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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  September 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we've seen them a lot with photography and film. but this is unique. they're using them to an animate them. >> how about this lampshade drone for terrorism? >> how wonderful as it explodes in your face. >> time now for "fast money." melissa lee over to you and the gang. thanks so much, kelly. this is "fast money." i'm melissa lee. dan nathan, josh brown, karen finerman and guy adami are our panel tonight. the nasdaq logging its best day in over five weeks. one notable underperformer was apple. two black eyes for apple today. the latest, the company annou e announcing it's pulling its ios 8 update after a slew of complaints, on the heels of the iphone 6's bendgate. for more on this story, let's bring in jon fortt who joins us
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on the "fast line." >> reporte. >> reporter: both of these problems are annoyances and they're certainly not minor for a subset of people who they've affected, taking the ios 8 1.0, it appears just to be bad software at this point. there is a way to recover your phone which involves downloading an update from your computer and then loading that into your phone. if somebody took some especially unique photos or videos that they hadn't backed up, they're probably going to lose those because they have to restore from a back-up. but there's a way to recover. and then on bendgate, the people who got the 6 plus who may have set for 18 hours at a time or who decided for whatever reason to make an online video of themselves forcibly bending their phone, maybe they are
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disappointed. but i don't know how many of those people that are. apple does have some time to fix each issue. >> jon fortt, thanks so much for that update. the reason why we single out apple is because it was a notable underperformer. but the nasdaq up a percent. at one point, the stock was underperforming the nasdaq by as much as 2%-plus on the day. >> obviously the s&p is up some 16 handles today. apple underperforms. it's been straddling this level for a while. i think it will drift to the downside. and then you take it back there. to me, the fundamental story is pretty much the same as it was a couple of septembers ago when it traded from $700 down to $385. not suggesting we'll see a move of that magnitude. but buyback aside, the apple story is the same as it was a couple of years ago. >> apple's been in a bubble. knot tradie -- not trading with
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the markets. it's an iphone story right now. two issues, i think the update is a complete blip, nonevent. they'll fix it quickly. to me, nothing is different in apple today. >> dan, i'm just curious -- supposedly apple's going to transition like the big bucks will be in software and services. it's a misstep, granted. it could be a blip in the radar. but does it signify something -- >> you think about these iphone releases, apple is the only company that actually releases just one phone once a year. when you think about samsung, they have multiple releases a year. to me, if you think back over the last seven years, they've had antenna-gate and siri-gate and maps-gate. these were hardware and software issues. and they didn't really affect anything. at the end of the day, there's no reason to sell your stock. and the performance isn't important but this is a story that's working and it's going to work until the news flow changes. i think if you've been in it and you have these 35% gains since
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april, you think about, where would i take profits on this thing on the upside but where would i stop -- >> where would you take profits on the upside? >> think back to september 3rd, that stock went down in a straight line, 4.5%. that was $26 billion in market cap. that was significant. it's since made that back. to me, you could have a lot of big holders head for the door at one point at a certain level. you people out there to have think about where to take gains. below that 50-day moving average, probably about 4% lower than here, a few closes below that, that's where you think about taking some -- >> what do you think? >> i largely agree with everyone. this is nothing we haven't seen before. if you really the retina display, there were dead pixels, there was a battery thing. the 5s, siri was speaking in a poli polish accent. they have suppliers from 40 different countries.
