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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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money pre earnings. >> what does that mean? >> he hates it. >> nice tie. >> thank you. >> juno therapeutics. >> back tomorrow. jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i want to make you money. my job not just to entertain but educate and teach. call me at 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer. on the first down day in two weeks, s&p backsliding .26% and
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nasdaq declining. i think that will tackle a major trend that's shaping this economy, maybe the major trend at this moment. our time, our schedule, it has been disrupted and we simply aren't doing what we used to do anymore. the problem is that our habits are changing so fast, so quickly, unbelievable that businesses can't keep up, and these radical reorganizations of what we do and where we go and what we're occupying ourself with are playing havoc with the stocks we focus on regardless of what president trump has to say tonight in the big speech. usually it's not all that stark. we can't spot it because we have so many data points and examining so much information all at once, it's a vortex. today, though, we got the most violent contrast i have ever seen. i'm not kidding, in one day. i'm talking about the perfect storm of dominos versus target. what does a pizza delivery chain
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have to do with a mass market merchandiser? in this case, everything. this morning dominos, long-time cramer fav since it was trading at $10 reported a simply fantastic number. there was a 12% uptick in same store sales, looking for ten which is extraordinary in response the stock vaulted up $4 to $190. what a run. 10 to 190 and special dividends. target on the other hand, target and now it's terrible numbers and gave a hugely down beat foreca forecast. far worse than we expected, which sent its stock plunging. downward in 12%. it's worst day in 18 years. interesting comp stores up 12 at dominos. stock down 12 at target. these two situations, you know what they are, perfect metaphors for this moment. dominos, which i've always viewed as a technology company that delivers pizzas is an
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extraordinary business because you can use every device including your apple watch or your facebook page to order right to your home. you don't have to leave the couch. they make it so easy, you don't need cash when the driver gets there. you can prepay. you don't have to fumble over the tip thing. my kids and i eat domino's pizza almost every time we get together. they are veg tetarians, they pu in a special no cheese button. said they did it for me. i'll take it. teens in their 20s seem incapable of talking on the phone. they don't like to waste time. they deal with the internet to order and they hate perfect. it's the logical result of this stay at home narration, this narrative that is driving this economy. target, it's everything dominos is not. first of all, what do you have to do? you got to leave your house to go to the store, unless you use the website.
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what a thing to leave your house. second, its prices aren't anything special, not less than amazon that delivers to your door free of charge if you're part of amazon prime, which if you're not, i don't get you. third, there is nothing proprietary about target, signature clothing lines. not enough to do the job to pry you from the couch. at one time the stores were fun places to shop but now they are simply a drag. target has the red and white thing. nothing makes us want to get off the couch. brian cornell talked about doing new stuff, new formats, new merchandise but the pace of the decline tells me cornell can't outrun amazon, not if it's selling commodity items like paper towels. i'll go -- across the street from me, i won't go. amazon brings it to my house. do you think i want two big bags of toilet paper walking around? go to target.
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tell me what you see that you can't find elsewhere. the website canblizes. you don't grab food or cosmetics going through racetrack to go to the housewares, doesn't happen. if target's prices aren't the cheapest online, what do you do? you go to another website. they can talk all they want about how they plan to do the best omni channel or order and pick up or buy one get -- i don't care. it doesn't matter. it is a little disconcerting that ceo brian cornell is talking about a three-year plan to turn things around. who gets three years anymore? cornell has been there three years. who knows what amazon will accomplish in three years. they are probably doing something right now to hurt target next month and if president trump goes with the border adjustment tax, something we could learn tonight, target would be priced out of this market with other firms with lower cost to handle the pain
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and do a better job of passing this potential tariff to the consumer. we have to question the relevance of target, the raise debt, especially if prices go up 20 to 25% as cornell told courtney regan with the border tax. three-year plan, how about a survival plan. there is no long game anymore. look, it's not cornell's fault. he's made mistakes but the truth is that bricks and mortar is a loser in this world unless it caters to the stay at home crowd, right? media sells goods to make your house better. there is a reason why home depot rallied. the best merchandise to increase the thing you never want to leave, your home. the home goods division is kicking butt because it has merchandise to make your house look better and doesn't cost a lot. it's doing well because tjx can go to macy's or jp pennies or closing brick and mortar stores and buy merchandise from next to nothing and sell it below amazon if they are tjmaxx locations
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including the one in my building i like to visit a lot. let's understand each other. the sheer range of things you can do at home has never been broader. netflix -- my kids don't even have cable, darn it. they don't watch me. drives me crazy but the wife doesn't watch me, either. we'll talk about it after the show. anyway, the video games developed by activism electronic arts, the fabulous high-speed tip can create experiences more than anyone would imagine. certainly more exciting on our lives. now you can watch other people play games. people do that. e sports with the press of a button from twitch tv, the division of amazon and order them or take a subscription service from microsoft's xbox division. two more reasons to stay away from game stop. everything can be related to the stay at home economy. it's the ult my.
