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tv   Squawk on the Street  CNBC  September 30, 2014 9:00am-11:01am EDT

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facebook. this third wave will be integrating the internet in every aspect of our lives. it's very powerful. it can also be scary. this debate about consumer features while protecting privacy is a real challenge. >> steve case, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> watch brian at 2:00 with the ceos of pimco. "squawk on the street" starts now. good tuesday morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with jim cramer and david faber. what a morning with paypal shifting to two separate companies. we'll talk to lawyer robert shiller to break the numbers down. premarket slightly higher.
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global stocks on track since 2012. we begin with the final trading day of the month and quarter. hong kong stocks closed lower amid continuing protests. >> paypal will be spun out to its own publically traded security next year. the stock spiking this morning. we have more from ebay ceo john donahoe. >> case-shiller home price numbers are out. we'll talk with robert shiller first here on cnbc. >> we'll discuss that decision by ebay to reverse course for something the company was articulating was not a good idea, namely splitting itself into its paypal. ebay represents more of the profits, but is not growing as quickly as the paypal business. i did have an opportunity to catch up with ceo john donahoe late yesterday.
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when he was fighting with carl icahn in a proxy fight earlier this year, he said a payment network needs a commerce network bike ebay. it's no wonder they are getting into payments and payment companies are getting into commerce. ebay helps accelerate paypal's growth. i asked mr. donahoe, what changed? >> we don't see that growing much in the coming years. it reached its natural limitation. paypal is the only payments network out there that's now much larger off of its home network than i. when you look forward, paypal can serve not just ebay but serve all the commerce iko
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systems. >> do you believe they don't belong together? >> they are coming together on the various eco systems. we want paypal to be the foundation on which they build those payments platforms. that gets to the very strategy we are talking about where if paypal can help power payments, whether it's on skype or facebook or ube or air b2b. >> what extent was paypal prevented as a result of being part of ebay? >> paypal will be able to move more quickly without worrying about helping a competitor ebay. they'll have the strategic focus and agility that will ultimately allow paypal to achieve its full potential, which is enormous. >> we've seen changes recently
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or announcements that seem to be augering change, whether it's apple pay or visa doing some interesting things. the public offering of alibaba and the huge e-commerce company that is. did that figure into the board's thinking? >> when we look out three to five years, we see the pace in change accelerating. the changes in the last month are early indicators of what is to come. >> the key question is, well didn't you know that last year? >> yeah. straight forward, i don't like this. i don't like when a guy comes on and says it makes no sense when there's a very smart investor agitating for it, done a lot of work. then suddenly it makes a lot of sense, when it would have made more sense earlier. you have 152 million active accounts. a lot of people have more scale. the company is worth less than it was a year ago because of the
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competition. i still think it what is a good idea to break it up. how about better late than never? >> they can call amazon, call alibaba, we are no longer part of ebay, we can do business with you. >> that's why i wanted it. made a lot of sense. when you're trying to figure out a new account, i think you're lost in a world of i have itunes, my credit card is on file with apple. i can just go open an apple credit card with master and visa. i can do apple payments. there are a lot of people who want to be in the payments business. paypal is good. it was worth more a year ago. >> it's got new leadership. dan shiller coming from american express today to be president of paypal. very senior guy there focused on new initiatives and growth initiatives. amex. will become the ceo once it becomes a publically-traded company. >> talk about the players who are in it like amazon, apple and stripe and square. does this feel like they are running scared from a space
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getting too tough for them to play in? >> i think so. you had this beautiful opportunity. there's people on air today saying paypal can be bought immediately. that's actually not the way that the law really kind of goes. >> somebody could make an offer. it's got to be sold. it's not going to be done tx efficiently. they have to pay a big capital gains. >> that is my understanding. i'm surprised someone doesn't buy ebay and do it themselves. >> could you do the spin of something. we haven't talked a great deal. i have donahoe discussing this in answer to a question, what about the e-commerce business? which is under pressure. has not done a great -- >> i don't want that. that is a declining growth business. >> it's still growing. >> declining growth. >> potentially declining growth. >> it claims being independent will help it in a variety of ways using focus. using return of capital
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potentially. we'll run some of this sound later. >> great scoop by you. there is some crow beneath you. it's a crow eat story. the by was here. looked us in the eye. that's what my role is to do. we did a strategic review of you this year and came to a different conclusion. >> meantime, the shadow of icahn looms large. seemingly moving companies to do his bidding at will. he had to wait a matter of months for this to happen. he got his buyback. he got his dividend. >> he was patient with apple. apple's been a huge win. i think there was a better moment to do this. yes. i think you need to. i always felt paypal on its own would be more focused. has a currency. be able to roll some of the guys
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up. this is a very combative space now. visa and mastercard are very competitive. visa, a forward-thinking company right now. i keep thinking about that apple unveiling. suddenly there is jpmorgan. suddenly visa. how they kept that secret is still one of the great untold moments about that apple presentation. this was kept secret, too from themselves. >> you also have dissynergies. that's why donahoe is focused on his 35,000 employees making sure everybody understands why we did what we did. it's not about shareholders. it's bithabout that employee ba. >> i'm stuck with what you just talked about. the merchandise value of the new ebay is not a business i want. i want paypal and hope paypal gets acquired or has a currency
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to do something. that is not going to happen overnight? the stock is up correctly because suddenly management realizes this is a good thing. i'm not chasing it. >> you're not chasing a lot of things. >> i don't want to. >> meantime, pro democracy protesters in hong kong vowing to continue their democratic graciouses. this despite calls from the government to stop the civil disobedience immediately. susan li is on the cnbc business news line. >> if you can hear me, i'm in the midst of the protests right now. the crowds are expanding. this is the biggest protest we've seen in hong kong. there are thousands streaming into the main protest site. i'm looking at 200,000 plus. i've never seen the main
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thorough fair. people are being herded into the central part of the city. even with thunderstorms and lightning about an hour ago, people are not going anywhere. they are coming out in drove at this point. tomorrow is symbolic in hong kong. people are coming out in droves to voice their opinions against beijing. back to you in new york. >> susan li, thanks. >> i don't like this. >> you know what? as we close the quarter, a quarter that brought us ukraine and isis, how fitting that it goes out with more turmoil overseas. >> what happens if our president says, you know what? you do something militarily against these people, we are going to put sanctions on china. >> you don't like this because you are not in favor of democracy protesters? >> that is so unfair. really. that is so unfair.
