boo! >> have been pulled over for their their u-turns, after an inability to return capital for the computer company and endless return of merchandise from jc penney. i can see the staties breaking out the breathalyzer and determining if the whole market is a function of investors and traders alike drinking while intoxicated by the federal reserve's punch bowl, spiked with really bad mezcal. hey, don't drink that worm. before we write this market off, as reckless and, remember, to quote the great broderick crawford, reckless driving doesn't prove who's right, only who's left.
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i have another way i want to approach it. i'm going to look from the bottoms up, with five stocks, five stocks you're familiar with because we've interviewed the ceos right here on "mad money." they're on this thing. wow, there's one. yeah, and another one, wow, okay, and this is not just a dirty linoleum floor for cheap scotch. all five represented terrific values when they were on and represent even better values now. i point this out because people keep asking me, is it too late to buy? you know, it's the most legitimate question to ask, and i believe all these names are just right for buying tomorrow, yeah, you heard me, tomorrow, and could be core portfolio stocks for anyone who feels they are late to the party. the first is a travel play. starwood. symbol h.o.t. and the ceo fritz van patrick. this company has developed a fabulous set of internationally
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known brands, w, sheraton, among others. it's a holding company and it's built hundreds of new -- it's building 100 new hotels in china. it's trumped estimates consistently, off a 65 cent basis and revenues per room are going higher. key metric. most important, with the wave of a pen, starwood could split into a hotel company and a hospitality management company, and this $60 stock would open at $75 a share the next day. and guess what, $75 is exactly where starwood was when we last hit a peak. hey, sorry, that's ridiculous. this is a much better company than it was five years ago. the second name, key corp, a bank that has been buying aggressively. why? because it's got a clean balance sheet. it trades at a discount to book value and it has tremendous exposure to the manufacturing heartland. based in ohio. the results of the next round of
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bank stress tests will soon be announced and i'm betting this company will then be able to boost its 2% yield substantially. and how has key stock done for the last five years? how about a 71% decline? it seems like a typo, but i've got it memorized. could the market be more wrong? that's how i felt when recently interviewing beth moony and i still feel that way given that 2013 is the year of the regional bank takeoff courtesy of the housing recovery. not everything is as cheap as it used to be. you need some growth. few consumer plays have the growth of afc enterprises, also known as popeye's. we've seen spectacular moves in afce, with its franchise restaurants as well as 425 national locations, it's rallied in the last year, but afce has a business model similar to domino's which has moved up from $10 to $49 in the three years
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since i first got behind it, and i think afce, it could have a similar trajectory. you want your growth without much analyst coverage yet and that's afce's perfect sweet spot. it's ripe for the declining commodity environment too. think about it, did you want chipotle, mcdonald's, or panera before the big moves? i gave you afc enterprises. red beans, rice and higher stock prices, trying to lose some weight here. how about a yield without a lot of risk? how about a 6.4% yield or 7.7% yield with no red flags? these are dividends, okay, yes, no red flags. dividends that would allow you to sleep at night. despite the rarefied air, stocks that will still do fine if bernanke takes the mescal away. i'm talking about arcp, a real estate investment trust that
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seems about as bulletproof as you can get. you may worry about how expensive the market is. me, i like arcp because the ceo just this week bought 50,000 shares. hey, there's kind of a statement. stock is up about a buck before it got close to the big deal last week. and this one's still way too cheap to miss. finally linco ceo mark ellis came on the show last week to talk about his company's huge acquisition of barry petroleum, which i thought was fabulous! giving you some of the finest domestic assets, oil assets still up for sale. california, here i come. but because of a swirling controversy about how linn hedges to protect itself from the oil's downside, the stock has been stuck at $38. despite the immense growth and its 7.7% yield. i don't have another combination of high growth and high-yield like linco and makes too much sense to pass on if you are looking for yield and want to
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own an oil company. look, i'm tempted to include a sixth, celgene, this is one of those all-time high names that's crashed through a ton of levels. celgene trades at an absurdly low 12 times 2015 earnings. just hope this one comes in. i don't know if it will anymore. it's driving me crazy. here's the bottom line, you worry there's nothing left to buy after this historic run. you think we got here driving under the influence of spiked fed punch, i give you starwood, key corp., capital properties and linco. i give you value beyond what you should be entitled to. five stocks that are indeed safe at any speed. john in california. john? >> john, boo-yah, jim cramer fan club based in western united states. >> that is such a big fan club. i don't know, are you like number 556 in there? >> caller: oh, boy, i tell you what. i tell you what, jim, i love qualcomm, i'm long on it, i was wondering what your opinion is
