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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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trade real quickly. if they run out of steam next week, you look to let them out. >> looks like our time has expired. thanks so much for watching. i'm melissa lee. for more "options action" check out the website at make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job isn't just to entertain but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. heaven forbid this market could actually manage to rally on a day when oil goes down. we are to inter linked that you probably much know it's going to be a downer if oil opens off a
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buck and goes lower. that's what happened today, dow slipping 29 points, s&p falling .10%. now, i know that individual stocks can transcend oil now and then, but oil is in control right now. we might as well go right into our game plan because the most important thing happening next week at the height of earning season is what depose on this weekend in doha. that's when oil ministers from opec and russia are getting together to talk about freezing production. this meeting really isn't about freezing anything. there are way too many countries moved and opec itself is basically broken, it's every country for itself in this oil market. i'm not saying it's irrelevant, especially given the endless rumors of having it were crucial in lifting the price of crude from 26 bucks to $40 now. i am saying, though, that what really matters is supply and demand. and right now supply is indeed being cut back in the u.s., prices are too low. maybe by as much as a million
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barrels while demand worldwide is picking up, that's creating tightness that most likely can't be alleviated until oil goes higher and more expensive fields from the u.s. can come back online. however, you won't see that happen until around 50 bucks. here is how i think things will pan out. nothing will happen at this meeting and oil will sell off, it started to do that today, when the sell off accelerates you have to do some buying, not necessarily oil stocks but of your favorite stocks that get taken down by a marketwide selloff. so get ready for downward action if nothing comes out of doha and be ready to pull the trigger on some high quality stocks that otherwise might not go down without oil's pressure on the entire stock market. earnings season is in full swing next week so the oil situation could produce real opportunities if we get a breakdown in price. where are these opportunities going to come from? how about monday morning when pepsico reports. the stock got a downgrade
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earlier this week by someone who thinks the estimates are too high. my travel trust has a small position in pepsico, we want to make it bigger. any pick up in the stock is a tremendous buying opportunity because the ceo is doing such a fabulous job steering the company. nelson pellets of tryon had favored breaking the can company up into soft drinks and snacks but it has had such a big run there's no way anybody can be unhappy with the way the company is run these days. call me ready to buy. after the close we get two controversial companies earnings reports, ibm and netflix, both of which have run up into the quarts, i about. m has gone from $117 to $151 and netflix climbing from $82 to $117 in two months time. you know how i feel about those things, that's not a great setup for either stock. ibm has to show that it's could go any intelligence and cloud businesses are growing so fast
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they can offset continual legacy weaknesses. netflix has to demonstrate an acceleration in subscriber growth here and abroad. frankly, those are tall orders both given how much the stocks have done. tuesday johnson and johnson reports and all i can say is there are so many people who want this stock down so they can buy it that it's hard to imagine they're going to get their wish. the ceo just won't grant it. you also get results from goldman sachs and we are hearing a lot about expense control over there. that's a bummer because it implies business may be tepid. however, i care about the future and not the past and i don't think goldman can stay as weak as it's been and mergers and acquisitions could occur, too. if you want to buy i suggest waiting for a couple days after they report because do you know what happens when they report, the window opens for insider selling and there are always partners who pretty much have to ring the register, it's a tradition. we hear from intel after the
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close and everyone is so nervous about it that i wonder if it can be as disappointing as the analysts predict now that it's acquired al tara which does communications hardware -- software, however, the shortfall the disc drive makers seek eight reported is resonating throughout this industry and i don't think there's anything good to say about pcs no matter what intel does so i would be careful with the stock. what's going to happen when yahoo reports after the close? this one has being a riddled wrapped in an inn he go ma. if yahoo would say we are for sale come and get us or we are definitively not for sale it would eliminate the soap opera factor that's made the stock so difficult to own. coca-cola kicks off the parade. the stock is not cheap, it's never been cheap but they have done a lot to wrench costs up. earlier this week we pro filed the greatness of illinois tool works. this would be the kind of classic industrial stock that could be bought on any
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oil-related swoon ahead of the quarter wednesday morning. after the close we hear from yum! brands and if you don't own it i think you should buy half early in the week and then half after they report. the split up is coming with yum! breaking off china from the rest of the world i think there's going to be a ton of value created when this occurs. thursday after the close we get a plethora of earnings that's awfully hard to keep up with. i'm focused on alphabet and i think this is a request rt that might produce an interesting revision upward in the forecast because alphabet has so much business worldwide and a weaker dollar is good news for them. i know pcs are soft but i bet you had we will be pleasantly surprised when microsoft reports because its cloud business is on fire. i want kevin plank to put a cork into the mouths of the shorts and the negativists when under armour reports after the close thursday. i'm sick and tired of hearing that the company is losing share