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which consumer pack caage goods company is doing the best of them all? pepsico with the frito. that's what people eat when they aren't chowing down on the dominos with the banana peppers. alexa. there are dozens of services to pick up food and bring it to you. the couch is your home. i got to bring this stuff to you. enough already. here is the bottom line, you have to hope these stocks go down thanks to misunderstanding events. the home story doesn't come in very often. those are the places to be. they are part of this amazing theme that's still in the early stages and isn't going away any time soon, ask target. the stay at home thesis, gets strong stronger. jennifer in ohio, jennifer? >> caller: hi, jim. i've been looking at the bank stocks since you talked about the group in january and instead of pulling back, they keep going
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up. i'm looking at jp morgan but following all of them. are any of them a buy? >> i think city is a buy. i think corbett who should come on the show is doing a kick butt job and the stock is still below book value, which i find to be fantastic. i think city is the best in show. that will go to todd in california, todd. >> caller: i recently updated my furniture using the way fair app and their credit and i found their customer service was impeccable. it was amazing. i was wondering what you thought about the stock. >> it's a battle ground. i got to wet them down the block. i get the furniture everywhere. there is too much furniture. i don't want you to do it. anyway, the times they are changing and the stay at home economy reigns supreme. businesses that prosper, the ones that keep up. make your house worth more or make it so you never have to get off the couch.
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the much anticipated offering of the app you or the kids spend the majority of the day eyeing and believe me, not shakespeare, should you be in the multi billion ipo? tonight i'll share my take plus a san francisco start jstartup, why sky diving and setting you up with a significant other could lead to a revolution in finance and sales force after the close, mark talks to me exclusively. stay with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money," follow @jimcramer at twitter. send jim an e-mail to mad money at or give us a call at 1800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to mad mmoney.cnbc.coadmon.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. after the election tons of investors got gun shy after super fast growth because many of the ceo's campaign against trump and stocks become less
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attractive which is what the new president is trying to accomplish. since the sell off, many stocks came roaring back. look at sales force bottomed to 68 near the end of last year and stocks taken off rally up to $81 at today's close and that's 20% gain two short months. after that run it's hard for a stock to rally. so what sales force reported robust results, it didn't shock me stock traded down and people nitpicked and a earnings beat and higher than expected revenues of 27% year after year and 29% increased revenue and growth margins and guidance not being as strong as they would like. still, this is a great company. let's check in with mark, the visionary co-founder, chairman and ceo and learn about the quarter and company's prospects, welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, hey, thanks for having me and good afternoon from san francisco. >> all right, mark, you had amazing numbers here. you had $2 billion in operating cash flow, which is the number i
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look at to measure your actual health delivered more than $10 billion in revenue for fiscal 2018. 20% year over year. what are some of the big accounts that got you there? >> well, you can see this has been just an incredible year. it's been incredible quarter. and you look at the last three years where you have double the company in the last three years, we tripled the cash flow and consistently increased the margin and we'll do that again over the next three years, jim. >> in the last conference call you gave up front, you didn't put it in the release, dollar value of book business on off balance sheet. what is that up to now? >> well, jim, now the book business on and off the balance sheet now is up to $14.5 billion. that's pretty incredible. that's up 28% year over year, jim. i don't think there is any other tech or software company putting up that number. >> the reason i bring it up, mark, i'm starting to worry
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about valuation and seeing the stock down and looking at the market cap at 56 billion. mostly say it's outrageously expensive. when i listen to the on off book, what happened here? why is the valuation shrinking versus incredible results? >> well, jim, i have to leave the stock market up to you. that's your expertise. i can talk to you-all day about how to make your customers more successful. >> let's talk about some of the customers you make more successful. last time you had a great win with citi and this time an augmentation with a big deal of another banker that's a favor rid. u.s. bank corp. what are they doing with your project to make it so they are more personal in their banking and more able to be online in their banking? >> well, they are doing what a lot of our customers are doing, creating a single view of the customer from bankers. thousands and thousands of those bankers at u.s. bank who are putting together this incredible customer system that's going to let them sell more effectively,