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on qualcomm, how far it can go. i love it and i'm just wondering if you like it as much as i do. >> i was concerned today. the downgrade, the conviction buy to buy that goldman sachs did because they say the margins could be under pressure. i disagree with the margins being under pressure, but i think the stock will be under pressure and you should expect to see 63, 67 before it breaks out, but i think it breaks out to the high side. i'm with you, not against you. jason in wisconsin. jason? >> hey, boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: with sequestration in effect and cyber defense with respect to national security making waves, what are your takes on booz allen hamilton, bah? >> well, i think you correctly summed it up. the sequestration does have an impact on some stocks and i think that's one of them. that's why even though the stock seems cheap, i don't want to touch it. let's go to john in maryland, john? >> caller: hey, jim. first i want to give you a
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philadelphia sports boo-hoo-yah, we'll be back. >> don't write us off. i'm sorry. >> caller: maryland, but philly is my hometown. anyway, i want to thank you, jim, specifically for a segment you did on bp. pxp, the stock that i bought, and now i'm getting taken out by freeport. >> right. boy, you got lucky on this one. >> caller: freeport was too cheap, but because this is an environment where people are getting rewarded for separating, they're conglomerating for a while here. i think this is an exception. i think it's going to work. my question is, is this going to kind of put a cloud over freeport for a while? >> yes, it is. it is going to put a cloud. i saw the stock break out today, stephanie link and i were marveling because the jjc, the copper names is not moving up. i think you're okay. i've got a lot better oils than that one and better copper too. i'd rather not own freeport. who said it was too late to buy here?
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we've got star, keycorp., afce, american realty capital and linco. all look right for the buying. these are the kinds of stocks when you're at all-time highs, you can look at and say, wow, they're nowhere near where they could be and therefore they're ready to be -- >> buy, buy, buy! >> "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- processing power, from servers to surgery and into space, xilinx is making a push. is it the right way to play the market at all-time highs, or could this technology be left behind? don't miss cramer's exclusive with its ceo. and later, where in the world is jim cramer? pack your bags and an extra bottle of sunscreen. tonight "mad money" is spanning the globe to find the best plays on an increase in travel. consumers are paying up to wind down on vacation, but is there still time to hop aboard this hot train? all coming up on "mad money."
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if you're looking for a sign that management is feeling confident about their company's long-term prospects, there are few better tells than a dividend boost. so when xilinx, the semiconductor company that the world's leading provider of programmable logic devices, highly flexible chips that buyers can customize to use for all sorts of applications announced they were putting through a 13.6% dividend hike at their analyst day yesterday bringing the yield up to 2.65%, you better believe i took a notice. xilinx has everything we like in a semiconductor outfit, proprietary product in a duopoly business, the chips are used in everything from communications to data centers, high-end driver safety, navigation, infotainment
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systems. 3d televisions, defense, they enable machine vision and industrial automation systems. they're used in satellites and space vehicles and not to mention life-saving equipment for robotic surgery. 3d ultrasound. the programmable chips allow companies to get the products to market faster and allow clients to cram more function into fewer chips. they use more power. earnings reported back january 17th, the company's gross margin what they make after the cost of sales an important metric in semiconductor land came in at near record territory, anything north of 60 is fabulous. but the company gave downside guidance for the next quarter after yesterday's incredibly successful analyst day, they expect growth to pick up in the second half of the year thanks to stronger wireless sales courtesy of network rollouts in north america and china where xilinx has a track record of winning contracts. last week inked a deal to have intel manufacture their chips. does that make -- that might
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make this sworn opponent more formidable than xilinx. so let's check in with the president and ceo of xilinx and find out where his company is headed. the stock has almost doubled since he's come in. welcome back to "mad money." how are you? >> i'm great. great to be back. >> you're using a number, 8% to 12%. most of my tech companies are hopeful for 6% growth. >> well, we are very confident in our product portfolio. we just have rolled out the second year for our 28th, we've already achieved $100 million, we believe we're 50% higher than the competition for the 12-month period, and it's just the beginning. we're off to the races with this new technology. >> our viewers know intel. they've known it because it was the largest semiconductor company and your opponent hooked up with intel. you're with taiwan semi, doesn't that put you at disadvantage? >> well, intel undoubtedly had fabulous manufacturing technology for microprocessors in particular.
