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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  December 2, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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they said that, pete, you won the debate on coach. joe, final trade? >> long terr ex. >> scott -- joe. >> google. >> pete? >> ftnt. >> josh. >> staying with the bankle. >> who am i? i'll see you later. halftime is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts now. >> the homestretch for the markets in this record-breaking year of 2013 is under way. what do you need to do to have your portfolio set for this last month of the year and the beginning of 2014. the dow is up 22% in 2013. maybe it is the nasdaq where investors should be focusing. it is up 34.5% year to date. weekend number one of the shopping season is in the books. we're already getting good data. i will never, ever, ever,
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ever -- have i said that enough? -- ever go to something called a door buster. i promise you. we have the data. and we're looking at where those online dollars are going click by click. see, those people are walking slowly. there's none of that scrambling, the business with the door buster. drones, maybe you saw it on "60 minutes." bring in the doane? maybe. will amazon's prime air drone idea take off? . can i see a few guys with beverages and shotguns. what are the risks? how much will it cost? we'll deliver answers today on "power lunch", but sue, to the nysc. >> i'm with you. no door busters. stocks struggling a bit. the doubt down for a second time. the three major averages off the three straight months of gains.
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the s&p 500 is actually positive by almost four, and the nasdaq is positive by 0.71. however, the markets have been on an incredible run. the dow on page for the biggest yearly percent gauge since 2003, on track for its annual point increase on record. the man who predicted the housing crash says he is worried about the boom in the u.s. stock market. nobel prizewinning economist robert shiller says it could end badly. will it kill off the santa claus rally? welcome back, bob, and kenny polcari is here as well. we've had an incredible run, but depending on who you talk to, we're either fairly valued, or in some sectors, slightly undervalued. >> some people thing we're overvalued. i tend to be more in that camp. i tend to be more cautious, because i think the market is well ahead of itself versus where the fundamentals say we
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are, so unless something happens quick for the economy to catch up, i'm not necessarily agrees there's a crash, but a -- >> pullback. >> what would kill this rally is a sit spike in interest rates. >> we're over it. we had a global bond market sell-off today. >> by the way, mr. shiller, professor shiller may protest a little too much. he has this big theory about the stickily cal adjusted p.e. ratios, where he takes the prices by the average earnings. while it's high, he himself has had hits own index didn't consider the market to be overvalued. it's alternates high. this is his own index right now. >> the other issue is those who believe the market is propped up by the fed. that's been an issue for some time now, but it's gaining rather a lot of traction one an increasing number of people.
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because -- today there was an article in waerge, but how put the foot on the gas, and is there concern about fed policy and -- and people are becoming concerned. listen. at some point they have to pull the trigger and start to taper. when will it be? march? june? a year from now? that's what gets frustrating. they're worried about financials. let's here what they have to say. >> mr. shiller did highlight two areas of the stock market that worry him in particular -- increase knowledge and financials -- so we have seema mody and dominic chu. >> 2013 has been a big year for tech. 33 stocks in the tech index are up 30% or more so far this year with my chron tech, burst solar and hp up over 90%. many would say, yes, tech is overvalued, yet the broader sector is lagging the s&p 500
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this year. it's also trading at a multiple that is lower than health care, consumer staples, and materials. by looking at those numbers, some tech lovers are saying this sector is attractively priced. in fact brian marshall, i was having a conversation with him, he says there are some areas in tech that are undervalued, sblug names like ems and networking players juniper and f 5 networks. firmly above 4,000, that's the key milestone that -- with economic growth picking up, experts say that could fuel i.t. spending, which has been at a multiyear low, so a pickup in i.t. spending, that could be another catalyst. seema thank you very much. >>dom? >> well, sue. now, the easy case here may be to say that, yes, the financials