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service more effectively, market more effectively and see, jim, we have five of the top five largest banks in the united states using our service to do that. >> now, will they extend artificial intelligence, which i know you talked about greatly out there for dream force? >> yeah, well, jim, the cool thing about sales force einstein which is our artificial intelligence service, which is leading our enterprise software industry with a.i., we have delivered that in our spring release, which we just shipped last week to all of our customers worldwide. that's incredible for them. so now they can actually start to use a.i. to make their customer relationships more effective and intelligent. >> we have talked about social, mobile cloud. artificial intelligence. i want to talk about immigration. when you spoke last on your conference call, you said we're moving forward with an open heart and open mind and expect the best from our president. he's speaking tonight, immigration will be on the docket. this is something i know you
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care passionately about. can we have an open heart and open mind at sales force? >> we can. certainly in the last couple months we had mixed results out of washington and immigration is one of the low lights. i just think back to my great grandfather isaac who came here. he was a refugee. he was warmly accepted into the united states and if you like sales force, that came out of isaac but if you like "game of thrones" that came out of my cousin david, we have the same great grandfather. >> fair enough. i know david benoff's father. going back to evaluation, you're $54 billion. i spent a lot of time analyzing a fantastic company. one of your board members works there, which is alphabet. more than $80 billion in cash and spend their time trying to say they are not in advertising. we're going to be in the enterprise and dominate the cloud. i'm thinking, mark, if your
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stock stays at 56, 55 billion and offer 80 billion even though you have a beautiful building coming up, you have to do what's right for your shareholders. >> jim, we're always do what's right for our shareholders, they know that, too, i meet with them on a regular basis. we're about listening carefully to the shareholders but we're about all of our stake holders. our employees and partners. even the communities that we live in and do business in and of course, even our pib liublic schools, a key stake holder of what we do. it's a reason we ask every ceo in this country to adopt a school. >> alphabet favors the same strategy so it wouldn't be -- >> that's true. >> oppositional so to speak. [ laughter ] >> jim, i'm going to have to leave that one also up to you. >> fair enough. i got to go back over when i hear about artificial intelligence and what you can do, i keep thinking one day if twitter had fallen to a price
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that all of your stake hold ers would have liked, to get that machine learning figuring out the b to b and a lot of your consumer package good customers need that information, mark. they need to get out of the b to b into the b to c. you need to give them more of that. >> that's right. and we're doing that, jim. you can see that, that's one of the reasons we acquired demandware and delivering the incredible commerce cloud this year as part of the marketing cloud efforts. you can see huge wins this quarter with gaps, with levis, yeti and a lot of amazing companies that commerce cloud far exceeded expectations and of course, our marketing cloud. here is a billion dollars business when we' qui acquired s a few hundred million. that cloud has 450 million users on it. our commerce cloud has 300 million users on it. this is the information that lets us provide more intelligence to our customers to help them be more successful
6:21 pm
with their customers. >> okay. you were partnered that last quarter was just amazing because of the city and amazon. what has happened to go forward with the amazon partnership? other than you guys, there isn't anyone that knows more about artificial intelligence machine learning than amazon. how is it working together? >> well, there is a lot of incredible players out there in artificial intelligence. of course, you have number one amazon. they are doing a great job providing program to artificial intelligence into aws and google has done an incredible job with the deep learning system with deep mind, as well as in the google cloud platform and of course, ibm watson, don't forget about that. jim, sales force has sales force einstein which is really artificial intelligence for the rest of us. it lets our customers immediately use artificial intelligence to make their customer systems smarter. our relationship with amazon has gotten stronger and stronger and stronger and you can see that in not only how we're using their products but also how they have
6:22 pm
been using our products inside amazon to run their b to b efforts. it's a very exciting relationship. >> one last question, all these numbers are fabulous. you and i both know that. if i ran that this business -- >> probably the best quarter ever, jim. >> you put in the guidance line, 22 to 23% for next quarter, which is not as fast as 27, 28. so people reached the conclusion therefore you're slowing. what do we tell those people? >> well, one thing i want you to remember, jim, and you'll remember this from two quarters ago, that foreign exchange environment now is highly unpredictable and in the second quarter, if we haven't had the foreign exchange shift that occurred through berxit. we reported an unbelievable year but the results can be tempered so we're appropriately conservative when we give you the numbers. you know that. anyway you slice it, this has to
6:23 pm
be the best quarter in tech. >> i agree and i'll go with appropriately consecutive for those who think it's a slowdown. mark benioff. >> great to see you, jim. hope you come to san francisco soon. >> absolutely. thank you. the stock is getting hit you have to do your homework, listen to the conference call and understand this is an amazing quarter but sometimes not enough on wall street. "mad money" is is back after the break. coming up, as banking goes mobile, one private company wants to help you connect to the financial world but start up sofi takes the concept to new heights. >> it's the opportunity to reinvent how financial services works. the idea to bring speed, transparency and alignment and that's what is missing today. >> cramer is going off the tape to learn more, next.
