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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  December 30, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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you left field me each time. as the years have gone own i learn to enjoy that. >> a pleasure always simon. so good to be with you. >> that's all for this "power lunch" on this penultimate day of trading. >> stay tuned on cnbc next, "street signs". hello, everybody and welcome to "street signs". it is all quiet out there on the wall street front as we close out a historic year. but will high rates put these gains under fire? flying with $1,000 high club, we weed out the potential numbers. chinese flood gate opens a flow. how does the u.s. invest and fish in these waters and this year, the latest, the greatest and grossest of 2013's food. hello, everybody and welcome
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again, dom to the show. >> take a quick glimpse. flat overall. we traded in a very narrow range for the dow so far today about 24, 25 points. our market gurus back on the desk said the last time the dow trade in that narrow of a range was back in 1996. the movement there very steady. not a whole bunch in terms of action over there. it's exciting to know over the next two days traders will jockey for position ahead of that new year. let's get straight to our market reporters. bob pisani is at the nyse, rick santelli out in chicago. rick let's get to you first this time around. what's happening? >> there isn't a lot happening today but it's all about cause and effect. the cause and effect of better economy, higher stocks, higher interest rates. we all know that's textbook. but these are far from textbook times. as you see on this correlation
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chart between the dow and the ten year note yield there have been periods in may and september where there's bean widening of that relationship. may, interest rates figured that normalization was coming and in september when the fed didn't take the opportunity to do a taper. 2014 we'll answer a lot of questions about the relationships between stocks, economy and the fed and those impact interest rates but it's hard to gauge now. we have to wait and see. one thing is for sure conventional wisdom dictates everything is the way it should be. >> the way it should be. that's a good statement especially as we head towards this new year in 2014. thank you very much. >> bob pisani, what about you? we've been talking about lying in the sand the 3% mark. you've been on vacation and have come back seen far so good stocks are taking it in their stride. >> i think something very important is happening right now. i see interest rates slowly creeping up. we crossed that 3% rate line in
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the sand. the fed may be getting its tapering process. the stock market is not falling apart on that news. interest rates sensitive stocks, this is really counter intuitive are doing well. this is home building stocks. interest rates have been going up. home building stocks have been going up. that's counter intuitive. i wouldn't bet that chart would look like that. also some of the other groups in the same situation. for example, emerging market stocks. extremely interest rate sensitive because money comes back into the united states. here's the emerging markets. counter intuitive, rallying a little bit. whatever is going on it's not what you necessarily expect and it's very important. elsewhere i want to touch on social media. nothing terrible is going on. these stocks have runs of 100%,
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200%. twitter was as high as 75. no one should be alarmed we're getting corrections. just want to comment on that. >> i would call that a healthy pause. >> stick around, bob. it's been a historic year for stocks in 2013. the question is as we've been talking about what's happening with the ten year in a rates will the fed cast a big black cloud come 2014. that's what the lindsay group is saying. >> i guarantee this will not end well when the fed -- >> in terms of the stock market? >> yes. i'm not calling for a bear market but we'll be sixth year in a bull market and if fed ends the qe i can't discount a bear market. >> that was him on "squawk box" this morning. let's bring in some other voices.
