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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  November 26, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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today and all year long. that will do it for this edition of "power lunch." >> we will hand it over to "street signs" which starts right about now. markets right now down only 2.75 points. we will see whether or not they can wrap it up in a nice turkey bow in the green. >> get home safe. it's nasty out there. we'll see you on friday. welcome to "street signs." we are on the edge of the most important opec meeting of recent years, a meeting saudi arabia says won't be difficult. what will be difficult, travel this holiday. we check in with the former continental boss. i'm very thankful that i get to stand on the side and ad judicat a debate. brian is off chopping wood or
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changing diapers. >> doing what sully does when sully is off. before we go forward let's get a check on the markets. the dow can end up having a single digit move for a third day in a row. we are still on track for a sixth straight week of gains. let's check on crude down ahead of opec meeting. if we settle lower today it will be lowest since september 2010. let's go to bertha coombs live. >> we have been living and dying by those headlines coming out of vienna. yesterday a little bit of hope that maybe some of the non-opec members would help push them towards a cut. now minister from saudi arabia saying members have come to a consensus but won't say what that is. the expectation is that opec
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will stand. the fact is they are not producing to the quota now. so some say maybe a cut won't really be that useful if people continue to cheat. that said we have seen oil prices actually move up even though we saw a surprise increase in terms of u.s. stock piles today the eia reporting that we saw stockpiles up 1.9 million barrels. the expectation had been for a fall. we had a preview of that from the industry last night. we saw a bigger draw down of gasoline. that has helped the products a bit. as far as natural gas prices are higher despite a bigger than expected injection. if you have looked outside you can see it is getting a bit chillier in these parts. >> chillier and quite white right now. lots of snow falling. be careful on the roads if you are listening on the radio. we will dig in more on oil ahead of tomorrow's big opec meeting
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with dan yergin joining us live in just a bit. the big story happening now, a wicked winter storm as millions hit the roads for the thanksgiving holiday. flight delays and cancellations are already stacking up at some of the nation's most busy airports. we have cnbc team coverage in place. kate rogers at new york's la guardia and phil lebeau at chicago's o'hare. what is the latest in new york? >> reporter: we are noting a shift outside from rain to snow. here inside la guardia we are noticing passengers feeling a built more anxious. as we get closer to the thanksgiving holiday the pressure is on. >> we booked it so far in advance i don't think we thought about the weather. >> i am nervous about the weather, to be honest with you, because it is supposed to be raining and snowing as we are going to and then raining and snowing as we are coming back. so a little nervous.
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>> reporter: now, the bulk of winter storm kateo is expected to hit this evening and bring about four inches to the area. la guardia has 140 cancellations and delays. the joint press conference this morning the tsa import authority told us they were well-equipped to handle any added foot traffic and the inclmt weather. >> we have a fleet of modern state-of-the-art snow removal equipment. we believe we have enough resources on board today to make sure that we have a seamless operation. >> reporter: the storm is only getting worse outside. we are going to be here keeping everyone updated on flight delays and cancellations nationwide. back to you guys. >> let's get over to phil lebeau at chicago o'hare. what is the scene like there? >> reporter: despite the problems in new york if you are an airline investor you have a
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lot to be thankful for. three things in particular as we head into this holiday weekend. strong bookings. i think we have low levels on all of the flights. air fare up about 1% compared to last year. you have strong growth when it comes to air fares. when you look at jet fuel it is lower between 10% and 12% compared to a year ago. all of that together means you have airline stocks continuing to move higher. this is the sweet time of the year for the airline stocks. they tend to rally going into the end of the year. three stocks to look at in particular, american adding more flights on sunday relative to past years. they will get a revenue bump from that. jet blue because they are based in boston and new york they have been hit hard by storms over the last two or three years. if this is a relatively clean season that would be good for jet blue investors. delta in two weeks has an investor day meeting where they are outlining growth plans for the future.