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we have demonstrated at the 28th nanometer even though we were later coming into the game, we managed to be first to market, we have the best product at 28 nanometer. we expect to be the first at -- in terms of a product out there. it's really a comprehensive set of differentiators that we invent in order to get a better product. >> tell people at home, your website, if you're worried about these different -- the acronyms and some of the technology and the different -- you can go to the website and they have descriptions of everything. the difference among logic, memory, microprocessors, all there. don't be confused. now, you are signaling -- this was in a day when avav, a defense company i follow said defense is no longer spending the way it did. you're saying defense spending is -- for you is increasing. >> well, it definitely is a growth area for us. >> how can that be? it's a negative area for
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everybody. >> well, there's a new set of equipment, so if you look at sequestration, it fundamentally impacts manpower. it has a lesser impact on equipment. but even if it goes into place and does impact equipment sales, then our defense customers have to upgrade their old technology. >> okay. >> then they use us to do that. that's the way it looks -- >> i was skeptical, but also for telco, they're finally spending again. they've got the next g. >> yes, both wired and wireless we expect to grow, lte deployment for the second of the year should grow. we're seeing a transition from 10 gig to 100 gig. it's a major driver. >> what does that mean in terms of people at home. what are we doing we couldn't do netflix, watching nfl games. what are we doing we couldn't do without you? >> well, if you look at the
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insatiable bandwidth requirements. smarter bandwidth you need, more of it regardless of which cell phone you use, the more cell phones out there, the more smartphones, the more there is a requirement for the internet bandwidth. >> right. >> and we provide the chips that support that bandwidth. >> not just the cell towers? >> not at all. >> now, there are philosophically a lot of the tech companies i deal with say we're a growth company, we don't need to pay a good dividend. or we're not a growth company anymore, we've got to pay a good dividend. you pay a good dividend and you are a growth company. does that put the lie to everybody else? or is there something going on here that you personally and your company feels that a dividend's really important for a growth stock? >> well, we generate a lot of cash and we're committed as our first priority in terms of our cash deployment to return cash to our investors. to the extent there is cash there and we're definitely hitting targets, we will continue to increase our dividends as we have for eight straight years now. >> i'm not going to tell apple that they should do what you're doing, but it wouldn't hurt.
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okay? for those who are in apple. now, i want people to understand, this is pure technology. in other words, whoever has the -- there's no me too here. whoever has the best mouse trap, wins. this is it, right? that's the holy grail of your business really. >> absolutely. xilinx is synonymous with creativity. we've always had focus on innovation. we have the first patent, that was the basis for the company. >> okay. >> and it always is the core of our leadership is -- >> don't you worry one day you're going to wake up and the other guy's got something better? >> well, we cannot rest on our laurels. we have to work as hard as we can. >> well, you have. when you came in, you had $1.8 billion in revenues now you have $2.24 billion, and today, it is at $36.89. so congratulations. good job. >> thank you.
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>> that's president and ceo of xilinx. i urge you to go -- google, the xilinx website comes up and it's got everything you need to understand this terrific story. stay with cramer. coming up -- where in the world is jim cramer? pack your bags and an extra bottle of sunscreen. tonight "mad money" is spanning the globe to find the best plays on an increase in travel. consumers are paying up to wind down on vacation. but is there still time to hop aboard this hot trend?
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sales event has begun. ♪ featuring a stunning work of technology -- ♪ the lexus es. ♪ this is a reason to look twice. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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yesterday, i did something pretty darn unprecedented here on "mad money." i recommended an airline stock, a thing i haven't done in 26 years. i recommended the entire airline sector! >> house of pleasure. >> i used to hate that with a passion. >> the house of pain. >> a lot of it was because of a series of big mergers that made the industry much less competitive than it used to be. that's why i like the lcc. some of it was because of falling oil prices. part of my airline thesis was that the economy's getting better and more people are traveling. if travel is improving, enough that i feel okay recommending an airline stock, a group i used to say you should never own under any circumstances, then what about the other companies that profit directly from increased travel?
