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tv   Squawk Alley  CNBC  March 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> fact check. >> we can't fact check some of the other claims he made. >> let's leave that there. let's hand it over to squawk alley. >> guys, thank you very much. good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. at netflix headquaters in california. it's 11:00 a.m. on wall street and squawk alley is live. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome to squawk alley. jon fortt is out today but we're watching not just the jobs number and the markets reaction but also the reaction to the debate. last night it was marco rubio and ted cruz versus donald trump at the debate. eamon is live with more on that. >> so much attention to the donald trump comments last night. you almost forget there's other people on the stage there last mite along side donald trump. each of them adopting their own strategy for how to handle the donald trump phenomenon. we saw ted cruz very much trying to be the reasonable man in this debate. and also marco rubio decided he was going to go toe to toe with donald trump including at moments laughing at donald trump. take a look at this exchange. >> could you respond to his specific assertion about trump collection clothes which you say some of it is made in mexico.
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>> this little guy has lied so much -- >> here we go. >> about my record. >> here we go. >> he has lied so much about my record. >> so rubio smiling and laughing there at donald trump trying to playoff the insurlts a attacks from trump and also on the stage, ohio governor john kasich that made the case that he has a really good chance in this race even though a lot of folks looked at him and said he might be one of the people next to get out. here's john kasich last night. >> wrote me off before i got to new hampshire and then when i finished second in new hampshire you wrote me off in the south and then you wrote me off in super tuesday. i split delegates in vermont with donald trump. i finished second in massachusetts and we won delegates in virginia but it's now march madness and we're heading up north to the place, to my turf, okay? and let me just tell you this. i will win, ohio. >> now guys all the focus is going to be on ohio, florida,
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and other states on march 15th. that's going to be a big one and it's anybody's guess what is going to happen from here on out. >> thank you very much. what a night. >> speaking of politics, hillary clinton sitting down with john harwood in a cnbc exclusive today at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. the dow has gotten to 17,000 for the first time since january. the s&p struggling to get to 2k at 1998 but we'll watch that closely as well. shares of hp enterprise rallying after earnings and revenue topped estimates. we spoke to meg whittman that pulled no punches. >> it was interesting. it is as you said also worth mentioning it was one of the best performers on the day so far. over 14% this morning. this after the quarter that was reported after the bell yesterday and the first quarter
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reported since the split became official creating hpe and hp, inc that was better than anticipated by the analysts that follow the company with a revenue number above the estimates but also investors focused on margins that are going to be fairly strong at the enterprise services group. a very important part of the overall businesses. but has slowed dramatically. overall there's revenue growth and con stand currency at hpe although the strength of the dollar continues to hurt overall so when you actually don't adjust for constant currency, you get a number that is below the year ago comparisons. china lead networking recovery also seems to have helped on the upside a bit and investors seem to be embracing the company's plan to buy back a lot of stock. basically all of it is free cash flow they said to return capital largely in the form of stock buy backs and they'll also be getting cash to sell assets in
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china. that expected in may. but a lot of our conversation as carl referenced came because meg whitman, the republican candidate for governor of california, prior to taking the ceo stint came out last sunday as somebody who had been backing chris christie and both criticized mr. christie's endorsement of donald trump and came out strongly against mr. trump herself. i asked her when she travels st is she hearing from executives and others at major corporations in the rest of the world? >> there is real concern out there. i have been in europe twice since the beginning of the year for a week each and virtually every executive from europe whether they're a customer or a partner or another member of our industry, almost their first question to virtually every american executive is what is going on over there and are you
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really going to nominate donald trump? i say you know what it's incredibly surprising the traction that he has gotten. my belief is that if the american people could really understand his record, understand what he stands for, understand who he is, understand the reality, then actually we would not nominate donald trump. >> china of course figures into mr. trump's plans in terms of perhaps putting a tariff of 35% on imported goods from that country. china figured very prominently and hp results strong. meg whitman calling about it although she did say that things are volatile and could change quickly. i asked if she sees continued strength in china and whether the trump candidacy and nomination is going to have impact. >> china is going through changes right now. we remain confident that we'll close our deal there. our business is strong but china
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is very volatile right now in my view so you never know what could happen next. i don't think that's necessarily related to a trump presidency because i think there's a fair amount of volatility in the next nine months or so. >> we all know of course guys about currency and concerns about overall growth in china but interesting to note that they had strength there and that deal again is to sell a piece of a business, the 2 billion in proceeds i referenced earlier will go toward buying back the company stock. >> david, thank you so much. good to have her. especially on a day like today. as we have been talking s&p did crack 2k. we're at 17,000 on the dow. netflix above 100 so a lot of round numbers today. joining us is kara swisher. happy friday to you. >> happy friday. >> talking about what meg told david, do you believe her view on trump is the consensus in the valley? >> i think she's being nice.
