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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  June 4, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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don't miss a special edition of fast this evening sat 5:00. some of the top women this business joining melissa lee on the desk. you don't want to miss it. have a great rest of the day. "power lunch" starts right now. halftime is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> good afternoon, everybody. it is a beautiful afternoon in the metropolitan area here in new york city. our question of the hour -- are home prices really going up, or is wall street's home buying binge inflating the numbers? new nevin on stephen cohen, a day after the redemption deadline. how far can his stock fall? plus chris christie has added a speaking -- it's not a fairyfae wedding. there we go.
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we're going back here. will he make a move this hour? there is speculation mounting that he might -- he might announce his replacement choice for the late senator frank lautenberg now i can move over here. somebody some a $1 million fairytale wedding we have the photos this hour. sue, take it away. >> nobody can tap dance like you can, my dear. nicely done. it is really the big question that every homeowner and potential buyer needs to knows. that is how much is that house really worth? "new york times" saying the national housing comeback may not be all that it is cracked up to be. the argument -- wall street is behind the higher prices.
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you're quoted in the "new york times" article as saying most of this is institutional money. give me some examples of what kinds of companies we are talking about. >> well, i can't speak to the companies. >> i don't know if i would say that most of the homes are as much as it is a supply sure, and institutional buyers vying for a limited number of supply. >> so what kind of impact then -- i'm looking at your quote from inspection 23478s,. it's certainty having an impact on prices. >> if you have home buyers, prospective home buyers attracted to the home market
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because of the low interest rates and low prices that would -- they are institutional buyers chasing the same limited supply, so it is propelling the home price growth and making home prices grow faster than what the sustainable or fundamentals would you sposht. >> diana, do you agree with that from your recording? yes, they did put a floor on the prices, in phoenix, in las vegas, in parts of california, but think about it. 50,000 homes maybe have been bought. you have to look at what they're paying. compare that to 1.7 trillion in mortgages. people are out buying homes again. yes you have smaller time investor adding to that, but
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regular folks are buying again. what is causing that? a lack of supply. there is no supply out there to buy. that's the problem, negative equity, near negative equity, you can't blame this on investors. >> diana, i'm going to stay with you. the other big story you are working on today is reverse mortgages. we see those ads all the time. >> as baby boomers age into retirement, lenders are aggressively pitches reverse mortgages. these were designed for seniors to tap home equity with no monthly payment. fees and interest are wrapped into the loan. when the borrower sells or dies, the proceeds go back to the lender. it sounds simple, but today's dicey housing market, and the debt are making these loans more risky despite the hard sell. >> have the money to pay bills
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or simply enjoy your retirement more. >> bun reverse mortgage -- >> robert bennett and hi wife ophelia took out a reverse mortgage at the end of 2008, a $3 4u7bz,000 lump sum to pay off their mortgage. >> it sounds good that you could live here without making any mortgage payments. >> ophelia, ten years older than robert, died shortly thereafter. hers was the only name on the mortgage. >> in case of some couples, they make a decision up front to remove one member from the title in order to get more money or in order to qualify. >> bennett says the lender told him he could be added to the mortgage after his wife's death, but that was not the case. in order to stay, he would have to pay back the $300,000, but the home is now worth half that. >> they put it in foreclosure. >> reporter: but skerritt say retires never should have been in a reverse mortgage in the first place. >> this originally was
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contemplated as something you could draw money over a long period of time as a way of supplementing your income or providing income where you had no ears. now, i think a lot of people are looking to reverse mortgages as a quick fix. >> reporter: the trouble today is that seniors are entering retirement with less savings, less home equity and more debt, the worst combination for a reverse mortgage. while bennett is fighting his foreclosure, government regulators are looking at new wayses to safeguard consumers, the same way they did in the rely lard mortgage market. plenty more on all of this online. tyler? >> diana, thank you very much. kate kelly is here. do we know who's staying and who's going, how much is left and -- >> you can believe there's plenty of handy capping going on here, including at my desk. while the details are emerging, here is what we know so far.