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there are manufacturing things going on in parallel hemispheres, brazil and china. it's to be expected. but these things gets fixed and the market discounts it and continues to move on. the trend is intact. this is 14 times the next four quarters earnings. it's above its 50. it's 200-day. no reason to get out of the trade. i would stay long. >> let's talk about what was working today. nice day for the semiconductor index. >> biotech stories are still intact. they've been sort of treading water the last week or so. but celgeselcelgene, gilead, i amgen works, all three of these continue to work. >> josh? >> i would have to agree. and actually it's great to see a
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sector like this become a much bigger part of the s&p over the last year. see multiple expansion in some cases and she a lot of new entrants, a lot of new ipo activity has been in this space. if you're going to have biotechs and health care leading the market, i could think of worse sectors. >> i would add micron. this is an interesting one. they're a 10% or so customer of apple. let's hear what they have to see. you've had this huge ramp, huge storage build for this phone. now there's talk of a new ipad being refreshed in the next month -- let's see what they have to say. nike this week, they're also -- they get half their sales or more from outside the u.s. let's see what that dollar has done. see what lower crude has done for input costs. a couple of key data points this week. >> dominic chu has an earnings alert. >> a nickel per share in profit
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is what they earned. analysts at just about break-even. guidance is ahead of expectations. the after-market gain pretty much erases jabil's losses for all september and takes its gains back above the year. nice move for jabil in the afterhours. 500,000 shares have traded. >> guy, what's the trade here? >> for me, it's about operating margins. i think the trade is you stay long the stock. there's a chance of pushing it up to 2012 levels. we saw 26 bucks or so. i would absolutely stay with it. it's not expensive. 12 times forwards earnings. i like jabil. with the dollar index hitting a four-year high today, we take a look at which sectors followed the dollar. just might surprise you. and it's been a rough month for elan musk.
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the dollar index topping $85 for the first time since july 20, 2010. what's the best way to play the strength in the dollar? paul hickey is here with us. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> what should we -- we've already seen the impact on things like materials and commodities. that's no surprise. >> when you look at the performance of the dollar, going back to 1991, there's been over 20 other quarters where we've seen a 5% drop. the economy's changed a lot over the last 50 years. if you look at the last 20 years, but even if you go back to '71, in the quarter following these big spikes in the dollar has been a better period. what you look at going forward in the quarter, it's not sectors you might expect. you have materials, industrials and energy which have historically led the market in the quarter following these spikes. while everyone is saying buy
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domestic orien at a timed companies -- which is the theme we've been on, too. but now we've had this big spike, the dollar is going to see some sort of reversion to the mean. and these sectors which are deeply oversold are going to outperform. >> is it because the strength in the dollar abates or the dollar remains strong because the economy remains strong and therefore energy, materials, industrials, they remain strong? >> there's only been three quarters where you've had back-to-back 5% moves in the dollar going back to 1971. look at energy this quarter, it's been decimated. at some point these things have to bounce. going into the fourth quarter, we'll see a bounce there. >> is the dollar as influential, though, as other conditions that might have been in those other periods, for example, where were interest rates, what was global gdp? if you're counting on a big bounce in things like commodities and energy, you need a lot of other things to be
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going your way besides just a prior quarter's worth of dollar strength. >> that's a very good point. if you look back to the mid '90s where we had the end of the cold war, nafta and global trade was made easler, the materials has outperformed. if you look at the '90s, that was a period where materials and commodities were suppressed. the fact that they outperformed is notable. >> you're implying there's a sweet spot in time where we're going to see these sectors and stocks battered because of the strength in the dollar and it's time to get in, betting on a rebound in the following -- >> yes. these companies report any weakness, i think it's a buying opportunity for them. picking each of those sectors, a stock from each sector, the energy sector, conoco phillips pays a 4%-year-ol yield, a hist
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dividends. the following quarter, average gains between 7% to 17%. consistent gain there is. in the materials, you have dow chemical, the sector -- the stock only pays a little under 3%. but they have a higher growth rate than their peers. and the fact is that that's going to be able to support a rising dividend going forward. we've seen a spike in the dollar, it's gained at least 8% in each of those quarters. and in the industrials, northop grumman, it's gotten ahead of itself with the geopolitical tensions. but it's had a little bit of a pullback, the high 120s is a good place to enter the stock here. you can have good risk/reward. they pay about 2% yield. but it's better than what its peers pay. those three stocks into the fourth quarter -- if you see any weakness on earnings, we'd buy them definitely.
