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tv   Closing Bell With Maria Bartiromo  CNBC  September 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the bargain. >> i maintain this is the new normal. always good to see you. thank you so much. so we finish out the day a rally off the highs. the dow was up 172. finished up about 115 with the s&p up about 9 points on the day. stay tuned, much more to come now in the second hour of "the closing bell with maria bartiromo." i'll see you tomorrow. it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to "the closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo. it is 4:00 on wall street. this market rallied despite deadly shootings in washington, d.c. we've got all of those stories covered for you. take a look at how we're finishing today on wall street as we await a new briefing from the d.c. mayor and the d.c. police chief. we'll take you there live as soon as they get in front of the podium to give us the details on what is behind these deadly shootings where we know 12 people are dead. the dow tonight up 117 points on the session, triple-digit gain. it had been up 174 points
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earlier so we are closing off of the best levels of the session. the market rallying on the news that larry summers has withdrawn his name from the chairman of the federal reserve contest. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 mixed. the nasdaq was down four points and that was largely due to apple and the s&p up about 9 points on the session as you can see there. the other major story we've been following, the horrific shooting spree at the washington navy yard. eamon has been covering this story and we want to get to him with the very latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, maria. things had started to quiet down here, but just within the past couple of seconds, we've seen increased police activity here at our location, which is about five blocks north of the washington navy yard. we know that they let the shelter in place employees go from this location earlier, about half an hour ago or so. but what we've seen in the past couple of seconds here is a very increased police presence. we're also told that the u.s.
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senate is now on a shelter in place situation as well. so we're told that might be out of an abundance of caution over at the senate but they're still apparently looking for one suspect or person of interest in this case. earlier today we heard from senate leaders in reaction to the shooting. take a listen to that. >> my sympathies, of course, are with those families who died. with those that have been injured. and my wishes go out to all those who go out to the navy yard complex. >> many people in the area and across the country will be directly affected by this terrible tragedy and we pray for them all. >> reporter: so, guys, reaction on the senate floor from the leaders of the united states senate here, but they're under lockdown, under shelter in place over at the senate right now. here things do appear to have calmed down, but the tragic news of the day, of course, 12 dead
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now here at the washington navy yard, maria. >> okay, thanks very much. we want to get back to the markets. we will take you back to washington once those briefings happen by the police chief as well as we'll take you to the hospital briefing. but the market certainly lost some of the steam as it wore on but still posted solid gains considering the news coming out of washington. bob pisani, are you surprised that the navy yard shootings did not really impact investors and stocks? >> no. as terrible as it was, it had tremendous momentum going in as mr. summers announced he was withdrawing his candidacy for the federal reserve. here's the point now. two things have been moving the markets. syria is now on the sidelines, mr. summers is on the sidelines. lower interest rates is really what matters here. the government shutdown is still looming october 1st and we still have to deal with the fed taper but nobody seems to be terribly worried about that. everybody thinks things will resolve themselves and we won't get an aggressive taper. take a look at the s&p 500.
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we almost hit a new high. 1709 would have been the new high. we had the ten-year option at 0 10.2%. what did lag today was techs. the nasdaq lagged throughout the day and that's largely because of apple and some of the stocks around apple. down another 3%. we're down about 11% since the apple 5s was announced. what did take a little steam out of the market was a problem with trading options in the middle of the day. around 1:40 eastern time trading on all the major options exchanges were halted about half an hour. there were issues with the option pricing reporting authority. that's the computer that disseminates pricing information. that is run by a division of the new york stock exchange. they're investigating that error. i understand there was some upgrades over the weekend to that system. that may or may not have been the cause of that. hopefully we'll get more
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information later on. there's the new york stock exchange. it moved down a little bit, around 1:40 eastern time, although it did end the day in the green. maria, back to you. joining me now to help wrap up this unlikely market day, david, jonathan broadski, greg sarian and tim leech. tim, let me kick this off with you. are you seeing any change in sentiment from that high-end clientele that you serve in terms of changing allocation ahead of this two-day fed meeting that begins tomorrow? >> no, not really seeing any kind of a change in sentiment, maria. the expectation and strong consensus is that the fed is going to have about a 20% pullback in how many bonds they're buying. as long as the fed box that narrow path, that's the expectation. but if it goes either way, ike that's where we may have more trouble. >> when you say it goes either way, in other words, if the fed comes out and actually tapers but also talks about higher
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rates or what do you mean either way? >> well, if the fed delays and doesn't actually taper, i think the market will be somewhat disappointed by that. the equity market especially. or if the nonconsensus happened and the fed actually tapered much more than the consensus views, which is somewhere in the $10 to $15 billion range, that could be a real surprise. >> that's interesting that you think the fed could actually sell off if we don't get a taper, because you think it's already priced in. does anybody else on the panel agree with that, that if we were to hear the fed say we're not beginning the tapering, if the market sells off? >> it could be -- >> the economic data has been showing -- >> i'm sorry, david, why don't you kick us off. i'll come back to everybody. david, you think the market could sell off if no taper? >> eventually, because this is still the fed in overdrive, pedal to the metal.