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as the long awaited ipo of
6:26 pm
snap approaches, they deserve a closer look. snap the parent company of the parent company snapchat app is the sexiest start up, the largest initial public offering since al ibaba. first of all, let me say i totally get where the bears are coming from the and bulls will try to interfere and will keep winning for a lot longer than i think a lot of people understand even though there is no quick path to profitability. before i get into the details why you should try to get a piece of this, although impossible as that will be because they are moving the price up for demands from big funds, we need to go over background for anyone over 30 who is not familiar with the company. for those of you that don't use snapchat as a mobile phone application that helps people
6:27 pm
communicate through photos and short videos, each of which is called a snap. on a normal day, an astounding 158 million people use it creating 2.5 million snaps daily. that is huge. beyond that the average user visits 18 times a day for 25 to 30 minutes of total activity and that's tremendous engagement and from my youngest daughter snap chad is her favorite app because it's fun and simple and silly in a time of polarization and anger, what is better than being fun and simple and silly? sign me up. one of the unique things about snapchat is after you send a photo or video to your friends, it only lasts for ten seconds before it disappears so a lot less pressure to look perfect than instagram or facebook or anywhere else on the web where it would be preserved basically forever. beyond that snapchat gives you lenses and animations to over lay on your pictures and make
6:28 pm
emojis and cartoons. it's fun. sometimes i like wearing a flower crown. it only lasts for ten seconds. in addition to the core chat service, the company has a story platform to post photos and videos for friends to watch for 24 hours. the company recently starting selling their spectacles. sun glasses that can take snaps from a human perspective and topnotch videos offered by real pros. what snap does, how about money? how does it make it? one word. advertising. i know the bear is skeptical whether the ads work and that's a big issue, believe me. right now i don't think it's a relevant question and that's where the bears could be wrong. at the moment, you see advertising agencies are clambering telling clients they must, must, must advertise on snapchat. to each the company younger ee
6:29 pm
demograph demographic. if you wanted to reach teenagers and 20 something. if snap is the equivalent of mtv for millennials and post millennials, it's in early innings. how about the numbers? incredible revenue growth and increased by 589%. that's a staggering figure even though the company is not profitable. snap's daily active user bases continued to rise to the 158 million in the quarter from 107 million the year before but this is important. the past couple of quarters, the growth rate, not the growth but growth rate decelerated a bit. the avenrage revenue continues o climb anded ed a veadvertisers and investors will because it's 1.05 in the latest quarter. up from the previous and 50 cents from the quarter before that in terms of modernization, looks like they are starting to hit the stride. advertisers, advertise,
6:30 pm
investors love. let's get back to the slowing music growth, though, because this could potentially be a real issue. last summer facebook's instagram launched their own instagram stories platform. thinly valued knock off of snapchat. that's a reason snap's daily active user base increased by 10% from 2016 to the second half and the user base had grown 33%. that's a problem with competing against facebook. the other reason behind the deceleration is snap had performance issues on android. it only works smoothly with iphone but once they get the hang of the android, it will be good. snap is spending a fortune on cloud hosting cost. the company will spend $400 million on google cloud, another $200 million annually on amazon web services. with that perspective, snap expects to hit $1 billion in ad revenue, at least 60% will be gobbled up by hosting costs. they don't have their own hosting.