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thank you very much to you both for joining us. michael, do you agree this will not end well in 2014? >> well on one hand he says it won't end well but he's not calling for a bear market. the fact of the matter is if this market pulls down 15% it's not the end of the world. we had 16% last year, 30% this year on the s&p. my goodness there's plenty of room for this market to correct and not have to be a terrible ending. there's tension with the fed and with the bourgeoning economy, and growing both domestically and more importantly internationally and what that means for corporate profits. the market is figure out who will win. >> patrick it's not complicated because if we're trying to figure out how things are to work then economic growth is priced in to the market. are we priced for perfection or priced in a way where we can say
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hey if the economy gets better we can still run a bit higher here? >> that's really the big debate is whether or not we're priced for perfection. we had a great year up 30% as you heard from mike. you know, i think there's room to the upside from here. the economy in the u.s. continues to improve. no doubt about that. we appear to be on a path to a self-sustaining virtual cycle of growth. when we look overseas europe is growing off that bottom. emerging markets are not getting worse. there's a lot of positive signs. when i look -- i have a bias. when i look at large cap stocks, the large cap segment of the market looks very cheap. there's still real opportunities for stocks that haven't priced in that perfection, that definite growth. >> as the fed does gradually step away from the market we'll be increasing having to focus on the fundamentals. is the market strong enough to
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stand on its own two legs next year >> that's what the fed has done. the fed has been buying time. encouraging the housing market. encouraging the employment market. if we can get to the point where the markets can stand on their own two feet. we've done something interesting. we've pivoted from where bad news economically is good news for the market to more recently where good news economically is good news for the market. that's a really important psychological change. we used to talk about why is good news bad news for the market. it's because the market's dependence on qe. we're starting to see the market being weaned from qe. and also just simply saying okay maybe this qe is starting to damage the patient as opposed to helping fasht. >> that's why 3% -- we're just below 3% but hitting 3% the end of last week. do you think this has been so
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flagged to the market, boys, girls, you'll have higher rates whether you like it or not. the market is expecting this. this is why it's no longer -- >> i think that's right. that's exactly right. prices are a function of two things. one future profits and secondly the discount rate. the discount rate is going up which we know and the market is not falling. future profit expectations are going up. again fairly straightforward. pretty easy math. the market is expecting this global recovery. >> guys, stick around. i want to show you something here. we've done a bunch of segments on stocks racing towards the 1,000 mark. priceline, google, nbr crossing that finish line joining that $1,000 club. all of them up here. check out some names being floated as new contenders for this milestone. ama zorngs of course, up more than 50% this year showing stroeng momentum. there's mastercard, it was
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poised to hit that's $1,000 club. that really is slated for january 9th. netflix one of the biggest gainers so far this year in the s&p, a momentum stock on a sprint in the second half of the year. other names are in the running. based croatian price and this is if you take out mastercard, of course, these are the five stocks in the russell 1000 priced above $500. graham holdings. white mountain insurance. markel. then everybody knows about apple over $552.78. then there's chipotle mexican grill, 533. some companies may get there in a year, two, three if they have that same kind of run. >> which one will get there first? patrick, what do you think of those names that don just
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mentioned, which ones will get there first? >> it's an interesting mix because one of those things is very much not like towers and that's april p.m. when i look at chipotle and others are very high pe and very expensive. apple is very different. 12 pe. pretty big dividend. it's a company with fairly low expectations. there's a lot of skepticism about apple out there. so we're looking for that contrarian position and apple stands out to us. apple is the one where $1,000 is most achievable because it's the cheapest stock right now. >> now, mike, as an constitutional money manager you don't care what the actual price tag for any one stock is, right? that doesn't turn you off or on why? >> no. it doesn't. i want used to be lower prices you could buy round lots and so on and that was an important part of the market dynamics and
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mechanics. price is almost irrelevant when you buy shares almost even for retail investors. buy five shares of apple and doesn't cost you any more than 11 h100 shares of apple. no question apple is the cheapest. the problem is apple is also the largest by market capitalization. i would go with some of the companies there that are smaller. i don't know the market cap on all four of those but chipotle is growing reasonably quickly and a smaller market gap than apple. how much head room do these things have to grow. i would think a retail chain like chipotle could get there at least effectively doubling the stock price but only because it has more room to grow. >> excellent point. remember, dom, things slapped with $1,000 price tag was a kiss of death. >> people didn't want to buy the stock but doesn't matter that much any more. you can buy these for
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commissions that are pretty reasonable. >> great discussion. thanks very much. coming up on "street signs," target in customer's line of fire after the massive security breach but could investors have the company in their cross-hairs? >> google is stepping on the gas in the smart car drag race. can it beat april told the finish line. >> from bay can taco to cronuts.
