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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make a little money. my job is to not to just entertain you but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. this market loves to change its stripes the way we might change the channel on tv.
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it's cavalier, capricious, even whimsical and it makes you want to grab the clicker and dial around and then throw money at it. of course, it makes you want to avoid old programming and reruns. that is the correct analogy today, you could never tell what was going on, dow rising 13 points, s&p advancing, and nasdaq gaining, you think nothing happened today? hardly. exhibit facebook. one of the most amazing quarters that i've seen in my years in the business. people have been betting against it for more than a year, but facebook is the new king of mobile, social and the cloud. after today you have to watch it.
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you have to watch facebook. no, no, you have to own it. it succeeded by offering customers more than 2 billion on the go eyeballs to advertising. that is over a billion people, and the customers are lapping it up. given that facebook does not have to pay for content, you are seeing local businesses and others throwing money at facebook. like the people that bought the stock today. what a turnabout from last year this time. give me the clicker. i want to like facebook. they are smart business people who have a product that is loved by all. facebook's quarter, and a trip adviser, by the way they have been shorted by people that thought facebook would blow it, right it you spill over to other internet companies. i should have known this tripadviser, darn it. i knew about it from the inn i co-own.
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a couple bad reviews and you are out there serving eggs and washing the dishes. that is part of the tv dial that was red hot. zillow and price line, the pin action, led to a nice recovery move in netflix too. as people regard netflix as a cloud and mobile tablet play, we have to hear from amazon, we have to get the statistics out and read it and get to know it again. let's not forget the fastest growing cloud play of all, medidata, closed at $90.14. i thought it got taken over. i'm thrilled about that one. and we have the ceo of this software as a service provider to the medical industry on later on. and groupon, got into the act. the pendulum swung and the
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cloud/social/mobile universe came back in favor. take advantage of the weakness in google, and buy some of the tech titan. i still like facebook, which is yes, my biggest position in my charitable trust and boy, did i feel relief. you can follow along where we have been saying that this is the real deal and suddenly, we are not alone. oh, and why not circle back to the company that pioneered the holy trinity, they have terrific long-term theme and they have spent enough time in the wilderness. how about the biotechs? they have been resting of late. they have been snoozing, catching some zs. and you know it's my most beloved of groups in 2013.
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just reported great numbers, and the group explodes higher with new money. i say -- you have to remember, there's a ton of drugs in the pipeline that are going to be approved soon. gilead, that stock, after the bell, it's got the best product pipeline of all. it's probably up about, let's say, $14 in a couple weeks. that is astonishing. $92 billion market cap and do not count out regeneron, we have pin action in this channel. and it's important to point out that it's a zero sum game going on underneath the averages. the money is flowing to the new sectors, it has to come from somewhere and i think it's coming from another red hot group from earlier in the year. housing. we saw some disappointing
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numbers from two home builders, it created a torrent of selling. in all things housing and housing related, the selling made sense because the numbers were disappointing. now, i remain a long-term bull on housing, we are building enough homes for demand, but we know the huge increase of mortgage rates has crimped the demand, it should not have been a rude awakening, i do not want to mess with the market once it changes the channel. it's hard to get it back to the channel. let's go back to the tv station analogy for a second. these stocks, they've been cancelled or put on hiatus. i understand that. i have not cared for the group of late. i'm not sure that all the housing related retailers like home depot and lowe's deserve to be put in the same dust bin.
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and yes, i would actually scoop up some restoration hardware. some stocks are just resting. they are doing some napping. which i do, like between 12:00 and 2:00, i will nap. after the tremendous run, both groups are pulling back, there's a next sector to roll over. do you mind if i tell you that it's nonsense? boeing and united technology would be gifts if they pulled back. basically, i can't believe we are making money, i can't believe we are making money. you know what else? i would not wait. i would buy them now if the market were open. the banks pulled back because they too had a big run. people are thinking that higher rates are spelling the end of the economy. but they expect higher rates.
