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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  March 27, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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tuesday, analyst day. i think the stock does very well on the heels of what management has to say. >> let's go to coors. it's one i haven't bought. the growth opportunities are very strong. >> that does it for us. >> wild moves on wall street. one day up, one day down. it's been doing that now for six straight sessions. the dough was down triple digits. the heartburn is raging for the world's automakers, especially the big three in the u.s.
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>> plus big tax changes coming for big earners. how it will hit your portfolio and your retirement stash. >> a lot of political uncertainty over in italy, sparking fresh worries for the markets today. >> utilities have been a safe haven and continue to be so. big winners for the dough this hour, mcdonald's, j & j, intel and microsoft. the biggest losers? natural resources at a 52-week low.
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logitech is also down. inventories and fears about the euro zone pushing oil lower. down just a fraction now. nat gas is up 2 and a third%. up more than 20% this year. let's get more on the trading action. >> we're off the lows. once again, we're just on the razor's edge of everything that happens in europe. >> very choppy trading today. it's 3-2. some of the big names that are out there including some of the tech names and some of the material names certainly on the downside. there are some pockets of green. medicare is on the upside. they will announce the advantage rates on april 1. there are some reports that the rate cuts may not be as bad as some people were fearing.
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a lot of red elsewhere. particularly big machinery and industrial names. there is a few pockets of other green out there. i normally don't do mattress stocks normally but mattress firm had earnings out. they gave rather firm guidance. temper pedic. >> sue was mentioning italy. real damage being done in europe. i mentioned earlier how the bank stocks all in today. here you see telecom, these are not bank but telecom stocks also down. a lot of damage being done in europe right now. >> thank you, bob. i will see you later in the show. some breaking news and very interesting moves in the bond
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market. rick sis with us. >> i gave this option a b minus and the reason is because most of the metrics are a bit above average. the yield on the 35 billion? .76. nice round number. so a price tight right on the screws. dealers only took sue, tiler, back to you. >> thank you very much. i'll take it. let's bring in joe. it's always good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> last time you were on with us, you warned that the head wind from europe was certainly not over. >> i wish i was wrong. >> we didn't think it was going to be cyprus but it is.
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how are you playing the market. >> this is a continuous reminder. ultimately what is going on is hopefully nothing more than a bit of a side show. as you know, taxing bank deposit holders. i put that up there with whoever invented the idea of a fruitcake. it's just terrible. the ecb is still there and i continue to believe that as long as they are there, the weakness probably represents buys opportunities. >> where are you putting cash to work? are you in europe right now. if so, southern europe, northern european is more favorable? >> ultimately, there are going to be opportunities. you want to think about where you can get an attractive price. but where the companies are sourcing the revenues. despite the fact you might have
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a company that is domicile, it is very possible that they source the majority of their revenues from parts of asia or you have seen growth pick up in parts of asia and china as well. i think we have more conviction in the u.s. >> compare that to what we're seeing in the u.s. you're still favorable? >> i think we are. you're seeing a lot of economic data come in slightly better than expected. you have got the housing market where the trend is clearly improving. and ultimately it has an impact on consumption. >> a pleasure to see you. >> back to you. >> you were just talking about europe and let's talk more as cyprus gets ready to put in unprecedented capital control measures. when they open tomorrow morning. the banks are set to open and the world will be watching very closely. and on the ground over there is
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our chief international correspondent. she's on the phone with us now. what's likely to happen when the banks open tomorrow? we just lost michelle. i think -- let me just play the role here. there are going to be guards in front of the bank. that's right. guards. there will be people at the atms trying to take money out and businesses will be trying to move money to pay their bills. right tiyler? yes, that's right. let's try to get michelle back on the phone. let's take a break with the dow -- hold on, everybody. don't you move. michelle is on the phone. michelle, i just conducted the interview with myself. what's going to happen tomorrow morning? >> i heard it. it was great. there is no official announcement yet that the banks will re-open. we do know that behind the scenes they are working
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feverishly to try to make sure that happens. in the meantime it's been leaked to some members of the media here what some of the capital controls will be. they will have to have customs agents stationed at the borders to see what is going out because people will be limited to taking out 3,000 euros per trip per person. you won't be able to cash any checks. you will have to hold a certificate of deposit to term. we don't know what withdrawal limits will be. there is a security company that has 34 armored vehicles ready to go to start re-stocking the banks if and when they open because they do expect runs at the banks tomorrow. >> thank you very much. let's go down to sue. sue will be covering that story for us all day tomorrow. >> indeed. thank you very much.
