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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> dan. >> a lot of good tounlts replace stock. so netflix. >> it looks line our time has expired. thank you for watching. for more options action. check out the website. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always the bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money" and welcome to cramerica. just trying to make you some money and not just train but educate and teach you. call me or tweet me @jim cramer.
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i knew there could come a time that would be natural for the fouad tighten -- fed to tighten. the economy is now solid z business is good. not great but good. good enough to create tens of thousands of jobs. including construction jobs which have tendency to create even more jobs down the road. look, there are no flies on this number. i tried and inspected and looked. nothing. and that is why i expect the fed to tighten next wednesday which is where we begin our game plan. let me be clear on why i want to rate hike because i know it was somewhat counterintuitive. first it would show the u.s. economy no longer needs the fed's help to hum. because it is humming. and believe it or not there aren't many companies that will get hurt by it. in particular we need higher rates for the most important
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leadership group in the markets. the group they like more than any in the whole market, the financials. as i said i said it before i'll say it again. when you have the banks as your leaders in a rally, then you have a real barn burner t kind of thing much people can cake us further than we believe. if we get in a state of the gradual in state of future rate hikes and instead substitutes the word orderly, we'll presume that means three rate hike this year. and three rate hikes banks could see as much as 3 billion more dollars without taking on any more risk. so we need both the hike and a statement that the fed is ready to handle orderly rate increases down the road. because so many investors agree with me now that we're ready for
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this i do expect we could have tall sell the news event. meaning the market will fully discount the positives and others will start harping about the back. the notion that a point increase will slow the economy. this is nonsense. it is clap chat. but you will hear it if we sell off because this narrative could create some terrific buying opportunities. a your point rate hike could cause the average rate hike to go up 40 dollars month. and --. even stronger greenback could cause some o our more international related companies to have to bring their numbers down. i say that is a small price to pay for acknowledgment that the economy is back on track and incredible increase in profitability for the most important group in a stock market which is always the banks, which also could influence us next week? i'm a huge believer in the stay
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at home economy. i'm looking for every evidence of it. and somehow people have 1207d going out and instead sitting on that you are butts and ordering pizza and perusing facebook or amazon. this trend is so strong that it's --. one of sectioniest restaurants out there is a little outfit called del taco. really strong same store sales last time they reported. my experience says these are the kind of outfits that are now struggling. i'm going listen to the call monday and test my thesis once again. but holy cow this group has been hammered. hd supply. spin of you of home depot. a nationwide distributor that reports on tuesday. this company which you may never have heard of has 500,000 different customers. i've actually seen this company move the market when it is bullish or bearish as larger institutional money managers
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hang on every word of this hd supply conference call. you got to know this stuff because i know it. everyone is paying attention wednesday to the fed. parse it over and over again. everyone will. anyway. we're going to get the results from oracle after the close. that also matters to me. because this stock, let's just say the stock acts as if the business has gotten very strong. something that is easy to believe given that it is now integrated net suite and will assert bragging rights that it is the fastest growing cloud computing company on earth. mark penoff hold your ears down r during that and -- too. oracle says about growth. i'm a huge believer that the rest of the world is growing a lot faster than most commentators think. oracle will give us a read that i think is going to be similar to mine. thursday we hear from one of our absolute favorite companies around here and that is adobe. few weeks ago out in san
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francisco we spoke to ceo, and this company has been important especially in the cloud. the stock has had a monster move going into this week and my experience is that adobe stock sells off on its earns. no matter how good they are. giving you a brand new chance to buy. i would wait. there is a chance this time is different but i know selloff last time was nasty, brutish and short. and gave a great buying opportunity. dollar general also reports thursday morning and here is a company that is going to be one of the hardest hit if president trump in congress put through this border tax. which would dramatically increase the price the dollar stores have to pay for most of the merchandise they sell. for weeks we've heard retailers talk about how this tax will crush them. including yesterday's cnbc
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interview with marvin ellison from jc penney. could hurt everyone who shop there. dollar and a half general? two dollar general? i think this is playing with fire. in case president trump is watching, which you never know. let me say i'm thrilled we have such a strong hiring. a. but the fastest way to reverse that trend would be to put through this border tax and watch retailer after retailer either close stores or go out of business while at the same time raising prices to strap consumers. yes it is that bad. i'm going to have more on retailers later in the show. back to the game plan. on friday tiffany reports and this stock has been on fire. because of pressure from jan and --. i've always felt tiffany was undermanaged and the stock is now reflected all the the changes that can be made here. plus expensive jewelry, that is
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one of the few things shoppers are reluctant to buy off the internet which makes tiffany the rare retailer relatively immune to online competition. that said i don't expect a strong quote here. so like adobe make don't buy it ahead of the quarter. could be strong profit taking. and amgen, an unsung hero of this market finally getting its due. it hit a new all-time high today. if the market takes a tumble after the fed speaks on wednesday. so the market goes down here, i think it would be a great idea to buy amgen into that weakness. as this is one of the best stories out there that doesn't get anywhere near the attention that it deserves. here is the bottom line. next week is all about the fed. i get that. specifically the need for a rate hike because the economy is doing quite well and time to bury all the emergency measures
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that were needed during the great recession. if the fed doesn't declare victory though it will be a tough week but if they say it is time to bring the fed funds rate back to normal, then the financials will continue higher and they will take the rest of the market with them after the initial sell the news decline that you will have to anticipate if we run into the meeting. let's take calms. let's go to holly in indiana. >> caller: yes, sir. how are you today. i wanted your thoughts on humana. since the merger with aetna do you still see future growth for human ma stock. >> they are on fire. i think humana is a really great stock though. but my favorite is united health. another big week for unh. i suggest instead of humana you go with united health.