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they pulled what appears to more than $100 million. blackstone group as of yesterday was planning to redeem some of the remaining $400 million. a swath of other investors were nervous about staying on board. on the flip side, the wealth management unit is largely sticking with s.a.c., who like their performance and understand the risks. of course. skybridge capped have said for quite a while they'll by remains loyal. no matter what el -- on the don't-know list are still hsbc and blackstone, since we don't know huch, if any, they've left in the fund. with $550 million in s.a.c. investments, they were one of the hedge fund's biggest external -- details on the redemptions will likely be -- as
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will a better sense of the fund's may performance. so far this year, they've been under-delivering, perhaps in reflects sure of the -- >> and trying to manage these accounts. kate, thanks very much. >> let's bring in our flend robert frank here. one of the theories that steven cohen may well get rid of the public money he manages, as some other big hedge fund guys have done in recent years. what do you say and what have you found? >> there are lot of advantages, especially when it comes to regulators. they're private companies that manage with family's money. more recently they have become very popular with hedge fund billionaires. george sore ross turned his fund into a family office, so did carl icahn and stanley drubmiller.
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now, family offices, they get a special exemption from dodd/frank. a lot of -- it means that family offices are not classified as investment advisers. they don't have the same disclosure requirement or rules. the argument is that family offices, they don't manage other people's money, but the definition of family and family offices is very broad, as long as you have a common ancestor, you're family. it includes formal spouses and spousal equivalents. employees can also invest along with certain trusts in charities. they may have to take notice. >> robert, thank you very much. sue, down to you. >> guys, let's talk about j.c. penney. let's look at where it's trading
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now. two companies back on the comeback trail. general motors replacing and ai giismt -- now separately the financial stability oversight counsel -- and subject to increased regulatory oversight. aig is off 0.6 of a percent, lu lu lemon up, the retailer astroand yoga pants are reappearing in stores on the
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flip side, though, dollar general s. biggest decliner now 7.5%. matching estimates, but it cut its full year to growing sales growth. they're all down in sympathy in. the -- that is next. plus a brand-new battleground country in the neverending fight. and a new twist in the case against this woman, rebecca brooks, who used to run rupert murdoch's empire. amid reports of a sex scandal at ten downing street. sex, newspapers, murdoch, and more "power lunch" in two minutes. it doesn't get better than that. . otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel,
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is. some people are making new decisions. >> you got us a job at google. >> it's an interview for an internship that could lead to a job. >> like interning. if you're doing it. send us your story. "power lunch" wants to talk to you. >> your interns -- >> deal with it. >> so old, though. >> e-mail us. amazon and viacom announcing an expanded multiyear video
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licensing -- streaming access to videos, popular kids' programming, and oh my son mac will be very happy. spongebob squarepants, and top rated shows, comes just days after viacom's deal, so they're jumping ship over to amazon. here's how all three of the company's shares are performs. two are higher, and amazon just fractionally lower. sue? >> ty, a judge has accepted james holmes' plea of not guilty by reason of insanity in the colorado theater shootings. it sets the stage for a long mental evaluation of holmes, who is accused of killing 12 people and -- prosecutors will argue he is not insane. they are seeking the death penalty. fireworks on capitol hill, more hearings into the irs tax
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targeting scandal. this time conservative groups and they're sounding off. eamon javers is with the details on that. >> just another very tough day for the irs, as you say, the house ways and means committee, in which they've invited these groups to share their stories. not a lot of new information being revealed, but a lot of outrage and angst from the groups that have been targeted. take a look at this testimony. >> i want to protect and preserve the america that i grew up in, the america that people cross oceans and risk their lives to become a part of and i'm terrified it is slipping away. thank you. and more bad news for the i want rs, a new report out from the same inspector general who broke the targeting scandal. this report on spending an irs conferences. a lot of money spent to irs folks to anaheim, a lot of these
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details leaked out, but new information here, a 2010 irs conference in anaheim cost the irs at least $4.1 million. the total cost they say is unknown. the costs were paid using funds that were intended to hire enforcement employees. the report also says they had outside event planners, they were paid $133,000 by the hotels based on the numbers of rooms that they took out in anaheim. that's attracting a lot of negative attention here too, tyler. now to a new embattle ground for coke and pepsi. michelle, then. >> it is. we talk about the cola wars in the united states, but you haven't heard of them for a long time. they are alive and well in the e34er7b8ging markets. there's new evidence of that
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tod today. ceo mutar kent there for the unveiling. coke was one of the first to be awarded an investment permit. kent explained why the company is so eager to get into the market. >> no matter how you slice and dice it, there will be about between 850 to a billion new middle class being created in the world, in africa, in asia, in latin america, all across the world, and i think consumer companies like us, that's what excites us, the growth potential as a result of the creation of that middle class. now myanmar will contribute toward that. >> with this plant in myanmar, there are only two remaining countries in the world where coke is not. tyler? guesses? >> i saw what they were, and they won't surprise you when you hear it. >> no, no. >> but i had no idea that coke didn't do business there at all.
