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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the other way around there is an convenience watching at home and that's the programming disney does. >> got it. we got to leave it my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you a little money. my job isn't just to entertain but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jim cramer. what do you do when they turn on your favorites? what do you do when the market has decided in its infinite
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wisdom that what was good is now bad, and what is now good, what is bad is now good. that's what happens. times are changing right now, right here. the conundrum. that drove the dow down 114 points today. the nasdaq declined 0.5%. it's the same dynamic that should play havoc with other big capitalization stocks. tomorrow given the predominantly dismal performance of companies and speed bumps in a remarkably bizarre earnings season where the favorites are being slaughtered and the ugly ducklings are turning into swans before our eyes. we have to stand a musical legend on its head and start with the very ending because that's a very good place to start. "sound of music" has some gravitas. after the bell we heard disappointing earnings from more of the very best companies america has to company.
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alphabet, also known as google, visa, microsoft and starbucks. the latter which we'll be speaking to this evening. do you know in every single case, the market has pronounced a harsh judgment, snap or not, that the quarters were all subpar, sending the stock tumbling in after-hours. when i see that kind of action, it's a group action. i like to see contrary to the impression that might be created by these various so-called shortfalls, what we really have in each case is a set of expectations created by stocks that have been moving up consistently in some cases dramatically. expectations that were too much for each of these companies' managements to muster numbers to surprise to the up side and make the bulls happy. why is this supposition so important? because it reminds us before we decide something's rotten in starbucks, or that alphabet's
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been pulvarized into soup. or visa s been masquerading as a cloud business. in each case these stocks have had significant runs and more likely will again. there is your real take away after we digest what the short-term traders didn't like about each and every one of them. let's take starbucks. that's going to be front and center in tonight's show. we are going to interview kevin johnson, the president and chief operating officer of starbucks. not howard schultz. if we look at the earnings, we see a figure that's better than expected on pretty much every line, including very strong same-store sales, excellent chinese numbers and some fantastic growth. you'll hear some people felt the revenues weren't there good, but it was fine. but because starbucks is so good all the time when it reports,
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this one comes under the category, oh, another good quarter from starbucks. not a blowout. not one where people will say can you believe how fabulous that is? no. what they are saying is that's the usual fabulous quarter, which in this environment, frankly, that isn't good enough. not with the stock up 60. microsoft moved up strongly from being a plain old personal computer software company, microsoft word, windows 10, to being a cloud-based company that still has that legacy business. you know what happened tonight? we got the continued transformation of the legacy business to the cloud business. frankly again, in an environment where the worst performing companies are starting to get better, microsoft's numbers just weren't good enough to please those who owned it for ages. you know what they are doing? enmass they are ringing the
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register. visa reported a terrific set of numbers. this quarter was dynamite. so why is it plummeting in after-hours? i think it's because the company was overly cautious. not just cautious but overly cautious about its guidance. people thought that the company had much more to crow about. i am very encouraged by the quarter, but the reduced forecast -- and it was. it was a reduced forecast. >> house of pain! >> will play havoc with a stock that's run so far, so fast. big dow stock will take your breath away tomorrow. i don't like what happened with travelers today. but all three were pretty good every one i mentioned. starbucks, microsoft, visa. i liked how they did. the only problematic miss, the only company that simply failed to deliver on both top, the sales line, and bottom -- the earnings per share line -- was alphabet, which is alternatively known as google or the "g" in
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fang. after a string of much better than expected earnings in sales that caused this stock to run up to near all-time highs, the astounding top line growth wasn't astounding enough. the darn thing was priced to perfection and we certainly didn't get it. so the stock is, yes, unlike the others, justifiably clobbered. but this is where i like to sit back and take a breath. i like to think before i act. let's think about earlier this week. for example, the other day if you remember, ibm was down 10 points. for what was being called a terrible quarter but what mattered, ibm had gone up from $117 level all the way up 40 points. it went into the print at a high, as we like to say. so what it did, it was a fine
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quarter. but the stock gave back some of it. since then it's starting to claw its way right back. people had a second thought maybe ibm wasn't that bad. i think any one of these four disappointments this evening, any one, could be a candidate for that same kind of action once the smoke clears. i like to think back to other times this happened. let's think about three years ago when we were at villanova, ncaa champs for the same starbucks quarterly report. live show college. it was almost the exact same day three years ago. so what happened? it reported a terrific quarter. but they yawned. that was enough to let the air out of the stock. it plummeted three points immediately. i was trying to figure out what went wrong in nothing more than what went wrong tonight. same amount, down three tonight.