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are overvalued. so far in 2013, the s&p financials are up 31%, better than the s&p 500 overall, which is up 27%. if you look at it over the past year, the outperformance is even better, financials are up 37% versus 27% for the s&p. of course, when you have that kind of outperformance, it really begs the question, can it continue without some kind of pullback, some kind of correction, a reversion back to the mean or average? at the end of last week financials were still constituently overbought, just like they were the same time a week ago. around four out of every five stocks in the sector are traiting or shorter-term trend line. maybe statistically we could see a pullback, but fundamentally -- brian belski recommends overweighting the banks buff things like earnings growth and investors rotating possibly toward that sector among bmo's
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overyeah stocks, also cede managers like blackrock and brokerages, so sue, the financials there's a bull and bear case to be had. still no mistaking it's been on a big outperforming run. >> absolutely. kenny, let's talk about this. i think one of the differences is whether or not a pullback constitutes -- it's going to depend on the percentage move that we see in the pullback, if indeed we get the pullback, 5% or 8% would be healthy. is the market going to correct 10% or 15%? i don't see that happening, because i think there's a lot of money just wait fog that to happen, so it never happens. the pullbacks tend to be shallow, because everyone is viewing 2014 to be the turnaround year. notice from the fed they're not going anywhere, so that's only positive for stocks. >> bob? >> look what happened today. basically slightly disappointing commentary. good numbers on thursday, but
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all it did is pull forward. a little disappointing, i think the retail sales numbers were. high are interest rates are going to be and financials are on the up sign. the only thing that would hurt is a dramatic rise in interest rates. i swoosh very cautious if you believe we're going -- >> that would change your outlook completely. thank you very much. ty, up to you. sue, thank you very much. big crowds over the holiday shopping weekend, but the real numbers that matter are still struggling. so will cybermonday bring a dose of holiday cheer? courtney reagan is at an amazon fulfillment center out in phoenix. courtney? >> reporter: good afternoon, tyler. we started the day at fedex. we wanted to see all the orders placed over the thanksgiving
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weekend get loaded on the trucks, here we are at amazon's 1.where the numbers are coming in. now, amazon hasn't given us any expectation about the sales numbers today, but we do know in 2012, customers placed orders 26.5 million of them around the world. amazon did say in its latest earnings release it expects a record-breaking holiday season of growth of 10% to 25%. we no with our without drones, amazon has certainly changed the face of retail and online shopping. now, amazon representatives say this fulfillment center is as full as it's ever been.
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now, they think the early sales we have seen online will be a benefit to amazon, but others are worried that the early strength has actually pulled some of the mania away from cybermonday. but still, if the orders are up, it doesn't really matter when they come in, at least to amazon. and of course we have a lot of attention to the drones today. we'll have a very special interview coming up in "power lunch." for now, i'm going to send it back while i organize all these packages. >> get working there, courtney. how many people will shop today? and how much will be spend? jon fortt is here with that part of the story. >> yeah, we've got a bit of a sense based on the numbers so far, as courtney says, just over a billion thanksgiving, nearly 2 bill chron online. we're poised to do better than that today, around 2.7 bill
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chron. the real story here is mobile devices. one out of every $4 over the first two days was from a smartphone or a tablet. and apple platformwise is the big winner here form the ipad is the mobile device of choice when people are doing their buys, more than $417 million worth of commerce transacted on ipads. now adobe estimates that the ipad outpaced android tablets 10 to 1. i'm not sure they're factorsing in the kindles here and performing done on amazon itself. i would expect those number to be maybe a bit better. peak times, though, for buys seem to be around 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., and that's quite a big number. we're expecting $2.27 billion in sales for the day. the top categories are expected to be toys and gadgets, clothing, and sporting goods,
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tyler. >> jon fortt, thank you very much. well, two months after its disastrous start, the government says the health care website is now running, quote, smoothly, but it's still not perfect. bertha coombs has the latest on what is working well? >> birth that? >> not perfect indeed, tyler. after five weeks of intensive work to try to get things up to speed, the obama administration says they cannot accommodate up to 800,000 users a today, 50 thousands at a time. if you go on this morning, you will find yourself waiting in a queue. they do now, as part of their technical fix, have a queueing system that will hold your place in line and get back to you. nonetheless, the site overwhelmed as we entered the peak pertain for people who want to enroll before january 1st. at this clinic in philadelphia, the queue clinic, hakeem has been helping people sign up. he says it is night and day on
