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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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take the profits you've made, roll down, you'll have the protection and started to play with house money. how you want to play the game. >> looks like time is expired. i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. for more go to our website and check my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money", people want to make friends, i'm trying to save you money. my job so to educate and teach you about how things like today work. call me or tweet me. it's been volatile it's been vicious and it's been violent. but at last the week is over. today the dow falling 115 points and s&p 500 tumbling 105%.
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finish off a real nasty week, you notice the dow is now negative for the year. we deserve a break after the last five days. what i regard as a rolling bear market from minerals to industrials, to oil and gas and today, the semiconductors and amazingly, we get it money because it's columbus day, we're going to get a break. a day where companies know better than to say anything other than columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. given the relative proximity to the s&p 5001,196 closing level, even that could be frout with the pain of previous octobers. the market is a bundle of nerves right now. we're going to get a heap of things the bulls need to see happen this weekend, we'll slice through levels that were unthinkable three weeks ago when alibaba became public. it seems to be the demarkation
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point for pain we felt since. what could help turn the market around? any sign that the stalemate over ukraine between germany and russia is coming to an end would help. no new outbreaks of ebola would he's concerns that collapsed the travel and leisure stocks and stabilization of oil so the principle creator of jobs in the country continues to hire. by the way, would it hurt if the eagles beat the giants sunday night. with that relief from the three nonsports related fronts, the downturn will resume broken by positive earnings reports and alcoa's surprise makes you wonder if there's in confidence in stocks right now. yes, it is that bad. after monday's welcome res pit, on tuesday, we got five reports. that's right. five reports that could set the tone for the whole month.
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first we get earnings from jp morgan. wells fargo and citigroup in the banking group. they are all banks but very different animals, citigroup has a large international base and reported a terrific quarter last time. even in this market the stock will be hard pressed to stay at these lower levels. wells fargo earnings mimic or reflect the actual strength or weakness of our country as it's all domestic. i know the yield curve what it can make off your deposits, i expect to hear the businesses percolating because the country is doing well. if we don't hear good news, i predict a very big sell-off and all of the other regional banks out there and many report next week, jp morgan, the bulls needs hear two things,up beat jamie dimon talking about a timetable to be back at his desk regularly after a battle with throat cancer. it's not about friends in this
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show, always about money, but if the banks can profit from the volatility. that used to be jp morgan's stock and trade, could the volatility be a source of an upside surprise? next we have csx, the rails represent u.s. commerce again i'm trying to distinguish between foreign and domestic. whether we're really doing, automobiles, coal, housing, agriculture, there will be questions about oil and gas because of the panic in the group. it's not really csxs stock and trade but i'm going to list it. you should do. then there's intel. it was clobbered when microchip, a smallest chip maker preannounced a horrible quarter last night citing chinese weakness when we expected chinese strength. intel is about personal computers, something only tangentially related to business. if tech is to regain its
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footing, intel will continue to report good quarters as it has in the last couple of quarters have been quite good. wednesday's netflix, this market has been badly bifurcated between those companies that captured america's fancy. and then the rest of the companies that show real earnings, not just exciting press releases when they report. i do not know a soul who expects anything about fabulous reassuring words out of netflix about foreign adoption of the model. the market is no mood to hear anything other than blowout subscriber numbers. if netflix delivers the speks will come alive again, if it doesn't, they all come down, they are not diversified. we get our first read on industrial america of any import when ggp reports.