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>> i'm giving you an opportunity to put in context your last -- >> who has been more anti-communist than i? you've got to go back to mccarthy to be as anti-communist as i am. the president of the united states does not want to see tiananmen square in hong kong. >> they have a lot of issues in china right now. it would surprise me. >> look at this september. nine out of the last so much days, september 30th, have been down. and down significantly. yesterday was the anniversary of the 700. >> we got a nice bounceback when we realized the house was going
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to pass t.a.r.p. i like the set-up today we were down yesterday. the hong kong thing, what are we going to decide, you know what? that's going to end great. it's a communist party. they have complete control out of every aspect of people's lives. >> there are some expectation they treat hong kong differently than the rest of the country. >> i hope so. >> they are not that pro democracy. >> for the sake of the stock market, we hope it goes away. we want democracy to rule in china. >> let 1,000 democratic flowers bloom. >> their economy would go straight -- >> i've got a five-year
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democracy plan. >> as if that weren't enough this morning, coming up later on, john ford's first cnbc interview with mark howard. hurd's first broadcast interview since succeeding larry ellison. robert shiller and about what he thinks about the recent market volatility. what if we finally had a back yard? that would be amazing. hey, what if we took down this wall? what if this was my art studio? what if we were pre-approved? shut up! from finding to financing, how'd you do that?
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let's get back to the key housing data of the morning. home price increases slowed in july. the co-founder of the k. shiller index, robert shiller, professor of economics at yale university. slowest since november 2012? >> we've seen three consecutive months of decline in the seasonably adjusted number. they are going down at 6% a year. >> 19 of the 20 cities saw slower annual returns in july. yet we got these august new home sales a couple of days ago that
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were best in six years. do you think july was the low in any sense? >> that was new home. existing sales have been weakening pending home sales have been weakening. so there is a sign of some weakening. not dramatic. >> what do you think is driving this? is it an exit of the cash buyer, lending standards being tight? >> these are very complicated and not big moves. can i cite the biggest city? the biggest drop? san francisco. san francisco is down 0.4%. that's the worst. it also happens to have been the city that went up the most between 2009 and just before it was up 2/3 over 65%.
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they were the most bubbly city. >> home prices continue to rise two to three times the rate of inflation. to me that says not a bad idea to buy a home. >> if it doesn't go down, it might be an okay investment. we are living in a world of disappointing investments. absolutely. i say the same thing about the stock market. it's overpriced. it's not a bad investment. all things considered. >> and where is supply beginning to come out and overweighing demand? you still have good new york numbers. people didn't understand this five years ago. >> why is the stock market overpriced?
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>> that's xlik kalted. you are used to having multiple answers. i'll give you a number of reasons. it's about overreaction to things you didn't need to overreact to. the market tends to overreact. of course, it's the recovery since the depression scare we had. it's been ongoing. we see the fed has been supportive of this. people have a sense that the government support, though it's coming to an end, by the way, this whole support. it's something about anxiety. you might see stock markets should go down when people are anxious. people are anxious because of the international situation. inequality is getting worse. people are worried about being replaced by a computer. all these things are on people's
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minds. it creates kind of a desire to save more. >> the saving rate is higher. >> also the economy is -- well, it has been relatively weak. they bid up the prices of everything. >> we take your temperature on stocks every time you're on. we refer to the shiller pe. you said in the past, i think it's on the higher range. i don't think you used the word "expensive" before. have you? >> i can't remember what i said. a year ago my cyclically adjusted price earnings was 23, now it's 26. it could keep going up. i don't have a precise way of timing the market. >> we hear restrictions on mortgages are difficult to get. do you believe that? do you believe it's still harder to get a mortgage now? >> that's what i hear. i'm not an authority on this.
9:21 am
seems like it. >> fannie mae is the only game in town. they have to keep selling fannie mae. there's not like a good private market yet in mortgages. >> this is another problem that worries me. we have a government, you could say socialist housing market. that is not something that will exist for a long run in america, i believe. >> finally, they are still throwing you nobel parties. you went to one last night? >> yeah. i got my name engaved on the nobel monument right next to the museum of natural history. >> i know exactly where that is. i spent a lot of time in that park. a lot of new yorkers on that list, too. that's great. congratulations. >> normally they told us it's normally only for dead people, but they make an exception for nobel prize winners. >> next time i see it, i'll tell my kids i know that guy. >> who is buried in grant's
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♪ its so close to the options floor, you'll bust your brain-box. all on thinkorswim, from td ameritrade. we've got 5:30 before the opening bell on this tuesday. time for our mad dash gopro. >> professionals and amateurs. professionals use gopro, the new
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one, the hero 4 silver. "wall street journal" says maybe amateurs, nonprofessionals might want to use gopros. amateurs keep buying the stock. professionals keep shorting it. it's now on that nasdaq hard to borrow list. you've got amateurs overwhelming it by liking the product and buying the stock, and professionals being confounded by the valuation. who will win? all i can tell you is you know how difficult it is to short on valuation. this review, if we get others like it says this is the gift for holidays. it's no longer for surfers, no longer for extreme snowboarders, you want to use it to be able to take pictures of what you like and post it on youtube. that's what people do. they put these things all over themselves and they walk around. it's got high resolution screen. it's a bullish review. >> it's a review in the "journal."
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$11.5 million market valuation. >> a lot of people were short it saying sony has one and there are knock-offs. i hesitate to use this word. this is the word i used when it came public. it is its own ecosystem. that makes it so you really -- if you take the battery life, you take an hour-long movie, you want to highlight it so you use the editing system. i think people have to recognize this is now conventional parlance. twice the number of orders of last year even before this new iteration. according to my sources. >> opening bell coming up. tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand,
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the opening bell in about 30 seconds as we close out the third quarter. what a quarter. oil hit two-year low. one of the worse quarters in about a year. gold flitting with the 11
9:30 am
handle. your best bet would have been short russell, low volatilities. >> hedge funds are looking for any bids they can find. hard to find a bid in europe, hard to find a bid in china. where can you raise money? >> there is the opening bell. look at s&p. big board standard register provider of communication management for companies. at the nasdaq, tube mogul, enterprise software company for digital branding. we talk about the pain of the quarter, tom mcclellan says the dow 50 day has been successfully defended three times. it's as if someone doesn't want the real damage to occur. >> that is interesting. we know the retail etf has held. there are a couple of critical things going on. >> mcdonald's two-month high. jack in the box all-time high.