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banks are another channel to be tuned to if they come down anymore. put those stations on, they have good programming. same with oils. we have to see the earnings and the co-hort traded lately into the numbers. stock tv changes rapidly. we saw natural gas trading. cabot oil and gas, i would after this rally, get out and rotate back. we have some standouts. under armour. baltimore's own. shot the lights out with the new footwear technology. and it exploded higher. $7.55 higher to be specific. you want fickle? the other shoes, crocs, that was in bull market. there's a lot of split
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personalities in semis. qualcomm doesn't make up for yesterday's hideous broadcom, i'm calling it a push. starbucks having an amazing quarter, up here, and dunkin down here, america runs on starbucks lattes, and dunkin's coffee. i call it unleaded and diesel. in the end, today belonged to facebook. they could end up disrupting the entire advertising industry. put simply, every major advertiser should be calling facebook and saying, i will put in a $100 million order and develop an ad campaign. they had much bigger profits than anyone expected. look out. it goes back to where it got started on the miserable ipo day, it's five points more and it's that good. the markets change the channel
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on the home builders today. all i can say is, don't get too comfortable. the viewers are always restless and the ratings fluctuate. and what is good today will get changed next week. or earlier. that is wall street for you. let's go to dan in indiana, dan? >> caller: cramer, booyah. >> booyah, chief, what is shaking? >> caller: yes, sir, with silver prices going up, i'm looking at pan american silver and wondering if you think it's a buy right now. >> keep looking. come on, man. they are not going to get down and dirty with silver. if we wanted to we would buy gold, but if we do that we buy bouillon, i would rather own campbell's soup bouillon rather than your pan american. let's go to t.j. in texas. >> caller: thank you for taking my call.
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o'reilly automotive reported strong earnings today. should i keep? >> i don't know, o'reilly and auto zone have been consistently good and i have been consistently with them. i don't think you need to sell. oh, my, gilead, can you believe it? facebook. the switch has been flipped. the market is fickle, from the home builders to the internet. stay with cramer. coming up, cloud nine. this tech stock skyrocketed today on earnings, but we are not talking about facebook. is there still time for you to download shares of digital drug play medidata solutions, or is it about to come back to earth,
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and later, food face off. the soup and sandwich shop, the silver burrito and the golden arches, all making big moves lately, but the best one to buy right now may surprise you. cramer crowns king of the kitchen next. plus, out of juice, utility american electric power was not able to shock the street with earnings this morning, but after a recent 10% sell off, could it power your portfolio higher? don't miss cramer's exclusive, all coming up on "mad money." anyone have occasional constipation,
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>> we have seen a lot of
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horrible numbers from tech companies, but not from the cloud. take medidata, it's a provider that helps drug based companies. they had better than expected revenues that rose 27.2%. in response, the stock soared $16.42, or 22%, a massive move in single session and now they have given you a 30% gain. here is the company that is right at the confluence of cloud computing and drug development two smoking hot areas. can they keep going or will they run into a place where they do not have room to run, let's check in with the co-founder, chairman and ceo of medidata to learn more about this amazing quarter and what is in store for the company.
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thank you. right at the top you say there's a new sheriff at the fda. there's janet woodcock, and she is saying that tests have to be done a particular way. from the literature, you are the only company that is doing the tests the way the fda wants right now. >> jim, what janet woodcock is saying is that industry in conjunction with regulatory agencies have to change the way clinical trials are being done, what we help is our customers to do those trials in a very different way, in a modern way, using the cloud. and what we help them do is to drive real value. make sure that we are getting high quality products to market. >> and a much faster pace than the other guys from what i can tell from your statement this morning. >> absolutely. >> and cheaper? >> and cheaper. >> how can that be? >> cloud technology. >> it's just literally a game changer. oracle had a company in this business, oracle dominated this business before you had made the revolution. are you just taking their