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welcome back to "street signs". i'm john harwood in washington. the white house has been desperate about some good news about obamacare. when you combine official estimates with the unofficial numbers tracked by our cnbc colleague, the obamacare exchanges now boast 2 million enrollees. we don't know the demographic breakdown of those 2 million people, how many are older and sicker or how many are younger and healthier but that at slaeft healthy start after the difficult period with the website in the fall, the obamacare -- bristol-myers administration is mounting a full-court press to get those numbers up. 2 million is more than a third of the way to or about a third of the way to the goal and is that an indication there is
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demand out there they may able to satisfy. >> thank you very much for the update. target has been under a lot of controversy recently. we're keeping close eye on stock which seems to be holding up quite well. despite the credit card breach and revelation late last week that encrypted pin numbers were stolen but some new data out today may change that. courtney regan is here. >> most wall street analysts don't believe target's data breach will hurt sales and traffic in the long run. consumer perception of target and retailer's social sentiment is taking a hit and taking more of a hold than the stock is pricing in. so there was a survey of 15,000 customers to gain perception. target's perception is at its lowest level since june of 2007. negative outweighing positive for the first time in six years. perception did recover until that pin news hit and fell off
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again. social analytics company shared sentiment with cnbc showing target sentiment has taken a nose dive. be social sentiment top ten words that pop up in social media postings for target include breach, stolen, hit, theft, largely describing the issue and frustration and lawsuits detailing how consumers are probably feeling but also win, justice, free and gifts. separately nsa is the 10th most associated word with target and social postings. we don't officially know how target sales is holding up. but i was in two separate targets over this last week. one in ohio and one in iowa. dead. nobody in there. the surrounding retail e-walmart, macy'macy's, kohlsink to the gils. it's hurting the way some people
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feel about target. others say it's probably safer than ever been. >> in couple of weeks it may all be forgotten. the fares of target during this whole mess is spokeswoman molly schneider the ceo's compensation was $24 million in 2012. peter, how would you rate the performance of the ceo so far in terms of damage control? >> well, you guys just described it. i give them a c minus. this is a classic case of guesting out in front of a crisis. this is 101, it's textbook, it goes back to the tylenol scare in the '80s. you have to have a program in place when you're one of these companies that relies on consumer confidence to be able to kick in when something like this happens. . >> what does he need to do right now that would change the
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perception, what needs to happen right now from the doe able to change sentiment towards target? >> there are certain tactics that successful companies employ. first the open letter that we've all seen that companies do in "wall street journal," the "new york times," "the washington post," "usa today" from the ceo that lays out the circumstance of what has happened, the breach, off earring dedicated website for consumers to go to, offering an 800 number, offering a way for skoormgs to have a conversation with the company to address their concerns and to say that the company takes this very seriously. second thing, more media appearances again by the ceo. the spokesperson is fine but at some point the ceo has to get on programs such as yours and talk about what the company is doing to address this concern. third, social media. you described how the blogosphere is going crazy. you have to get to the marketing
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division, get the shopping sites that people use and have a conversation to allow people to show there's full transparency with the company and its customers. you do all those things and get your employees in the stores and the ones that take calls on the 1-800 line for shopping. get them on board to at least have a script to describe what's going on. >> let's say they do everything right. let's say they follow your script to the t, how long before target can expect to see normalized traffic re-emerge in their stores >> it's great question. i don't have a firm answer. it's hard to tell. i think what you have to do immediately is engaging this kind of prophylactic measure to show the consumer you take these concerns seriously. i'm quite frankly just, you know, amazed that the company hasn't done this thus far. if they did do this they would get more positive coverage from programs such as yours talk about how the company was on top
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of this. >> it's amazing how many corporations even to this day don't mention it, hoping people won't notice. good advice there. in terms of the stock as we mentioned today target shares are holding up. is the street misjudging the crisis or is investors seeing something in the stock to make it a buy. chad, could the breach come back to bite the company and the stock because it certainly doesn't seem to be at least today? >> i think this is baked in to the stock price. we're looking right now at a stock price that's trading in the range of 13 times multiple. expectations are that revenue growth will be roughly about 2% for next year. i mean, you know, this company is a value stock. we have this in our rising dividend portfolio. yes it's consistently growing and consistently profitable and well capitalized and from a free