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bullish expectations heading into that meeting. this is the sweet time of the year if you are an airline investor. given the year they have had i think a lot of people are very thankful for that. >> real quick, the companies build in a certain number of lousy weather days. one shouldn't look just at a single day to say the airlines are going to be in a bad shape because of a single day. how are they doing overall? the weather has been pretty sweet this fall so far. >> there was a few problems earlier this year. remember the bitter cold we experienced and a few snow storms in february. i know people flying on the east coast are saying what are you talking about, this is not good for the airlines, that is a drop int bucket. this is well within margin of expectations. >> phil lebeau thank you very much. let's brin in gordon bethune. great have you to join us today. we will get to travel headaches
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in a minute. when you were running continental what percentage of people waited until the last minute to book airline tickets versus in advance? >> everyone knows they are more full today than ever before. you are taking a bigger chance by waiting until the last minute because that seat won't be available. i think you are seeing a decline in available seats at the last minute. that is driving behavior. >> you are going to pay a lot more if you book at the last minute? >> that's the name of the game. you keep the inventory available for the guy that has to go. you do pay full retail at that time. it is almost like a hotel room. >> i am a frequent traveler which means i have a lot of pent up anger. let me see if i can be relatively calm here. you are delayed. where is my flight? in fact, behind the scenes there
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is a very sophisticated series of algorithms and scheduling. ment take us behind the scenes a little bit. the biggest travel day of the year, what is going on in terms of rerouting of flights and trying to get people where they are eventually. >> they want to fly. that is the only way to make money. there is no new incentive to cancel flights. although, if the airport restricts the inbound numbers of airplanes they have to cancel some flights. there is a national center that requires you to do that. you try to cancel the flights with the smallest amount of revenue. that is why you see coming into the new york area regional jets being cancelled rather than larger ones. it is all about getting there on time with your underwear. there is no sneaky cancel this flight and save a buck. that is not how you make money. you make money by being on time and consistent. >> maybe this is a simple question for you. right now we are on this line in new york between rain and snow. do the airlines care if it is
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better if it is raining or snowing in terms of delays and getting flights off the ground? >> snow like the airport director from newark was on said they have snow plows and can take care of that. that does take more time and energy than just rain. rain won't necessarily -- it will reduce visibility but won't preclude you from making the landing. i will take rain over snow. we have a mixture and the worst of both. >> i am obviously an australian so i regularly go back to australia. i cough up a lot of frequent flyer miles. every time i want to move them for the times i want it is almost impossible to get the seats that you want. >> it's like sports in arenas. hard to get super bowl tickets because everybody waubts to go. you want to go on the day everybody else wants to go nay minimize the free tickets those days. i know it is frustrating but you are better to try off season
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travel. >> when does somebody like you get a call from investors and say we are packed to the hill top. it's time to start another airline and get going on the discount again. that is what the free market should do, increase capacity when capacity is constrained. >> that is a way to smak a small fortune. i think the big boys, the top four, are showing real restraint and uninhibited growth. that is why you are seeing fuller airplanes and that was just pointed out, phil lebeau, that that is why stocks are moving north because they are finally going to make money in this business. >> we also need more infrastructure. we need more infrastructure so all of these headaches will hopefully one day go away. thank you very much. have a happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. still ahead, what a difference a day makes after yesterday's gdp high we are getting a low feeling from economic data points today.
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i have you here to tell us what is going on and whether or not we need to curb our enthusiasm. and later we take on the very brilliant courtney reagan on how good this holiday season will be for retailers. you are not going to want to miss that. . nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. female announcer: through thanksgiving weekend
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get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday, at sleep train. a triple dose of data on the housing front. let's bring in diana. a lot of numbers out there. >> a lot of numbers.
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>> what does it all tell us about the state of housing. i'm afraid you are going to tell us bad things. >> i will not tell you bad things. housing isn't getting worse but not exactly surging ahead this fall. today we got these three new readings. we are going to start with weekly mortgage volumes. applications for mortgage to buy a home fell 5% week to week. some of this is payback from the 12% gain the week before. in general mortgage applications are weak. that's while mortgage rates are significantly lower than they were a year ago. if the market is moving away from investors and back to mortgage dependent buyers this is not a good number. pending home sales. these are signed contracts in october to buy an existing home. the number was down just over 1% month to month. not a huge move and sales are slightly higher than last year. last fall was just after mortgage rates spiked. the comparison to get higher is
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really a pretty easy one. to sales of newly built homes. the third number in october this to me was the most disappointing. it was a tiny gain from september but only because september was revised down. home sales are barely up 1% year to date and are running well below historical norms giving increased demand and lack of supply. >> steve, it's like christmas came early for you. we have existing home sales. on top of that we have durable goods, sentiment, jobless claims and so many goodies. the problem is it is like socks, really? another tie. >> it was like socks with holes in them. it was like saying, not falling backwards. we have been talking about the data being more upbeat. this notion of was the economy accelerating. that theory was undermined with the data we got.