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>> if you look at the numbers, you see weakness in the market -- it occurs usually in the month of september and that's a historically weak month for the market. you see the declines then. they say buy yom kippur -- >> i like to get long around passover. >> really? >> that's my -- i'm with you on that trade. >> paul, thanks for coming by. >> thanks. >> i like the domestic trade. i'm long at&t. i think with that 5% dividend yield and no exposure to the dollar, makes sense. i like the uso. crude oil hasn't traded well. but uso has held 34. i think that's one way to
5:16 pm
play -- >> in that vein, traded off down to 78.50. the risk/reward in conoco phillips sets up as well as it did earlier this year in my opinion. >> your favorite dollar play and/or industrial? >> my favorite industrial, i like floserve still. been a long -- >> pumps and valves and seals. >> yes. seals. >> very important. >> yeah. >> i know my business right there. >> good-year tire also. the iphone 6 is sure to be a big draw this holiday season. but will it divert spending away from other areas like clothing and furnishings? will the iphone kill christmas? that's next. location. location.
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♪ the iphone 6 positioned to do very well this holiday season. but could it be diverting consumer cash away from other retailers? let's bring in piper jaffray senior investor, peter. you say best buy is going to see increased traffic, increased sales -- do you still stand by that? >> absolutely. we were initially saying up to 2% same-store sales lift. now that we've seen the higher price points, you're going to get higher asp on top of that. it should be a good sales driver. >> if we are to believe that spending on an iphone will divert spending from other
5:21 pm
things, for best buy, it could be a wash. that people won't buy things at best buy and instead buy an iphone? >> this is largely going to be a refresh cycle. smartphone penetration is well above 50%. you're going to have people buying this for themselves. we don't think it's going to be a huge giftable item. it's not an item we anticipate will largely creep into c.e. sales. >> this beets deals just closed with apple. a lot of other companies benefited from the accessories that people were buying with new apple devices. apple is going to sell a ton of beets stuff. i've already bought headphones and have probably a couple of more of them on the holiday theme. is apple going to take over because these are also high-dollar price things -- >> you cover many other retailers. do you expect there's going to be cash siphoned off on the
5:22 pm
other buys? >> that bigger-picture question on spending, we looked at that. the iphone by itself, if i look at g-monster, maybe $2 24 milli units of the iphone in the u.s. getting about $6 billion in revenue. but overall holiday spending, $600 billion. iphone by itself is about 1%. probably not going to pull from other areas. the beets is interesting. that was in stores last year. it was a good category. it will grow again. but nothing that's substantially new for that category. >> let me ask you, back to best buy for a minute, what is the marginal profitability on an iphone versus some of the accessories they'll say, cases, headphones, whatever it is -- how do those two products compare to them? >> iphone by its elf is going t be margin dilutive.
5:23 pm
apple loses money in the hardware but the sign-up fee -- it comes out about even with their corporate gross margin in the low 20s. if you can sell an attachment, like a protective case, those margins are up to 50%. >> peter, thanks for stopping by. are you concerned at all about this? peter makes a good point about it being a drop in the bucket in holiday sales. >> no, long a lot of macy's. it's my favorite retailer by a lot. >> i like the macy's call. i don't buy into this concept where jcpenney is now competitive again. i don't think they've come that far. i think while they're still trying to figure things out, macy's can capitalize. and i think it's really theirs to lose this holiday season. >> dan, you clearly have blown a lot of cash on a lot of beets paraphernalia. are you going to be spending the same amount for the holidays?
