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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  December 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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urban outfitters up almost 4% as well. some green arrows in an overall red market today, ty. >> very interesting. i'm going to say something crazy here, i am going to be watching the vote in the house of representatives and the senate on this budget deal very, very closely. to me it ain't no sure thing. that's all for "power lunch." >> "street signs" begins now. ♪ ♪ drop it like it's hot ♪ drop it like it's hot >> that's what we call the quiet open and apparently stocks can go down after this year's run, we almost forget that it could happen. but is it about to happen in a big way next year? hi, everybody. your other hot topics, why your house is likely to be worth even more next year. the best stocks to buy right now at three different price points. we're going to be naming names and why a little bean is beating
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the all mighty gold and helping me destroy herb greenberg's dreams and aspirations in the process. >> in case you were under the false impression that the stock market has become a one-way street we are seeing losses today. today's s&p drop is the biggest since november 7th bringing it under the 1800 mark as you can see. the nasdaq is seeing its biggest drop since november 18th, down by about 33 points if i will see you and trump you with another stat. the last time the dow had a more than 1% drop? >> october 8th. >> she looks at the scripps. yes, it's october 8th. more than two months ago since we had a 1% down day. we know this, overall stocks have been quiet but have they been too quiet. many are starting to get nervous and monday on our web show talking numbers mcneil curry the technical strategist of bank of america and merrill lynch is looking for a correction of up to 20% early next year. joining us now to talk about
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that, barry glassman, got herb greenberg also with us, barry, overall, do you think we could have a 10 or 20% drop to kick off next year? >> i don't know whether it's to kick off next year or some time next year. anything that goes up 45% in two years or 24 months or so, can easily see a correction of 10%. the question is why. and for me, it has to do with the actual fundamentals of the market. we are seeing this year a stock market up 30% or shy of 30% and earnings are up 5% or so, revenues up 4%. all that's happened this year is that the stock market has gotten more expensive. >> but why only 10%. why wouldn't you go for the full 20 like curry did? >> well, i think that what we have right now is a by fur cated market and the statistics i sent along earlier today show that the lower quality companies, the up withes that s&p actually ranks at c or so, those
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companies are up about 57% year to date. >> you're talking momentum names, the netflixs, the teslas. >> the jc penneys and biteny be pitney bowes of the world. >> the fact of the matter year to date you have great companies like exxon mobil that are only up in the -- exxon mobil just surpassed double digits but you have ibm that's negative, at&t that's just up, the stayed low -- i'm sorry, the stayed stable companies, are up just about 20% year to date. the high flyers, those are the ones that have moved the market. why don't i think the market can correct more than 20%? i think that the stable companies are likely to hold up a bit more than the high flyers. >> you're going to be shorting names in a second, i want to get to that. but herb to you and our excellent producer put this together, if you look at what's called quality rankings for stocks, with an a-plus quality
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ranking, have actually performed the worst out of any of the quality rankings and the group that's rated c, right, mid-to low quality stocks is up 57% this kind of stuff makes you nervous. >> it creates a level of complacency. it's become almost toos yees to make money. people want to get in, they joke about if i'm red flagging something that that's the time to basically buy something because you know it's going to go straight up. that's nonsense and usually to me, and i've said on the air before, it's a sign of an inflection point. we're at that inflection point. is it going to be next week, is it going to be -- you feel it. you've seen it, been around. anyone can have their -- they can have their technicals that will tell you whether it will or will not do it. i think we know that -- again, i think the complacency can be blindsiding. >> which stocks in particular would you be advocating to short at this level? >> see, not necessarily the
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specific stocks. what we're adding in our portfolios is a strategy, what we call a long short strategy. and the one or two different investments or funds we're putting in client portfolios, what they're doing is going long or betting that solid companies with earnings momentum, strong leadership and so forth, they're betting they go higher. >> are you actively shorting some of these low quality names now. >> we have strategies that do. we like a mutual fund called rebeco boston partners long short equity. what they're doing the average p/e of the longs, for example, is under the market. they're less expensive than the market. the p/es that they're shorting are somewhere in the range of 30 or so. almost double what the market is. so that kind of strategy we're having through just about all of our client portfolios going into the new year. >> thank you very much for great advice there.