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durable goods was down below expectations. jobless claims higher than expectations. the durable goods was up but all defense spending. sthat is not really the gauge you are looking for. the important business investor number. jobless claims up 21,000. first week since early september over 300,000. personal income and spending a little bit on the light side. very interesting number was 5%. that was the savings rate. we had a little bump up in income. we know oil prices are less than they were a year ago or a month or two ago. what we found in this initial go round was that when americans have a little more money in their pocket and when they save a little bit on oil and gas they save it, not spending it. we are going to talk a little bit about this. i don't think that is going to be true but at least for the moment this caution that is out there in the business executives and remains out there among consumers in this post financial crisis. >> does it mean that maybe -- i
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know it is early, fourth quarter growth may not be as good. >> i think that was always in the cards. cnbc rapid update running 2.6%. it was down a tick on today's data and the trajectory has been down. we are going to go down from 3.9. it is average, not terrible. >> i want better than average. >> that would be real good. >> demand it of my children and my data. there are only 28 days left until christmas but only a few hours until the mall madness begins. steve just mentioned he got a bet with courtney reagan over how retailers will do this holiday. we will let you guys duke it out in an epic battle when "street signs" returns. opinions. there's no shortage in this world. who do you trust? whose analysis is accurate? how do you make sense of it all? a simple, unbiased stock score consolidated from the opinions of independent analysts...
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they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2015 ml350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. welcome back to "street signs." you and steve have made a bet, quite a big bet over how well retailers are going to do this holiday. you actually have some kind of money on the table, i believe, losing team has to donate to the other's charity or something like that. the national retail federation
2:21 pm
predicting sales growth of 4.1%. you think that number is going to come in lower. you think that number is going to come in higher. let's duke it out. courtney, make your case first. >> this is how this all happened. steve and i were at the cnbc 25 party celebrating but of course business always comes up. we started talking about the holiday sales numbers. steve said let's bet on it. this is what i think. things have gotten better in the economy and that is where you will see it show up in the data. retailers are really not quite so bullish. here are three points why i think we are not going to have the most joyful holiday season. the first is that we have a number of retailers including macy's, kohl's, tjx, wal-mart, gap, kors and others issuing disappointing or lowering their guidance, not good for the holiday quarter. i talked to target ceo last weekend. even though he had better than expected third quarter on all major metrics he is still very
2:22 pm
cautious about the holiday quarter. last but not least we have had lower gas prices for some time, also improving job market. all of those things should have helped retailers so far but they haven't really. many of these retailers are very cautious and careful to say whether or not they have gotten a boost. i don't think it will be so joyful. i love the holidays and i hope i'm wrong. i'm just trying to be logical. >> she is smart, beautiful and also wrong. >> she violated the rules. i want to start there. one screen. >> it was three bullets. >> i don't need a lot of time on this. gasoline is 50 cents lower. more jobs. americans can't help but spend. i'm done. >> what do you mean americans can't help but spend? >> in october they saved more.
