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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  December 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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well, good morning and welcome to a special post christmas boxing day edition of "worldwide exchange." >> we are here with you from 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. eastern standard time. >> welcome to viewers across asia and australia, antarctica, south america. we start today where we left off on tuesday with shopping and the retail sector. several reports say chains from
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coast to coast will launch post christmas sales this morning. walmart and kohl's stores are opening at 5:00 a.m. today. it's hard to see any data on the shopping season, but last week, shoppertracker say retail sales drop for the week of september 16th by 3.5%. >> if you skipped them off and ordered online for shipped stuff across the country, you need to know about the big oops from u.p.s. because of bigger than expected volume, not all u.p.s. packages that were supposed to arrive under the tree for christmas. the u.p.s. could have blamed santa and the rain deere, but it's owning up to the mistake. natalie goodwin says, quote, the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity in our network as demand was much greater than the forecast. we apologize to both shipping and receiving customers who may have dlaid delays. while with him not have drivers delivering on christmas, we will have employees prepping packages
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and the planes on take off sh s thursday morning. the nice part is the stock is up about 40% this year, definitely one of the big winners. fedex, though, having some problems, as well. a customer representative reached out by nbc news admitted fedex was having, quote, extraordinary delays. fedex did say some packages were available for pick up at reasonable distribution systems. bad weather in many parts of the country. clearly didn't have matters more on that in just a few minutes. >> now, just before the markets closed for christmas, cohen and company cut its earnings estimates on target. target has been hit hard by a massive credit card data breach. information up to 40 million investors cass pomp mized. now, the average estimate for
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schains shares are way below the market average, up about 4% for the overall time period. and a itemly come tie-up may be in the works. japan's softbank is in talks to buy t-mobile and is discussing funding with banks. softbank would reportly have its sprint unit take from parent deutsche telekom in a deal that could be worth $20 billion. that would help softbank pass verizon and at&t to become the world's number two wire lts carrier by revenue if it can get by regulators and anti-trust kirns. t-mobile shares having a nice run up lately. over 23% in the past three months. >> staying on that theme, blackberry co-founder is selling his shares in the smartphonemaker. he trends the stake to less than 5%. the move comes after blackberry announced a huge third quarter loss last week.
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lazaridis says he and co-founder doug reagan dropped bits for blackberry. that stock is down almost 40% so far this we're. >> definitely one of the losers for this year. let's take a look at those markets. european markets are closed today. but most of asia has been open for business. in japan, the nikkei extending its six-year high, pushing above the 16,000 mark as a weak yen attract is investors. china's shanghai falling 1 is.57% today as investors react to a lack of injection by the country's central bank. elsewhere, south korea closing up for a seventh straight session with the kospi at a three-week high. there's no movement in the u.s. futures in the upper bug on your screen. the futures won't start trading in the electronics session until 6:00 a.m. eastern. throughout the hour, we're looking at stocks. good and bad, big and small in
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2013 as we shut our attention to next year, 2014. now, seema put together a list of naughty and nice companies. seem ma, what have you come up with? >> as santa makes his list and checks it twice, we thought we would try to find which companies are naughty this year. we define naughty as companies that have consistently missed street expectations over the past four quarters, companies that made that list, american power, caterpillar, c.h. robinson, discovery communications, quest diagnostics, h&r block, windstream holings and wpx energy. does smising expectations hurt stock performance? eight of the ten stocks were up for the year. only two of the companies that made that list that had four consecutive earnings listed, c.h. robinson and quest diagnostics were down this year. it seems as if earnings misses weren't that big of a deal for wall street. out of our list, you discovery communications is the best performing stocks, shares up 40%
