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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  July 15, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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these are our own -- >> that's a mt. rushmore. final trades. gemma? >> infrastructure is investor friendly regulation. >> josh brown. >> kors. >> uup. >> joey? >> crus. >> ocn. bye-bye. power starts now. halftime is over. the second half of your trading day begins now. >> scott, thank you very much. indeed the second half does begin right now. it's been an interesting first half, a big rise on the open, then the fed chair janet yellen grilled on capitol hill. stocks dropping alternates bit. she says the economy continues to improve, but the recovery isn't yet complete. i think we kind of knew that. what this means for the fed for rate hikes and when. for the economy overall, and most importantly for you and your money. big warning coming from the federal reserve. both sectors getting bruised
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today on fears they may still be a little bit overvalued despite a recent drop and it's been a fairly substantial one. is there money to be made? if so, where. if there is, we'll tell you about the next big catalyst. this space is really heating up. plus an exclusive interview with the economist, yes, the economist, who is behind the u.s. soccer, the national team. why he may be the man to bring the world cup in qatar. back to the u.s. first let's check in with sue at the new york stock exchange. and breaking from previous undploimt and inflation targets for when a rate hike might be
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considered. our senior economics reporter steve liesman is here to put in all in context. >> get to the monetary policy stuff in a second, but not from the chair's testimony, but the 'companies monetary policy report. and some specific parse, special small cap, bio, later in the q&a she was asked about how low rates can distort markets. >> low rates do have an incentive to push individuals to look for -- look for yield, to reach for yield. and that is both a good thing and a bad thing. on the one hand, we need healthy risk-taking in order to spur recovery. and low interest rates i think have had a positive effect on
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helping the recovery, but of course we have to be careful looking for situations where low rates may be incenting behavior that can be dangerous to financial stability. >> the report now on policy, yellen seemed to keep the markets on track to think the fed would raise rates sometime next year. the consensus is for around june or july. she did suggest there had been better results in the job market, particularly in broader measures of labor slack, but she's not worried about a key issue, wages pushing up inflation. >> while rising compensation or wage growth is one sign that the labor market is healing, we're not even at the point where wages are rising at a pace that they could give rise to inflation. >> initial hawkish reaction by the market to the comments by yellen, but overall, sue, i think she kept on track the
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belief that obviously tapering ending -- qe ending in october, and then the fed on track sometime next year to be in what they're calling the fed liftoff. sue? >> steve, thanks for explaining it all to us. let's get the market reaction. bob pisani is here at post 9, as well as kenny polcari. bob, you go first. she was specific in the written part of her report, and we saw that reaction. you and i talked about this last week. i mentioned pandora, zynga. it's right to ask those questions. there is a belief that they are going to have very great earnings and/or revenue growth in the future. some of these plays pan out, some of them do not, but that's what momentum stocks are like. >> kenny, your reaction?