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customers, because they were the big dog in this? >> i think we are redefining the industry. we are winning competitively across the board, but we are leading our customers down a new path too. and it's all about the platform and the value that we are delivering on the platform. that is improved quality, reduced risk, better time to market. so you are getting to revenue faster and you are getting better drugs to market and lower cost for manufacturers. >> you said that the cloud based solution can be up and running in a matter on of weeks. what was it before this? >> months, years. >> who could afford that? some of these companies that you have are burning cash. >> that is what the value is. >> what i was trying to understand, this quarter was remarkable, how much of it was brand new clients and you in the door and getting the whole suite of products? >> about 80% to 90% of our revenues come from repeat business from our existing
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customers and increased adoption is driving the revenue growth. we are at the earliest stages of a massive uptake of cloud technology into drug development. i have said it before, drug development is moving to the cloud and we stand to be the primary beneficiary of that move. >> you talk about a 35% improvement in the median time to data entry. i look at the client list and i say you have amgen and i love gilead, they had a great number after the bell. seattle genetics, really like them. i do not see biogen. are you targeting them? >> we have customers that are not listed on the website. and there are others moving in our direction. >> this is the list you are allowed to share. >> absolutely. >> there are drugs being done right now, you mentioned gilead, we just heard that they are
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submitting hep-c to the fda. it's the biggest scourge that might be cured. gilead would contact you and say, listen, we need to know outcomes instantly of this drug we are trying because it's so important? >> we don't get involved in the actual clinical side of it at this point, what we are focused on is how do we enhance the performance of how you run a clinical trial, that is how the cost savings come in and the better time to market comes in. they are focused on is this therapeutically working. >> you are offering an off the shelf replicable technology, and the other guys are building it each time? >> there's a very heavy service component to a lot of the technology that is out there and the important thing of what we are doing is we are bringing a lot of data to bear. we have information on millions of patients and hundreds of
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thousands of doctors at this point, we are looking at how do you use the transactional data that we're collecting to say, is there a better way to do the process? is there a better way to get through a trial faster? >> okay, one of the things that i was trying to understand is that, this is -- this is a revolution that involves genomics and targeted therapeutics, but you are also doing it for the regular old drug companies too. >> it works across the board. >> i have to tell you, i mean, this is astonishing, i know a lot of people were concerned that your stock was expensive but your margins and revenues are growing faster than expected. >> we have a great business model. one of the things that makes us very attractive is the fact that we have a vertical focus. it is industry centric and there's a lot of changes that are happening in drug development. >> obviously you own the space.
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that is what is happening, that is why i continue to stand by your company, right now, you are the only guy that knows what the fda really wants. that is a pretty good -- privileged moment for your company, to use your words. again, i know this is a very expensive stock, but i want you to look at medidata solutions, because, what can i say, it's kind of like when we first saw it. we saw it and everyone said it was expensive and it turned out to be cheap. after the break, i will try to make you more money. >> coming up, food face off, the soup and sandwich shop, the silver burrito and the golden arches, all making big moves lately, but the best one to buy right now may surprise you. cramer crowns king of the kitchen. ♪
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at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st. ♪ [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines
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while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. thankfully e-trade has low cost investments and no hidden fees. but, you know, if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there's a couple of ways you could do it. ♪ ♪ or just go to e-trade and save it. boom. ♪ >> >> now that we have gotten quarterly report cards from most of the quick-serve restaurants
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we hear how they are doing badly because the consumer is weak. witness ruby tuesday and the cheesecake factory leading the group lower today off of lackluster numbers. when you take a closer look at the earnings in this space, it's clear the conventional wisdom has got to be wrong and many of the quick serve names are worth buying, not selling. mcdonald's set the tone on monday when it reported and delivered not so hot numbers, okay, sales in the u.s., just okay. they cautioned american consumers were under pressure. i think we should not jump to conclusions here. make the weakness is the fault of the consumer or maybe it's merely an alibi, i think the consumer is losing the appetite for some of the cheap, unhealthy food that mcdonald's is known for. but they are striving to make more healthy food. they are not a cheap stock.