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barry, herb, bottom line it. >> i should write about the new short selling mutual fund registered with the sec, one out there, the first new short selling fund. timing wise, something like that come in at a time likes this. >> for our radio listeners, give them the tickers on these funds barry recommended that go short, bprix, dhlsx i will tweet that out so you have it. not a lot of short selling mutual funds. >> here's my pink highlighter so you don't forget it, herb. one of the pilars that could make or break the economy next year is housing. what's this market going to look like? let's look into our crystal ball. something better than that. chief economist human crystal ball and rbc capital home building analyst. great to have you with us here. >> great to be here. >> 2014, what does it look like? >> the first thing consumers will look like it's going to be more expensive to buy a home. the good news is the process
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won't be as frenzied. 2013, bidding wars going over asking having to move fast. 2014, will see more inventory on the market and we'll see less investor interest which means people looking to buy a home for themselves will be competing with fewer investors. >> it sounds like putting lipstick on a pig, trying to find the silver linings. >> it's better than lipstick on a pigp president big question and red flag is what happens with construction and what happens with jobs for young people. construction is still way below normal levels and one big reason for that is, young people haven't started moving out of their parents' homes and added to household formation which is a key number that builders look at. right now construction is still closer to where it was at the worst of the recession than normal levels and so the big question from next year is what happens in construction. that's the way that housing gives back to the economy. >> and that's, bob, your wheelhouse. you must be doing a victory lap because you've been bullish on
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home builders and right for a long time now. things looked a little soft over the summer. you stuck by the names. we had that gigantic blowout number a couple weeks ago for new home sales. do your victory lap, buddy. >> well, we put it this way, thinking about '14 how to position your portfolio. a lot of the enthusiasm we felt going into the year is tempered by concern about tapering, higher interest rates, and to your point, limited household formation, dislocation in the job market. so next year for housing starts probably going to grow 10 to 15% maybe to a million. that's probably at the lower end of estimates. >> am i hearing you right, bob? you've been optimistic for a couple years. are you on this fine program saying i'm not that optimistic on these names anymore? >> that's correct. >> wow. >> and i think -- >> what prompted the switch? >> you're going to get good earnings growth next year. we still like if you have a three year horizon, he nar,
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pulte, kb homes, but in spite of the earnings growth you have to contend with tapering you could see multiples contracting and that's a prominent head wind. >> is there anything you actively say sell right now? >> well instead of actively saying sell we would actively be buying fortune brands, massco, mohawk, norcraft. >> the suppliers, not the builders. >> we want to be in the suppliers, repair and remodel will grow 7 to 10% next year. we think that's great visibility on earnings. double digit upside. if you're going to get 2% plus gdp growth you probably got limited downside. we have a very attractive set of opportunities. >> market down here. sort of the ubber bullish turning a little more cautious here on "street signs." >> we're cautious on the builders. there are head winds that will lead to a protracted recovery. that's our concern. just need to flag it. >> which is ironic considering you've brought a stat today that suggests that idea of the american dream having your own home, seems to be back after quite a long time where that was
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severely shaken. >> do you think it's here to say? >> our latest survey 74% said that's part of their american dream and that's the highest level in almost four years. among young people 18 to 34, 93% of renters say they want to buy some day. doesn't mean they're going to do it right away. huge barriers for young people for opening. >> next year still the year of the urban renter. >> we'll see more urban rental activity as young people move out of their parents' homes into rental. not going to move into a new home they own but urban rentals. >> good-bye living in your mom's basement and a little independence. thank you bob and jed as well. >> thank you both. >> thank you all. thank you for sitting there. >> thank you, brian. >> thank you. i want to thank katie as well, because i gave the wrong shout out about the producer that produced the awesome, katie, jenny, jackie, andrea, kevin, albert, all the "street signs" team. still ahead, dollar bills, the
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best names to buy $100 bill, 50 bill and $20 bill. >> michael kors against kohl's kidding, against coach. that wouldn't be fair, would it. youtube out with its list of the year's most viral videos. throughout the show we will be counting them down one by one. coming in at number six, a volvo ad titled the epic split features van dam with 59 million more views. plenty more when "street signs" returns. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the trading floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell
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it's not really a sunshine stock but this week we talked about how trains are painting a rosier economic picture. here's another one. this time opt oceans. the baltic dry index which tracks prices of moving commodities around the world by ship hitting a three-year high up nearly 150% last year. kind of a sign also's pricing power which people perceive as a sign of better demand which means things are getting better. >> watch the bdi. today we are playing the price is right, for buying stocks. you've got a $20 bill, what can you buy? what about the best pick for under 50 or maybe even $100 or under 22. brian seems to have one of those dollar bills in his pocket. we've got two all-star stock pickers with us.