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>> absolutely right. i think the markets are confused by the comments. if you noticed, pardon of what she had was on the one hand tapers is coming, rates will stay low for a long time, but maybe not. if the economy turns around, rates will go up. so i think the market is confused. it hears one thing and in another it hears something else. >> but that's why it was a masterful performance. i thought she did a fine job threading that needing. when we have to go into some testimony that's buried in the supplemental report for us to find something that is in any way controversial. the rest of her statements i thought were fairly down the middle. >> i think the statements were good, but i think in the end the market became confused, because it heard both sides of the argument in one sentence. then they heard something else right away, so i think the market remains a little bit confused. >> which takes us up to tyler and ron insana, right, ty? >> we're going to talk more about that very point among other things with ron insana who
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wrote a sudden lid controversial piece where you state your reasoning why the traders have it basically wrong. >> you've heard a lot of complaints from people i know pretty well, that this all has to end badly, that just by virtue of this never having been tried before, there's no way -- >> this sort of new -- >> unconventional monetary policy, quantitative easing and the like, that it has to end badly, because we don't have experience with it. if you go back and read all of the fed papers on this stuff, and i've spend a fair amount of time what bernanke has written, what they have written about the current environment. in fact it goes back many, many years, talking about unconventional monetary policies. they have kind of laid the groundwork for all of this. there's been a lot of work done, and i think they're fairly confident not only have they implemented them properly, but they'll exit them properly as well. without them necessarily having another depression, another
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crash, hyper-inflation, a falling dollar, skyrocketing interest rates. i think that's a misguided point of view, but one that persists, no matter what kind of data you get. >> let me get your quick thought. kenny just mentioned, indicating that the market remains confused. how can it be? i sense an awful lot of whining from the market. they want yellen to say at 2:00 p.m. on march 17th, 2015, we're going to raise interest rates by a quarter point and we're going to do another quarter point at 3:30 p.m., and then they will sell the hell out of the market anticipating the next rise. >> that's right. >> the think, tyler, here i think a lot of people are philosophically disposed to believe this has to end badly. even though these don't have evidence or empirical evidence for that position. >> or maybe that it can't end badly without them having said it has to end badly. >> exactly. >> you've got it, tyler. there's substantial group of trader. there is a substantial group of
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traders, a substantial minority that have been ideological at war with the federal reserve for the last five years and they're dying to be proved right. i think we're being kind about talking about whining. there's a lot of people -- >> kenny, is the market misguided? are traders misguided? >> i think there's a certain segment that are misguided, but i do think the fear here is they're -- inflation is going to ramp up and they're going to lose control of it. >> if i can address that right away we had agricultural commodities crash. in all hid lines inflation numbers will be coming down for months. oil has dropped below $is 00 a barrel. natural gas is just above four bucks. we have inflation indicators coming down again, not going up, as ms. yellen said, some of these inflation scares are probably transitory, tyler. so for all the wore about headline inflation, mo of the numbers are going in the
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opposite direction. >> iron though those prices have collapsed food prices have not yet collapsed. >> corn, wheel and soy beans all at four-year lows, gasoline will come down. >> we hope. >> we're going into the end of the summer drive season. i think headline inflation will switch. >> we have to leave it there. ron, appreciate it, kenny, bob. sue, down to you. we're going to go uptown to the nasdaq, which is taking a hit, the biggest loser by the social media and biotech stocks, mentioned by the fed report. warning that valuations in those sectors seem stretched. >> while yellen's remarks mostly focused on the health of the economy, a separate fed monetary policy report signaled concern over asset prices diagnose valuation metrics in some sectors do appear substantially stretched, particularly those
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with smaller firms in the social media and biotechnology industries despite a notable downtornado. now, these comments and social media and biotech stocks sharply low ser among the social losers, yellen, pandora, facebook, groupon and twitter, all of which are trading, some analysts consider excessively high. in the biotech spay, jill ad, and ver tech shares moving to the down side. the sell-off in these two sectors are weighing on the nasdaq composite, which is currently lagging the major indices, and today's trade we're seeing it down about 30 points on the day. we'll continue to watch those two sectors, biotech and social media. >> seema, thank you very much. the fed warning about biotech, but there is one big catalyst that could drive the industry forward. we will have that story for you, you're going to have to wait a while. it's going to be worth waiting for. meanwhile, a quick market flash.
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>> for this one here, i can't wait to hear that story. check out what's happening with michael kors, two companies saying it's increased the promotional activity, which has increased concerns about profit margins. that stock you can see currently down about 6% in ta-da ace trade. tyler, back over to you. >> dom, thank you very much. earnings in focus today, profits at jpmorgan beat dropping 8% from a year ago, but that was better than some of the forecasts. pull back in bond and currency trading. this has been one of the weak spots. still, the company beat on the top and bottom lines, goldman sachs trouncing the estimates, earnings boosted there by strength in the investment banks business, and why not? there have been a lot of mergers, and they have been number one. shares of goldman and jpmorgan up strongly on an otherwise rather soggy day. jpmorgan at 5847, up $2.18.