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what happened if you kicked it out? you said i feel so much better, i couldn't take the pain. then it doubled in the next three years. doubled. doubled from where it was that day at villanova. sometimes history does repeat itself this could be one of those occasions. we don't know yet. we'll listen to what kevin johnson has to say before we decide it's no good any more. these all were not perfect quarters. i'm not saying they were. had they been, then the stocks might have gone up a bit. the way under armour did today in a classically fabulous quarter. did it soar? it did well because it was sharply higher than expectations. we didn't get that. you know what is really roaring after the bell? a railroad. a railroad we thought would be doing poorly. norfolk southern. why is it working? because it managed to make so much on so little. in other words, it was a bad quarter, but boy, amazing how
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well it did. how well they did with such a bad quarter. it's like with union pacific this morning. union pacific had maybe the worst quarter of 2016. at least in terms of the numbers, cold down 40%. auto down, ag down, chemical down. intermodal was down. what did the stock do? it opened higher and continued to go higher. why? what's really going on here is that i think we are a moment where a lot of people are going to make mistakes. maybe it was a mistake union pacific went up this much but what happens when things get better? the mistakes, i think they'll take their cue from the action. action says all four of these stocks, you know what? every single one of these, they're washed up. you've got to get out of them. they are train wrecks. sell, sell, sell! i'm saying let's do thinking
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about that before you take such an action. i care if the company, not the stock, is washed up. as we sift through these stocks, i would rather think we have gems that were tarnished and not stocks that were never worth anything. yet it doesn't feel that way. here's the bottom line it. say let these four disappointers settle. we may just have a couple of opportunities after the downgrades, after the number comes, after the price target declines, that could be worth holding like you needed to do with starbucks three years ago and not dumping as the short sided folks are doing tonight. you know why they are doing it? because they are unable to take the pain. jim in ohio. >> caller: p professor cramer, thank you for taking my call. boo-yah from the buckeye state. thank you for all the time you invest to help us all be better investors. my question is on twitter.
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i had a bruise since it was lower $14. is this a time to get in ahead of the earnings report? >> it's interesting when you have a microsoft that is so fabulous and involved in a major transition and down on its stock luck, i would rather prefer to be in a microsoft down three or four tomorrow on a couple of downgrades than twitter at $17 hope the it will come back. >> rough day after the bell? you bet it was. i say let them settle. pain some will be an opportunity, not unlike ibm the other day or starbucks three years ago. one of the top brands in your tool box just put together a terrific quarter. the stock didn't work. is it time to get your hands dirty with snap-on or has someone thrown a wrench into its growth? >> the lions got all the hype. i'm talking the lambs got wall street talking. don't miss my interview with the largest chip manufacturing semiconductor once they merge
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lam research. >> and the coffee giant with a drink they call the cramer. it looks like it's souring. stock's down after hours. i'll take a closer look when we speak with the company's top brass. why don't you stick with cramer? >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to real is touching a ray.
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now that earnings season is in full swing what do we make of a long-term outperformer that had trouble hitting the revenues lately, even as it continues to knock the earnings numbers out of the park? that's the story of snap-on.
