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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> so regis. >> i'm melissa lee. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. don't go anywhere, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. \s my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm hire to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you money. call me or tweet mea meal @jimcramer. you know what's amazing about this market? that it wasn't down even more. i'm starting to feel like there's a war brewing, a war on business from u.s. politicians,
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and if our leaders aren't careful, i think this could get out of control. if it keeps up, you have to believe we'll see more dice like this one. the dow lost, s&p plunged 2.5% and nasdaq nose-dived 1.47%. first, i think the recent rhetoric against business is insays. in my view, the creation of capital through hiring and building something is worth celebrate. i look as it as a way to get food on the table, as a a, i celebrate it. and when i see fabulous business people dock wonderful it's not
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like they're creating any jobs. good business people, though? they're heroes to me. but that's not how many politicians look at business right now. this noisy dispute is now front and center in the investment, and the tone is so damaging, we might as well be in a bull fight, and we all know how those end. first the blocking of the pfizer/allergan deal. two years ago this agency said only -- that are domiciled overseas in low tax jurisdictions, but since then treasury has promise you will gated three rules. the last rule in the 11th hour specifically blocked the pfizer/allergan deal, even as both companies were in total compliance. that nonchalant moving the goal post to get this one crushed was as brent saunders said, just plain un-american. i think treasury secretary jack
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lew was ordered to find a way to block this deal, because these inversions are so unpopular, how is it possible the treasury secretary session that legislation was needed to block these deals and then contradicts himself and blocks them anyway? that doesn't inspire business confidence. second the justice department's to lose the baker-hughes/halliburton deal. on air i said it was as anticompetitive as it comes, but i think they were somewhat cavalier in not even bothering to articulate what they needed to do to satisfy the laws, in that bill baer called it unfixable and shot the whole thing down. if there's a -- third and most unsettling, though, there's the surprising popularity of bernie sanders, who is viewed as a
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fringe candidates six month ago, but has put up a decent challenge to hillary clinton's bid for the democratic nomination, even though the so-called super-delegates seemed to have aligned with hillary that it does seem a done deal. the attack on business is unprecedented as he said the other day -- then turned around and fined them billions for some of bare's misdeeds, to buy failing banks dural the agree recession, it pleaded with them to do so. is sanders says now hey, let's break up this up. we got this morning the annual letter from jamie dimon, and this bank has done everything it can to comply with the ever-changing rules that have been demanded. it has 43,000 people who do just
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controls for the bank. that's up from 6 billion and 24,000 people in 2011. dimon professed he wasn't happy with the stock's performance, just even with the s&p, but jpmorgan has outperformed its cohort which is saying something, and that's me talking, not dimon, who doesn't blame the government for not beating the s&p. then bernie sanders' whole head-scratching attack on ge saying the company is, i'm going to quote here -- destroyer the moral fabric of the america, because it's so skilled at avoiding taxings the. no company is perfect, but it's hardly an example of corporate greed at its worst, as jeff immelt said in a tell-all opinion post in "the washington post," ge has been in business for 124 years and we've never been a big year with socialists, end quote, but he continued --
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we create wealth and jobs instead of calls them for speeches. he goss on to say -- we takes risks, inoy investigate and produce in ways that today sustain 125,000 u.s. jobs, including jobs? vermont, where sanders is from that employ 1,000 people. added bonus, he writes -- vermont as junior senator is always welcome to come by for a tour. he's never visited the plan. ge said it's paid billions, and accuse sanders of false accusation, and then says -- that does sound like the voice of a destroyer of moral sp fabric to me. people have watched this show for years and they know that. we need good, smart regulation, but it needs to be rational predictable, not ad hoc and not out of for nowhere and not
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adhoa adhome i nuit's terrific that u. steel stock has doubled is, thereby assuring it can raise money if it needs to. i like the fact that the international trade commission is looking into chinese dumping of aluminum. the chinese have been flooding the world with this stuff, including the u.s., with subsidized steel, i'm telling you, for years. if the xhert department puts in a -- who knows how high acoa can go. the reports on monday may not be that good of a quarter, but you get my drift. i always love that they have to put p clients first. that rule is a long time coming. it got me thinking, i wonder who those advisers were putting first before this? hmm. but any war on business in general is a war again you in general. 90 million households own
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stocks, 90 million depend for wealth crazy. companies have to make decisions, and they could have the rules change on them with no warning. repealing what they did when they were playing by the previous rules, got me thinking today, i asked dividend faber, will the government decide that dupont and dow can't merge? despite the competition? will treasury rules change so you can't borrow money anymore to buy back stott? with you you talk the government out of the bolts, who knows where it can go if it's time for this administration to pull back and wait until a business does something wrong before going on the attack. ice onning stocks will become a reckless thing to do. there is ra payables capitalists out there, but not all capitalists are rapacious. i say declare a truce so companies with hire, create, serve customers and generate
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wealth for shareholders of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. let's go to gary in new york, please. >> caller: hi, jim. a big boo-yah too you. >> i like that. what's up? >> caller: jim, a recent interview with sprint's ceo was very positive looking forward. what is your long-term analysis of sprint? >> i know they raised some money, but i fear that the sprint common stock will just not go up that much, because there's solve debt. i like vise are not and at&t for income, and i like t mobile for growth. that's three in one industry that i like. that's enough. how about bruce in minnesota? bruce. >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim, from st. paul, minnesota. >> nice. >> caller: back in january, february when the market turned down, you referred to bmy, can you elaborate as to why?