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the news today that larry summers has dropped his potential bid as fed chairman. all that begins to set the table not today, not tomorrow but farther down the road that inflation, which is very well behaved, less than 2%, could be problematic. my history is when inflation rates get above 4%, stocks don't keep up with inflation. we're already seeing what that has potentially done to the bond market this year with bonds down 3% to 4%, depending on the type of security. that would be where if the fed were aggressive, inflation could be problematic, tougher bonds, tougher stocks. >> was that greg who also was jumping in there? how do you see it, greg? >> yes. i think the economic data has been showing signs of slow and gradual recovery. the analogy i draw is like the i.v. being taken out of the patient. if the patient is getting healthier, there's less and less need for stimulus. when you look at housing data,
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the auto numbers, we are showing signs of slow, steady growth. the market is looking forward and will continue to view that data optimistically. >> it's interesting because, jonathan, the fed put real markers down and that was a 6.5% unemployment number and an inflation target that was 2%. neither of those have been achieved. so that's why i've been questioning why they would begin tapering this wednesday. >> yeah, i think the general consensus is we're seeing a general market improvement. given that market improvement, i think there is some concern about overheating and a move by the fed to begin tapering. >> so what's the investment play? let's say the tapering begins this wednesday. how do you allocate capital? how do you change what you've been doing? >> if we see a tapering event start to unfold, we've informed our clients that they should be looking abroad as the u.s. economy will drive improvement
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into some markets that haven't performed as well. the european markets and southeast asian markets and see securities significantly undervalued relative to their u.s. peers and give our clients an opportunity to outperform going forward. >> emerging markets have been seeing massive outflows. do you want to be looking for a merging market opportunity as well, tim leech? >> absolutely, maria. merging markets on a pound-for-pound basis are the most attractive valuation out there. when the fed began talking about its program of withdrawing stimulus, the dollar as we know surged and really sucked the light out of the room, especially hitting the emerging markets hard. but the fundamentals haven't changed there. and so the opportunity over the intermediate to longer term is actually very good we think. >> we'll leave it there. gentlemen, thank you very much. we want to get back to our top story. we appreciate your time and we'll see you soon. the washington, d.c., navy
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yard shooting, scott cohn, what can you tell us? >> reporter: maria, the alleged shooter, dead at the scene, is aaron alexis, 34 years old from ft. worth, texas. our nbc news investigative unit says three years ago alexis was arrested in connection with the discharge of a firearm into a neighboring apartment in texas. fast forward to today and our nbc station in washington, wrc, says there is security camera footage of a gunman shooting a security guard. they will certainly be analyzing that. police are also looking for a second suspect or at least person of interest described as a black man in his 40s with graying side burns, 5'10", 180 pounds, wearing olive, military-style garb. 12 people are dead and three people injured. a police officer and two civilians. the hospital saying that they are all three expected to recover and no doubt very lucky. there is a shelter in place order, a lockdown on the senate side of capitol hill. that is out of an abundance of caution. the house side remains open. tonight's baseball game between
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the washington nationals and the atlanta braves just blocks from the navy yard has been postponed. maria. >> we've got that one shooter still on the loose, scott. what do we know about the shooter that is still at large? >> reporter: well, we don't know even that this person is a shooter. we know it's someone police are looking for. remember that a short time ago, police were looking for two people in military-style garb and a lot of people could be around the navy yard in military-style garb. one of those people was found, identified and shown not to be a suspect, not to be involved in the case. that may be the case with this other individual, we don't know yet. >> rt all right, scott, we'll c back to you as more news developing. much more after the break. more on the awful navy yard shootings. we'll take you to the briefings at the hospital as well as the police chief. back in a moment on "closing bell." ♪
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welcome back. we are waiting for a briefing from the mayor and the police chief of washington, d.c. we will take you there live in just a few moments but first we want to get the very latest on these d.c. shootings. eamon is at the navy yard right now.