2:23 pm
the savings rate is higher than it was before. you can put more money in the pocket. the retailers are going to go out there and discount like crazy. you can't say people won't spend until you know the price at which they are not going to spend. i offer you a refrigerator for $1,000. how is $5? that is what happens during the season. they will spend and buy. they have more money in their pockets. >> stick around. you have laid out your cases. let's bring in mark cohen. what say you? who do you think won? >> i hate to rain on both parades. the sales are likely to come in at 4% or higher. they have to come in at 4% or higher. >> you just agreed with me. >> the profitability behind the sales are highly suspect. >> that is fair enough. i don't disagree with that. >> that is why courtney is getting such a cautious view because there is no forward into the business. the discounting started at halloween rather than this
2:24 pm
friday. when you offer someone most of you 40 and 50 off this weekend how do you motivate them to come back later in december? the fact is the fatigue we will see will be unheralded in the middle of the month. >> all these early promotions make people buy early but stealing from the sales later in december. >> the sales are being distributed across more store hours which costs far more money. the margins have gone into the holiday season in trouble because discounting has been at jong-un precedented level. >> you talk about this concept. very good friend. race to the bottom. that this has been an accelerating process where we are discounting more and more in a business that you compare to the airlines. >> the airlines got into several years of serial discounting to a point at which they were getting
2:25 pm
virtually nothing for the seat miles. they have these large expensive aircraft that have to be purchased and serviced and fuelled. yet they were killing each other to fill their planes up. they all went bankrupt. >> is that happening in your business? >> i certainly hope not. how do we fix this? how do we get back from where we are now to a more normalized -- >> i would have thought more retail ceos would take the path that costco and nordstrum have taken which is caution, conservatism and care. i would have thought that some stores, for instance, macy's would have walked the cat back and not offered extended hours. >> you can't be the first one to do it. it is the winner's curse. you win this auction you lose it because you pay more than everybody else. >> the winners lose. this calls for real leadership. this calls for real thoughtful
2:26 pm
consciousness as to where this is all leading. at the end of the day without gross margin top line sales for the holiday don't mean anything. >> sales can be good but it is not necessarily a good thing for retail. >> sales will be good because all of those sweaters and boots will be sold. >> one way or another that inventory -- >> we need to wrap this up. it is possible for both of us to be right. you can have this higher level of sales but that doesn't -- i am making no call on profitability. that is where you are the expert. i can't tell you if the retailers will make a buck. you have much better conditions this year than last year for spending and the retailer gets away from profitability standpoint will make money but for the economy i think a good season. >> agree? >> i think sales will be fine. i think margins won't. >> done. we will see. we have been trained to expect
2:27 pm
everything now. no free shipping i'm not going there. thank you very much for joining us. thank you, courtney. >> want to shake on it. >> it's good. >> it's a donation to the winner's charity. gold investors take note. there is a big event happening this weekend that could send gold prices sharply higher. we will tell you what it is. upgrades galore on wall street. "street signs" is coming up after this quick break.
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time for something we do every day at this time. street talk, hitting the analyst calls on stocks you need to know about today. >> dreamworks animation getting an upgrade. >> up to overweight from equal weight at morgan stanley. the analysts say the dream of moving from a box office play to a sort of broader more stable business is expected to play out next year and the target being boosted to $27 from $22. it is at $23.76. morgan stanley upgraded oil rig and nat gas. >> they got an upgrade from
2:31 pm
equal weight. the stock is down. they actually decreased the target price to $94 from 101. we reached out to the analysts and said what gives. he told us this upgrade was part of a sector-wide call and noted that price targets are fast moving in this space and constantly being updated. >> another upgrade. this one from dickenson. >> is that it? >> i thought we were moving up to the next segment? >> we have up by nearly 5%. >> on the upgrade? >> that's nice. >> the analyst likes the acquisition of care fusion and being boosted. >> this is not an upgrade or downgrade but a note worthy mention. >> an interesting call. thinking most likely target for pfizer. there has been talk that glakso
2:32 pm
smith cline is also a target. it is a wildcard play and rates pfizer a buy. >> nice. our under the radar name of the day. info blocks. it's a santa clara, california based technology company. it is under the radar but got a $1 billion market cap up from overweight from equal weight. the target upped to $21. >> all of these upgrades worth 5%. >> yeah. on what is otherwise a pre-holiday quiet day. that's why we do this. we find the movers and shakers. now let's talk gold. gold traders keeping a close eye on switzerland because the swiss will vote on whether the central bank should boost holdings. let's talk numbers. david sieberg. dave, what is the bullish case
2:33 pm