9:31 am
>> jack in the box, a really good piece about the idea of spinning off some cadoba. it's very well run. i understand chipotle is special. you get that vegetarian burritto, it's a killer. >> i'm not familiar. vegetables and i -- down yesterday. a follow-through bid today. down another 0.3% right now. it's not even what they discussed. it was more russia and south america. >> south america amazingly bad. europe, incredibly bad.
9:32 am
u.s. margins down. recall prices. the recall costs gigantic. mark fields, was he dealt a bad hand and we didn't realize it? this couldn't have happened the last three months. this was a tough meeting. a lot of people thought it was going to be the show-off of the f 1-50. only thing could came out was bank of america holds alcoa. people are saying better performed. that truck better do the trick. >> i don't know. i bought a 350 which is known as the super duty. ford trucks are terrific. that ford analysis, the ford year, short-term pain, long term gain. there is no long term in this business. i want the playoffs now. >> you are not unlike many investors. the average hold period is nine months for mutual fund, maybe less. >> normally i would say they are
9:33 am
who we thought they were. this is not the case. >> we are getting breaking news out of russia this morning. we go to michelle caruso cabrera. >> we've seen the russian ruble at an all-time low. it is crossed below a level they said they would use unlimited reserves to defend the currency. we are at a critical level when it comes to what the central banks will do to defend the ruble. there are reports the russian central bank says if things get worse they might consider capital controls, which would be an extraordinary move for what is supposed to be a modern economy. theoretically, they have plenty of reserves. half a trillion dollars worth. when you have runs on a currency, you can run out of it fast. run through $200 billion during the last crisis back in the late '90s.
9:34 am
once again, russian ruble at a critical level. the russian central bank has to be active to defend this currency. it's a reflection of everything we know since the situation with ukraine erupted. back to you. >> thank you for that. jim, i've been consistent saying not only are the sanctions going to hurt russia, but you said there will be estimate cuts. >> the industrials are going to have estimate cuts. that was the lesson of ford. the ford thing took my breath away. is there going to be any guide up international? nike, the shorts were obviously wrong on that one. these are bad things. these are bad things for pe multiples. bad things for earnings. industrial numbers are too high coming into the quarter. i don't care for that. i wish merrill had not upgraded alcoa. i don't want that going in. i'm reading articles about iron-ore.
9:35 am
frightening the decline. i think industrials are not set up correctly. south america, holy cow. now i understand why clorox took the hit venezuela. south america is going the wrong way. >> get out while you can. one of the biggest in the world in so many different areas, iron-ore. >> charitable trust owns volet. no bottom. kind of like tom brady. have to take it out in the first quarter. >> there is no one to come in and save you. >> no. >> shares of ebay are well off the highs of the morning. first trades had it up as much as 11%. stock up less than 7% on the news that the company is going to split itself in two. its paypal business, ebay marketplace will become two separately traded public companies with separate boards of directors. john donahoe, the current ceo of
9:36 am
the company may serve on both boards. that is a possibility that he raised to me in an interview last night. as well as serving perhaps as chairman of one of the companies. interestingly, donahoe will not be the ceo of either company, which is somewhat of a surprise. the man who runs ebay will be ceo and dan shillman from american express to become president of paypal. these things take a while. it will be at least most likely a year. they are talking about the middle of 2015 before the split is officially completed. >> there was another time when that thing would be flying. don't see it flying now. >> from industrials in autos and everything else to tech. netflix is a big gainer today. not only getting into original series but movies with weinstein. they are going to do the sequel to "crouching tigyinigetiger."
9:37 am
>> regal got a cut today. cinema companies have not been doing well. this is another bold thing netflix does. one of these cult stocks that keeps producing things that make you want to buy more of it. i felt that way after i read this story. netflix is not done going higher. >> also interesting is there has been a lot of discussion about the windowing, movies, then you've got to wait. wait for it on pay-per-view. here you don't have to wait. they are doing it in august, which is traditionally a slow time of the year for the motion picture. so that may help begin the slow period of time. it is interesting. you wouldn't be one of the traditional studios. >> that's another thing. they are doing the big european
9:38 am
rollout. it's really -- i give steeple credit. they lower entertainment numbers. people are staying home. netflix is ideal. >> you might want to see "crouching tiger" in a movie theater. >> i've been waiting for a sequel to that for some time. >> let's get over to bob pisani. >> marginally stronger day. look at the s&p 500. for the last few days we've been moving sideways. important thing here, we have a shelf going here. when we saw things going better over in europe and no real move to the down side, a lot of people are picking around the edges here as we hit 1966 or so on the s&p. bounced off of that. a lot of talk about that technically yesterday. europe is doing well. it's a simple thing to understand here. we had the inflation numbers a bit lower than expected. put up europe. you see it to the up side. europe inflation numbers were
9:39 am
lower than expected. ecb meeting is thursday. there are expectations that they are going to continue and maybe accelerate the stimulus program there. that is a simple trade to understand. euro keeps going down. i don't know if you call it freefall. there is the dollar strength against the euro. bottom line is we are in freefall on the euro at this point. that's got a lot of people talking here in both and in europe. a lot of economic stats this week. we are going to get auto sales, ism, nonfarm payrolls. we had a lousy number in august, 142,000. people were expecting that to be revised upward. six of the last nine years, september has come in below august for nonfarm payrolls. that is not a great trend here. people concerned. we have high numbers for expectations in september. well north of 200,000 on that. that's the big number overall this week.
9:40 am
stocks moving today. what a turnaround for some of these kill companies. they are making an effort now much better guidance here. these steel companies have been doing better. the leader is one everybody gave up. you talked about u.s. steel in the past. mario longy made an effort to restructure that company. that is a three-month. cutting costs, finding ways to reduce costs overall. we've seen a number of consolidations going on. all bought mills recently trying to make them more efficient and closing inefficient mills. you mentioned iron-ore. it's a battle of low-cost providers. rio tinto is putting new production online that's close to $40 a ton. iron-ore is $80 a ton. that will help them out 0. cliffs have gone to $80 a ton. that is moor difficult for them. that had more difficult time.
9:41 am
all the mill producers are down. masco spinning off its insulation division. that is a low margin end of it? that's it. become to you. >> thanks so much. let's get over to rick san tete at the bonds pits in chicago. >> we seem to be justling around between pimco stories on friday, potentially hong kong stories yesterday. here we sit right in the middle of that range at 2.5%. quarter-to-date as we finish the third quarter. you can clearly see we defined our range upper $2.60. overseas, this sums up europe. 24-hour boon watch deals. the influential, 24-hour euro versus the dollar. fresh two-year lows. let's look at a different
9:42 am
currency. let's look at the dollar/yen. plowing through the $1.09 handle. dollar advantage. back to you. >> thanks so much. a lot more of david's exclusive with john donahoe as e pay decides to split off paypal. and mark hurd. dow up about three points. know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight.