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>> reporter: not a whole lot of information here. it is a little bit quieter here now. just a few minutes ago we had a burst of police activity and vehicles moving off of this location at pretty high speed moving north. we do know the united states senate is on what could be a precautionary lockdown or shelter in place situation. some of these buildings here, government and private office buildings nearby this location are still themselves under lockdown even though the navy yard let employees, civilian and military go, about an hour ago just guessing off the top of my head. we've seen a lot of those employees move out of the area. some of the the buildings are still closed. they have let some of the traffic start to go behind us so they're loosening up the controls in this area even as they're clamping down on controls at the united states senate. we have no information whether that's driven pie anything other than a sheer abundance of caution at this point. >> joining us soon, mary ellen o'toole, a former profiler for
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the fbi who worked on the first research and study of mass school killings. on the phone with us is mike bouchard. thanks very much for joining us. mike, let me kick this off with you. first, give me your instinct here. i know we're trying to zero in on a motive. we do not have information but you've seen cases like this before. what would be your reaction to what has taken place? >> there are a lot of moving parts in place and the commanders are making sure they're following up on everything that they should be doing, so they're collecting all this information through the crime scene and interviews, et cetera. they're starting to put together a picture of what might have happened. now, of course they still haven't determined if there's a second shooter. that's one of their highest priorities right now. >> okay. and in terms of the profile of this individual, mary ellen, we don't know much about the person
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that is a suspect, although we're still unclear about that. what can you tell us in terms of what you have seen in past profiles of this kind of situation? >> certainly. in prior cases what i've seen are individuals who are what i call injustice collectors, which means that when events occur in their life that they see as threatening or as insulting them, they will -- >> mary ellen, let me interrupt you, i apologize. we have to get to the press conference happening right now to get the very latest from the police chief. >> district of columbia today on the campus of the navy yard. i'm joined at this press briefing by chief kathy lanier of our metropolitan police departme department. the district director of the fbi, valerie parlave is with us as well. chief teresa chambers of the
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park police and the person who represents the district of columbia in the house of representatives, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton. let me, first of all, say again we all know this is a horrific tragedy, certainly one of the worst in recent memory and certainly i don't know, you never remember anything quite like this here in the city. we know these kinds of things have happened in other places and other cities in america, but nothing like this here in the district of columbia. let me begin by saying that my heart, like that of our entire administration and others, goes out to the families of those who have been victimized, who left home to go to work this morning thinking they were going to work on behalf of our nation, working at the navy yard, working for the navy, only to have something horrific like this to occur.
