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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  December 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> i own an embarrassingly small amount of shares. so it really wouldn't matter much, but i will let you know if i do. >> all right. >> i promise. >> that does it for us here on "halftime." catch me on more "fast" at 5:00. don't go anywhere because "power lunch" starts right now. all right, folks, welcome and thank you, melissa. the theme for this hour as you hear the doobie brothers in the background, "it keeps you running." that's what we'll be talking about. the year ahead as the markets keep on moving up. another nice gain at this hour, up about 90 points. 91 and change on the dow. the dow, the s&p, nasdaq, up again today. record territory for a couple. for the year, the nasdaq is up 37%. 28% for the s&p. 25% for the dow. best numbers for a couple of those markets in about 16 years. also running and flying higher, the airline sector. so what will it do in 2014?
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that sector. year to date, the airline index is up. look at that. 57%. will it continue? and see what the top minds in venture capital see for the new year ahead, and find out whether they have spotted trends that could be right for your portfolio. sue is taking a couple extra days for the holidays. happy to have sara eisen with us. >> good to see you, tyler. doobie brothers and i'll get to all that in a moment. first we'll start with the big oops from u.p.s. the shipping problems will forever be remembered as the grinch that stole christmas 2013. over the past few weeks, executives had promised that they were going to be ready for the big holiday season. u.p.s. ceo kirk coon back on december 2nd. >> we continue to be efficient and routing on the ground so we can meet increased demand. >> that was then. diana olick has the now.
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she's in washington with the latest. good to see you, diana. >> reporter: you no, sara, it was a major miscalculation, but we've just a few moments ago gotten a new statement from u.p.s. they said u.p.s. apologizes to both shipping and receiving customers who may have delays. we have additional sorting problems at the international air hub in louisville, kentucky, on christmas and are making deliveries and pickups today. customers should continue to access for the most updated information. so here's what happened. an unexpected surge in online sales that u.p.s. simply couldn't handle. they had pictured 7.75 million packages would enter the system over the holidays. they handle about 45% of all u.s. packages. what they didn't know, again, was that online sales would jump 37% just last weekend as consumer sales fell at the mall. so the trucks are rolling again today. u.p.s. beefing up staff last night and promising to get those pre-christmas packages on people's doorsteps today.
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as for the retailers, though, amazon placed the blame squarely on the carrier. the latest statement from amazon, amazon fulfillment processed orders to delivery carriers on time for holiday delivery. we are reviewing the performance of the carriers. amazon as well as walmart will be offering gift cards to some disgruntled customers out there. fedex also experienced some delays and apologized earlier this week, but they put out a statement today saying that everything was going just fine. tyler? >> all right, diana, thanks very much. you know, talking about u.p.s., jason just told me that u.p.s. shares are up 40% this year. they are basically flat today. so that is how the stockholders are voting on u.p.s. now, a lot of people who did not get their ipads and xboxes, games, toys and everything else have taken -- where else -- to social media to complain. and seema mody has been tracking
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all of this ground swell of anger. >> backlash, if you may, right? >> backlash, exactly. >> a forum for people to exchange ideas and to see if this is not just happening to them but to others as well. let's take a look at some of that backlash on social media. after many gifts did not asrriv in time for christmas, matt mcknight's household didn't have a very happy holiday. he tweets, my family is still waiting for their christmas package via u.p.s. that was guaranteed to arrive by tuesday. the next tweet, david is linking u.p.s. to the grinch of christmas saying every u.p.s. package in december was late. two never arrived by christmas. perhaps it slipped between the seats, u.p.s.? the customer support did respond. you can see right here saying, "i'm very sorry to hear this. please message me the tracking info for help. that was the response. to get an idea of how many people are using the #upsfail, take a look at this chart
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compiled by it represents some but not all twitter activity. #upsfail did not exist until christmas eve shortly after 6:00 p.m. eastern, presumably when the first wave of infuriated customers realized they would have some explaining to do christmas morning. now, christmas day saw steady activity, but the biggest surge came this morning. >> did you get my package that i sent to you, the very expensive one? >> wow. >> it didn't come? >> now you can blame u.p.s. >> i'll see. >> i'll keep waiting. >> you keep waiting. seema, thank you. we've got crisis management consultant eric diesenhall on the phone. eric, what would you be telling the ceo of u.p.s. today? >> first let me address the issue of social media. social media is a massive net negative for crisis management. and contrary to what a lot of people in my business try to tell people, we just don't have a way to deal with social media. it is the problem. it is not the solution.