6:31 pm
they don't have their data centers. probably more because it could cost more because if snap tells us inperspective, hosts cost may increase significantly because we play hosting costs from new users. maybe the company can use ipo proceeds to build out some cloud infrastructure but got to watch this. if there is any slow down, this company will be hung on the costs. nevertheless, the good absolutely does out weigh the bad for the intermediate term. snap's user growth impressive. a lot of room to expand and any company with nearly 600% revenue growth do something right. goldman sachs, the ipo road show have leaked including forecast for $2 billion in revenue. $2 billion. if snap can deliver on the number this story absolutely has legs because revenues not earnings growth is how young companies are judged. snap is is unproof pitbfitable. not going to be cheap. here is a key long-term issue.
6:32 pm
while businesses are desperate to advertise on snap now, the ads are easy to skip over and many advertisers are trying to figure out howfective snap is for clients. the big question is whether snap's ads will perform like twitter, some optical or facebook. if it's the former, the stock may be a trade, not an investment and the ladder, it's a long-term winner but i do wish i knew the monthly average user numbers because they need to go up to assure the daily numbers go higher because i regard the monthly users as the pipeline that gets you gauge future daily active users. another thing, maybe they use some of these billions to raise to expand a new line of business and those businesses turn out to be successful. in short, snap will become otherwise a very cool messages service to your best buds as of now. we don't know what they will use the money for. regardless of the long-term, snap will be a phenomenal trade. i expect the stock to sore.
6:33 pm
companies just too loved by advertisers is the best way to connect. that may not only turn out to be true, it might be the case younger people never look at the ed ads. right now people believe it works and that's enough to propel the stock for sometime. plus, snap is coming public about a year earlier into a cycle than twitter did so you're getting more early stage growth the big mutual funds can't live without. snap is going at a price tonight and we found the expected range from 17 to 18. that's a $20 billion market cap. at those levels snap will trade at 20.3 this year's sales, crazy expensive. facebook came public 19.4 times sales, not unprecedented but not good. i can see it doubling easily. yes, doubling. because big firms that got a huge slug of stock on the deal will go into the regular market. the aftermarket and buy more so the cost basis will be superb because they will average versus
6:34 pm
the actual closing price. here is my bottom line, snap spikes hard out of the gate, you have to wait for a pull back or acre cement the fact you didn't get in on the deal. this can be an excellent trade but as a longer term investment, we need to wait and see how some of these issues play out. see if there is staying power and that's the question that just can't be answered right now by anyone at this young gate, robert in pennsylvania, robert? >> caller: hey, dr. cramer. >> yes? >> caller: hey, i watch your show four years ago, i didn't know anything about investing. i started -- i took your advice, i got five stocks and i've been off to the races ever since. >> that's fabulous. don't forget the index funds and the basis and then you do the mad money but appreciate it, thank you. >> caller: thank you so much. my question is about twlo. i wrote it up and took profits now i have a full position. what is going on with twilio? >> it's got a great business.
6:35 pm
jeff lawson is a fantastic ceo. that's a great long-term hope and the backbone from everything from netflix to uber to air b and b. they got the best customers so therefore they got something going. i'll here to help you master the art of an ipo pick up. when it comes to snapchat, i have no filter. if it gets away from us, listen, it's okay. we'll find that next one. still more "mad money" ahead including my sit down with sofi. what they are doing to invite the industry and big moves being tied to president trump, the only problem it's wrong. don't miss what shares are moving. but first, whatever you can throw at me, the lightning round is next. stay with cramer. your insurance company
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the concept of online and
6:39 pm
there is one privately held company talk about sofi, you might have seen the super ad, got started online that would refinance elite and personal loans and checking accounts and life insurance and more. it's not just career advice but data events to keep them engaged. no fees. and there is the whole social network component. still in six short years, they have funded $16 billion in loans. real deal. and the company closed on a $500 million round of funding. this is a very intriguing story. let's go off the table with mike, the co-founder of sofi and the uniqueness it occupies. welcome to "mad money." >> thanks for having me.