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year-to-date. analysts that i spoke to write that discoveries emerging channels have strong growth prospects and international markets will be a big opportunity for the company. >> well, now, how about this? here is now abigail doolittle. let's talk about this because last week, really, the weather still a major concern causing major problems throughout the country here in the u.s. and michigan. 156,000 homes have been without power for almost a week now. overall, if you take a look at what's going on with the overall picture, abigail, there's a lot of stuff happening in the market. there's a lot of stuff with weather, the stock market closed today. but the bigger picture for the markets overall has to be one that's a bit concerning perhaps for investors. >> certainly i think that is the case. not just for the reasons you're
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talking about and a prelude to what could be a bigger correction. the stock market has only surged parabolically higher. so i think that that's the real issue at hand. that type of buying spree typically reverses. the trouble with this type of a reversal, it starts slowly and then happens very subtly, catches people by surprise. so i think that people just want to be -- keep in mind the fact that we really could see a correction of some sort and have a plan in place. >> you definitely follow the technicals b. >> i do. >> and you look at charts even when you're sleeping. that's why your twitter handle is@chartis, right, abigail? the s&p sitting on a 26% gain, nasdaq up 35%. is the market overbought? what are the charts telling you right now? >> the charts scare me, to be perfectly honest with you. if you pick up the s&p 500er
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other major indices, you'll see it sticks straight up, fashion, nearly a 90% angle. it will reverse. i'm calling it a false initial reaction. i think investors have acted on a bullish market. and as the truth is learned, that it's artificial propping of the economy and the financial markets that they're likely to sell it. when that happens, i don't know. i mean, things always go longer and further than we think. but they scare me. >> it's interesting only because we talk about how v-shaped the recovery has been since the 2009 lows. nobody expected it to be that way. we thought it would take some time. it was the great recession, the worst since the depression. yes, we may be due for one, but is there anything that you think really could power the stock market higher next year if it comes to fruation? >> in terms of a fundamental driver? you know, it's hard for me. i guess if we really saw the economy improve. i mean, we've seen some
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improving data over the last couple of weeks. gdp and the housing market does seem to be firming. if we saw sustained trend in that direction, then i think maybe these gains could hold. but i always stick by the montra, charts never lie. it's a pure look at what the buyers and sellers are actually doing, what they think about the fundamentals well ahead of time. this kind of buying spree, it does not hold. it will correct. in my view, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when, yeah. >> we'll have to watch those charts. abigail, we still want your market insights. please come back in a second. we're going to get back to you in about 30 minutes. >> last week's weather issues have still been a major concern. there have been power problems all over the country in the u.s. in michigan, 156,000 homes have been without power for almost a week now. crews from all over the country have come up to help and they work right through christmas day. they had more bad weather
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yesterday, causing one truck to flip over. 60,000 customers are still without power in maine after last week's power storm. power lines are down throughout that state. what's ahead weatherwise as americans ton travel for this holiday season? here is the weather channel's mark elliott been. >> timing here is pretty good for some quiet weather across the country. some very busy travel days, this end of christmas week into the new year and the weather is reasonably quiet. a couple of areas of concern. we have the northeast corridor and the great lakes, light snow showers thursday. this is a fast moving clipper low. places from michigan to maine still do have power from our last winter storm. a couple of showers here across florida and south texas, but another big story is the quiet conditions out west. it's going to stay very warm, near record temperatures across l.a. friday, the whole country is extremely quiet, so that's a
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great travel day. by this weekend, things get more interesting. we've got snow showers coming back into play from the northeast. some rain will be spreading up i-95. that will sloe you down. and gusty winds across the northern tier bringing down the cold air. dominick and seema, back to you. parts of europe dealing with major weather problems. norwegians are used to do snow, but they really got dumped on yesterday. some parts of norway got 60 inches, that's 1.52 meters or five feet. roads are closed as work crews try to dig out. so a lot of people around the world are dealing with bad weather. >> the bad weather is at issue in all parts of the world now. the big credit card bill cereal isn't ready yet, but we have tallied up what the nation spends on food, trees and beyond. what does christmas mean for the american consumer and spending? we've done the math and that's next. plus, few things can predict global growth like this sector.