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the online travel agencies that you always ask me so much about. priceline, expedia, orbitz, trip adviser, home away. if the airlines are taking off, then shouldn't these companies that help sell airline tickets along with booking hotel reservations and auto rentals be soaring through the roof too? well, that's exactly what's happening. in the last 12 months, expedia, the largest online travel agent in the united states has doubled. orbitz, which has the most questionable management, has rallied 110%. in just the last four months alone. meanwhile, best of breed priceline has lagged the group, up only 11% over the last 12 months, a rising tide that's risen the worst ships. which online travel name is the best buy right now? online travel is a $300 billion business, one that's growing rapidly as a portion of the travel market. everyone's chasing it. hey, listen, we're hearing that google plans to build out a presence in the industry.
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and if they do, their heavyweights could follow. so business is good for these companies. but there are enemies at the gate and the barriers to entry for selling plane tickets and hotel rooms online aren't particularly that high. that's why i want to stick with the online travel firm with the best execution, the one that has the strongest track record, and the most exposure to the fastest growing markets out there. >> all aboard! >> i'm talking about which as far as i'm concerned is still best of breed, even though it hasn't been roaring higher as aggressively as orbitz or expedia lately. i'm not concerned about the short-term underperformance. priceline didn't rebound like crazy in 2012 because it didn't have anything to rebound from. this stock has consistently rallied year after year, priceline has given you a 16% return in 2011. on top of an 81% gain in 2010. in that light, the stock's 30% move in 2012 and 16% run year-to-date, i think they look
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pretty darn respectable. more important, though, priceline has the best fundamentals. first and foremost, the company has the most exposure to the international markets that are by far the biggest growth driver for online travel industry now that the united states is mostly saturated. in other words, the growth comes from online sites like priceline taking share from traditional offline travel agents. here in america, the travel agents have already been crushed. 60% of travel reservations are already booked online. in europe, only 42% is done online. asia is even lower. for the online travel agencies, the growth opportunity is in r.o.w. and that's why it's so important that priceline gets 75% of its revenues from outside the united states. company has a huge presence in europe, which accounts for 60% of their bookings and a rapidly expanding presence in asia, latin america too. growing, asia's growing twice as fast as the overall online travel market. as much as we like the airline resurgence, the fact is, airline
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bookings carry much lower margins than hotel reservations or rental cars. so it's a good thing that airline tickets only represent about 10% of the total bookings. best of all, priceline has the juicy catalyst i like so much, buying kayak. the aggregator of online travel offers that came public last summer. kayak has the best mobile presence in the business with smartphone apps that are beloved by the people who use them. take it from me, these travel sites are how people now decide where to stay, and priceline will be a click away from kayak when you decide to book, you can book through kayak, just a brilliant acquisition. it's brilliant. priceline reported a terrific quarter last week on february 27th, earned $6.77 a share. the revenues rose 20.2% year-over-year. people want revenue growth, here, you have it! gross travel bookings were up 33%, international bookings up a whopping 43% on a constant currency basis, despite, or should i say almost because of
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europe. i know there's uncertainty in europe, but these guys are doing great. while priceline puts up the best numbers in the industry, expedia is a solid second, really good. company's still very much tied to the slower growth u.s. market which accounted for 59% of expedia's bookings in 2012. their international presence is expanding, just not as fast as priceline's. again, not as good as priceline's. the company delivered a 2-cent earnings miss off a 65-cent basis. the company posted a 19% rise in gross bookings and that's nowhere close to priceline's extraordinary 33% increase. expedia, it's become the de facto way for corporate american executives to plan their travel. as i know from my inn keeping, where i like to serve bagels on sunday morning but don't ask me to bring heavy bags upstairs, books rooms overnight and cuts you a check minus the fee. when i check the bookings the next morning, they tend to be booked by the actual individual
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traveling, obviating the need for an actual travel booking department at a big company, so it saves everybody money. as for orbitz, that stock's been roaring lately but only because people who feared the company was a goner have realized that the single digit name has a very viable business. one that's about to swing to a profit. still, orbitz is the dog of the group with the slowest growth, worst numbers. i say you stick with the best of breed priceline which has the advantage of being relatively cheap even though it's got that big dollar amount. it sells for 18.7 times earnings. the same multiple expedia gets. priceline has a 19.4% growth rate. expedia is 13.4%. that's nuts. that's crazy. priceline's faster growth should translate to substantially higher price to earnings multiple which means the $720 stock deserves to go a lot higher. how about those ancillary travel sites. a place to go to travel reviews or home away the online rental marketplace. i love to use trip adviser.