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here's this group, after the oil and gas has been one huge, industrials are the leaders on the downside. any turn in the sinking ship that is industrial america, ppg will have to steer it. this was the first industrial recovery after the great recession. largely because the amazing work done by the always bankable ceo, but they have a huge business in europe. i keep thinking of the thrashing alcoa got after the amazing quarter where they admitted the obvious, that europe is weaker. alcoa came in with a stock that's doubled in a very short time, real head of steam into that quarter. just to show you the dislocation of the market. do you know ppg, one of my favorite industrials is down 2.5 for the year. can you believe that? not that long ago this stock tratded at $213? today it was 184. we don't even know if anything negative has happened. that is how brutal this market
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has become. perhaps the most important day is friday, with results from honeywell and general electric. honeywell steered the company as well as you can shepherd this business -- did i mispronounce his name shows how rattled things are. he has important divisions to cover auto and aer os space and nonresidential construction. every single one was in bull market mode. we just got that from al co-with a which has a huge aerospace business. if they keep going down, whatever positive earnings cody gives us will be viewed as being in the rearview mirror. nonresidential construction has been a burj onning brightspot. i can't believe how far the auto stocks have fallen since the poor guidance which left off the
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industrial warning bells. can honeywell signal we can worry less? let's listen. now, general electric, we want to hear how the vast business is operating but that's not what people are listening for this time around. the markets become very concerned, infrastructure and acquisition of the french company and oil and gas and other business it expanded into. this market now hates europe, loathes it. ge's ceo will be grilled about the buying of a french company. no matter that it's a worldwide company, based in france. france, for heaven sake and that's one of the weakest parts of the weakest continent. had the s&p rating revised to negative just today, oil and gas business that's got everyone on pins and needles. when you look at the new
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portfolio, you see a gigantic increase in the exposure to the energy boom because of the plummeting cost of oil looks like a bust. one more thing, they had extremely well day and fast growing business in the patch. will it turn into a negative by worried analysts who turned against the energy industry? ge could very well get hit again unless it expands its margins and tells you a story how oil is not going lower than already fallen. here's the bottom line. this has truly become a treacherous market. certain point starts will stay the same or go the higher when companies report earnings. not even upside surprises. i sense we are not there yet but maybe by friday's ge and honeywell's reports, we will be.
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steve in california, steve? >>. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: i'm calling about the gap, it's been struggling now, they have a new ceo and jury is ourt on that looks like and sales have been done. >> right. >> caller: holiday season is coming and i'm wondering gap say good stock if i should hold it or buy -- >> i think at this point i would not sell it. the stock is down hideously on the departure of murphy as if something very, very wrong, now priced for a lot of negativity, it's too low to sell gap stores. how about lance in new york. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: i'd like your opinion on the stock mobilite. >> people got freaked out because tesla announced a couple of things. i went to mobileeye's site and put in tesla and got no results. that is what happened to a lot
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of people. mobile eye has gotten ahead of itself. doug in hawaii. >> caller: jim aloha, calling from hawaii. >> last three weeks it's been humid -- but getting back -- >> which was humid. how can i help. >> caller: medallion financial, a specialty finance company. they have a pe of 10 and dividend above 8%, price to book of about 1. they seem like a safe harbor in the sea -- >> i would think so but people are saying that you know what you got to watch out about uber. now uber is the worry. everybody has been able to create a worry about pretty much everything and that includes a very safe normally company medallion financial. now the worries even transcend something that simple.
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we're in a treacherous market. one has to hope that companies report inline earnings maybe stocks won't go down. we're not there yet. the ebola epidemic has the world on edge. how much will the fear affect your stocks? >> new data showing how one drug could save the lives of babies with a deadly condition, 30,000 suffer. i've got the ceo, plus tired of swimming in your suit? i'm talking to the co-founder of a custom clothing company who claims he can give you the right fit after a few clicks. it's a feel good story. stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of mad money, follow at jim cramer on twitter. #madtweets and send jim an e-mail or give us a call at
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♪ >> maybe, just maybe some of the
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politicians that have been real trouble makers are starting to get the damage that we're seeing. we're hearing rumbles out of germany and china that the leaders know that perhaps more stimulus might be needed. that's a start because this market is broken by the stocks and companies that sell to europe and germany is choking with the tight money policies and china that failed to stimulate or isn't able to stimulate the economy any longer. these two countries among the most solvent recognize the high stakes were playing for right now. there are a multitude of things going wrong at the moment. many concerns are actually worth fretting about and not underestimating. we have ukraine versus russia, no resolution in sight that i can see. we have isis uncapable of unspeakable acts and heighten
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security alert and a state that's endlessly blackmailed the west into submission with the nukes pointsed to the south. ebola virus, containment nowhere in sight. making tough decisions to protect our citizens. we don't even know how the disease works frankly, but i know some fear it like a combination of the black death and captain trips from steven king's, the stand. again, it can't be underestimated and that's the problem. we've got the slowdowns in europe and china. and those are playing havoc with the earnings of so many companies. just this morning, we learn from microchip an important semiconductor that the strong month of september, at least usually, in china turned out to be unseasonably weak. it was a jaw dropping event. i was shocked given the broad breadth of the chips they make. you can see its semiconductors go to every device known to man.