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it was the drop your socks dow economic activity. breaking new is is a drop in chicago pmi of fairly large magnitude. 60.5 is what we arrived at. that takes us back to levels we were in the 52.6 camp in july of
9:46 am
last year. we have had lower numbers. this really does break a streak as of late. we want to continue to monitor the internals which are now slowly released. about 13 minutes we'll have september consumer confidence to follow it up. back to you. >> sounds good. we'll see you in a few moments. we are three days away from jobs friday. that's another chance to nail the number. mail your predictions. use the hash tag nail the number. if you are the lucky winner, you'll received the shark tank t-shirt autographed by the "squawk on the street" team. you can't wash this once we sign it. >> no. >> you'll have until one minute before the friday release at 8:30 a.m. eastern. a lot of people hosting this jobs number is better than the last one.
9:47 am
>> the neon ge letters were removed to make way for the logo of our parent company comcast along with the logo of the nbc peacock. back in 1988 general electric purchased nbc and put its initials above what had been the rca building. >> it was '86. >> i don't know. i'm going against that. i think it was '86. >> there you go. there is a dispute. >> it's going to disappear. the letters are actually going away. as we speak. >> we should have signed them. >> that would have been the prize. >> "ge" in your house. >> that would be a serious price. what is their stock price? $25, $38, about the same they bought us in '86. >> no comment on that one. facebook new all-time high. not too far from eight handle. you mentioned the price target
9:48 am
increase going to $95. >> we haven't done walgreen. >> a lot of people thought they would miss. talking about improved topline pharmacy growth. there is still inflation in the system that's not good. it's not a good day. >> this is the constant now with us. not a good day for the tape. gopro zeroing in on $100. >> there is your market leader, huh? >> what is the leader in that gopro? what did i tell you? >> you have been dead right on these two names. you're not going to tell anybody to buy these stocks? >> he said i'm not a hawk.
9:49 am
>> jim cramer on twitter, enough, enough, i'm not going to tell you to buy gopro. >> apple, they are selling it in china. >> yes. october 17th. >> i thought it was supposed to be in february. the lies people tell about apple. >> it's true. >> we've not mentioned today's the day microsoft is going to unveil the new version of windows. we expect it to be called windows 9. a big how he switches from desktop to cloud and mobil. >> i don't know. ouvre la finetre. you don't know that? have you never been to paris? earlier he called me a fascist. >> i tried to protect yourself
9:50 am
from yourself. that's what i'm here for. >> the peaceful demonstrations are good. >> take one more look at the market as we are now negative on the s&p at 1974. if you were a denture? take this simple test.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
dreamworks. stick a fork in it. you talked yesterday maybe there is no deal. the stock kept climbing all day. didn't seem constructive up five. probably not a place to be. >> doesn't appear there is that much there at this point. hope springs eternal for this name which seems to have been for sale a long time. >> regeneron. every biotech stock is coming in. this is one of the worst days of the year this last day. regeneron announced a terrific phase two study on chronic sinusitis.
9:54 am
they have studies also on asthma. if biotechs were up, regeneron would be up ten on this news. >> whole new product line. >> san fee keeps buying it in the open market. >> just be aware biotech is down. don't freak out if it doesn't work today. it's a good one. >> let's talk about the fourth quarter for a moment. obviously, you'll do your play book. since 1928, the average gain on the s&p is 2.6 in the last 14 years. fourth quarter negative only four times. is that going to happen this year? >> i think there is money coming in. i think peel making nothing on cds as they roll over you are getting 0.5%. better to be in kellogg downgraded today by morgan stanley and it doesn't matter -- what happens is you get 3%, 4%, they just don't come in. procter and gamble is better
9:55 am
than a bond. >> shiller, i couldn't find the anxiety argument there. >> wall of worry. maybe that geico/chinese wall works. >> i'm having trouble following jim today. >> i'm having trouble following me. maybe that's because i'm afraid tom brady is going to be benched. what's the world coming to. >> that was strange. how about some of these confusing trades? gold at 1216? >> it's down. people don't know what to do with gold. no natural demand. there is a lot of crazy stuff going on. oil looked like it bottomed. oil rolling over again. just the theme, the strong dollar, merging markets bid, hong kong, people don't like the idea there could be something horrific happening in hong kong.
9:56 am
why not just think about it? put it on your radar screen. i'm not going to say it's going to happen. every day it's a new area that worries you. you say i'm not crazy about the market right now. there you go. i just said it. i'm not crazy about the market. >> what is coming up on "mad" tonight? >> mark ordan and michael glimcher, this is one of the biggest deals in real investment trust. >> talk about a group solvering. >> these things have been dripping every day. they have good yields. nobody seems to care. yield protection has not worked in this sell-off. >> that's primarily been rising rates. >> right. the rates haven't gone up. the foreigners keep buying -- i'm xanaphobic today.
9:57 am
i'm trying. >> keep your chin up. see you tonight. "mad money" 6:00 p.m. eastern. at the top of the hour, breaking news on consumer confidence. more of david's exclusive with john donahoe whose company is splitting up paypal. in a world that's changing faster than ever, we believe outshining the competition tomorrow requires challenging your business inside and out today. at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present. i lochecked with my united mileageplus explorer card. i have saved $75 in checked bag fees. priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. i love to travel, no foreign transaction fees means real savings.
