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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  April 22, 2016 5:00am-5:11am EDT

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good morning and happy friday. earnings parade. google and microsoft both under pressure as results disappoint. up next, general electric, oil pressure and mcdonald's. >> and -- >> and new this morning. president obama pens an op ed calling on the uk to stay in the european union. friday, april 22, 2016. "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ this is how we do it ♪ strutting it back street ♪ yeah we do it like that ♪ that is --
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>> i'm kayla tausche. >> i'm domonic chu. markets it's calm to start the day. marginal losses to start. the s&p 500 down about 5. the down jones off about 33 points. nasdaq off about 50. just a little weakness in yields today. overall price of the 10 year note. 1.85% the last trade there kayla. >> despite the fact that saudi arabia had threatened to pour a bunch of treasuries on the market. >> on the market. and we are seeing just marginal movements here. >> a new report shows a another week of multi billion withdrawals.
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lipper. >> if you look at prices right now. set for one of the biggest weekly gains in 2016 on sentiment for crude prices. prices up by about a quarter of a percent. 43.28 the last trade for wti crude oil. and up by about 7%. a large move higher for crude in what's been a very volatile trade so far this year. >> and the dollar this morning. the green back surging against the yen on a media report that the bank of japan was considering applying negative rates for its lending program for financial institutions. the u.s. dollar against the yen currently sitting at 110. it is up 1.5% this week alone. and that would be an extension of a negative rate policy that's
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gone on for a very long time at this point. >> and japan specifically. but the fact that it's now burgeoned out into other jurisdictions around the world. not just japan with the negative interest rate policy but other places in europe as well. it will be huge and one of the biggest drivers on the market. >> the debate will continue over how effective it is. >> a debate for sure because people are very passionate about it kayla. >> let's check the global stock market here this morning. asian markets. hang seng and hong kong off about three quarters of one percent. the nikkei up over a percent. and the shanghai composite posting a fractional gain up about a quarter of a percent there as well. overall we are seeing movement in european markets as well. mostly to the downside however.
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the ftsi mib in italy off and the blah blah. >> it is friday but there is still a lot on today's agenda. we'll get the results of the purchasing manufacturers index for april. at 1:00 p.m. eastern we'll get weekly rig count numbers. and on the corporate front caterpillar, mcdonald's, general electric, just some of the names before the opening bell. >> it is early on. but still the idea that we could be seeing at least an earnings story play out where we continue to see that earnings recession play out. a sales recession for s&p 500 companies. so a big move. and a number of big stock
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movers. microsoft. shares under pressure after falling short of estimates for the first time in nearly two years. the cloud business couldn't make up for a slowing pc market. still satya nadella sounding upbeat. >> the cloud is being built to optimize and grow. with our results this quarter it remains clear we are one of the two leaders in this market. >> microsoft shares have gained 31% over the past year. they are up 16% from their february lows. a big move here for a tech giant. >> and alphabet shares also under pressure after the google parent posted an earnings miss. lappeden dowdy joins us more with that move. >> google reported under $7.50 a share on revenue of $20.2
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billion. google is capitalizing on the global shift to mobile. and this should translate over to cost per clicks. but the operating loss widened to $802 million from 633 million dollars. while the payoff could justify the cost some argue that google is a little behind the curve. take a listen. >> google should have absolutely been the public cloud provider had they approximate put their resources on this strategy earlier. they were very proprietary about access to their infrastructure. they have seen how big an opportunity the public cloud is. >> also regulatory concerns against google were not mentioned but google analyst brian weaver is saying the impact is likely manageable with
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the framework of fblt's financial model. >> speaking of large cap stocks here, starbuck's reporting revenue that missed expectations for the second quarter and offered an outlook that was just shy of forecasts. earnings were in line with consensus. kevin johnson at starbuck's, the coo there, was on mad money last night. he said there was one bright spot that helped the coffee chain post a double digit increase in profits. >> mobile is really performing very well. in fact this quarter about 4% were mobile order and pay transactions in the u.s. if you look at our top 300 stores that number is 10%. 10% of total transactions in our top 300 stores were mobile order and pay. and if you leak at peek period it is even higher. >> mobile a big part of that
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story there. shares off by about 4% in early hours. over the course of the past years up about 20%. so a nice move higher for the world's biggest coffee roaster. >> and their first store? south africa. >> all over the place. we talked about how much china but now all over southeast asia, places like africa. they are really starting to tap markets emerging wise to see what kind of demand growth. >> other stocks, sharesed of amd mosted a better than expe expected lost and better than expects revenues. and boston beer moving the other way. falling far short as quarterly profits were nearly cut in half. the outlook also week. the maker of sam adams beer facing increased competition from craft brewers.
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stock hit hard on the news. it was down as much as 17% yesterday after hours. currently in pre market trading down just about 10%. and sketchers looks to be a winner today. earnings and revenue there beat the street and is offering upbeat stuff. also watch shares of daimler today. the german parent copy of mercedes benz is now conducting investigation in how it certifies emissions. q 1 profit there is dropping 32% on slight rise in overall revenue. >> ford is going to export its ford 150 raptor truck to china by next year. it's been popular in the gray
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market. also, sears announcing it is going to close nearly 70 kmart and 10 sears store this is summer. part of the announcement back in february that it would accelerate the closing of its unprofitable locations. >> and dell's cyber security unit secure works pricing its ipo at $14 a share. last night short of the range. the stock is scheduled to start trading on the nasdaq today under the ticker symbol scwx. >> logic says this is ending the longest drought ever for u.s. tech ipos. 155 days since square went public. >> the idea that we haven't seen that boom in ipos. certainly a stock to watch
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today. >> vix is low. elsewhere in tech uber agreed to pay a hundred million dollars to settle the case over drivers employee status. uber drivers will remain as independent contractors, allowing them to keep the current business model in california in massachusetts. the class action lawsuit argued that drivers are in fact employees and therefore entitled to reimbursement for certain expenses.


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