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cash flow perspective we're looking at a company trading 11 times free cash flow. what does it mean? maybe for the next two quarters you have very tough comps. revenues perhaps woefully disappointing. in regard to the valuation of this company and their hurdle rate you're looking at a low hurdle rate here to be here. so we would be a buyer of this stock. >> chad, he's a buyer. carter braxton, the charts don't look very well. has there been any kind of violation with this down side move. will it continue or can we see that bump up? >> the charts are terrible. the day-to-day action is not responding to this so-called security breach because i don't think that's problem. the problem is bigger than that. target, if one looks at the basic chart has been going up for two years. but then over the last four, five months target has been a major nonparticipant compared to
2:23 pm
walmart, kohls and macy's. you have relative underperformance which allows the stock to break trend. so, it all gets down to this. why is the stock underperform forge fivunderperforming for five or six months. the stock acts poorly. >> got to leave it. sounds like you're both on different trajectories there with regard to the stock. check out the online edition of talking numbers. still ahead chinese ipos in the u.s. crushed it in 2013 but are signs pointing ing ting to auspicious new year. >> the drones, find out whether or not they are headed to your backyard when "street signs" returns. tdd#: 1-888-648-6021 there are trading opportunities
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welcome back to "street signs". russia under fire by another deadly attack today. the rush hour blast killed 14 people on a trolley bus in the southern city of volgograd.
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28 others were wournded. authorities are blaming the 0 explosion on a suicide bomber. this is raising a lot of concerns with the sochi olympic committee. now just moments ago the international olympic committee assured the games would be safe. meanwhile russia's rts stock exchange down more than 1% over the course of the past week. russia is part of that emerging b.r.i.c.k.s. economy. >> chinese ipo missed it here in the united states made a come back this year and 2014 might be even hotter. bob pisani you've been doing a lot of research on this story. not just the chinese ipos but the more conspicuous stocks. we need to talk about this. if you got in at the ipo level back in 2005 for baidu you would
2:28 pm
have a gain of over 6,000%. what do chinese stocks here in the states hold for us. >> more ipos. they have been successful in the second half of the year. look what's coming here. i did some research here. you all know about the big internet e commerce, alibaba. is coming. vancl, also likely to come within the next few months. and i-kang, likely coming. why are we doing it? why are we coming now? because look was been going on. people are waking up to the fact that once again massive growth potential in china. transparency issues we had a year ago haven't gone away but there's less concern about them
2:29 pm
recently. and we're getting big backing from major investors out there. goldman sachs is a backer of i-kang. these are companies backing them. recent ipos performed very well. justin last month, chinese poiz, up 168%. autohome, sungy mobile, qunal all up. these companies have only been public for a couple of months in the u.s. success begets more success. >> incredible returns. bob don't go anywhere. i want to bring in silver crest asset management. patrick, bob just said it. transparency issues have not gone away. is this an area for the u.s. investor you would wade into or do you have to have your eyes wide-open. >> the transparency issues have not gone away. people really do need to do their due diligence before they
2:30 pm
jump into these stocks. people are very excited about e commerce in china. e commerce has been booming. a lot of chinese stocks are listing in the united states are focused on e commerce and there is huge potential for growth there. even with those, there's the issue of structure. a lot of these companies have what's called a variable entity structure. it exists in a legal gray area. china hasn't said whether it's legal or illegal. there's some risks there. >> patrick, can i jump in. here's the question that it get all the time from investors. particularly chinese bank companies. how can you invest in them when you're not quite sure how good the books are? can generally discuss the question how good, how real, how authentic are the books in china >> it's very real concern. i was a private equity investor in china for several years.
2:31 pm
i never saw an accurate set of financials the first time around. >> you never saw accurate book? >> no. always needed to be corrected. this is what people found out. there was a big fall off in ipos in chinese listings in the united states. and it was because of fraud, accounting fraud and the sec is still in the process of investigating a bunch of these companies and a lot of investors lost their shirts going in sight unseen assuming what they saw is what they got. >> patrick, very quickly on alibaba, which is the big kahuna for next year. it's an excellent company. would you invest in this company >> alibaba is an excellent company. they are branching into different areas. it's a amazon of china.