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we're used to the caterpillars being disappointed by the orders and iron and copper companied overexpanded to meet chinese demand that now failed to material. we get the fact china is using more oil but not as much as we thought it would, hence why oil keeps going down. but semiconductors? heaven forbid, did you see that today? analog devices, my kron and cyber semiand everything in between. that has been an area of strength in this market. it was unscathed by the rolling bear markets and commodities and machinery companies and oil and gas businesses and vast of industrials, involving chemicals and paper and electronics and automobiles. suddenly with one vicious preannouncement, the entire group is in tatters because it's out of china. the federal reserve acknowledge
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the the strong dollar could slow the economy but that breath taking bear market occurred -- and therefore wasn't in the midst. we also know the incredibly responsible head of the european central bank is doing he can to pull europe from the brink of recession. until today the chinese leadership and angela merkel seem complacent in the totally negative turn. their acknowledgement of weakness is worth acknowledging and led to a nice rally this morning even as we ultimately gave up the gains with another nasty decline today. although some blue chips with no economic sensitivity did manage to rally. i don't know if that's good anymore. they are bottom market equivalents not dividend cuts, the latter being hurt further by the sense that they all need additional financing to finish their ongoing projects which
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means more dilutive off rampings. deaf to the problems, better late than never, but we should have in the gone down this far already. murky and dark road in the first place. if we slip into recession because of european weakness, blame merkel for certain. she truly seems to want to inherit the mantle of herbert hoover, tight fisted into a depression. alex in new york. >> caller: nice to meet you, cramer, how are you doing? >> long day my friend. >> how about you? >> caller: i hear you. listen, got a question, a lot of news and action in gold pro, got the holiday season, what's your take an ambarella. >> i said enough was enough with go pro, when it got to 93.
6:21 pm
go to go pro youtube site and look at the videos. when i saw the goat riding on the surf board, that's it, i'm out of here, we have enough money made in go pro, you have to ring the register. ambarella, all i can say go pro is enough. >> john? >> caller: thank you for the home gamers, wanted to thank you for -- industrials, house of pain, not sure if i should buy more or cut losses and reconfigure. >> the house of pain. >> i have to tell you, we have been completely aghast that eaton has fallen so far. the stock has gone in a straight line and sandy cutler has
6:22 pm
disappointed many times now. he has to deliver. if he delivers from this level, which is yields more than 3%, then there's hope. but this is 79 to 58 without a peep out of the company. i am very disappointed. and so is my charity. bob in new york. >> caller: jim, two weeks ago you added dow chemical to the trust. should we add more? >> you know what, this is one we actually said buy more, this is like -- we were holding back from any of the industrials because we don't think they have much of a bottom. dow has a lots of good things going for it but does have the achilles' heel of europe. france was down today and you've got -- put on watch, if you have a company that is in europe, it went lower this week. that was the problem with eaton by the way. maybe the politicians -- with
6:23 pm
the price at the pump, while we're all like -- breakthrough today could save thousands of lives. the biotech behind the news is just ahead. the only guy rocking with the suit and tie. i'm talking to a custom clothing player who claims getting a tailorred suit as easy as sitting in front of a web cam. stay with cramer. go ahead and put your bag right here.
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see how startup-ny can help your business grow at blame it on the basin in texas. that's where the oil is flooding into the markets right now. it's absolutely true that the shales are responsible for the lion's share of new oil being produced in the country and it is amazing, 1.1 barrels of production a day, double when it was when i went there. the eagle in texas, $1.5 billion barrels per day. it is conceivable it could double in production over the next year. that's right, we're potentially talking about 3 million barrels
6:27 pm
of oil a day coming out of a once thought to be tapped out field with new technology finding oil, once thought to be out of reach at any price. it's being found relatively cheaply. last time i asked the ceo and he didn't rule these once wild estimates out. he runs the biggest pipelines and told me the numbers jump every single day and the more pipe that gets laid the more oil we're going to pump. i get the sense the gaining factor is about the ban on exporting oil. while there are stores that can handle what's coming out of the permeon, if it goes to levels i'm talking about, we'll have no place to put the excess. yes, there's that much more production coming online and that's why the price is going so low. i think it is a real issue for our economy now. the boom can be self-fulfilling at this pace, all of the talk about reaching north america
6:28 pm