5:24 pm
>> this was never on my radar. and my 11-year-old daughter, she wanted the headphones. and my 9-year-old wants one, too. these are big-ticket items. when you talk about the big pie of what's out there, apple is going to get a bigger chunk of this. >> atlanhasn't blown a lot of cn the -- >> are you bullish or bearish? >> just grumpy. >> i think it's interesting. apple's probably going to reintroduce beets music. they're expanding their eco system. everything is fine at apple. i do believe that the sentiment -- i think the 35% gains in the stock from april reflect a lot of the good sentiment. now they're going to have to keep buying. they bought back $55 billion worth of stock in the last two years. they have to keep doing that. >> llewelluolin lululemon had p. this risk/reward in lululemon
5:25 pm
looks good. >> that's a street fight. >> that's a street fight. >> that brand is done. nobody's rocking lululemon anymore. just ask my wife. >> cargo pants. >> yes. >> for those big -- >> i like that. nobody's rocking -- i've learned from josh. >> walk through any mall anywhere in the country, i don't care if it's gap or banana or aeropostale, the display in the front women is very joggers, a different kind of pant beyond the yoga pant. that's what's going on right now. i'm telling you, they are not going to see the recovery that you'd have to bet on to be buying the stock at these levels. it's not even cheap. even after the pummelling, not an inexpensive name. >> there's a lot going ton. happy i brought it up. >> now we know. our top trade tonight, kb home,
5:26 pm
guys? >> where do i start with this? cancellation rate, 31%, it was 28% last quarter. that's the bad news. what's the good news? you might have flushed the stock out today. basically traded down to the may lows. bounced above 16. not a stupid valuation, even with this quarter. i think against $15.50 you can own kbh for a trade. i don't like the space. but today's volume leads me to believe you may want to buy it. >> that's a strong level of support. 16 bucks. that's where it's bounced off of several times looking back to the beginning of 2013. every time it hits that level, the buyers come in. it's a pretty good risk/reward. >> i'm not certain this is a great environment for homebuilders right now. we just saw what happened to bonds. they hit a wall here. we're pressing up to the end of q.e. --
5:27 pm
>> blowout month for new home sales, highs since may of '08. >> i don't like hearing that. >> for the homebuilders, it's a good sign. >> to me when you're getting back to '08 and '07 levels, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. starbucks shelling out $900 million for full control of its japan unit. there are more than 1,000 stores in japan and will be its second largest market in terms of revenue from coffee shops. >> this is a good deal. seems like they're playing a little bit of macro with the yen at 1.20. this is a good time to be accumulating assets there. it's japan's second biggest market and it has so much more potential. they could grow the store base. they could build out more drive-throug drive-throughs, shown to increase sales. it's time to take the
5:28 pm
franchisees out of the system, regain control and take advantage of the japanese opportunity. the street likes it. i like it. it's a good move. >> as much as i would like to go lululemon on josh here, i agree with him. this stock is way too volatile for a name like starbucks. you bite here. $74 has been supported. to me, the risk/reward sets up interestingly right here. >> what would you be looking for, josh? >> the set-up is interesting. what you're saying makes sense. but it's not crazy expensive. but it's a maturing company. at 28 times, what would you be looking for? what would be your target to buy this? >> i obviously prefer to buy it with a 6 handle. if the market has one of these events, you'll get it there. but i wouldn't be nervous about holding this stock here. it is maturing but there have
5:29 pm
been several times where starbucks growth has leveled out and people said, that's it. and then they find another lever to pull, maybe it's in the smoothie business or the tea business or more food at the stores -- >> this is a stock that was a massive bull market leader. it's topped out. hasn't confirmed the highs in the s&p. it's a great company but they bought the tea thing and it still can't go higher. i think you sell it right here -- >> $10 at its all-time high. i don't know if it's topped out. >> the s&p is up 10%. topped out last year. the s&p is up higher from the point it topped out. you have an underperforming stock, technically doesn't act, they buy back tons of stock, their ceo comes on this air everything he can to say something good and the stock doesn't go higher. >> year over year the stock is up. it will see $100 before it sees $50.
5:30 pm
i'd rather be in it than betting against it. >> you just flipped a coin. i'll take that. those are pretty good odds. >> you should probably short it. >> wow! >> what's going on over there? coming up next, elon musk is feeling the pain. tesla and solar city down 14% from the highs in early september. but are either worth a buy at these levels? a game of "would you rather" is on tap after the break. and we'll let you vote on which one you would rather own. logon to cnbc and tell us. and later on, luxury demand in china is still booming when it comes to wine. a behind it had scenes look at one bottle that went for a cool 70 grand and what it means for the luxury trade later on. want to change the world? create things that help people. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones.