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morgan brennen is on that case. enning the year on a roll, does that mean the global economy is ready to rock? find out when "worldwide exchange" returnses. >> my 2014 christmas wish list is more confidence. we don't have enough of it. we deserve more and we should be getting mover the. >> i want to see growth pick up. i want to see consumer spending pick up and i'd like to see wage gains increase. i think you have to have wage gains accelerate from where they are now to carry the economy. [ male announcer ] for every late night,
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sglaun predicted apple use tweak its lineup. he was right. he also said samsung would press its independence from google. that was also correct. the launch of the galaxy s4 barely mentioned google or the operating system. barnes & noble, nokia, blackberry most at risk for crumbling. hp stocks did double, but there were problems with those other companies. jon was 3 for 3. let's see what he thinks about 2014. >> 2014 should be a big year for
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wearables because we should expect apple to finally jump into the game. i mean, yes, we've been looking for something like an iwatch from apple for what seems like years now. but now that revenue is below 3.5 billion per year, it's time for apple to jump into the game. remember that theme in the movie reservoir dogs where the three guys are pointing their gun and it doesn't work out so well? that's the situation now between amazon, google and samsung. somebody is going to take a fall in 2014 and it won't be pretty. an important year of change for microsoft, new priorities and perhaps the spinning off of some brands. if so, bing might be one of them. expect yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer to be first in line to check out that particular asset. jon fortt, cnbc. if you really wanted to see
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if the economy is growing, there are lots of ways to check. this morning, morgan brennen has done a lot of reporting on the sector. symbol x are up 81 %. what is the steel sector saying about the big picture? thanks, seema. that is the question as we head into 2014. strong auto saelles and strong manufactured goods helps push demand higher. another thing to watch, iron ore prices contributed to lower production costs for steelmakers. which companies could benefit? united states steel corporation. the company gaining 5.5% this week. helping push the s&p 500 to its latest record high. another, ak steel has even more gains, surging 10% this week, up more than 27% last week and 150% over the past six months. ak steel posting surprise profits in its latest earnings
5:18 am
report. one more to check out, nucor corporation. but bank of america merrill lynch saying this steel stock holds the most upside, especially as nonresidential construction comes back to lye. inventory could weigh on steel prices as could a stronger dollar. keep an eye on the heavy debt sitting on many steelmakers books. seema. >> it was interesting, i was looking at some of the charts of these steelmakers. there has been a rally in some of these names over the last couple of months on this refueled optimism on growth prospects for next year. what if growth does not meet expectations? it will be interesting to see if these names in some way sell off. >> it's not just about the u.s. growth picture. this is a global story. with names like ak steel, allegheny technologies, a lot of these steel companies do different things. they all have their special niche. when china starts growing,
5:19 am
that's a big thing. that's the second biggest economy in the world. >> and if we see a pick up in some of the other frontier markets, as well. >> absolutely. >> ho, ho, ho, tis the season to spend and spend big. we are calling it cnbc christmas listical. >> our little black friday weekend shop athon added up. 141 million of us rang up a 57.4 billion dollar deals and a few black eyes. we'll get 25 million real christmas trees with shiny balances and useless tinsel worth over $1 billion. seasons greetings. we'll sign and send $1.6 billion holiday cards. that's another $2 billion. eight in ten of us have no idea what to buy little fred and
5:20 am
uncle suzi. on a one size fits off plastic. that no so person touch rings in $29.8 billion. but hey, it's the thought that counts. >> you can't be my trainer. maybe i believe you ate my trainer. >> five potential blockbusters open on christmas day and the escape they offer is worth every penny. last christmas, it cost us more than $70 million. >> oh, my god. >> an army of 4,000 santas is out in force. the top st. nicks get sat around for the season. it's an up your holiday billion by another $40 million. candy proof, a ton on of it goes into the fruit cakes we'll buy but never eat. that will bake in another $40 million. and 93.3 million of us will travel for the holidays.