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they make diagnostic tools. some analysts were critical of its topline performance. that result caused the stock to get hammered. the whole market bottomed a week later and snap-on took off. it reports again and revenues aren't as robust, sales up 0.8% but earnings increasing 15% year over year. the stock dropped for 0.07% in response. if snap-on can produce this kind of earnings growth and some of its end markets are suffering, just imagine how well they'll do when things start to improve. let's check in with the chairman, ceo of snap-on incorporated, hear more about the quarter and figure out what's happening here. welcome back to "mad money." >> glad to be here. >> the automobile, the business we know for snap-on, on fire. oil and gas, military soft. something we need to worry about longer term? >> i don't think so. oil and gas, you've seen the
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cataclysmic disagrees in oil prices. you have budget sequestration. that's going to bypass. those businesses have been quite cyclical for us. one thing we are doing, we keep investing in those businesses. last year we produced, we launched 703 new military products. and 335 products for oil and gas. we know that we are going to expand in those segments, rolling the snap-on brand out of the garage. customers there want our product. we haven't paid attention to it in the past. that's going to work for us. we are confident. >> i'm glad you brought that up. there was a time you came on and you said you were investing in europe. what is concerned. i said europe is in a down turn, how can you do that? europe was probably the highlight of this quarter. >> our hand tool business in europe did well. europe grew at mid single digits this quarter. its earnings were up more than that. this is the 11th straight quarter our european business
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has gone up -- sorry, tenth straight quarter and 12th straight quarter earnings has grown. so this has become a great contributor for us. what we did is we knew our customers weren't going away. we kept investing in product and capabilities in europe. when the market came back, it's done well. it's still mixed. germany is still down. germany is giving me a headache these days. used to be france, now germany. still that business has been strong. >> one thing i like about snap-on, i regard you as a technological innovator. you come up with new products that add to the top and bottom lines. what have you come up next? >> one of the things that's happening in 2 auto repair is that the cars are getting more computerized. everybody knows it's more electronics on the cars. today when you repair a used car, there are 300 million cars on the road, 11 1/2 years old, 40% to 50% of the repairs require a diagnostic unit.
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80% require diagnostic units. technicians are going to need more of these laptops for cars. we have two of them here. one for the starting-up technician. a guy who is going to work on oil changes. the deal about this, you plug it in, it covers -- one of the cool things snap-on has, it covers 98% of the cars out there. this is hundreds of thousands of possible computer systems. it will tell this technician what the car is saying. what's wrong. generally a brake job or oil change, he doesn't have to refer to anything. you have this for the entry guy. then you have the go-to for the experienced technician. what happens here, check engine light. you don't know what's wrong with the car. this will tell what you the car's saying. allow you to see its heart beat. when you get that data, you can
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access snap-on's unique data base. hundreds of millions of records associated with car repair. it will say 92% of the time when the car said this, this is what you change, you fix the car on that basis for the experienced tech. >> big data working for us. >> i think that big data data base is the competitors don't have. >> exactly. >> you have hand tools, 70% next brand, diagnostic. >> exactly. when you look at this, nobody else has this, we call it sure track. nobody has this big data. people think of us as a hand tool company. we make things like you see here, sockets and wrenches. we know how to make those more effectively, more powerfully, smaller than anybody else. we think we have big data and small steel better than anybody else. >> there is something, a supposition i'm concerned about. some of these cars are coming out and they are so difficult that i would think that only the