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>> because bristol-myers has one of the most unbelievable anticancer pharma out there. it's an inventive company and has held up extremely well. bristol-myers, good company. adam in delaware? >> caller: mr. cramer, a big boo-yah to you from delaware. >> i love delaware. i was just there the other day consider regarding the airlines stocks, the service mentality geared towards millennial, what do you think about holding southwest over delta for the long term? >> delta reports next week. the stock is getting ham irahead of t i think that no one has ever gone wrong during this whole period buying southwest, because the company has been profitable. if you have to own an airline, i'm never going to is it stand in the was of buying luv. there's a war on business
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and it's out of control. if the government keys v keeps it up, to bes will become a reckless asset class. if buying an engagement ring may make your arms sweat, but combining a -- i'm sitting down with the ceo to find out. and a bed bath and beyao coupe been with the stock down 30% over the past year, let me take a closer look. great news if your dog ate your homework, i did it for you, and it could make you some money. stick with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money." foss on twitter. have a question? tweet craper e er -- crame cramer #madtweets, or give us a call. miss something? head to this clean was like, pow!
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what's has been at s.i.g.? a you kay recognize them as kay or sayles. it's down 6% for year to date, but after taken it on the chin for months, it dramatically rebounded, which begs the question, we know that signet reported a decent quarter a couple weeks ago, even as their sales were a bit weaker than expected, but had a healthy key increase. and management gave you solid guidance. so is this jewelry coloss us worth looking back at. let's talk to the ceo and find out where the company is headed. welcome to "mad money." good to have you, sir. >> great to be here. >> people know your brands.
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i just want you to walk through how you make your money on the brands and the different levels. >> thank you, as signet, we're the largest retailer of diamond jewelers in the world. the largest is kay jewelers, the largest brand in the united states, and then sayles and we're also the number one jeweler brands in canada, and also the united kingdom. >> there's a couple things that tell me. styles matter, the commodity costs people say matter, and also the seasons. so are we in an -- valen type's day is important. it's a seasonal big to some degree, but walk me through the key metrics. >> definitely our big is about 50% gift giving, and our other 50% is a bridal or engagement related business. that is a nice, consistent business, and it's a very stable
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business, the closest we say is a necessity, but it's a very solid bit and very donzant business. >> traditionally you had some dead on the balance sheet. you bought sales and took down a lot of dead. i know you've some synergies, but you still have a lot of debt. >> the entire debt we have is specifically for the zales acquisition. we just increased our synergies up about 225, 250 million direct improvement, and we're thrilled with what's going on with the acquisition and the integration of zalez with our company. >> on the conference call you spent time going over lending standards, basically. you have an element of your business that's kind of like a credit card company. what are the risks for people interested in investing, and how do you balance the risk for customers who definitely want to buy jewelry, but can't afford it? >> in our kay and jared stores, we have been carrying internal
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credit for well over 30 years. this is something we've been doing for a long, long time. we have a consistent methodology of how we improve and under -- and we have tons and tons of data understanding how jewelry customers react and pay for their credit bills, which is different than how they pay for their cars, or port 2308 i don't is doing well, and we think it's a tremendous enhancement. >> how did it hold up during the downturn? >> the statistics or metrics were worse outside the recession, but much better as we compare to other financial institutions, so we have a good handle on how we run or credit business. >> next wednesday was -- they revised things down from january. what is -- how is signet doing? retail sales have been so rockie? >> signet has been pretty consistent. if you look over the last 20 years, we've been consistently up 5% outpacing the jewel write