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and companies just, you know, we simply don't have a way to deal with it. but i think that in terms of what the carriers should be concerned about right now is it's really the focus should be on operations. because the whole idea, apologies and handholding, that's just the price of entry. i mean, nobody ever receives an apology and says, you know, that was such a wonderful apology. i'm no longer outraged. that's just the beginning. what you really have to focus on is "a," the operations, and "b," getting ready for next year because quite honestly, this is not going to be a serious issue until a year from now. and so what has to happen is these companies need to think about the extent to which they are overpromising and what guidance they should be giving to people for next year. finally, i think that they will have to give some thought in addition to operations to things
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like rebates, refunds, things like that. >> eric, this would be from the original seller of the merchandise to their customer, i assume. it wouldn't come necessarily from u.p.s. or any other carrier or vendor. >> i think that that's probably right. the problem is is people don't necessarily -- what they want is they want to be made whole. they're not particularly interested in who they are made whole from. but i think it's one of those things like the airlines where everybody gets mad at the airlines, but, you know, if you're in new york, you're not going to drive to los angeles. so there's only so many places outraged consumers can go. >> all right. eric, we've got to leave it there. and i take your point that what they really need to focus on is logistics and operations for next year so that these kinds of things do not replay. thanks very much, eric dezenhall, crisis communications expert. sara, down to you. tyler, we'll stick with the
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theme beyond many being ship out of luck this holiday season. there are also some target, that credit breach, remember the disaster with security. there are also success stories. if you say the shopping season started about three months ago, deckers up 30% since then. amazon, up 26%. in the three months. vf corp, up 24%. macy's also had a double-digit gain, up 22%, the three months. tiffany's, 18%. so merry christmas to them. and now for more on how americans were buying their stock and how retailers were selling it through the holiday season, julia boorstin joins us live in l.a. julia. >> reporter: well, while overall retail sales growth has been tepid this holiday season, up just about 2.3% according to mastercard spending pulse, online sales have been growing gangbusters. this holiday season, online purchases are projected to grow as much as 15% over last year. and to comprise nearly 14% of
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total holiday sales. now, that's very striking considering the fact that overall e-commerce accounts for just 6% of annual u.s. retail sales. now, we saw this trend play out yesterday, christmas day, online sales were up 16.5% from the same day last year. and that online growth is being driven by mobile, with mobile sales up 40% on christmas day. mobile is now approaching 29% of all of those online sales. now, social is playing a huge role in driving those purchases. shoppers referred to websites from facebook averaged over $72 per order. pinterest referrals drove nearly $87 per order. the people who clicked through from facebook were nearly four times as likely to actually make a purchase as those referred from pinterest. now, with online shopping proving so powerful, tyler, we'll have to see how this impacts retailers' overall strategy for next year's holiday season. >> very interesting, julia. i did a fair amount of my own
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shopping using mobile devices, phones or tablets as opposed to being, you know, either on the phone or on my keyboard at my desk. anyhow, julia, thank you very much. julia boorstin reporting from sunny california. last week's weather, no the so sunny, still causing major power problems in parts of mostly the upper midwest. in michigan, 150,000 homes have been without power for almost a week now after massive ice storms. crews from all over the country have come up to michigan to help. and they worked right through christmas. they had more bad weather yesterday. ice and snow causing one power truck to flip over. 60,000 customers still without power in maine after last week's ice storm that moved up the center of the country and up through western pennsylvania and up there into maine. power lines down throughout the state. so what's ahead for the week weatherwise as americans continue to travel for the holidays? let's check in now with weather channel's jennifer delgado.