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i don't think anybody has it. a predominant republican backing christie. kind of amazed by it. it's not typically her mo. >> how much do tech companies need to start thinking about the possibility of managing better under a trump white house offshore labor? and what that means for selling their goods back home? >> i'm not sure. i don't think they can at this point. i think they can watch in disbelief. they tend to be more supportive of democrats than anything. >> we'll wait and see. it's not a group of people
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particularly political. >> they all have so much business fraud. >> we're going to take a moment to sort out the audio difficulties which is sometimes the case but if we can figure that out we'll get back to you. interesting points though out of whitman. didn't respond to what romney told the "today" show this morning and that is closing most doors to a run of his own but a lot of these opponents to trump are trying to wait to see what the next chapter is before they make any further calls about what their plans are going to be. >> but there's still an open ended question about if not romney, what is the republican party setting itself up for? cnn reporting yesterday that paul ryan of course speaker of the house having a private dinner with mitt romney at some point. i believe it was last week before romney came out and made the speech and whether the party was trying to set up mr. ryan
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potentially for a run. so we'll see. what i find so interesting about meg whitman's comments is she is knowledgeable about politics and she has been there and run for office and to hear from that's from her is meaningful. not just an executive interested in her own business but someone that does bring a good bit of experience about the political landscape to that commentary. >> so certainly she knows of what she speaks. both the phenomenon that trump is and what it's going to take for the party if that is the goal to try to find an alternative but that's obviously the main political story of the day along with social media, #gop debate still trending on twitter. there was the most discussed moment of the night. take a listen to this. >> breathe, breathe. >> lying ted. >> you can do it. you can breathe. i know it's hard. i know it's hard. >> when they're done with the yoga can i answer a question? >> you cannot. i really hope that we don't seo
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gathering on this stage. >> he's very flexible, so you never know. >> joining us to talk more about this is adam sharp. he is twitter's head of government and news and joins us here. it's good to have you back. >> good to see you. >> we have been talking all cycle long about how social has changed how these debates are digested but the examples just get better and better as we saw last night. >> yeah. and look at the tweet volume around the debates and see what strong conversation drivers they are. one of several big spikes in conversation but it's also how people are consuming these debates on twitter. here's a stat for you. these debates so far, tweets about them have been viewed more than 9 billion times. that's like adding another super bowl and oscars combined and having it play out over the full year of the election. >> it's fair to say that this election is not typical. this cycle is not typical. it's garnering much more interest than any election in recent memory.
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there were comments from cvs ceo where he said that trump is not good for america but he is good for cbs. without commenting specifically on trump i'm wondering is this he election and is trump just good for twitter and is that something that can be replicated in the future? >> anything that drives conversation is good for twitter because twitter is the forum for public real time debate conversati conversation. i would argue not just for twitter but the process. >> trump is the poster child for how you can leverage twitter well but it's interesting to watch how the opposing party uses it to insert themselves into a discussion of which they are not a part. hillary clinton is an example of that last night. >> two of the most retweeted
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tweets were from hillary clinton using these animated gifs. we made it easier to find and share gifs on the platform. i see you both joining the gif party. she did last night too and what is notable is not necessarily that she was in the top five but that the others were just average users. they weren't other candidates. they were other people whose messages and jokes were driving conversation. so she was successful by using twitter the way everybody else uses twitter. >> is there a data that shows that those types of tweets and that content gets more play than tweets about substantive policy issues? >> you see big spikes around those funny moments but they don't last. people laugh but then they move on. for example last night what was really driving that top moment was the debate over trump university. the opening about the size of hands didn't even rank in the top three of the conversation.