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comcast business built for business. welcome back to "fast money." live at the nasdaq market site. huge day on the street with the broader markets rebounding after a three-day losing streak. but it hasn't been all fun and games.
5:34 pm
we look at the losses under elon musk's belt this month. and what might strong wine sales mean for the macau casinos. but first, even with today's pop, solar city is down. let's bring in ben calla who joins us live from san francisco. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you downgraded solar city back on the 18th of august. since then, the stock has been down 12%. in terms of the risk/reward to your price target -- because right now, your price target implies a 32% upside from current levels. given that the company's gone through the successful convertible offering, has it changed at all, your view of the stock? >> it really hasn't. the win today from new york is a big win. it's a big milestone in getting their manufacturing plant built. but that gives us pause that they're moving into
5:35 pm
manufacturing. it's not really in their wheelhouse and it's something new for them. that introduces risk. i'd rather own sunpower. >> in terms of this space, there's an ipo out there that is expected to come which is a huge player in the residential space and it's got about a 9% -- 8% share in the residential solar market. is there a concern on your part that perhaps this will divert investor interest away from some of these other solar names into this new issue. >> yeah, in addition to competition, companies like nrg solar who are making a big push, they will also divert investor attention. and as they explain their models in a different way than solarcity does, it takes the attention away from solarcity. >> let's karen. we've heard part of the impetus
5:36 pm
for some of these names has been the financing markets. how susceptible do you think they are to rising rates? >> very susceptible. especially solarcity being completely u.s.-based. we have to watch that carefully. that's put some pressure on the stock price. in addition to that, also onto the tax equity markets. if you get a downturn in the market, that market can drop sharply in a bad overall market. >> ben, i want to switch gears and talk tesla. we had the former gm chair on cnbc earlier today. want you to take a listen to what he had to say and then respond to it. take a listen. >> i think elon musk is right. it's grossly overvalued right now. when you look at it, their total production to date is still less than one day's production of general motors' or ford's.
5:37 pm
>> grossly overvalued, filled with a lot of hype. why is bob lutz wrong? >> first of all, elon didn't say it was grossly overvalued. that was a misquote there. it's all about the expansion in margins and growing the top line and the bottom line over the next few years of earnings growth. general motors' production, they produce more in one day. they also produce a lot of inferior cars out there. that overlooks tesla's value across the value chain. >> ben, i agree with you that sunpower, you'd much rather be in a name like that. plus they have the backing of total. but the thing with solarcity, when we finally figure out that everyone is going to want an electric car, whether it's tesla or mercedes offering, you get to this point where there's not
5:38 pm
enough solar power in your shingles to power these things if you don't have a sunny day or it's nighttime. isn't tesla going to tie up with solarcity and do the battery in the garage that's going to make the whole system work together and isn't that a competitive advantage that solarcity will have access to that gigafact product that the other companies in solar won't have? can you speak to that connection? >> that's a good point. as we look across the energy storage space, tesla is definitely the leader. there are other technologies out there. but at the end of the day, i think with the scale that tesla's working at, they will be the leader. solarcity is not going to be the only partner, especially as they're trying to fill up that giga factory. but solarcity will have preferential treatment and ultimately will benefit from that relationship. >> ben, thanks for your time. >> thanks, guys. >> so despite today's bounce in
5:39 pm
solarcity, it has been a rough month financially, at least on paper for elon musk. shares of tesla down around 13% from highs reached on september 4th. solarcity down about 17% from its september highs. all told, musk has lost around $1.4 billion in just these two companies. let's play a little "would you rather" elon musk edition. would you rather by solarcity or tesla at current levels -- and we want the viewers at home to weigh in. so tell us your pick as we go around the horn. we should note, by the way, ben kallo has a neutral rating on solarcity and outperform on tesla. >> stud, ben kallo, he's what every analyst should be. ahead of things. i'm in his camp. solarcity, given what we've seen, given the news, should have bounced a lot more on this than 4.5%. leads me to believe it's dead
5:40 pm
money. i think tesla -- i'll say tesla at $245 is a much better risk/reward than solarcity. >> karen? >> two overly valued stocks. i guess i go with solarcity. i have some exposure in the solar space. >> josh? >> i would say tesla. i think this is a really volatile stock. the next level of support could be the 200. that's not until $210 a share, which is some 30 points from here. if you're in this type of name, buckle up. you have to deal with volatility. but long term, it's a great one. the cheaper you can get it, the better. >> you can still vote. please vote. >> i agree with everything josh just said. i'm considering -- i would love to see the stock at $200. i know goldman had concern about capital raising. this giga factory is going to be expensive. they have to continue to raise capital.