1:19 pm
>> north korea and cuba. >> wow. wow. >> it makes sense once you hear about it, right? having been to cuba, you can -- >> it's got to be rum and coke in cuba. >> illicit coke. sue, down to you. >> thanks, guys. sex, lies and newspapers a new twist, coming up next. plus hacking back. ♪ anything you can do ♪ i can do better hack 'em back. if authorities can't or won't help, you can help yourself. see how some hacking victims are now fighting back with hired guns. more "power lunch" in two minutes. 6
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. we're still off better than 1%, down 15 bucks. checking the trading action here, down 129 points on the dow jones industrial average. bob pisani and kenny p.m. olcari, our cnbc contributor here. what do you make of the market today, kenny the markets waiting, the first read on adp, so i think a lot of people sitting on the side and taking the time. taking a shot at the fed, and bernanke saying it's time to
1:23 pm
back off. it's curious. >> i'd like to a bit of a bounce, these interest rates sensitive stocks, so again today utilities to the down i'd, real estate investment trusts, i find that a bit disconcerting. they're still -- this is the biggest bond etf, down there again today. my personal opinion is the economic data still doesn't warrant massive sell of bond funds. >> the talk about the taper, i think -- not the animal tappier, but the taper i think has people concerned. they don't want to be the last out the door. >> esther george is supposed to be speaking. she is sick and will not be speaking, but she is going to -- the text of the remarks will be delivered at 1:30. so we'll get. she's a hawk, of course that's
1:24 pm
just -- >> ken counter, final words? >> it just adds to more confusion. what do we do? we're stuck in this purgatory. >> we'll get the remarks in a few minutes. >> we'll see how the market reacts. ty, up to you. >> sioux, you hack me, i hack you right back. more and more american companies fighting back against cyberattacks. our senior correspondent scott cohn has the story.
1:25 pm
like the wild west, companies can't rely on law enforcement to protect them 24/7. the ceo of b.p. tells cnbc that his company fights off 50,000 cyberattacks a day. greg hog lund, founder and former ceo of hb gary. >> learned quite a being -- >> so pervasive, that some companies are taking matters into their own hands. >> victims are fighting back. the hacker becomes the hackee. >> when i think the hack-back, i think of more of a counterstrike or a mitigative action to stop an imminent or ongoing attack. so you're not going out and trying to find trouble. what you're doing is you're in trouble and trying to stop the pain right then. >> a hack-back could mean a
1:26 pm
company -- or hacking into a cyber-criminal's network. as important as it is for a company to protect its intellectual property, hack-backs are in legally uncharted territory. >> you do have a right to self-defense, like in physical space. you can't punch somebody out on the street or stab them, but if you were attacked first and you did something like that in self-defense, that's an entirely defendant --. reverse hacking is a felony in the united states. just as the initial hacking was. it's sort of like if someone steals your phone, it doesn't mean -- >> but ridenburg says law enforcement is unlikely to detect or prosecute a hack-back. >> if the only organization that gets harnld is a number of criminals' computers, i don't think it would be something of
1:27 pm
great interest to law enforcement. >> but do you want to take that risk? prosecutors have to choose their battles after all. and in the world of cybercrime, they unfortunately have a lot to choose from, including hackers who do enormous damage just for the thrill. tomorrow an exclusive interview with a former hacker who says, he says unwittingly, unleashed the biggest credit card fraud in u.s. history. tomorrow we're tracking the -- at our special website. we keep up with the latest threats. every week we have a special video wrap-up, so click for that. sue, back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. appreciate it. all right. another big hacking story we're keeping a close eye on involving newscorp. it's happening tomorrow at the same time that rumors are swirling around london involving a sex scandal at ten downing street. kayla tausche has been following the saga from the very start
1:28 pm
when encamped in london, and she joins us can the latest details. a group is set to appear to offer their pleaing of guilty or not guilty ahead of a september trial. among the 14 defendants said to appear, rebecca brooks, and editor at two of its tabloids, and any cole zone, and then prime minister david cameron. cole zone, brooks and six others are charged with conspiring to -- and three charges of conspiracy. both face charges of bribery. it's unclear at this time what form the pleas will take. brooks is defiantly tried to clear her name, never before used the words not guilty. here is brooks a year ago as the first charges were revealed. >> i understand and need and know that there needs to be a proper and thorough