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goldman sachs up 1.46 at 168 and 46. sue? what are bank earnings telling us about that sector? financials are up more than 4 with respect. jeff jack ablynn and jeff husse. nice to have you here, gentlemen. >> jack, i'm going to start with you. the financials so far so good. what does it tell you about the overall market? >> it's saying that generally that the market goes as financials go. what we find is a very high correlation between the outperformance of financials and the direction of the market itself. it's something like a 70% correlation, so generally things are moving along well when the financials, particularly the large banks are moving in the right direction. so that's a good sign. >> jeff, do you agree with that? >> i agree with that. i think it also tells you that even the ramifications of qe still is working, that is it's feeding through the financials.
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the financials are making money off of very low rates, and through m & h activity as was noted for i believe goldman sachs, so i think it's benefiting the financials and should continue to do so even with modest tapering that's going on. >> jeff, let me stay with you for a moment. ms. yellen, in the written report, talked about stretched valuations in some of the social media companies, some of the biotech companies. i know you and jack are underweight small caps. what did you make of her comments? >>. >> you know, there are some stretched valuations. i thought it was interesting she called out specific industries so discretely, but ultimately i think you could make the case about covenants, bank lone, high yield. there are parts of the market that are frothy, but there are parts of the market that are still of value. i think that's what makes a market. we're finding good value and believing in some of the babies
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are being thrown out with the bathwater for lack of a better term and seeing when biotech is down some of the good tech names are down. there's buys opportunities. we've been focusing less on beta and more on directional strategies one or multiasset portfolios to try to capture some of those individual opportunities. >> you know, jack, ms. yellen said that the economic recovery is not where she wants it to be, obviously, but that always leads me to the consumer, because the consumer driving so much of the economy. does that worry you at all? how do you invest against that? >> it's certainly a kind of lopsided recovery. we're seeing growth in the industrial side, growth in the energy patch. we're getting a lot of manufacturing export business. auto sales were strong, and my sense is that may have crowded off some consumer spending that
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was going on. we also wrote a piece about a months ago, maybe even a little less than that with the tension in iraq was pushing oil prices to -- very close to a pinch point for a consumer. that could perhaps subside a little bit, and of course housing, we're generally selling roughly less than -- a little more than 400,000 fewer new homes than the demographics would suggest. it's a lopsided recovery, and i think the fed certainly ms. yellen wants to talk it down, because they want to keep rates as low as possible for as long as possible. >> you also like large cap, europe and emerging markets, right? >> we do. as long as liquidity is flowing that's where we want to be. i do agree with ms. yellen that small-cap stocks are not only stretched, but one of the most dangerous major markets in the world right now. >> you get the last word, jeff. domestic markets strictly or go
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overseas as well to emerging? >> we see some opportunities in europe. we have a slight preference one or allocation for grurp. questioner also thinking longer term if you have a long enough, emerging markets are starting to look interesting. we think where they are in the business cycle and interest rate cycle is problematic, but the valuations are cheap. we're continuing to emphasize less beta, less directional strategies, trying to introduce more nondirectional strategies into our multiasset funds here at russell. >> thank you both. sue, thank you between janet yellen's testimony and a mixed bag of economic reports, what do small business owners make of the economy? we're going straight to a source to find out. a terrible subway accident at the height of the morning rush in moscow. we'll have the latest about that one. state,
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welcome back to "power lunch." just off their session lows right now, this after the company reduced the outlook for the second quarter, blaming a challenging environment. the company expects to close 44 stores by the end of the third quarter. you can see the shares down by almost 8%. the rent to own market very, very interesting. also warning signs, they
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followed the similar comments made from rival rent acenter, which said earlier this month, it will fall below expectation. the budget-conscious side of the market very much in focus with those two stocks. back over to you. to moscow, where rescue teams are working underground going through twisted steel after a subway derail at the height of the morning rush hour. the death toll just hit 21. more than 150 others were rushed to the hospital after being brought above ground. as you may know, moscow has been a top targets for terrorists, but russian officials say they do not believe terrorism played a role. this was the deepest part of the system. israel accepting an egyptian cease-fire, but hamas rejected it. to show good faye they stole