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again, very important for the in business. this is a business with incredibly low barriers to entry. i don't see why google or yahoo couldn't hurt their margins. trip adviser is trading 26 times earnings and made a new intraday high today. i say you wait for a sizable pullback or maybe schnitzel a little. in home away, a stock that's run up ten straight points just since the november lows. the quarter was fantastic, growing like crazy, with the reservation management technology platform that's beloved by vacation rental owners including this one. however, the stock's less than a point off its highs trading at 47 times earnings, to me that's pretty extended. home away's 29% growth rate is terrific. i like this company. you've got to let it cool. here's the bottom line, with travel picking up, it's time to own an online travel agent. even though expedia and orbitz
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have been roaring lately and expedia's real good, i want you to stick with the best of breed, which is price line. it's the best run with a huge international presence and a terrific mobile catalyst coming in the form of this kayak acquisition. and the stock is 6% off its highs, a rarity in this market. it's a $719 price target, a lot to swallow. but imagine dividing that price by ten, okay, $71 stock and you'll be able to deal with its wild gyrations because priceline is, indeed, the one to -- >> buy, buy, buy! >> linda in my home state of new jersey. linda? >> caller: hi, boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, linda. >> caller: what's your take on las vegas sands? >> you know, everyone wants me to get behind these -- all the casino stocks and i am just so worried about the growth of china and trying to monitor that i like lvs, i like wynn more. i'm going to go to chris in maryland. chris? >> caller: boo-yah, cramer, from snowy maryland.
11:36 pm
>> yeah, i saw al roker on the "today" show. holy cow, it's heavy, wet snow. what's up? >> caller: thanks for having me. love your show. >> thank you. >> caller: i'd like your take on yelp. i liked it back in 2007 when the smartest guys at our college went to work for them instead of going to graduate school, and i also like how yelp is working with the theory applications. after the disappointing earnings report and the possible future market share lost if facebook and google. what's your take on the stock now? >> i think you've analyzed it correctly, chris. i think i'm concerned about the competition coming in and yelping yelp. that said, look, a lot of people really do like the site, you figure out where's the best restaurant. but i think that the google, i think facebook's got a good product coming in and i would be scared of the facebook application, that's the one i would be most concerned about if i were yelp. let's go to carol again in my home state of new jersey. carol? >> caller: hello, jim cramer.
11:37 pm
>> carol. >> caller: i hear disney had the shareholders meeting today and profits at an all-time high. are they still positioned for a buy? >> yes. i mean, unequivocally. i was quite appalled by the fact that they might be challenging bob iger's authority. can we go after the companies that do poorly, not the ones that do well? he's done a fantastic job in movies, theme parks and, of course, cramer's second to cnbc fave, espn. you don't have to go all the way to kokomo to have a good time. i think it's time to book yourself a ticket on the online travel companies. may i suggest priceline which is the best of breed, best run, international presence and, by the way, a fantastic catalyst in kayak. don't move. "lightning round" is next. jim cramer, you're one of my heroes. >> i look forward to your show every weeknight. >> thank you so much for helping beginning investors like me.
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>> when you talk about the market, i just believe that you're spot on. >> oh, i love it. thank you so much. every night we watch you. i have learned and earned.
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it is time. it's time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." rapid-fire calls, my staff prepares the graphics. play until this sound. are you ready ske-daddy, donna in texas. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, donna. >> caller: while doing my cramerica homework, i came across a stock i'd like your input. the stock is checkpoint systems. >> yeah, i think this is a good stock, it's an inexpensive stock and i do want to buy. >> buy, buy, buy! >> it's at a high, but i want to buy that company. let's go to yasha in new york. >> caller: professor cramer. >> yes, sir? >> caller: i'd like a tutorial on questcor pharmaceutical. >> no, i made a mistake on that one. i ate it, i ate crow. it was terrible. i don't want to own this stock.