1:29 pm
investigation, and i am baffled by the decision to charge me today. one day the details of this case will emerge, and people will be today, as is nothing more than an expensive sideshow, a west of public money as a result of an injust and weak decision. >> all eyes will be on brooks' plea tomorrow morning. the trial, though, sue, still months away. >> kayla, thanks very much. i'll pick it up from there. they agreed to buy the marketing software company for $2.3 billion. a 50% premium. salesforce has targeted the cloud marketing space for acquisitions, as it becomes increasingly more important to its operations. jon fortt now with a closer look
1:30 pm
at the clout computing companies. >> who might be next? the first place to look, closest competitors. some companies that are the right size. el it's a big more, but also some it's roughly flat today. marquetto has tmarketo is down 7%, because a lot of people expected salesforce would buy marketo, instead of directthey've been buying them up, because the customers are eager to get the kind of or acausing it's becoming an
1:31 pm
essential part, all these giants are trying to build out and gain share. silver pop and strong mail, both of them do e-mail and social media marketing, both of them private. jon fortt, reporting for us at this honey from silicon valley. we're waiting for new jersey governor chris christie to address a group in trenton, the state capital of new jersey. we don't know whether he's going to announce his appointment to succeed the late senator frank lautenberg who died yesterday after a battle with viral pneumonia. there is anticipation he might do that. there is a short list of
1:32 pm
possible possibles. meanwhile, zynga's shares, closing offices action so how sustainable is the space in plus would you bay $449 a year for extra legroom and checked bags? united is betting you'll say yes. i've got to say it's a frequent eye newted flyer, i'm tempted. plus the end of room service? we'll tell but that, when we return. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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welcome back to "power lunch." rick santelli here on the floor of the cme group. yes, we've traded up a bit, but remember, 216 is the high-yield close thus far. two-day chart reveals something more important. the low yield yesterday, low yield on friday i can't show, was also 206. open the chart up to the 22nd when we busted through 2% on the 22nd, 2.5 was the breakout. that was the last significant high yield, so that means yields can continue maybe to move higher. lumber intraday was limit down. it's trading a bit, open a chart
1:36 pm
year to date, even though housing debatably doing confide well. tyler, back to you. zynga announces plans to shut down several offices. the troubles don't stop there. since the ipo back in 2011, zynga shares are down nearly 20%. the company's worth is now just $750 million, which raises legitimate question for investors. can jung social media firms survive in such a fiercely competitive field, when many can't manage to turn a profit. now we are all things digital. both of you, welcome to "power lunch." y it's zynga or some other social media company, you can define as you wish, don't they eventually have to. >> a lot of them two.
1:37 pm
we looked at the two primary social names that are publicly held. twitter is still privately held, but facebook is profitable. yes it missed numbers a bit last quarter. linkedin is still profitable. if you owned it versus apple, you probably did better. so, yes, the social media companies can make money. the smaller ones will either be bought up by the largest ones, which is kind of the natural order of things, or something else will happen. >> but companies ultimately, dan, when companies have trouble making money, they go out of business, don't this? >> well, usually eventually. if you lose it long enough. for zynga, there are some potential bright spots in the future. if they can get enough states to legal i'd online poker. rather than the farm bill company, but yeah, social media
1:38 pm
is no different. you do have to make money, but linkedin and facebook both make money. you know, their stocks have done different things. >> arik, why has zynga had so much trouble monetizing their big model. what do they need to do? >> one word -- mobile mobile mobile. when you like at facebook's advertising numbers, they have three quarters of a billion people using it on the mobile phones. tablets and so forth. sync that has kind of missed the boat there. the primary basis of most of the games, farmville, mafia wars, primarily pc-based, web-based mostly. it's a problem of its own making. can it turn at the boat around certainly, but the first thing you saw them do today is try to get the costs under control.