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>> well, luckily weather conditions are going to be pretty quiet out there for all those bargain shoppers. we're going to start off with some snow showers out there for parts of the midwest as well as into the great lakes and up towards the northeast. but again, we're talking fairly minimal amount of snow. now, in the green, we're going to see some shower activity spreading to southern parts of texas as well as into florida. and then lots of sunshine across parts of the midwest. very warm and sunny on the west coast from california all the way up towards washington. and if you notice, that was your forecast for today. we're going to skip past friday because it is going to be so quiet out there. but then the weekend, the weather changes. we are going to see rain developing in the gulf coast. and this is going to be moving through saturday as well as into sunday. through parts of the southeast is really all along parts of the east coast. and then more snow showers developing as we're going to see another clipper system diving through. and that's also going to usher in cooler temperatures for parts of the upper midwest. and it's also going to mean a cooler new year's eve celebration. back to you. >> all right, jennifer delgado reporting. parts of europe also dealing
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with major weather problems. and we're talking major. in my father's homeland, norway, nor weekenwegian norwegians, they're used to snow, but some part got 60 inches, 5 feet or 1.52 meters for anyone watching out of the united states. they generally know how to take care of the snow over there in norway. a lot of roads closed as work crews try to dig out. strong winds, heavy snows in norway, sara. >> i did not know, tyler, that you were half norwegian. coming, another day, another record high for the dow and s&p. looks like we're in the highs of the session for the dow and the s&p 500. the dow up nearly 100 points. we're also seeing gains on the nasdaq. it's trading at a 13-year high with just a few days left of trading for 2013. gold, though, not so much. having a bounce today, but still a rough year. we're going to talk stocks and commodities, combine it into one conversation when two minutes. [ male announcer ] for every late night,
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"power lunch" stocks sitting at the highs of the day right now. i also want to bring the ten-year treasury note to your attention. 3%, first time since september. a major psychological level. here's an interesting stat for you. at least with stocks. since 1945, on the day where the market has been open, on december 26th, the day after christmas, the s&p 500 has been up 79% of the time.
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and the dow, by the way, is on track for its best year since 1996. more on the trading action. mary thompson here on the floor of the new york stock exchange. it was a no-brainer. 26th. >> right. the stats are certainly in your favor. the dow is also on track for its 50th record close of the year, sara, as sara mentioned, at the highs of the day of the dow jones industrial average which has been off and running ever since the open of today's trade. intel is the leader among the dows today. so the record run continues. you know, sara was mentioning the ten-year. the yield on the ten-year hit that 3%. traders have been watching this for a very long time, expecting that this would be some kind of an inflection point. a couple of traders said listen. this is not going to worry the markets. we shouldn't look at this basically until all the traders return after all the holiday shortened weeks, et cetera, january 6th. they say that's when there will be real reaction. very light volume. we haven't even traded a billion shares here. quick check of the sectors leading the markets higher. of course, the s&p on a record run as well today.
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energy industrials and consumer discretionary moving higher. and among the retailers, here are the retailers leading, urban outfitters, best buy. keep in mind, mastercard said that spending for the season, up 2.3%. increased within those group, jewelry was a standout. and then apparel which is basically covered by urban outfitters and the gap. modest gains there. so those stocks getting a lift from that. i do want to end on the commodities group. steel, copper stocks getting a bid today. this after, of course, the estimates for china's growth in 2013 raised slightly, and we have seen copper move to a multi-month high. >> the good news keeps coming. >> good way to move into the new year, i think. >> mary thompson, thanks for running through some of the industry groups. let's bring in kevin mon, president and cio. also with us, bill baruch standing by in chicago. kevin's talking sectors and also we're going to talk about stocks
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with him as well. bill's got an eye on commodities including big story of the year, gold's demise. kev, let's start with the action in today's trade. thin holiday trading. better economic news seems to be a recipe for more record highs. >> yeah, and i'll give you another interesting stat. in the last 20 years, in the month of december has closed positive over 80% of the time. so we're seeing a santa claus rally now. >> seasonal factor. >> i think that's setting the stage for 2014 where this rotational shift from bond funds into stock funds will continue. >> well, i'm sure everybody is talking down there in chicago about the 3% level on the ten-year treasury note. certainly a psychologically important level, wouldn't you say, bill? >> yes, this is the highest we've seen since early september, but it's really not about the where the market is at 3%. it's about how fast it can move. and as long as we see this -- we expect the market, the yields continue to rise as long as they continue to rise at a regular pace. they don't move too quickly, it's about the velocity of how quick they move.
1:19 pm
it can continue to rise. you'll start seeing and continue to see outflows of bond funds and into equities. >> i know you're not scared off by the 3% level. what industry grumoups are you looking at? >> if you look historically at sectors that have done well, clearly they favor equities, information technology, industrials, energy to a lesser extent. i think investors need to start gravitating towards the notion that rates are going to start to rise. >> you don't like social media? that's very hot today. the last few weeks. >> i think it's trending, but what i like for next year is international. i think europe is going to go ahead of the u.s. markets. and if you subscribe to the notion that a rising tide lifts all ships, i think they'll do well. >> bill, a question to you on gold. first down year in 13. what happened to the gold trade, and does it turn around in the new year? >> well, the days of hyp hyperinflation are behind us. really, we're taking our pedal off of the gas, so to speak here with trimming bond purchases.