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secondly, i want to thank all the first responders. all the law enforcement agencies and all of the hundreds of people who have done such a sterling job today to deal with this horrific tragedy. i'll be followed by chief lanier and then valerie parlave, chief chambers if she chooses to speak and then congresswoman norton. first of all, i think you know earlier today we talked about the possibility of there being two other suspects. one of those has been ruled out. that gentleman has been identified and is no longer a suspect. he's been talked to by law enforcement officials and there's no reason to continue any views that he may have been involved in this. there is still yet another person who was identified earlier that was a person in the video who was wearing a drab olive uniform, around 50 years
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of age, around 5'10", african-american man, and we are continuing to look for him to determine what, if any, involvement he may have had. there are many people that have asked us whether we think there's terrorism involved in this. we don't know what the motive is at this stage. obviously we'll continue to seek information about what the motive is, but we don't have any reason at this stage to suspect terrorism but certainly it has not been ruled out. we now have a total of 13 fatalities, including the shooter. we had one additional since we last convened. that was one of the victims who died at a hospital as a result of the wounds that he suffered. we have not -- we don't even know most of us ourselves the
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identities of the victims at this stage, so we have no information to offer about that. and of course we would not do that until we have been able to assure that their families and their loved ones have been notified. so those who may have questions about the identity of the victims, there's nothing that we can offer in that regard at this point. two other pieces of information and i'll ask chief lanier to come up. first of all, we want to urge once again the people who live in this area to stay out of the area. there's absolutely no reason to come down here, especially since we continue to seek information about the person that i mentioned earlier, to try to rule in or rule out his involvement in this horrific incident. and then finally for those who asked -- many have asked us about the washington nationals baseball game this evening, that has been postponed and rescheduled for 1:00 tomorrow. i guess they'll play a doubleheader, 1:00 tomorrow and
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then 7:05 tomorrow evening. so with that information as an update, let me now ask chief lanier to come up and provide some additional input. >> thank you. as the mayor indicated, this is still a very active law enforcement scene, so there's still a lot of activity going on. we do realize that we still have to move people through the city and around the city. it is now rush hour, approaching rush hour. as of right now i can say in terms of traffic flow, we want to keep people obviously as far away from the area where we're actively investigating as possible, but we have now opened 295, 395 and 695. we're asking people to avoid the area around the nats park and also the m street will remain closed from south capital to 11th street southeast. those are the areas we're asking people to avoid. this is still an ongoing investigation. we are continuing to ask our residents and communities and
4:23 pm
businesses in the immediate area to shelter in place and avoid the area as mentioned until we finish doing what we have had to. we are hoping in the next couple of hours to have information one way or the other on whether we can conclusively say we have all suspects or persons involved in this accounted for. there are some additional updates that have been going out in terms of the person that has been identified as the shooter in this case. that information will be shared by the fbi. we are still asking for any information from the public. we have given contact information, which i'm sure they will repeat, but still anybody who has information to pass on, please continue to pass that along to the fbi in this case as we're continuing to investigate. so with that said, i'll turn it over to val and let her give you the update on the suspect we do know.
4:24 pm
>> valerie parlave. i'm the assistant director in charge of the washington field office of the fbi. we can confirm that the deceased shooter from this morning has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. we have posted photographs of mr. alexis on our website, f and we ask anyone with information to contact us at 1-800-call fbi. we are looking to learn everything we can about his recent movements, his contacts and his associates. this remains a very active investigation. we currently have our evidence response team moving in to process the scenes where the shootings took place. we will also continue to run down every lead and we will continue to work together on this investigation with our law enforcement partners. again, we ask the public to look
4:25 pm
at the photos of the deceased shooter and to contact the fbi with any and all information. thank you. >> is there any indication mr. alexis -- >> can you hold the questions until we get to the end. okay, thank you. chief of the -- chief. >> thank you for the opportunity just to say that what you're seeing here is the teamwork that goes into every law enforcement and public safety enterprise here in the d.c. area every day. as you'll learn over the days the heroism of a number of different entities and their officers did make a difference in today's outcome. as the story unfolds, we'll learn more and be able to share more with you. thank you. >> i've just come from the house of representatives. it's not on lockdown. i understand the senate is on lockdown. of course the house is not in session today. when the house reconvenes tomorrow, i will lead a moment
4:26 pm
of silence for another heartbreak in our city, for the victims and their families. we take an attack on a federal facility in our city personally. it's an attack not just on that facility, it's an attack on our city. it's an attack on our country. i do want to say that the facility itself is one of the most secure facilities in the district of columbia. we have a long relationship with the naval c systems command since we worked to bring it to its present location which started with the revival of the entire m street corridor, which is now a thriving corridor. we hope that once the investigation is done, once we
4:27 pm
get back to normal that the navy yard will be run as it has been run ever since they got there. very secure facility and yet it has an event center and the organizations in the district of columbia and region have events there, almost every evening. so they have been able to learn to live with the district and yet be a secure facility. meanwhile i ask everyone to withhold judgment on what happened. this is really a revolving event and i want to congratulate and thank the mayor and the federal officials for keeping us as well informed as they could. thank you very much. >> questions? let's start here. >> mr. mayor, is there any indication that the dead gunman had a military background?