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one is weak and one is strong. i will have that story when we come back after the break.
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well, it's the first day of the new york auto show. the big three u.s. automakers are expressing frustration with the japanese government. mary tompson is live from the auto show with some of the reasons why. hi, mary. >> reporter: you know, there are a couple of things that people are buzzing about. hybrids. the expected strength of march u.s. auto sales. and the weakness of the japanese yen. japan accounts for about a third of worldwide auto production. exports can reshape the marketplace if the japanese currency slides. a weaker yen means the companies can sell their exports for less even if they are loaded up with new features. japan's prime minister started talking down the yen.
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the actions left some seeing the policy as giving an unfair advantage. the policies should be supported. he points out on a historic basis. the policy is still strong against the dollar. >> the historic zone between the yen and the dollar is about 1:10. >> the at vantage is muted somewhat because a lot of the japanese makers make cars on u.s. soil. only about a third of the cars that the japanese automakers are actually imports. deutsche bank estimates that for every 10% decline, the cost of
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the imports decline about $100. and the u.s. is still struggling and that could give their rivals a significant advantage. ti tyler, back to you. >> you know, blackberry is gearing up to report earnings tomorrow. short interest in stock has hit record levels. but the stock itself has doubled over the past six months. can you say short squeeze? our tech correspondent is here at global hq for a look at the numbers that come out tomorrow. >> analysts are looking for a loss of 31 cents per share. three things to look for. blackberry had about a month's worth of sales where demand looks strong but how strong was it really? blackberry may have seen weaker sales if customers waited for the z-10. if so, revenues could miss.
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will it lose the same number this time? that's probably the single most important number. now the integrity is really what's at stake here. it could be dangerous but there could be a short squeeze if they outperform. >> we're going to run down to breaking news on the fed. steve? >> reporter: tyler, thanks very much. minneapolis federal reserve president making some extremely dovish comments saying monetary policy is not accommodating enough and saying that the fed could seize monetary policy further. from 6 and a half to 5 and a half percent. all of this predicated on his rather lackluster forecast for the economy. 2% target for the next tw years.
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this easier policy, as i said, he would move that target to 5.5% from 6.5%. arguing that lowering the unemployment rate would reduce savings. inflation outlook will be close to it. in just the past hour or so, we have received unemployment forecasts from three federal reserve members. i want to show you what those are. 7.5% at 2013 to 7% at 2014.
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guys, the significance here. there are a couple of things that are important. until around the summer of 2012. the second thing is we had thought that some of them on the board had more concerns about the cost of the current policy. we are sure that the costs are not among them. >> steve, i'm pretty surprised. how much weight do you think this will carry overall at the fed when there is the whole debate whether or not the i cki is going to be too expensive and does he have the jobless rate threshold changed? >> you know, normally i would say not a lot. but i'm reminded of a very dovish charlie evans who began in the summer of 2011, pushing
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for the fed to adopt these targets and over time that's exactly what they did. when a guy comes out with a proposal that is certainly different from current policy, he is in the center, i would think it has a way of nudging other people around him. i think at the very least it suggests that the center is not as hawkish as some feared. >> does it start the conversation within the fed? because mr. bernanke is one who wants to go all around the table, apparently, and hear what everybody thinks. maybe it gives the others around the table permission to suggest a change? >> absolutely. you just saw that full screen we put up.