2:15 pm
matt and mike. matt, i want to get to you first of all. what is your $20 pick, sir? >> as gas logger, glog as we call it. if you believe there will be trans portion of liquid natural gas, gas log is going to be the biggest beneficiary of trans porting it via ships. 3/1 dividend yield. it's a great long-term play. >> mike what's your $20 pick? >> we like xerox, owned it for a while, 7 or 8 bucks, it's 11 today. great turnaround story. tremendous amount of skepticism around an old industrial name and as their business transfers and transforms from hardware to services which think there's upside of about 15 bucks. an interesting story, again, i might wait until 10 bucks to buy it but about 11 today. >> half benjamin, $50 stock. >> intel. it's a stock that has a great dividend yield of 3.6, little debt. people think it's a one trick
2:16 pm
pony. the catalyst is to do more tablet or mobile deals and if that happens i think you're going to see strong growth. i love technology in this area and big dividend yields. >> what about you mike for 50 bucks or less? >> we like something a little more interesting than intel, sorry, matt, cincinnati, too boring for us we like a little company called interparfum. i par is the ticker symbol. it's a basically a private label maker of high-end and niche brand parfums and frayances, jimmy chew, gap, nine west, these guys were made by ipar. interesting company. grown by 20% a year. mid to small company and we like it a lot. >> matt, let's go full yard, your $100 stock. >> navartis has a 3/1 dividend yield going to buy back 5 million shares. it has a great pipeline, dominance in ms oncology,
2:17 pm
macular degeneration and diabetes. something that is working now and it continue to work. people getting older need more drugs. even people in boston. >> even people in boston. >> even people right here on "street signs." >> yeah. >> by the way. mike, your $100 bet if you had a $100 bill buying one share of what? >> i deserve that. we buy corporate executive board, ceb. this is a corporate consulting business. the only thing people will spend more money, more easily on than corporate consulting and improving your best practices in corporate america is childhood sports. this is a terrific name growing very beautifully. wonderful stock chart little expensive but we think the growth justifies it. matt's and mike's pick. thank you so much for joining us today on "street signs." >> thanks. >> and i assume mandy, you will be tweeting those handles out for our people that could not write that stuff down while
2:18 pm
driving? >> i will do that yes. >> fantastic. >> still ahead why a little bean may be your best investment bet for next year and helping me destroy herb greenberg's dreams. >> and as we're going to head to the break, the number five most viral youtube video this year is another ad, this time by avion called baby and me with more than 67 million views. ♪
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welcome back to "street signs." i'm sl sharon epperson with today's pump parole. despite the latest decline in demand last week, prices at the pump haven't really budged. nationally on average the price is steady at $3.26 a gallon. due in part to the surge in the price of ethanol which makes up about 10% of the regular gasoline blend. but with the snow and ice sidelining drivers and curtailing demand prices are likely to come down. we're already seeing six states where the price is below $3 a gallon from utah to missouri and
2:22 pm
including oklahoma where you'll find the cheapest gas in the country today right in the middle of that state in dell city, oklahoma, at $2.67 a gallon. not too bad. back to you. >> not too bad and not too far away from the hub of all gas, curbing, oklahoma. surprising how that works. three months ago herb and i made a friendly bet that had to do with gold miners and coffee, more than three months, back in july i think and i said the coffee etf, actually etn, the cafe would outperform the gdx gold miner index. herb disagreed and boom, a bet was born. well, this past month, i've been owning you, herb. coffee is actually up a couple percent, gold miners have been beaten like an old rented donkey. i will say this so far since we began the bet, we both stink. >> well you know -- you're down but down a little less than me. >> i'm down. never thought anything could go lower than the gdx when i bought
2:23 pm