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from 3:00 through 5:00. the israeli air force resumed the attacks, and one top hamas leader said israel's willingness to accept the cease-fire proves they are losing the battle, so a very difficult situation once again in the middle east. a slew of economic reports out on the dale of janet yellen's testimony. new york manufacturing conditions are the best in more than four years. rose less than expect indeed june, as did retail sales, while u.s. business inventories were up in may. so a bit of a mixed ticket there. so what do small business owners make of the economy right now? are they hiring? are they more optimistic than they are? insight from abdul baytops, ceo of one federal solution. >> how are you? >> how are you? good to have you babb, abdul. you were with us last fall at
1:22 pm
the height of the government shutdown crisis. your company replies i.t. services to a lot of companies. last year when we spoke up to lay off or furlough a lot of people. are things looking better? >> yes, they are. you know, i only represent a small portion of the small businesses, but by the same token, we do see an upward trend in the economy as well with the small businesses. i do think it depends on what market sector that small business is in as well, because a company like ourselves for cybersecurity, so there is a better market. we do see an upward trend. and new requirements that we're going after. more companies -- >> where are the opportunities specification? are you hiring and if so how much? >> we're hiring. again, it depends on the market. as well as medical research, those are the areas we see more
1:23 pm
hiring. over the last few months i think we've added maybe only 15%, but we have a forecast out from 15% to 25% over the next 12 months. that actually is good for a small business of our size. >> 15 to 20% more employees. >> correct. >> that would mean how many employees when you're all done? if we were to do that, maybe around the 160, 180 employees coup. we support the government as well as a small portion of u.s. companies across the u.s. >> because you're in the i.t. area and because tomorrow at delivering alpha we expect to hear secretary of the treasury jack lew talk about inspection and cybersecurity. if you had one question to ask the treasury secretary about how the government is doing on cybersecurity, what would your question be for him? >> my biggest question in cybersecurity is obviously when will they take it more seriously? it is a huge risk, and when are
1:24 pm
they going to invest the dollars that's needed to get the infrastructure up to speed. >> you seem skeptical that the government is doing enough? >> yeah, pretty muchivities thank you very much. glad your business is looking up. we hope to have you back again, sue. >> tyler, californians, if you're caught using water in ways you're not supposed to, you'll be in serious trouble. you will also have to pay the piper. plus the man behind u.s. soccer. he doesn't play, he doesn't coach, but he runs the whole thing, and he also happens to be a professor of economics at columbia university. meet the man behind it all next, and only on "power lunch." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track.
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different kinds of energy based on when it's needed by the consumer. a smarter energy system is made with the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. go pro shares. there was an outperform rating and a $60 price target, saying high-definition camera maker has established itself as a deshl brand. go pro shares up about 13% on the day's trade, but still, tyler, well off of their $48 post high. dom, thank you very much. 80% of california experiencing extreme drought and regulators are taking drastic steps to fight it. officials considering fining people up to $500 a day for
1:28 pm
wasting water. state regulator expect the restrictions could conserve to supply about 3.5 million people for a year. >> ty, thank you very much. despite three infrastructure tragedies, brazil 2014 wasn't as bad as many feared. on the field kind of a mixed picture from suarez' biting attack, to the back injury, to a good degree of success and a lot of pride for the u.s. men's team. they advanced from the group of death, despite perhaps the most difficult travel schedule out 32-team tournament. with miss is sunil ga lardi, an
1:29 pm
economist and economist at columbia, he sits on fifa's executive committee. it's a pleasure to have you here. >> great to be here with you. >> especially when you just got off a plane from brazil. we greatly appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> let's look ahead to the 22 games. there's an fbi investigation about potential corruption with qatar about getting the '22 games. there's slave labor accusations in that country as well. will fifa -- if the investigation proves fruitful in terms of issues with the bidding process, would you move to bring the games to the u.s. in '22 or no? >> i don't know about an fbi investigation. there's an independent investigation that fifa is involved in about the bidding process on both world cups, to