energy self-sufficiency by 2020, is now off the table. i get the sense we could be there within three years at this blistering pace. without more storage we'll xr to cut back on drilling and if prices go lower, budgets will have to be cut back too. it is sewing the seeds of his own demise being pushed by opec countries that don't want us to be self-sufficient. you take away the biggest growth opportunities for the creation of good jobs. there's so much at risk with the plummeting price of oil that the border sell-off can make sense to you now i hope. we have no energy policy. we don't have a fossil fuel president who sees about what's to happen. we can't build a storage kpaflt pipelines refineries to use the oil we have, not quick enough. and again, you can't export the stuff, not legal. what started out as a huge windful of oil and gas is turning into something that
6:29 pm
could go very awrite wry. we'll knock the price down ourselves with no legal outlet for the oil and that will bring back unemployment in states that have been at the very back bone of our recovery. it's a nightmarish scenario that hadn't been part of a dream come true. it's way too close for comfort, hence the sell-off in anything having to do with oil and gas that's been going on for days. i'm talking worst case scenario, no doubt about it. what do you think the oil stocks are pricing in here? everyone is banking on the worst case and now you know what the worst case is. vince in illinois. >> caller: hey, jim, big chicago boo ya to you. >> what's happening. >> caller: my question is about hclp, had it for a while. >> we did a piece a few weeks
6:30 pm
ago that said that the stocks are way too high. we said they are dangerous group, they are now down on average 30% since we said sell the stocks and i reirate they are no place to be right now. can i go to mark in wisconsin. mark? >> caller: yeah, jim, my stock is cdr, it's a limited partnership, ticker symbol uan. it had an all time high of $31, but today it hit an all time low of 11.77. my question is, should i use this all-time low to buy more or should i just hold my position and take the payout and wait and see what happens? >> there's a guy who does this dividends stock adviser for the i'm going to go over the partners with him. this yield looks too tempting for me. too tempting meaning too big, like there's something wrong. and there's a number of stocks
6:31 pm
like this that i've got to analyze rather than say i wouldn't worry about it. is the country's oil boom sewing the seeds of its own demise, it's a few dollars down from happening. blame it on the power of the permeon basin. there is much more "mad money" ahead, including tieing up their own piece in the retail space by changing the way you shop. and can a biotech keep your portfolio healthy in a volatile market and tesla and netflix. i can't wait to hear what you have to offer in tonight's lightning round.
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sea captain: there's a narratorstorm cominhe storm narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price and tipped off the house
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which used all that energy to stay warm through the storm. chipmunk: there's a bad storm comin! narrator: the internet of everything is changing how energy works. is your network ready?" what kinds of stocks can you be surfing back to in this volatile damaging markets. maybe the bioteches, companies that have no sensitivity whatsoever with the slowdown in china, which is why i want to talk about isis pharmaceuticals, they help cure rare diseases, i think it is a real game changer. they pioneered as anti-sense technology, drugs that work by binding to the rna in a person's
6:35 pm
cells. rna is the substance that controls the expression of genes. so if you have nasty genetic disorder the platform may be able to fix it for you. they have one drug on market already for very specific genetic disease that causes high cholesterol. what i like about it, a lot more going on in the pipe. specifically, 32 drugs in the pipeline, many of which treat the rare diseases we're constantly highlighting here on mad money because they can be so lucrative for shareholders. rare genetic conditions that causes progressive damage in the heart and nervous system and most importantly a potential block buster for spinal muscular at trophy, the leading cause of infantile death worldwide. we got very positive phase two results and number of cancer treatments in phase two and three and interesting formulations for diabetes too. they jumped 4% on the positive spinal muscular atrophy trial
6:36 pm
results but pulled back hard to close 2% with the rest of the market. this stock has more than quadrupled, still down about 22 points from the highs earlier this year. let's check in with dr. stanley cook, to hear more about where the company is headed. welcome back to "mad money". >> it's great to be here. >> you had news that frankly if it weren't such a bad day for the market, i think represented a major breakthrough. it's highly unusual that it's phase two which means this is so important you have to start talking about it. could you walk our viewers through what this means for instance with this horrible disease? >> well, first of all, let me say that the results that we're reporting today are from a study that isn't pla seen bow controlled. the experts said it best. the results we're observing or
6:37 pm
reare reremaremarkable. it will unfortunately kill half of the infants afflicted within 10 and a half or less months from birth. and so we updated the trial today which showed that the infants who had been treated initially at 6 mill grams, the median time to end point with 16.3 months at the september 1st and of course a month has gone by so it's longer. and then in the 12 millie gram we talked about at the ann in april, that group is now mature enough it's 13.8 months. so we see important evidence of prolonging life, we also see significant evidence of improved muscle scores and muscle function. and developmental milestones being achieved.