it. i thought it was as low as i could go. what you have in that, take a look at american barics, nice component in there, if you have something happen even in one of the gold miners that surprises people on the upside, what could do, who knows, that would have a nice. >> pop and bring it back. >> you need central banks to start buying gold again my friend. back in 2010 the world bank report suggested central banks may further monetize gold. that created a push. that push is gone. >> i need a market that collapses and inflation at the same time and people will be afraid and rush to the safety of anything related to the gold although you know -- >> rooting for a market crash and inflation at the same time. good for you, herb. >> talking about -- >> market crash and inflation at the same time. >> or what you could have, interest rates start rising -- >> i need a pony that's a leprechaun drinking a rainbow. >> if that were the case gold bars would probably be a better bet than gold miners.
2:24 pm
>> mandy you're one of these fancy coffee people, right, you go to those coffee places -- >> i go get coffee in the cafeteria. >> you drink low brow coffee actually. coffee prices have collapsed to decade lows. wholesale coffee prices have tanked which is the than i went long coffee. i'm not long really, i mean it's a fake amolong in a bet with yo. no coffee shop cutting their prices. this is pure profit. >> duncan not cutting their prices. >> never roll the prices back. >> smiling all the way to the bank. >> when rolling up in your '78 ltg to the local in san diego tell them you want a discount because you know they're paying less per bag. >> my dad had one of those a blue ltd. >> they had that. >> back in australia. >> like a holding or voxle? >> i don't know. >> whatever it is. >> seven months to go, gold miners will pull it out. we both stink.
2:25 pm
>> they're both so hated. i think gold miners have a better shot because coffee is -- >> gosh, i forget by the way we have the fierce competitor segment later in the show. watch out. janet rogers negativen was threatening physical violence in an e-mail about your comments slamming macy's and how they were dirty. sent me an e-mail and he's going to punch you out. >> he should come to the macy's in san diego at university town center take a look at the floors of that. >> he said threatening physical violence against you. >> i'm letting you know that macy's has to do something with the stores. why do they have escalators that feel like they're in the 1950s. >> part of the historical charm, herb. the building is historic. they keep the wooden escalators -- i know in san diego nothing is older than six months. i grew up there. but there is history on the east coast, herb, embrace it. embrace your inner history. >> embrace the dirt. still ahead -- >> you rode the first escalators, right? >> wow, what is this?
2:26 pm
moving floor. plus a game of credit card roulette. >> did you fall off? >> did you get your feet stuck in the -- >> reel it in. >> not named time's person of the year the fourth viral building, came in like a wrecking ball. ♪ i will always want you ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i never hit so hard americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others.
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sdwrim to hit the stock stories and investment recommendations you might have missed. groupon an upgrade at wells fargo to outperform from market perform. >> and the stock is responding up 2.5%. groupon $10.30. the valuation range up to 13 to $14 and say group op is expa expanding beyond daily deal e-mails and taking more market share in local commerce. >> we got 3 m getting an upgrade to a buy. >> all right. target increased a whopping 17% up to 150 bucks from 128 about
2:30 pm
21% higher than now. firm thinks organic growth, capital allocation and margins may surprise to the upside which would accelerate epf growth above consensus. >> urban outfitters announcing improved store sales. >> stock up to 37 bucks, basically same-store sales up mid single digit percentage. they posted a decline and warned about discounting. had this was a $45 stock in summer hard to cheer but still today up a little bit. >> somewhat under the radar and under water today, avanir pharmaceutical tanking. >> when a stock is down 24% to $3.25 it gets on your radar real quick. bad phase clinical 2 data, an ms drug that did not meet the points. downgrading, cutting their price target to 5 which is still $1.75 more than the stock is now. take that for what it's worth. one drug and not doing well this is what happens.