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gary in new york. gary. >> caller: booyah jim. great show. much thanks to you and your team. >> thank you. >> caller: starbuck's. big fan. owned for some time and done quite well with it. hearing some good things and not so good things. love your take. >> okay. let me just tell you what i told people who subscribe -- who are part of the dotcom club. we put out notes yesterday they don't expect great same store sales in america. i think that until they resolve this high quality problem, too many people signed up and they haven't really worked out the register situation, starbuck's this quarter will be a little subpar. why have we not sold it all for action alert? we have long term faith in the company and that is what i think is required for you do hold it right here. short-term? no. long-term faith? yes. the fed is back in focus next
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week. look at this. really everything. we need to hear the fed believes the time for emergency is over and believe me that is a good thing. it is normal. i like normal. but i in particular like normal. on "mad money" tonight today's job report could clear the way for fed to raise rates next week making it harder to let's just say cost more to borrow money. what could it mean for that mortgage company like lending tree? i'm sitting with the ceo and caterpillar is reeling after the fed statements last week. ail tell you what do with the stock and i have a specific suggestion. and united ceo greg hayes was spoking with the then president elect trump at his plant. he's got some commentary i think you need to hear. stick with cramer. >> follow @jim cramer on twitter. have a question tweet
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cramer #mad tweets. send an e-mail to cnbc "mad money".com. miss something head to >> the bottom line on the trump healthcare plan and how much it will really cost. the prognosis for approval -- picture pv ring theexus comma perfornce sales evt, thrilling models ever.xpert
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given today's strong jobs report it is almost certain the fed is going raise rates later this month and i bet it turns out on the first of many rate hikes. we know it is good news for the bank to blend them in higher rates or higher yielding treasuries. but what about a company like lending tree. the online marketing company that connects people with lenders to get loans. lending tree doesn't actually lend people money, it just helps you find a loan. which means it is a play on the volume of the transactions. we know business has been very good. sto stock up is 17% year to date. can it keep going? let's take a closer look with doug lepta, the founder and ceo of the lending tree.
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welcome back to "mad money." >> happy to be here. >> when you came in last time. i was going over the transcript. >> oh no. >> no, i was going over the transcript. stock was in the low seventies. -- just did take a big dip. darn it, man, fifty points. >> one of the things i learn as being a ceo. is you get a lot more return sometimes when you just make smart decisions at the smart time and know there is a dislocation in the market. >> there really was. everyone was buying and you were very vocal about it saying our business is quite strong. whatever the stock is saying is not correct. most executives don't do that. the fact is when we saw the results you came out here and 15id the result were going to be great and they were even greater than you thought which is a sign to me periodically you have to listen to the interviews. when i read what you ultimately did i said holy cow, what was the stock doing down there?