1:30 pm
18 in russia and 2022 in qatar, so it would by inappropriate to speculate about what might come out of that. that's expected to have some answers in the next couple months. fifa has a storied past in terms of accusations saturday bidding process is not fair and that the organization needs to tighten things up. do you see that from your perspective? and how can you move to change that if it is indeed the case. i do think the rules should be tightened up. i've stated it publicly. i think it should be a public vote. hopefully some of those things will happen. >> do you get the sense you're getting some traction on that, especially now, because soccer was just so much on the global stage, do you feel as though the time is right to perhaps push harder for those changes? >> we've been pushing hard. the concern is when things are
1:31 pm
going well, people say everything is fine. i don't think that would be the case. some of it has been very positive after a couple difficult years in a fifa election and a world cup decision, and hopefully we'll make more progress in areas that are important to us, and i think important for soccer's governance generally. >> you're responsible for the coach klinsmann. what did you learn from brazil? what are your reflections on brazil and what were his? >> i think we were obviously very pleased to get out of our group, which is the most important goal for everybodiery on. we were disappointed we didn't quite get the results we wanted with belgium, but yoreall, i think we were pleased withal progress. we still have a long way to go to be in the upper echelons,
1:32 pm
jurgen knows that. >> i know i can't tip your hat as far as the plans, but the u.s. team played so well that the momentum is high. they have the wind at their back. can you give us some idea of what we might have in story? >> i'm flying to l.a. tomorrow. we're going to meet, and the serious planning starzz for the next round of qualifications and events. a lot of what we need to do is at player development level. there's still a talent gap in terms of ability with the ball. we know that. we're not where west germany or germany is. we want to get better. over time he'll have the -- and we think we'll get the success we're looking for. >> one of the reasons i think it was so successful is because it was so widely carried. this year espn had the foundation and the broadcast rights. fox will get those in the next world cup. and there are some who say that the carriage isn't going to be as big and the attention won't
1:33 pm
by quite as widespread. you disagree with that, i believe? >> i think espn did a terrific job. good forward 1/3 partners of u.s. soccer and major league soccer. i think four years from now the ability that fog will have, the benchmark that espn has been set, will be met, not easy to exceed it, but fox is committed to the sports, committed to major league soccer, and i think you'll see a terrific cup. the ratings on this world cup were up 40%, and no one will pay the sort of money that fox did and let it sit on the shelf. tell me what you think about our economy here at home. you were just in brazil. brazil had fallen on hard times. they built ought they stadiums, yesterday the u.s. economic seems to be struggling a bit. she's going to keep interest rates low. from your vantage point, traveling internationally and coming back here at home, how does the economy look? >> i certainly want to
1:34 pm
contradict the fed chairwoman on anything she said. >> the traders did, so feel free. >> that i understand, but i'm always optimistic about it, and i have a lot of faith going forward. when you look around the world where many cunning around the world, there's a brick summit going on, but we are a long way ahead of most of the world, while i think we continue to have challenges, we're certain better off than three or fouriers. >> thank you for joining us on "power lunch.." >> my pleasure to be with you. >> after you talk to the u.s. coach, feel free to call in. >> we'll let you know. >> thank you so much. let's change gears a bit, and switch to gold, not the cup, but gold prices. they're closing right now. copper is on the plus side, recovering pretty nicely giving the drumming it took. >> and on the back of ms. yellen's testimony, rick
1:35 pm
santelli is in chalk for us. >> hi, sue. it seems as though janelle yellen didn't help prices, look at the intraday chart. yields initially moving higher. paid more attention than much of the data, but let's put it simple. two-year yields are up one, more curve flattening, but maybe let's hit where the bushelitious aspects might be, where barclays and the index that reflects investment grade security. you see they do acknowledge, even though there's been a subtle adjustment. no matter what the rest of her testimony meant, you certainly see it show up in the dollar index, basically at one-month highs. back to you. the next big catalyst to
1:36 pm
drive business, meg has the story. >> tyler, that's right, we've seen new doctors for help -- but there's another liver disease growing in numbers. some analysts say it's the next big glob epidemic. tyler? and tomorrow marks marisa meyers' second anniversary at yahoo. is she doing well? log on to to weigh in. kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not?