6:40 pm
>> why doesn't my bank have student loan refinancing 10% down without expensive mortgage insurance. why isn't my bank offering this? >> great question. you go further, why doesn't your bank help you with dating and networking and job assistance? it's the opportunity to reinvent how financial services work. the idea to bring speed, chan transparency and alignment. that's what is missing today. people want mobile devices and the ability to get a loan on their phone and no fees and a very easy, straightforward process but a relationship with the lender where they are engaged and partners, and that's what sofi is. >> wouldn't they think it's too expensive. >> when you think about cost acquisition, every happy hour and member is embedded in that. if you look where we compete, we acquire customers at one-fifth the cost where the bank has the same type of borrowing. >> the huge student loan market, it's funny, until i saw it i was talking to my partner on "squawk
6:41 pm
on the show," it's not a market but cesspool. it can bring the whole nation down and then suddenly you guys said there is this outfit trying to do something about it, you guys. >> that's right. there is $1.1 trillion in student loan outstanding today. there is 3 to $400 billion we focus on and deliver a $22,000 average saving. we get them out of debt faster and help them start investing and thinking about homeownership and help them think about their goals and objectives. >> who is the we? why should we think the we knows enough to help? >> sure. in general we target a customer between 25 and 45 but our numbers are as young as 19 and as old as 90 and no age restrictions and no reason why a 55 doesn't like speed and transparency and alignment. they are good things. >> right? >> core marketing is around a 25 to 45-year-old customer. >> i think some of the more veteran bankers have been watching saying that is great but sofi can't make enough money
6:42 pm
to be a bank. >> so, if you look at sofi roe it's higher than the banking universe. i would beg to differ about that. an enormous opportunity and criticism. i remember the first time i went to talk about the 10% down mortgage product, i went to one of the top four banks, i had a 34-year-old vice president and explaining the need for a 10% need for high-income borrowers. when i walked to the elevator, he said i need that loan, how do i get it? it's the fact that the financial industry hasn't recognized the need of this market yet. >> how about the temper of the times? in the last we were getting very good numbers, good reads consumer confidence reads about the -- let's see post election. i tonight want to polarize anybody. you seeing renewed interest? >> yeah, i think one of the great things we have is so many
6:43 pm
members of auto pay and not seeing rise in delllateness and half billion we raised. >> but listen, i don't want to say that fico scores are a joke and generated not in read of a person. if you do a 360 and you do the 360. >> that's right. the fico is good credit will have high fico will have good credit. you have to understand the dynamic. kr credit history, income and ability to pay. if you look at the broad portfolio and mortgage business, we had one late payment when i forgot to put my loan on auto pay. it's robust and that's reflective of the aaa ratings. >> i think everybody wishes you well.
6:44 pm
everybody watching wishes you well. it's different and we feel it's right. >> appreciate it. >> that's co-founder of sofi. "mad money" is back after the break. thank you. >> thank you.
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it is time, it is time for the lightening round. buy, sell, buy, sell. are you ready? the lightning round starting with michael in texas, michael? >> caller: my pick is southwestern energy. >> you're going to get hot this summer because the fact is, it did not work this year because it was just too hot in the winter. and that's why that stock is going down with the group. let's go to hassan in texas. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> netapp. >> they had a monster quarter. jr in new york. >> caller: yes, cramer i want to know about petroleum.
6:48 pm
>> my travel trust had to dump the stock. it's a poorly managed company knocked away. take it out and shoot it. robbie in mississippi, robbie? >> caller: hi, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i was calling at the end of last year you spent tile talking about gaming companies with chinese interest. what are your thoughts on pin national gaming. >> very cheap. inexpensive stock. i like mgm, people have given up on it. i like pen national gaming. joe in connecticut, joe? >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim, thanks for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: i wanted to get your opinion on a beaten down sector of the driller specifically transocean. >> transocean came out again and said it's a great time and the bottom. give me a break. when schlumberger says it it's the bottom, it's the bottom. jim? >> caller: how are you? >> good. >> caller: boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i'm interested in a
6:49 pm
company called norwegian cruise line. >> it's an excellent company but i am fortunately so excited about carnival that i can't get over the norwegian or royal. i just think that carnival is such a great company so i'm sticking with carnival. how about peter in new york, peter? >> caller: cramer, what's up, buddy? >> what's happening? >> caller: cde down over 25% from the recent earnings report because they paid off debt. do i continue holding the bag or sell this gaping wound? >> no, no, we only recommend rangel. let's go to joe in new york, joe? >> caller: hey, jim, what's happening? give you a huge thanks for all the years of help. i'll give you a boo-yah from the home of the 2017 stanley cup champion new york rangers. >> oh, fast forward here. >> caller: too? >> not going to be in the playoffs, let me tell you that.