6:38 pm
and as dr. finkle said, these are observations that are really quite remarkable. and are not seen in untreated infants. >> there is nothing right now for these infants, right? >> no, there is nothing. we're very hopeful as we enter the phase three study under way, to give us a great deal of optimism that we're going to be able to demonstrate and prove the value that is implied by these data. of course, to date the drug has proven to be extremely safe and well tolerated. even in these terribly, terribly ill infants -- >> how many people suffer from this -- how many infants suffer from this each year? >> well, about 30 to 40,000 infants in the u.s., europe and japan had the disease and the most common form is type i. but unfortunately most of those infants die before they are two years old. so the level -- the number of
6:39 pm
patients is smaller but the incidents is higher. >> one of the things i was fascinated by and cannot believe what a breakthrough it is, if you're the fda, why would you not say, listen, we have nothing for these people. speed this thing up and let's get this right now. >> well, i think the first thing i would say is that this medication has moved through development at almost light speed. we're in phase iii and of course the reason we move so fast, we made observations that we're so much more optimistic than what we hoped. we hoped maybe we would slow the disease a bit. we're seeing things that encourage us and encourage the investigators and parents to have infants enrolled. but we still have to prove its value. and that's the phase three program that's getting under
6:40 pm
way. >> it's remarkable. i have to ask you just because you're a great doctor and great thinker. when you read ebola stories, i know that's not what the technology is about, do you see among your cohorts because i know you speak to people, is there any hope the other companies that are biotech do have something within the pipe within the next year or two? >> that's what i hear. i'm absolutely not an expert and i don't know anything about the drugs in development. but ebola is a frightening -- of course, much more common infections such as drug-resistant staph and strep are much more problematic and kill many more people. but ebola is self-frightening and i'm hearing good progress in being able to identify the virus more rapidly and good progress towards some therapy for the virus. but, again, it's an area i know
6:41 pm
essentially nothing about. >> fair enough. i want to congratulate. people are so gloomy right now. i know what a huge breakthrough this is. i know what it means to have a phase ii drug study be so significant. i wanted to thank you for coming on the show. >> thanks so much. >> that's dr. stanley crooke of isis pharmaceuticals. one day this will stop and when it does, stocks like isis will go higher. that's how i leave it with you. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial,
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or a same-day appointment today today today and everyday. call today, for an appointment today. it is time! it is time for the lightning round. ♪ >> are you ready? let's start with jesse in california. jesse. >> booyah cramer. i'm an 18-year-old investor from california and wanted to thank you for everything you do for all of us. and then i wondering about
6:45 pm
procter & gamble or kimberly-clark. >> both i like, impartial, both terrific, both got good balance sheets, therefore right now i would favor kimberly. >> hi, cramer. >> how are you, derek? >> probably good. >> my question is organ novo, this was a once hot stock, genetic printing. it is a good spek, i think this is not exactly what's going to be working, down like 50%. i think that's okay. let's go to chris in connecticut. >> caller: booyah, jim. fmc, i'm hurting a little bit. >> i have to tell you, this is a company that's involved with agriculture and if it's involved
6:46 pm
with ago gri culture, mr. it be m monsanto, it is going down. go to shannon in maryland. >> caller: i'd like to give a little booyah to my economic teacher and know what your take on xpeed ya is. >> related to travel. right now you're in the grips of a fear, perhaps irrational about ebola. if there are negatives about he'll bow la, they come out the next ten days and that's too high a risk for a stock nicely up this year. orville in new york. >> caller: i'm calling regard a company called by mnk. >> i like, one of the winning stocks and made ak quigs of quest core. i wouldn't necessarily approach it right here but it is a company doing quite well. that, ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning
6:47 pm
round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by tg ameritrade. >> i believe they could transform itself into a sizzling franchise of the stocks, 35% down and always wanted to own one of these. pain, more pain ahead. there. >> i came back from hawaii, every inch is go pro. i watched a video of a goat on a surf board with go pro.
6:48 pm
>> okay. a boar and goat. how can you top that? can't top it. >> it's about time there was some theater, you know. go ahead and put your bag right here. have a nice flight! traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company
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who knows that the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there too. it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline.