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the site. over the last few days, he says, it's been very smooth and he's been able to help people sign up online start to finish and for a time has felt like he's making progress. >> it tax like two minutes to get the results. this is what ear eligible for, would you like to enroll, and choosing a pair, some plans and premiums. it works very well now. so it's exciting that people can come in and in like, half an hour, find insurance. it's rewarting. >> a sort familiar with the situation says in fact over the last month about 100,000 people have been able to select plans on the troubled, as they've made improvements. add that to the 231,000 confirmed enrollments from the states. that brings you to about 333,000. the big question now, though, is just what's happening on the back end, and sue, i can tell you insurers are still concerned
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they are not getting the right information when they get those transmittals over to them b. >> understandably so, bertha. thank you very much. we turn to that del re derailment. mary thompson is live on the scene in bronx, new york, with the continuing investigation. mary, over to you. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. when we came in this morning -- we're about 1200, 300 feet above the accident site. our view from here was basically of five of the train's seven derailed cars. right now as it stands three of those cars have been removed. one is now standing upright on the tracks. the other is in the process of being put in an union right condition all as the board is examining data downloaded from
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the train's black blocks. investigators are planning to interview the engineer and passengers, also to review the black box data and other cards that have been collected and check the tracks. here's ntsb'ser weiner. >> did it come off both rails? and with the same amount of force? or was it concentrated on one rail. >> it was heading to new york city early yesterday morning when it jumped the track. the engineer reportedly said he tried to apply the brakes that requires them to slow from 70 to 30. he says the brakes didn't work. the ntsb declines to speculate about the caught of the track,
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but at 4:30, the nssb plans to hold another press meeting. 9 this disrupted service for about 26,000 passengers, who take the hudson line of metro north each day, and that disruption is expected to continue until the ntsb completes its investigation and the mta is able to fix the tracks. amazon is working on a new way to get -- it's a bird, a plane? no, it's amazon prime air. it has some risks. that's coming up next on "power lunch." we'll explain. n. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life.
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welcome back. petrobras announced last week it would raise prices to minimize the effects of international price volume at this time. credit suisse downgraded it from to a sell rating from a buy. the hikes are estimate -- it had resisted price increases in order to dampen inflation. tyler, back over to you. >> dominic, thank you very much. amazon, of course, revolutionized the way america shops. it may soon change the way we
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receive or packages. jeff bezos said it's testing delivery with drones. >> i know this looks like science fiction. it's not. this is early, still years away. it drops the package, and we can do half-hour delivery, and we can carry objects we think up to five pounds. >> will this plan really fly? joining us to discuss is jon fortt and eamon javers. and vice president at amazon. mr. berman, let me stop with you. i don't want to use an antique metaphor, get the cart before the horse, because there are a lot of operational details. i'm thinking -- i applaud you guys for thinking crazy thoughts, but are you guys serious? >> well, you know, at amazon we like to think big.
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what's bigger than trying to get it delivered to the doorstep in 30 minutes? again, this is years away. there's a lot of work that needs to be done. we can temper things a bit, but as jeff said, we don't see this as science fiction, as something that's viability, yet years down the road. >> you build facilities like the one behind you on audacity and big thoughts and thinking craziyly, but speaking of crazy, i can see the guys from "duck dynasty" having an awful lot of fun with these drones? >> it remains to be seen how drones will react. we're excited about the potential. we're excited. the vehicles with a ten-mile radius. they'll be able to travel from a fulfillment center or another remote place we may establish and reach customers within ten miles and still get back. there's still a lot of work to do in the development, but it will be an exciting time.