2:32 pm
the key issue here valuation. a company can being a great. if everybody think its great and they bid up the price so high that's the question. what kind of valuation are they asking for. >> patrick and bob thank you vp. something for us to keep our eye on which is the year of the horse. gallop into 2014. up next, lifestyle of the rich and famous. we'll be checking out multimillion dollar mega mansions. >> whenever we talk about cheap gas prices oklahoma almost always comes out on top. what's fueling the sooner state. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: the energy in one gallon of gas is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. because of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel
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today is a special edition of pump patrol because the state with the cheapest gas is montana. every day this month except the last three days there's one state that's posted the cheapest gas. >> we are looking at oklahoma as the lowest price for gasoline right now. >> oklahoma city. >> the lowest gas prices in the nation right now are in oklahoma city once again. >> so, why is oklahoma always
2:36 pm
the big winner? let's get epperson who is on the case. >> why do oklahoma drivers get such a good deal? >> the lowest prices tend to be in places closer to refineries but close to cheap domestic crude. oklahoma is the beneficiary of cheap domestic crude as are the rockies and great plains and a low tax struck purr. >> like a double discount. oklahoma's gasoline taxes are among the lowest in the nation. refineries st. are using a lower priced oil. and thanks to this mid-western oil boom, oklahoma and other states in the interior part of the country are likely to don't see the lowest gas prices in the nation in 2014.
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back to you. >> there's your answer. >> boomer sooner. >> on deck, computers are coming to your car and drones may soon be in your backyard. just circling around like the jetsons out there. >> a peek inside a siuper rich, super awesome mega rich mansion. >> were they looking at your house? >> yes. >> coming up on the "closing bell" for final hour of the next to the last trading day. >> we're closing in on those final hours and talk to some retail investors to get their take on what's ahead in 2014. >> google and apple are ready to go full throttle in the automotive market. we'll see if it's time to tune out sirius xm radio stock. >> black monday so-called in the nfl. six coaches already have gotten axed today. should corporate america take a
2:38 pm
page out of the corporate pro football playbook after a poor season. >> see you at the top of the hour. ! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. bny mellon combines investment management & investment giving us unique insights which help us attract the industry's brightest minds who create powerful strategies for a country's investments which are used to build new schools to build more bright minds.
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amazon started in a garage. hewlett packard, and disney both started in garages. mattel started in a garage. ♪ the ramones started in a garage. my point? you never know what kind of greatness can come out of an american garage. introducing the 2014 motor trend car of the year. the all new cadillac cts. ain't garages great? is there a new arms race in the smart car market?
2:41 pm
maybe. google and audi are planning to announce they are working together to develop in car entertainment and information systems that are based on the android operating system. earlier this year apple launching an initiative. john, we'll start with you. is this the new battle, smartphones integrated with cars? >> it's one of them. it's funny, about 13 years ago i remember meet wag top microsoft executive who outlined these specific areas, the home, the workplace, the car that they viewed as being like the hubs of the future, whether they would capture the consumer. of course they already got some technology in the ford cars. blackberry has the operating system that's in a lot of cars. this hasn't become a real market for the technology companies to exploit the way they have the smartphone quite yet. maybe this move by google and apple will allow them to do
2:42 pm
that. this is a tough area. it really is. are there any early odds on who at apple and google will win tech supremacy? >> it's tough to forecast. to john's point an enormous opportunity but you expect to it be pretty slow going. not so much because of the technology but more of the compatibility. how do you integrate the google experience that's safe for the driver and passenger. i think when you talk to analysts that's what potentially slows down the technology here. >> john, is this going to be a game changer for cars or smartphones? will it make me want to buy an audi because google's android is in there or bmw if somebody's operating system is in there? >> if they get it right. it will take the cue from your smartphone if both are running, if both are able to communicate with ios then that's probably an advantage to how seamlessly they