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10:00 am
we are going to have breaking news any moment with the current september read on consumer confidence. we are expecting the number in the 92.50 area. these levels since the fall of 2007. a drop 86.0. like chicago, consumer confidence is not an outstanding number. it reverses. that would put it at par 4. 82.2 was our read in may. we have to go back to may to find a weaker number. today's data point from top to bottom a little bit softer than expectations. simon hobbs, back to you. >> thanks, rick. the dow falling slightly on that news, as well. u.s. stocks flat this morning as we look to close out the third quarter this afternoon. it's been a positive three
10:01 am
months for the s&p 500. taking that benchmark to a gain of 7% since the start of the year. let's bring in eric stein. also with us mark mcsheeny. gentlemen, welcome to you both. mark, where do you think we'll go fourth quarter? >> simon, i think seasonality plays a big factor. lack of alternatives mean equities remain the classic choice. albeit a consensus view, they grind higher. the next couple of weeks are rough for equity markets. i think markets need a new catalyst which might come from europe or maybe china where we get better than expected news. either way, ultimately equities will finish the year tacking on to already sizable gains. >> it's worth pointing out again that as we look over the last five quarters, assuming we close out today with a 3% gain in gdp
10:02 am
for the third quarter, we are now in the midst of the strongest, longest period of growth in this economy we had for the last decade. where does that take you on the equity market given the volatility is increasing? we had eight of the last ten sessions triple-digit moves in the dow. >> if you think of last year, we had such a good equity market. we had a weaker or okay economy. this year economy is doing better. more volatility in the stock market because of geopolitical events, because of the end of fed tapering, the eventual federate increase. markets are forward discounting mechanisms. there is a fair amount of good news priced into the stock market. >> investors are looking at protests in hong kong. there is talk of capital controls in russia. these are two economically significant regions. neither looks to be going away in termts of conflict any time soon. is the u.s. equity bond market a
10:03 am
safe haven or do you start to have to worry about global growth and want to stay away from these assets? >> sometimes the u.s. bond market can act as a safe haven. we just took the u.s. economy in a bubble, yields would be higher. if you look at global factors such as russia and hong kong, that's where we have lower yields. >> were but to suggest in your last answer that the stock market would fall? >> i agree with the first guest. probably grinds higher or goes sideways. investors have been used to such low volatility environment, we are reverting to a more normal environment where there is volatility. >> let me pick up that low volatility point with mark and show you a chart where we traded over the last quarter. united states against europe. i don't mean to take us onto a conversation about europe. what i want you to notice, the two moved almost exactly the same together. yet you have a very different view in europe. you have deflation.
10:04 am
you have contraction of the economies potentially. you have a central bank doing something different. my question, obviously the dollar moves between these two groups. does the fact they have moved together indicate the numbness that there is between equity investors around the world at the moment, and they would chase these markets driven there because of the lack of yield in bonds regardless of what a sector is doing or arguably even a country? >> i think that is a valid point. there is a tug of war going on among the equity investment community in terms of looking at the u.s. equity market saying valuations in the u.s. are full. you have divergent bank policies. versus the ecb which is leaning the other way. mario draghi likely to be pulling on various levers to resuscitate economic activity in europe. european equity markets hosting
10:05 am
attractive valuations. if they do get any growth glide path initiated in group and you see a ram up, you he would think it would be spectacular. >> i respect that, but to the broader point, are equity investors in numb to what's going on? does that have implications to our market here if we accept that? >> numb in the sense they are perhaps willing to being a teflonesque in terms of allowing geopolitical risks to roll off the back of the market? there is probably an element of that there. i agree that's the reason we might see a step up of volatility with markets in full valuations. what it does suggest is that it makes the equity markets vulnerable to less than perfect news. >> just switching gears here, morningstar downgraded pimco's
10:06 am
total return fund this morning. the backlash continues. are you seeing any of it? are you seeing inflews or have you seen anything different in the markets? does it affect the bond market? we saw knee-jerk reaction friday. it hasn't followed through. the second part is flowing. there are going to be flows throughout the asset management community. we have a variety of income strategies. short duration, global macrostrategy. other income strategies we hope can get assets in the current environment. >> we'll leave it, guys. thank you very much. 8. this morning ebay announcing
10:07 am
it will split in two, the market business and paypal which will become a separately traded, fully public independent company as of the middle of 2015. it was not that long ago ceo john donahoe was saying something different. here and in video conference as recently last march mr. donahoe was saying, i believe for us to drive a great future in shareholder value is to live out our purpose, innovate, execute together. ebay paypal, ebay enterprise together to delight our customers which will create growth, financial results which will drive better shareholder value and more enduring shareholder value. that is march, this is september. now they are going in a different direction. i asked john donahoe why the change? >> from the beginning, we always tried to do whatever positions the company for success going forward.
10:08 am
i think we demonstrated in 2008 with skype to do whatever it takes to set each business up to succeed in the future. this decision has continued looking forward how best we can position ebay and paypal. the competitive position and competitive environment of commerce and payments are going through accelerating change. that creates new sets of opportunities and challenges for both ebay and paypal, and that operating independently and separate will give ebay and paypal focus, strategic flexibility and an ability to move quickly and decisively in this changing environment. as the synergies run their course, as they become less and less important as a percentage of paypal's total business, we think the commercial agreements can achieve those synergies. >> commercial agreements ebay and paypal will enter into will not completely replace the
10:09 am
beneficial parts of the relationship, are they? >> i think they'll create appropriate incentives for ebay to create new customers for paypal. for paypal to provide its very best payment experience on ebay, which it's always done. there are data that can be shared in a way that particularly for risk purposes allows the safest possible transaction on both ebay and with paypal throughout the web. my most important responsibility going forward is having made this decision to separate over the next user to ensure we set each business up for success. and that these operating agreements get done in the right way. i'm not going anywhere. i'll be ceo of this business throughout the next year until we separate, then i'll go on one or both of the boards and deeply committed to seeing this all the way through. >> would you become chairman of one of the boards? >> if that were appropriate, absolutely. >> i've been doing this a long time. it's rare i've seen a young ceo
10:10 am
who had success voluntarily say i don't need to be ceo of the company that is left behind or the company being spun off. were there any disagreements between you and your board of directors that led you to think about this differently? >> not at all. the board is 100% supportive of this course of action. >> are you 100% supportive? >> absolutely. i want to do what's right. i've gotten up every morning in the last ten years with a burning desire to do whatever we can to set ebay and paypal up for success. that is behind this decision and behind my actions. >> what after this year, and you say good-bye to these two companies, do you see yourself becoming the ceo of another company? >> i haven't given it any thought? i focused 100% of my attention getting this decision. i will focus 150% of my attention over the next 12, 18, 24 months to ensuring we landed in the right way and in a way best for both businesses for their customers, employees and
10:11 am