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when i don't think it is. last quarter was terrific, i bet this one will be, too. lately, though, it hasn't mattered. people seem to be giving up on under armour stock, i say give up on it at your own risk. three others i like very much, starbucks, schlumberger and visa also reported after the close, these are companies that my travel trust owns because they are best at read players that have consistently delivered over time even as their 10 b hiccups have been buying opportunities. you should wait until after the quarts before you pull the trigger. >> finally friday we're going to be so tired by friday it is a ridiculously gigantic reporting day, worse than it's ever been. you have american airlines, caterpillar, general electric, honeywell, kimberly clark and mcdonald's. i think americans are going to have a very good quarter, i hope it does matter because the airlines are cheap. caterpillar could be a tough quart, given that the chinese economy seems to have hit bottom
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maybe people won't care. i don't blame anyone for taking profits ahead of the quarter. we've been buying general electric. as this company has transformed itself from a finance company to a digital industrial although it's not on bernie sanders' buy list. honeywell, honeywell is honeywell meaning it will be good. i would say good enough to move the stock up, saying it's fallen a couple points from 114 where it is now. kimberly clark got shelled last time when they reported and we brought on the ceo, listened to the case in favor and told you to buy it hand over fist. it worked. i wonder if the same thing could happen again certainly at a higher level. finally there's mcdonald's. the ceo has done a masterful job fixing the place and it has resonated with the stock. i think there's a lot more room to run even though it's up big because of technological innovation, i'm calling mcdonald's a buy. oil is in control as we saw
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today, that's okay, as long as we know what we want to buy because we can use the declines to put money to work in situations that might not otherwise be down if it weren't for crude's weakness. that's your opportunity. i say seize it. >> jeff in kansas. jeff. >> caller: hey, how are you doing, jim? >> i'm doing well. >> caller: union lever bcs selling 52% of their company and keeping 49% of the company because it's such a cash cow in the margin business. i want to get your thoughts on that. >> i like uniony lever because the business is on fire particularly with the emerging markets. that was one of the best conference calls and it's an easy stock to understand. i think people should understand that they are taking share worldwide. >> randy in oklahoma. randy. >> caller: boomy sooner booyah from duncan, oklahoma. how are you doing? >> doing fine. how are about you? >> caller: we're going to get
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some rain and it's wonderful. >> that's fabulous. >> caller: i've got two questions. >> okay. >> okay. do you think the oil field service companies have finally bottomed out and it's going to be a long stretch until they come back, and what's going to happen to halliburton stock if we give baker $3.5 billion? >> i think halliburton gets hammered if this deal doesn't close because that is a huge amount and the stock is run up. i do think that i'm going to just end the whole debate by telling you to go buy schlumberger, i think it's going to be a terrific job when they report. really like it, better than all these, doesn't have the rigmarole that's going on between those two. let's go to dapesh in texas. >> caller: yes, dr. cramer, thanks for taking my call. i was wondering when are you publishing your next boo k? >> oh, geez, i don't know. that last one took so much of my time and my wife was furious about it. i have to do it measured. what's up? >> caller: actually, my question is on valeant pharmaceuticals, i
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bought some calls when it was trading at $67 expiring january 2017, now it's trading at $32. do you think i should buy more calls and treat a spread and average them out? >> i don't know, kelly evans had bill miller on -- bill griffeth and kelly had bill miller on and he really likes valeant. that is a guy who is a terrific guy who has said buy valeant, my take is that it's just a black box, i don't know how valeant is doing so i certainly can't recommend it even for calls. i've got to see the financials before i can make the judgment there. oil still has a grasp on this market, a grip, but any decline it causes gives you more opportunity. on "mad money" tonight just one of facebook's data centers occupies a 307,000 square foot lot, but how can you make money off of the growing number of status updates and instagram posts? i'm taking a close look. then it's april 15 and you know what that means, tax day come et, tonight i'm delving
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into the titans of tax prep. and ever struggled to figure out a gift for a loved one? i may have found the answer that could make you some money. just in time for my anniversary no less. i suggest that you stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to "mad money" or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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♪ you know us we're always on the lookout for new themes, long-term changes that can give your portfolio terrific outperformance if you know where to invest to play it. one of these teams we've heard about is the proliferation of big data. the amount of digital information out there has been exploding year after year and the technology we use to store, retrieve and analyze that data gets better and better. even though digital files take up a tiny amount of actual