2:43 pm
will work. the challenge for the carmakers they have to make these systems to talk to either type of phone, certainly because you don't want to be -- no i won't get that bmw because i have an iphone or just switched to an android even if now my car doesn't work. they have the typical things to worry about and now operating systems to worry about. >> let's not forget google is the ultimate in tech savvy, the driverless car. moving on the faa selected six sites for drone testing. judd, i believe you were in oklahoma a state that wanted to test the drones. >> what happened the faa picked these sites say round the country. they are now going gather data about the broken industry which interesting as we all know drones are used in the military, used by law enforcement agencies but the drone industry thinks
2:44 pm
there's these big potential commercial applications and industries ranging from farming to oil and gas exploration. the job of the faa will be to try to figure out how these kind of to integrate drones safely into our airspace. >> testing drones. doing test flights. >> it's all coming. >> coming up -- thank you very much, josh. coming up, million dollar homes are so 2013. we have mega million dollar mansions to ring in your new year. >> "street signs" he wants its way through the year's trendiest snacks. is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪
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cnbc's popular million dollar home competition is back. this time we raised the stakes and we show you properties with a list price of at least $25 million. six mega homes. this is how it works. two mansions go head-to-head. only one moves forward. to make it more interesting we won't tell the location or
2:48 pm
phrase. in the last round florida's island time lost to california's ocean opulence. in round four the begga beach takes on black diamond. >> this is located on 6.6 acres, 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, three pools all with breath take ocean views. no details left untouched. everything in the grand pool house is covered in sea shells. even the 11 chandeliers. explore acres of meticulous gardens or watch a movie in your theater. >> the largest home in a swanky ski town this mega mansion boasts 20,000 square feet. seven bedrooms, plus a two bedroom apartment. seven full bathrooms, four half baths and 3,000 square feet of outdoor deck space. there is also a 35-foot indoor lap pool. a hot tub.
2:49 pm
and a gym. and if relaxes is more your style catch a movie in your own theater or try a game of bowling. this modern mountain palace comes complete with a 1500 bottle wine room and luxury five car garage with a custom turn table. this is the ultimate ski home. >> all right. earlier we learned that ocean opulenc search a $54 million malibu compound. so we have to guess the location of black diamond. joining me now is dolly lentz. which home is the better bang for your buck? >> first let's guess where back diamond is. >> i want to say it's in wyoming. >> colorado. on the ski slopes in colorado. >> that little bit of snow gave it away. >> good hint. >> well the house is actually in aspen and right in town. it is the largest in town home
2:50 pm
currently on the market. 20,000 square feet. every single bell and whistle you could even ever dream of. brand new house. only about a year old. just beautifully done. amazing. amazing house. >> wow. >> oh, above $40 million, at least. >> got to be. >> good, good. >> ocean opulence was $54 million. >> well, it's $39.750, so a bargain. and it's just stunning. now, in terms of which one is the better value. when we look back ten years from now, we'll say, good, i chose that house. what do you think? >> i think it's malibu. >> because -- >> yeah. >> the real estate in aspen is volatile. it's a niche market. everybody doesn't to want live there. everybody wants to go but not
2:51 pm
living there. >> ocean front is ocean front. >> it's seasonal. you're there for a few months, food and wine and then, where am i living? malibu, everyone, investors, hollywood move stars, everyone searching to put their money someplace good and malibu wins. >> good thing i have $54 million tucked away right here. >> i'm going to go see my banker. >> transfer some funds around. >> ultra high net worth. >> ocean opulence wins again. let us know if you agree. can you tweet us usi using #milliondollarhome. catch dolly on "closing bell" later today. you can catch us as well. dom and i will be on the second hour of "closing bell." but, of course, we'll be seeing which is going to be the crowning super, duper top home of the day. also, the latest figures released today show new york, the empire state, can keep title of third most popular state.