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>> chris christie. another example where vine has been at play in this case him standing behind trump. people asserting the theme to curb your enthusiasm as he reacted to trump speaking but is the jury out yet on whether or not that helps or hurts any candidate at all. >> both were trending on twitter all day yesterday until the debate so it kept them in the discussion and the debate. >> the politics the only thing worse than somebody saying something bad about you is not talking about you at all. so driving that conversation is proving well for everyone. >> everyone is of course watching the share wch is are working their way back to 20. they had a nice run off of the mid teens. what tools if you're prepared to let us know will twitter ravel
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as we get closer into the general cycle? >> we're always working to make twitter more easy to use and fun to use. you've seen it with the introduction of the gif button an the abi to make sure that if you have been away from your time line too long you can see the best tweets you missed and come right back into the live experience. you saw it highlighting the biggest moments of the night. watching the debate and using moments where you can follow an event and have the best tweets flow into your time line without having to figure out who to follow. you'll see us keep it rating in those directions and there's more to come. >> tv advertising is a factor for media stocks in this political cycle. is it for twitter? that's probably a question for adam but i'll throw it to you. >> all the campaigns are using twitter to buy promoted tweets and trends and accounts to try to reach new audiences on the platform. you've seen bernie sanders using it particularly effectively in the democratic debates and what is great is a you know what
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people are talking about. this isn't playing a demographic guess of okay this is the group we're trying to reach. let's hope they're interested in the debate and let's hope they're interested in the campaign. you know who these people are talking about the debate and engaging with the issues. that makes it a really effective issue for targeting platforms and products. >> it's going to get more interesting adam. >> absolutely. >> head of twitter government and news. by the way, again, make sure that you tune in this afternoon. hillary clinton of course will sit down with john harwood on the closing bell today. >> a sharp reversal on the markets mid morning. the s&p is up. >> the kbe is up 6.5% for the week. it's fourth day of gains as well. shares of staples falling after earnings and revenue for that company missed estimates.
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same store sales also falling for the quarter. those shares down just about half of 1%. >> when we come back house of cards season 4 is now out on netflix. a top reviewer from the hollywood reporter will tell us if it's any good. the u.s. added 242,000 jobs in february. we'll get some reaction from ed lazear that knows a thing or two about the labor market. dow is back up. s&p 2004 now at session highs. we're back in just a moment. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits.
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alphabet, book, microsoft and at&t supporting apple in that fight against the federal government. to what degree do you think those will be effective in the fight. >> it shows united silicon valley which you don't often see. the problem is will it really matter and will the courts overrule it anyway and then it will put everybody in the same position. they're all worried about. and help them fight terrorists. >> there is a separation in the briefs. there's one brief that has the large cap tech incumbents and another brief that has some of the smaller upstart type companies although in that brief
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there's publicly traded companies. i'm wondering where you think that faultline was drawn. >> i'm not sure. it's just lawyers working together. can you imagine putting together this group of people to try to agree on anything. it's just the approaches that they're using and the different arguments that they're using. obviously they wanted to get all the big names. google and twitter and others but they wanted snapchat and kick start and others that are more popular so that you have a range of companies being represented and a range of companies to appeal to consumers too. >> meanwhile, they were also filed in favor of the governments position. one of them came from the families of the victims of the attack but interestingly there were 14 fatalities and 22 victims that were injured but there were only six relatives of those victims that actually signed the brief and i'm wondering if you think we're getting to a point where public opinion is changing to side with more of the tech companies. >> well, i think that's appealing to the emotional
11:22 am
