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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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or chips. >> thank you for being here the last two days. >> big earnings breaking out to the upside. >> say it. giddyap! >> thanks for having for havin. mad money with jim cramer begins now. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. mad money starts now. >> i'm kramer. welcome to mad money. my job is not just to entertain you, but to explain. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me nicely @jimcramer.
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we call it trough. the concept of trough is one i want to introduce you to tonight. it means the revenue and profit numbers that these companies that have been going down down down for ages have most likely bottomed. going up yet again today. nasdaq declining. .40%. another story. how can you tell the trough which is the key to buying the stock at the right time. how do you know you're at a trough. >> now, something i learned at school. when i'm confounded by difficult questions like this, i always like to default to my betters, to someone who knows more than i do. namely, tina turner, says there's two ways to get the job done. you can get it done the rough way or the easy way.
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unlike tina who says, we never do nothing nice and easy, we do it nice and rough. >> the chatter tells me whether we've hit trough numbers. we're going to do the finish rough. never losing a minute's sleep. this morning goldman sachs, i used to 12 for the man. reported numbers looked horrendous. there were no big wheels turning here. smaller fix income. and an astounding 50% drop in profits. the only thing that was big, was the axe they took, which fell a whopping 40%. that's incredible. bernie sanders couldn't do that
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much damage to people working in the investment bank. given that goldman had fewer employees on hand. the expenses are reigned in at a level i would have thought possible, there are a ton of associates that are cleaning a lot of plates in memphis. premarket training, this stock just dropped. hideous action, everyone trashing the darn thing. when the opening bell rings, the stock starts its descent. down about 50 cents. and then in the time it takes to sing proud mary, the stocks unchanged. finishing at 162.65, with a 3.60 cent gain or 2.28%. you want it nice and easy. a stock that rallies after that future quarter. the worst is over, get on board, we're ready to roll up river,
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we've seen the trough. >> read the notes, study the history of the company's earnings. this quarter represents the trough in earnings. it's almost inconceivable that a group of smart people won't do better next time out. especially when goldman told us in the conference call, march was better than february, and february was better than january. it's early in the quarter, i would say it feels like many of the factors that were unpacking the market in the first quarter. have abated. bingo, nice and rough trough right there. i predict multiple upgrades by the street. there's actually some equity issues. a lot of m & a chatter. goldman will allow much more commission fees to roll straight
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to the line. it would be worth $1634 a share. no wonder it traded right to the price. if you think they have lost the ability to make any money, you are refusing these two. if you want to put it another way, goldman sachs has been down so long it looks like it's up to me. goldman isn't the only stock in the group that acts this way. james gorman beat himself but good yesterday. he was giving himself the business. the ceo was not familiar with the quarter. holy cow, in this environment. i'm shocked you can make any money at all. 2.8%. trough. same with bank of america. when i did the nice and rough homework on the quarter, i started the great lemon tasting. the newsletter companion owned a big slug of it, how was i going
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to be able to explain that gaffe. the nice and easy path tells you where bank of america is going. higher, up another percent today as it marches toward its $16 book value. it's not just the banks who are rolling up the river. have you seen the minerals and mining stocks. it won't quit. the stocks now up $1 from when it fell to where it reported. how about grant, which just caught a down grade to underperformed to outright sell this morning. two months ago, this stock would have disappeared. instead, in today's market, it vaulted almost 9% on that super dupe down grade. can you imagine what would happen if this company had upgraded the 120k as he clearly should have?
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this group's flying because the baltic freight index never lies. the markets in china keep flashing bright green. like goldman sachs, it's hard to imagine them doing any worse. that's what a trough is all about. i would say the oils are troughing, but they've been going on forever now. given that exxon and chevron have been the dow's leaders. oil is down 60% from its high. i think there's more room to travel. the heavy machinery stocks trough too. or comments or honey well. where is it all this money coming from? first it's pouring out of the safety stocks. the consumer packaged goods and utilities. they have already been through their bull cycle. it's cascading out of the highest stocks like the cyber securities. it's exiting netflix and ibm too.