1:22 pm
>> eamon javers, your angle here is what federal regulations may have to be surmounded for in concept to literally fly. i can think there must be serious questions of safety and not to mention use of the spectrum to do this. what are you finding? >> congress has giving the faa until 2015 to come up with the rules and regulations for allowing drones in the nation's airspace. it's not clear whether they'd be able to meet that deadline. there's so many flexities in terms of the vehicles, and safety with other aircraft that are already flying. they want to make sure they don't cause any dangers to regular old-fashioned airlines i think for craig, have you talked to the faa specifically about what they're talking about here.
1:23 pm
so much of their planning is piloted unmanned vehicles. vehicles with pilots on the ground controlling them be remote control, and what you guys are envisioning is fully robotic aircraft, craig. have you talked to the faa directly how it would integrate? >> well, i'm not in a position to talk about what discussions we've had with the federal government, but you're right, these are vehicles that we would input a gps -- the gps coordinates, they will lift off and fly directly. these aren't piloted by remote human being. they're autonomous vehicles that will fly on their own, but again there's a lot of work to be done. it's going to be a few years, but again we're excited about it. we think there's great possibility, as jeff said last night, over 90% of the items you see in buildings like this weigh less than five pounds and have the potential to be delivered by
1:24 pm
a vehicle such as this. >> if nothing else, craig, you have people talking all day everywhere about this, and people i think are really impressed with i think, the audacity of the idea. jon fortt, what would you like to ask? or what is your perspective? >> craig, i imagine there's a lot of challenges are looking at. and that is really a lot of the technology here, how to stabilize that drone when a gust of wind comes by. >> there's a lot we need to learn. we will experiment a lot. we will try a lot of different
1:25 pm
things. i can imagine it costs -- any estimates about the cost? >> it's too early, taking a look at how that will impact things. let's have this conversation in a couple week. >> they spend more than 5 million on shipping alone, more than 6 billion this years, so there's money to save, for sure. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. mr. berman, we really appreciate you coming along with us today. sue, down to you. thank you very much, ty. shares of twitter, which trade right behind me, taking a hit as the market ends the quiet period on twitter following the ipo. what analysts are saying about twitter's future. plus autopilot on flights perhaps is all too easy, but regulators are raising concerns.
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phil, tell us what is going on. >> sue, the technology is more advanced than ever before, but you'll hear more than a few pilots say you still need to fly the plane. a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪
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>> sue, this all resolves around the ntsb holding hearings next week in washington. they'll be focussing on what happened with the crash in san francisco fourth of july weekend this summer. we were out there. remember, at the time, the ntsb initiated that the pilots misjudged the end of the runway. the federal government is worried about pilot skills suffering due to automation in the cockpit. just a couple weeks ago the faa put out a report that pilots need to be better trained to respond in certain key situation. there are 498,000 commercial pilots needed over the next 20 years, according to boeing. that's 25,000 new pilots of your, 85,700 of those will be needed in north america. and that you take a look at
1:30 pm
shares of the airline stock. keep in mind, all of the transport index hitting an all-time high. i listened to that conversation regard drones and the folks at amazon. the faa still needs to establish five location around the united states where they will be testing out drones as they put these rules together. so we're a ways from that even being established. 2015 is the dead lime, as eamon mentioned, they may not be there yet in terms of establishing the rules. time to analyze the analysts. kill burg is in chicago. a -- today marx the expiration of wall street's 25-day so-called quiet period following the ipo. since then the stock is up more than 50% from that offering price, but it is below its first solve of aftermarket trade.