aspect and it's a tragedy for the families. interestingly enough i interviewed ash carter this week on my podcast that should be airing on monday or sunday night and he talked about not making laws when we're full of emotions and fear which is interesting because he seems to be let's not jump the gun here. this is what we have to think about because encryption is important to all of us. so what the issue is is a complex issue which it was in the first place instead of this back and forth. this is not a republican presidential debate. it's actually very complicated. instead of reducing everything down to idiotic sound bites which unfortunately that's what happened last night. this is a complicated topic at the heart of our democracy and it should be aired in an intelligent way with legislators of course and the public. >> but you said that. it was a nuisanced discussion. i'm guessing you think that you would give good marks to the way the conversation has evolved
11:23 am
over the past few days now. >> absolutely. i'm not so sure it should be decided necessarily. this is something that has to be legislated. this is at the heart of our democracy. it should take a lot of time to figure it out. it can't be done because we're in fear. it can't be done out of emotions. no good legislation as ash carter is saying in my interview is made out of fear, none. so that's the point. it should be debated and this is great that all of these companies are coming together and it's great that the government is making its arguments and that's the way it should be. intelligent discussion of an important issue and not about people's anatomy sizes. >> finally we're looking at the line-up for code this summer, amazing. >> yeah. >> amazing. >> we're not done yet. you don't understand. this is the best code ever. have to tell you. and all of these great issues too by the way. there's politics. there's encryption. there's nsa stuff. there's all kinds of things to
11:24 am
talk about including in international issues so you'll see more international, more politics, more everything coming but it's a great line-up so far. >> we cannot wait for that. we hopefully, obviously we'll see you before then. good to talk to you. glad we got the phone fixed. >> sorry about that. technology. >> when we come back house of cards season 4 live on netflix today but will president underwood's return boost the stock? more on that in this hour. know your financial plan
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let's bring in simon hobbs here to count us down. >> it's the only way you live and work abroad in financial markets and understand the degree to which they are driven by expectations of what will happen with the u.s. economy. you have a strong balance after the jobs report and the fact that the data has not been so bad recently and we're not going
11:28 am
into recession has had a profound effect on three major areas of the european stock market. banks, mines and oil. let me take you through them one by one. for the week this market is up about 3%. slightly better than the united states but take a look at where we have been on the banking sector. into that you have the idea that ecb is aware of the problem with negative rates come next thursday. bank stocks for the week up almost 6%. we flattened out here because there's profit taking on those that have done really well like the italian banks. take a look at how some of those high flyers from the week come back from the debts have now suffered from profit taking overall. but a far better performer is the basic resource sector. you could talk about pricing of commodities and whether these miners have liquidity problems but look at this, for the week overall, up 16%. a real strong follow through on the covering today. take a look at the issues to the degree they left again on the
11:29 am
session. this is just on the session. 7%, 8%, 10% for angelo american and glencore of course. the daddy of them all up about 10% as well and of course you have a lot of interest in where we are with the energy sector notably on the smaller weaker companies. the drillers, the oil services, short of being knocked out right left and center and over in norway, you probably saw this yesterday, is arguably the most indebted of the offshore drillers saying we'll restructure $10 billion of debt further down the line. look at this for the week overall almost doubling in value partly because the billionaire behind it has been selling out of other interests like salmon farming raising half a billion dollars we assume to participate in that restructuring further down the line. so a good game there overall. 38% on the session overall and these are smaller stocks but it goes to the general narrative that if the shorts will not be
11:30 am
knocked out in part before they certainly are this week. guys, back to you. >> true on a number of fronts. thank you very much. when we come back, hope you didn't have any big plans for the weekend because house of cards season 4 is streaming on netflix. is it worth a whole weekend of binge watching? we'll talk to a top reviewer in a minute. at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t.