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i have more to say about them later. in this market, you rotate into the groups that have the easiest kpa comparisons coming up. you better believe the money is not done flooding into the trough. here's the bottom line. troughs give you sustained moves. we give you number cut after number cut from number cut. now, the fun part begins, raising numbers. so don't be too quick to sell. in the end these companies are like gigantic riverboats with big wheels that keep on turning. far longer than you thought possible a few short months ago. why don't we start the questions with isaac in pennsylvania. isaac? >> caller: thanks, jim, thank you for taking my call. >> okay. >> caller: i own sky works solutions. and given that apple's going to be keeping iphone production at
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the present levels going into calendar q2. >> right. >> caller: and in what i understand, broad com has somewhat less exposure to apple and also has several revenue streams that would help make up for that fact, do you think it would be a good idea to switch? >> i have to tell you that broad com is my favorite, because they have diversified more away. we have to understand, at the same time, these two do all travel together. i think that broad come at 150 is slightly superior to sky works in the '70s. they're both good, and eventually, i'm getting a lot of negative heat on twitter about apple. all i can say is, hope that rings in your ears like it does in mine. let's go to -- i'm going to -- let's go to reese in washington. reese? >> hey, jim, i'm a new listener,
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but already a big fan of you on the show. >> thank you. >> caller: i think it's only right to give you a boo-yah from emerald city. i want to talk to you about jet blue. they lost the bid for virgin america, i want to hear your take on their next potential target. i have it narrowed down to spirit, but i assume they're going to go after hawaiian in greater west coast -- >> it could be hawaii symbol. spirit, i don't know. you bring your margins down -- i think you own these stocks -- you own them because they're fundamentals. i think delta is cheap. tina turner said, there's nice and easy and then tlds nice and rough. the bottom has been put in for plenty of companies. don't be too quick to exit now that the big wheels are turning. oh, man tonight, the action the
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media stocks have turned into a soap opera, as concerns of cost-cutting costs have declined earlier in the year. is it time to tune in to disney? i'm always on the lookout for bull markets. it's still a little early. is it time to fill up your bowl? the reasons being offered up for today's drop in knelt flex and ibm. they're wrong. >> why don't you stick with kramer? don't miss a second of mad money. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to mad
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ever since the market bottomed in mid february -- that's a pretty remarkable turnaround, when you consider
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late last november, the entire media went into free fall, cable television lost subscribers. this co hort would be in the doghouse for ages. a few months later, the stocks seem unstop an. we haven't chronicled it at all. we're going off the charts. to see which of these media stocks have what it takes to keep running. why don't we start with disney which helped precipitate the big decline in this group last august. after rebounding close to its old highs, the stock got hit again in november. an out and out decline. the darn thing went into a free
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fall. they have a movie slate that's just extraordinary. so what does bob think of disney's daily chart, these twin peaks? he likes it after the february bottom. a lot of action here, disney spent most of march and april trading sideways, that's building a base, okay? the base is like a spring board. the stock bounced out to incredibly high volume, taking out the critical $100 level. at the same time the moving average mack d line. which technicians use to spot changes before it happens. just flash a big buy where the black line crosses over the red one. if you look at the bands, we're really throwing everything at you tonight. those are the purple ones. important volatility indicator shows the stocks up and down
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over a period, disney has broken out above the upper banned. you see the breakout. which suggests that much bigger moves are about to happen. meanwhile, the cmf, measures buying just went positive. suggesting the big institutional professionals -- disney is still below it's 200 day moving average. just under 105. that offers some resistance. you wouldn't be surprised if the stock flows through that level. disney has a lot more room to run. makes sense to me. disney's bob iger is a magician. he will make the stock levitate. they just blew out another record this weekend with the jungle book remake. i like the iger money flow. this makes it pretty positive on the company, not just the stock. you're seeing hasbro merchandise
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flying off the shelves. how about the daily chart of cbs. different picture compared to what we saw with disney. disney spent the last couple months basing, cbc bottomed in february and then took off in a rocket. since then the stock has been taking a breather and building a base at a higher level. it's a sign that it has more room to run. like a rocket and then base. think of this as the pause that refre refreshes. the shaken money flow is still pretty positive here. i wasn't as sure as he was. the big boys like cbs just fine. a little more sideways action. here they start rallying toward new highs. i believe in the leadership of less moonves. i think the stock is still too cheap even after this much what about time warner? interesting interactive daily chart here. time warner had a pretty good
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month of january, okay? in february, it fell off a cliff in a matter of days and hit bottom very hard. the stock has bounced back like a trooper. it broke back above its january highs and it's continued to go higher. the price action has been very strong and happening on decent volume, which suggests the move is real. the relative strength index or the rsi has surged up to a very impressive level and stayed there. the stock is now above all its moving averages, the only thing standing in its way is the resistance from november. you go all the way back here and see the cecilian resistance. i think ceo is a great american, who has shown up at the now pulverized netflix with hbo growth. they're going to make the
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numbers. disney cbs, time warner, what about a play on distribution. i'm talking about comcast, the big daddy of the cable business, and the parent company of this network. >> despite all the hand ringing about cord cutting, this stock has been on fire. sharp rally since february. it's making a move on high volume. when it's low, it suggests maybe a move that's artificial. what else? lang likes to take money for comcast, extremely positive here. here we go. indicates this is another stock the big boys are snapping up left and right. the option flow has been bullish of late. that's one more strong argument. fly in the ointment, perhaps? lang knows the stock is up from the double top last fall. could be worrisome, however, the stock touched that resistance
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level today. and will make a new 52 week high. it could breakthrough the resist answer and keep climbing. the media stocks have been enfuego lately. disney, cbs time warner and comcast all have more room to run. if i had to pick one right here, i'd go with disney. this whole group is back in vogue in a wall street fashion show. i like them all. it's really starting to ramp. plenty more excitement on mad money just ahead. stick with cramer. the internet of everything. from inanimate objects to the family dog. can this augmented reality start-up change the face of education and entertainment forever?