1:20 pm
and with that, you're going to see gold, it's not going to be able to prevail in a market like this. the market is seeing a lot of the big players step out of it. a lot of selling. down here at 1200, yes, there's value being seen. and we're getting a little bit of short covering now into the end of the year. and we may see the market kind of stay at this level. but it's a bear market, let's be honest. and this thing is heading lower. >> all right. got to be watching the technicals. thanks to you both, kevin and bill out there in chicago. with that, tyler, i'll hand it back to you. >> sara, thank you very much. 2013, a very strong year for the airline industry as we have been telling you. look at those gains of the airline index. up almost 60%. phil lebeau now with a look at airlines in 2014. phil? >> reporter: 2014 in the airline business will be the year transcontinental flights become a big battleground between carriers. look for more flights to be added to major cities on the
1:21 pm
east and west coasts like los angeles and new york. the planes on those routes will feature more amenities geared towards business travelers like lie-flat seats. speaking of in-flight amenities, look for airlines to push new technology and new services that will let you stay in touch with others while you soar at 30,000 feet. now, it would probably cost you anywhere from a few bucks to perhaps as much as $9 to text or e-mail in flight. what about making phone calls in flight? don't look for that to happen in 2014. finally, you may hate the fees you're paying when you're flying whether it's for checking bags or rebooking a flight. next year they won't go away. but there is a feeling the airlines may be hitting a limit for how much they charge for certain services. so while you will be still paying for certain things in flight like snack boxes, perhaps the rate at which airlines charge you extra fees will slow down in 2014. phil lebeau, cnbc business news,
1:22 pm
chicago. happy birthday power pitch turns one year old this week. 56 founders selling their big idea right here on "power lunch." the best of the pitch and all the money those founders have brought in when we return after this short break. plus, "power lunch's" game changers. innovations that will change the way we live over the next five years. today, the future of shopping. and it may surprise you, it is not online.
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for awe year now we've given enterprising entrepreneurs 60 second and the opportunity of a lifetime. many made big money this year, $500 million in total funding, by the way. here celebrating one year of "power lunch's" "power pitch." >> in one year, 53 founders from 43 stocks had had the courage to race against the clock. >> it's the best thing since sliced whole wheat bread. >> and deliver their big idea. >> we think ads suck. we're here to make them suck less. >> the goal? convince you and some of the biggest names in venture capital -- >> i love the idea on paper. >> -- social media. >> i think the product is innovative. >> fashion. >> why didn't i think of this? >> and food. >> i think it's a little too clever for its own good. >> that they had what it takes to make it big. >> it cooks, it charges, it
1:26 pm
walks the dog. >> they lit up the room with bright ideas. >> but when you expand her and turn her on, she lights up any room. >> offered to find you a job. >> and we help people answer the question, what do i want to do with my life? >> tile is the world's largest lost and found. >> even find your keys, fix dinner. >> at plated, our mission is to help americans eat better. >> and fix your cracked iphone. >> well, i'm sort of kicking myself because my son said you've got to meet this guy at icrack. >> sales have been compared to the jetsons meet the flintstones. >> they showed off futuristic homes. >> you go a lot faster and you have more flexibility. >> new ways to get around town and served up a chickenless egg. >> let's take the chicken out of the equation. instead replace the chicken with plants. >> dogs that talk. >> scratch my itch. >> cats that read the news. >> think about what internet access would need to 5 million people that don't currently have
1:27 pm
it. >> five-star hotels. >> good morning. checking in? >> and silly pets that fuel a pet food empire. >> it was ranked as the number one for social commerce in the world and we attribute that to chute cats and dogs on our fan page. >> to reinventing fashion for men. >> buying clothes off the rack stinks. >> and women. >> the big idea of milk and honey is giving them exactly what they want. >> we met founders who climbed rocks. >> i'm the founder and ceo of >> and female founders who just plain rocked. >> is the leading e-commerce site for fine art. >> so i am in. >> they impressed us. >> i literally brought a checkbook today. and on behalf of my partners, i'd love to really be in. >> and sometimes made us laugh. >> i really like the enthusiasm that lucas and tim -- oh, one more high five! >> it sounds like that rottweiler has some very big opinions. >> how are you going to make money? >> i'm sorry, i can't understand the question. i'm just kidding. >> are you in or out on that
1:28 pm