for gold here or is there not one? >> i mean, there is no bullish case for gold in my opinion. i think it will not end up in a yes vote. the odds of that occurring are very low. i have said it before on the show, no reason to own gold in the near term. i think you own it for two main reasons, hedge against inflation and hedge against a dollar, the dollar is going to stay strong. you have every central bank in the world, everybody trying to figure a way to debase the currency. the dollar will stay relatively strong. gold will continue. in my opinion i think that you stay away at least for the next 6 to 12 months. >> could gold suffer if it is defeated or is that baked into the market? >> i think it's probably priced in. i look at the event as probably a 30% chance of occurring. i don't think people are banking on it as being an event that
2:34 pm
will come through with the yes vote. if it did it would be off to the races. gold would just absolutely rip. i couldn't imagine that occurs. the show last week -- >> i want to get ari into this. what do the charts say? >> not much. what we are seeing in the charts corroborates the view. gold has been pressured by the rising u.s. dollar falling expectations. and what we see in the charts suggests this can continue. here is what we are looking at it. it has been a choppy trade. if you look at the 200-day moving average never inflected positively. it is starting to inflect negatively. how i see it the setup is there for momentum to start to turn lower again. this 1,200 level i think is very important. this break down point is the prior lows from earlier in the year. we are bouncing back into that level which is acting as
2:35 pm
resistance. i have a hard time seeing gold pushing meaningful higher from current levels. i see it lower looking at the next few months. >> having difficulty seeing the bullish cases, as well. enjoy your thanksgiving. be sure to check out the online edition of "talking numbers." let's take a look at the live pictures of the white house where the president is doing something each president does each time this year, pardoning a turkey ahead of thanksgiving. i wanted to mix it up one day and maybe not pardon the turkey and just eat the thing. >> it is a long tradition. i forget which president it goes back to. somebody is going to write in. i heard this the other day and thought it is interesting it goes back that far. there is president obama pardoning the turkey. how many pounds is the turkey you are serving? >> i am not a turkey fan. i might have a chicken. >> don't say that publicly.
2:36 pm
you can be deported for that. do you have the green card that says you must eat turkey on thanksgiving. >> that is part of the test. >> we are muchbing on here. one of the most plugged in oil analysts in the country. a man i have known for many, many years gives us his take on what will happen. >> broker to the stars sitting there and will join us with a look at a pair of million dollar homes. [ male announcer ] your love for trading never stops. so if you get a trade idea about, say, organic food stocks, schwab can help. with a trading specialist just a tap away. what's on your mind, lisa? i'd like to talk about a trade idea. let's hear it. [ male announcer ] see how schwab can help light a way forward. so you can make your move, wherever you are.
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cnbc's popular million dollar home competition is back. this time we sent our reporters home for the holidays. this is how the game works. two $1 million homes face off and viewers decide the winner. get ready to vote by going to brian sullivan's lake house won the last round but now is taking on the new competitor.
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>> this contemporary water front home is four stories tall. it spans 1.5 acres and you can enjoy the beautiful lake front views from your private dock or one of two different decks. a mahogany front door leads to 5,000 square feet of open living space. entertaining for the holidays? cozy up in front of one of three different fire places and make your way into the kitchen with granite counter tops, cherry cabinets. the spacious floor plan boasts five large bedrooms. one is sound proof, 4.5 bathrooms, sun room and basement equipped with the perfect holiday bar. just 15 minutes from here is a beautiful historic downtown, the scene of many civil war battles and great locally owned bars and restaurants. a spectacular lake front home for the holidays, $999,900.
2:41 pm
welcome to this fabulous 1880s queen ann victorian in the heart of spectacular chestnut hill. this home belonged to close friends of my family growing up and i have had thanksgiving dinner here a number of times. the spacious kitchen features cherry cabinets, a large work island and a tv nook to watch the football game. this large master bedroom features an original fire place, private bath and walk in custom closet and laundry room. this home has seven bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. this town has had charm and walkability since the 18th century. the house is six blocks from great shops, three blocks from the train and three blocks from the greatest high school in america, my alma mater. >> as you can see voting is underway. it is up to you to select the winner, which is the better bang
2:42 pm
for your buck? lake house or stone mansion? you can vote right now at in the meantime let's bring in real estate super broker. where is the stone mansion? >> philadelphia, pennsylvania. isn't it a gorgeous house? just the look of that house. to have that house so close to town. you can have all of that for $925,000. to me it's truly amazing. >> absolutely. >> what do you think, steve? >> i have one question. do you know what my question is? are there fish in the lake? >> no but turkeys run around up front. no fish in the lake. >> solve that problem. >> tell us about the two markets. that looks like a lot of house where sullivan is. >> it is a lot of house. there is fairly high unemployment there. there are nine houses in direct competition on the lake.