shareholders. at that stage i'll worry about what's next. >> you have the stock up 6.5%, almost 7%. analysts and the like go over their models and try to understand what multiple will you apply to paypal. >> does paypal get bought? who buys it, visa or mastercard? are they trying to smoke out a trade sale here? >> i don't know, is the answer. that would involve obviously taxes, i believe. there would be capital gains to ebay from a significant sale of that type. this is a tax-free spin which is perhaps beneficial. >> you'd have to wait for the spinout. >> then you would have to wait quite some time. you can't just buy a spunout company, right away, without
10:12 am
triggering that. >> we should mention carl icahn got his way here. any reaction from him yet? >> i traded calls. i haven't had an opportunity to talk to carl. been on set. owns about 2.5% of the company stock. that is a significant dollar position. failed largely getting what he wanted earlier in the year in with what was a nasty fight. he took it well beyond split the company. he attacked board members, attacked what he called insider dealing. >> he did suddenly walk away in april quietly. >> david dormann was added to the board with icahn's ascent. >> did he know this would happen? >> he did not know. they had not contacted icahn. as far as i'm aware, he was not aware. >> they have a strategic review every year. >> $180 million for carl. >> not a bad day. >> great stuff. when we come back, tens of thousands of protesters still
10:13 am
occupying hong kong's financial district, setting up barricades. some fear a new push by police. a live report from hong kong. later, ford making a big gamble completely transforming the best-selling vehicle in america. is that going to pay off? today could be the day. the day we give you hope. relief. a cure. today, we believe every life deserves world-class care. as one of the top four hospitals in the nation, over 100,000 people from around the world
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the fund is seeing after bill gross surprisingly departed the firm he founded. we get word $448 million in outflows on friday, $98 million in outflows on monday according to a pimco spokesperson who talked to reuters. clearly, there is bleeding out of the main fund after bill gross. that slowed down significantly after the initial announcement on friday. >> how big is this fund? >> $20 billion. >> it's been seeing outflows for
10:17 am
several quarters now. it's significant to have that in a day almost $500 million in outflows. what youn't to tune in later because the ceo of pimco and brand-new cio will both be on speaking on "street signs." 2:00 p.m. today. an exclusive on cnbc. pro-democracy protesters are blocking the streets of hong kong for a fifth day today with larger crowds expected. tomorrow on china's national holiday. lincoln leaders calling on demonstrators to return home immediately. giving no sign on compromise on demands. joining us live from hong kong, "wall street journal" asia finance editor and hong kong bureau chief ken grown. 10:15 p.m., ken. what is the mood ahead of this national holiday celebrating the founding of the people's republic of china. >> the mood is tense in lincoln. there is expected to be a big crowd out tomorrow because it's a holiday.
10:18 am
the crowds have been big all week. it's been workdays. there is a big holiday coming up. there's a ton of shoppers coming down from mainland, china, which is their tradition for the holiday. it will be a very crowded city tomorrow. >> today, were the banks open? we received words some of the big ones were sort of open. i can imagine it's very hard to get around down there. hsbc, standard charter are right down there in central where all the crowds are gathered. >> it's a pain to get around. it's not terrible. some bank branches are closed. the offices are open, stock market is open. everything is working. it's just difficult to get around a little bit. the issue is you have this big crowd that is going to get bigger tomorrow. everyone is wondering where the endgame is on this protest. >> right. the election, as i understand it, isn't until 2017. what is it going to take to get the protesters to back down? clearly nothing is working.
10:19 am
i know the officials spoke in hong kong there earlier today. >> really what we saw today was both sides digging in their heels. the chief executive of hong kong basically said, you guys got to go home. protesters said he has to resign. protesters are calling for bigger protests tomorrow. there's worry that the government doesn't want big protests on this holiday. this is the holiday of the founding of the people's republic of china. it's very sensitive up in beijing. there's all kinds of tensions here. then the question is, we have two days of holidays in hong kong the next two days. then how much longer do these protests last? there's distinct big protests in three different parts of the cities. these are dense neighborhoods. one is considered the most densely populated neighborhood on earth. how do you get these people out of there? >> do you think they are likely to clear the streets or is that
10:20 am
off the cards? >> like i said, it's going to be very hard in some of these neighborhoods. there's a lot of people. people wondering is there going to be some concession later this week. are they going to let the protesters get tired into the weekend or some kind of crackdown? if you talk to the protesters, they are very worried about a crackdown. >> the question for many of us is why the chinese are changing the way in which they handle hong kong? arguably they were tactful the way they dealt with it after the british handover. now, obviously, there is a denial of democracy. there is a denial at the independent courts. why is that? somebody suggested to me that it's actually about the broader liberalization of markets across mainland china. and a fear that hong kong as it sits at the moment is effectively an escape route for wealth, and therefore, needs to be changed in order to complement what's happening around the rest of the country. is that fair comment, in your
10:21 am
view? >> no. i don't think so. hong kong has been an escape route for wealth in china for a long time. they've been cracking down on that kind of corruption. i don't think that is related to what's going on here. here we have china promised there would be, and part of the agreement, universal suffrage in hong kong. this election is where it's going to happen. this is 2017 election for the top leader. china said you can have universal suffrage. everyone has the right to vote in hong kong, but we are going to pick the candidates. that didn't satisfy the people. that's what's gotten people frustrated. hong kong has never voted for a leader. the leader now is appointed by a committee of 1,200 people. before the handover, it was appointed in london. this is a shift towards slight democracy but not enough for what the people want. >> ten, thanks for joining us live from hong kong where it is 10:20 and protesters are still out on the street ahead of that
10:22 am
holiday. >> up next, we are live at oracle's annual event from san francisco. later, interview with mark hurd. his first time on television. that's coming up. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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larry ellison kicking off oracle's event on sunday. john is live on what we can expect at the event. >> that's right. going to have mark hurd on "squawk alley" coming up.
10:26 am
lawyer ellison talking about the expansion of oracle's cloud ambitions behind software as a service, beyond platform as a service. oracle has spent so much time being careful to maintain its margins in its overall business. not just in software but hardware. they managed to have competitive margins. i'll be interested to get in mark hurd and the rest of the executives a big picture look how they plan to do that while competing on price in infrastructure. we've got the entire cloud environment stacking up.
10:27 am
oracle competed vigorously with workday which happens to be headed by executives who oracle took out in peoplesoft. we'll cover it all here on cnbc. >> i heard aerosmith and mclemore there. >> that's true. >> ford down 7% after lowering profit guidance. now making big changes to its most popular vehicle. what would happen... if energy could come from anything? or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens?
10:28 am
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here. dow down 19 points. in washington, the s.e.c. meeting on blackout rules for nfl games. julia has more on that. >> the s.e.c. started its meeting to vote on its sports blackout rule which prevents local markets airing football games if the games are not sold out and to protect ticket sales. the commission is expected to loosen rules and allow cable and satellite providers to show the game on air no matter how many tickets to the game are sold. this despite protests by the nfl. in an op-ed in "usa today" earlier this month, fcc chair said sports blackout rules are obsolete and has to go. today comes as nfl growth made ticket sales a far less important part of the nfl and teams' income.