guy's hair? >> as a group, they raised more than $500 million in funding. >> i'm in. i'm telling you why i'm in. >> and every one of them is on a journey to turn their dreams into a big success. >> so you've basically got three thumbs up. >> fascinating year. i have patronized some of those companies myself. they are -- many of them very, very good. now, you can pull a netflix here or a "homeland" and watch all 46 company pitches. right there. just go on to tweet us which company you from 2013 you think has what it takes to be the next big thing. and you can do that by using the #powerpitch and stay tuned for more "power pitch" in 2014. sara? it's called binge viewing, and i'm all for it. meantime, we're keeping an eye on the markets here, tyler. gold headed for its first annual loss since back in 2000. prices are closing out right
1:29 pm
now. bertha coombs is tracking the action at the nymex. bertha, looks like we got a little bit of a bounce today for gold. >> reporter: just a little. the dollar giving a little bit of ease. a lot of traders we're seeing short covering. gold hit a low last week of 1186. and so we're seeing a nice bounce from that level. but when you start looking at gold on a year basis, we are seeing the first decline of this century. gold seeing its worst yearly decline since a postage stamp was 15 krebt cents for a first- letter back in 1981. silver performing even worse, off more than 33%. its worst year since 198 #. c 1982. copper is the relative outperformer. this month it has seen a bit of a bounce, coming up for the month of december with better data coming out of china and certainly better data coming out of here in the u.s. sara? >> all right, bertha coombs on
1:30 pm
precious metals. interest rates are on the rise. yields on the benchmark ten-year treasury note hitting 3% today. rick santelli at the cme group in chicago. rick, this was the showstopper. >> it really is, but it wasn't on the trading floor. it wasn't as exciting as some might think. this isn't a surprise. i think many believe that you're going to see the proactive effects of the higher rates. more into 2014. but let's says look at said ten-year. remember, not all cash markets i monitor hit 3%. it was right on the nose on our charts. let's look at the whole curve. t two-year, you have to go back to september 15th to see the last time we were above 40 basis points. the five-year, september 10th, the last time we were above 175. said ten-year, it's last touch intraday was september 5th. and the long guy who has the longest comparison, even though there have been a lot of wiggles in the yield curve, 30-year bond hasn't closed this far above 390 since august 21st.
1:31 pm
we'll continue to monitor, but it looks like stock traders are hardly paying attention to today's rise in interest rates. tyler. >> rick, thank you very much. so how will the world change over the next five years? i sure don't know, but we found someone from ibm who makes predictions like that for a living. hear what he says next. and speaking of innovations, venture capitalists always need to be one step ahead, isn't that right, josh lipton? >> that's right, tyler. listen, venture capital players always need to be way ahead of the game. so where are they seeing opportunity in 2014? i'll show you after the break.
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protests erupting as turkey's corruption crisis deepens. police breaking out the water cannons to keep crowds in line. the currency plunging against the u.s. dollar as three ministers quit protesting the rule of turkey's prime minister. here's chief international correspondent michelle caruso a caruso-cabre caruso-cabrera. to a record low. this is just getting worse. >> it's a massive bribery scandal involving the construction industry. and now today is threatens the prime minister erdogan.
1:35 pm
demonstrators took to the streets to call for the government to resign. they threw stones, empty bottles at riot police who responded with water cannons and smoke grenades. this is one of erdogan's cabinet members and a former ally quit, went on television to accuse the prime minister of fully knowing about the alleged corruption and then made the explosive suggestion that the prime minister should resign as well. as a result, erdogan is struggling to maintain control. today he replaced 10 out of his 20 cabinet ministers and has repeatedly said the scandal is the result of an overseas plot. this is turkey's second crisis this year. large violent demonstrations occurred this past summer. increasing them of autocratic rule. turkey has jailed more journalists than any other country. and as you mentioned, sara, the financial markets are noting. the turkish hit an all-time low against the dollar today. that's despite the central bank throwing 450 million u.s. dollars at the currency every
1:36 pm
day to try to support it. the central bank also announced it's going to spend at least $6 billion defending the currency through the end of january. and take a look at the stock market. it has gotten hammered by the corruption scandal. you see it there on the right. this is a six-month chart. i'd show you a one-year chart as well to show you that this stock market never recovered from the first round of taper talk back in may. you see it there. painful. crumbled. the issue, turkey has a large current account deficit, 7% of gdp. >> and i'm glad you brought up the taper question because some of these emerging markets are in a more vulnerable position, now with the fed pulling back. this is the last thing turkey needs right now. it's already been struggling. >> yeah, absolutely. and they probably could have done more leading up to this. they got this first note, this first warning about taper back in may. they could have done a lot of things. india did a lot of things. they raised interest rates. they restricted gold imports. so that way currency wouldn't leave the country. turkey doesn't have that same option. they need to buy oil.