4:28 pm
>> i don't know. perhaps the chief or val does. >> i think all the information that we want to release on the gunman will be included in information on beyond that we're not going to share any information at this time. >> raise your hand so we can -- >> do you have any idea how the gunman got into the building? >> i don't think we know that information and, frankly, this is a continuing, evolving investigation and there's just certain information we're not prepared to release at this stage, even if we know the answers. we'll have to take time. >> you told me earlier that you had four wounded, 12 dead. now you have 13 dead. does that mean you have three wounded? what are the total number of casualties? >> there's 13 people who are dead and then there are probably a dozen or more who are wounded. but again, we're not prepared to say what all the reasons are. some of them may have been hurt, if i can put it that way, for
4:29 pm
reasons other than being shot. we'll release that information as we know what it is. >> just to confirm, is there a second gunman on the loose right now? how concerned should we be? >> we don't know that there is a second gunman on the loose. we know there was a person that was identified very early in this process, in fact there were two. one of them has been ruled out. the other person has certainly not been ruled in as someone who was involved in this horrific incident, but we're trying to find him to get further information about it. >> you described a video that this person was seen on. can you tell us more about this video? is it a security video? where was the video taken? >> there are a lot of questions that are associated with this investigation at this stage that are best left unanswered. one, because we may have only partial information or they may affect the outcome of the investigation. >> do you know whether the gunman took his own life or was he involved in a shootout with officers. >> he was engaged in shooting with police officers. >> can you give us a timeline of how this started and then how it
4:30 pm
ended? >> the first call for metro police arrived and within literally two to three minutes, metropolitan police officers were on the scene. now, internal security had already engaged -- identified and engaged the suspect. we already had victims down at that point. within seven minutes we had active shooter teams inside the building, moving through the building. there was multiple engagements with the suspect that was eventually deceased. both metropolitan police and park police, our preliminary information, got into a final gun battle with the suspect that is deceased. but there were multiple incidents within that time frame in which there was a gun fight with the suspect that was deceased. >> we've heard from some of your people who we've talked to that there was just something -- this was one of the worst things they have ever seen.
4:31 pm
can you describe what they found when they went in there. >> it was certainly one of the worst things we've seen in washington, d.c. as officers moved through the building, they were taking transmissions and keeping command informed of what they were coming across as they went through. multiple victims. there was gunfire still going on. this is what we train for. we were able to pull active shooter teams together and complements to the partners here to the national capital region. we were able to pull officers from different agencies, put them in a single team and get them in the building within seven minutes. >> would he have kept shooting. >> there's no question he would have kept shooting. >> the active shooting team, they were officers in their blues, not in s.w.a.t. gear. they have ar-15s and are trained to go in there. >> the officers engaged in the first round was uniform officers. the uniformed patrol officers on routine patrol that responded to
4:32 pm
the call on the scene within minutes. so i think the years of training and practicing and coordinating with the partners has been efficient. >> we'll take two more questions. >> can you give us a ballpark on the number of rounds that he may have fired? >> no. there's just so many questions. i can't give you exact times right now. obviously there's still a lot of ongoing investigation before we get to the kind of summary but we're not going to comment on evidence, number of rounds fired. we're not going to comment on any details of any evidence recovered and we're certainly not going to comment on after action type things right now. we've got police officers that are still actively engaged and still working a threat so all that will come later. we will come back in two hours. we will two one more two-hour briefing and one another four hours later. >> how he got in, there must be -- >> i.d., did he have an i.d.? >> this is the last question for this briefing. >> how long did it take to put down the shooter? >> we're not going to comment on that right now. >> thank you all.