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if you're with me, then i think you need to be with me on where policy needs to be. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. the former hawkish guy who has turned slightly dovish. >> coming up, power pitch. start ups give us their 60 second pitch. and we give you insight into the fast paced world of venture capital. >> who is your actual target audience? >> do these founders have what it takes? >> let's get down to the verdicts. >> stay tuned to find out. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. >> time now for our weekly series. we introduce you to start-ups who believe they have what it takes to be the next big thing. ryan sullivan, take it away. >> hi, everybody. this is the power pitch. entrepreneurs get 60 seconds to make their pitch. and our panel of experts digs into the business model, giving you a glimpse into the world of start-ups. this is the chairman of an advanced energy recognition start-up. he is also chairman of maker
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studios and the former chairman and ceo of the world's largest independent tv production company and here is his power pitch. >> there is a ground-breaking image recognition policy. getting computers to kpro hend the contend of images on the internet. the thing now, no computer has been able to fully understand what the images represent without relying on human intervention. our platform can identify in realtime with positives any c concept that is visually represented on the internet. this unlocked unlimited
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opportunities such as consumer product and big data tu. >> he is on the right side of your screen. he cannot react to him just yet so we have free reign. jim is a venture capitalist. all right. let's huddle up. i'm just not sure of the commercial uses for this. what are you seeing? >> contextual advertising works. being able to monetize photographs and other images on the web opens up a huge amount of potential add inventory. >> right now people are pinning
1:25 pm
products on pinterest. this would allow advertisers to be part of that conversation. i just think the question is who else has this kind of technology. >> that's a great point. i see a lot of potential for copy right potential problems. >> let's get to the man himself. we're going to ask you questions and hash out some of our concerns. what are your commercial uses for this -- it's very cool but how do you make money on this? >> with so much being uploaded and viewed every day on the internet, there is an immense opportunity and today no one has really been able to fully grasp and convert all of this inventory to commercial real estate. in terms of the commercial application, they are numerous. when you start thinking about advertising, search, analytics, e-commerce, big data.
1:26 pm
many opportunities, many applications all driven by their ability to process and kp comprehend images. >> who is your target audience? >> we would be working with ad n yet works, completely with clients. the ability to increase the value of inventory. >> how do you scale it from a distribution point of view. >> the next step is to commercialize it through working with different networks. wi ear able to process unlimited amount of images and this is what gives us. >> we can control what we share with our clients. there is safety issues.
1:27 pm
>> are you in or out? >> it seems early days in terms of making money from the technology. i like the fact that he has a background in television. >> they could be a good service. over the long term, i'm in rsh there are a lot of challenges from the copy right challenges. i think this is a great company to watch but on the long term i would hope to be in but in the short term i'm out. >> if i don't understand something, it would be heart for me to put in fictional money. >> you heard some of our concerns. we will give you a chance for the final word.
1:28 pm
>> the ability to monetize images once you understand them is endless. we have that technology today. it's working. it's patented. take it at face value, this works today. >> thank you very much. >> all right. that is your power pitch. >> how about you? are you in or out on cortica? go to be sure to participate. we will have the details when we come back.
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>> we're looking at gold prices above 1600 an ounce. gold is continuing to rise.
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we are watching what is happening in cyprus and whether or not we will see more euro zone demands. we're looking at what has happened in the equities market. we have looked at the gold price continuing to fall. back to you. >> thank you very much. quick chekt on the markets in a moment. but first recapping the very surprising headlines of earlier today. minneapolis fed bank chief says that we need to make monetary policy more aggressive. the economy could use more assistance from the fed, he says. not the current rate of 6.5%. let's check the reaction. we have a yield of 1.8.35.
1:33 pm
bob, when is the last time you heard a fed member say that we need to be more accommodating. >> no one. two reasons i think we got market reactions. one is the president is not a voting member this year. and there is not a lot of people around. the volume this week is 20 to 25% below the normal volume. >> spring break. passover, easter. it's a little bit of a problem. a very modest impact. we have got no coalition in italy. there is talks about weaker spots. not a lot of reaction here. health care is on the upside. utilities, there is a lot of flight to higher dividends. software, got killed by oracle
1:34 pm
this week. u.s. money center banks. >> thank you. appreciate it. to the bond market. i want to get rick's reaction. i mean, when was the last time, as i said to bob. you never hear fed members making those kinds of statements lately. what do you think? >> down here those comments went very much unnoticed. the one comment that was made that they talked about was in the same set of headlines. what was said is should inflation top 2.5%? many of the programs come off the table. low rate policies are pulled back. nobody obviously at the fed thinks that's going to be an issue.
1:35 pm
another headline was with one saying basically, remember, she is an uber dove. maybe some of these programs have run their course. many down here have a conspiracy theory. they are looking at what's going on in europe. pushing rates down. maybe it gives the fed a window to maybe pull back just a little bit. but that is something for members to discuss. i don't know if it's real or not. look at japanese bond yields and then look at spain and italy. we see what's going on. the markets are definitely the fixed income markets. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. jp morgan, the stock currently trading as you will see in just a moment. hold on. it's coming. i promise you it will come. i'm going to wait. there it is. down about 2%. the bank once again in the cross hairs of federal regulators this time over the madoff schedule.