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market. we guided we will be up 3% to 4% for the first quarter. >> you have some brands -- i've been to neil lane. that's very expensive in l.a., and vera wang is not inexpectative, either, do they fit into the level of income for those who go to zales and kay? >> that's the beautiful thing. they design products for the celebrity levels, but they're also designing for middle america. that's what we're all about. jim. we know the mid market better than anyone else. we're a growth company quite frankly, to vera wang and neil lane are tremendous, because they're designing products through the middle america. one of the phet things l brands has had a restructuring, and they've taught me well be careful of the malls. do you think that brick-and-mortar malls are no place to be, even though i know
6:20 pm
you can't be amazon because of the way jewelry is? >> in our business, jewelry is a very much a considered purchase. people are buying earn gaugement rings, gives, it's considered. we're more of a destination. we're affected by mall traffic, but not as much as other retailers. we see there's different types of retail traffic. you have mall traffic, off-mall traffic, and online and off-line. it's a common term, but the omnichannel experience in jewelry is so critical, so we believe there are good malls and very healthy malls, but we have a diversified portfolio. but 50% of signet is off maul and 50% in the mall. >> i want people to understand, your relationship with credit, is it similar do what credit card companies except there is some loss, but they do well? net out good. you net out good on your credit. >> absolutely. we believe it's a tremendous
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enabler, and we understand these customers. we understand the jewelry customers better. we've been lending money for jewelry customers for 30 years. we have tremendous data to understand how they pay for jewelry. >> excellent. well, thank you so much, sirs, that's mark light, ceo. you've seen the ads, and now you've learned the story. stay with cramer. coming up, cramer studies the stocks of two biotech companies in the ongoing fight against cancer, but only one of them will make the grade. cramer reveals the report cards, just ahead. this clean was like, pow!
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get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. a buyback is a terrible thing to waste. if you want to know who wastes it, look no further than bed bath and beyond which reported earnings last night. a retailer widely known as a great merchant, with a terrific racetrack -- and excellent prices. testify right-hand by buyers who knew what people want, or at least they thought they knew, because they have what we used to call a great eye. it was a cash cow. enough to buy back so much stock in the last four years she shrashall range the share county down to 15 million shares.
6:25 pm
among the best of shrinkage of any company i follow. how has the stock done in reaction? well, here's something interesting. the market capitalization has shrunk from $14 billion to $8 billion. that was, as it took out the number of outstanding shares, the valuation was cut in half. for years you would go on their dece decent -- dessicated conference calls, and all they would do is talk about one thing, amazon. they would say the showed that bed bath was getting its clock cleaned by the web. and in short bed bath was a dinosaur living in the ice age of the web, and the algorithmic
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ability it of them to figure out what you wanted no matter how good. from a merchant background myself somewhat, i found my trips were still rewarding. my kids laughed at me. i used to take it to the original bed bath, and we would stroll through the aisles, passing a lot of stuff that we weren't interested in, to get the things we need. i would come in with a coupon that was in the paper or in the mall or in my mail, whatever, diligently saving my $5 off the final price, which was typically jacked up, anyway, by the candy aisle with the long lines at the register, but as my kids grew up, they tired of the trips. they skipped over the aisles filled with what they didn't need by flipping through web pages on their macs are on browsen on amazon.