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i spent a fair amount of time talking about the space in the packaged food area. the thing that really gets me about this rally in the food
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stocks, it's not limited to the names that have historically tended to outperform. it includes many lag lagers that are making a remarkable comeback. consider kelloggs and smuckers. they went through periods of stag nation a few years ago, but are breaking out like crazy. the entire industry benefits from lower raw costs. what's inside? i mean, it's plastic, this stuff costs nothing, the declining dollar helps kel ogz overseas. i think the real story is deeper than that. kelloggs and smuckers managed to reposition themselves for growth? how did they do it? and after this dip we're having right now, can their stocks keep climbing? before we get into what these companies have been doing lately? you need to understand that kelloggs and smuckers were serious underperformers in the
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not too recent past. after a strong run, kelloggs hit a wall. look at that chart. the two-year period from june of 2013 to june of 2015, the stock actually declined. let's give you outstanding gains over the time frame. >> there was nothing exciting about this story. jm smucker has a name like that. 5% from june of 2013 to june of 2015. the overall market. it wasn't until last summer the two stocks started to take off. ever since then they've been unstoppable. how do we exchange this transition overnight. you know i love these stories that are people are saying, how did that get on the new high list? here's a total household name,
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maker of special k, fruit loops. cheeze it, nutra grain bars. this is not exactly kale meets quinoa. nobody's perfect. the first thing we have to know about kelloggs is that the company sales have been slowing for years. they went from 7.6% sales growth in 2012. to a flatout decline in 2014. and a nasty 7.2% decline last year. that's awful. okay. it's worth noting as kel ogz stock price reegg natured its sales got worse, shrinking by 8.5% in the fourth quarter. did people stop eating cereal? kind of. the number issues are out of
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people's control. the strong dollar. what do good companies do? they took actions to combat the things it could control. we'll cut staff? a fork and a knife? that's where project k comes in, this is a four-year efficiency program that was rolled out in 2014. targeting savings by 2018. these savings have started to kick in. kelloggs said it would implement zero based budgeting. what they do is, they take items that have to be justified, taking expenses from the previous year. this may sound lazy to you, but it's standard practice. they got religion on cost controls. we've already seen the effects.
6:29 pm
as the company's operating profit increased by 110 basis points year over year in the most recent quarter. in short, kel ogz sales may be declining, but the company's squeezing more profit out of every remaining dollar revenue. in this stock market it's enough. now that the dollars have begun to decline in both developed and emerging markets. kel oklahoma overseas sales. they're only forecasting low single digit sales growth. which brings me to the next phase of kelloggs turn. not the froot loops phase. the company has bolstered its bottom line with cost cuts. what kel ogz calls their 2020 growth plan. one at a time.
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they're working to take share in the breakfast category. their largest markets, kellogg has removed all the artificial ingredients in the cereal offerings. when you look at that, there's probably a little bit of artificialify. they plan to double the size of the cereal business. speaking of snacks, this is the other huge part of the business, roughly half kelloggs sales. and they're aiming to become a global snack food powerhouse. building a billion dollar next aga generation including the kashi brand. hey, i don't like it.