6:50 pm
we're not recommending any of those offshore players, particularly that one. good luck to the rangers there. how about michael in washington, mike? >> caller: jim, good washington state husky boo-yah to you. >> now you're talking. what's happening? >> caller: what will happen to if, fgp? ever going to go up? >> even the people in propane don't know what will happen. let's go to larry in new mexico, larry? >> caller: is this j.j. cramer? >> it is, indeed. >> caller: jj i want to be clear, i do not want to have your baby, okay? >> all right. that sounds fair ly. >> caller: okay. okay. i got a big game, boss seller hold. >> no, no, it's got -- i like chlorine here. and that, ladies and gentlemen, was the conclusion of the
6:51 pm
lightning round. [ laughter ] >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in thearket. thkid's a natura new alert system but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for l the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anytng at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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in the trump's trump all approach, the striking drug stocks started after the president met with pharmaceutical executives on january 31st. those who use the trump filter,
6:54 pm
a new era of good feelings began and the group hasn't looked back since. as is always the case with these matters involving trump, there is some truth he helped cause the bottom of the drug stocks, short sellers had build up positions ahead of the meeting because betting against the pharma seemed like the sure thing and campaigned against the u.s. government paid these drug companies and talked about possibly putting them to the art of the deal test. but the drug companies game to washington with powerful statistics of their own about how they are the good guys with employment and with trump that's what matters. after the meeting he seemed to go out of his way to praise the executives and i got to tell you, it helped most of the these companies had pledged to limit price increases to blow double digits. i know an outragely large sum but resonated after so many stories of generic drug prices doubled or tripled.
6:55 pm
president trump moved onto the next group covering a rally that signalled the bottom. i got to tell you something, this is what you have to realize. a bottom and rally are not the same thing. when i study the incredible games in merck and eli lilly and pfizer, since that meeting i'm struck by one thing and one thing only, in the end, what happened is these stocks fulfilled the pretrump goals as bond market equivalent names. that's right, high yielding dividend stocks follow bonds as bond prices began to rise and bottom yields started to fall, they participated in the move 1 for 1 for 1 as they resume the roles. some of the move represents a mistake in judgment based on the essence of the bond rally which i believe is being caused by the securities with descent yields worldwide. the sure insanity buying 4.4 billion of two-year bonds this
6:56 pm
morning at a negative .92% rate, meaning they are literally paying the government for the privilege of lending money should make any investor call up jp morgan and say get me u.s. treasuries asap and incredibly the bond market equivalent stocks focused on the decline in yields and how that often predict as slow down, not on the lack of viable investing alternatives. that's a first. the rally in the dividend stocks including big farm pharma had ng to do but will get a rate hike because the economy is so strong. the move up had nothing to do with the substance of the companies. the johnson & johnson at 122 where there seems to be in supply is the same that you can't give away when trading at 1 11 a couple weeks ago. to be sure, i'm absolutely not including valiant. today's earnings report show they have concerned about declines in sales and very, very
6:57 pm
weak forecast. forget about valiant, stocks don't plummet 13.94% in a day for no reason. i know lately i spent aton of time trying to explain how wrong it is to be trump centric, not easy when he spends so much time with executives and gives speeches like the one tonight to define his presidency, including his current stance on pharmaceuticals but let's recognize some moves are simply related to bonds and bonds aren't in the grips of the economy being driven by this bizarre shortage. once you grasp that, you can understand what's going on and not just what the media cliaims is going on with this sector and with so many others that are thought to be trumped at all times. stick with cramer. is is double . hodor! hodor! ehhh, hodor. you guys watch game of thrones, right? inconceivable! surely, you can't be serious. i am serious. and don't call me shirley?
6:58 pm
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sales force, i'm telling you i understand the profit taking. i don't think it's a bad story. it's a good one. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow.
7:00 pm
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