11:27 pm
they have an 8% growth rate. consider that when chipotle reported last thursday it roared to $400. did chipotle complain about the consumer? no, they delivered a 5.5% increase in same store sales, thanks to increased traffic. we talked to the ceo the next day and he painted a pretty bullish picture. more important, they give the lie to the theory that the consumer is not spending money on fast food. they have a 20% growth rate. i think they can deliver on that growth, which means it is worth owning. and what do we make of panera bread, one that caused the stock
11:28 pm
to drop. they came in $1.74, low end, and $.03 below what the analysts were looking for. the reason for panera's weakness? the size of the average check grew by 4.3%, but the transaction volume was down .4%. so the issue is here traffic. when a restaurant has a traffic problem, you have to ask, are fewer people showing up, or are they not processing their customers efficiently enough? given that people are spending more, it's a throughput problem, the kind of problem that chipotle had to deal with. the kneejerk reaction is that panera is in a slowdown or losing its market share. my view is it's a near-term problem that has to do with getting people served and through the restaurant faster. listen to the conference call, the company is well aware of the problems. i think they will fix it. they are putting real money to work when it comes to solving
11:29 pm
the throughput problem. i think this pullback will turn out to be a buyable one. they are a powerful growth story. they are increasing their store base by 7% per year. inventing a lot of new products including many tapas small plates that are popular with younger people. i would not bet against panera, especially since the stock is trading a more reasonable 20 times earnings. i think management can get the house in order and restore panera to the right place. how about dominos? mere is another stock that sold off after being reported last week. hold it up. dominos beat the streets earnings estimates by a penny. revenues better than expected and sales per store excellent. what is wrong with dominos? we just spoke to the ceo tuesday, i still believe in their fabulous international
11:30 pm
growth story with first class innovation. plus, doyle, told us that they are gradually improving employment trends so the country is not hurting them, but helping them. i thought he was subdued, implying it's stagnating. dominos did put up the best numbers of any restaurant chain i follow. let's not forget dunkin brands. which, i'm taking these home, this is my favorite. which reported this morning, up 4% in stores. and the stock took a tumble, is dunkin another victim of a weaker consumer? i think not. in fact, dunkin's ceo came on "squawk box" and said they are
11:31 pm
feeling good about the economy. what about starbucks. wow, it put up tremendous numbers after the close and it soared in after hours trading. do you remember what ceo howard schultz said to me not that long ago? >> two and a half years ago, the same people who probably hated the stock at $8, perhaps love it today at $65. the point of that is, we had to believe in our brand, in our purpose and our business model. >> well, look, i love this. i still think it's worth buying and it tells you the consumer is doing just fine. as much as i like starbucks. it's an expensive cup of joe. bottom line, the quick serve restaurant chains are not getting pounded because of the consumers feeling stretched.
11:32 pm
the companies that executed did well. i think panera hit a bump in the road and it's worth buying along with chipotle, starbucks, dominos and dunkin brands. let's go to jude in new jersey. >> caller: jim, how are you? >> real good, partner, how are are you? >> caller: quick question for you, do you think that mondelez is a good investment right now? >> no, i prefer pepsico, i am not going to tell you to sell it. i think pepsi co is better. let's go to farhan in california. >> caller: a big booyah to you and grand slam booyah to you from los angeles, california. >> thank you. >> caller: what do you think of denny's corporation, they have been paying down debt, and a tremendous share buy-back program, plus they have over 88
11:33 pm
properties and i was wondering if you thought they were a value play? >> i have not looked at it in a long time. my mom and i used to get the grand slam. when i looked thin, she said let's go get the grand slam. i will check on denny's and come back. don't move, if you are hungry for a quick serve play. panera, chipotle, dominos, dunkin, starbucks. ♪ that's me... i made you something. ♪ i made you something, too. ♪ see you next summer. ♪
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>> it is time. lightning round. are you ready ski daddy? time for the lightning round. john in texas? john? >> caller: hey, booyah. i got a tech stock, low debt, high margin, $13 billion in cash, nice dividends, give me the low down on qualcomm.
11:37 pm
>> you have a buy, buy, buy. mike in new york, mike? >> caller: booyah from new york. the most recent call, i was wondering what your opinion would be on philip morris? >> i am cool on phillip morris, every country will put a higher tax on that product, so i'm not a buyer. bobby in california, bobby? >> caller: cramer? >> yeah. >> caller: i got noble. what do you got on noble? >> that is absolutely one of my favorite, favorite oil companies and should be bought and bought aggressively. going to samir. >> caller: booyah from atlanta, georgia. >> what is going on? >> caller: i want to get your opinion on xerox. >> i like the stock, go the ed in florida.