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shipping was free thanks to amazon prime. obviously they weren't aloe. the same-store sales which have always been on the upswing began to stagnate, as the older generation, me, stopped being the prime driver of bed path purchases, mainly starter homes or going to college or second house outfitters. customers avoided the cumbersome waste of time and zeroed in on directly on the web, and the $5 coupon meant nothing. do you know that chickens all came home to roost, and they came home last night on their conference call. oh, this was not as they say your father's conference call. it was filled with terms you would hear in a tech company called like a salesforce call, thinking about the customer interface, digital web, navigatal improvement, nub of the racetrack stores, but digital offers, as the ceo said,
6:28 pm
which was no doubt listened to by the two cochairmen and founders. in no-doubt grudging admiration, quote -- where were we? the opportunities presented by new technologies surpassed our older systems capability, making additional improvements to search, navigation and functionality more difficult. we also did not have mobile web sites, applications for any of our concepts. in other words, they spent money on stock, not technology. so can bed bath recover? the conference call was filled with every omnichannel and customer satisfaction buzzword of the new age form the endly coupon even seemed to come under fire. while bed bath has 500 i.t. professionals and welcome the new additional world, it could be too late. time will tell, but amazon was doing the bell tolling all along and now it tolls for the great
6:29 pm
merchant bed bath and beyond. let's go to michael in new york. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i want to say you and your staff are doing a great job. >> the staff is dynamite. >> caller: my question is with limited brands. i have a position that i'm about breaking even with. with the restructuring, i was wondering if you think i should buy, sell or hold my position. >> it yield 2.85%. leslie waksaler runs it, almost everybody has been around when it was lmtd knows that. the stock got hammered today off of what i thought was a very, very good, surprisingly good number. the victoria's secret breakup i think makes sense, too. i do like l brands, and i like it very much, particularly down 10% for the year, which is highly unusual. mark in michigan, mark? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you
6:30 pm
doing? >> how are you, mark? >> caller: hanging in there. a question for you. young investor in his 20s, i'm looking to diversify my portfolio, and add a utility stock in. i was looking at dpe energy and american electric power. >> the best is america electric power, you with follow my charitiable trust that owns it. see, you're in your 20s, you buy a utility stock, a nice yield that happens to be very much up 12%. typically what i care about is you should by going for growth. go for diversified growth. we can own utilities later on in your life. what a shape, bed bath & beyond, you wasted all that money on the buyback. should have spent it on technology. only time will tell if this merchant can -- i'm selling throwback thursday by rehave i
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every night i take your calls, and because i'm only human, occasionally you manage to stump me or at least ask me about a stock i need to do more research on before i feel comfortable giving an opinion. we do the home work and come back, in part because indeed this is most the interactive show on television now that "american idol" is finished, and it teaching on how to for analyze a stock, and that's what we pride ourselves on on "mad money." stan called in last week having about novacure, nvcr. it's an intriguing company that's developed a potential revolutionary way to fight cancer. it's a proprietary technology
6:35 pm
known as tumor treating feels, where they use low intensity, which interrupt key molecules in a way that prevents those cancer cells. this may be the least invasive method of treating solid tumors out there with far fewer side effects. and this isn't some pie in the sky technology that won't be ready for years, and mate not even work. see novacure has one product on the market market. it's you could approved to did in the fourth quarter, 499 prescriptions were written for optune, and if it works for country kind the solid tumor, the science suggests, we don't know, but suggests it could work for all of them, including ling cancer, pancreatic caner. unlike so many other early stage
6:36 pm
biotechs, the reg las torrie approvals and the real-world sdperns to make this technology work. i lost a friend to brain cancer, and yes, instead this is anecdote al, the product gave him extra years of life versus anyone who received such a horrific diagnosis could expect. the only issue here is that novacure became very -- at $22, just as all things biotech are going into freefall. falling to 14 and change as of day, but with health care back in favor or at least on the wall street fashion so, and the m & a side, i think it could be worst speculating. i am super you have it for speculation, but just remember, it's for speculation only, it's sure not for your retirement account. next up, another one that was intriguing, jeff in michigan, just last week asked about
6:37 pm
ollie's bargain outlet. ollie is an off-price retailer that sells brand-name merchandise at a 70% discount, 187 locations across 16 states, an environment where consumers are increasely attracted to value, ollie's is very appealing. the company just reported last night, delivered a strong top and bottom line beat. robust sales growth, and excellent full-year guidance. and it's not just one good quarter. ollie's has terrific new store level economics, with nope cash on cash returns, so it makes sense that the company plans to open up 20 locations this year, a mammoth 15% increase. it could be the kind of regional to national growth story that money managers get excited about, but it just went public
6:38 pm
last july and there's some hair on the story. for starters this was a private equity backed ipo, and the guys behind it still own 59% of the company, which means they're pretty much in total escrowle and their interests of when they have to sell might come before the interests of regular shareholders. second, the stock trades at 25 times next year's earnings estimates making it more expensive than others, yet it's executing like crazy. in the end, maybe you wait for a pullback here. this is not the kind of stock you want to chase after a big run. be patient, it may be the beg private equity company wants to sell some stock. i do is invite the company on, because i was entried. please come on, ollie's. joe in virginia called about nptn. this is a small purveyor of
6:39 pm
fiber-optic component. not great, it's been a total dog ever since it became public, but ever since it bottomed in 2014, the stock has been on fire. it's rallied more than 550% from the lows back up to 14 and change today. the darn thing is up nearly 30% since the beginning of 2016. for ages the big knock again them was they had way too much china exposure at a time when the chinese economy was slowing, how, the demand seems to be picking up. it's pardon of a worldwide upgrade toward faster networks. we saw this when the company reported a terrific quarter a metropolitan ago, just a huge beat. it still just trades at 16 times next year's earnings. that's a huge douse to the closest competitor. that said, i'm a tad reluctant to endorse this stock with a few cents from the highs.