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it must have been just pushed down there? >> i'm somewhat naive on these things probably. grown up by bill groovr, who i know you know. >> my buddy who was at goldman sachs. >> i -- in shareholders and the first i took i work for that guy. i believe i'm a big shald shareholder too. so i how do i believe in lending tree as the manager? and how do i believe in it as the shareholder? and the minute i'm not the best to run the company somebody else with and as a shareholder i'm so thrilled with the company right now because the -- >> let's talk about this. let's tick down the categories, mar mortgage lending. >> mortgage lending. mortgage companies will shift from refinance to home loans. single digit grower with
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refinance high and mortgage a little lower. >> home equity. >> home equity loans will probably triple this year. >> triple. >> triple. maybe double. >> will that be some of the reregulation playing a role? >> no. all it is with home extend loans is you get home prices up above where they can lend money and if there is enough equity it comes back. >> that would be good for the housing business. >> wonderful. >> good for world. credit card? >> credit card is an interesting one. short-term, medium term i have no issues with it. >> okay. >> the payouts for credit cards in the industry right now are very high. now the credit card companies love it for the same reason that everything worked in financial service. if you went to a website, travelosity, said i want to fly from here to new york. you get a bunch options. some are true. somen aren't. you come to lending tree.
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you get four real offers. so if your card is 15% we can get you one at 12 and that is good for you and you go it. if we can save the consumers money and be efficient for the lender that is what we try to do. >> -- on last friday. boom. there they are. you are agnostic. >> they are a lender. they get a great lending model. one worry is a lender like lending club or so fie or google will always try jump over the marketplace and try to go and do it direct but we've done okay with them. they are a good partner. >> last question. you came on here and said listen trump is going to be president and it is going to be good. trump became president. is it good? >> i think trump's policies are exactly right and i just wish he'd shut his mouth. >> i only have thirty seconds but no. you are going to explain that.
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because you were a backer and what is he -- >> and i still am. when i look at his healthcare policy. when i look at his military policy. when i look at the people he's put around him. as you think of a good ceo who's put people around him, who is delegating responsibility, giving them the time of day and then you don't have a communications person who can take your phone and throw it off the top of trump tower and then have everybody frickin' jump on it and you can probably sell it for $10 million for charity. >> okay. fair enough. we know where you stand. the battered ceo of lending tree. $50, guys. $50 from where we came here and said my stock shouldn't be here. everybody is buying. "mad money" is back after the break.
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a little over a week ago we got some jarring news about one of america's most iconic industrial company, caterpillar. when we learned headquarters had been raided by federal agencies from a host of agencies, the timing couldn't have been worse, at least for the stock. because it was knocking on the door of 100 for the first time in over two years. instantly traded down to 94 on the tuesday. two days ago the "new york times" foulllowed up on the sto following details of actes of
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the fraud. that sent the stock lower still. about 91 and change. even a of rebounding a bit today. after back to where it was before the big post election rally. what really kills me is this comes at a time when i think the company is actually start dog quite well. with favorable sales trends for the first time in ages. more recently i've been hearing whispers the company was poised to raise earnings guidance soon. typically the rule of thumb for things like this is black and white. accounting irregularities, they equal sell. but still, a bad word in investing, but an exception for cat. because this frackous beginning to sound like a legit excuse over taxes and not a tax scam.
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and they could withstand any potential penalty and right now business is good. so i think we ought to take a magnifying glass and see the particular issue and see if it really makes sense to stay away from the stock or at least entertain the idea of buying it. important to remember the events of the last couple weeks put it back in the spotlight the fact is this story came to light nearly three years ago when they published a report on caterpillar's off shore tax strategy talking how the company was using -- to switzerland where it only has to pay 4-6% tax rate. this is more like tax avoidance rather than tax evasion, which is criminal. they have been subpoenaed by federal investigators and the irs seeking more than 2 million in income tax penalties still
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this kind of faded into the background as [indiscernible] no one wanted to buy the stock. fast forward to last wednesday caterpillar business is now looking really good as economies pick up speed but then the fed raises --. we don't know which agency is spear heading the investigation. there are so few facts no one about this this is incredible but a lot of agencies are involved. and cat says it didn't say much about the raid aside from stating that the company is cooperating and they believe this is about the swiss tax avoidance issue. this is some level of cooperation. we got more information from the times a few days ago. this story about a report conducting by an accounting professor at dartmouth. let me read you her key finding. caterpillar did not comply with u.s. tax law or u.s. financial reporting rules. she continues, i believe the
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company's non compliance with these rules was deliberate and primarily with the intention of maintaining a higher share price. these actions were fraudulent rather than negligent, end quote. ouch. nevertheless the times article does concede no charges have been filed and it is still unclear whether the government's investigators actually agree with the report's findings. we don't know how big the impact will be yet and i can't endorse going to buy the stock without knowing more but i don't want to close my eyes to the chance. what we do know is caterpillar's business is in comeback mode after four years of declining sales. the company's end markets have started to turn around. commodities are coming back. which means you need more of their equipment to get stuff out of ground. and most importantly in the most recent quarter, asia started to show its first sales increase in several years. we also know that caterpillar presented this week at the thing
6:28 pm
called con expo in nevada. that is a trade show for all things construction. and analysts came away excited about the situation. evercore isi published a note saying cat's numbers might be too low. if that is the case i bet the stock takes off and breaks through the hundred dollar level regardless what the irs does the to them. the truth is they are cyclical. when economies around the world get stronger cat sales and earns tend to start rocketing higher right about now. and history says you don't want to bet against cat when its business is improving because you don't want to get run over. another fly in the ointment. last year reported cat's ceo would resign earlier than planned. which he did at the end of the year. lot of reasons he might have done this. sales might have got kushd --. right at the moment when the market peeked but i never got the timing.