1:36 pm
>> jp morgan has been suspicious. chase was his primary bank. and it was the bank to many of his biggest customers. cnbc has confirmed that the u.s. attorney's officer is looking into the bank's dealings with m m madoff. our sources suggest that it is civil in nature, not criminal. others allege that it has gone deeper than that. they could see both sides of the trades or non-trades.
1:37 pm
and then there is madoff himself, again claiming he has information on what he says is the behavior of j.p. morgan and other banks. he says i am offering this information to the appropriate governmental committees in the hope that this information will prove helpful in future regulations of the appropriate institutions. it is agreed that madoff and that the banks were in. >> there has certainly been a rough month for j.p. morgan and this doesn't help them. i want everybody to notice that scott and i with both wearing the same shirt here. we call it gingham style. >> you do that. i'm not. >> check out apple. it's in the red.
1:38 pm
near session lows. cutting their estimates for iphone shipments for the second and third quarters. talking about a demand pause. analysts at pacific crest saying they continued to anticipate very slow revenue and earnings growth going forward. sue, back to you. >> what was in your coffee this morning that you're doing that? >> just having a little fun. where are you? there's a camera. i'm coming over here. i'm just having a little fun here. you can never be afraid to make a fool of your self. >> i'm right there with you. thanks, ty. >> big tax changes that will hit big earners planning their retirement. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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>> your accountant may have done your 2012 taxes for you so now it's time to start thinking about the potential tax hit you will take in 2013. it is more important than ever to diversify. sharon is with us now with details. >> hi. it's so true that the big tax changes for top earners make it critical to make sure you have a good mix of other type of retirement accounts. we're talking about couples with $450,000. for top earners, taxes on dividend and long term capital gains are now nearly 23%. diversification takes on a whole new meaning. you can have a taxable account, a traditional ira, a roll overira as well as a roth ira. and there are tax strategies you
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may want to consider. contribute up to $17,500 to a 401 k and that will reduce your taxable income by that amount. convert to a regular roth ira and you will be taxed on the money. take the money out when you are 59 and a half. that is a great move if you think your taxes will stay this high or go higher. if you contribute to 401 k. >> and a look at how to get back to sicivilian life. you're going to see a couple stories you will love when we come back after this short break.
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>> coming up on a special edition of street signs. are we headed towards a cheaper summer? three things investors should know. and should your airline ticket price be a pay of -- pay what you weigh price? our power lunch panel weighs in on that. we will see you in a bit. >> that will be a high price in my case. comcast, a parent of cnbc wants
1:44 pm
to hire military veterans. they have already hired a thousand vets and they are supporting the u.s. chamber of commerce as they host a major hiring fair in new york today. >> $500,000 jobs for veterans. they already have hired a,000. if you go inside the numbers and want some examples. citi group wants to hire a thousand a year. they are still gunning for a thousand in 2013. wells wellsfargo of them. just to name a few. >> i think we see both companies across america making
1:45 pm
commitments, talking about the number of veterans they are hiring. this is not charity. this is about connecting talented people who have served our country with demands in the private sector. employers large and small would be crazy not to look into this. >> but the experience isn't as easy as showing up, flashing a resume and smiling. some are having a tough time adjusting and finding work, even those with experience. >> it's hard for guys coming out of the military to translate their job experiences and so on and so forth into civilian words in order for us to find a job. >> i spent 25 years on wall street and have a lot of experience and a lot of offer but it's hard to get your foot in the door and there's a lot of competition. >> the unemployment rate is 7.7%. it's closer to 10 for post 9/11 veterans.
1:46 pm
i will say there was a huge sloth of young people both with college educations and high school diplomas here today. >> all right. thank you very much. progress is taking place in hiring the vets who can accept jobs. but some veterans come back to the u.s. and are on disability and can't get work. if they do accept a job they lose their disability payments. this is where here rows to heroes come in. it is a group that helps veterans transition to civilian life. many who served several years in iraq and his own disability. his dog is name ed valor. nick is a board member of heros to heroes. how did the group start, what does it do and what have the results been? >> it's a privately funded group. it was started by the president
1:47 pm
and founder of the organization. what we look to do. >> valor giving her a shout-out. >> we take ten veterans on a mission to israel. typically with are focusing on those with severe ptsd. often have trouble dealing with family and becoming shut off. they may not be going to the va any more. >> why israel? why take these groups? why take them to israel? >> there is a couple reasons. one is the religious and historic significance. there are a number of organizations that use the bonding experience of going on a trip. it's very similar to the bonding experience you have in the military. our veterans typically are serving side by side their best friends. when they leave the military whether that's through a traumatic event or on their own accord they no longer have the bonding experience.