2:31 pm
>> we don't want to end on a note like that. an upgrade at wells fargo for rad wear, a tech company. >> i went -- i've heard of the company many times. went on their website, still don't understand what they do, the cloud, computer software, whatever it is. stock up 2.7%, $17 and change up to an outperform from market perform. target price ranged raised 20 to 22. 17 buckses there. they talked to management and liked what management had to say. funny how that works. >> yeah. >> radware. >> mastercard its shares having a nice day, up about 4% after the company announced a 10 for 1 stock split and 83% increase in their dividend and $3.5 billion buyback program but that's not the only credit card company worth taking a look at. competitors like visa and american express, both seeing a nice run this year as well. outperforming the broader market by 10% or more. so, which of these names, visa,
2:32 pm
or amex should you buy? start you got it talking numbers. jonathan of apm partners on the charts, fundamental jason of lidel advisors. start with the charts, what's the best looking of the two charts, jonathan? >> well, brian, it's really a case of want to lock between visa and mastercard visa has gone too far too fast. back to the ipo, visa up about 360% from the ipo price or 270% from the first day of trading, meanwhile over the last five years, american express up about 100%. but the outperformance is what concerns us over the last two years. since the middle of 2011, visa's outperformed american express and really the rate of assent that's concerning. the chart of the two we can see the steepness of that trend of visa. visa hasn't touched its 00 day moving average in over two years. market perspective the risk is to the downside in visa whereas
2:33 pm
american express a much more well sustainable trend so we like american express here over visa. >> we do things differently today. normally we start with the fundamentals and then move on to the charts and technicals. mixing it up a little bit. >> going crazy. >> breaking out. >> not even freaky friday. jason fundamentally is american express better than visa as the technicals were tug sugging? >> absolutely not. i'm on the opposite side. i mean if someone says visa is going too far too fast that's what they were saying about apple when apple crossed $200. visa reminds me of apple in its hayday. zero long-term debt, three times the operating margins as american express. when i think of american express i think of the hair club for men commercial, the guy says not only am i the president i'm a client. they not only issue credit cards but must be using their own a lot. so much debt and visa has zero.
2:34 pm
i think overall visa has, you know, outpaced american express but it's for a reason. i think visa is -- >> jason -- >> jonathan a chance to respond. not criticizing the fundamentals, from a chart perspective, american express looks like a better deal. >> yeah. if i'm looking at all those reasons you mentioned i would say that's why visa has been up so much more than american express over the past two years. talking about the trade going forward selling what's priced into a pretty rich stock in visa. >> i like to look at the price to earnings growth ratio. that is my number one favorite ratio to look at the. the peg ratio. even with visa's run up visa is still more attractive from a peg ratio stand point so therefore i like visa a thousand times more than american express. >> how do you really feel? okay. so jason loves visa. jonathan -- >> no long-term debt. >> debt is not always a bad thing.
2:35 pm
talk about it another time. there you go. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> check out the on-line edition of talking numbers. yahoo! finance, look for cnbc, click talking numbers, see me and mandy's face every day, double sullivan or mandy. >> what is the sound you have to make when you go there? there you go. a looks retail battle royale. we're turning french. michael kors taking on coach. who will be crowned the christmas winner some. >> million dollar home challenge today and i have a home coming up it's a river retreat really cool inside, great backyard, in a cool town, i predict it will destroy that lavish lodge in massachusetts. before we do that, though, what's happening down at the new york stock exchange. kelly evans? >> brian sullivan, great to see you today. buy in today's sell-off. that's what jeff is saying. you can find out why he's predicting a gain of 15% in the market next year. you can also find out how one of the nation's largest pension
2:36 pm
funds is putting money to work. we'll speak with the chief investment officer chris alman and the ipo could price any time after the close of trade today. the ipo market has been red hot so you'll want to stick around for that. all that and plenty more ahead on "closing bell" in just about 20 minutes. keep it right here. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 there are trading opportunities tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 just waiting to be found. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 at schwab, we're here to help tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 bring what inspires you tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 out there... in here. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 out there, tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 there are stocks on the move. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 in here, streetsmart edge has tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 chart pattern recognition tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 which shows you which ones are bullish or bearish. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 now, earn 300 commission-free online trades. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 call 1-888-648-6021 tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 or go to to learn how. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 our trading specialists can tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 help you set up your platform. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 because when your tools look the way you want tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 and work the way you think, you can trade at your best.