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physical space, when you're talking about millions and millions of terabytes of data you need a big physical location to store all this data in a way that's easily accessible. enter the data center. that's where you put all this stuff and these data centers have been going crazy in recent years. they're not just about big data they're also an essential component of cloud computing wave that's taken the world by storm. where do you think the cloud lives? it's hosted in data centers all over the globe. what do you think makes the connectivity revolution possible in the internet of things? believe me, it all goes through a data center at some point. so how do we play the rise of the data center? there are two data center investment trusts he can which next and core sight realty which is a smaller up and coming. these are like any oether excep instead of owning housing or office buildings or commercial real estate you own and operate
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data centers. he can which next has 145 data centers it's the world leading global interconnection platform. he can which next provides it's customers with reliable data center and their expertise when it comes to secure the information and growing your business. northeast data centers don't just store information they connect their customers and they are reliable, something that's super important in this business, this he know how to keep the lights on and power flowing because a key data center could be disastrous for the clients. core center realty is a smaller center. they're much smaller. core site is all about helping their customers connect to the cloud. think of them as the underdog focused on lucrative geograph s
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geographies. so how do these two different data center reads stack up when you look at the numbers? the he can which knicks the company's growth has held steady in the low double digits, however, early last year the growth seemed to be decelerated, 10 to 11% for the first three-quarters of 2015. a lot of that had to do with the super freaking strong dollar taking a bite out of the company's substantial overseas business. when the fourth quarter came along they saw their revenue rebound back up to 14.9% but that was also partly due to the acquisition of bid aisle another data center play. the company expects to make accessions to propel the revenue growth over 30%. it does mean that they are going for a pure growth play to more of a consolidation story. some people don't like that. now, the numbers at core site tell a totally different tail, core site has delivered accelerating revenue growth for the past two years with 13.5%
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growth in 2015 to 22.3% in 2015. these guys don't need to worry about the strong dollar because their data centers are all in the united states. honestly those annual revenue growth figures don't do core site justice is n the fourth kwart of last year they urged so to 24.9%. i like that. meanwhile their gross margin what they make after subtracting the cost of goods sold has been stable at 69% in recent years including a 70% number in the fourth quarter. that's very high not to mention higher than he can which knicks that has a 52.6% growth margin in 2015. what about the action in their stocks? he can which knicks came public around the turn of the century and the stock has steadily moved higher with a few hiccups, the last five years in particular have been fabulous for these guys, stock up close to 300% over this period. in the last 12 months they have
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rallied nearly 40%, up more than 7% year to date, good company, good stock. not too shabby. core site has only been publicly traded since 2010 but it's a similarly bullish trajectory up more than 350% from the ipo price of 14.5 five and a half years ago. in the last 12 months they have vaulted over 40%. just in 2016 the darn thing has already given you monster 25% gain thanks in part to the strong quarter the company reported in february. core sight trades at 18 times next year's earnings estimates which is not at all expensive when you consider the growth rate. it sells for a little less than 19 times next year's number so they basically have the same valuati valuation. cheap. all that said we need to remember that these two companies are real estate investment trusts. the fact that the model makes sense in the business, they are essentially still renting out space to customers just more
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high tech and expensive site. core he can which knicks converted into a -- equinix paid you a 2.2% yield but that kwent paint the full picture. since 2014 they have had a history of paying special dividends, a special dividend toward the end of the year. if you included last year's along with the current dividend the yield would be closer to 4.8%. the core site dividend is much more straightforward. just from 2015 to 2016 they raised the dividend by 26%. that's remarkable but in keeping with the core site tradition of big annual dividend boost. i do think core site has the edge here. the one thing that would make equinix more attractive is they have started rolling out these small data centers and the $3.6 billion purchase of telecity. the company is trying to build
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out it's int business. at the end of the day i still prefer core site with the organic growth still going strong, especially since its trading at a slight discount to its larger competitors by having a larger yield. bottom line, if you're looking for a way to play the rapidly growing data center space which i know many of you are i like the fast growing domestic core site more than the larger more established competitor equinix. they have a cheaper stock and bigger dividend. >> there's much more "mad money" ahead. almost tax time with intuit and h & r block battling out for your business i can tell you which could be worth owning here. then a company that's trying to make investing more accessible and affordable for everyone. plus your tweets. tweet your questi question @jimcramer#madtweets. haters need not apply. but stick with framer. question #madtweets. haters need not apply.