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down about 20% over the past two weeks. so why? maybe the investors are taking profits. for the first six months it was up by a stagger amount. sue, back over to you. fed chair janet yellen
1:40 pm
testifying, saying that the economy continues to improve but the recovery is not yet complete meaning a continued loose levels of monetary policy she feels is necessary. so the yahoo finance question of the day we asked -- do you have confidence that she's making the right move? 27% said yesterday, 49% say no, and 24% say sometimes. maybe that's reflecting some of the confusion in the market today. >> sue, thank you very much. the fed warnings in a paper that biotech stocks appear overvalued. the sector has been booming, up more than 30% over the past one year, so there's been a sell jot. there's a red-hot area that could be the next big catalyst to fuel those stocks. meg tirr is here with the story. analysts say the next big area may be a liver disease that
1:41 pm
you have not, z called n.a.s.h. it's related to obias yet. over time, n.a.s.h. can cause permanent liver scarring, known as cirrhosis. so big numbers can also mean big business. the potential is put at 35 to 40 billion. intercept pharmaceuticals has a drug in the middle stages. a french biotech, genfit is along with another, along with gill jawed. >> gen fit also presents a big risk/reward. 90% on the down side analysts said. and microsoft expected to announce a round of job cuts,
1:42 pm
first. and tomorrow marks marissa mayer's anniversary at yahoo. we'll back with the results of that and more, after this. collection is here. acr ♪ ♪ during the cadillac summer's best event, lease this all new 2014 cts for around $459 a month or purchase with 0% apr and make this the summer of style. in a we believe outshining the competition tomorrow quires challenging your business inside and out today.
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take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. welcome back to "power lunch." check out what's happening with lions gate film shares. the stock has moved higher. it dipped early in the session, the entertainment company and aluba alubaba, with reports of teaming up. power rundown time. jon fortt is here at headquarters. julia boorstin out in l.a.
1:45 pm
as it integrates nokia into its business. the round of cuts will likely be the biggest in more than five years. what do you know about it? what do you expect? >> i think this is in a way expected. keep in mind microsoft took on something like 25,000 additional employees when it took on nokia's mobile unit. a lot of redundancy on there. also they've got to decide who's going to stay, who is going to go, when you're integrating hardway with microsoft's over hardware. i think the most interesting thing will be what advantage do they take of this molt to put his stamp on the organization. >> julia, a company insider, not really well known before he took on this role, at least not beyond the walls there in redmond. he is put is his camp on this
1:46 pm
company. >> this is really his chance to show how he's remaking microsoft for the future. he had a memo he released that laid out his vision, and it would be interesting to what he does, not just to take advantage of the cost savings with nokia, but also to shape the future of this company. >> julia, recode out with a report that jay carney is said top apple's next pr communications leader. this would be quite ash well, a left turn for carney, who has mostly been in journalism in washington and then in the administration there. >> i think they weren't saying it was a done deal, that he was in the running. there were other reporters say it's -- >> i think it's not uncommon for people who have spent time in washington to switch over to press, and he certainly would be be the first one, but i think he has a lot of options. maybe he'll go into television and have his own show, but i think apple really needs someone
1:47 pm
who is used to dealing with policy issues, as well as keeping things secret. he has some experience there. >> jon, what are you hearing here? it looks like tim cook wants to go in a slightly different direction. there were two deputies there in pr, natalie karas, and steve dowelling. jay carney would be in the mold of mark penn who went to microsoft, somebody who knows global, who knows regulatory, who knows brand but from a slightly different perspective. it's an outside option, but i don't get the indicate that apple has decided by any stretch. >> we'll get to that and follow it closely. yahoo reports earnings after the bell on the eve of marissa mayer's anniversary. the question is how is she doing? you can vole at so who can we expect from the yahoo earnings today, and then
1:48 pm