1:31 pm
let's see what the analysts are saying. deutsche bank initiating a buy. everybody knows that is not a blue j. deutsche bank has a $50 price start. bank of -- noting we're grounded on valuation, they have a $36 price target on the stock. let's look at the stock today. it is down by half a buck at $41 even. jeff, your take on twitter? >> i'm a buyer, but not a buyer yet here. honestly you're seeing deutsche bank's note. i like the layer they peeled back, talking about 70% of, 70% of the revenue is from revenue. so the whole mobile play, twitter is the best, but i like a lower price, so i think this blue bird has big wings. but i want to see it flutter down a bit. where would you be an aggressive
1:32 pm
buyer? >> basic of america threw out $36. i like that level. i think it's a great entry, ty. let's move o. right in time for cybermonday, suntrust robinson upgrading ebay. saying the correction has created a much better risk/reward entry point. the stock, a nice bump today, but year today, it's pretty much flat in a market that's up a lot. >> you're right, you see them year to date positive, but the eh commerce a big up tick, so e-commerce, ebay, get in here. noting a 2014 recovery story. year to date the shares are down 18%. is that a value here, jeff? >> i think it is. i think it's overdone. they have a killer balance sheet, so i think this has been
1:33 pm
oversold. you can scoop up any retail will come back. >> jeff, thanks very well. sue, down to you. ty, we're looking at gold, which has taken a hit today. sharon epperson has been tracking that action for us over at the nymex. hi, sharon. >> reporter: gold prices closing beloud 1225 an ounce. of course, there's a lot of talk about taper and what that will mean for the economy. of course, what that will mean for gold prices. that will certainly put extendeded pressure on gold. for a long time, that was the play, if you didn't buy gold in dollar terms, you boo i it in euro terms, against the euro. there we're seeing the lowest price since august of 2010, we're also noticing that there might be some tax law selling going on, as a lot of investors look at the profit they've made, and they want to offset their capital gains.
1:34 pm
how do they do that? they sell the losers. back to you. >> okay. sharon, thank you very much. let's check out the interest rate market right now with rick. we've had the global bond market sell off overnight, pushing up to about 2.80% on the ten-year today. >> it does indeed. that's even despite the notion that there are six, yes, a half accident buyback operations this week. but that didn't make a difference. you can see, as sue pointed out, rates going up. haven't closed a 280 handle since the 20th of november. foreign exchange? i see the dollar index is up. the dollars versus the yen, definitely moving up, but there's one fly in the ointment. whether it's against the euro or the yen, the pound seeps to be king of late. these are some of the best levels in 26 months.
1:35 pm
back to you, sue. >> okay. rick, thank you so very much. well, the richfield very confident, apparently when it comes to the economy, but gruing more skeptical about the stock market. what's worrying the wealthy, straight ahead. plus mexico planning major reforms that may change its economy forever. our michelle caruso-cabrera is on the case. >> we're 55 miles off the coast of mexico over one of the few deepwater drills controlled by the state. why american investors for the first time in 75 years making a crack at mexican oil. over the next 40 years the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people, and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean affordable housing,
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this this following a 59% average return presidents so a big run. time for a valuation call, back over to you, sue. >> dom, thank you very much. first on "power lunch" to tell us how online luxury sales have been fairs at guilty is michelle pa loso.
1:39 pm
>> how were the weekend sales? i know basically black friday started on thursday. tell us what people have been buying and what your traffic has been like. >> phenomenal. from wednesday to sunday up over 45%. black friday alone we were up over 60% year on year. that's having the most covetable brands on deals. were there any common themes? one thing about gilt that's so amazing, there is a wide variety of merchandise and services available, but did you detect any trends? >> it makes gilt fabulous, you can shop for your co-worker, children and spouse. of course, we do see people buying across multiple categories. all the our businesses had significant year-over-year growth. what's notable is we've always been a -- that indexes in
1:40 pm
mobile. over the past five days. more than 50% of our revenue comes from mobile, which is exciting. we're making it easy for customers to buy, and to return if it doesn't work. to avoid the big story lines. >> that's quite a tipping point, isn't it? that high a percentage? >> absolutely. >> the company has been performing exceptionally well under your leadership when you took over as ceo. that has led a lot of people down here on the floor of the new york stock exchange to wonder whether or not gilt would consider going public. >> yeah, well, we are not in a rush to go public. i think we have a great profile to be a public company, but we're starting to generate cash from operations. it's the likely outcome, but we'll see what 2014 brings. >> all right. well, it's the likely outcome. that was more than i expected you to give me. michelle, thanks very much. >> thank you, happy holiday. >> you too. ty, up to you.