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but stick with framer. ramer. cra.
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today is april 15th and that means it's tax day. at least technically even though this year the irs kindly gave us a three-day extension so i could throw a big anniversary party tonight. maybe not. but so at a time when many of you are scrambling to fill out
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your tax returns i think it's worth figuring out which is of the two titans of tax preparation, h & r block or intuit are actually worth owning here. intuit is the company buying turbo tax the software millions of people use to do their taxes as well as providing software that helps small businesses with accounting and payroll. h & r block old school, tons of bricks and mortar locations where you can get help with your taxes although they do have an online business. i can't tell you who to use to actually do your taxes but we can figure out which of these stocks is the one to buy if you're looking for a play on tax season. the overall tax preparation industry has been on the rise for years and thanks in part to a stronger economy and of course the affordable care act which has made filing your own taxes a lot more complicated. if you do it wrong you're subject to extra fees an penalties. 2015 is the first year of a multi-year roll out of new reporting requirements that are
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likely to send more people looking for in person help at a place like h & r block. if you're getting subsidized coverage through obamacare there is a form you need to file. more complexity is good for both of these companies but i think it benefits h & r block block more than intuit. how do h & r block and intuit stack up against each other? as i mentioned h & r block is indeed the market share leader, it has about 15% of the tax industry where as intuit's turbo tax business is smaller, they have 8% market slayer, our, i think it's important to note that intuit only does online tax filing, they have no brick and mortar locations and when it comes to the tax software category intuit's turbo tax is unrivaled. last year they helped prepare 70% of online tax returns. at the same time intuit has a sizable small business units, software, i think software like quickbooks and they're rapidly embracing a cloud based software as a service model.
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that's that sass model like sales force. the on line version of the bookkeeping software has been gaining popularity and accounts for a third of quickbooks customers. that gives intuit more recurring revenue. if you have to look at deferred revenue, it's a little complicated but trust me. make no mistake this small business segment is huge. it represents the bulk of intuit's revenue and will likely account for the lion's share of the company's growth going forward. intuit is the single largest installed base with small business customers in the whole country. i think it's very impressive. it's hard to lose that kind of market share advantage especially when the company in question is already shifting its own products to the cloud. now, h & r block can certainly help prepare tax returns for small business but they simply don't have the same breadth of solutions as intuit. you never go to h & r block for payroll management software, however, they benefit from focusing on only one thing and doing it extremely well, especially now that the company has divested their bank business
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and has the ability to deliver huge amounts of cash to their customers. they a h & r block is almost entirely seasonal. the company posts negative earnings in every quarter except the one that includes the bulk of tax season. if tax season isn't so hot then h & r block stock is going to get crushed more than it already has. the stock is down 28% for the year already. this he might as well just moth ball the darned offices for nine months a year. meanwhile, h & r block is a lot more sensitive to i think so cha in tax code, you make it more complicated like with the affordable care act and this company does do better. but with the presidential looming they would be -- that would be very bad for h & r block, too. i don't think it's likely to happen but you do need to be aware of the risk. how about the numbers? it's a little hard to compare these two companies on an apples to apples basis because intuit is mainly a small business