6:29 pm
cat's business is finally turning around and to me i think he deserved the cross overto jordan to see the promised land. who knows. cat hasn't exactly been an open book on the matter. i can understand how the combination of accounting issues and early retirement for the ceo might make people feel nervous about the stock but i say this, in response to the government's raid caterpillar stock lost about 4.2 billion worth of market cap. according to the 2014 -- report the company cut its tax bill by 2.4 billion over -- years andwee heard the irs is only seeking 2 billion in fines. so that may already be baked into the stock. and the republicans are in power now. they tend to be a lot more business friendly don't forget. and throw in the fact that
6:30 pm
caterpillar's fundamentals are improving and this company is adored by president trump who constant constantly cited it during his campaign. so maybe that tips the scales in favor of buying. in that rare case i think caterpillar's declines are already baked into problems and the business is getting so much stronger i think the story might be too good to ignore with the stock down at 92, way off highs with estimates set to rise after reports its next quarter. frank in new york. frank? >> caller: hi jim. long time viewer of "mad money." >> thank you. >> caller: my question is regard to recent purchase of poultry group shares. i considered a pure domestic play with good deal of upside potential considering the shortage of homes or the supply of homes and then the potential that they will have a good up tick in first time buyers with
6:31 pm
respect to millennials. i wanted to see if you concur. and also i want to see what you think the effect of the fed raising rates will have on the potential upside for this? >> first i want to thank you for those kind words. second the stock hit a 52 week high today. i think it sells off whatever the fed does immediately after. and better opportunity to buy then than now. third, poelting group isn't my paifrt. we just got that terrific quarter from toll. i feel most confident recommending toll right now. accounting issues usually equal sell. but maybe this is a different sort of case. tax declines could be baked in already. maybe it is too hard to ignore. now much more "mad money" ahead. the last time i spoeblg with ceo of united technologies he had just strauk a deal with the trump administration. and the retailers have more to
6:32 pm
fear than just amazon. i'll reveal what's lurking in the shadows. and let's end this week with a bang. your call, rapid fire just ahead. and a look back at the week that was. stick with cramer.
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you were only watching the labor report you might have missed it. but united technologies, hosted its annual analyst meeting today. while they simply reiterated full year guidance it sure sounds like they told a great story. i know because e earlier i got to check in with greg hayes t fabulous ceo and chairman of united technologies. i've never seen him so bullish on almost every single part of his business. take look. greggic i'm blacki looking at numbers that to me look strong in almost every category. things are looking good for your company right now. >> things are really looking good, jim. i think especially on the commercial side we've got really strong backlogs on the commercial construction
6:36 pm
businesses at otis at carrier. it is going to be a good year. >> i feel a little different talking now than even a year ago. what's changed? many of these categories are going to be single digit up, mid digit up. this is very different from what i first saw you. >> you know i think it is just the -- we're finally starting to see some of the benefits of additional spending in the economy. we're starting to see a little bit of inflation picking up. clearly since the election we've seen consumer sentiment pick up and it is really being reflected in our businesses. i think we started the year thinking the u.s. might grow 2% and europe maybe 1, 1.5. i think it is going to be a lot better than that now. >> lot better. that is quite contrary. you think we could do 3? >> i think absolutely we could do 3. and if you think about it jim, look at the stock market what's happened since the election. if we get tax reform done this year. if we get infrastructure bill,
6:37 pm
and regulatory reform i thinker going the see real momentum in the economy. and clearly you saw it in the jobs report today. more than 200,000 jobs added. we are at full employment and starting to see labor costs tick up a bit. that is all good signs for the economy. >> what do you think about tax reform. think sometimes maybe this repeal and replace healthcare debate is going to get in the way of a company like yours that pays in the high 20% for tax. >> yeah look. tax reform for us is the number one priority for year. obviously the administration wans to get the healthcare repeal/replace done first. but we are very optimistic on this tax reform. we were been in washington over the last couple of weeks talking to ways and means committee chairman brady and others and we're positive on the house blueprint as it's laid out. it's got some good things and some bad things but on the whole this lower rate down to 20%.