4:33 pm
we'll be back at 6:00. thank you all very much. >> all right. we have been listening to the police chief in washington, a somber day in d.c. and the country. once again, we can confirm 13 people are dead as a result of the shooting, so that includes the shooter. and one of the victims died in the hospital as a result of the injuries there we just heard. a dozen or more have been wounded from various ways according to the police chief. they do not know if the second gunman is on the loose. there were two people identified as being involved. one has been ruled out. they were looking for that second one to figure out if in fact he is ruled out. so we are not sure if there is a second gunman on the loose. on the telephone with me right now is retired u.s. marshal bobby fagan. first they were looking for two additional suspects, now just one. what goes into the process of tracking these guys down? >> well, maria, good afternoon and thank you for giving me the
4:34 pm
opportunity to express my thoughts. i'm a newly retired law enforcement officer. this is the first time that i'm watching it on tv as opposed to being involved in it. but i will say one thing. on behalf of the whole nation, i know everyone in the law enforcement community in our nation grieves for the victims of this tragic incident, but i will say that you couldn't get a finer group of law enforcement professionals together for what they're doing right now. in the short amount of time there was a lot of information going on. initially two, now there's one person of interest. but because of the work of the fbi and metropolitan police and the whole capital area law enforcement group, they were able to dismiss or negate one of these individuals that was wanted. >> yeah, but i mean we're looking at a picture right now of aaron alexis. this was released by the fbi. this is the deceased shooter.
4:35 pm
this photo released by the fbi. tell us the kind of procedures usually taken to cut suspects off from leaving the area. do we even -- can we even say for sure that this second person of interest has not left d.c. by now? >> obviously there's nothing that's written guarantees. i would say, though, from my experience and from the way that the law enforcement responded and put the active shooter scenario in place, which was critical, critical in ensuring and establishing several perimeters, ensuring the safety of the staff at the washington navy yard, it would be very difficult for that individual -- and again, this is just speculation, unless there was a -- this was a well planned thing where he had other resources there.
4:36 pm
but essentially from what i viewed from my experience, my 20 some odd years with the marshal service in conducting manhunts, they have really done everything textbook. right now i'm sure as chief lanier had said, this is ongoing and the fbi said this is an ongoing investigation. they have active shooter scenarios in several of the government buildings, from my understanding from the media. and essentially they are narrowing and step by step and identifying this individual. and again, it appears that we're not sure who this person is, what his involvement is, but it's a person of interest and i'm sure that twhauns person is identified and turned over to the fbi who's leading the investigation, we'll get some more answers. but this is textbook. this is really -- the american public should really be impressed with the professionalism, the training
4:37 pm
like chief lanier said. these agencies in the capital area and around the world, i was in new york in 9/11. these training exercises are critical, critical to responding to events for public safety and appe apprehending these individuals. >> we will leave it there. chief inspector for the u.s. marshal service bobby fagan. thanks very much for your time, we appreciate it. more on the tragic washington navy yard shooting next. stay with us. [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪ all on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. ...amelia... neil and buzz:
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welcome back. we want to send it over to dominic chu. >> shares of outer wall have been halted because of news they are trading again and they're down big in the after market. almost 20% to the downside. the company formerly known as coin star cut its revenue and profit outlook. outer wall is the company behind the popular redbox dvd rentals. revenues from redbox were up in july and august but still below the company's expectations. he also cited promotional discounting activities as having an effect on those results. so again, maria, big downside move. down nearly 20% in the after market. back over to you. thanks very much. as we have been telling you, 13 people have been pronounced dead in the washington, d.c., navy yard shooting. still a lot more questions than answers at this hour. let's get to scott cohn with the very latest developments. scott. >> reporter: maria, that 13th
4:41 pm
person died at a hospital. 13 people dead, including the gunman. there is still a possibility that a second gunman is on the loose, a possibility. the alleged shooter killed at the scene is 34-year-old aaron alexis, a former navy reservist, most recently living in ft. worth, texas. his former roommate tells nbc news he's in complete shock about the man he describes as his best friend. alexis did have a concealed weapons permit, according to the friend. his moective is still a mystery. and the fbi is asking for any information about him, his associates, his movements. nothing too small. you can call 1-800-call fbi. they're also looking for a potential second suspect described as a black man, medium build in his 40s with graying side burns, last seen wearing olive military attire. the lockdown at the navy yard and on the senate side of the capitol have now been lifted. >> thanks very much. we'll come back to you as news
4:42 pm
develops. the washington navy yard shootings delayed president obama's remarks on the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis by about an hour. john harwood is live at the white house tonight on what is going on behind the scenes there. john, did they ever consider not giving the speech as a result of this? >> reporter: you know, our colleague, peter alexander, asked jay carney, the white house press secretary that question at the briefing today. jay carney said no, that congress is on tight deadlines about dealing with the potential extension of government funding, the debt crisis and the president thought it was important. but he did address at the beginning of his remarks the tragedy that occurred a short distance away here from the white house. one of the things significant is what we saw at that news conference a while ago which was that the fbi was participating right alongside the d.c. police department. president obama said federal authorities were going to help and they were going to try to make that process of cooperation as smooth as possible. >> i have made it clear to my team that i want the investigation to be seamless so that federal and local