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software company but they do break out their consumer tax revenues on annual annual basis last year they posted 8.24% growth better than the 4.27% growth from h & r block. if you look at the company by numbers h & r block did better than intuit on sales and earnings growth because intuit spends so much money building out their cloud business and they sent spent a lot less on advertising leading to a sales slow down in that legacy part of their business. once they get through the transition to the cloud i think intuit will be a much stronger company. how about recent performance. h & r block reported on march 3rd and frankly the results let's just say that i think they were down right scary. the company massively missed the bottom line earnings estimates, fell flat on their faces with the top line sales numbers, tax preparation fees were down 4% year over year. that indicated 2016 tax season was being heavily impacted by
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fraud, even worse h & r block said they were seeing lower volumes in u.s. assisted tax offices which is where they pick up the big fees. all in all it was a pretty horrific report. it sent the stock down 16% in a single session and one that suggests h & r block is not having a particularly great tax season. a week before that on the other hand intuit reported the first of two seasonal updates for its 2016 consumer tax offerings. through february 20th sales on turbo tax online grew by 12% even as sales of turbo tax desktop were flat plus the company said they saw a total turbo tax e file growth of 9% and third party data suggests they've gained significant market share early in the tax season, that's a very different tone than what we heard from h & r block where they told us they expected a lot more people to file later in the season. maybe those people were filing with turbo tax. it seems to me that intuit is taking share directly from h & r block. they are the amazon of the tax preparation world and h & r
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block is -- let's say it's in the shopping mall. intuit also reported fantastic results at the end of february with very strong guidance. so it's no surprise that intuit is trading at a premium here selling for 23 times next year's earnings estimates while h & r block sells for 12 times next year's numbers. intuit looks ex p en sieve but it's becoming a cloud based software as a service play and those stocks tend to be pricey. h & r block is cheap but it's not doing well right now. i don't want to call it a value trap but let's just say it deserves to trade at a discount. let me give you the bottom line here, if you're looking for a way it to play tax season i say go with intuit over h & r block. not only are they doing better in the tax business but they are far more than just a tax preparer, they are a small business software company migrating to the cloud and this company has a bright future, one that was quite evident during our recent interview with ceo brad smith about all the terrific changes occurring at this stellar firm. let's take questions.
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let's go to dave in illinois. dave. >> caller: dr. cramer from the city of broad shoulders and home to the john hancock willis and trump towers thank you for taking my call. >> of course. how can i help? >> caller: jim, banks of late are under revenues and earnings pressure and cost cutting and mixed first quarter earnings reports indicate, recent fed speak to defer normalization will delay increases in their net interest margin they so desperately need. >> indeed. >> caller: sin tech will continue to fuel disruption in the banking secretarier. number 33 on cnbc's disrupter list. jim, your thoughts on lending club. >> i don't like it. i don't like it because i think it is very hard to understand and i think they have more risks than people realize. i have not liked the stock for a while and that's been right and i'm not changing my view here.
6:34 pm
i do like dave your mosaic of what you had to say about it but i don't like the stock. >> greg in washington. greg. >> caller: jim. a happy friday world bank inf meeting booyah. >> i was going to give you a flyers capital booyah. >> caller: as we see after growth in institutional investing do you believe the carlisle group is uniquely situated because of its management and board composition to take advantage and outperform other -- >> no, what matters is that the ipo market is about to unfreeze, it's thawing out, we saw that today and that means that carlisle group probably has a lot of business coming, it's going to be able to take it public and that's why i say buy, buy, buy and may i add black stone to that group as well. >> all right. nothing is certain except death and taxes and the better way to play tax season is now intuit. i think it's got room to run. there are plenty of people who would happily become shareholders of apple and facebook if only the process of
6:35 pm
buying a stock was made more simple. tonight i'm talking to a company that has a solution to that problem. plus did your tweet rise to the stop top of the heap? i'm answering some of the finest twes from the twitter verse and a thank god its friday edition of the lightning round and the week that was. i think you should stick with cramer.