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welcome back to "street signs." take a look at what the markets are up to. we're gathering a little steam here in terms of moving to the downside. the nasdaq is down by over 1%, the s&p is down below that 100 mark and it is off by 0.8% and the dow down by 77 points. to prove in case you thought over the course of the year the market was a one-way street, clearly at least today it is not. >> you know how everybody blames the media for inciting fear and panic, right if let's do it. 13 shopping days left until christmas and you have an empty closet. start shopping. we'll. our fierce competitor segment focused on the luxury players, right. we pit two stocks, smart people here, also have us, we fight it out. joining us, stacy widlets, jan
2:40 pm
and buzz feed's. we're going to get back to them in a second. first courtney reagan will get us up to speed on the two companies fighting today. >> it's the contest between two high-end heavyweights. in the rink accessory champion coach takes on fashion forward michael kors. while the coach brand is a luxury legend four decades older than michael kors the rookie is giving the veteran a run for its money. sigz up the competition, michael kors is rapidly expanding its footprint of 477 stores is only half coach's 990 stores. but despite having a store fleet half the size of coach michael kors comparable sales grew 23% in its recent quarter while coach's comps sank nearly 7%. has holiday quarter michael kors delivered 306% increase in net income. while coach's 2012 holiday
2:41 pm
season yielded a net income gain of 1.5%. may seem like a knockout but many question the sustainability of courkors growth. >> who is going to win this christmas? michael kors or coach. what do you think? >> sure. i'm going with michael kors on this. i think that michael kors has an amazing brand and as far as social buzz they have more twitter followers than coach, more facebook followers. michael kors super popular after project runway and goldman had an analysis this year using google regional search trends michael kors is searched more in the trend setting markets whereas late adopters such as wisconsin and states like that were searching coach more. i'm going to say michael kors is cooler and going to win this round. >> slamming wisconsin in the
2:42 pm
process, backwards, i have a house there. i'm sensitive. >> stacy. >> the underdog, i'm going with coach. >> since when is coach an underdog? >> it has been repeatedly. >> recently for ten years -- >> michael kors can't keep the stuff on the shelves. coach has been a problem. >> coach has been under comping michael kors by 30%. the expectations are low, rid of their designer who was building his own label at the same time and distracted, they brought in a new designer from spain who's terrific and has a great background and i think they're the comeback kid for 2014. >> looks like the deciding vote is going to be to jan in the middle. >> chief justice negativen but i hated to agree with stacy but i'm going to, i'm going with coach as well. through the end of the year with holiday michael kors because their sales are going to be better. 2014 i believe we're going to see multiple contraction in
2:43 pm
michael kors, i think they're slowing, i agree with everything we heard here about all the good things about michael kors. i don't think that changes the fact that their growth rate is slowing a little and when that happens, they'll contract on their multiple and coach down in the dumps and trading like a plain old retailer will start to see its business get wet better. >> the wisconsin stock. >> the new management will work and we'll start to see growth again because the product is getting better an some time in 2014 they'll start delivering new product and yeah, they're not as cool as they used to be but then again they're trading like they're not cool either. >> courtney a lady that studies fashion and handbags for a living. >> i was sort of undecided coming into this and i wanted to hear everybody's opinion. this morning i thought coach, then definitely kors. i'm worried about kors cool factor. that could fade quickly. something to be said about coach, been around for a long time. i love their men's products. >> he have men's products. >> not so labeled with the cs.