2:52 pm
at least for mnow. if the trend lines continue, florida will past new york next year. they both have a long way to go to pascal cal and texas. and census data projects pop lalgs on new year's day will be? any guesses? 317.1 million. it is a new high. >> all new people buy i phones. that's great. >> yes. >> yes. all those snow birds -- i mean, it's really just new yorkers moving to florida anyway. >> what can i sell to those 3.175 million people? coming up, the most glorious food ever. rate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain.
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exxonmobil uses advanced visualization and drilling technologies to produce natural gas... powering our lives... while reducing emissions by up to 60%. energy lives here. ♪ ♪ if you've been watching "street signs" over the past year you know we're eating our way through the hottest trends of the year. jane wells has been keeping tabs on our chowing down. she joins us now on a greatest hits reel in "food glorious food." take it away, jane. >> mandy, this has pretty much been my diet the last week and will be through wednesday, new year's. mandy and dom, yolo, means you only live once, as kids say. base on the treats we eat, it's
2:56 pm
a good thing. bacon and taco, it's the baco. it's been that kind of year. >> how did you come up with this insane but good year? >> reporter: 2013 was one big street food mashup. >> i can put a hamburg other top and say it's a banana burger. >> reporter: it's the year we ate and drank a lot on camera. >> mm. it's really good. >> reporter: our celebration began with spring training when a minor league ball club called the white michigan white caps introduced a baco, a taco made with america's favorite pork product, bacon. >> they have a special mold and drape the bacon over the top. so it's like seven or eight slices of bacon. >> take a bite. >> yeah, you definitely need a plate. >> how is it? >> it's really good. >> reporter: 2013 was also the year cupcake stores were
2:57 pm
replaced by froyo. a year when anything could be used as a bun, like ramen. >> i grew up eating ramen and burgers, japanese-american, so i kind of got this idea of putting the two together and it just worked out. >> reporter: tit was the year te brewed sicicadas emerged. and jenny johnson cooks them up as a nutty treat. >> oh. >> that's it. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: in 2013, booze and food became one. >> many of us have drank vodka. perhaps a lot of it. >> reporter: like cinnobon vodka. our wine-infused popcorn. >> it's a great summer snap. >> reporter: perhaps no street food made as many headlines as the cronut, doughnut and croissant. they launched a hit. >> there's a line outside of the door early at 6:00 in the
2:58 pm
morning. >> reporter: the cronut was so popular, the chef threatened knock-offs with legal action. yes, that's what it came to in 20 13shgs a street food street fight. so in 2014, will we induce a doughnut with lawsuit? >> what's left for 2014, what food gutter is left to grobble in? we put up our taste test for drunken doughnuts. dom and dom-er eating drunken doughnuts. that's producer down in washington, d.c. she's the one who had to go out and eat the fried cicadas earlier. >> i don't know if i could do it. >> i've eaten them on the streets of beijing. yeah. >> what? >> it tastes like chicken. everything tastes like chicken. >> you can't just -- >> the chicken there must be so
2:59 pm
bad. >> you just said that like, oh, i had fried cicadas. >> the baco was great but i've seen an as seen on tv ad, taco molds. and i think bacon makes everything taste better. >> my favorite thing this year is i made bacon. i bought the pork bell y bchltd brined it, smoked it and it was very good. >> a friend of mine gave me a microwaveable container, you throw in the raw bakeen and it comes out crispy. who knew? of all those you showcased, my favorite was the ramen burger. i con get enough of those. >> i've had one of those. i want to see somebody get a cicada drunk on vodka and wrap it in bacon. >> it's like kobeness. >> bacon wrapped drunken
3:00 pm
cicadas. a new specialty for 2014. jane, thank you so much. that was fantastic. a trip down esophagus lane. cheers. bottoms up. >> thank you so much for watching "street signs" on this monday. >> and we'll object the second hour of "closing bell" as well. >> teleportation. >> yep. "closing bell" is next. >> welcome to the "closing bell." second last trading day of the year. i'm kelly evans at new york stock exchange. >> i'm bill griffeth. show them what you've done. now she's keeping a diary. >> this is a market diary, if you will. there's a lot of statistics this year. >> i love economic history, i know you are as big a nerd as i am. but now you're keeping a diary. >> you can't make


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