2:43 pm
that is not a good sign because a lot of supply whereas in pennsylvania there is only one house in competition. it's in much worse condition. this is the next house to sell without a question in that area. >> the 70% here you are not going to have a job if you go to this place. if you are retired that is terrific for you. if you need a job you want to be living in that stone mansion. >> at least you can come to the city. >> in terms of profitability over time. >> no question. >> you make more money with the stone mansion. >> to me, no question. they are emotional. they are watching. the views are amazing. >> they are not thinking about the big picture. the big picture is where am i going to get my money out? >> speaking of pictures. a photo of brian sullivan at graduation. >> how cute is that? >> look at that. he hasn't changed a bit.
2:44 pm
>> even in high school. >> i'm impressed with what a great real estate salesman brian is. >> voting is closing now. >> lakehouse got 71% of the vote. >> i would have loved to have had thanksgiving dinner growing up in that house. >> that's why there is a market and why there is money to be made. >> going to be back with the final matchup, "closing bell" is where she will crown the winner of the $1 million homes challenge. >> let's check on the price of oil right now. we are below 74. $73.63 a barrel right now. could it go lower? it depends on opec. we ask the top oil expert. they're coming.
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oil prices continue to plunge down about 30%. tomorrow they meet again for what could be the most critical
2:48 pm
opec meeting in years. what should we expect to hear and what does it mean for oil prices going forward? dan yergin from ihs joins us now on the cnbc news line. nice to speak with you. >> thank you. >> tell us what you expect to come out of this meeting tomorrow? do you think opec will agree to production cuts here? >> at this point it looks like more likely that they are not going to. obviously they are still negotiating. the gulf countries are sending the message that they don't want cuts. >> dan, you and i went through this back in '98 when oil hit $10 a barrel and there was a process to this where they kept going down and down and down in price and wasn't until some form of rock bottom pain formed a bottom in forms of production. >> for some of the countries they are under pain but others
2:49 pm
are willing to wait to see where the bottom is and where they stabilize. >> certainly we have had commentary out of saudi arabia. he is cryptic saying they reached a consensus and sounds like it is probably not for a cut and also the oil market will essentially stabilize itself. does that suggest that from now on they will be much more hands off? >> i think what it means is that they will wait and see for another few weeks. we could see another meeting in january. they don't want to cut and give up market share to other exporters or [ inaudible ]. >> it's a lousy connection. we are going to have to leave it there. i go back a very long time with dan when prices went down to $10 and we couldn't believe how low they went. i wanted to ask him if we were going to get that low. last i heard was $68 is the next
2:50 pm
resistance price. >> tom closer was on this morning and he said we can see oil go to $35 a barrel next year if they don't get some kind of like agreement to cut by the spring. >> that is going to be pain here in the united states if we get that price is lower than people believe it to be but it's still a lot higher than it is in some of these opec countries. one amazing statistic, i don't think you need to know more after this. what's going on in north dakota is equivalent of libya's production. that's just out of north dakota. 1 point something million barrels and adding another opec country and why it's creating the issues in the market. >> it's a new reality. "street signs" reality is coming up. and then a "shark tank" pies that made it big. and then the pandora of
2:51 pm
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pie and wine. two thanksgiving staples. we have both here with us today.
2:54 pm
let's dive in. first outside the tank, "shark tank," that is, steve, first-ever entrepreneur on the show. todd wilson joins us now. after making a deal on the show, things fell through. they offered you a lot of money but you didn't want to give away 50% of the business and things are going real well for you. >> i ate 100% of the pies and part of the being in the business and despite not taking that deal, "shark tank" is an amazing ride for me. so really a blessing for my business. >> tell us about your business right now and this is a big time of year i imagine for you. you sell a lot of different pies. what is the best seller? >> this is the biggest time. this is the super bowl if we were in the wing business. number one's this year are sweet potato pie. i made my name here and an apple crumb. another one of our big sellers.