1:37 pm
that's a big reason they have a current account deficit. >> we'll see if the central bank has to intervene again. all right, michelle caruso-cabrera, thanks so much on the developing corruption crisis in turkey. tiler? >> sara, thanks very much. "power lunch" kicking off our be special series "game changers" where we highlight innovations and technologies. this is going to change the way we live over the next few years. today the future of shopping. >> there's the thought that eventually we'll all go online. but an interesting thing is happening. people are tactile. if you're going to spend $1,000 on a fancy camera, you want to make sure that it feels right in your hands. the flip side of the coin is people greatly enjoy the experience of online buying for its convenience. over the next five years, you'll see melding of the two. the technology which exists today will get rolled out where your local store will have the capability of developing a persona that essentially understands you. so when you show up, it will know if you choose to opt in
1:38 pm
that, for instance, you have an interest in cameras. and rather than you wandering about, not only will it direct you to the location where the one you're particularly interested in might be found, but it will also direct a knowledgeable sales person there as you arrive. it is simply taking the efficiency and the essential convenience of online and translating it to bricks and mortar where you "a," want it immediately such as in your food shopping and similarly, you want to have that tactile interaction that lets you make a decision that's fully informed. perhaps there will be an amazon, perhaps not. i can't make that prediction at this time. but if somebody does step up and say yes, i would like to have bricks and mortar showrooms locally available that you can then go and present yourself at to go see what it is you're getting involved in, the scale, again, of the growth is the scale of that base entity, which is extraordinarily large. >> curious. i don't know about that. anyhow. tomorrow on "game changers," the future of investment advice. we'll show you a new way for small investors to track the performance of any analyst on wall street. wouldn't that be helpful?
1:39 pm
meantime, when it comes to innovation and new technologies, venture capital is all about staying ahead of the game. so what are they looking at for 2014? josh lipton did some digging, and he's live in san jose. hi, josh. >> hey, tyler. yeah, two big trends vcs are playing in 2014. cloud computing and cybersecurities. scott cooper is managing partner at an dreessen horowitz. he's a fan of cyber cloud which protects data in the cloud. >> people are worried about the security of their information when it's living in the cloud. and so cypher cloud allows them to encrypt that information when it's out there so that a normal employee can get the information appropriately. but if anybody tried to hack into the system, all they would find would be encorrupt eencryp. >> cypher cloud already has more than 1.2 million users. the company raised $30 million from an dreessen horowitz. another hot area is cybersecurity. menlo ventures is playing that theme with bit site which rates
1:40 pm
a company's security on a daily basis and can tell how vulnerable to fraud. there's also some concern that we could be heading into another dotcom bubble here in silicon valley. ganasen isn't worried. >> what i always try to tell about technology is that first you have the inventors. then you have the imitators. then you have the idiots. and when the idiots show up, the bubble is in full show. i think we have a long ways to go. >> so no signs of idiots just yet according to ganesan. sara, back to you. >> no signs of idiots. coming up on "power lunch," the nasdaq is up almost 40% this year. some big movers this hour, we're going to name some names for you in just two minutes. plus -- >> you get a lot more for your money in big "d." we're talking real estate in dallas, texas, next.