11:42 pm
i don't like that drug that i thought was really used in many different places. okay. let's go to dan in connecticut. dan? >> caller: hey, mr. cramer, boo-yah to ya. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm calling about arcelor mittal. >> don't like the steel stocks. >> sell, sell, sell -- >> if i have to be in one, i'll be in nucor. zenon in pennsylvania. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> how are you, my friend? listen, fortune brands. >> oh, there we go. we've got the housing -- >> buy, buy buy! >> i know it spiked. a pullback would be great, but i'd still buy some here anyway. dennis in florida. dennis? hey, dennis. >> caller: hi, jim. thank you for taking my call. i'm a first-time caller and i watch your show each and every day. >> thank you. >> caller: i have a stock called federal -- >> we said that one was a dangerous one. we felt that johnson controls would be better, or lear, or even, you know -- i don't know, delphi, no, we're not going to like that stock.
11:43 pm
scott in pennsylvania? scott? >> caller: hey, jim, i'm a young investor from linmore, pennsylvania. >> that's where i'm from. >> caller: yeah, yeah. and -- >> springfield high. spartans. >> caller: yeah, absolutely. >> tonight we dine on the other teams. what's up? >> caller: i was just wondering, should i sell the stock valero energy? >> no, valero's fine, the widening west texas versus brent, you are in terrific shape. everyone wants to leave the party. not yet, fellow spartan. let's go to doug in wisconsin, doug? >> caller: yeah, jim. i have a question on magnum hunter resources. i understand that they missed their 10k filing. >> yeah. >> and i was wondering what your opinion was on magnum hunter since you missed it. >> well, i thought that was an unimpressive, unimpressive thing that they came on the show and then missed it. so i'm trying to keep my temper
11:44 pm
here because i do take anger management now and then and this one is requiring every bit of my anger management tutelage. al in pennsylvania, al? >> caller: hi, jim. >> what's up there, partner? >> caller: yeah, boo-yah from huntington valley, pennsylvania. >> i used to take women to the dinner theater. i'm not kidding. just a little -- what's up? >> my stock is whz. whiting trust. >> why don't you stump the chump here, man? i don't know that one, i know whiting petroleum, i don't know whiting usa. i'll have to do a little work on that one and we'll come back. let's go to steve in south carolina. steve? >> caller: hey, jim, how's it going from the sunny south? >> what's happening? >> caller: i was wondering about microsystems, recently pulling back 25% off its highs, holding $600 million in cash and zero debt. >> let me look into that one too, i'm 0 for 2 in these last two. this is too hard, i've got to do micros and whiting petroleum.
11:45 pm
i don't have it. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up -- you plan, you play, you try to be perfect, but can your strategy stand up to cramer's test? call, e-mail, or tweet @jimcramer to find out if your portfolio has what it takes in "am i diversified." stay connected to cramer on ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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big week. dow took out the all-time high yesterday, continuing to power higher today with many sectors taking out new highs although 6 out of 10 haven't yet. what's an investor to do? pick one and go all in? you can't throw all your eggs in one basket. you'll be fried. you've got to be ready for when the market decides to take a breather and that's why we're playing "am i diversified." okay. this is where you call me and tell me your top five holdings and i tell you if your portfolio is diversified enough.
11:49 pm
maybe you need to mix it up a little. why don't we start with a tweet, someone who went to @jimcramer. i want you to go there. we did a lot of dialogue lately @jimcramer, and this is one is from jimmy b who wants to know, are you ready, skee-daddy, disney, csx, the rail company, apple, parker hanafin and verizon. am i diversified? all right, disney, yep, 52-week high, bob iger, thank you for not stripping him of his duties. diversified manufacturer parker hanifin, run by michael ward, apple, and verizon, the telco company. telco, railroad, industrial, entertainment, i say bingo. okay. let's go to bill in my home state of pennsylvania. bill?
11:50 pm
>> caller: hi, jim, this is bill in state college pennsylvania. how are you? >> yes, nittany lions. >> caller: yes. >> how do you like that football team despite what it's up against? >> caller: i love it. i love it. how's pops? >> how's pops? >> caller: yeah. >> we had the best time this weekend. just terrific, went to morning glory for brunch, got a lot of candy. i said what are you doing here at the checkout? she said what are you doing at the checkout? dollar tree is where you meet people. go ahead. >> caller: okay. >> dollar tree. >> caller: my first stock is lyb. >> yep. >> caller: my next one is chenier energy partners, my next one is mpw, my spec is prospect capital corp., psec. and my fifth one is center point energy cnp. >> wow, i'm marveling at this because this is that growth dividend portfolio that i love so much.