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it's okay, there's no accounting for taste. meanwhile, kelloggs is focused on expanding in emerging markets. they believe they can triple their business in arabia and double it in russia. they posted double-digit growth in its asia divisions last year. moving beyond grocery shortage, putting it all together. can you understand why kel ogz stock has become a total juggernaut. how about j.m. smucker. another household name you know as a big per purveyor of jams and jellies. noldiers coffee, pillsbury, and a growing pet food business that now includes meow mix and milk bone.
6:32 pm
the revitalization of smuckers is all about pet food, coffee. and a natural and organic business that the company doesn't get credit forward. they acquired big pet brands. we don't just have more pets, we're also willing to spend more money on them. smuckers brand is right in the sweet spot here. companies pet sales grew by 7% over the past year. smuckers expects 200 million in cost acquisitions by 2018. what a fantastic acquisition that was. next, these guys are banking on the continued growth of the at home coffee market. which has been expanding at a 10% growth rate since 2011.
6:33 pm
smuckers has a host of coffee brands, they have cafe bustelo and they have duncan doughnuts brands too, including those little cups you can put in your kuerig, apparently they don't recycle well. the recent acquisition of the organic fair trade tea brand, numi. kelloggs and smucker are in line with many of their competitors. the latter trading 4 times their numbers. kelloggs stocks moved up to 2.6%. smuckers is an okay yield. where do i come down on these stocks? i love what kelloggs and
6:34 pm
smuckers have done to turn themselves around. both stocks have had quite a run. i don't want you to chase these while the bull market and banks industrials are going on. i want you to position for the next bull market, so you can buy these two. these are most improved. there's always another pull back. right now the bull market is red-hot. when it k508s, the money will rotate right back to these two. and then and only then, can you pull the trigger. let's go to gary in texas. >> caller: on the basis of snyder/lance's acquisition of diamond foods, do you have a buy, hold or sell. >> i like that combo very much. i think it's really good. i'm positive about that deal, i think you should buy did, just saying. thank you. let's go to jim in florida,
6:35 pm
please. >> caller: what's up? >> hello. >> caller: hey, jim, big boo-yah from vero beach, florida many. >> i wish i was there now. >> caller: what do you think about anheuser-busch? >> i think that wholesale, they got great prices, i keep thinking why have i -- why have i not mentioned that, i think it -- why have i not mentioned that? i love constellation, but i have to tell you, bud got game. they have a great price for that. that was a really smart deal. there's a froot loop stuck in my throat. kel ogz and smuckers have much
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more room to run. you get to pull back and then pull the trigger. there's much more to come. i'm introducing you to a game changing technology that can change the way you find info on line. and the painful truth behind the headlines of netflix and ibm. what do these stocks have in common? you're not going to want to miss this. i'm getting all fired up for rapid fire edition of the lightning round, boo-yah, stick with cramer. you shouldn't have to go far
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games and special retail offers. on top of that, the company is trying to become the google visual search. you can point your phone's camera at anything, and you can get information on it. this could be the next frontier in online advertising. companies create blipable campaigns to track how they respond to certain marketing campaigns. they partnered with has been lean, if you blip ads in various magg designs, you could try on 40 different nail polish colors. welcome to mad money. >> this story of how you came about is so great. i'd lining to start with that, the 20 pound bank note.
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>> me and my co-founder were hanging out in bar. i put a 15 pound bank note on the table. i made a joke, imagine if the queen of england came to life and asked the bartender, could i have my five pounds back. it was a stupid joke. he made that joke into a reality because of his background into computer vision. >> how does that translate into companies knowing this is a better way to advertise one of the things that has always hurt these guys, you can't get people to the store to buy things. i would think you click on the omni channel and buy it, it must
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be seamless? >> exactly. >> one of the biggest deficiencies it's not the answer alone to all our problems. people are visual by nature. the many marketeers think television is the media. outdoor is media, press is media. the biggest media in the world is actually products. there are trillions of products in circulation every day. that's an amazing way to directly have a conversation with an audience on whether to try on products or allow people to play games and have fun. >> this must fire neurons everywhere, if you can get people involved. >> we've only seen a lot of active research, that for me, quality of education is not
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about the top 50% of the class doing well? but the bottom 50% of the class. it's really affected by the quality of the standard. >> we are noticing that schools -- the bottom 50% of the class is having 70 to 80% knowledge. whether you want to -- many of these things in subjects could be made a lot more interesting using our august meamented. >> could you show people the demo, we have a very good visual so you can make the best of it. >> i literally switched on the app and pointed it at an apple and literally, with instant art fish intelligence, the camera of
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the phone recognized the apple and calling it obviously it's an apple, nutritional information, location where you can buy it. then you move out and it's the same camera app, you point it at an orange, it gives you recipes, location to buy, coupons, nutritional information. the point to note here, it's not the vision that's stating the obvious but the potential where the physical would be unlike. >> last question. how do you make money. >> today we make the majority of revenues through licensing or technology. and making the products and product packaging and other marketing materials interactive and charging data for it. school institution and not for
6:45 pm
profits. other media channels, we've kept it free. >> this is the kind of thing that -- it is science fiction for me, but not for younger people. that's -- the founder and ceo. thank you for coming on the show. >> can't buy a share.