1:41 pm
the rich are feeling more confident about the economy, but not so much when it comes to the stock market. robert frank, our wealth editor is here with the details. hi, robert. >> millionaires are getting nervous about the market levels. the spectrum group investor index jumped to the highest levels in ten months. we now the rising stock market helping millionaires reports their largest month to month increase in assets since 2007, but the market is also making them worried. a number of millionaires saying they have no plans -- and fewer millionaires say they plan to put money in stocks and stock funds. millionaires are concerned about the abled of the market to maintain its record high levels. what do they like? real estate and cash. so really seeks saved.
1:42 pm
thank you very much. sue, down to you. >> gentlemen, could oil be the answer? and what's at stake for the u.s.? some major reforms are set to be announced our michelle caruso-cabrera is on the case for us. >> we're 55 miles off the coast of mexico at one of the due deepwater drills controlled by the mexican state oil company. why for the first time in more nan 75 years american investors may finally get a crack at mexican oil. i could fill a box and ship it for one flat rate. so i knit until it was full. you'd be crazy not to. is that nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping th the reliability of fedex.
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1:45 pm
"street signs." we're going to debate, if you just crawled out from under a rock and realized the dow had a great year, it too late to get in? if not, we'll tell you how. is there any reason to buy a stock that's never, ever turned a profit? we're going to dive into the amazon story. tyler, ten straight years my hokies have defeated your cavaliers in football, baby. >> a difficult weekend? charlottesville for my cavaliers, but congreats to the hokie. >> good man from virginia tech. mexico is about to embark on a major change to its constitutional that the finally let -- many people in members members not happy about it. thousands took streets to the main street of mexico city to protest. some of the signs read "don't
1:46 pm
tell our oil." our chief international correspondent is back from mexico, michelle caruso-cabrera. she has more. >> hey there, tyler. mexico has lots and lots of oil, not enough money to drill for it. consider this. in the u.s.-controlled part of the gulf of mexico, more than 300,000 barrels of oil are brought up every single day from the deep waters. in the mexican-controlled area, zero. that's why this country's new president is trying to change things. there's only one oil and gas company in mexico. hemex, it's been that way since 1938. the country kicked out all foreign oil countries and the government took control of production. for decades mexico is one of the -- but not anymore. pemex's oil production is declining. down to only 2.5 million barrels
1:47 pm
per day now. >> we need to evive. carlos morales is head of exploration for pemex. he says the key to a turnaround actioning the oil in the deep waters off the gulf of the coast of mexico. just residenting a platform costs up to half a million per day. mexico state oil company spends 25 billion a year on exploration and production. however, they think they need 60 billion. the problem is they don't have that kind of money, so the new president is pushing through reforms which would finally allow foreign investment. debate is expected to begin this week on just how far those reforming will go. the more generous they are to foreign companies, the more investment they'll get, but they'll also be more controversial. here's the bottom line, speaking to dan yergen, the reforms have to achieved the following things. international oil companies must
1:48 pm
be able to book reservings, in other words have some controlling stake in the oil they're looking for. that's what drive asset valuations that's what's going to bring in investment. that's been prohibited for more than 75 years, we're going to see that likely will change, but they've got to get through the difficult process. can you real more about this on, but an op-ed from an expert as well. >> terrific, michelle. thanks very much. we'll do just that. amazon stirring up a new delivery idea involving drones. has the high-tech giant gone too far. and congress is hitting a new low in product activity. why can't washington rise above and get some deals done. that's all ahead in the power rundown, coming up.
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1:51 pm
welcome back. they say congress is about to said a report. to some. not a good ones. fewer laws have been passed than by any other in the past 66 years. so why aren't they getting anything done? should we be surprised, dom?