10:31 am
it's unclear how loose the new rules will be and how many perilations would be required, but we do expect those 40-year-old rules to be overturned. >> thank you very much. big changes coming to ford's f-series trucks. bigger payloads and higher tow ratings. even more critical this morning after management warned of profitability. phil lebeau is live in texas with a first hand look. this is a high margin area for ford. >> huge margins on the f-series. we'll talk more about that in a little bit. want to talk about the warning that ford management issued yesterday. shares are under pressure again today. comes down to this. the biggest concern for investors near term is that ford is saying net profit for 2014 is going to be between $1 billion and $1.2 billion lower than previously forecasted. why? earnings are hurt by weakness overseas, particularly in south america as well as in europe,
10:32 am
and increase in warranty costs. that's the issue when it comes to the ford warning. now the f-series. they need a smooth launch of the new f-series. it is critical for ford. they cannot have hiccups along the way. it's 700 pounds lighter. that it's selling point because they stripped out the steel panels on the side that have been the staple of pick-up trucks forever and replaced by lighter, more fuel-efficient, light weight aluminum panels. durability has been improved. they increased towing capacity, clearance on the truck. here is ford's ceo talking about how important it is to make sure this vehicle gets off with a smooth start from the company. >> we are on our way to launching that vehicle. we think it's a calculated risk and the right risk for our company and customers, to continue to be a leader in this sector. >> what's at stake for ford?
10:33 am
take a look at the pick-up fact. talking about the full-size pick-up market. you've got the big three, ford leads the way with 37% share, gm split between chevy and gmc, ram now has over 21% of the market and toyota at 6%. back live in san antonio, let me take you inside the new f-150. the big selling point is the fact this is a vehicle that is 700 pounds lighter. see this? that is aluminum. people said is this going to be hold up? yesterday we put this truck through the paces and it did hold up when we were living it. admittedly, four hours offroad is nothing compared to what the owners of this vehicle are going to put it through. it is a huge gamble. at the same time, remember this, they make between $8,000 and $10,000 per truck on this vehicle. it is huge, it is important, it is a dominant force in the auto industry and the u.s.
10:34 am
ford believes that going light weight with aluminum will succeed. back to you. >> what does that immediately translate to? is that about maneuverability or fuel economy? >> fuel economy. they think this truck, and they haven't done the full testing, they believe this truck can get into the high 20s. some suggest it could get close to 30 miles per hour on the highway. ford won't go there at this point. you are talking about a market if people said if i get 20 miles per gallon, i would be happy you can say you are going to get 26, 27, 28 gallons on the highway, they believe that is a key difference maker. >> you are focusing on the truck today. in light of that profitability warning, which hit the stock so hard on ford, what is your take on where we are in terms of peak autos? a lot of discussion whether we've seen the top in auto sales. >> i don't think we've seen the top. i think almost everybody has said when you look at the pent-up demand, when you look
10:35 am
how old vehicles are on the road, you are looking at sales that could get up close to 18 million in couple of years. what changed is in the past we saw sales growing by 9%, 10%, 11% every year. that is not the case from here on out. it's going to be 3%, 4%. ford believes this is the market where you start to try to steal share from other companies by having a difference-maker in a particular platform. that's why they believe the f-series will help take share from gm and ram. they don't worry about toyota. toyota is not a huge player in this market. gm and ram are who they are targeting. >> the stock is a big player. down to $14.66. phil, thanks. when we come back, intel's vp of new products joins "squawk alley" live. will it compete with the apple watch? later, an exclusive with the ceo and cio of pimco.
10:36 am
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s&p 500 having a little changed day. it is a strong one for the utility sector. one of the best performers in the s&p 500 today. dominic chou back at hq with more on that. >> good morning, sarah. there are a few sectors in today's trade down on the day. some are up. utilities. one of the up ones on the day. up nearly a percent in trading. some using the recent dip in stocks to add to defensive or less economically-sensitive positions like utilities. among the winners, dominion resources. nisource and sempra energy up
10:40 am
1.2% on the day. >> let's check in with rick santelli. >> we have somebody here i think you know. yra harris is our guest on this tuesday morning. there is one word that the european union central bankers and bureaucrats and ministers are afraid of. i'm telling you what, you are not going to get the word. the word is? >> referendum. there is a trail from scotland, which is why it scared everybody. cameron called for a referendum 2017. now we have catalonia. we have to come back to germany. this is a heavyweight op-ed piece, putting it to merkel she needs to back down from the steps the ecb is taking because they are overstepping what their mandate is. >> we have one of them telling
10:41 am
merkel to ease back mario draghi. the reason goes back to our special word, referendum. explain. >> nobody ever asked like the germans how far they want to go with the eu. they keep saying we'll do this. nobody asked the german people. this could be a good thing or bad thing. everybody is putting pressure on the ecb to become, of course, the financier of all europe, which means germans have to stand behind it. >> the only way it works if the bad bank is? the cb. it has to be guaranteed by somebody. somebody's money is going to stand behind it, which is the germans which is okay. you've got to ask the german people, and a rise of the alliance for deutscheland -- >> 12% now? >> they are up to 12%. >> what is their main platform? >> they just want this to be more level. take a step back.
10:42 am
let's see how far deep we're in. >> talking about the integration and what the ecb and mario draghi can push forward. >> correct. they are in violation of the original eu treaty. >> it brings me to another point. you said there's never been a real referendum in front of the people. they never got a constitution either. they didn't think they could pull it off. they have the treaty of lisbon which is now surrogate. when we take it a step down the food chain it gets diesier. >> right. if it passes, the ecb -- >> it's too much, isn't it? >> right. there is a lot to roll on. the ecb will be empowered. people like george soros talked about the need for a european bond. only way if you get complete buy-in from germany. >> we only have 15 seconds left. my final comment is with the ecb meeting thursday, we obviously won't know about all this any time soon. what will we know on thursday
10:43 am
after the press conference? >> no change. no growth in the abs. they don't have it going. the euro is down to 1.25 which is what the french asked for and pushed for. >> french also losing the upper house to the conservative center right. same dynamic. we are out of time. back to you. the mobile advertising wars are heating up. facebook launches new ad tools this week. is the big tech names that tend to dominate the space, what room is left for the old school competition? the ceo of yellow pages now called yp. we'll explain how they are attempting to compete. ahead, a rare interview with mark hurd, one of the new ceos of oracle.