1:41 pm
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1:43 pm
today's yahoo! finance question of the day. many are justiupset about holid delivery delays. if you were the ceo, what would you do? 6% say i would hide. 38% say they would immediately apologize for the delays. and 56% would give free shipping vouchers as a sign of good will. let's see what's coming up on "street signs," top of the hour, mandy. >> i think we should call it "power signs" or "power street," because tyler, you'll be joining us as well in the anchor chair. and we'll get a look at all those things like the botched christmas deliveries. we've got winning retailers as well. and also the dollar running even further away from the doghouse in 2014 possibly. also, the battle for your living room through the game console. we'll find out who is winning that particular battle. lots of things, guys, coming up. and tyler, thank you very much. >> i am thrilled to be joining
1:44 pm
us. see you at the top of the hour, mandy. sara, down to you. >> and i am thrilled for that dollar conversation coming up as well. meantime here on "power lunch," we're going to talk about the nasdaq leading the major indices year to date, up 38%. that's not enough for you, it's up 230% since the march 2009 lows. sheila following the big movers. >> there's no question that the santa claus rally is in full effect here at the nasdaq. we are at session highs right now. of course, adding to that more than 30% gain we have seen overall for the index this year. the whole day we have been talking about winners and losers when it comes to holiday shopping and e-commerce. that's playing out loud and clear here at the nasdaq as well. amazon clearly a winner, up about a percent today, well above that $400 a share mark. all on news that traffic, sales have been doing quite well for the e-commerce retailer this year. but a very different story for ebay. in fact, that is one of the biggest losers on the knack dak
1:45 pm
tod nasdaq. sales only grew by 10%, that's a market deceleration from the 30% growth it saw last year. a big tale of two e-commerce retailers you could say there. we are seeing nice strength from ultech. microsoft up. also google pushing higher, near its all-time record high. but really the big thing is social media. just take a look at twitter. that stock, over 73 bucks a share, hitting an all-time high. tyler? >> sheila thank you very much. let's go now to the "power house." this week, we're down in big "d," dallas, texas. cindy cin cindy o'gorman with the o'gorman group. nice market gains there. median sales price, about $155,000. days on market, 53. that's down 23% year over year, so houses are moving more quickly.
1:46 pm
and the inventory is down as well about 2.7 months worth of inventory. first listing, cindy, the 5925 malmesbury road in dallas, $315,000, taxes around $4,500, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. describe this property to me and welco welcome, of course. >> thank you, tyler. nice to see you again. malmesbury is perfect for the seller that has a home, vacation home out of state that wants to lock in low maintenance. so it has three bedrooms, the same features and high quality as a larger home with wood floors, granite countertops, stainless appliances, but the low-maintenance lifestyle. >> let's move on to number two. it is at 109 ute cove in lake kiowa, texas, about an hour and a half outside dallas. listing for $624,000, taxes about $10,500. 4 beds, 4.5 baths, 4,000 square
1:47 pm
feet. it looks like it's on its own like. >> it is on its own lake. it's about an hour and 15 minutes north of dallas. it's a great commute. it's a great retirement community. it's gated with a golf course. ute cove sits on the lake. like you said, it has its own dock, its own pool and a five-car garage. great for somebody that's going to retire and has a hobby for that enjoyable, peaceful lifestyle. >> hold that one for me, cindy. that looked really nice. five-car garage. my goodness. that's beautiful. i love that. now let's step it up a little bit. "power house" of the week, 1704 cliffview in plano. i know plano. listing, about $1.5 million. about $30,000 in taxes. five beds, five baths, two half bathrooms, 6300 square feet. why does this one stand out, cindy? >> this is a great home. it's in a gated community in plano, texas, in the right
1:48 pm
school districts everybody wants to be in. it is on gleneagles golf course and has unobstructed views of three fairways, two ponds, sits up so you don't have a cart path right behind your home. and it's got a lot of unique features. it's got a curve study that's panelled and all the woodwork. >> look at that. that's gorgeous, that curved study. >> it is. it's beautiful. and it has a secretary's office right off of it. the kitchen also is curved and has top of the line appliances, granite, hardwood floors and views of pretty much all the fairways from the rooms downstairs. >> this would be a wonderful home for let's say a physician or an executive, right? >> absolutely. or second home for you. >> i like the one that was an hour and a half outside of dallas that you described. the most important question, cindy, is tony romo. will he play or will he not play on sunday? >> well, i think if they give him the green light to play, tony and his line does their job, tony will get the job done.