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>> spanish authorities seizing 20,000 military style uniforms being sent to isis militants. they found the uniforms after opening free shipping containers in the port cities. 7 people were arrested. the top un human rights official warning that u.s. officials risked opening a, quote, pandora's box until the case against apple. the u.s. government's dispute with apple over one of the phones of the san bernardino shooters has intensified the debate over how much they should be able to monitor communications. and rupert murdoch and jerry
11:34 am
hall tied the knot. that's the cnbc news update this hour. let's get back downtown to kayla and squawk alley. >> we wish the best to the happy couple today. >> many happy returns. >> thank you. meanwhile the new season of house of cards drops on netflix today but could president underwood help boost the company's shares which are down about 13% so far this year. joining us is the tv critic for the hollywood reporter. and mark who is out with the results of a new netflix survey. we'll get to that in a second but daniel i'm just curious. we always thought once frank underwood got to the top office in the country that there wouldn't be much complexity left in the plot. do they have enough stops to pull out here. >> in the third season it didn't feel like they did. frank became president and spent
11:35 am
almost the whole season basically appropriating funds from fema for a jobs bill. that was the big drama but season 4 is much more dramatic and will make fans a lot happier. >> do you think it will make them watch to the end. how important is that to netflix the company when it's not an ad supported model. they just need people to sign up. >> it's always important that people sign up but it's even more important that they watch every episode especially since a 5th season is already picked up for next year. the stuff that happens will actually keep people around to find out what happens next. >> mark i moe that you probably have to watch all of these shows in the name of quote, unquote, research. certainly not pleasure i would through. but what do you think house of cards could potentially bring to a company whose stock is down 13% this year. >> let me get broader than that. original content is key to the netflix strategy.
11:36 am
first it gives them a hedge against rising content costs directly from studio content and secondly if they get enough of these and they're exclusive and they have global rights to them which is not the case with house of cards but it creates a lot of leverage. they have a slew of successful original contents shows. netflix is going to be rolling out 30 original content shows this year. they don't need home runs but if they can get a bunch of doubles and triples that causes the subscriber base to continue to expand. >> original content, you still have to pay the actors and build the sets and do all the things that a studio would otherwise do for you. >> no it isn't cheap but neither is buying content from studios. what netflix has is probably better data than anybody else has in terms of exactly how many hours of viewing you can tie to every piece of content and
11:37 am
that's how they workout their bidding strategies for content. they will probably overpay for a brad pitt movie which they are doing later this year in order to get that. but the idea of broadly diver diversing the content, we think it will be 25% overtime. it makes strategic sense and financial sense too. >> hey, the hollywood reporter did a piece not too long ago about hbo and the degree to which it's under pressure to put together another hit like game of thrones. is netflix under similar pressure to repeat something like house of cards? >> i don't know that they're under similar pressure because it's not like they haven't had shows that are perceived as being successful but if you have a netflix, their model is based on one successful show after another so maybe they're not under as much pressure because last week fuller house came out
11:38 am
and everybody watched that or many people did so this week it's house of cards and then next week it's going to be flaked and then it's daredevil. their business model at this point is based so heavily upon churn. if you don't like what we've got this week we'll have something else next week and they do, every week. >> it makes you worry then about a quter, anarnings report in which there was not a big hit in the quarter and that what that means for u.s. subs. >> yeah. it does. this company had two quarters in a row of missed subs number and then the stock derated because the growth expectations for the u.s. sub base came down. now can they maintain 4 to 4.5 million sub ads this year? and the stock will derisk again. what's more and more important every quarter is the international sub base and going out long-term 2-thirds of the subs will come from outside of the u.s. we're seeing very strong
11:39 am