5:21 am
to see annoying inlaws, drunk uncles and weird cousins. all those fond family memories will cost us $50 billion in travel expenses. tis the season to add it all up, and the jolly old bill comes to $148.3 billion very merry dollars. season's greetings. >> well, it is definitely the season to shop. dominick, i have to ask you, what is the most expensive thing you have bought this year? >> this year? >> i would think it would be something in the fashion department because i've got to say you're a very fashion blg man. >> well, thank you very much. i try to dress as best i can. i probably was something fashionable. i think i bought on jacket for my wife that was on the pricey set. and we're actually getting ready to buy a tv. we're going to wait until after christmas, though, to do that. >> there might be some good deals, then. >> hopefully. >> my most expensive things this
5:22 am
year have been on shoes. i love a nice pair of classic black shoes. that's my mocht expensive purchase. >> here is the thing for me. my kid brother gave me an xbox 1 for christmas. it got caught up in that whole u.p.s. shuffle. it has not reached me yet. it's supposed to reach me sometime today or maybe on friday. so i want to thank my brother, clement for getting me that xbox 1 even though i have time to receive it. >> i'm going to come over and play sometime. >> there you go. they have changed the way americans fly domestically all the way from ireland. what it's like to fly on ryan air where there's a charge for just about every single thing you do. we're going to take you through all that from the booking process to the gate to see what airlines in the u.s. may be trying to charge us for the next time around and josh looks at gadgets in silicone valley. next on "worldwide exchange," the gadgets for the techky in your life. most people want to spend around
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at bny mellon, our business is investments. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us scale and insight no one else has. investment management combined with investment servicing. bringing the power of investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon. as merchbs travel for christmas and new year's, many may be surprised by the extra fees airlines are trying to get you to pay. it is perhaps a trend that started with ire legion's ryan air. love it or hate it, it's the new way to fly. tom mckenzy is taking us through
5:26 am
the booking process for ryan air, the booking process that changed the industry. >> so what's it like to travel ryanair? first stop, booking tickets. so this is ryanair's all new revamped website. the thing that jumps out is the price tag, 14.99. that's backside 22 just for a one-way ticket. we're going to go to dublin. we're clicking on it here and want to put in our details. >> it's about pilot high and sell it cheap. we won that comprehensively. >> but if you're not careful, the final price can add up. >> if you at the time forget to print out your boarding pass at home, ryanair will do it for, but for a fee of 07 pounds. if your luggage doesn't fit perfectly in here, that's another fee for ryanair. >> the airline charges for everything from reserve seating and priority board to go checked
5:27 am
in bags. 20% of revenues come from an sillry sales like food and drink with staff driven hard to meet targets. there's a riskque calendar. for some, ryanair's price is all that matters. >> i thought it was a roblly cheap airline. it's ran do i come how you get your seats and everything, but it was all right. >> others feel cheated by all the add-ones. >> ryanair admits rival budget airline easy jut jet has beaten it on customer care. the company is betting on a friendly image to lure back ali ali alienated passengers. the question is whether ryanair's new flight path will see it through the turbulence or set it up for a bumpy landing. >> wow. 70 pounds to print out a ticket.
5:28 am
that would catch me for someone like myself who fwets to the airport and forgets my boarding pass. >> but they serve a niche. they -- you've got to talk about the debate about whether or not it's better for companies to have an ala carte pay for every single thing. part of me says i would like to see one price and know everything is taken care of. >> absolutely. >> anyway, anyways flying. once you get to where you're going, you never want to show up just empty handed. josh lipton is here with some of the coolest damag esest gadgetsy season straight from silicone rally. the go pro action 3. the camera is wearable, it's waterproof, and you can mount it just about anywhere. starting price, $200.
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up next, this is sony's wearable display. the idea, says sony, as you slip on the wearable head mount and create your own personal movie theater or private game room. it simulates a 750 inch screen that is 65 feet away. so big size and clarity, surround sound and 3d option. there's the parrot ar drone. this is your very own drone that you control with your smartphone or tablet. as you fly, video is recorded and sent directly to your mobile device using this built in hd camera. i found one on amazon for 300 bucks. finally, my favorite, your own personal submarine. it can dive to 1 thoigs feet. the subis powered by battery pack and you can hit speeds of three knots. the price, $2 million. josh lipton, cnbc, silicone
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valley. >> $2 million. >> for a submarine. what a great experience. >> i would love a submarine, but $2 million. >> it's or the rich. now let's get a look at those markets. there are four trading sessions left in 2013. we're looking add beyond the new year and talking about the question on just about everyone's mind, can the rally run on? dominick has an interesting take on that very question. >> i sure do. some call me dom-humbug. i'm going to make the counter aurmt to my bull out there. before you invest in 2014, let me explain why you need to be on the lookout, at least a little bit. that's next. >> my economic wish for 2014 is that the financial prosperity of 2013 turn intees economic prosperity for everyone in 2014. that and that my stocks go down.
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well, tuns of thousands of americans spend time signing up for obama care in order to be covered by january 1st. now, that deadline has passed on the federal and most state exchanges and preliminary numbers should he a huge ramp up in enrollments. in new york, almost 26,000 people enrolled on tuesday alone.