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>> you want to know what's happening at the cutting edge of a given industry you have to check in with privately held companies inventing new ways to do all sorts of things, including shopping. knot standard, the online retailer bringing custom tailored clothing to the masses wouts the tailer. they have a number of different ways to take your measurements online, through web cam or match, favorite suit platform. we take a measurement from a suit that fits you and plug them into the system or go to one of company showrooms, they have one in new york city, take your measurements and buy a suit, pants, shirt online all tailored. they don't have the need for any nasty inventory, one growing by leaps and bounds. that's why i want to take a closer look with the co-founder
6:52 pm
and president of knot standard to hear more about the business and prospects. welcome to mad money. >> thanks for having us. >> explain this to me. i love nice suits. but my suits cost a fortune, i have to have them custom made because i buy them off the the rack and they don't fit. >> we try to find a way that find ill fitting suits and put them on a standard platform. we sell online, and sell showrooms and corporates take a guy like yourself, put him a to z into a custom suit. >> why do we need the showroom? >> the showroom is to put you at ease. so for three years there were no showrooms then we listen to the customers and they kept knocking on the door. this is an office, come back later and you can only say that so many times before you say why don't we give a little space
6:53 pm
dedicated here and we have seven showrooms overseas. >> the combination of the fact restoration hardware believes, which is a fantastic company, believes that the actual catalog, the actual online doesn't depict the great product but because of what amazon is doing when they open a showroom for the first time. there's a need. >> there's absolutely a need. when we look at customer behavior that's guys wants to touch and feel the fabric. that guy will never go away. why would we keep him without an opportunity to do exactly that. if you want to come and see us in new york city, we have to give you that opportunity. we do so in a capital efficient way. it's a showroom not a shop. >> one of the reasons i wanted you on. i was intrigued. it looks like kevin plank, underarmor, he seems interested in the company. what do you think he's seeing? >> kevin and his team probably see the same thing all investors
6:54 pm
see, a wide open market when you look at the opportunity for custom suiting versus masses, it represents a small percentage. now you cue in athletes and full basketball teams and odd shapes and sizes. >> university of texas. >> a phenomenal way to put big
6:55 pm
and tall guys in a custom suit for the first time. >> are you pitching the nfl -- the nfl it's one of the rules they set. >> with the nfl, it's very different than college. it's different because lesean mccoy doesn't want to look the same as vols. >> this is very hard to find, the most threads you can get in a suit. can i get a suit for 180 from you. >> absolutely. >> you have right dollar amount for the suit? >> a tom ford suit, north of 4,000 to $4,000. >> if i sent you this suit and want more like this, what happens? >> we have a match your suit program. if we never even saw you, you could send us that suit, 42 regular, presiden i would say y would look at two, $2200, roughly a third of what you're paying because we're selling direct. >> what if i have a $2,000 suit? >> the figure you can half it each time. rule of thumb half it. we're creating a brand where there's a place, there's a shop called knot standard where everything is your size. >> one last question, i'm not as in touch with young people. when i interview people i always want them in a suit.
6:56 pm
are there enough people coming out of college who need to get and coming out of business school sean law school who need a bargain that this market can continue to grow? >> absolutely, we service both. >> i have to tell you, it's the new world. it really is. the president of knot standard. if you can get a tailored suit for less than off the rack, wow, cool model. stick with cramer. tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? in a we believe outshining the competition tomorrow
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6:59 pm
first things first, i've been coming out here about ten years now and we're going to get through this market like we've gotten through all of the other markets. if this one particularly treacherous? i don't like it. i don't like it because there's a lot of hidden issues like ebola out there, problems in germany, problems in russia, problems in china, but we have to take heart that the problems really aren't right here. and if the other countries get it together and we get ebola under control, we're going to be looking back and saying, why didn't we do some buying of stocks? and i'm not against that. i just want to see what happens
7:00 pm
next week with earnings. so i'm advising no panic, but no new money yet. we could get to a level that will be much more attractive than this level. we will get through this. we will get through this. i'd li >> a modern american miracle -- your neighborhood supermarket. 48,000 items under one roof. >> oh, boy, it's just like a playground of food. >> you're looking at the abundance of america, in a way. >> absolutely. >> you've got to see what i found over here. >> a half-trillion-dollar industry that touches us all. >> you are empowered to make. somebody's day. >> did you find everything you needed today? >> take a deep breath, because we're gonna wow you. >> a billion and a half dollars worth of groceries sold every day, reflecting what we want and who we are. i'll bet most people think they're pretty good shoppers. >> a


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