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it's time for the lightning round. >> buy buy buy. >> and then the lightning round is over, are you ready? >> let's start with michelle in california. michelle? >> i'm currently holding pandora media stocks. >> no pandora. i know people have sterned on apple once again, i like it. >> how are you? >> i'm not bad. >> caller: i'm excellent now that i'm on the phone with you.
6:49 pm
>> thanks for everything you do. wholesale buy. i got in at 17. >> golara is a trade on natural gas, don't overstay your welcome. there's a big about surf of net gas. >> let's go to jeff in florida. >> caller: i'm calling about >> i would think it's a buy. i like web. lee in california. >> caller: big jimmy, big san diego la jolla sures boo-yah. >> how can i help? >> caller: stern or smith and wesson. >> smith is wesson, the decline has been overdone. that's the one i'd be in now. these are tricky stocks, and they preannounce good numbers, they go up and then get
6:50 pm
pancaked. how about seth in south carolina. >> caller: kramer, it's seth from myrtle beach, south carolina. i want to get your opinion on deer company. >> mr. robbins was on with david favor. he talked about our favorite. got the group running. a lot of short sellers of deer. mosaic. i think we are seeing trough prices for ag. which means own dupont and dow. which i think is ready to run. >> cory in massachusetts. cory? >> jim, today they announced the fda has accepted -- brett was on cnbc and mentioned they were in line for the next aacquisition. >> i don't think allergen is in
6:51 pm
the market at all. they were beaten up from the pfizer thing. you have to do this on a fundamental basis only. >> hi, louis. >> go ahead, you're up. >> okay. i'm ready. >> big crowd, go ahead. got a lot of people on the line? let's have a stock. >> this is lou in ohio. >> rpm, 52 week high. don't you feel great about those guys? we've been behind that stock for that ramp, and it's worth it. that is the conclusion of the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by td amar'e trade. ? no. it's all about understanding patterns. like the mail guy at 3:12pm every day or jerry getting dumped every third tuesday. jerry: every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart plus over 300 customizable studies to help you
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anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that. td ameritrade.
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what do you do with ibm and netflix? we have to understand why they went into the meat grinder. ibm is easiest to figure. ibm sank at $117 and turned around and never look back. this is ibm, the numbers are rarely what they seem between the charges and tax rate. not to mention the reclassifications of business lines, it makes you feel as if management is trying to confuse you. in reality, ibm is treating slow
6:55 pm
growth business lines. for much faster potential revenue and profits that have not been harvested. threw a combination of organic growth and acquisitions many these good businesses to be used in a way, now comprised 37% of the business. the additional thing for the buyers to get their arms around, is whether it's come from a shrinking pie. making the good businesses look like they're growing faster than they are. ibm has had to do a lot of highering. it does mean you can't reinvent yourself overnight. especially because ibm had to divest $20 million in sales. netflix is much harder, the company beat the numbers but offered quizzical guidance. how bad? they're looking for 3.5 million international subscribers.
6:56 pm
that's a stunning disappointment hot money coming out of this thing all over the place. at the slower growth rate, the hbo time warner should be bought, and netflix may be ignored. here's the problem with bailing. in the end, netflix has a terrific product. they're spending a lot of money to build out their business. stocks had a monster r over the years. now it's in purgatory until the next quarter. i think there's been enough damage to both stocks that will be hard to reverse it in a day or two. the cred ability of netflix has suffered. right now, there's a battle for the soul of the stock. the antagonist has become the doubter in chief and colored everybody's thinking about the stock. the protagonist from morgan stanley, who sees what ibm could become and she likes it. longer term, i'm with katie. i think ibm could ultimately
6:57 pm
have a good future. as far as netflix, no need to be a hero. there's no reason for this baby to turn around until it speaks next. that said, next quarter, i bet it will be positive. ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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