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manufacturer can solve that. that means the smaller stores, many of them rely on you -- is it possible the cars are too difficult for them? even with this? >> what's happening, the cars are too difficult for the amateur. and what's happening is actually over a period of time, the independent shops have grown in share in terms of repair dollars. >> when you are in a ford dealership and plug in a laptop for car, you only have to worry about fords. when you're in john's auto body or john's auto repair, i've got to think of 47 different possible cars. 47 different possible cars. this is driving our quarter. you said before about the idea our sales are lower than they have been. yeah. they were 2.5% organically. not chopped liver. >> not at all. >> earnings were 15.5% growth. that's over 15.5% growth last year. one of the things snap-on has
6:22 pm
been able to do is make strong profits out of relatively tepid volume. >> i think your company, we like it more than double now. i'm continuing to like it. when a company doesn't have a lot of competition, they can make a lot of money on what they sell. "mad money" is back after the break. with over 20,000 stores worldwide, starbucks is the globe's biggest beanery. has the stock lost its steam after tonight's earnings report? don't miss cramer's exclusive with the company king just ahead many. y. ahead. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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apparently las vegas sands didn't get the memo. it didn't get the fundamental thesis of this latest rally. the world was getting better. they got better as the previous quarter went on. a lot of that is thanks to a rebound in china. >> house of pleasure. >> but that's not the story we heard from las vegas sands last night with its sizable exposure to mccal the chinese gambling mecca. this will create a whole new narrative by itself. was it down $4.79 bad or 9%? maybe. listen to the answer of last
6:26 pm
night's complete downer of a conference call when the president and ceo was asked about the mccal casino. "i think the market was obviously disappointed. chinese tourism and consumer numbers are pretty depressing across the globe, and certainly was a little bit softer than we had hoped at mccal." bam! this pessimism may get lost in the weeds of stronger oil prices that come from a pick-up in chinese oil demand. you may not be able to bubble above the surface at american express. acceleration related to quality loan growth. maybe obscured by the amazing numbers out of service now we got, a magic elixir of 40% growth that all high multiple stocks need. i love the candid acknowledgement from the ceo amid all the congratulations to the call that the reality is, "for a high growth company like
6:27 pm
ours, every quarter sort of has to be our best quarter ever." but the simple fact is if you told me the pillar of china is going to come tumbling down, buttressed by better chinese consumer spending, improved import of raw goods and cessation of wholesale dumping, i would be worried. if we lose china as las vegas sands seems to suggest, down points are going to get worse. maybe the momentum is so strong it can't be shot down. maybe there is too much that confirms things are getting better away from las vegas sands. however, it is certainly cause for concern and can't be brushed off after this run and earnings we got authentic. i've got to tell you, what this market needs right now is for steve wynn, who has a ton of macau exposure is to say las vegas sands doesn't know what
6:28 pm
it's talking about. with so much hope coming out of china, the idea macau is doing worse could be poison to the bull. wynn is the only guy who can shut this story down. the fact steve wynn purchased over $100 million of shares in his company on the open market in recent months is part and parcel to return to growth thesis. let's hope that the chinese didn't like the sands macau and went every else to lose money at the tables. if there is a problem with macau overall, we better pray because the chinese communist government is cracking down on gambling. here's the bottom line. many savvy investors will associate the decline in oil we got today and sell-off in minerals in mining we saw, and the wolfe macau story told by las vegas sands, and they'll conclude that the bulls have gotten ahead of themselves. doesn't that feel like it's happened? i'm not saying it's necessarily the case here, but it's something you need to be aware
6:29 pm
of. let's go to bob in connecticut. >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: good. what are your thoughts for expedia's earnings next week? what are your thoughts for its long term prospects? >> i think expedia made an acquisition this home away, and i think it's going to be good for them. the acquisition happened too soon. we did a piece about this. didn't necessarily impact the near-term expedia. i think expedia is oversold and too cheap, but i want to emphasize we think the home away story is a multiple year story not a multiple week story. grant in mississippi. >> caller: thanks for answering my call. i'm a current owner of groupon. my question is concerning the stock activity. has it reached its peak or do you think it's a good buy? >> groupon is flotsom and jetsom. some things are good and some things are not good.