2:44 pm
>> man bags. >> they have man bags? >> oh, yeah. a dashing scarf. >> i have a place to keep my compact. >> you do. a satchell. >> i wear a lot of makeup. >> it's the wallets, the across the body bags. i think the other thing about coach as you said, the expectations are incredibly low. >> sure. >> they've been slow off to -- in europe but now they're getting in more wholesale doors. they're going to become an international brand whereas kors has gone in internationally. >> you're confident they're going to turn it around. they could muddle along forever there's a lot of companies that never recover and don't get worse, they just don't do anything special sfoots product is changing, is different, less logo, more leather, higher end. >> and also trading like they're going to muddle along forever. >> i was going to say let's bring up -- apologize to those listening on the radio. a lot of the good news has been built into michael kors' stock, wouldn't you say, and cove has been really yikes, under performing and muddling along. >> but just because it's doing
2:45 pm
well doesn't mean it's necessarily bound for a fall. i think the fact that kors limited their merchandise that's logo centric to 30% has worked. and how does coach come back from being such an outlet brand. >> sure. what about the cool kids are saying, we talked about the come factor a little bit. a lot of surveys seems the kids like kors. >> i think the cool kids were unemployed living in their mother's basements and do have money to spend. why do we care? >> the teens. >> more twitter followers. >> i do think there's that mixing and matching of accessories, people are shopping at h and m and so on but will pay for the $150 handbag and $200 handbag. >> they will some. >> they will. they will. and so your point about outlet stores, you go to an outlet store there is a line outside the coach store. they actually have to stagger people in. >> don't they sell different stuff? the stuff in most of these outlet stuff is never available in the store.
2:46 pm
>> it's like last season. >> at lo lot of stuff is different, made cheaper. >> 80% is made for the factory. >> yeah. t winner is coach. >> thank you very much. >> surprise. >> keeping track of all this. >> of course i'm keeping track of all of it. >> otherwise it would be mildly per it turned competitors. >> herb greenberg to write down your memo. >> thank you very much. jan. >> yeah. >> herb's waiting for you in the green room. he heard what you said. >> he's cowering. >> epic. >> coming up next, actually i'm going to do one of these million dollar homes. lured me to a house, present the house that i'm sort of -- went and toured. a nice house. we'll put it against that lodge thing they've got in massachusetts. all the loyal "street signs" viewers will ensure i am victorious otherwise -- >> going to try to make me guess, aren't you? >> otherwise nothing will happen. i have no real power. >> okay. but first, this is the third most popular video of the year and we're counting down here.
2:47 pm
how animals eat their food with 88 million views and likes. it is kind of funny, so bad it's good. the most popular video coming up. (vo) you are a business pro.
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2:50 pm
. so we sent out reporters including our brian sullivan to seven different real estate markets to try to check out exactly what a million dollar home looks like with a main street address. two $1 million homes go head to head and only one, i'm afraid, moves forward. to make it more interesting, we've asked the reporters not to name the locations. keep it hush hush and reveal that when we get a look. the lavish lodge meet delaware's
2:51 pm
mammoth manor. the lavish lodge will take on the river retreat. let's take a look. >> this classic home set on 0.4 acres has new england style and smalltown charm. its renovations include a two-car garage and this side porch. >> this attached house may sit on a small lot, but don't be fooled. it's in an artsy, affluent community. the house has been renovated and expanded and maintains its history can charm. >> there are eight fireplaces in this 3500 square foot home including one in the main kitchen. downstairs are an array of vintage pieces from a bygone era from when this home was in a carriage industry. >> this boasts 3500 feet of living space. a smart chef's kitchen and high end thermidor appliances. the open design is even more
2:52 pm
flexible. >> imagine waking up to this view every morning, just steps away into a private office and a bathroom with a new jacuzzi tub. that's just in one of the rooms. in all three bedrooms, three baths. >> the master suite has floor to ceiling windows and a great balcony that lets in a ton of natural light. the home office can easily be converted into a fourth bedroom. >> don't have a car? you can sail to this house, originally built for a ship captain. its expansive backyard put this historic town on your horizon. the price tag $1.03 million. >> walk out the front door and you're on a cool main street, out the back door and on the river with a private fenced-in backyard. the asking price for this riverfront home, $998,500. >> we know that the lavish lodge -- >> you like that voice.