traction for netflix in markets like canada, germany, france, the u.k., very limited traction in japan. that's one of the highlights from the survey we just put out. they'll need to show more attraction in order for the stock to go higher from here. they will but that's the risk. >> what's the single biggest risk for this company? we worry about saturation. the company has said that credit card churn is going to be a longer term issue than we expected. are either one of those going to be a bigger issue than we were thinking before? >> the biggest issue given where the stock is now given that they have 45 million subs in the u.s., the idea that they can get the subs i don't think there's a lot of risk to that unless there's a new spoiler offering out there but nobody offering as much content as netflix at a lower price. until then that's not the risk. the risk is execution in international markets and can this thing really grow
11:40 am
materially and they're global in nature. they have gotten over 10% penetration in markets like germany, brazil, france, very diverse markets. not just the u.k. and canada. they can prove it out. asia pacific is the next test bed for netflix. >> they have gotten viewers here in the u.s. subscribers to watch content with some titles. we didn't think they would do that. before we go i want to end on house of cards because there is a familiar name that cropped up in the cast list and that was neve campbell and i haven't heard her name since the scream franchise. >> she is a political on rangpe in texas and she is very good. it has neve campbell, it has ellen, cecily tyson. a lot of big names joining the cast this season. >> it will be interesting and
11:41 am
perhaps one reason, grub hub shares are up 3.5% too. a lot of people staying home this weekend. we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> when we come back, deep dive on hillary clinton's tax plan with the candidate herself joining cnbc for an exclusive interview at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. dow is up 51. >> he's a straight shooter. he puts economics in perspective so we can all get a better grasp but today the topic has to be the best job growth run since the 90s. that was the secretary's comment. all i'm worried about is when do we get the best wage improvement since the 90s? all after the break. owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers
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coming up on the halftime report, energy, financials, industrials and the sector storming back and taking stocks higher. we'll debate whether they all bottomed. plus exclusive new information about facebook's newest friends and the political stunner in brazil. michelle with that story and the stocks moving as a result. we'll see you in about 15. >> sounds good. let's get over to the cme group in chicago and get the santelli exchange. >> thanks carl.
11:45 am
when we want dark secrets exposed on the economic front. thanks for taking the time this jobs friday. >> thank you, pleasure to be with you. >> all right. why don't we start off with giving me your observations on today's data point. >> this report is one that's interesting because it suggests that demand is down and supply is up. it may surprise you that i say demand is down given that we have creation of 240,000 jobs but what has been ignored is that the average weekly hours decline. it's huge. it's the equivalent of minus 700,000 jobs so basically what that says is that employment usage is down this month. now if you look at the household survey labor force participation rose and the labor force is rising. to me it's completely consistent
11:46 am
because it's showing up in wages. >> i was playing with my charting system and i started around early 2007 and what you see is during a credit crisis nonfarm drops but then it comes back and in the words of labor secretary perez we had a long consistent run of jobs and it's alt lofty levels. let's not dig. if i do the same time frame for average hourly earnings year over year it has the big drop and then goes sideways but never had the pop. my question to you is, you know, we can elect bernie sanders and a socialist government could give everybody a job but are we really better off? if there isn't money being generated if the wages aren't pushing up, if a big swat to the economy is no better off in terms of how much they put in their wallet while paper money
11:47 am
is still legal anyway, what's the point of this. what do we need to refocus on? if wages continue on their run for another 20 years i don't think the average person could be any happier. >> i'm not sure i accept your premise. we have created jobs but only barely above the base to keep up with population growth and we still have a ways to go. let me pick up on your wage point. that's fundamental and i agree with you on that. the best indicator of the maturity of a business cycle is looking at wage growth so when you start to have a recovery in the labor market.