11:51 pm
but obviously pennsylvania's got horse sense. a terrific chemical company. recommending it because of the cheap feed stock that is natural gas. cheniere, more great news about the company. they have so much demand for liquified natural gas, good yield, medical properties, why don't more people own this stock? this is a company we've interviewed and they are doing terrifically. and it's got a really nice yield and yet people don't seem to care. and then, get this one prospect capital is a spec because it's mezzanine finance. bank, chemical, nat gas, utility, real estate investment trust, take a look at this mpw. i'm not kidding, people don't respect these well enough. ♪ hallelujah >> that was a quick one. stay with cramer.
11:52 pm
machines gone wild. feel the odds are stacked against you? i'm not walking away from this market and you shouldn't either. huddle up cramerica. >> "mad money" kicks off weeknights. hey.
11:53 pm
they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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whenever i see some bear come on television, you know, like one of these guys, and bash the market, i always wish they would cross-examine to put their views in the right context. you hate the market, are you short it? did you miss the rally? do you have a ton of cash on the sidelines, do you need the market to go down in order to outperform your benchmarks? these are the questions i want answered every time i hear a manager denigrate this market. these are the questions that cut right to the psyche of an investment professional. because at that moment, many of those individuals you see interviewed or whom you might be reading online have missed this move or actually short it and are therefore of a very different mindset than they might be otherwise. in other words, many of these negative commentators need the averages to go lower, not higher, in order to catch up, and even if they don't like the market, they do got to catch up with it if they're going to be rewarded as handsomely as they hope to be with the bigger bonuses, money coming in. it's my belief that this rally
11:56 pm
is not only despised, but the people who hate it are either betting against it or sitting it out entirely, and that's the main reason for their hatred. that's why they revile it. so many people come on air yesterday, came on air today and back-handedly chastised the market. i've got to figure they're part of the cohort that didn't make the money when the money was to be made. what's backhanded? here's some of the things i heard. these are all code. the market's too extended right now, it's the wrong time to commit capital. or i would like this market on a 5% pullback. how many times have i heard that? that's standard, central casting. or, i'm looking to buy more stocks as the market goes down, i'll wait for revenue growth, not just earnings growth. the simple truth is anyone who follows that dictum has not been able to keep pace because we've been overextended in traditional senses for ages and there hasn't been that kind of pullback they want. not only that, as we go higher, 5% decline will ultimately bring us back to this level where the bears don't like it anyway. let's take the consensus case
11:57 pm
money manager who says i will wait to see what happens with the sequester and i will buy. i'll only buy small because i think the federal reserve might discontinue bond buying and the rally could fizzle. my thinking is this is the exact same kind of money manager who didn't take advantage of the big decline before the fiscal cliff resolution and paid up after which we all know is a costly strategy, but as of today, better than nothing. this kind of money manager is clearly not all in or has very little conviction because of worries about the fickle nature of washington. he fears the thursday unemployment numbers, fears the nonfarm payroll on friday. he fears the words of every fed governor who talks about the bond buying. he fears testimony by ben bernanke, all the press conferences by john boehner and the president. he fears "meet the press." he definitely fears steve liesman and rick santelli. you cannot invest in self-imposed fear in this kind of bull market. if you find yourself thinking, okay, okay, wait until the bloodshed starts, we're okay. you are not going to take positions with any confidence and you'll be spooked out with
11:58 pm
every mention of anything involving a fed. you're going to be so defensive as to have much less exposure to stocks and much more cash than you need, which is a license to fall behind in rapid fashion. you will most likely not have participated in the packaged goods upswing and you certainly aren't going to be involved in the industrials of the housing plays because both would be hurt by the fed's actions that you so fear. in fact, you would most likely be short those sectors if you're a hedge fund manager, hence another costly performance. consequently your advice, at least to this guy, it's tainted or questionable. that's why i want you to know the positioning of every fund manager who denigrates this market. how much are you in? i know that's a bold interrogatory. that's what i feel courtesy of the public portfolio i run all i can say is that at least you know for certain where i'm coming from. stick with cramer.
11:59 pm
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