2:53 pm
>> this is excellence. >> that's my record voice. i love it. >> the lavish lodge is in massachusetts. i have to guess where your river retreat was -- >> i missed work. >> clearly not colorado or california or anywhere like that. >> two hour drive from where we are in northern new jersey. i finished the shoot at 10:30, got in my jeep and got here at 12:30 and had a sandwich. >> it would be somewhere around here, like new jersey, pennsylvania. it can't be massachusetts, because that would be silly, two places in massachusetts. >> you can shoot here in florida and drive here in one day. >> joining us now, broker to the superrich. was my guess accurate, one of those states? >> it's in one of those states. it's in actually a wonderful area. >> cool town. >> i love new hope. >> new hope, pennsylvania. very artsy, music cafes, galleries.
2:54 pm
>> intellectual, artsy. plus you get fabulous shopping. there's really good shopping right nearby. >> you don't need to ever be in a car. walk across a bridge to new jersey. why you would want to do that, i don't know. >> to get a sandwich and the lavish lodge still sings to me, such a beautiful setting, such a beautiful house. it really is beautiful. but your house has a $4,000 a year tax rate. $4,000. all the other houses today were 13,000, 14,000. that's one-third. i have to tell you, being a practical gal, being an exaccountant and knowing that that house could probably rent for $5,000 a month. >> in new hope. >> and a new york suburb basically so you can go there are for weekends. >> a lot of people do. >> i know. and the outlet shopping.
2:55 pm
i have to say i have to go with your house, bing bing, we win, we win. and i completely disagree, michael kors is much better than coach. >> we're talking about the stock. >> but if the product is good, then the stock will be there. >> that handbag would look good in my house. >> just because you like the company doesn't mean it's a good stock. >> what is it, river retreat. >> in win so far. >> we still have a round to go. >> i lost in that round last year. i lost to diana and that stupid house in cambridge. i'm an exceptionally competitive individual. victory goes to my river retreat house, but in the 3:00 hour -- what are we doing next? >> 4:00 hour. i'll also win. and meet the champion. >> anyone can weigh in as well,
2:56 pm
#milliondollarhome. weigh in. >> think animals as well. before we crown the winner, here's the runner-up. the harlem shake with more than 95 million views and still watching. >> which version? ♪ i don't just make things for a living i take pride in them. so when my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis was also on display, i'd had it. i finally had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, he prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma,
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you are looking at the most popular youtube video of the year, it's by ylvis. it's been loaded only back in september. how much money is youtube making all these crazy viral videos? >> this year, e-marketer estimates that you tube will generate 9.65 million -- excuse me, 5.6 billion. of that youtube will hang on to $1.69 billion of that because they have to pay the content, creator, whether it's a music label or whatever or an independent content creator, then they have ad partners. they'll end up with $1.96 billion in revenue. that number is a significant portion of the entire global ad spend, that's about 2% of the entire amount of money that anyone spends on advertising all year long.
3:00 pm
and it's all because of those crazy videos. >> you got to love it because we are the product. twitter, facebook, we are what they sell. it's free for them. >> yes, and they make millions. google, where's our cut. >> if you create videos, you can get a cut, too. >> my kid's riverdance video on there. >> "closing bell" is next, everyone. thanks for watching. and hello and become to "the closing bell." i'm kelly evans here at the new york stock exchange. >> i'm scott walker in for bill griffeth. some disappointing earnest and warnings about rising interest rates among the kill pritts today. >> as soon as we get good news out of washington, we get worries about what that means for the fed next year. also twitter not giving up those huge gains from monday and tuesday. the stock has doubled from its


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