6:30 pm
it is a pierce back. there is nothing about it that looks like the stocks i like to recommend, which have good earnings futures out mullet irm years. it is a decent spec because it is better than it was. mike in tennessee. >> caller: hello, jim, this is mike. boo-yah to you. i'm new to investing and i bought some shares of marathon oil. which i notice is steadily climbing, but i heard on another program you talking about kb homes. i sold 3/4 of my shares of marathon oil and bought kb homes. was that a good decision or bad decision? >> that's fine. you let marathon come up. they did that giant issuance of stock at $7. marathon is not that good of company. they separated from marathon petroleum. and you moved onto a deep value home builder i think is going to have better than expected earnings next time because rates are still low or it gets taken
6:31 pm
over perhaps by somebody like a pulte. we heard from them last night. them's fighting words. we hear las vegas sands doesn't know what it's talking about or hope china didn't like the sands and went everywhere else. much more "mad money" ahead, including my earnings with starbucks which was down badly after the close. i want to take a deeper dive before you just throw the thing out. >> and lam research is up 18% over the past three months. what did drones, data centers and shake-ups mean for the future? >> all your calls rapid fire in tonight's "the lightning round." stick with cramer. tomorrow kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street" live from post nine at the nyse. >> if you are in the mall, you are going to get mauled.
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when a company reports good numbers like many we saw tonight but its stock pulls back, we need to investigate. consider the case of lam research. the semiconductor capital equipment maker that's in the process of buying kla tencor, a terrific deal that will make them a titan in the industry. last night lam research reported a seemingly strong quarter. shipments were very strong in the company's key geographies, japan, taiwan, china and korea. management gave very bullish guidance. before the stock surged up more than $1 at the opening today. then it started sinking. it closed down $1.85. a lot of this is simple profit taking given it ran up dramatically going to the quarter. stock gaining 26% from the marketwide lows february 11th. we want to be sure like at the top of the show, that the times they aren't a-changing. before i tell to you jump on this pullback, let's dig deeper with the president and ceo of lam research for more about the quarter and state of the kla
6:36 pm
tencor acquisition. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you very much. >> we are in a profit-making mode. all the tech stocks are going down basically. i think you might be caught up in that. when i read through things, i see this deal will continue to deliver compelling value to a transforming semiconductor industry. i know people are concerned one of your cohort of customers makes d-rams. isn't the overall panoply of customers very strong and needs new equipment from lam? >> the headline for the semiconductor industry broadly is innovation is never more valuable, never more important. some part of that is a challenge for innovation to overcome technical challenges. some of it is economic. you're right to say at a macro level, the pc headlines and d-ram headlines are well publicized at this point. we adjusted our expectations a little bit since january, but
6:37 pm
the 3-d marketplace and stranlic spending in logic are compelling opportunities for the company. obviously, we are very excited about our performance, but also our prospects. >> i know that the market has loved the kla tencor deal. can you tell our viewers what the customers see they like about it? we talked about it once more offcamera than on. a customer wants lam a soup-to-nuts proposition versus competitors. lay out the value statement for what they get. >> always a strategic action like this is a byproduct of two things. it's a byproduct of need and opportunity. maybe opportunity is the best place to start because the foundation of lam research is a tremendous platform of strengths for us to execute a transaction like this. we characterized that strength three or four ways. the first one is that there are technology inflections in the
6:38 pm
industry, 3-d device architecture and multipatenting flows that we are at the center of enabling. last year we believed that the proportion of wafer fabrication spending was about 33% and by calendar '18 perhaps more than 55%. so that area of opportunity is a wonderful platform and strength for the company. number two, we've been broadening the product portfolio. we started off as a single product company five or six years ago now when we competed for 12% of wafer fabrication. the action of kla will take us to the mid 40s. we compete for a greater proportion of what's available and what our customers are spending. number three, a market share story. probably calendar '15 was our best market story the last five years. and well publicized recently by some independent analytics. the story is a strong foundation. last but not least, strategic
6:39 pm
relevance. therein lies the partnership with need from the customer. one of the responsibilities that obviously we have as a leadership team is to define our destiny. that's a very important action. i personally invested for several years in conversations with customers so that i had this strategic direction of the company as right as day-to-day operational. getting our customers invested in the partnership of lam and kla was a multiyear work product before we announced a deal. subsequently, the interactions i had have been overwhelmingly positive. i think our customers are generally excited about opportunities for the integrated process and process control solutions. we are very invested in obviously meeting on delivering our commitments to customers and enabling their business road maps and their success in turn giving us opportunity. >> what would help, i think, because i think tomorrow there will be a lot of scrutiny in tech.