1:48 pm
>> so they bond with u.s. guys and then go over to israel and they bond with the israeli vets who have ptsz and other things? >> they do. we have ten american veterans that bond with five israeli veterans. veterans, a lot of veterans have a negative memory from the middle east. they had a negative memory from iraq or afghanistan. now they're having a very emotional -- positive emotional closure. we're not going the go to iraq or afghanistan. but being able to go to the middle east. >> charles, you went on -- you're back and on 100% disability. suffered serious wounds, traumatic brain injury and now ptsd. what did this visit do for you? >> it was an experience. you come home and lose faith.
1:49 pm
you don't have that real feeling again. when you go other there you start all over again. and you get that feeling that there is hope. >> there are guys in israel who have gone through what you have gone through. and they have lived with terror for many, many years. >> it's 24 hours, seven days a week a military civilian life. they know how to work with people. >> and you go to some of the great spiritual sites. >> it is overwhelming. >> so there is a spiritual side there. it's appropriate to be talking about it. >> you walk to the jordan river and the churches and the streets where jesus christ has walked upon and you get the feeling of hope. and that's what a lot of soldiers would like. a little hope and feeling that we can do this. we just need a little backing
1:50 pm
and israel gave us that love and attention that we wanted. >> how are you doing? okay. >> i manage it day by day. >> thank you for your serservic. we have a couple of little gifts for you and a hat for valor. he has been talking and he is a beautiful -- is he a lab and a great dane? >> yes. a mix. >> he is a beautiful beautiful helper. >> thank you both so very much. >> thank you. >> all right. what in the world is going on at jc penney? sales or no sales? and what about the google glasses? are they a good buy? straight ahead as part of the run down. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business.
1:51 pm
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>> it's time for the power run down. all right. what's old is new again guys. jc penney embracing the mark up to mark down strategy. is the flip-flop going to work? >> oh, sue. you know, if an ex-boyfriend tried to woo me back and say i'm going to do what everybody else is doing, i would be like in the words of taylor swift, we are never ever getting back together. they have got to offer some big deals. >> first of all, i think ron johnson is in serious trouble. the big thing is this may enable companies like kohl's to raise their prices a little more.
1:54 pm
now they're going to bring them up again to lower them down. i think it's an opportunity for other companies to change their pricing. >> that's an interesting take on it. google is next. selecting 8,000 people to test the internet connected glasses. they have to go to new york, san francisco or la to pick up the glasses. >> i can imagine this. now i can ride my bicycle and check face book. i'll tell you what i'm really worried about. this enables people to tape things. we need et. >> people do. >> i mean. i think in terms of actual contest, my thing is you're getting the geeks to talk about
1:55 pm
it but 8,000 people? it's good to do a test. and they had to pay for it themselves. i would rather see them give it to a smaller number and use that as their research. >> chocolate makers cracking down on copy cats and seeking exclusivity for the term belgium chocolate. should foot be patented. >> what kind of exports do they have? chocolate? beer? absolutely. i think it has to be within reason. and the truth is for some of these little restaurant tours. i come from rochester, home of the garbage plate. they did protect it. but they have -- there are knock offs all over the place that call it the plate. >> i think the important thing
1:56 pm
is that everything is potentially valuable is a brand name. feta cheese is a brand name. you have a heck of a greek salad. that's what the story is. we have got figure out something that is reasonable. swiss cheese? i don't think they have the patent on it. >> we're going to leave you both there. appreciate it. we have paired our losses considerably. we will tell you why we are only down 38 points now when we come back.
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>> welcome back to power lunch. have a look at diana ripping higher. biggest move since april 2009. our own jim cramer saying that share prices have bottomed. the shipping industry had been impacted by an oversupply of ships that sent rates lower. diana shipping up 11.5%. sue, back to you. >> the market is now down only 37 points. why? they were worried that the banks weot


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