1:39 pm
now they're going to spend a lot of time trying to go mobile. >> it seems -- dan, you think that they may need something they don't control, that would be the ability to do real money gaming, gambling. >> one thing that's interesting is they shut down the shop they only bought a year ago. interesting decision. to me i think real money gaming, they don't completely control it, though they have acknowledged they're lobbies for it. they already have more online free poker players than anybody else in the market. they need to get those people to be able to bet real money on their games. >> dan, arik, thank you. we have to go to phil lebeau with breaking news. >> tyler, this is as situation you don't see often. chrysler is disputing a recall request from the national
1:40 pm
highway traffic safety association. we're talking about '93 to '04 grand cherokees, and -- the dispute is whether or not the placement of the fuel tank behind the rear axle is a safety hazard, whether or not it could lead to fatal fires if there is a rear crash, a crash involving the rear of the vehicle. now, chrysler is saying that it stands behind the safety of these vehicles, and that these vehicles met the standards at the time of manufacturing, sergio marshione saying the company stands behind the quality of the vehicles, all of us remain committed to work with nhtsa. what remains unclear here, sue, is what happens next. it looks like we're going into a period where nhtsa and chrysler
1:41 pm
will have to perhaps have a meeting of the minds to see what can happen next, because you're talking about 2.7 million vehicles, a little unclear what chrysler would have to do if there was an actual recall that took place itches it is highly unusual. i don't remember a car company disputing a recall before, phil. thank you very much. >> not one involvement the placement of the fuel tank. this is highly unusual. >> phil, thank you for ink abouting us that. i know it's a story you'll follow for us throughout the day. >> we're following where the dow is going. it's going down. we did touch down 100 points just a few moments ago, and we've had a little technical damage in the market as well, breaking through that support level that everybody was watching very closely. we'll see whether or not the selling accelerates or not when we come back. meantime, actor and comedian
1:42 pm
steve martin is looking to cash in. he's selling his huge villa in the caribbean for more than $11 million. he's using twitter to do it. we've tell you about shall savvy real estate move. plus the new twist on the neverending airline fees. $499 a year for checked in bags and more legroom. we'll debate it when we return. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm so into it,
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. all right. welcome back to "power lunch." we just want to get you up to date on the markets. i've been polls the traders on the floor. there's nothing obvious they see right now that's responsible for the sell-off. we went from negative 36 to any any of 96 right now on the dow jones industrial average. the s&p down about ten points. the nasdaq is now down about 20 points, so the s&p 500 and the dow have the biggest percentage moves to the down side.
1:45 pm
now, the chief of the kansas city federal reserve's speech was going to be released just moments ago. there could be something in the prepared remarks that spooked the market a bit. she is a voting member on the fomc board and a noted hawk. we'll see whether or not that perhaps triggered the sell-off. she's been taken ill, so she's not actually delivering the speech per se, but the remarks will be released. bob is hunting that down, and we'll talk about it when he joins me in a few minutes. the airline industry is raising the profit forecast this year, and a lot of that money, unfortunately coming from extra fees. united even has a new twist on fees, selling yearly subscriptions for more legroom and checked bags. will the other airlines follow suit? will this fly? we have the travel reporter for "usa today" and he writing the today in the sky log. welcome. >> good to be here.
1:46 pm
phish of all, do you think that passengers will literally buy into this? >> and below the elite level. so i'm curious to see whether the price point is just about right. i do think that one thing that's for sure whether this sticks in this form, we're going to see more and more of these types of creative ways to sell -- to generate more fees, whether at united, did eta, american, we'll all by watching this to see if it works. >> how long do you think it will take to see whether it works? there an incubation -- >> there's always a bit of a lag to get that uptake. i think people may say boy, i just spent $3 4u7bz in bag fees,
1:47 pm
i should have gotten that subscription. maybe at a year it will take to see how it's going for united, but i'll be curious to see what delta and -- most of the airlines have maxed out the number and types of fees they can charge. there's probably some room, but not a lot. there's a variation where the airlines can put a new twist on they fees and maybe find a new market that wasn't willing to buy or go beyond the ceiling. >> ben, the other things we've been hearing, the hilton in new york city will try to eliminate room service to cut its costs. in new york i can see maybe that's where perhaps it would work, but there are a lot of other places you can go to eat, even if you check in late. >> that's right, this will be something to watch.