4:43 pm
authorities are working together. as this investigation moves forward, we will do everything in our power to make sure whoever carried out this cowardly act is held responsible. >> reporter: maria, just to add a postscript to what scott cohn just said a moment ago, yes, the mayor said there was a possibility of another gunman on the loose, but i have to say that throughout the day, from the moment even when kathy lanier, the d.c. police chief, raised that possibility that there were two people on the loose, the city has not felt that way. if you walk around downtown outside the white house here, things have been proceeding as normal. you had this unusual situation on the hill where the senate locked down, the house did not. so i don't know if some of this is simply the difficulty of coordinating a whole lot of agencies and jurisdictions in a fast-moving situation, but it certainly has not felt as if authorities believe that the city itself was under threat beyond that scene at the navy yard, maria.
4:44 pm
>> thank you very much, john harwood at the white house. as we have been reporting, there are 13 people dead, including the gunman tonight. three people wounded in today's tragic shootings although earlier the mayor of d.c. said there are at least a dozen injured. so we are going to zero in on what the injuries are specifically and are they specifically related to shot wounds. diana is at the washington hospital center with more on that. diane, over to you. >> reporter: well, that's right, maria. we've just been briefed by the chief medical officer here at the washington hospital centers about those three surviving shooting victims. they are all now in stable condition. two of them are still in surgery. the one washington, d.c., police officer who had multiple gunshot wounds to his legs, he did arrive here at the hospital alert, talking to officials here. he wanted to send a message to his mother. he is still in surgery but expected to recover. another female victim shot in the shoulder is in surgery right now, also expected to make a
4:45 pm
full recovery. the third victim was shot in the head, a female worker at the navy yard, but luckily it did not penetrate the skull so she will not need surgery and she is expected to recover as well. they did all arrive again here alert, talking to officials here. the one question they had for everyone was how were their colleagues doing back at the navy yard. unfortunately, people here were not able to tell them that but they do believe these three victims will make full recoveries. they are not expecting to see anyone else here. >> all right, thanks very much. we have much more on today's tragic shootings in washington, d.c., when we come right back. stay with us on "closing bell."
4:46 pm
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4:48 pm
well, the fbi is now leading this investigation. joining us, two fbi veterans, clint van zandt, a hostage negotiator and a supervisor in the silence of the lambs unit. jeff lanza, investigative corruption fraud, organized crime and terrorism. and chad sweet, former chief of staff at the department of homeland security and now the ceo of the chertoff group. thanks for joining us. let me get first your reaction to what we've heard from the police chief. there seems to be a person of interest. we are not saying that this is
4:49 pm
necessarily a definite second suspect. the police chief stopped short of saying that. but there is another person of interest. clint van zandt, when you listen to what you have heard, what's your reaction? >> well, it seems that this is an absolute possibility. i think we're dealing with the fog of war. i think we're dealing with 400 different witnesses trying to say what they saw, what they heard. i have yet to hear any witness put a gunfiring in the hand of anybody else other than the principal suspect other than we know is shot and dead. >> jeff lanza, does the profile of this individual who is deceased, aaron alexis, 34-year-old man from texas, does this tell you anything about a potential motive? >> it seems to me like it's a pure case of workplace violence on its face value. what we have to understand now is the motive. what was going on in that workplace. is he a new employee to that workplace? does he have a beef with the
4:50 pm
government from previous jobs that he was involved with as a contractor? definitely workplace violence. now we just have to figure out the motive. >> workplace violence. so you would rule out any thought of terrorism, correct? >> that's what i'm thinking right now. now, if there's a second person involved, very is a second pers involved, very few cases is there a second person involved. i would rule out terrorism myself, looking at facts as i see them today. looks like he has got an issue in the workplace. >> what about the fact that this is a military facility. weigh in on this. what is your thought in terms of motive? >> i think it's too early to prematurely judge that it isn't terrorism. you can have a loan wolf who is a terrorist. >> i think one of the most
4:51 pm
notable aspects of this. if we had not had a sophisticated local law enforcement, you might have seen a death count the way you saw in 2008 in mumbai. >> that's an important point to make. do you agree with that? and do you agree that this doesn't have the fingerprint of terrorism on it? >> if we have somebody making a religious statement as he fires his gun like we saw at fort hood or some type of political statement, then we can say it's obviously perhaps religious or politically remote terrorism so the investigation, any writings,
4:52 pm
any statement he has made, that's going to give us a key to his head and motive. >> i guess, i'm scratching my head. one would expect that the military facilityies is there reason to believe that that expectation should not hold? >> i think it is still a good expectation. realize they are not necessarily planning on dealing with this. when was the last time someone went on a military facility with three different weapons and shot it up like this. we have gone from military police officers to civilian contractors. some of the contractors are excellent. they are the ones that engage. and just like in this case, had it not been for them, more people would have died. >> the question that was just asked is when was the last time it happened.