10:44 am
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10:46 am
welcome back to "squawk on the street." we continue to follow the story of ebay and paypal and the split of those businesses. much of the conversation centering around carl icahn as he took that activist position several months ago.
10:47 am
i can tell you of a new position that we are learning about at this very moment. that is third points dan lobe taking what i am told from a source is a significant position in ebay. that third points loeb also had quarter sayings with ebay ceo john donahoe. that third point is set to be very pleased with the news we got about the split of paypal and ebay. this wasn't a position that was taken overnight, i can tell you that. i think there was a big belief what ebay can be now that ebay and paypal split. a new position, third point, we are learning about today, taking a significant position, i am told from my sources in ebay. a new development in this ongoing story we'll continue to cover throughout the rest of the day. >> another happy shareholder. shares are surging moves to the highs up almost 7.5%. big names in this stock.
10:48 am
thank you very much, scott walker. a busy day on capitol hill. the secret service director is testifying before the house oversight and government reform committee in recent lapses of the agent's handling of security. eamon javers is in washington, d.c. >> coming under withering criticism from democrats and republicans in the wake of the september 19th incident in which a fence jumper was able to get into the white house. "the washington post" reporting last night the first time he got much farther than previously reported, into the east room and tackled by a secret service officer near the green room. julia pearson making her first public comments on all this. take a listen. >> i'm here today to address the concern we all share following the incident september 19th at the white house. it's clear our security plan was
10:49 am
not properly executed. this is unacceptable and i take full responsibility. >> republicans and democrats very critical. congressman of utah saying he feels there is leadership at the top. >> after the fence-jumping incident, secret service put out a statement that honored the officers and agents for their, quote, tremendous restraint. tremendous restraint is not what we are looking for. tremendous restraint is not the goal in the message. the message shoulding overwhelming force. >> guys, we know the secret service director is going to be participating in this public hearing as well as classified briefing for members of this committee immediately after this. she says she will give more detail about actually happened and what secret service knows about this. a story that has washington
10:50 am
riveted. >> what a story it is. eamon javers in washington. >> remember when ads came in the hefty book called the in new yo where yesterday facebook announced the relaunch of the atlas program a new tool to better compete with google. now yp, as the company's ceo joins us. >> thanks for having me. >> people call it a doorstop. a heavy doorstop. why is that not true. >> we've transitioned tremendously from the yellow pages to connect consumers to local business. but now we have a visitors online. and we've taken the same ability to connect to consumers and connected in the digital edge. >> is this strew true? mobile revenue you are number three? >> yes. >> behind who?
10:51 am
>> facebook and twitter and google. it depends. they switch it up in different reports. >> and that is from mobile users. >> the our mobile users. >> and advertising and leveraging those consumers. >> absolutely. so our business is search. what's unique about us and special is we're in the search business and search is a great way to monetize advertising because there is a lot of intent. especially on a hand set when someone is near a business and want to find it. we are right there and connect them with that business and we get paid for that. >> can i just point out google is 44.8%. to say your third or fourth is true. but it is of a whole different order o of magnitude. >> sure. >> so my question to you would be, you have got this 4,000 strong sales workforce. >> yes. >> which i think probably is that crown jewels of what you've got left which is similar to is to priceline in
10:52 am
amsterdam. and i wonder how social media is effectively adding value to those businesses? >> great question. we have over a billion dollars of revenue in digital, about 400 million from mobile sources and we've leveraged that sales force of 4,000 people to work with small businesses really as an advertising agency to help them get online. so we sell advertising not only on our own sites but across a broad network of traffic. we take all the traffic available on the internet, anchored by our own property and make it available. just like an ad agency for a large corporation. >> so you will you explain to them how to use facebook which is really complicated. >> we explain how to use facebook. we buy the key words on google. we manage the entire cam pain and a one-stop shop. it is really a white glove service for a small business and makes them operate like a large business. >> is that your value proposition for a small local
10:53 am
business. do they prefer you to a bigger google? is there a trust factor there. >> absolutely. the truts factor is critical. we've been in the business over a hundred years. and we have decades of the relationships with customers. so they trust us to take them into the digital world. it is very confusing if you are a small business to understand all the different choices and how to get all of your information correct on the internet, have a website, build a video ad. manage search engines. mobile online. our sales rep make that easy for them. >> when does the book just go away? >> the book goes away when consumers choose to stop using it. there are many parts of the country where the book is readily available. we let the consumers decide. >> the areas are the shrinking, obviously. >> yes. >> hearing from consumers when it comes to the door i throw it right in the trash. >> we are smart about where we distribute the book.
10:54 am
but we recognize the transition over what, 14 years ago we started moving into the digital age, back in 2000 time frame and we made that integral to everything we do. the book today is just part of an overall suite of the media we sell advertising on. >> makes me nostalgic. >> yeah and if you are in grand central you will see a lot of the yps marketing this week. >> over to kayla with a look at what's coming up next on squawk alley. >> we have a big show idea. the legendary walt mossberg will weigh in with his take on what a public paypal will like for the market. also giving his review on wifi calling on the new iphones. and a new intel product had whose going to talk about the company's foray into wearables and whether it can compete with apple and finally a little more into the week of his new job,
10:55 am
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opportunity for you to nail the number. #nail the number. and if you are the lucky winner you will receive this very school shark tank tee shirt. cnbc, five nights a week. autographed by the entire team. already jim cramer wrote his signature booyah. good luck. remember simon, last month the august number was the disappoint at 140,000 jobs. two months in a row disappointment. the stock market usually doesn't do that well. so we'll see if in numbers go back up. >> the apple got approval in china for iphone 6 to launch there. they had a difficulty with permits but that also came through today. stock positive in a market
10:59 am
that's going nowhere. >> thanks so iimosimon. 8:00 a.m. at ebay headquarters. 11:00 a.m. here on wall street. squawk al lea is live. ♪ joining us this morning as always, kayla, john. john is going to have a first on cnbc interview with oracle ceo mark hurd in a few moments. first ebay announcing it will
11:00 am
sell off paypal as its own company. we speak exclusively about the future of both companies and mobile payments, listen. >> paypal has the ability to provide a payments platform that can be used on the we said with merchants all over the world and on mobile devices. and those worlds have been relatively separate and distinct. with the way technology is evolving with the tokenization coming in and the mobile operators like apple coming in many technology ecosystems want to enable payments but don't necessarily want to get into the payments business themselves. and the unique opportunity we see for paypal is to power torques enab, to enable payments on many systems. >> a couple of the systems you mentioned like apple and visa. these happened recently. the board seemingly made up its mind about this split


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