11:38 pm
>> caller: big booyah from boynton beach, florida. >> great to have you. >> caller: i want to thank you for everything you do for the little guys, jim. >> thank you. >> caller: i need to know what your take is on rite-aid. >> i'm torn because the place across the street from me is a dump. i like cvs, walgreen's and rite-aid in that order. josh. >> caller: booyah, las vegas, nevada? what do you think of sony? >> i like the japan stock market, i would buy japan etf, let's go to gail in north carolina, gail? >> caller: greetings mr. cramer, from north carolina. >> how is it going? >> caller: thank you for what you do. my question is about cracker barrel. >> they have a great buyback,
11:39 pm
it was good, i would be a buyer for cracker barrel. michael? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing today? >> good. >> i'm not in the gaming stocks, some people like them, i don't. let's go to daniel in connecticut. daniel? >> caller: hey, hey jim, what is going on? big booyah from branford, connecticut, i'm an 18-year-old college student and i'm trying help pay my way through college and you are helping me. i watch your show every night. my dad has a question for you. >> sure. >> caller: mdxg, jim? >> hey, listen, look, i can't pass that test, i have to do more work, let me come back and get college credit for it. that is the conclusion of the lightning round.
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coming up, out of juice? utility american electric power wasn't able to shock the street with earnings this morning but after a recent 10% sell-off, could this yield play still power your portfolio higher. power your portfolio higher. don't miss cramer's exclusive. u]
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>> in an environment where bond yields are on the rise, what happens to the bond market equivalent stocks that we like so much like utilities that got slammed, consider one of the favorites, aep, one of the largest generators of electricity. aep sports a 4.25% yield. they are in the midst of a transformation to natural gas, they have been switching back to coal because of the gas going up. american electric power reported
11:44 pm
today and the results were in just shy of what the analysts expected. on the other hand, the company reaffirmed the four-year guidance, so the stock got dinged $.57. let's talk with the ceo and find out more about the quarter. >> you have the industrial sales volumes, and your stuff is the most transparent of any of the companies i deal with, and there's still a lot of negatives and businesses that are not doing that well in your area. but you also talk about in your report that you are ready to play offense, you are not playing defense anymore. what happens to your bottom line if some of the numbers switch to positive? >> our earnings will take off because an improving economy will have a dramatic impact on our service territory. shale gas, manufacturing, from the industrial standpoint, it's struggling at this point and it has been since third quarter of
11:45 pm
last year, and it continues to try to struggle to rebound, but that primary metal side of things is really having an impact on us, and that is driven by the world market and everything else. >> one of the things that i happen to like, alcoa, but there's a huge glut in aluminum, at this levels, there's a glut in steel, and there's a glut in anything that you need for raw stuff to be able to build. your area seems to be much more levered to commercial construction than i thought. >> there's certainly a significant piece, we are a third industrial manufacturing, a third commercial and a third residential over our 11 state footprint and the key thing to consider though from a financial standpoint, the margins in the industrial sector for our business are significantly less than the commercial and residential margins, but it's particularly important though that the industrial and manufacturing has sustainable
11:46 pm
progress to make sure the commercial and residential continue to thrive. it is a difference between the load and the financial picture, in fact, in your previous question, we continue to invest in transmission, and infrastructure. there's substantial infrastructure needs in this country and that is where we are focusing our capital investment at this point. >> you do mention in your conference call that you are actually somewhat encouraged with the new epa. they changed administrators. is it tone? is it regulations? ist it when you speak with them, they say, you know what, you have done a tremendous amount with mercury, and nat gas, what is it about it that encourages you? >> there's a tone there, gina mccarthy has listened to the industry and continues to listen to the industry, and i also like to believe that the epa has learned a lot through the previous rulings, particularly
11:47 pm
the mercury rule that was an overreach that required the requirement of 20 to 25% of the coal fleet in the country. when you are have that kind of impact, you need to take a reasonable approach to the greenhouse gas rules that the president has asked for. i think gina mccarthy and the epa is trying to reach out to the industry to try to get that kind of knowledge base in place. hopefully we get rational set of proposed rules. >> it did seem to be less ideological, much more practical. they never seem to care that it meant the rate payers could get hurt. >> that's right. and now, you are seeing communities be affected, particularly where coal units were previously. we are going to have more retirements and the communities are starting to get impacted by that and i think they have taken notice of that. >> now, we do have a bit of a housing boom, we have seen housing prices go up.