1:52 pm
>> this is or surprised face. maybe, yes -- no, i think there should be a quota system of. you have to pass a certain number of laws -- >> we have to do this "biggest loser style" in if you're only losing three pounds -- >> you have to kind crank it up. >> there are obviously these big items on debt, spending, the farm big and other things that need to get done, but there is a big strange and an understandable one, and a lot of people in the house and senate who ran on the idea, i am not coming to washington to pass legislation. i am coming to washington to make sure more legislation, more laws aren't pass. >> less government is something we talk about all the time. maybe that's a good thing, but still when you talk about product activity, maybe there should be another metric than just passing laws. check out the yahoo! finance question of the day. are you partsing in cybermonday? 30% say no, i prefer not to shop
1:53 pm
online, 35% say i'm holding out for better deals. 16% say i hate these people -- i already completed my shopping. >> cybermonday, what is it? >> it's supposed to be the monday you were to go back to work when you have your computer. first of all, i want to know, when are we going to call it cyber? >> i still say cyber, but i'm old cool, this is in theory because at work you had a faster connection, right? you came back from the weekend and said, okay, i still have dial-up at home, but here i can download pages quickly. >> i'm in the third camp, the one that feels there will be, mark my words, better deals as you approach december 25th. i'm holding out. i think i'll find stuff for a lot cheaper. >> i think shoppers -- i think we'll see more downing.
1:54 pm
>> i this this whole conseat you must shop on black friday or must shop on your computer on cybermonday, i think americans have gotten way beyond that. they realize that all of this holiday shopping season began three, four weeks ago anyhow. number two, they'll be able buy onloupe up to december 23rd and have it delivered, so what's the bloody hurry? >> and if they get a syndrome, it could be there in half an hour. jeff bezos unveiling a new audacious service in which drones could carry services to customers' homes. has he jumped the shark here, dom? >> no, no, he has not jumped the shark. if you watch any futuristic movie. things fly through the air and they deliver stuff, maybe robots or androids. i aplay jeff bezos for taking that step, saying we can make this happen. the question then becomes, will it be regulated? >> will it be profitable? i would think you would have to
1:55 pm
pay a surcharge. these devices, whatever they you willy will cost will be a lot of money. >> i do think so. i think what we need to do is test them first, maybe send them to congress. i don't think drones could do any worse than in -- >> i see the "duck dynasty" guys with the drones. >> airdropping their stuff. >> and what happens -- aren't people going to go outside and try to capture it? >> i've heard just this morning, a threat to shoot one down. >> skeet, traps, just capture it, you know, the family dog goes and grabs it. >> there's a lot of stuff that could happen. forget about the birds in the air. >> canadian geese. they're propeller-driven. >> to try and mate with these things. imagine that. >> i don't know what it would look like itches but look,ite to say this, you've got to aplayed
1:56 pm
his team for thinking something crazy here, which may not turn out to be crazy. >> it's a good campaign, to be honest. >> i like it. >> guys, thanks very much. thrive of the biggest winners to kick off december trading, when we come back. ♪
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deutsche bank put a price target on marathon citing strong portfolio among other things, it saw excellent fourth quarter refining -- so mpc shares certainly taking a rise. thanks, dom. let's just check the rest of the markets for you now. now the transports hit another new report for the third straight day. they are up a full 37% this year.
2:00 pm
and a nice move in today's trading session, over two thirds of a%. phillips 66 all good percentage movers to the up side. that will do it for this edition of "power lunch." thanks so much for joining us. >> have a great afternoon. "street signs" begins right now, ty and i will see you tomorrow. \s. ♪ and domo rigato to you. hello, everybody. the other hot topics, aside from jeff bezos apparently seemingly insane plans, some of the names will surprise you. how about if you just crawled out from under a rock and realized stocks have already had a great year. on this so-called cybermonday, which


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