1:49 pm
he's pretty tough, but we need tony. >> he is tough and he is a good quarterback. prone to mistakes there at the end of games, but he beat my redskins on a major drive one sunday. cindy, thank you very much. merry christmas, happy new year to you. >> happy new year, tyler. thank you. >> sara, down to you. >> all right. coming up on "power lunch," no xbox for you, mr. dominic chu. he was one of the unlucky people who didn't get their christmas gifts on time because of that delivery overload. his sad, sad christmas story coming up. also, we're going to check on blackberry shares are certainly ticking ahead. a central figure in the company's very existence beginning to hang up on the smartphone maker. "power rundown" is next. [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz
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1:52 pm
"power rundown" time. joining us, dominic chu and seema mody. i've been told that santa did not make a certain stop at your house. he was there, but he didn't bring one of your presents, tell us. >> aka u.p.s. did not. my kid brother, clement, was very generous this year. he sent me an xbox 1 and a game. the game got to me in time for christmas, but the console did not. >> what was the game? >> the game was "the madden nfl
1:53 pm
25." that's the hot game right now for sports. i got that game that's sitting on the dining room table right now, but i don't have the console. it got stuck in louisville at one of their sorting facilities. and apparently, though, i checked the tracking number this morning. it is out on -- out for delivery on the truck, so i should get it i about the time i get home today, i should have it. >> dom, i've got to ask you, do you already have an xbox? >> i have an xbox 360. i do like some of the game tech. >> this is your second. >> this is my second. >> tell us where the first one is going. >> into my bedroom. >> in the bedroom. >> now, how long -- >> is your wife watching right now? >> i have not been married long, but i will say i think my wife is okay with having the console in the bedroom. >> let's take it from the female perspective here. the xbox console comes into the bedroom, and you're a newlywed. >> i don't know. i think that's risky. but at the same time, i do understand that with the xbox, you can play different apps, netflix, amazon prime. >> it's the dvd player, amazon prime.
1:54 pm
>> the entertainment. you're not just going to be there playing super mario brothers. >> hulu and amazon prime. >> marital counseling for dominic. good enough. china celebrating chairman mao's 120th birthday. who knew? china's prime minister xi jinping called for a solemn, austere and practical celebration. but in mao's hometown, a $16 million solid gold statue was elected of the chairman. and a parade of 120 camels marched in from mongolia. instead of christmas, they celebrate mao, seema. he was a jolly old elf, was he. >> yeah, obviously a highly controversial figure but still seen as one of the important leaders. interesting to see how much focus is being put on his birthday. of course, this is the 120th anniversary of mao's birthday. >> it just seems so biblical. like gold statue, maybe some
1:55 pm
fra frank franki frankinsence and myhrr. >> co-founder mike lazarides. his stake is now just 4.99%. and he's selling shares. i mean, this was the guy who co-founded the company. >> imagine you're long blackberry and you hear that the co-founder, mike lazaridis is selling 3.5 million shares, i believe. >> they're worth a lot less than they were. >> what's interesting here, he was trying to put financing together to maybe make a bid for this company. >> and that was just a couple months ago. so how quickly things change. >> yeah. now he wants out. get me out of here. i don't know whether he's selling everything, but he's
1:56 pm
selling a large part of his stake, though he still has a little under 5%. all right, folks. thank you very much. appreciate it. i hope you get that xbox 1. >> fingers crossed. >> good. all right. sara? well, tyler, we're going to say good-bye to you. i'll be hosting the 2:00 p.m. show coming up here on cnbc. >> i am going to go and give it everything i've got left. after the break, sara's top three stocks of the day. and we're going to talk about the ten-year and oil when we come back in a flash, and i'll see you in a couple minutes. you make a great team. it's been that way since the day you met.
1:57 pm
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we're looking at the highs of the day of the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500. the dow up more than 100 points, sixth day in a row that we're seeing gains. and we are on track for the 50th, 5-0, record high of 2013. the s&p 500, by the way, the superlatives continue. it's on track for its best year since 1997. if you look at some other action today, the ten-year treasury note, that has been a focal point. the yield hitting 3%. highest level since september. oil today also trading higher on better signs when it comes to the u.s. economy. we also saw copper overnight rising on better news about china's growth forecasts. some winners in today's session
2:00 pm
we'll point out supervalu, pulte group and nice job for jc penney. some of the other retailers are stronger in today's session as well. that does it for "power lunch." i'm sara eisen. "street signs" begins right now. hello, everyone, i'm mandy drury, and welcome to "street signs." are you missing a gift this yis mass? well, you might be pointing the finger at fedex or u.p.s. back from the dead, no, we're not talking about zombies. we're talking steel. and is 2014 the year to buy dollars? well, one guest says it is america's turn to shine. and talking of shining, i'm joined today by tyler mathisen who is standing in for brian sullivan. >> mandy, thank you for having me. great to be with you. double duty. back to back. let's playwo


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