6:38 pm
the ability to access foreign cash with the territorial system. those are all very positive for utc. >> pick something i know people are very familiar with. hvac up mid single digits for the americas. that is radically different from what i thought it would be at this point. >> yeah, i know. again it is doing very well, the business. orders have ticked up across commercial hvac as well as residential. we think we're going to have a very good year there. last year overall our climate controls business was down about a point. this year we think we could be up three points or so. >> also otis. otis has been kind of like well blah, you know it is a great business maybe one day it will pick up. you are talking very big numbers there too. >> otis has the biggest back log we've had since 2007. here in north america we've got record backlog. the only problem is not enough people to put elevators in. in europe we've started to see
6:39 pm
very strong momentum in the back half of the year with orders up 14%. in china while it is down at least it is showing science of recovery in the first part of the year. >> aerospace has been strong throughout. we've got a president that wants more defense spending so i'm going conflate a little with you with aerospace. but this business also even since december when we talked seems like it is stronger. >> aerospace is one of those business, jim, where you don't worry about it kind of quarter to quarter. you think about it more sec you alreadily. today there are like 26,000 commercial aircraft in service. in the next -- years that will be 46,000. miles in air traffic last year by 2030 will be nine trillion. and big macro events are actually going to drive aerospace growth. the airlines are doing well.
6:40 pm
they have been smart about it. and we're still seeing a lot of growth in the emerging markets. china we're going to add a hundred new runways this year. revenue passenger miles in china probably up 14 or 14%. all very positive. and we're very bullish on commercial aerospace. >> the president has been involved with --. is that something that roles back to pratt and whitney? >> pratt and whitney has had an ongoing cost target with the joint program office. the jpo, for a number of years. and as we continue on in the production right to be cost curve that we've committed to the government. and that is about an 89% learning curve. so every time we double production we're coming down in cost by about 11%. and that is exactly what we committed to when we started the program and we're right on that line.
6:41 pm
so the aircraft itself is a little bit different story. i think we've had some fits and starts but clearly lockheed's on track to get that cost down what they would consider to be pretty reasonable level. >> you were one of the first to actually have interactions with the president and kind of one of those things art of deal negotiation that ended up pretty good for everybody. what is your relationship with the president like now and what is your meetings like? you probably have more contact than almost anybody. >> well look, i think we have a good working relationship with the administration. i think it is important to keep in mind the utc, about 12% of our revenue comes from dod so it is important to keep that relationship. i think more importantly the current administration as reached out to business in a way the last administration has never done. i think getting a chance to go to the white house to have your voice heard is very very important. and i think the trump administration is trying to do the right thing to bring jobs back to america, to grow the american economy, and we're
6:42 pm
certainly very supportive of all of those things. >> if you had to put another plan up. sounds like you would -- >> you could do it around the world but the friction wouldn't be so bad to ship. rather build it here than mexico than canada, than europe again if there is no friction cost of travel. >> i think the key for utc is we manufacture in countries we sell into. in china where we sell about 70,000 elevators a year we have chinese facilities. for the u.s. we have a big facility in south carolina for the u.s. market. if for european market we have a factory in france. the key for us is you have to be in the local markets. over the long-term labor arbitrage doesn't really last and you want to make sure you are not going to be adversely effected by exchange rates so for us if the market is going to grow in the u.s. we're going to build in the u.s. if the market is going to grow in europe we're going to grow in
6:43 pm
europe as well. we've got knob all the markets we can. >> say you get tax reform so you rate goes down nicely. say you get repatriation. is this more jobs? -- continue buy back. maybe increased dividend or all three? >> probably all three. we have about 6 billion of cash overseas today and another 31 billion permanently reinvested. about half earnings come over from seas and half annual cash comes from overseas. haven't the certainty to bring that back will give us opportunity to make additional investments in aerospace, commercial business, r&d. maybe some goes to a buyback. we're in the middle of a $16 billion buyback. probably not a lot more going there but certainly gives us a lot of options to be able to have that a cash readily available. >> and maybe even inincrease in
6:44 pm
organic growth and some of the development that's started to pay off. >> the digital frontier is wide open right now and presents us a lot of opportunities. we actually had a conference today's down in south carolina with the commercial businesses highlighting some of those digital opportunities. and we're not a software company but we have some of the most sophisticated embedded software in our products already. and being able to use the data coming off of the product, whether it is elevator, air-conditioning or jet engines, all of those things give us the opportunity to add value to our customers. and we are looking at all of that. >> it is great to talk you do. and i love the tone of things at the conference. terrific. and great to see you as always. appreciate it. >> thank you. take care. >> greg hayes. chairman and ceo of united technologies. so much good happening there.