11:48 am
but that's consistent with expected inflation. we wouldn't have seen real wages grow very much so we're not seeing a lot of wage growth which tells me that we do have something fundamental going on in the economy to me w don't have productive growth. >> you've been in govern. everybody knows this is a problem. okay? why isn't everybody looking to try to address the dynamics. maybe turn off all models and begin new ones? final comment. >> well, i would say that the produ productivity growth issue is one that does result directly from policy. we have low capital expenditures which means low labor productive. we need to get capital growing and the best way is to make sure that the economy has the kind of
11:49 am
positive conditions necessary to get rates of return higher on capital. until that happens we're not going to see it and it's not going to be reflected in wages. >> hey, did you catch the debate last night? >> i just caught a few minutes of it, actually. but i had -- >> did you catch mitt romney earlier? >> i did. >> did you catch mitt earlier? >> i did. >> can you give me your thoughts on both of those quickly. >> well, let me stick to the economics of it rather than the politics of it. to me the most important consideration right now is, in addition to terrorism, growing the economy and the question is which one of the candidates will do it. i tend to flavor plans that don't tax capital. i like the rubio plan for that reason. the trump plan is one that has a production in rates on capital but the big problem there is on the revenue side. it just doesn't ad up to my mind. that's my concern. on the democratic side they're
11:50 am
not positive for growth but they do bring in revenue. unfortunately not enough revenue to match the expenditures that they're proposing so if we get a republican, what i would be pushing for are the tax policies that they are suggesting right now coupled with something on the expenditure's side to make sure that our budge stays under control. >> i know that you have been in politics a long time and we're out of time but in my 59 years on this planet i've seen boat loads of plans. it's more about the implementation but during election years we forget about that. >> absolutely. >> you're right on that. it's easy to talk. it's hard to do. >> yeah but people juan plans. so just drop some plans. i would like to see the actionable side of that. haven't seen it really since the reagan administration and to be fair parts of the clinton administration. it's always a pleasure talking to you. now let's go back to kayla. >> thank you, rick. >> and thanks to both of you. when we come back, speaking of
11:51 am
plans, more on hillary clinton's tax plan and what that candidate's tax plan could mean for you. that's up next.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
features for skype. we're reaching out for comment but interesting because the company according to the journal and bloomberg is in talks to raise new funding. that being slack at a valuation between 3.5 and $5 billion so the reported $8 billion price tag that microsoft internally had thought about would be far steeper than that but apparently failed to drum up support according to tech crunch. meanwhile, a new analysis shows tax rates would rise on the top 1% of americans under hillary clinton's economic plan. robert frank has more on that back at headquaters. >> is there a tale of two tax plans here. and trump aims to help the highest earnings. we look at an analysis from the policy center and found that clinton's plan would increase tax revenues by over a trillion dollars. clinton has said the rich need
11:55 am
to pay their fair share so three quarters of that added revenue would come from the top 1%. now 1%ers would see their yearly taxes increase an average of $78,000 each. the top .1% would see an increase of over a half million dollars a year. trump, well, he's a little kinder to the millionaire class and all taxpayers. the 1% would see an average tax cut of $275,000 and the .1% would see a cut of 1.3 million a year so while all americans get a tax cut under his plan the largest benefits go to the the 1%. now his plan would simplify the tax code to just three tax brackets and lower the corporate tax rate and it would, quote, boost incentives to save and invest and unless there are accompanying cuts it could add 11 trillion to the debt. now the 1% is going to pay most of the costs or get most of the benefits of any man since they pay half of all taxes. but clearly here two different
11:56 am
treatments and definitions of what is fair share. >> we'll have a discussion of that this afternoon when john harwood will have an exclusive interview with clinton at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. you will not want to miss it. >> when we return an insult worthy of the current presidential campaign and it's between two tech companies. we'll explain after this break. vo: know you have a dedicated
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>> if you're a mac user you may be waiting a long time. oculus founder says users will not be seeing the oculus rift work with a mac any time soon saying that's up to apple. if they ever release a good computer, we will do it. he went on to explain apple doesn't prioritize the high end and doesn't have a computer capable of supporting their recommended specs. that's a conversation we'll approximate having more. >> apple had plenty of computers that made it to retail which is more than oculus could say up until recently. >> snap, no you didn't. not too much trash talking in the markets.
12:00 pm
s&p 2003. we know going into the national people's conference in china there might be some aversion to going in short. we'll see what they say about economic targets for the year and further fiscal stimulus. >> it will be interesting to watch although people are surprised that the markets turned around this weekend. >> let's get back to headquaters and scott and the half. >> welcome to the halftime report. our top trade this hour. the dow topping 17,000 as energy and other sectors come back from the brink. don't look now but crude oil going for three straight weeks of gains. it's the first time its done that since may. with us jim, josh brown and john and pete. that oil out burst carrying energy stocks into positive territory this year but far from the only beaten down bunch to storm back. industrials going green. financials flying in. transports tearing it


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