5:34 am
washington state signups have been up about 82% in december. now, the number of official enrollments compiled by cnbc now stands at more than 725,000 people. so obama care may be getting a little bit of momentum here. >> that's right. now, let's focus over to apple. apple is in trouble in taiwan for anti-trust violations. the iphonemaker was fined backside 655,000 saying it interfered with the pricing by three mobile carriers. the commission says apple told the carriers how much to carve for the iphones and recommended changes in plans. apple appealed the ruling, but it could face another $625,000 in fines if it does not immediately stop trying to control prices. apple shares up up this year, far below market value and one of the underperformers for the tech sector.
5:35 am
>> that's a drop in the bucket for apple. the electronics giants are ending their joint venture to produce technology to make giant ultra thin tvs. they had been working on these oled screens kb which offer better quality pictures than traditional lcd televisions. sony made the first model in 2007, but has struggled to roll out production because costs are too high for production. now, here is what i've been waiting for. what will 2014 mean for the markets? bob pisani gives us his full predictions for the new year. but first, let's check on his scorecard from 2013. now, he said there would be slow growth in the u.s., predicting zero to 2% growth. q1 did have slow growth, but gdp's third to 4.1% in the fourth quarter. next, pisani said autos and
5:36 am
housing would continue to be the bright spot in the economy. this is right. auto sales soared past 15%. finally, he predicted the big trades in bonds and stocks would reverse. right again. now, two of the three isn't that bad. let's see what lies ahead in 2014. the guiding principal of my 2014 predictions is try not to be boring. here goes. first, the fed will increase its bond buying program next year after its initial attempt at tapering falters avenue the fed begins a modest decline, the stock market drops 10% and the economy begin toes putter. the new fed chairman, janet yellen, has to face the prospects that the economy will
5:37 am
slip into recession, moves to increase its bond buying program 100 million a month. richard fisher, a member of the federal market committee resigns from his post in the middle of the year. finally, microsoft buys yahoo! at a 30% premium and names marissa mayer as their new c he o. this is a different world from 2008 about microsoft tried to buy yahoo! last. they need a wow candidate to replace steven balmer. it's not going to be alan mulally. it's focused on the consumer. for cnbc, i'm bob pisani. >> that's interesting because you never think that stimulus can go the other way. tapering and reaccelerating, i guess is the best way to put it. let's bring back abigail, and welcome in jim and don.
5:38 am
guys, i've got a theory. things are not so great out there so you can call me dom-humbug. i don't believe that things can go as well as they've gone without at least some kind of correction in the marketplace. maybe we'll start with abigail right now. there has to be the nay saying point of view. they can't all be sunshine and roses all the time. >> i absolutely agree with you, dom. we were talking about this rally. over the last five years, it's been unbelievable. the s&p up nearly 170%. i would say among an anemic economic recovery. at some oint, the disconnect between the money that the federal reserve has pumped into the financial markets, not main street, not the economy, could connect. >> but the fundamentals are there to fuel this rally. we have growth increasing, the economic standpoints better than
5:39 am
expected. jim, do you think we can see this bull market continue in 2014? >> i think it's easy to make that case. over the last month, we've seen improving economic data and at the same time we have a reassurance from the fed that they're going let that simmer for a while. that's what would have been waiting for for a long time. now, the one thing that does worry me and it flashes red is every time in the last year the vix has gone to around 12 to 13ish. it's been a precursor to a bit of a correction. am i worried about that? yes. but the fundamentals are still intact. >> now, mr. luskin, here is what i want to say about that. the fundamental bull case, we've seen a lot of sentiment in the marketplace. are too many people bullish
5:40 am
right now? isn't that a sign that things may be due for a turn here? >> well, there's a difference between a turn and a correction. we get two or three corrections every year, so your broken clock will be right two or three times a day on that one. that's right, of course, no problem. the question is where are we going to be right now? we can't possibly have a good year because the last five years have been up, i would say it's historic data. three-quarters of the time when you have five back to back to back to backs positive years in the s&p, three quarters of the time you get a sixth positive year and that's sixth positive year has an average return of 14%. that includes the six years of deposit and the few six years that are negative. number two, we have come through six years in the global economy of not just a wall of worry, but a wall of catastrophe. we have had banking failures,