talk a bit about marisa? >> i think we can expect things to be about each. i wouldn't ding her for that. that are going on impactingia hoo's core business. she's been running to stand still and has done quite a bit with more real, with the structure of yahoo, putting a team at least partially in place. she's had a couple missteps there. she's got silicon valley behind her. the request el is what big moves can she make acquisitionwise or organically to get the needle moving forward. >> julia, what are you hearing on that front? there there's been some talk that aol may be in her sights. >> there are three things i'm watching. one is what they're going to do with all of that alibaba cash. will there be a deal with aol? which i think is it a little too
1:49 pm
unlikely. i'm also watching display adding. yahoo needs to show they can compete in this crucial ad space, especially as they get more and more competition from the likes. the third is what other acquisitions is she going to make. would it be aol if i don't know, she might be go more towards the startups. thank you very much. julia and jon, good to be with you. we ran into in technical problems, so we're not going to give you the results of the vote. we'll try to get it fixed for another occasion. sue, down to you. thank you. the space race is heating up. boeing going head to head with elon musk spacex. >> sue, it's nail-biting time. among the three competitors all vying to fill the next space taxi, boeing plans to pitch itself, marrying the best of old
1:50 pm
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welcome back to "power lunch." chem out campbell's soup. saying its anticipated shortfall
1:53 pm
is due to industry headwinters. it's down about 2%. sue, back over to you. >> boeing shares taking a hit thisseer, but up 20% over the past one year. boeing is turning up the heat in the race to space. jane wells is live in houston in a space capsule. where else would we find jane wells? this is their propertio type to take astronauts, so it doesn't have to pay the russians it is a traditional spacesuit, but these are samsung galaxies, and that's not the only change. >> hey. >> hey. welcome to the spacecraft. >> boeing has already gotten $460 million in nasa funding to get this farce, but in this new space business molding, whoever wins retains ownership, can
1:54 pm
lease it on other, but perhaps with better wifi on the tablet. >> is that durable enough? >> with the samsung agreement we'll be working with them to ensure the flight hardware capable, so all the qual testing will be the next part. >> reporter: that's assuming it wins elon musk is -- boeing is creating and pitching its heritage, everything from the rockets to the para. >> what if you lose? >> would el have to look at the business case at that time. i think it would be different to close that business case without that back stop but our focus is
1:55 pm
all based on how we'll execute when we do win. >> now, they should know within a month if they win. they're preparing for potential layoffs. if they don't, we'll be back in an half hour to talk about what this means for taxpayers. >> thank you so much. be careful in there. let's see what's coming up on "street signs." >> we're trying to make sense of yellen and what made sense. also, the end of the coffee versus gold miners' bet between brian and herb. who won? actually a pretty clear winner, but we're not going to tell you. sdproo the case for public/private partnerships out there no infrastructure, why it could make your commute a whole lot better. lots of things coming up at the top of the hour. make sure you join us on "street signs."
1:56 pm
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we saw a spike a little bit and saw the sell-off in the small ser cap, social media and
1:59 pm
biotech stocks in the record they were mentioned that the vail ways were stretched. as a result of that, we had some volatility in the market. you can see the vick is up a half percent, but if you look at that chart, it's well off its highs. as for the markets themselves, trying to pear our losses, only fractional losses. the dow is down less than a tenth of a percent, the s&p 500 down about a quarter of a percent. because a lot of those smaller came up stocks are found in the nasdaq, we have a half percent loss in the nasdaq. art cashing saying the yield dropped a bit on the ten-year note and then moved back up. right nour we're at midmorning levels on the ten-year of 2.54%. ty? >> sue, i hope everything willdown is tomorrow all day for delivers alpha. it is our big midsummer conference in which the best and
2:00 pm
the, and among the guests jack lew, condition griffin, governor chris christie will be there deliver a keynote. carl icahn, nelson pelts, and we hope you will be there. that's it for this edition of "power lunch.." >> we'll see you tomorrow. "street signs" begins now. all right, folks. we have a good old fashioned fed fight to start the story. it may tell an even bigger story. >> we're trying to work out whether or not stocks have fallen on what basically are 5-month-old comments. here is the sentence from the printed report today. valuation metrics in some sectors do appear substantially stretched,


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