1:48 pm
i think maybe these foretelling a trend, where a lot of hotels will look to reevaluate room service. i don't think we'll be in a situation from five years from now no hotels will have it, but i think some will. even with breakfast that, you know that could run $30, $40, $50 with all the fees, room service is not a money maker for a lot of hotels, which is very surprising to a lot of hotel guests. especially since 2008, we've seen a lot of businesses looking at things that may have been considered sacred ten years ago, but even for hotels. we've got to go. we have breaking news. eamon javers, it concerns governor chris christie. i'm sorry, john harwood. >> are you talking to me? >> yes. sorry, john. chris crist jill is having a new conference to announce there will be a special spellings later this year to replace frank
1:49 pm
lautenberg. we had a very bad connection with the audio and video, so i haven't heard whether he's ruled out the naming of an interim senator to serve between now and the primary in august and the general special election in october. there's speculation he would pick tom keaine. she said new jerseyians deserve someone selected by the voters. and we'll see if there's any further development on the choice of an interim senator, who that will be and whether there will be someone between now and the special in october. >> all right. john harwood, john, thank you very much. appreciate it. bob pisani joins us, because the other breaking news is we're now down 121 points. >> we're watching for the
1:50 pm
remarks, a -- i pulled up her remarks, she's not giving the remarks per se. she's sick today, but they have released it. one paragraph, i haven't gone through the whole speech, but she says to be clear i support an accommodative assistants while the economy recovers and unemployment remains high, but i view the current policies as overly accommodative, causing distortions, and posing risks to financial stability and long-term inflation expectations, with the potential to compromise future growth. could that be one of the tipping points? >> i think that may have happened here. by the way, the market started going south a bit before the remarks came out. around 1:20 or so i saw a pickup, and there was no particular news. so as this particular news came out, i think you can attribute some of this drop to that. she has said before this, and mr. fisher, who's going to speak tonight, who is also a hawk,
1:51 pm
though not a voting member, also came out and said that. nobody i think is saying anything outside the script they have used before. >> but it's a couple days before a key jobs report, which of course is important to the fed, because they have started a specification unemployment rate. eighth week, the word was the taper. this goats to that point. perhaps it's not new, but perhaps the timing -- >> the fed has alleges said three phases, one is when they begin discussing -- the second phase is when they start reseducing the tapering. i think that's what's new. notice all of a said every day we're paying attention to whoever it is. they have accomplished their goals. they're getting the market to
1:52 pm
talk about the discussion that they have having. >> instead. we'll talk more about it in a second. we have more to talk about as the market continues the sell-off. we're going to take a quick break and talk more about the sell-off on wall street. [ male announcer ] with wells fargo advisors envision planning process, it's easy to follow the progress you're making toward all your financial goals. a quick glance, and you can see if you're on track. when the conversation turns to knowing where you stand, turn to us. wells fargo advisors. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive?
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we're updating you on the markets. on the dow jones industrial average, the s&p 500 is down about 13 -- is down about 13 points and the nasdaq is down about 25 points on the trading session. so we're going to continue talking about this market. bob pisani, you've got working the phones, what are you hearing from people? >> i think the important thing is right now even before they saw this drop, the market couldn't decide which way it wanted to go. 3:2 advance/declining. we hadn't seen much energy in the markets.
1:56 pm
energy has been a weak sector. even though commodity complex, a good part of the complex was up, center stocks weren't moving at all. it's a bit of a disconnect there. >> i think it's important to point out something that bob pointed out, which is that esther george's comments have been consistent throughout a number of speeches she's made. richard fisher has consistent. that he thinks perhaps the accommodation is too much. that have been consistent in their pushback, i guess. >> we see this a lot of fed governors and other commentators saying essentially the same
1:57 pm
thing. what i guess is concerning here is this is a major sell-off after friday's big late-day sell-off. here's one where we're down 125 points at this point. tuesdays have been pretty good days. right now that streak looks like it's very much in jeopardy. thank you, everybody. "street signs" is coming up right now. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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well, it's certainly not looking like 21 straight higher tuesdays. the dow is down more than 100 points. so we ask, blackjack or not, 21, is it time to double down on america or pick up your cash and hit the road for other opportunities? a full "street signs" playbook ahead. donald trump is angry, angry that china is grabbing up iraqi oil on the back of the american military's work. the donald is here. plus smash and cash, could be apple's next big thing. during the show, i


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