6:40 pm
if you want to speculate in optical the equipment, it might be the way to go, but please i'm wait for the stock to get a hit otherwise move on. herbert in pennsylvania asked about cpxx, and this one was a total stumper. this is a small development stage biodid that's focused on helping to fight cancer. it's all about making sure that cancer patients who take multiple drugs actually get those drugs in the right ratios, because they can interact with each other, which meeting getting the right ratio is important. it's created a proprietary the platforms, in panels of tumor cells, and what they have found is that many combinations that are known to be helpful could have done even better if the dosage ratios had been adjusted, the lead product is a 5/1 formulation of two existing blood cancer drugs, currently in
6:41 pm
phase 3 trials. nobody had ahead of this companien we got positive trial data on, and the stock surgeoned more than 400% in a single session. you saw it pop. since then it's climbed another 54%, up 13 and change today. so where do i comes down on this stock? i've got to tell you, at a time when so many are roaring, i think this is way too risky. sure, they have a drug that could receive fda approval. that's good, that's exciting, but the lead drug is just a combination of two existing drugs that literally have been around for decades. others have made money with this combo, but in the current political environments, i don't know how they get pricing power. if you own it, here's my advice, i say ring the register. if you don't, after this decline, there's still plenty of good biotechs out there better
6:42 pm
than this one. don't move, "the lightning round" is next. what are you doing right now? making a cake! ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do?
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it is time. it's time for "the lightning round." and then we hear this sound and "the lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? we're going to start with sal in new york. sal? >> caller: a big boo-yah from the south shores of long island, jim. >> how fabulous is that? that's where a lot of us are from. hit me. >> caller: am i taking off or landing with jetplus? >> you're okay, i prefer southwest here. delta is another one roger in minnesota. roger? >> caller: jim, will the opening of the new canal in central america affect the ternings of tal? >> the only ways to do it is csx. it reports wednesday. wait until after the call, because i'm worried about shipments. >> caller: my current stock is bo jangle. >> i was by bo jangle's the
6:46 pm
other day. the ticket statement is under pressure right now with the popeye's and bo jangles. i appreciate to be in -- let's do starbucks, back over 60, but i like it. charitable trust name. david in new york? >> caller: boo-yah from convenes. your thoughts on boston science. >> wife is from queens, so we have to be careful. i like it. becton dickens, and that's like braham, mozart and bach. what do you think about boeing? >> i'm going to the museum this weekend, but i'm waiting for an accounting clearup on what's going on before i recommend boeing. ira in new york? >> caller: mbix. >> yeah, it's okay. you know, this is that -- it's a very, very hard group of diseases that they're trying to
6:47 pm
cure. it's pure speculation count 20%. if you want to speculate, i totally get it. elise in new york. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer, thank you for taking my call. >> no problem. >> caller: ethyl 9 reit, which went public under -- i would appreciate your input on this. >> it's fine. you know in that area i prefer epr, i prefer entertainment epr properties, but i think i feel better about because of the mosaic of properties that it owns. bob in illinois? >> caller: yes, mr. cramer, in light of the pfizer deal that came apart yesterday, how do you feel about baxalta's upcoming deal? >> people say don't worry, but if there's a war on business, i can't go there. maybe they feel like, you know what? even though we want it's okay,
6:48 pm
it's not. i can't go there. kim in new mexico, kim? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i appreciate you. >> boo-yah, kim. >> caller: my question is one of my mar yet genetics. >> it's a company that has news all the time, and i've got to do home work before i make a judgment on that. let's go to kay in oregon. kay? >> caller: hi, jim, this is kay. boo-yah, thank you for all you do for us small gamers. my stock today is harmon industries. >> harmon has been hurt by a strong dollars and hurt by what people think is a slowdown in the autos. i happen to like harmon. i think it has a good business. i at not going to say no to buys harmon right here at these prices. have a position and wait for the quarter. that strong dollar is playing havoc with them.