4:53 pm
the answer is 2009. not that long ago. it does highlight that we need a risk based approach. if it turns out this individual was cleared, ie, had a security clearance, this will make fort hood look like a reduction. >> we should be clear. we don't know if any of this is true. there are more questions right now than answers. but the idea that he used a former employee's i.d. to get into the navy yard, does that tell you anything? >> absolutely. he probably didn't have access himself. >> work case violence, most cases could always be prevented. there is always warning signs and one of the key factors is
4:54 pm
recognizing those warning signs but also if someone is not working in a location any more, they need to deactivate the id and make sure that that person can't get access into a given secure facility. >> do you think he has left dc at this point? >> well -- >> the person? >> we're not even sure there is another he. we have got to be careful. how does this guy walk on a base carrying three different guns? i think that has to be resolved. and number two, is there in fact a second shooter? we don't know for sure. >> there is a person of interest, is the point here. is it fair to say he may very well have left the dc area quickly? clint? >> well, i think he could have but also we have seen fugitives just hunker down right in place. this guy had a reason to be there. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> i'm sorry? >> just like the boston bomber,
4:55 pm
the tsarnaev brothers. >> that's right. thank you very much. the market up better than 100 points in the face of all of this. back in a moment.
4:56 pm
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>> okay. we have 30 seconds on the clock. they were here to tell us what to watch for. i'm joined tomorrow by mark howard and mike from pierce financial group. kevin you're up. 30 seconds on the clock. what do you want to watch for tomorrow? >> we will be looking at the uscpi for all. on the cpi we're looking at a gain of 0.1% and 0.2% on the poor. that will be the fourth month in a row. which would likely lessen fed fears of disinflation. on the housing market index we are looking for a flat performance on the month. that will be up significantly from the past trend. >> all right. we will leave it there. mark, over to you, what do you want to watch for for tomorrow? >> we agree with the comments
4:59 pm
about the cpi. we are also looking at consolidation markets particularly post summers today. and some consolidation and anticipation. comments about the reviews for portugal and greece and we're seeing a lot of new issue wans. >> thank you. mike, what are you watching? >> hi, maria. we believe the markets will open higher. the replacement of larry summers with janet as the front runner for the federal board chairman is seen as bullish. we're also looking at the fact that tapering has already been factored into the market. we do expect that they happen on wednesday with little consequences. we also are looking at both housing market index and cpi index as unchanged from previous reading. overall the sentiment is light and we believe things are still
5:00 pm
leaning towards the bullish side. >> okay. we will leave it there. that will do it for closing bell tonight. thanks very much for joining us. our continuing coverage continues right now with melissa lee. melissa? >> live from new york city's time square, i'm melissa lee. we have a slew of headlines hitting the wire today from a dramatdramatic shooting inside d.c. navy yard that killed 13 people. so let's first get more on the breaking news. here is the latest. >> reporter: hi, we're starting to learn a little bit more about the man who committed this horrific attack here in washington d.c. at the washington naval yard which is t


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