5:41 pm
that dilutes existing shareholders. i think this story has legs for years to come. your first entry doesn't have to be perfect. if you buy a little at $250 and it goes to $200. buy more. >> let's close the vote. what did you vote for? >> tesla, 52%. zblv . time now for "pops & drops." walmart, guy? >> this has been ridiculously volatile. way too volatile for the tape we've seen. i think it's going to push back to $80. i like walmart on this news. >> sharp drop for sketchers, down 10%. reports retail sales are falling. >> sketchers seems to always shoot themselves in the foot after getting it together and
5:42 pm
then something bad happens. much rather be in footlocker than sketchers. >> linkedin, dan? >> third quarter year over year was moderated from second quarter. but there's a slight uptick in fourth quarter. the stock's had a big run. still down on the year. to my starbucks call, i don't like these underperformers in a raging bull market. i wouldn't be long but i'd have my finger on the trigger, $200 is a big level. >> pop for yahoo! josh? >> marissa mayer announced her own giga factory, the street loved it. we came in today, yahoo! was down 10% in the last five trading days. it's been absolutely hammered around the alibaba deal. but now there are rumors everywhere. there's way too much volume trading in this name to assume that nothing's happening. but who knows? some people have speculated as an activist, some are saying it's for sale. i have no idea.
5:43 pm
this is going to be an interesting name to watch. >> pop for the red, black and blue. new yorkers let their fingers do the walking, choosing johnmy walker over any other brand. new yorkers aren't the only consumers looking for a good time. folks in massachusetts made sam adams their top search. in arizona, jose cuervo is king. >> what's your drink of choice? >> matt callan. >> 18. >> one rock. very particular. >> i thought we were going to get a -- >> there it is. that's what you get. crack staff. >> johnnie black rock. >> folks at home --
5:44 pm
earnings air force leather with dominic chu. h.p. fuller moving in the after session. >> out with their earnings that they were below estimates and the company is blaming delays in highs in expenses. projects on both coasts or both sides of the atlantic to blame for this. new guidance for the current quarter profits well below estimates. shares down about 10%. we should say it's a light trade. last check, about 18,000 shares had traded after market. >> dom, thanks a lot for that. >> i don't think you get in the way of this selloff. a lot of people will be inclined to buy this dip. i say stay away. let this one sift itself out. it's going to take a few days. wait for the big volume day. a big volume day in this stock would be anything north of 5 million shares. >> if it's on an enterprise software -- i never like when companies do that.
5:45 pm
there is always trouble. it never runs as smoothly as they hope. still ahead, a chinese wine auction in hong kong set a number of world records. a surprising sign of strong demand for luxury spending. we'll tell you why it might be a good sign for casino stocks. that's next. mise. ok, how about 10 gigs of data to share, unlimited talk and text, and you can choose from 2 to 10 lines. wow, sounds like a great deal. so i'm getting exactly what i want, then? appears so. now, um, i'm not too sure what to do with my arms right now 'cause this is when i usually start throwing things. oh, that's terrifying at&t's best-ever pricing. 2-10 lines, 10 gigs of truly shareable data, unlimited talk and text, starting at $130 a month.