6:40 pm
maybe d-ram is obviously not that good. some of the other applications that semiconductor companies need your equipment for that are totally next jeg innovative, i would love to hear you say what they might be. >> i think the cloud's headline for gent price, the iot, the washls, automotive, the men's agendas, they are all enabled, ultimately, by the ecosystem that supports the equipment and materials. lam research is playing its part in that opportunity. we see a resurgence of spending on what we would have traditionally called legacy technology nodes. legacy technology nodes sometimes are central to enables new businesses, new economies and new marketplaces. we are excited about expanding our business opportunities. >> bring it to life more in a human fashion for our viewers. which are the devices you are changing the world with?
6:41 pm
that you are part of the train that for our people at home are saying that's why i need lam research, that's where they fit in? >> i would say the more difficult question to answer is what are we not involved in? the reality is there's not a single piece of electronic components of substance in the world today that is not manufactured using the semiconductor equipment of lam research. that's a grand statement, but it's a commentary on a consolidated industry and something we take seriously. we have tremendous opportunity. we also have tremendous responsibility. >> excellent. president and ceo of lam research, thank you for coming on "mad money," sir. >> thanks, jim. i appreciate it. >> every device needs chips and the chips need to be made with semiconductor equipment and tested by them at lam research.
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what happens when one of the greatest companies in the world has a stock that stumble as bit? that's what we need to ask about starbucks. the company reported a
6:45 pm
record-breaking quarter that wasn't quite good enough for wall street. hard to please. same-store sales growth at 6% was a little bit slower than some were looking for. that's why the stock is down after hours. this isn't the first time starbucks' stock hit a speed bump. in the past when the stock pulled back it's been a buying opportunity. will it be this time again? let's check in with kevin johnson, the president and coo. welcome back to "mad money." >> how are you? >> i've to the to tell you, i set up the situation tonight because there are a bunch of think cap stocks like yours that people felt maybe the company's didn't do that well. i'm trying to distinguish between a company that did exactly what people are looking for and a stock that therefore reacted. did you reaffirm what you said you would do going into this quarter? >> yeah. we certainly did, jim. this was a very strong quarter for starbucks and we reaffirmed our guide for the rest of the
6:46 pm
year. if you look at the quarter, we posted a 90% growth in revenue and an 18% growth in earnings per share. i think as you point out, some of the reaction may be related to same-store comps, but i think there's some information that people need to understand about that. we posted 6% increase in comps globally. but if you go region by region, there's a story under each of those regions. our america's business, we grew transactions 3% and ticket 5%. it averaged then to rounded to a 7% comp. that said, the americas grew 10.5%. would have been 11.5% adjusted for foreign exchange. you then move on to a mia, we posted a 1% growth in comp. amia, we've been on a strategy to shift our company-operated stores to licensed stores.
6:47 pm
72% of the stores are licensed stores, you have to look at system sales. system sales in amia grew 4%. if you adjust for the stores we transitioned to licensed partners and foreign exchange, we would have posted 7% growth in revenue. >> let me just update this. we can do the same thing with asia where some people were looking for 4.5% and got 3%. i want to step back and say, okay, give you a lightning round, is mobile working well? >> mobile is really performing very well. in fact, this quarter, about 4% of total trans yxs were mobile order and pay transactions in the u.s. if you look at our top 300 stores, that number is 10%. 10% of total transactions in our top 300 stores were mobile order to pay. if you look at peak period, it's
6:48 pm
higher. mobile order and pay represented 20% of total transactions in our top 300 stores at peak. our loyalty program, our active rewards customer base continues to grow and our mobile order business continues to grow rapidly. >> you're from technology background. that's why i want to ask about tech. it seems like starbucks is trading like the old days when you were a technology company, a fine one juniper. should we think about starbucks different? three years ago we had identical situation. people tossed the stock out, down $3, $4 after hours then the stock doubled. was there anything in here that -- i look at that same-store sales in china and i see china growing faster than i thought. consumer package goods is growing faster. i'm not asking you to find something wrong for me, but this was a business as usual, better than expected starbucks quarter.