6:49 pm
>> let's go to yogan in new jersey. >> caller: hi, jim. boo-yah. abms i bought at very high price, so hold, sell or -- >> let me check my bible from the street. did we do a profile on that one? i don't know it and i've got to come back. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the lightning round." "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. sup jj, working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app on the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of other competitors do on desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivatives pricing model, honey? td ameritrade.
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hey there, cramerica. it's time to play another whirlwind round of my personal favorite game "am i diversified?" take a look at some isolated addition by the treasury department, or 'em what they have done to stocks allergan if your overweight health care or there's flippant rule change, you may have learned about in your civics, poof, the portfolio is toast, so call me or tweet me, tell me your top five, and i'll tell you, say, whether you need to make some change or maybe you're diversified all right. so first up to bat, we've got 0abe 136ba, who says thoughts on
6:53 pm
diversified -- amazon, netflix, starbucks, costco and under armour, our largest holdings. so we have a general online merchant. i didn't say retailer. we have an actual retailer owned by my charitable trust, starbucks is a retailer. net flex, you know, online entertainment, and we have underarmour, which is apparel. i see too much that's align. first these are also high-risk stocks, keep costco, amazon, net flick, underarmour, why not get a drug company in there? >> kell hey, jim, thanks for taking my call. verizon, coca-cola, johnson & johnson, bank of america and carnival cruise
6:54 pm
lines. am i diversifiediversified? >> ooh, i like this. bank of america records next week, i don't know, oil and gas, my charitial trust owns it, but i've already said i don't feel good about the stock until it goes lower. coca-cola, what a brand, j & j, fantastic, verizon downgraded by people today, c'mon, by the way and carnival, they did have a great quarter. nobody else seems to be worried about zika virus. so bank, soda -- well, carbonated beverage, drug company, telco, and entertainment, travel and leisure. that is perfect. ♪ hallelujah richard in michigan, richard? >> caller: yeah, boo-yah cramer, we love you here in an arbor,
6:55 pm
michigan. >> right back at you. >> caller: disney, facebook, apple, verizon and ppg. [ buzzer ] >> the game is rigged. this is fabulous. facebook is you, technology. brilliant technology, always welcome on the show, unlikely, but social media. disney's interteam. apple is tech, so i don't think it competes with facebook, vising is telco. ppg, stock is spurted after valspar made that deal. so interattempt social media, entertainment, tech, it elko, chemical. i'm blessing that portfolio. anthony in illinois? >> caller: jim, a big boo-yah from chicago. >> chicago, man, got two teams there. lucky dog. what's up. >> caller: am i diversified?
6:56 pm
we've got -- facebook, weight watchers, intel, csx corp, and fitbit. >> ooh interesting. intel, she kicko csx reports this week, railroad, facebook, we're calling that associate media. fitbit, health care device, and weight watchers, kind of health care, let's scratch weight watchers. can we put in bristol-myers? make it a health and wellness device, social media, railroad and tech. not my favorite, but does fit in until the rules, so i will say a tepid bit of applause. stick with cramer. this clean was like, pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white.
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6:59 pm
to the scheming white collar playboy turned to murder? there's a 200 grand reward for info leading to the arrest of jason derek brown, don't miss this story on "american greed" tonight. remember, hess's armed and dangerous. a tough day for the market today. we're in a war against business and it's starting to hurt stocks. i always like to say i promise to find a market for you right here on "mad money." i will see you tomorrow.
7:00 pm
>> check out these awesome rich-people rides. the latest jaguar right off the assembly line... first-class seats with leg room for miles... and huge stretch hummers for fabulous on the go. yes, rich people are spectacularly... boring... because this isn't "the rich guide." it's the "filthy rich guide," and they need a ride that really blows... their... minds. billionaires fighting over the latest private jet. >> ralph lauren is on the waiting list, oprah is on the waiting list. it's a pretty impressive group to be in. >> no-limit gearheads with money to burn. [ engine revs ] >> if you're gonna buy a motorcycle, you got to have a helicopter engine in it.


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