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♪ a wine auction in china broke records with its high-priced business, strong demand could be a good sign for casino stocks. to explain the correlation, joining us is cnbc's john jenner one. record, historic wine auction? >> it was the biggest of the year for the ceo of the company. a lot of the buyers are chinese. the biggest lot went to a chinese buyer. the biggest buyer bought 400 grand in wine. this comes after a few months of bad data suggesting people aren't extending on the luxury end in china.
5:49 pm
mac macau, turns out there's a strong correlation between wine prices and gaining revenue in macau. this is just one data point but it makes a lot of sense. wealthy chinese are very much known to spend a lot of money on expensive french red wine, bourdeau, we'll see. >> looks like the correlation -- wine sales are not a leading indicator whatsoever. the vip revenues were going to be down something like 17%. >> yes. they haven't been that bad in the last few months. if you go back, it's been five years since we've had a stretch this bad in macau. people can't figure out what's going on because you did have this government clamp down on gift giving and just kind of exuberance generally. so it's hard to say.
5:50 pm
but what i do here, the room this auction was full of people. the numbers show that it was largely led by chinese buyers. >> do you think it has anything to do with the fact that china could be on the precipice of a massive credit bubble about to burst? when you think about it,
5:51 pm
talking about $20 billion worth of liquidity. >> it has. >> but i'm saying the investors in alibaba who are liquid and not just sitting with locked-up shares strikes me that maybe that's something that could happen. i wouldn't bet on it. >> thanks for coming by, flash. john jannerone. >> did you think he might leave? >> we're oversold here. >> i think if he's right -- they are oversold. wynn is down almost 30% since march. valuation is 21 times forward earnings, expensive. decent short interest. and they're speaking at a conference at the end of the month.
5:52 pm
if j.j.'s right, which he typically is -- >> often is. >> wynn is interesting. still ahead, river patrol talk that ge might be looking to buy a solar company. we'll break down that trade next. location. location. (shouting) location. here's the location that matters the most. here. or here. or here. it's wherever this is. to get customers to come here and stay here, you're going to need an app that connects to all your systems. so they can bank, shop, do what they need to do, and you gotta do it fast. before the competition does. it's tough out here; you better be on the right cloud. today there's a new way to work. and it's made with ibm.
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rumors a solar company could be acquired by ge. some traders think the stock could continue to rally. >> even after it sounded like that rumor was shot down, the stock held its gains and options volume exploded. the most active options were the october 20 and 24 calls. when the shot clock was about 20/20, one was paying $1.15 for them. that breaks even up about 5%. when you look at the holders here, very smart holders here. green light capital, leon cooperman and karen finerman owns this thing. the stock's been consolidating here. it has 25% short interest. if there ever was a reason to get in there and buy this stock, you'd see a massive breakout on
5:56 pm
that short interest. i'll make one other point. this is implied volatility. the price of options, got a pop today. a lot of call buying. but there's still relatively cheap option prices. >> let's be very clear. ge came out and said, we are not in talks to buy -- >> that was a very interesting and helpful call by you. it was interesting to me that they would give you that comment. i'm surprised they didn't say no comment. because in the future if they are in talks with someone, they have to change the policy, they would have to say no comment. >> that would raise eyebrows. >> ge has the joint venture with first solar. makes sense. >> we'll be right back. [bell rings] ♪
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or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything. around the horn. final trade. >> thelt, i look to short it. >> first solar, buy it. >> karen, same as yesterday, google. still like it. >> guy, a lot of time here. >> are you chewing gum on
6:00 pm
this -- >> no. >> liar, liar, pants on fire. jabil circuit. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. fast. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you, teach you, explain days like today. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or, of course, tweet me nicely @jimcramer. never get too negative!


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