2:55 pm
>> one of my favorites. >> you said pecan pie. >> we had an apple crumb in the house. go ahead. >> if you like pecan, you'll love chocolate pecan. that's a personal favorite. >> let's ask you an econ question. input prices are rising, have you been raising your levels? >> i'll tell you a story real quick. you think that this cup with green lettering -- >> howard shulds of starbuckses? >> yes. we won his dessert business, too. if you don't go to someone's house with a mr. tod's bag in the hand you are not bringing something. >> back up for a something. you want his business. >> yeah. >> you want to supply starbucks with your pies. anything in the works? >> not yet. he's a big cnbc contributor. i hope he notices and -- >> how many pies will you sell in the next for the holiday season? >> you know, even in the next 24
2:56 pm
hours we'll probably do thousands of them. >> thousands of pies? >> especially the minis. >> are you hiring? >> absolutely. we are expanding into new york right now. soho and harlem. we need some more people, pie lovers to build the brand and expand. >> wow me with numbers. how many pies are you going to be selling? >> i would right now between now and closing 3:00 on thanksgiving day, large pies probably a good 3,000 or so. >> wow. >> and well more than that of the minis. >> what are you doing here when you should be kneading dough? >> i haven't been to sleep in over 24 hours and the fact i'm standing is a miracle in itself. >> all right. let's move on. >> go and make more pies. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> let's wash down the pie with booze. if you have trouble picking out a perfect wine for thanksgiving, there's an app for that. it's called next glass. that may lend a hand. here on set to tell us how it works is trace smith, co-founder and coo of next glass just
2:57 pm
featured by apple as a best new app. show us how it works. when's the deal? by the way, nobody knew but i like to drink blue moon and the idea is if i don't want a blue moon, what should i have? >> currying favor by the guest is bringing a blue moon. you are sitting around with friends and family, thousands of options going to a grocery store for a bottle of beer or wine. you don't know whether you like them. like pandora for alcohol. give us a few things you like. we go in and scan a label. >> scan the label? >> personal score for you that's a personal score based on science, totally objective. no subjectivity or difficult, confusing adjectives. a personal score and then click on it, get the information like calories, carbs very important around this time of the year and your friends and family will think of a bottle with the search for friends functionality and see what similar bottles are. we'll help you find something
2:58 pm
similar. >> how do you make money from this? >> we help retailers, merchants, restaurants connect with consumers based on taste. no one's really doing that right now. distributors who basically vendor managed inventory at the grocery level and the only way to move extra product is discounting it. we can let them connect with consumers, offer promotions and deals. >> you scan blue moon and a personal score of 54, what does that mean? >> a low score. this is my taste. >> this is your tastes in there already. you won't like blue moon? >> exactly. >> what's a high score? >> a stout or a port and tested over 10,000 bottles of beer and wines in the laboratory. we take all that chemical data, use a machine -- >> mandy, laboratory. >> yeah. >> it's a laboratory. >> we're very popular scientists. >> it's a laboratory. >> it is, it is. >> a stool in it the laboratory? >> it does. >> has it -- >> scientists have not fallen off it. >> maybe the next function to
2:59 pm
put on here is what pie would go nicely with the wine. >> exactly. strike a deal? >> put that in my stomach or something? tell me how many i've eaten? >> all right. let's do a wine here. tell me, all right, i'm -- i know i like this wine but they don't have this wine. give me a wine like that. >> yeah. pick the bottle up. you can scan that label. display a personal score for you. you can freeze it. >> you like it. >> 78 for you right there. >> that's good. >> it's a high "c." >> what would happen if it's a high score for box eed wine? >> i think when's important to realize is people say great wine, bad wine and doesn't matter. if it's great for you, it doesn't matter the container. it's telling you how good it is for you, whether it suits your taste buds. >> i can beat my brother-in-law. i tell him good wines and then recommendations along the way for this. >> exactly. exactly. the name of the app is next
3:00 pm
glass. download it. scan some wines and see what your friends think of it over the holidays. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. happy baking. happening app'g. thank you for having me today. >> always a pleasure. okay. and "closing bell" is next. happy thanksgiving, everybody. stay safe on the roads. and welcome to "the closing bell," everybody. with an hour to go. not that we're counting. i'm kelly evans at the new york stock exchange on this thanksgiving eve. >> i'm bill griffith. we'll take you through the final hour of trade before the thanksgiving holiday own not a lot of trading going on because of that. you're looking at live at pictures outside our headquarters at cnbc in northern new jersey. i mean, it is not a lot of snow but enough to disrupt travel in the northeast. this ,


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