11:48 pm
we saw great new home sales yesterday. what has it meant for the american electric power territory? >> in texas and in ohio, our commercial sector continues to pick up. so that is where you are seeing the housing construction side of things and the residential is hanging in there pretty well even. so, that is really the primary areas that has benefitted from that. and then, as well, the oil and gas activity in texas, and in the utica shale of ohio have had a positive impact as well. >> the only industry that is having great year over year besides petroleum and coal is paper manufacturing. how did that become the big gainer? >> as the commercial sector picks up, the need for those products improves. the more that improves the better off we will be. certainly, like i said earlier, the manufacturing sector is key as well. >> i got to tell you, if you get aluminum up, shale could offset the decline in aluminum.
11:49 pm
it is the go-to play, nick aikens, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you, jim. >> guys, if we ever do get an industrial turn in this country and you want to get a good yield, it will be aep in the interim, you just get a good yield, "mad money" is back after the break. huh...fifteen minutes
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>> you ever thought when you saw a stock move, somebody knew something and you didn't? but you were fleeced by those that had the inside skinny and you never did. people that knew what the quarter would be before it was reported and where the next shortfall would occur? if you read the indictment of sac capital that was filed today, you might easily draw the conclusion that your suspicions were absolutely right. the implication is that sac had the call pretty much consistently. they knew what was going to happen in a broad range of stocks. nvidia, dell, intel, cypress, microsoft. this indictment alleges that the
11:53 pm
firm routinely knew what was going to happen ahead of time, which in my view, means that if you were buying or selling the stocks, you were an uninformed dope. they had the information every day of the week. now the government wants back what it perceives to be the ill-gotten gains. brokerage firms may be hesitating to lend sac money, they may fear that they might not see the money back if the firm has to close the doors. the story broke down instantly about charges as heavy and frightening as these. i'm less worried about this one. sac has never been addicted to debt. you may ask why the firm is being indicted. if his namesake firm is the alleged perpetrator of these crimes. some say, it happened because they could not nail cohen, they
11:54 pm
had nothing on him. no one has flipped against the man they work for, so we have to take action anyway, we can not let cohen get away with it. to me the government is saying, look, cohen recruited people who had a edge, a legal edge, people who knew more than you do, and people who were meant to find out things that you couldn't. information about all the stocks and many others. he mentioned this culture specifically today. >> today's indictment is not just a narrative of names and numbers, it is more broadly an account of a firm with zero tolerance for low returns but seemingly tremendous tolerance for questionable conduct.
11:55 pm
>> wow. the indictment then alleges that cohen paid the recruits gigantic bonuses if they had the information. the key to this case is not that cohen took the information and then bought stocks off of it. it's the opposite is, the fraud that is government believes is the process where cohen was kept in the dark regularly about why these analysts wanted to buy these stocks. the whole firm was predicated on don't ask, don't tell. he was not supposed to ask why the analyst likes or disliked the stock. if the government is right, sac could be considered a criminal entity. it wrecks the level playing field. hedge funds like people are innocent until proven guilty, i am anxious to see what he says in response. if you believe the indictment, the take away is you were not being paranoid about stocks. you were not wrong to think that
11:56 pm
someone did indeed, have tomorrow's newspaper today. and the government is not going to let this firm keep what they see as illegal gains or let it continue to rig the game against you, for that matter. let's see what happens to sac, but take heed for those hege-fund managers, the next indictment could have your name on it.
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
>> winning a $30 million florida lottery changed abraham shakespeare's life, but did it lead to his murder? today was growth day, whether it be from starbucks, whether it
12:00 am
be from facebook. from gilead, from celgene, these were remarkable numbers we saw and i have to tell you something, in each case, i think these stocks are not done. they will now be the favorite stocks of the second half of 2013. i would not take profits. there's always a bull market somewhere. i'm jim cramer, see you tomorrow. the jersey mob does business the way the mob has always done business -- whatever it takes. >> if you have to kill somebody, you have to kill them. >> narrator: because in this world, where salesmen carry guns and the marketing strategy is cooperate or die, there's millions to be made. >> the basic principle is fear. "if you don't cooperate with us, well, things can happen." >> narrator: new jersey's decavalcante family knows how to make big money. and for better or worse, no one knows much about them, until a television series about a new jersey mob changes everything. >> they viewed themselves as the models for "the sopranos." >> narrator: but these mobsters


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