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. ♪ i always say that you should try to get your kids excited about investing as early as possible so that they have a sound grasp of how the stock market can make them money. i like to recommend shares of disney or apple as an ideal present for the holidays, obviously nor the main presents but maybe stocking stuffers or something you get on the fifth
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day of hand can a. but unfortunately it can be a major pain in the neck to set up a brokerage account for the underage children and if you're buying stock for nieces and nephews you will need their social security number which is something parents shouldn't be giving out. that's the problem with giving someone else the gift of common stock. that's why i had to use our off the tape series as a which to speak with a priority player about a company that has a solution, a company called stockpile, you buy one of their gift cards for a set dollar amount and can redo you mean deem it for fractional a shares in a given company. stockpile has created a from fractional share trading platform and it operates as a fractional share broker. you don't even need a gift card to get involved, you can create an account at, buy and sell for 99 cents a frayed, that makes a lot of sense when alphabet sells more more than
6:40 pm
$750. before stockpile if you wanted to give someone the gift of alphabet shares you had to she will off hundreds of dollars for expensive for a present someone won't be super excited about at least at first. you can get a physical or virtual gift card that represents 1/10 of a share. i think they can revolutionize the way people give stock to their kids. polls blee i wish ring in an era kids get interested in the market at younger ages. i got a chance to catch up with the ceo of stockpile. take a look. >> i've been waiting for someone to allows me to gift stock to others or my kids, you've come up with it. how does it work? >> i wanted to do the same thing a few christmases ago, i was christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews and i wanted to give them something more meaningful than toys and other stuff because they just play with it twice and threw it off to the side. so i started doing it and the process was such a hassle i gave up. >> it's ridiculous.
6:41 pm
i know. >> even one share. >> i needed their social security numbers, the stocks i wanted to give them were too pricey and so i gave up and went back to the toy store, but i couldn't get it out of my head so we came up with stockpile. >> you can give fractional shares, you are kind of a broker for these. >> we built a brokerage from the ground up, these are gift cards that you go to your local supermarket or retailer -- >> we have blackhawk. >> you have blackhawk and bill tauscher on and our give cards are distributed through blackhawk and other places. you go to the grocery store and buy one of these gift cards right off the rack, $50 of apple stock or $25 of google stock and you go home, you give it to the recipient, they go home, type in the claim code at our site, we take that $50 that's trapped in that piece of plastic and turn it into fractional shares of stock in a real brokerage account. >> let's say they activate it at 2:00 in the day, what price do
6:42 pm
they get? >> so what we do is keep things simple. the key here is to keep things really simple, nonintimidating and cheap. >> okay. >> all our trades are 99 cents. >> 99 cents. not 8 bucks, which i always thought was cheap. >> itunes pricing for the millennial generation. you get your trades executed at the end of the day using the market on close price. what we found was that's simplicity as opposed to market orders and stop limit and all these other crazy things, it just made it a lot easier? >> you mentioned millennials, who are the people you stockpile? >> we have a really unusual base. we have 20% of our account holders are kids and teens under 18 and they are about even male and female, boys and girls are about even. >> they buy themselves or get gifted by parents. >> a lot of them are getting gifts and what happens is one kid in the family gets one of these gift cards and then you sort of see the account sprout up in the rest of the family because mom or dad want to have the same experience. >> this is your idea. this was your idea.
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>> this is my idea, yeah. >> i think this is a great idea. i'm always trying to get people involved in the market. this is a simple good idea. so how do you pick the stocks that are gift carded? >> so what we did, you can do it in two ways, you can give an e gift and we have a huge universe of those guys. >> i can go on online to >> right, they have all categorized if you want to give a car stock to a car fanatic or want to do a fashion stock they have them categorized, we have etfs if you want to do something more diversifi diversified, you can give gold, a gold etf. >> what happens if i want to sell. >> if you want to sell you end up with a stock in our brokerage account, hit the sell button, tell us how much you want to sell and that's it. >> what happens if i buy $50 worth of alphabet and your -- who is stuck with the rest of it? how are you able to do it? >> great question. so what we do really let's say we have a whole bunch of accounts that hold apple, we add up all of those let's say we have a million accounts that
6:44 pm
hold apple, we have one more account and that one last account is ours and it holds all the leftover fractions. so if you add up all the fractions it's got 990.8 shares of apple, we've got .2 in your account. >> i have to tell you i think this is absolutely terrific but i want to be sure, go online or where you see the gift cards, then yours really but blackhawk is the one that presents no he is. >> these -- i think i brought one or two. this is a gift card for $50 for apple. >> that is so cool. >> that's a gift card for $100 of google. >> how many drugstore -- i know initially you were only in limited distribution. where can you be now? >> so we started out with a test of about let's say 300 or 400 stores and they were in only parts of the country. this year we're blowing out. we're going to be in about 10,000 stores, 30 times the number for graduation this year. >> last question, do i buy on amazon or i have to go to your
6:45 pm
site, stockpile? >> stock to our site, go to your supermarket or retailer. >> all right. this is a dream for our viewers. "mad money" is back after the break.