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♪ it is time! and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning 'round. starting with ken in michigan.
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>> caller: booyah. in recent weeks you stated you would not recommend any retail stocks. -- how do they remain successful in unpredictable -- >> i'm light on the retail. but there are three not mall-based. burlington stores, raw stores that are not traditional. and the tjx. i do like the stock burlington. but that is a separate, that the not a mall retailer. brian on the phone. >> caller: mr. jim cramer, thank you so much. rite aid. >> i can't want to do rite aid. walgreens has been trying to buy rate i'd for more than a year and the deal somehow doesn't want to happen. if the deal doesn't happen rite
6:49 pm
raid is not going stay a force. it is going to go lower. got make that clear. tom. go ahead. >> caller: i was looking into stocks for gw pharmaceuticals. wondering what you thought. >> if every state legalizes nairn they are not going able to pull it off -- marijuana. they have a great drug. cannabinoid is fantastic. but boy it is a good company. len in north carolina. >> good afternoon, jim. appreciate your battle scar trips in the financial trenches. bought a couple kiwi couple months ago, looking to either audit add or maintain or shoot myself. >> that is a cypress kind of payments company. way too risky for me. but if you want to have some fun. that is it.
6:50 pm
and that is the conclusion of the lightning round! ♪ >> sponsored by td amari trade. ameritrade. >> that's what i like. no other college kids watches any tv whatsoever, except "mad money." there, i said it. maybe like an astrazeneca or now bristol-myers. second best -- so i looked at bug. and hey, he's more about fitness. fittin' this whole piece of pizza in his mouth. that's what all this is about. thank you. we got to update this. it is going to be 1:00 soon. >> your hometown of philadelphia, pa. >> greatest day r. i thought he might be from pittsburgh. alshon jeffrey.
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let's accept it. we've reached the inflection point in retail. for most brick and mortar merchants the number one way to increase profitability is to close stores. when the two most successful
6:54 pm
retailers, foot locker and childrens place tell you they are going to shut a lot of mall stores. ninety for foot lockers. as many as 200 for children's place. can you even imagine how bad things must be for the losers? witnessing a down that is snowballing as the pace i can barely believe. and i'm in notion of the stay at home economy. -- comes in fits and starts. macy's shock with the decision to close 68 stories. sears closing, 108 kmarts. 42 sears. and yesterday --. on top of the 250 limited and 171 wet seals that are gone for good. those are only the most public. others are staying mum or hoping that something will happen that will good that will turn things
6:55 pm
arn. even as it looks like mall traffic was down a staggering 10% in february year over year which is frightening for anyone who has to pay that rent regardless of how sales are doing. they simply believe if they beef up their omni channel business or deliver more moments or somehow create pizzazz people come back. . richard han i've heard tell it like it is. hain is a retail pioneer and for 15 or 20 years his stores the most exciting places to shop. he went right at it on the conference call. it was really breathtaking.
6:56 pm
he said our industry not unlikely the housing industry saw too much square footage capacity added in the 19002000s. this created a bubble and like housing that bubble has now burst, end quote. i like that candor but i think he's using the wrong analogy. the housing bubble may have burst but only we're a growing country so housing eventually disappeared and we're now to the point where there is actual shortage of homes. i don't think the same can be said for retail. the tengts there are more people shopping they are doing it online. this would be fine if the increase were wholly additive but they aren't. in other words people are much smarter when they shop online. they don't spend as much and aren't drawn to the show roma to make impulse purchases anymore.
6:57 pm
-- in short this industry is facing a monster existential crisis. as hain notes we have six times the retail square footage per capita as they have in europe or japan. that's why after years of not sinking, the market's finally crushing that shopping center group of stocks. it's dawned on people that many of the retailers we expected to be with us forever will be gone in two or three years. you can't wait around to find out if your company will be one of the last standing. just too risky. where the enemy no longer is just amazon. it is themselves. stick with cramer.
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