5:41 am
near break-up in the euro, six countries in europe that needed various forms of rescue. all that stuff is over. that is a walk in the park compared to the existential crisis that we have endured for the last several years. that's why stocks can finally punch out of a trading range they have been confined in for 13 long years. yes, we've had a bull market, but it's taken us 10% above where we were 13 years ago. the best is yesterday to be, ladies and gentlemen. >> the equity market has been the key beneficiaries of the decisions. but the commodity markets, gold, it's now down 30% this year. abigail, what are your thoughts? when you look at that chart, do you think gold can overperform in 2014? >> i think there's a strong possibility that we will see that. the bull market is in tract. right now, we're in a medium term correction and i consequence that gold is trying
5:42 am
to put in a medium term bottom. now, everybody says because there's no inflation and because the fed is possibly tapering, gold is going to go down. but i think investors want to keep in mind that what drove gold significantly higher through 2011 was not inflation. we had deflation. but was the fear of inflation. so with all of the money that the fed has pumped into the system, it's still there. so as investors reconnect with the idea that this system is still sloshing down with liquidity, if it comes out, there's going to be massive inflation. >> now, jim, you get the last word. 15 quick seconds. do you believe the numbers that are coming out of the economy right now? >> well, i have no choice but to believe the numbers coming out. so i will say yes. i definitely think so. we seem to be the ones who will taper on our fed, the boj and the ecb.
5:43 am
we've gone from talking about taper to actually doing it. right now, i think gold and the commodities should do that. but yeah, sure, i believe the numbers. >> thank you so much for your time. abigail and jim, thank you for joining us. moving on, detroit reaches a dooem deal with two banks and a costly program. it negotiates with its critters. detroit had initially secured a loan from barclay's, part of which would be used to end the swap agreements with ubs and merrill lynch at 75 cents on the dollar. the swaps hnd intended to hedge risks for a portion of pension debts sold in 2005 and 20 06. the deal was reached after two days of mediation. this week, the bankruptcy just judge still has to approve it. now, a big loss for bp. some do not have to reduce their economic losses in order to collect on a settlement agreement. those businesses only have to show a certain pattern of losses. the judge says bp's request was a reversal of a previous
5:44 am
interpretation of the settlement inconsistent with its previous position. now, bp originally projected a settlement with businesses and individuals could cost $2.8 billion dollars. in october, it boosted that estimate to $9.2 billion and said the number could grow significantly higher. >> some of the other top headlines for today, some presents didn't show up under the tree in time. fedex and u.p.s. both confessed to delivery problems. the carriers saw much higher capacity than expected in part due to more online shopping this season and bad weather across the country added to those problems. if you didn't get what you wanted for christmas, some stores are making it easier to buy it for yourself. k-mart and -- or walmart and kohl's stores are open in some places around the cup. now, more trouble for target. reports say hackers stole encrypted bank pin numbers in the retailer's massive data
5:45 am
breach. a target spokesperson says there's no evidence pin data was at all compromised here. first class stamps in the u.s. going up in price again. they will be hiked 3 cents to 49 cents starting january 26th. but just for two years. regulators approved the move tuesday. you can, however, buy forever stamps before the 26th for 46 cents and they'll still work. >> i like forever stamps. anyway, no christmas, no problem. china doesn't celebrate santa, but they have some new ideas mind did great wall when it comes to celebrating a christmas-like event. that's coming up next. you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy.
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invested in the world. bny mellon.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm dominick. so we here at the show thought about it's the season for holiday wish lists and holiday shopping lists. we put together a list for the all i want for christmas for all the world's biggest leaders in the political sphere. we came up with a handful of them here. first off, barack obama, all he wants for christmas is for the website to work. they've always had these glitches with the website. he wants all those going away.