6:49 pm
>> without a doubt. it was a record quarter for us. i think in every business there is a great story underlying those numbers. in addition to that, we laid a lot of foundation for the strategic growth paths going forward. whether that's our new rewards program and our digital fly wheel we transitioned to or whether it's the announcement we made in single serve or whether it's the new roastery we announced in new york to extend our starbucks reserve ultrapremium brand. a lot of good stuff there. >> let's talk about china plans. you are keeping with the 500 stores in the country every year for the next five years and you're opening one you expect to have your biggest numbers in the next quarter? >> certainly we continue to be very very bullish on china. we are now at 2,000 stores in mainland china. i think as you pointed out, our transaction comp grew 5% this
6:50 pm
last quarter in china. certainly as we look at the opportunity ahead, we continue to be bullish and we plan to build 500 stores a year for the next five years in china. there will be a day that china will be bigger than our business in the united states. >> big change in japan we have to start incorporating, right? >> yeah. this is the first quarter that we have included our 1,100 stores in japan in the camp comp number. where we posted a 2% growth in transaction, 2% growth in ticket throughout china, asia-pacific, that then averaged to a 3% comp. certainly japan will continue to be part of the comp, but china is growing 5% in transactions, much faster than the average. >> let's leave it at that. it's a strong quarter. we both feel that way. kevin johnson, president and chief operating officer of starbucks.
6:51 pm
this is the way starbucks trades. it goes up a lot. it reports a terrific quarter. people decide the quarter is not enough, it then goes down. a few weeks later they think about it and buy it. it's been the pattern i've seen time and again. i didn't hear anything different that makes me think this is not going to be fine. stick with starbucks and stick with cramer. you shouldn't have to go far
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to get the help you're looking for. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you.
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where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
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it is time, it is time for the lightning round. we play to this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? tony in california. >> caller: boo-yah, jim from west lake village, california. how are you today? >> i'm doing quite well. i'm trying to fathom these earnings. what's up with you. >> caller: i've got a question. is donnelley a good firm? >> exactly. we've spoken many times to them. we like the different parts. we like that yield a good one. ed in ohio. >> caller: america water works, buy or hold? >> we've got to be careful. i was working on the charts this weekend. this stock was up and up and up because of a belief utilities are unsaleable.
6:55 pm
i would ring the register. brian in connecticut. >> caller: this is brian from connecticut. my question is metlife. i inherited some shares when my mom passed away. i want to know buy, sell or hold? >> i think you buy metlife. the problem is today we were jarred by the fact travelers which has a remarkable record of not missing the quarter, did miss the quarter. i think metlife is fine. you have to expect a little rockiness. some analyst will come down and downgrade the group because of travelers. chris in new york. you're up. >> caller: hello. how are you? >> how are you? >> caller: good. i'm looking to invest a little bit of money in solar city. >> you are speculating with solar city. if you want earnings you go with
6:56 pm
first solar. if you want to speculate we have panels on our roof you go with solar city. i prefer first solar. steve in north carolina. >> caller: yes, jim. thanks for taking my call. love the show. >> thank you. >> caller: i bought ip in 2012 and rode it out to last april. i sold, took some profit and i just bought it back in march. >> i approve of that. it yields 4%. i think the world's getting better. they are buying the chemicals. don't expect a quick recovery. i think it is a stock to own right here. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj, working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app on the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of other competitors do on desktop.
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you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivatives pricing model, honey? td ameritrade.
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a financial crook in jail awaiting trial leaves the best way to walk free is have the government witness against him killed. he hires a hitman. how do you think that will work out? don't miss an all new "american greed" at 10:00. i won't. visa, great quarter. guidance not great. starbucks just fine. but that wasn't enough. microsoft, pretty good. not just what we wanted. alphabet, definitely not good enough. sell it? i don't know. i think it settles and goes higher. >> i like to say there's a bull market somewhere i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow.
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