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[ bell ringing ] >> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? >> let's go to chris in california. chris. >> hi, jim, thanks for taking my call. an honor to speak to you. my question today is jcpenney is it a buy? >> i'm concerned about mall traffic, i think mall traffic is slow enough that i cannot right now say buy jcpenney, i'm going to say don't buy. >> let's go to trevor in oregon. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome jowl listen, quick shout out to dusty, shawn the rallies and jackson boys. let's spin the tires on this company, buy, sell or hold ncr
6:49 pm
cooperation. >> no, i mean, it's had a very huge run, i do like bill moody from the old days but i do think the stock is up too much. i'm not going to recommend it. >> let's go to marvin in maryland. >> caller: i would like to know about sigh loan pharmaceuticals. >> cyclone is up a lot, too. they're into trying -- they have been trying to cure a lot of diseases and i think it's too speculative for a very big move. >> let's go to joyce in new jersey. >> caller: booyah, jim, from rose land. how are you doing? >> how are things going? the garden state. >> caller: going straight. >> all right. >> caller: going great. i just want to ask you con edison. >> con edison i have made a recommendation since we've started the show i still like con edison. still. all right. let's go to chris in california. >> caller: hi, jim. i was wondering what your thoughts were on regeneron. >> a lot of the biotechs, some
6:50 pm
of them hit highs this week, i think those are dangerous, the big one celgene, regeneron i think are still good. regeneron is a buy but you have to be willing to accept the fact there are some price risks. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. good evening, jim, thaw for taking my call. after taking a tour of again necessary brewery at the end of the tour i found out that they were owned by diagio. >> i went to that same guinness and i happen to have a diploma for pouring and it's also my wife's screen safer. she got -- she had magna cum laude pour. that was the first course i have taken since harvard and it was much harder. >> how about this check that cbs
6:51 pm
is priegt for march madness, extension for eight years. >> until 2032. >> the joke was are we going to be watching it on vr, is it going to look like you're court side from home? >> you will just be a box watching it. >> i'm a bot? >> you will be marching around with those goggles on. >> yeah, these are now the short sellers are coming. >> this is the part in the show where i talk about the rise of artificial intelligence and my concerns. i got that out of the way. >> he is just a simulation. he is a simulation of me, i don't even know -- >> our worries. >> i'm just a simulation. david. >> then it's good you don't need to worry about your will or anything else if you're just a simulation. >> do you think i'm a who will owe gram? >> he's real for now. >> after a day like today i say in the classic style i learned during my time at rival goldman sachs, true that.
6:52 pm
>> oh, my god, it's so perfect. i say true that to him, too. stick with cramer. ♪ true that. true that. ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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cramer. earnings season especially starting and my twitter feed is on fire. it's time for me to give some love to the twitter-verse and answer some of your questions. first you up we have @lion since birth who tweets what do you think about the recent dip in smith & wesson, is it a buying opportunity? here is the problem, i have been recommending that you stay away from the hard guns so to speak and buy taser, but smith & wesson has come down enough to the point where i think it's an interesting spec. the problem with all of these i like a more plan a plea of vice squad. you have to do it more in a squad. james at real has put together a list of companies that i think work. that said taser works right here. >> next up we have danny b on the beat who says what do you think of nike and under armour, their industry position and whether these stocks will be worth getting in? under armour reports next week, i expect a good quart.
6:56 pm
nike, we had a foot locker downgrade today. i'm a little concerned about both these. right now apparel and the mall is doing badly. if you take a long-term view i like either one of them. >> now we've got @biag blake who tweets do you dip on the price of lulu lemon, is this a good time to buy? >> yes, lulu memen had a remarkable quarter, the stock blew up now it's come down, unlike nike and you are more i think lulu is well far behind the market. i would say, yes, pull the driller. >> here we have @joe nba who tweets what do you like better verizon or att or neither? >> we listed yesterday game stop and att's directv is doing incredibly well so i kind of like that but verizon is number one for me and i think it's an incredibly well run company with a great field and good growth.
6:57 pm
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