5:49 am
this is jm morgan's ceo jamie dimon. all he wants for christmas is a bespoke suit as opposed to a lawsuit. jpmorgan has set aside billions to settle lawsuit claims. he wants a regular old custom made suit. tim cook, ceo of apple wants a break from invery faster carl icahn. tim cook has some $147 billion in cash and investments. carl icahn wants him to return some of that to shareholders. tim cook wants him to lose his number for a while. then take a look at this, russian president vladimir putin wants the sochi winter olympics to go off without a hitch. then there's ceo of tesla. elam musk, he wants to tell more tesla model ss. then, of course, there's fed
5:50 am
chairman ben bernanke. all he wants from christmas is a break from congressional testimony. all i want for christmas, all i want for christmas, all i want for christmas is for the economy to really get better, for the markets to keep going. that will be big. >> i want inflation to stay low. i think that's the key catalyst to watch. once we start seeing inflation rise, we'll see what the fed starts to do. >> maybe interest rates go up, as well. you never know. in china, christmas isn't a big deal. but as eunice yoon reports, some are trying to make a bigger celebration out of a man almost everyone in china reveres. >> now that victims is over, in china, fans of chairman are celebrating the birth of a man who they believe to be their savior. december 26th is the 120th birthday of the founder of the people's republic of china. people are marking the occasion by eating birthday noodles,
5:51 am
singing revolutionary songs and one city erected a golden jade statue worth $16 million. the current president has to walk a fine line with these celebrations. the president has been calling for campaigns to restore the communist party's traditional values. at the same time, the new leaders say they want the economy to be based more on markets than maoism. the government is cracking down on straf gans and is ordering festivities this year be toned down. >> christmas in china. >> santa m ao, i'm mott sure i can deal with that. maybe for them over there. >> maybe it does. he's obviously a big figure. but china has been trying to open up a little bit more. maybe m aoism or celebrating m ao maybe isn't the best way to
5:52 am
go forward with that particular xap. >> after this break, predictions for luxury in 2014. >> now, it's been a big year for wine, for specialty cars, art, if you want to see some cool stuff, stay tuned. >> my wish for 2014 is that the federal government works on tax burdens in corporations in the regulatory environment. >> my wish for 2014 is that all the troops get home overseas safely and that anyone who missed the bull market over the last 2 1/2 years has the chance to participate in the next leg of this bull market.
5:53 am
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let's see how he did in his predictions in to 13. robert said the number of millionaires in the world would inch towards 9 million. he got this right. 8.99 million. robert, good job. he said high-end real estate would soar on overseas demand. we saw growth overseas and at least one home sold for over $100 million. finally, luxury sales will remain weak. that was correct for the first half of the year, but by the second half, demand from american buyers helps luxury grow fast per.that was a miss. let's see what's in store for 2014. >> luxury. robert. >> this has been the biggest party for the wealthy since 2007. the question for 2014 is whether the music will play on or whether the party crashes. the rich can thank the stock market for their good fortunes
5:56 am
in 2014. the number of millionaires hitting an all-time high well above 9 million and spending on everything from diamond and ferraris to bacon painting exploded. next year will be a bumpier ride if predictions become more volatile. keeping a lot of cash and not adding much to their stock portfolios. the big theme for 2014 will be hard assets and collectibles. they want scores of values that they can enjoy. expect new record price hs for wine, vintage jewels and fine art. real estate will be the favorite home for rich people's money next year, especially high-end properties in the most exclusive cities like hong kong, san francisco and new york. luxury spending will smift from the east to the west as china's economy slows, but the big spending will be in cars, electronics, and health and beauty, as well as travel and
5:57 am
expenses. for cnbc, i'm robert frank. >> now, robert frank probably has one of the best jobs at cnbc because all he does is go around and check all the ultra rich people all over to world and see what they do. >> from house to yaults. >> those things are not the most liquid things to transact. >> it will be interesting to see if the rich continue to spend more on big ticket items. >> there you go. there you go. >> all right. well, that's all we have for "worldwide exchange." africa, australia, asia, europe, america, thank you so much for watching. >> "squawk box" u.s. is on after the break. on the agenda, holiday shopping, holiday returns and getting ready for the new years in the markets. have a great holiday. we'll see you soon. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature.
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good morning. the day's top stories, retailers are romg out huge after christmas deals and hoping shoppers show up ready to spend. maybe we can make up some of the lost ground and get positive. i don't know where we are exactly. speaking of holiday commerce, some packages didn't arrive in time for christmas this year after an unpredictably large number of packages overwhelmed u.p.s. and preparing to close the books on a very good year for stocks, there's only four trading days left in 2014, but santa is still welcome. it is thursday, december 26th. "squawk box" begins right now. >> good morning and welcome to "squawk box" right here on cnbc. i'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen and michelle caruso cabrera is


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